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Education / Re: UNIBEN Orders Peace Ufuoma To Rewrite All Exams From 200 Level by CrazyMan(m): 6:13pm On Jul 24
I disagree with your second paragraph sir, it wasn't stated anywhere in the article that after investigation they found out that "her scores were massively inflated". Moreover was it only her scores that were massively inflated? in that case a lot of lecturers would go down even the school examination board and the senate would be implicated because they were the ones who approved the "inflated scores".
You're sounding like a foreigner who doesn't know how Nigerian education system works.

Haven't you seen cases where a lecturer would victimize a student who probably snubbed his advances by deliberately squeezing and dispose her exam script and claim it got missing thereby subjecting the student to retake the course as a carry over course.

Does the lecturer go through any form of disciplinary action as a result of his carelessness?

This is Nigeria bro, those lecturers know each other perfectly so they cover for each other.
That girls exam script was obviously remarked and the score inflation was discovered that's why she was asked to go back to year 2 and retake her exams.

And she can't challenge the verdict because she knows that she'll loose miserably in court.
Education / Re: UNIBEN Orders Peace Ufuoma To Rewrite All Exams From 200 Level by CrazyMan(m): 11:31am On Jul 24
I personally believe if she has a good lawyer, she would go scot-free. For the action the school took to be valid, there must be evidence of malpractice, as in solid evidences like witnesses, malpractice material (phone, microchips, textbook etc) etc. That she wrote it on her clothes is not valid enough to make her guilty, any body can write anything. For instance, if I write on my shirt "I am a yahoo boy" does it mean I would go to jail for Internet fraud. The highest the law enforcement agency can do, is try to investigate me in order to get solid evidences which would be presented to the judge. Presenting my shirt where I wrote "I am a yahoo boy" to the judge as their only evidence would be tossed into the thrash can!!!!
I disagree with you. Go back and read the University's verdict, her scripts were investigated.

Meaning that from 200 level upwards what she wrote on her exam scrip didn't deserve the score that was awarded to her. Her scores were massively inflated.

Her scripts alone will end any court case in favor of the university.

The best she can do is to go secretly to the school's Senate and finish what she started by sleeping with everyone of them and paying a substantial amount of money for her stupidity then learn to keep her mouth shut.
Crime / Re: Mothers, Your Daughters Are Exposed To Rapists Under Any Of These Conditions by CrazyMan(m): 9:14am On Jul 12
This post is very enlightening...I've bookmarked it for future reference.


Investment / Re: Which Bank Offers The Best Interest Rate For A Fixed Deposit Account by CrazyMan(m): 6:26pm On Jul 10
If you're hoping to invest your money for income, remove your eyes from the bank cos if fixed deposits were as lucrative as some people paint it to be, believe me banks will be overwhelmed by the heavy instruments being fixed on a daily basis, and sooner or later run out of interest to pay their investors.

Fixed deposits is just for funds you don't want to spend for a specific period of time, say like you have some money you want to use at the end of the year but you don't want to touch it at the moment, you can fix it till then.

But if you want to fix for profit, just remove your mind from it, cos you'll be terribly disappointed.

The mathematics of fixed deposits is that the interest is calculated per annum.

Meaning if the bank gives you an interest of 8% it will be calculated per annum.

So if you fix N1m for 90 days with an interest rate of 8% per annum, at the end of the 90 days your profit will be roughly about 19k. Would you call that a business?

Of course not.


Career / Re: Pls I Need Your Advice by CrazyMan(m): 5:47pm On Jul 10
Any employer paying his staff a salary of less than 30k to his employee naturally shouldn't expect him/her to stay there forever.

You're a man and you aren't getting any younger, sooner or later your aged parents will start bugging you to get married and settle down.

Back to your laundry business...I don't know your location, but to be honest with you laundry business is an urban area business. It doesn't move very well in rural areas, reason being that you don't have so much working class people there, and the few who are working earn peanuts which will make them feel that taking their laundry to the drycleaners is a waste of money.

If I'm to advise you, I'll tell you to look for a business in that location you know moves very well and engage in it.

Good luck.


