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Crime / Re: Nigerian Troops Storm Sambisa Enclave, Kill 6 Boko Haram Terrorists by clericuzzio(m): 6:51am On Sep 10, 2023


So all that could be eliminated were just 6 BH boys.

Now look at the logistics to kill them,

CJTF, Troops of Hadin Kadi abi wetin sef, Hybrid Forces(I no even understand wetin them mean here)

At the end na only 6 BH dey kill


Politics / Re: Nigeria Army Generals VS Niger Army Generals. by clericuzzio(m): 7:10pm On Aug 11, 2023
Nigeria military will crush Niger military. It's an insult to even compare the two countries military

And Nigerian army are still unable to defeat BH, wey no reach 10k,
Politics / Re: Dokubo Seeks Permission To Battle Niger Coup Leaders by clericuzzio(m): 2:37pm On Aug 11, 2023
Health / Re: I Find It Difficult To Sleep by clericuzzio(m): 7:18am On Aug 05, 2023
Good morning nairalanders, I know its too early to post this but this issue has been troubling me for a while now.
I can't sleep, even if i eventually do, i can't stay asleep, for example if i sleep by 2am, i will wake up by 4am and thats it for that night.
It has been going on for months now, and i hardly sleep in the afternoon too..
If you observe when i made this post, I slept around 3am because today is my birthday, i was answering calls and chats from well wishers, now i am up again around 5, thats why i made this post, i am fed up...

Please can you guys suggest a very strong sleeping tablet for me? I really need to sleep and stay asleep, i mean lock everywhere up, eat, take the tablet and sleep a very deep sleep, a kind of sleep that i will not know what is happening around...

Please help a brother, i don even begin de slim like who them de squeeze blood commut for body....



Buy matured unripe banana, wash it. Then cut in pieces without peeling. Boil it till it's soft then Seep the water before going to bed every night.

Come back to testify.

If it worked for you, don't forget to show appreciation



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Politics / Re: FG Mulls Single Salary Scale For Federal Civil Service MDAs by clericuzzio(m): 8:19am On Jul 31, 2023
FG mulls single salary scale for MDAs
Deborah Tolu-Kolawole


Useless government. Always Mulling.

Don't know if this government dey try turn DJ Ykay Mullin
Politics / Re: Kanu Warns Against Sit-at-home As South East Stands Still by clericuzzio(m): 7:49am On Jul 25, 2023
the nation newspaper can't be trusted.

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Romance / Re: I Can't Last For 20 Minutes In Bed. What Should I Do? by clericuzzio(m): 6:55pm On Jul 17, 2023
Dear Nairalanders, I need your help. My girlfriend always complain that I can't knack her for 20 minutes. The Truth is, I always last for 5mins... How can I last for 20 minutes naturally before I cum or ejagulate?
No Insults pls....

Come let me sell Mai Guduma for you

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Food / Re: Have You Eaten Any Of These Strange Nigerian Food? by clericuzzio(m): 7:25pm On Jul 11, 2023
So ukwa is strange to you?

Well I'm not surprised
Foreign Affairs / Re: 25 Ukrainian Tanks And Fighting Vehicles Wiped Off In A Blink by clericuzzio(m): 7:22am On Jul 03, 2023
Was Ukraine under Russian colonialism or it was a sovereign nation? Why should Russian determine how Ukraine will be govern, anyway the psycho Putin will soon be killed.

I'm surprised you are displaying your ignorance on a thread like this.

So bad and it would be a waste of time to educate your clogged mind
Romance / Re: Why Do Women Hates Pussy Sucking? by clericuzzio(m): 7:10am On Jul 03, 2023
You go suck gonorrhea and syphilis one day.

Continue Brother Bernard


Properties / Post Vacant Apartments In Your Area, Lagos Only by clericuzzio(m): 5:43pm On Jul 01, 2023
It is saddening that the cost of renting apartments in Lagos is now on the rise due to the greedy nature of House agents.

They go as far as placing a high price for residences which can only be afforded by G-boys(No beefing pls).

