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Celebrities / Re: Femi Kuti: “I Used To Smoke Before I Chose To Live Smoke Free” by Charx122: 11:14pm On Oct 25
Igbere TV reports that Afrobeat singer Femi Anikulapo-Kuti on Sunday told a Twitter user that he does not smoke.

His statement came shortly after the Twitter user named Collins Ubogu knocked him for speaking on the #EndSARS protest.


Mr Ubogu who was not in support of what Femi wrote replied, “Stop smoking weed your father is more knowledgeable than these.”


Another Twitter user simply named Olu replied Femi’s tweet saying his brother Seun Kuti who smokes would not like what he said, Igbere TV reports.


Femi has shown his support to the #EndSARS protest, joining the protest at Alausa, Lagos, and also at Ajuwon area of Ogun State to stop the police from shooting at protesters.

An Icon I respect him all the way...Femi Baba ...too much trouble in this world..Good bless you.
Romance / Re: I Can Never Date A Short Man, I Need Tall, Fair, Handsome Rich Guy – Slay Queen by Charx122: 1:35pm On Oct 25
I Can Never Date A Short Man, I need Tall, Fair, handsome Rich Guy – Slay Queen

Read More:https://www.pinnaclereport.com.ng/i-can-never-date-a-short-man-i-need-tall-fair-handsome-rich-guy-slay-queen/

People like you end up marrying the same short man ....Never say Never
Romance / Re: If You Were Offered 2M Cash To Drink One Of These Beverages, Which Would It Be? by Charx122: 1:25pm On Oct 25
snake wine it is 4 me

Had this before is no big deal I do it for free..
Food / Re: Noodles Challenge Thread.. Post Your Cooked Instant Noodles And Lets Rate!! by Charx122: 1:21pm On Oct 25
Please indomie needs to pay for this free advert before we can move this thread to front page.


Romance / Re: Stop Helping Girls. We Are Ungrateful (Guys Only) by Charx122: 10:11am On Oct 25
You create a female account just for this? Smh.

Well if I have the means, I'll help anyone be it lady or a man. That's what humanity is all about. You help regardless of what you're getting in return.

Good talk..
Romance / Re: What Exactly Is The Essence Of Marriage? by Charx122: 10:08am On Oct 25

Essence of marraige is
1. Companionship..covid and curfew has shown d benefit of marraige. U will be still lonely though if u married d wrong person
2. Partnership. ..this means u come together to bear a child and train,u come together to build that house, come together to make heaven and make more strategic decisions together
3. Sex.. if the both of u are faithful to each other, there is no fear of disease. The act is even a blessing and u can explore all u want..not devilish acts of sex like anal or group sex

It's majorly these but if u don't want to marry..it's perfectly ok just don't do baby mama. That child will be a curse to U and lead to ur death. It's an assurance..Go the right way by getting maried

Getting married isn't a priority many are happy being single while some are happy married for their own best interest isn't a do or die affair..no disrespect in being single or married...
Romance / Re: See After Effects Of Engaging In Runs, Which Is Rampant Amongst Girls Nowadays. by Charx122: 9:59am On Oct 25
Go to the Red Light district in the Netherlands and say all this crap and they'll beat you up properly.

Misplaced priorities.

Get your life together and stop carrying another person's life on your head like cement.

It was just an advise for the up coming female youths so don't shred him...


Celebrities / Re: Wizkid Announced As New Face Of Puma Sportswear In Striking New Campaign Images by Charx122: 10:06pm On Oct 23
Wizkid has been named as the latest ambassador for sportswear brand Puma as his campaign images have been revealed.

The Nigerian singer and songwriter, 30, is the new Puma x JD ambassador for the relayncg of the Puma Suede Classics range.

Wizkid, real name Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, said of the collaboration: ‘It’s an honour to be the face of the new JD x Puma Suede Classics campaign.

‘Puma is a brand I’ve loved and respected growing up, and so the decision to become and Ambassador felt completely natural. The Puma Suede is a classic shoe that can be worn by anyone at any age and I think my fans will really connect with that.’

Starting his music career at just 11, Wizkid has become one of Nigeria’s biggest artists, known for hits including Holla At Your Boy and No Stress.

His collaboration with Drake on One Dance became an international number one hit, and the pair have also worked together on Wizkid’s Come Closer.

Wizkid has also collaborated with the likes of Chris Brown, Major Lazer, Skepta, H.E.R. and Akon.

Puma’s Sportstyle marketing director added of the collab: ‘We’re thrilled to have Wizkid as the face of the new Puma x JD Suede campaign.

‘A truly innovative and exciting artist in the music scene, Wizkid embodies the passion and hustle we look for in someone to represent Puma and we look forward to working with him for the AW20 season.’

The Puma Suede was first released in 1968 and has been a popular style for the brand ever since, which is why they wanted to enlist an artist known for mixing sounds from around the globe for the new campaign.