Career / Re: How Do You Handle A Difficult Boss? by CrazyMan(m): 4:45pm On Jul 10
Good evening. I got transferred to a new office and my boss is just the direct opposite of the Previous.My current boss is a bit nice but then doesn't have managerial skills. She really doesn't know how to handle her subordinates. At a slight mistake, she's all shouting the roof down. She exaggerates a lot and looks for every means to put a blame on you when things don't work even though it's not your fault.
E.g, you're working on something and probably you have network issues and can't complete or round off on time, she'll just look for a way to put in on you.
Now it's almost affecting the way I work. Asking her questions sometimes is almost difficult and then I do it my way. There are just so many complains and I can't afford to lose this Job right now.

In front of you she's acting so nice but behind she's all saying dirty things.
I'm getting fed up. Coming to work seems tiring now.

Please how do I handle this?
Just avoid direct confrontation with her at all times...most especially if the jobs pays well. If it doesn't then start looking for something much better.


Travel / Re: 5 Friends Die In A Car Accident While Retuning From Nightclub In Port Harcourt by CrazyMan(m): 4:25pm On Jul 10
As a lady, you owe yourself your safety. Learn how to drive. If you hangout with your man and you see he has had too much to drink, collect the damn keys and get everyone home safe. Ain’t no drunk man driving me.

You wan kill me for my family? undecided
Truth is most girls would happily jump out of their houses at the sound of free flexing, a random girl picked in a club or a distant female friend being driven home by drunk guys for a happy ending can't request for car keys.

Girls of this generation should learn to respect their lives, few bottles of liquor and some cook-out isn't worth dying for.


Religion / Re: I Need Dunamis Church Songs For Download by CrazyMan(m): 9:11pm On Jun 26

Thanks ..don't know how to download thru youtube
Just open it, you will see the download icon, click on it and it would begin downloading.
Religion / Re: I Need Dunamis Church Songs For Download by CrazyMan(m): 8:34pm On Jun 26
I recently started watching Dunamis TV. Their worship sessions are wonderful. please were can I download the songs? can anyone post the ones dey av or send d links?
please treat as urgent
thank u in anticipation
Go to YouTube and search for it there, then download as many as you can find.

Good luck.
Health / Re: Am I coursed by CrazyMan(m): 6:36am On Jun 25
What's your story?
Religion / Re: Did Yahushua The Messiah Sit At His Own Right Hand? by CrazyMan(m): 10:29am On Jun 17
El Elohe Yahshrael!

Hebrews 1: 13 To which of the angels did God ever say, “Sit at my right hand until I make your enemies a footstool for your feet”?

This is for those who claim that Yahushua the Messiah is the Father. Was Yahushua the Messiah telling himself to sit at his own right hand?

El Elohe Yahshrael! Hallelu Yah!
Go to Psalm 110 you'll see the real message there, God was talking to David and not himself.

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Religion / Re: I'm So Convinced That God Doesn't Not Exist by CrazyMan(m): 7:49pm On Jun 15

What of " if Allah is the real God"?
I'm talking based on my own experience...and there are no "But's" in it.
Religion / Re: I'm So Convinced That God Doesn't Not Exist by CrazyMan(m): 7:48pm On Jun 15
please just give me a testable evidence. I have had a lot of preachings already
Seek him, that's all...ask him to reveal himself to you.
Religion / Re: I'm So Convinced That God Doesn't Not Exist by CrazyMan(m): 7:45pm On Jun 15
Any testable and repeatable one.
I used to be in your shoes about a decade ago on this very section, unitl I had certain experiences that made me change my mindset.

The first step you must take towards discovering God is to believe that he exists, cos once your mind is stereotyped into believing that he doesn't exist, you would argue with whatever evidence that's presented to you and find fault in every action suggested to you to carry out.

Secondly you must change your morals, Jesus never preached Christianity on Earth, he preached good morals, be honest, be truthful, be kind, help the poor, assist the needy, avoid fornication...etc.

From here, once you begin to the journey towards attaining perfection, build a relationship with God, (read your Bible and pray regularly) continue this process and sooner or later God will make contact with you through his holy spirit.

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Religion / Re: I'm So Convinced That God Doesn't Not Exist by CrazyMan(m): 7:29pm On Jun 15
If he does exist then why can't no one ever provide evidence for his existence.