But we wey dey hustle no come fit dey rent standard apartments again.
Just a room and Parlor Self contained in my area Ojo, is now going for 300k-600k and agents now charge as high as 100k for Agency,100k for agreement and 100k for caution.

How person wan take survive with these greedy agents.

Please if you have any idea of a vacant residence, just post the street so someone within the LGA can go straight to the landlord.
Politics / Re: Soldiers Spotted On Building Guarding President Tinubu At Eid Ground (video) by clericuzzio(m): 11:59am On Jun 29, 2023
This is not security at all..

A soldier staying in a place that's visible to everyone including the OP.

Na to burst him neck if I be sniper
Celebrities / Re: Congregation To Hilda She Is Now A Land Owner by clericuzzio(m): 9:05am On Jun 24, 2023
[quote author=Calabar1stSon post=123998023]So I've been misspelling Congratulations all these years. Didn't know the correct spelling was Congregation.[/quote0]
. Aswear

We learn everyday
Romance / Re: Men Should Stop Collecting Back Gift They Already Gave To A Lady by clericuzzio(m): 8:21am On Jun 24, 2023
Is it not his gift?

Why would you emotionally manipulate someone into giving you gifts and when he realises himself, he decides to take it back.
What's wrong with that
Romance / Re: If You Have Watched This Movie Then You Should Be Married By Now(pictures) by clericuzzio(m): 1:36pm On Jun 17, 2023
Please share this video
Health / Re: Erectile Dysfunction Is Affecting Me Badly by clericuzzio(m): 9:52pm On Jun 09, 2023


Would try it out soon

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Health / Re: Erectile Dysfunction Is Affecting Me Badly by clericuzzio(m): 1:15pm On Jun 09, 2023
Check this herb mixed with honey

Give it a try, it's natural, you should be fine in a month

Search for it on jumia or jiji

It's around 1500 den, I don't know about now

Have you used it before
Politics / Re: Every Nation Is Entitled To Have Laws To Protect Indigenous Peoples - Omokri by clericuzzio(m): 9:20pm On Jun 08, 2023
The mofo should ask if those who wants to make the laws are from Lagos state

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Family / Re: Please I Need A Romantic Name To Call My Husband. by clericuzzio(m): 1:34pm On Jun 06, 2023
Call am Atutupoyoyo

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Travel / Re: I Asked Russian General And Soldier To Say Hello To Nairalander by clericuzzio(m): 9:41am On May 28, 2023
Lol...this post is funny.

I see you reaching the peak of your career, I see you getting a mouthwatering job, along with a cute Russian princess as wife.

This I have seen.

You never still failed to give him false prophecies
Religion / Re: What Would You Do If You Missed The Rapture? by clericuzzio(m): 9:37am On May 28, 2023
Wait for the next round.

Travel / Re: My Journey To The UK by clericuzzio(m): 7:00pm On May 25, 2023
I’ll continue from where I stopped.

Omo, I slept so sweet eh? No noise from one church wey near me , always doing vigil all day of the year (except Sundays). I’m not exaggerating

Took this picture at 9pm from England 😎

If 9pm could be this clear, 12midnight go be like 7pm for naija


Politics / Re: The Judgement Is A Complete Waste Of Time - Otti Reacts To Purported Sack by clericuzzio(m): 4:05pm On May 21, 2023
Smiles, you’re really ignorant on how litigation and Judgement works in Nigeria. As long as it’s a Federal High Court, Judgment can be promulgated anywhere. The judgment sacking Gov. Olusegun Agagu as the Governor of Ondo State in Favour of Olusegun Mimiko was promulgated by a judge in Edo State and not Ondo State. I’m not a supporter of the judgement against Alex Otti but then, he won’t be inaugurated until a higher court (Supreme) says otherwise. That’s the reality!

So the courts don't have jurisdiction again.

Dey play
Politics / Re: The Judgement Is A Complete Waste Of Time - Otti Reacts To Purported Sack by clericuzzio(m): 6:35pm On May 19, 2023
The judgement stands until it is set aside by a superior court. And in the interest of justice and equity, Alex Otti should not be sworn in on May 29. Ikpeazu should remain in office till the Supreme Court rules on the matter.