The Wizkid campaign for Puma X JD Sports launches 4th November 2020 at JDSports.co.uk and all major JD Sports retailers across Europe.


Starboy no Lele ...nice leg work I tap from the blessings Amen!!!
Romance / Re: Guys What Is The Cheapest Thing You Have ever Enticed A Girl With? by Charx122: 6:09pm On Oct 22
Nothing yet. embarassed
Jealous of you guys.

An iPhone x
Romance / Re: Nigeria Girl Surprise Me by Charx122: 6:23am On Oct 22
Pls shut up ur dirty mouth... Yen yen yen yen, this niggar ryt here might b typing from a hole trying to feel fly. Shame no even catch you. Your mates are dying for the Struggle and a pussy ass nigga like u is only interested in picking women? I for plank u 2by2 if close.

Your sweetcunt is next
Romance / Re: Why Do I Get Hungry For Sex, After Kushing(smoking Weed) by Charx122: 2:56am On Oct 22
Few times I tried it, kept on laughing uncontrollably like a mad man with next day fever so I'll pass.

I miss Amaka too ooops!!!
Romance / Re: END SARS: Husband Has Not Had Errrection Since The Protest! by Charx122: 2:31am On Oct 22
My friend is complaining that her husband had suddenly become impotent due to the ongoing protests. She says, she has done everything but the man s kpekus won't stand
.guys, is this normal?

Anyway. #ENDSARS

War never start man prick don die!! that's a good headline..
Romance / Re: Nigeria Girl Surprise Me by Charx122: 1:55am On Oct 22
Who noticed something.

Nigerian women are the ones leading Nigerian men in this protest.

To be sincere, we have lot of weak men in our society.

I don't want to see any of you alfa males take here again.

Lol. True that s why I have bleeped like 8 girls from the protest ...still counting una fit do anything for motor


Romance / Re: Mistakes We Single Men Should Stop Making. by Charx122: 1:42am On Oct 22

Take care of who?
Na me born am ?
We're sharing the bills
We're both adults
We're both responsible
But Nigerian guys has made it looks like taking care of the wife or girlfriend is a responsibility of the man ,and it's actually not
I can't date a lady who doesn't have a job
Who doesn't have any qualifications
But just feeling she's beautiful and she has shape and that's her only qualification

If it's olosho now it's fine I'm paying for everything
And she go suffer am for bedroom grin

LMAO bad guy!!
Romance / Re: Whoever Tells You Women Don't Like Fine Boys Is A Joker by Charx122: 1:33am On Oct 22
All those saying that women are only into money and don't care how the man look like na wash oh. Yes, women like money because we have lot of needs and it requires lot of expenses to maintain our beauty but it doesn't mean we don't like better thing. The thing is, women are very strong emotionally so can accept any kind of man even if he looks like chimpanzee. Just that we don't chase men the way men chase women because of shyness. Even if a girl likes a boy, she will want him to make the first move, if he doesn't, she forgets him. Afterall, we still got lot of chasers. Women just want everything..
Me i like fine boys oh but still i'm okay with any man with good personality but if i should between an ugly billionaire and a handsome poor boy, i will choose the ugly billionaire because i can benefit a lot with the luxurious life.
Afterall looks will fade one day and lets not forget almost all men are the same whether ugly or fine, men na men. Only sex they want..

Very funny!!
Romance / Re: Beyounce's Mum Finally Abuse Tiwa Savage For Harassing Her Son Again! by Charx122: 1:30am On Oct 22
Beyonsi is lightskin & american. Tiwa Savage is daksin & from Lagos. Beyounce's mother finally abuse her for harrsing her son because Tiwa Savage wanted Beyounsi to come to Nigeria & protest...& worst of all, pay for her own flight.

Please read:


You no well...lol
Romance / Re: A Verbally Abusive Guy I Just Met by Charx122: 1:17am On Oct 22
Wen God is sending some people signs..I don't know y dey will just decide to ignore it...Go ahead and date him oo..so DAT u can come back here nd complain about him beating u..

Abeg leave the poor girl alone. everyone already has too much problem..if you have nothing good to say to her drop it..
Romance / Re: Man Prints Picture Of His Girlfriend Cheating On His Shirt & Wore It To Her Work by Charx122: 7:21am On Oct 20

That’s what they all said .....

When your in the mood you won't be thinking of all that...
Romance / Re: I might die before I clock 30 by Charx122: 1:26am On Oct 18
Back from a bet9ja shop after playing bet9ja virtual. I lost 4500 naira I convinced the ss 3 students in the school i work to save with me. I just couldn't stand thinking of my pending debts with no way to settle them. The money I was keeping for them was the only way I could think of solving the pertubing problems I had. I owe the woman that sells close to my school about 7000 naira. My director's remaining debt is 28,500. I was tired of working without pay. I needed a way out. Until a good job or breakthrough comes, I may never change. This is my fate. I am doomed for life. For now, my addiction to bet9ja virtual is stronger than my will to stop it. I was foolish not to have played a bet slip of about 500 and save the rest for the students or for upkeep.