Everyone seem to be lying and cooking up stuff of his existence.
What evidence do you seek?
Religion / Re: It Is Ignorant To Expect Poor People To Be Righteous by CrazyMan(m): 7:25pm On Jun 15
If one is poor he is a potential criminal, cause someone that does not wear good cloths, good shelter, or has enough capital to feed his family u expect him to be righteous? Lol na so so evil thing go dey enter is heart. If you are poor your chances of commiting big sin is higher than those that are poor. The chances of a poor going to hell is higher than the rich causes they will keep commuting crimes, A rich man will have just 3 kids but a poor man that leave in a room will have 13 children.
Rich men save more buh a poor man will finished is money within days. If a rich man have 50k he will want to invest it to triple the amount but give a poor man 50k ashawo quarter, baba ijebu, ogogoro. In summary poverty is a sin. If u poor your chances of making heaven in Nigeria is slim cause your mind is polluted
Your choices in life has nothing to do with whether you're rich or poor. It's all about the kind of person you are.

I read on this forum where someone posted of his trip to an African country (can't remember the exact one) and after completing his stay there he decided to return the car he rented to tour around the city, according to his story, he dropped it of with a security guard whom he has never met in his life, and pleaded with him to help him return it.

On getting to Nigeria he got an email from the company (where he rented the car) thanking him for successfully receiving the car.

On that thread more than 99% of the posters agreed that if he had taken such risk in Lagos he would have bought the company another car cos the guard would abscond with it.

Many Nigerians have wicked hearts, and it has nothing to do with their financial status cos even the so called rich are worse.

That's why you'll see a governor lavishing billions on unnecessary travels, underaged girls, cars, properties...yet he's owning civil servants in his state for over 2 years and counting.

If you're a bad person, matter how much money you make, it won't make any difference, likewise if you're good, no matter how poor you are, you'll maintain your integrity at all cost.

It's all about your personality...who are you?

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Romance / Re: Solution Needed Please by CrazyMan(m): 1:42pm On Jun 15
Good day all, a friend of mine mistakenly recharge #50,000 recharge card from His bank account when He was trying to recharge only #500, please what can we do about this, your solution is needed please
Send me a dm...I'll buy 5k worth of airtime from him.

Continue selling it like this and he'll get his money's worth before the end of the day.

Awaiting your dm...

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Career / Re: Career Advice by CrazyMan(m): 2:59pm On Jun 13
I'll advice you to learn the digital skills your friend is proposing to teach you. 25k is peanuts compared to what you'll be making once finish learning those packages. Besides teaching is what you can always do anywhere you find yourself, it's not something that should make you halt any plans of acquiring relevant skills.


Career / Re: Bank A Or Bank B ??? by CrazyMan(m): 12:59pm On Jun 13
From your narrative, you don't have any reasonable excuse for quitting bank A aside not being in a department of your choice, so why throw away 20 months of relevant experience because of that flimsy excuse?

What if after accepting bank B's offer things become worse over there, what will be your next step?

My advice is that you remain in bank A and keep working hard towards changing your department, I strongly believe that with time, your request will be granted.

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Family / Re: How I Ruined My Life By Borrowing From Loan Sharks by CrazyMan(m): 12:42pm On Jun 13

I didn't put up this post to ask for help, it has passed that level.
I'm not here to scam anyone, below is a screenshot of my apps, the loan apps are listed there.
The bottom line is that I've messed up and there seems to be no remedy.
The question is, all the money you've been borrowing, what have you been using it for?

I got one of their messages last week, I knew the guy involved so I called him and to inquire how much the loan was that they had to embarrass him this way, I was shocked when he told me that he borrowed 14k. To be honest 14k cannot solve any financial problem for you, it won't even successfully pay your bills for a week. After promising to assist him in clearing it, he finally opened up to me that he used it to play bet9ja, I was shocked, I mean how can you collect loan from a loan shark just to play sport bet. I immediately knew that he's not the only one in this mess, so many young guys are in his shoes and that's how their lives have become useless.

You claimed to be gainfully employed and earning about a 100k...with that salary, your bank can give you a reasonable amount of loan. My advise is that you approach the bank you receive salary from and request for a loan to clear those loan sharks (Your bank should be able to give you at least 500k, with that you can clear 95% of them) then your bank can be debiting your salary gradually until your loan has been fully cleared.


Politics / Re: Buhari To Address Nigerians On June 12 At 7 Am by CrazyMan(m): 7:06pm On Jun 11
To be honest I was very disappointed with his interview on Arise news.