So you leave Abia go kano for court case..Una for go Niger republic na


Romance / Re: Broke Nigerian Guys Embarrassed Me And My Friends by clericuzzio(m): 6:44am On May 17, 2023
If you aren't even more broke than those guys, I wonder if paying 9k would take you back to the trenches. Your brother or father could have given it to you or as old as you are, you can't pay for an item of just 9k.

May you never happen to any guy out there.

Lazy Ass

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Family / Re: I Mistakenly Impregnated My Troublesome Baby Mama by clericuzzio(m): 9:38pm On May 12, 2023
As titled above. I made the worst mistake in my life impregnating my baby mama for the second time. She and her mother had given me so much trouble in the past. I don't even know what came out of me to start sleeping with her again. Boom she is pregnant and has refused to abort.

She want me to pay her brideprice or else she will tell my wife. If only I had control my manhood I would have not found myself in this terrible situation.

What should I do now mature advice please?

Assure her you will pay but let her give you time.

Use that to start arranging for total relocation even if it's Togo. Then try to see if you can erase all trace of your pix and other details from her device. Change your number and move on

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Politics / Re: All The Lawyers Representing Peter Obi In Court Are Igbos by clericuzzio(m): 3:42pm On May 12, 2023
Main reason he can never be president of Nigeria, he's too tribalistic.

Ozekhome is Igbo abi. Your comment shows you lack independent reasoning capacity..

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Politics / Re: IGP Commissions Projects In Kano And Jigawa States. by clericuzzio(m): 9:21pm On May 04, 2023
All in the north as expected.
Romance / Re: Don't Go And Plan How To Start Building Your Own House, Useless Men Everywhere by clericuzzio(m): 4:43pm On Apr 30, 2023

If you are a guy older than 23, and you are still asking the kind of question the OP in the above thread asked, you are useless and you should be ashamed of yourself. At that age you should have started planning on how to build your own house, and not asking how many percent of salary you should be paying as rent. By 25, you should be living in your own building. I wonder the type of men been raised in this world especially Nigeria nowadays. It is because of stupid and lazy men like these that alot of beautiful women like myself have refused to get married and settling down. Rubbish


How old are you and how many houses have you built..

Or ist it mandated that only men must build houses
Romance / Re: Just Found Out My Husband To Be Is Gay, Please Help by clericuzzio(m): 5:31pm On Apr 26, 2023
[quote author=Marvellsmart post=122761056]I just found out last night that my husbandto be is gay. Like he is into men. I stumbled upon his phone yesterday night
and saw his chats with his best friend, the supposed best friend that returned from South Africa because of our wedding next week.

We have planned our wedding next Saturday, everything is set. We have dated for four years and never for once did I suspect that he was into men.

In the chat, he was professing love to his best friend. Telling him how he has missed him and his pen!s.

How he had enjoyed last night with him, I even saw my fiance nπdes in their Whatsapp.

I am losing it, please help me. I went to his house for the weekend, on Saturday, he had left me and returned late at night without knowing he was going to have s.ex with his best friend. I just left the house this morning without him knowing cause he is a banker and he leaves home early. I left his door open, packed all my properties and haven't talked to him

He has been calling me since but I am not taking his calls. I couldn't concentrate at work today.

What should I do?

Please help me
love this man so much, he has been a blessing, and I am pregnant for him, but then, why this??

Should I cancel the wedding?
Should I confront him?
I'm confused
I want to run mad.

You don't need any advisor to tell you to leave the marriage. It's better you found out now than when you've gotten like 2 kids with him.
Events / Re: Who Is To Pay For An Introduction Reception In A Bride House by clericuzzio(m): 3:11pm On Apr 17, 2023
The man is expected to send the lady money to take care of the food & drinks and every other expenses before his people arrive.

Biko, you broke men should stay away from marriage & relationship if you don't have money!!

If your father was buoyant enough or even averagely okay.
The food which his intending inlaw would eat would be nothing.

Lazy ass girls be looking for who to carry their family problem


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