You still get small change I fit give you 2 sure for baba ijebu ... morning game. Royal
Romance / Re: It's Painful, I Am Dying, Please Help Me by Charx122: 7:24am On Oct 16
It's my fishy pússy oo, it's getting worse now, I just want my boyfriend to súck it so that it will decrease, but he is not interested.
I am a beautiful girl, and boys are after me, but it's painful because they will leave me after they find out about my fishy pússy...
Please what should I do, I need help from you guys cry

Point of correction they don't suck pussy!! They eat pussy....lol
Romance / Re: All These Church Girls Are Hypocrites!! by Charx122: 5:04am On Oct 16
So there was this girl I collected her number, she's a member of her church choir. We've been talking on phone and on WhatsApp, whenever I try to flirt with her during chat, she'll be forming angry that she doesn't condone such things.
I decided to text her, I changed one of my Facebook account to female profile and put some pics. I added the girl, and we started chatting. I told her that I am a bisexual, asked her if she goes down with same sex, she said yes. We talked many erotic things. Damn! I was baffled at the level of bad things this girl said, how she loves watching porn and fingering herself to how she loves men with big gbola..
She even sent me pics of here bare breast.
Yesterday, I jokingly told her on WhatsApp that it was no bra day, that she should send me her braless pic..... fiam she blocked me straight ahead.
Well to cut the story shot, I just went on Facebook and revealed my identity to her and sent her the breast pics of her she sent me.
She isn't online right now, I want to see her reaction, and did I mention that she passes through my house everyday and sometimes I do pass around there shop... These girls forming good girl are all bad girls!!

She go feear you!!! She go change church because of you. Guy why nau..that ill shit!! Lol


Crime / Re: Russian Woman Joins Lagos #EndSARS Protest; She Explains Why She Did So (Photo) by Charx122: 12:14pm On Oct 15
She's mad.
What has sars got to do with tourism? What would she say about BH, herdsmen and all?
To even think she was talking about government and not SARS.
Attention seeker

What makes her mad she just spoke her mind...she could be in a vehicle with a Nigerian guy and the SARS can just show up!! To embarrass them.. anything can happen in your country..


Career / Re: Dry Cleaner Returns Money He Found In A Client's Pocket (Photo) by Charx122: 8:22am On Oct 15
A clergy on Facebook, who goes by the name Emmanuel Oyelowo is celebrating his dry cleaner for his honesty and integrity after returning the cash he found during the laundering of his clothes. The clergy who obviously forgot that he has money in his pocket of his clothes before handing them over to the dry cleaner, wrote below...

"No wonder my dry cleaner is using the bank with fidelity, he returned my clothes with the money found in my pockets. First time this is happening after using so many dry cleaning companies".

This attracted users of the platforms who also commended the dry cleaner and asked for him to be celebrated.

A further look into the comment section reveals the dry cleaner goes by the name Ajayi Olawale Henry as he responded to the shower of praise from his client.


How much was it sef? Person no fit hear word
NYSC / Re: Six Couples, 2019 Corpers Who Got Married (Photos) by Charx122: 8:19am On Oct 15
These girls ain't beautiful Naaa. How did these handsome guys fall in love?
No height, no good facials.

A beautiful bride is One of the best gifts a guy owes his mom. Don't do stuffs and say beauty is not all that matters.
Adams O, got married to a queen, Amaju pinic's wife is a queen.. I ll stop here

Why are you acting like a kill joy? Can't people be happy with others for just one freaking second?
Celebrities / Re: Bayelsa Female Millionaire Welder Faith Lesley Celebrate Birthday With Sexy Pho by Charx122: 7:47am On Oct 15
More photos

Tired of seeing all these make-up big ass picture is that all they can offer Nigerias think out of the box..

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Celebrities / Re: Biggest Coward Of Nigeria Music Industry by Charx122: 4:12am On Oct 15
shocked nawao

What kind of post is this
Politics / Re: Groom Joins #EndSARS Protest In Wedding Suit Shortly After Court Wedding (Photo) by Charx122: 8:57am On Oct 14
[quote author=Mekudi post=94920316]Government don scam us by giving us SWAT[/

SWAT police consist of ground force and snipers...!!
Celebrities / Re: EndSARS: Phyno To Lead Protest In Enugu Tomorrow by Charx122: 3:30am On Oct 13
Phyno to lead protest tomorrow in Enugu.
Way to go!!!


Where is Olamide? Who specks for the streetz
Celebrities / Re: 4 Children Who Were Raised By Wild Animals: See The Nigerian Child In The List by Charx122: 4:18pm On Oct 12
It's not true, obasanjo and
Adams oshopikin are not in the list.

Very funny!!
Crime / Re: Nigerian Man, 2 Others Attempt To Smuggle 993.42 Gram Of Drugs Into Australia by Charx122: 12:52pm On Oct 12
This guys are in deep shit

It is finished!!!

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