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Politics / Re: Please Which South East State Is Closer To Enugu Capital City by CrazyMan(m): 8:24pm On Aug 09
Enugu is bordered on multiple sides by all the 4 south east states.

Okigwe in imo state is about 1hrs drive to Enugu state capital, Abakiliki in ebonyi state is also about 50 mins drive.
Awka, Anambra state capital is about 1hr drive from Enugu while, umunneochi Abia state is about 45mins

For access to airport, your best bet is Anambra...although the airport isn't anywhere closer.
But it's the closest to Enugu airport.
That Awka-Enugu road is bad, it would take him hours to get to Enugu because of the bad road.

He's best bet is Abakaliki. From Abakaliki he'll be in Enugu in less than an hour, there's a fly over at ezzambo junction and ezzilo so he won't encounter any single traffic until he gets to Enugu. Dave really did a great job in Ebony state.

A lot of doctors in Enugu live in Abakaliki cos accommodation there is very cheap and drive to work in Enugu every day.


Politics / Re: Chris Eze Dumps APC, Joins Labour Party by CrazyMan(m): 4:13pm On Aug 05
Anything to rescue Nigeria from it's current state is a welcome development. Hopefully we'll get it right next year.

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Career / Re: Why Don’t Nigerian Employers Adopt Hourly Pay? by CrazyMan(m): 5:01pm On Aug 01

But we all can’t be self-employed na.

I get your point though. Many organizations would pay you low because they think you are not doing anything. Oya, make it hourly pay, so that I can be jumping here and there - they won’t.
Lol...they won't make it hourly because they want to keep using their staffs.

Hourly pay would mean if you have an engagement say by 3pm, you can resume work by 8am and sign out by 1pm, having ample time to prepare for your engagement. If your employer wants to keep you back due to the magnitude of workload they're experiencing, he would have to respectfully seek your permission to tarry with them. And this would definitely mean additional working hours which mathematically translates to additional pay for you. So it's a win win situation if you choose to stay. Hourly pay would mean you can manage 3 different jobs and still be effective in 3 of them, because you'll know how to manage your time effectively. But today's employer would keep staffs in the office from morning till 7pm and sometimes force them to work on weekends and still pay them peanuts even though the agreement was 4pm. Then expect them to come and thank him after receiving their pay, (like the thread that was on the home page few days ago) that's slavery.


I was having this discussion with my friend the other day and he made mention of pension. How much is the pension? Same pension that they don’t pay? Some of our hardworking civil servant parents are still very reliant on us.
Pension kwa...do you know that some civil servants monthly pension is as little as 15k. You'll see them under the sun in government house standing for hours for their documents to be approved so that they can rush to the bank to collect 15k, then the following month they'll be back to resume the same process. Isn't that slavery? Heaven knows I would never tolerate seeing my aged parents queuing up for such nonsense.


Career / Re: Why Don’t Nigerian Employers Adopt Hourly Pay? by CrazyMan(m): 2:39pm On Aug 01

You are wise!!! I had a boss that kept threatening me way back. He would tell me to divide my salary by 21 working days and ask myself if I deserve it. Lol. That was a good question. But thinking of it now, if I divide that salary by 10hrs, it was nothing. Yet we thought we were enjoying. grin
Lol... your boss would have felt he was doing you a favour by employing you, that was why he made that statement.

Imagine being a civil servant for over 35 years, and you can't even boast of a depleted bungalow in your village upon retirement, cos the system has been programmed to oppress the poor and favour the ruling class.

This is why I'm strongly against salary jobs in Nigeria today. Reason being that most of them are just slavery.... do you know that a standard bar/club owner earns far higher than a bank manager and the latter would always respond to him as sir whenever he calls him for transactions. Why because the former controls how he's money comes, he's not under the constant whip of a taskmaster disguising as an employer, so he's bound to succeed.
Career / Re: Standard Of Living In Oyo State And Enugu by CrazyMan(m): 1:07pm On Aug 01

Alright...pls what'd the least tfare in ur area
Do you mean in Enugu state? That would be #50. I don't think transportation in any state in Nigeria is below #50.
Career / Re: Why Don’t Nigerian Employers Adopt Hourly Pay? by CrazyMan(m): 1:01pm On Aug 01
Hourly Pay Vs Monthly Salary…

Would you like this payment method or you prefer the fixed monthly salary?

Hourly pay would be much better cos it would be easier to negotiate for a much better pay. But considering how corrupt Nigeria is... only a few people want to be in possession of the money.