I listened to his response on banditory and listened to his response on IPOB/ESN, he literally declared war in the east by trying to sound like a general but on the pressing issue of bandits, he tried to push the responsibilities of securing lives in the north to the security agents. That was a clear revelation of his hatred for the Igbo race and his love for his fulani breathren despite the atrocities they've committed and are still comitting.

And calling the east a dot, is only laughable, cos Nigeria who has the full circle like he claimed, has access to ports, international airports, resources, markets... etc. What can they boast of? Electricity...dead, roads...in bad shape, refinaries...non functional, security...non existent, education...in a pitiful state... etc. Even Trump called us with our full circle a shit hole.

So Buhari can go with his dot and circle theory, cos there are so many African and European countries that the Biafra land Mass is clearly bigger than, and they're doing far better than Nigeria in all areas.

I don't expect anything new from his broadcast both tonight and tomorrow, cos it's glaring even to the blind that Buhari is out to protect the interest of the North and nothing more, other regions of the country will continue to remain on the receiving end.

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Politics / Re: Dapo Abiodun: New Lagos-Ibadan Rail Line Fits Our Transportation Master Plan by CrazyMan(m): 11:04am On Jun 10
Upon all the rice importation ban...

N CBN agricultural loans SUPPORT to farmers

A bag of rice remain more costlier than the national minimum wages...
That's because local production isn't enough to satisfy the high demand of the product in the market, imported rice helped in the past to saturate the market and controlled the prices cos you will always have varieties at more cheaper rates.

The only way to solve the problem of rice is for the government to allow importation, once bags of rice from cotonu hit the markets at the rate of 6k per bag, local dealers will have no option than to reduce theirs since people will opt for foreign any day anytime thereby elimatimg the scarcity and high cost.


Religion / Re: How Campus Fellowships Discipline & Use Their Members (Allegedly) by CrazyMan(m): 4:49pm On May 23
These stories are real.

I remember when I was still in school (200l) to be precise, my campus fellowship vice president (who I'm older than) visited me, I was playing one of Duncan mighty's song on my sound system (he was reigning then) that's how my VP just yelled at me....

He's exactly words were are you mad, what kind of silly song is that, better off that satanic music before I slap you I just changed my countenance and told him to leave my house since it's a satanic house, there's no need for him to come in.

He was trying to form this I'm your papa nonsense, but when he saw I was very serious and could change it for him, he left.

How can my junior threaten me in my own house for playing music on a sound system I purchased with my own money? Religion has really destroyed this country.


Career / Re: I Need Advice Pls by CrazyMan(m): 6:00am On May 19
If your uncle has promised to sponsor you, please grab the opportunity and read up to PhD level.

Most start up business in Nigeria fail because of the harsh economic policies, with your PhD you can become a lecturer and earn a reasonable pay, you can even publish books and make it compulsory for your students, that's another channel to make money from.


Career / Re: My Current State Of Mind by CrazyMan(m): 5:54am On May 19
Why not start your own laundry shop, then approach family members and friends to assist you in getting a shop and a generator, you can buy the rest once you stabilize financially.

To me it's much better than your current state where you work yourself out only for another person to pocket your efforts.

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Politics / Re: El-Rufai Declares Ayuba Wabba, NLC President Wanted! by CrazyMan(m): 10:44am On May 18
It will be a great disservice.

Read my comment again.
Oops my bad.
Politics / Re: El-Rufai Declares Ayuba Wabba, NLC President Wanted! by CrazyMan(m): 10:39am On May 18
Elrufai ruling this country will be a great disservice to humanity, freedom and unity
Like the way he brought freedom and unity to kaduna state right?
Career / Re: Bank Job Or Federal Government Job? by CrazyMan(m): 9:59am On May 17

Please how did you apply for that FG job? Pls put me through sir
Getting Federal jobs are mostly based on referrals, for over 5 years no federal government parastatal apart from the military has openly advertised recruitment exercise, so applying is impossible since there's no portal where you can submit your application to.

If you know anyone in any ministry he or she can refer you, and you'll be employed based on who brought you into the job, that's how it is with federal government jobs.