Take for instance a fresh university graduate who is paid #65,000 per month and works 9 hours a day, 5 days a week and 4 weeks a month is only receiving about #361.2 per hour. #361.2 multiplied by 5 working days would be about #16,254 for a weekly pay.

I trust that if it’s being stated this way and paid a cumulation of it biweekly or even weekly in pay checks (like you suggested in your second post) as the case may be, Labour Unions would have fought for a upward review on salaries a long time ago, like making minimum wage #1,000 per hour.

But like I stated earlier, corruption wouldn't allow employers and the government reason this way.
Career / Re: Standard Of Living In Oyo State And Enugu by CrazyMan(m): 9:58am On Jul 19
I've never been to Oyo state. But for Enugu, it depends on the area you're living and the kind of job you're doing. There are places in Enugu that are relatively cheap.
Career / Re: What Courses Are Still Worth Studying In Present Nigeria? by CrazyMan(m): 12:42am On Jul 18
With the unemployment problem in Nigeria, what course can one study that is really worth the stress of going to University in Nigeria? Please I need urgent opinions (answers).
Medical and computer related courses. This two would remain high in demand in Nigeria regardless of the increasing unemployment statistics in the country.
Career / Re: Access Bank Staff Salary (insider) by CrazyMan(m): 6:47pm On Jul 07

The Graduate trainee part though. It's never yearly. It's at most for 6 months before conversion.
I know Access pays well. But with this economy the salary scale too should have been increased. It has been the same for about 10 years now while cost of living has multiplied.
Would you blame them, operational cost keeps rising. Diesel as at 9:00am this morning was N890 per liter, cos of maintaining their staff bus and cars, cleaning, printing, NEPA Bill...etc. these costs has tripled over the years. No thanks to our dormant president who cares very little about the economy.

In 2006, with a salary of 200k, you can buy a land and start building your own home. Today, a salary of 200k can't sustain a family of 5 living in a 2 bedroom flat in lagos....it's that bad.

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Career / Re: Can I Sue My Employer For This?? by CrazyMan(m): 6:31pm On Jul 05
You want to sue them for how much exactly, for 40k. Do you know the cost of hiring a lawyer? Can you afford one in your present state...

Apply in the leather factory to work as a labour staff, or any other factory, your pay would be clearly higher than the 10k they pay you.

As for your current employer, they have no plans of paying you, just get another job and forget about them.


Politics / Re: Kwankwaso Insists On Being Presidential Candidate Of NNPP/LP Merger by CrazyMan(m): 8:40am On Jul 03
They were both governors around the same time. What makes him think he's politically superior to Peter Obi that he cannot become his vice?
Peter Obi was even the executive chairman of Fidelity bank. Aside being a senator for one term what is it about Kwankwaso's portfolio that he's expecting a bank chairman and former governor to step down for him.


Career / Re: Kindly Advice!!! by CrazyMan(m): 11:38am On Jul 01
A bird at hand they say is better than 5 in the forest. I would advice you to accept the bank job first for the time being.

For the government job slot, just leave it, I know someone who paid close to a million naira for FIRS slot and as I'm typing this, she's still unemployed. Most of those slot sales are nothing but fraud, stay away from them and save your money.

Finally, for the Cyber security course, this one sounds much better, but you'll need money to make that dream become a reality, this money wouldn't fall from heaven, you'll have to work in order to raise that money and accepting the bank job would be a good stepping stone to raise the money.

Good luck.

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Career / Re: What Is The Way Forward For Me by CrazyMan(m): 5:54pm On Jun 25
Comot marriage for the picture, you only have 2 option.
Op go with this advice, delete marriage from your options.

Back to the two options, it all depends on you, if you still have that urge and determination to finish your academics and believe in a successful career in law, go ahead and proceed to the law school.

If you feel that law is overrated and there would be basically no job for you upon graduation from law school, and you're convinced that you can make it big in business, then by all means tour the business path.

Good luck.


Career / Re: Selling My House To Relocate Abroad. by CrazyMan(m): 5:27pm On Jun 25
Don't sell it, if you do you'll regret it cos owning a property in Nigeria is akin to owning a gold mine.

I would advise you to hand it over to an estate agent firm to manage then go abroad, let them rent it out to tenants. Every year they (the estate management firm) would be crediting your account with the agreed rent amount from the tenants. In 5 years time that house would be worth x10 of it's original value. This means you would have the opportunity of increasing the rent by 100% and still have tenants who would be willing to pay.