Career / Re: Bank Job Or Federal Government Job? by CrazyMan(m): 9:47am On May 17
Hello Nairalanders, I don't know if this is the right section to post this but I need your sincere contributions, advice on a career path I'm about to take. I will go straight to it:

I have been searching for a job for some months now. I applied in several startups but wasn't fortunate in getting replies from them. I recently got a job in a new generation bank and it's at their HQ in Lagos Island. I had barely stayed up to a week before I got a mail from the Nigerian Immigration Service concerning their screening exercise.
I have never been in such position to pick one, because from the look of things, I can't seem to have it both ways but I may just be wrong. I decided to list out the pros and cons of both jobs.

Bank job pros:
• Salary is close to 100k.
• Transportation is free I.e zero cost
• Positive working environment.
• Learning on the job.
• Job growth.
• Job flexibility- I will start working from home as soon as I get a good grasp handling some things, that means I may be coming to the office 3 times in 5 days. That means I'll be able to run my side hustle as well.

Bank Job cons:
• Distance from home to office is quite far. Due to Lagos traffic, I leave home by 4.45am and the office by 5pm and get home by 8-9pm.
• No job security.

Federal govt. Job pros:
• Job growth.
• Job security.
• Flexible: I can comfortably run my side hustles.
• Probably deployed to a state that isn't expensive like Lagos.

Federal govt. Job cons:
• I applied with my OND(national diploma) so I would have to start from level 6.
• Less than 60k salary for a start (from the Info I gathered).
• Probably redeployed to the Northeast of Nigeria
• Since it is just a screening exercise, there's no guarantee I'd get my appointment letter.

Please, if there are people working with the system,
I need to know how many days would the training exercise take?
What's the starting salary of an AII(Assistant inspector of Immigration)?
Can I upgrade my level now that I have my BSc, if I get the job? If yes, then how?

I seriously need your advice and answers to those questions I asked, so I can draw my conclusion from them, because the decision I will take may either make or break me. Thank you.

PS: I have just 10 days till the screening exercise and I would have to travel down to my state of origin for the exercise.

Please MODs, move this to the front page.

You've already answered your question...bank job doesn't come with job security. You can be laid off without notice.

For the federal job, you can always upgrade your credentials which will boost your chances of getting promoted, and also, you'll have enough time for a side Hussle.

The choice is yours.

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Career / Re: Has Your Service Charge/salary/profit Increase Since 2016? by CrazyMan(m): 6:24am On May 12
This is the major reason why many Nigerians are suffering.

Imagine a making a profit of 500k in your business monthly in 2016 and by 2021, inflation sets in, tax increases, light, food, school fees for your kids...and basically every aspect of basic amenities (rent inclusive) how would such a person survive knowing that you have staffs to pay? Truth is you'll definitely lay off some so as to breath a little.

Crime rate is high not because the police and other security agencies aren't doing enough, but because more and more youths are plunged into the unemployment market, and the government is mute about it.

How many youths with first degrees gotten between now and five years ago can boast of Independence? Many are still squatting, depending on their parents, friends, families...etc for survival. Some are proudly advertising themselves as online scammers, others have resorted into far more terrible channels just to survive.

Those days it was very safe to comfortably embark on a 500km journey outside your State of residence for a job interview, today you will have to confirm and check and confirm any message sent to you for an interview even though it's taking place in your location. Hunger has made us more wicked and evil towards one another.

The problem with Nigeria isn't the government, it's the youths, those in power have stashed up enough wealth for their tenth generation, but the youths killing themselves and defending them online can't even boast of N20k in their account.

The end SARS protest last year sent a very strong message to the government that power lies in the hands of the people, but division, greed, religion, sentiments, tribalism...etc, has blinded us to reality, that's why a section of the youths were contracted to disperse the peaceful youths who were protesting against SARS brutality which involves the back stabbers as well.

Nigerian will continue to be miserably governed, even the 2023 everyone is eagerly awaiting, won't make any difference if we the youths continue to elect the wrong people into power. It might even be worse if we don't wake up and grab our future these old men are gambling with.

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Travel / Re: Broke Lady Offers Lagos Uber Driver Sex In Exchange For Payment. He Refuses by CrazyMan(m): 5:51pm On May 01
If all his female passengers choose to offer sex as payment, how will he fuel the car, pay his taxes, maintenance, put food on his table, pay his bills..etc.

The way some ladies reason can be so annoying.

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Career / Re: I'm Being Frustrated By My Family Members by CrazyMan(m): 1:56pm On May 01
Why not take any of the available options you mentioned and use it to raise capital for your programming dream?

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