Career / Re: Need your Advise, Help!!! by CrazyMan(m): 9:05am On Jun 24
If you have 4m cash with you, I wouldn't advice you to go into transportation business. High cost of fuel, engine oil, maintenance, police and agbero extortion, accidents (minor or major), insecurity...etc, would make it impossible to recover back your principal even after 2 years.

With that money, you can open a grocery store, as a graduate, you can advertise it on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp...etc. Use your knowledge as a graduate to further expand the business, like registering as a distributor with factories that produce most of the products you sell so as to buy at at a much discounted price and boost your profits.

Good luck.


Career / Re: How To Deal With An Incompetent Boss by CrazyMan(m): 9:11am On Jun 15
If you find yourself frustrated with an incompetent boss it is likely because you have experience that they lack...

It is important to swallow your pride and share your experience and knowledge without rubbing it in their face...
Share the information that this boss needs to grow into their role and you’ll become their ally and confidant... wink
No Nigerian boss would humble himself to listen to the shared knowledge of a supposed subordinate regardless of how clean and harmless your intentions are.


Politics / Re: Why Do Nigerians Feel The SE Isn't Politically Relevant? by CrazyMan(m): 8:39pm On Jun 12
Aside the North, Igbos and the yorubas constitute the highest voting block.

The reason most people claim Igbos don't have voting strength is because a sizeable population of Igbos are outside their region voting.....and there by recording it as their hosts strength.

Do you know how many Igbos are in places like PH, Asaba, Abuja, Lagos and Kano?

If you sum up all these voters, you should get well above a million Igbo vote.

What I also noticed again from previous elections is that the Igbos living outside the SE, tend to vote more than the ones living in the SE.

Maybe things might change come 2023..... Who knows.
Was in church today and the pastor openly warned we Christians to kick against Muslim Muslim ticket. He clearly told us that Christianity in Nigeria would go extinct if we try such gamble. Look at the Deborah incident, even Muslims were saying they're ready to burn down the whole south for Allah if they find any one blasphemy there.

Are this the kind of people we would trust our lives with and openly vote a Muslim Muslim collaboration?

The truth is tinubu wouldn't even be Peter Obi's biggest threat if he goes for a Muslim Muslim ticket, cos more than 90% of southern Christians would vote against him and since the Atiku is already going to battle for votes in the North with Kwankwaso, he won't really get any tangible result there.

Christians just have to be wise this time around.


Religion / Re: Is This Okay? by CrazyMan(m): 8:32pm On Jun 12
It isn't ok...it's nothing but business. What about people who can't afford it, so God wouldn't bless them is that what they're trying to say?

Giving shouldn't be by manipulation, if I'm compelled to give I'll give and not because of your motivational manipulation that I'll receive some kind of divine reward.

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Career / Re: Please Advise Me On Which Skill To Learn. by CrazyMan(m): 10:34pm On Jun 11
something that doesn't need you to be applying new ideas.
All skill requires you to keep applying new ideas cos that's what will keep your customers.

The tailoring you choose is good, but if you want other options...you can learn how to bake, cook, welding, barbing...etc.


Career / Re: Advice Needed by CrazyMan(m): 10:27pm On Jun 11
Start the business, there's nothing to be afraid of. Elon musk spent over $40bn to acquire Twitter, that's a huge risk. If you're not willing to take risks in this life then be prepared to remain stagnated for the rest of your life.

To the lundary business, I wouldn't advise you to hire anyone yet since you're just starting and intending to use your house for the time being pending when you'll be buoyant enough to rent a shop.

My reasons are.

1. Salary. Since it's a new business, patronage might not be as you'd anticipated for the first few months, which might lead to you owing her salary, and owing someone who worked a whole month for you in this harsh economy is satanic.

2. Distraction. You say it's a female you want to employ, who would be working from your house...that's a very bad business decision cos one thing might lead to another and she might end up on your bed, and once that happens, she'll never take your business serious. You'll start spending the little money you don't have on her upkeep which would eventually crumble the business.

My Advice. Do it yourself, you have a washing machine, once you come back from your teaching job, start washing the clothes then in the night you can iron and package them. So that the little money coming in can remain in your pocket.

Good luck.


Politics / Re: Why Do Nigerians Feel The SE Isn't Politically Relevant? by CrazyMan(m): 10:05pm On Jun 11
After 2023 they will never overlook south East, they don't show interest in General election because the don't have good and prosper representation in politics, the politicians from East are all cabal slaves , no Peter Obi has waken the Spirit of Alaigbo , do you know how many million dollars the abandoned when they close Alaba international Market
I strongly agree with you my brother.

Most non-Igbos feel that we Igbos are supporting Peter Obi because he is Igbo, truth is they don't know the Igbos. If you swap Peter Obi with Rochas Okorocha or Orji Uzo Kalu which are cabal slaves like you rightfully pointed out, you would see the outcome.

According to INEC statistics, the south east had about 10million Registered voters in 2019, (the smallest in all the zones) I put it to you that by next year, that number would overtake that of the SS, NE which was about 11million and if possible the SW which was about 16million in 2019, considering the thousands that are trooping to get registered in the 5 SE states.

Peter Obi may or may not win next year's election, but he'll send a strong message across Nigeria that no SE politician has been able to send since 1999 that we have a voice. And the SE would no longer be seen a politically irrelevant zone.


Politics / Re: Why Do Nigerians Feel The SE Isn't Politically Relevant? by CrazyMan(m): 10:57am On Jun 11
The answer is simple!
The regions with the major voting blocs that igbos have abused always will NEVER trust a President whose ppl are shouting Biafla Biafla, Burn the zoo bla bla.
We all remember the taunts by igbo idiots in the north after they killed the Sardauna ( how dumbs)....many igbos were roasted and sent packing to their SE.
Your posts reeks of hatred towards the South East.

99% of those involved in the death of the Sardauna are all dead. The major curlpit Nzeogwu was killed in the crisis, the ensuring battle started by Ojukwu ended in a disastrous loos for the Igbos, Ojukwu is dead. So what's your point in bringing up this issue.


Politics / Re: Why Do Nigerians Feel The SE Isn't Politically Relevant? by CrazyMan(m): 9:34am On Jun 09

This is not totally true. People votes for who their local politicians presented to them. 1999 Obasanjo was presented as Baba Sorajo in the North and was voted massively. In 2011, I don't know how PDP managed to convince Nigeria to give GEJ 22m votes despite being a southern christian
We're saying the same thing...Nigerians vote based on sentiments or who they've been instructed to vote either by a religious leaders or a respected politician.

If you can remember the circumstances surrounding the 1999 election you'll understand why the north massively stood behind Obsanjo.

The north had been in power since after Ironsi's brutal murder in 1966 (that's 33 years to 1999) and Gen Abdusalam was very obvious of this fact that's why Obsanjo was specially handpicked by the cabals headed by Gen Babangida to rule cos he was in the military.

The agreement was that after his 8 years he'll hand over to Gen Babangida, if he doesn't they'll use the military to overthrow him. Obsanjo being a military strategist knew this plan and retired all military officers from Lt Col upwards weeks after assuming office. Then ditched Gen Babangida and handed over to Yar'adua. If you can remember shortly after Obsanjo handpicked Yar'adua as his successor, there were some exchanging of words on the media between him and Gen Babangida. That was because of their agreement.

My point is the reason why the north rallied round him (Obsanjo) was because they where told by their religious leaders to do so. And they felt voting him would ensure that power remains in the north after 8 years.

I don't know why you bring this into the discuss sha
I have to bring it into this discussion because that's the basic reason why people are campaigning against APC. In 2015 I listed to tinubu's campaign in Anambra, Ngige was still a senator under APC then, he clearly told us that Buhari would solve all the problems Jonathan created for we Nigerians. He was so confident in Buhari's success that Anambra state had the highest APC South East vote in 2015. After Buhari came into power I knew things we're right when it took him over 3 months to name his cabinet. Today look at where we are.

would see to the above. It happen before in 2019
It would happen. I'm hearing Atiku wants to pick Wike as his running mate. If he does that, then he'll have to look for a way to pacify the South East by ensuring block vote from SS and SE and to achieve this, he must promise Kanu's release immediately he assumes office.
Politics / Re: Why Do Nigerians Feel The SE Isn't Politically Relevant? by CrazyMan(m): 8:25am On Jun 08

Obi is not a threat in reality. How are you sure IPOB will not declare sit-at-home on the election?
The reason why you feel Obi isn't a threat in reality is because Nigerians vote along ethnic and religious lines. Nigerians don't vote a candidate they feel can change the economic situation of the country but someone from their place.

In 2019, Buhari didn't participate in any presidential debate, it was Osibanjo who represented him in all the debates, this was a glaring red flag to Nigerians that Buhari has nothing to offer yet they ignored it and voted him. Today look at where we are. Desiel of about N200 is over N700. Inflation has risen to the high heavens, and all we can think of is voting another disaster next year....Chukwu hapụ ihe ọjọọ.

And don't worry about IPOB, they wouldn't do such, in fact Atiku would secretly make a pact with them and promise to release Kanu if they stand behind him, so that alone would calm them down.


Politics / Re: Why Do Nigerians Feel The SE Isn't Politically Relevant? by CrazyMan(m): 7:48am On Jun 08

Bashir Elrufai is only making reference to what SE can offer his Party APC.
And by the way, if we have over 3m Igbo in Lagos, how come the total votes from the 2019 election is less than 1.2m
Are you aware that elections most pooling units in Lagos with high Igbo population were disrupted?

As for Elrufai Jnr I believe he wasn't referring to his party, he was referring to Peter Obi and trying to sarcastically explain why he should be ignored cos he wouldn't be a threat.

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Politics / Re: Why Do Nigerians Feel The SE Isn't Politically Relevant? by CrazyMan(m): 7:41am On Jun 08
Chest beating is the problem of SE.
They overrate themselves and underate others. Since the time of azikiwe o.
How... please explain.
Politics / Re: Why Do Nigerians Feel The SE Isn't Politically Relevant? by CrazyMan(m): 3:46pm On Jun 05

You do know Kanu's prominence grew immediately after Buhari was sworn into office.

The issue of Fulani Herdsmen had been contained to the middle Belt for generations, so in the public consciousness, very few considered them a threat.

I do remember when the Nigerian flag was being torn, trashed and ridiculed by a number of "Biafran enthusiasts" sometime around 2015.

Note, by this time, even ministers had not yet been selected, not to talk of actually nepotism being considered.

Many saw a political undertone, a way to arm-twist the newly formed government into making concessions.

As a first move, no government would make that.
Yes I knew it all started in 2015 that's why I voiced my opinion against it. See this my thread...


It was created in the same 2015, when IPOB was winning the hearts of Igbos by gaining supporters on a daily basis. As someone based in the south east I could easily see that the movement was politically motivated. And if you take you time to go through it, you would see that I addressed a lot of issues we're suffering today. It's a pity that our people don't learn.

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Politics / Re: Why Do Nigerians Feel The SE Isn't Politically Relevant? by CrazyMan(m): 3:30pm On Jun 05

Well, his disciples sure fooled the restnof the nation.

Quite surprisingly, most of the ersthwhile outspoken leadership from the east stayed mum whilst he and his goons made incendiary pronouncements without restraint.

This lands to the theory that the likes of Kanu are enjoying tacit and in some instances, load support from those who should know better.

How do you expect the rest of the country to react?
The truth is that most people kept mum on Kanu's crusade because they felt his actions balances the annoying silence displayed by the government on killings carried out by Boko Haram and other terror groups. They were of the opinion that if the government plays the mute role towards them, it wouldn't be right for them to attack only Kanu.

I mean why attack Kanu and brand him a terrorist when other groups who have done worse are receiving amensty and enjoying government money. This was the mindset of many South Easterners and more joined them when the government branded IPOB a terrorist group. Many felt the Igbos were being treated unfairly, cos Fulani herdsmen are ràping and murdering Igbos in their farms and you're branding a harmless group terrorist.

I mean the bias by the Nigerian was so obvious.
Politics / Re: Why Do Nigerians Feel The SE Isn't Politically Relevant? by CrazyMan(m): 3:04pm On Jun 05

Try to want to marry an Osu......then you will know if it has actually been abolished or not.
Such practices dont just go away like that
Lol...you're not even understanding what I've been trying to explain to the other guy who clearly doesn't want to listen.

I've lived in the South East for years, did my university education here, attended countless weddings and burials and I've never met anyone who I'm told is an Osu. Have I heard the story before, yes, but I've never met any of them face to face.

Anyone fanning the Osu theory has never been to the south east.
Politics / Re: Why Do Nigerians Feel The SE Isn't Politically Relevant? by CrazyMan(m): 3:01pm On Jun 05

But you have no interest.

It is not self preservation, it is not ideology, it is not alliance and it is not independence.

Today you are republicans, leftists Tomorrow, Progressive the day after.

Northerners are your enemies , Benue are cowards, South South are daft, Yorubas are backstabbers etc.

Only good people are Igbos and MUST have right of first refusal on any issue.
Note this mindset was planted by Nnamdi Kanu on the jobless youths in the South East with the aim of disconnecting them politically from other geopolitical zones. And last time I checked Nnamdi Kanu doesn't speak for the South East.

He definitely has influence over many youths, but if we're to have biafra it must achieved peacefully and not with violence or hatred.


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