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Webmasters / Re: How To Get Instant Adsense Approval by DaLover(m): 12:44pm On Dec 04, 2018

This Dude is A SCAMMER.
You will ever regret doing anything with him. google his name and find out.
His real name it MR. TURI Madagwa

I wish I had seen this earlier, he collected money to build a website for me, did some mumble jumble that isn't what I wanted and now is refusing to pay me back my money or deliver a website as initially agreed.
This is online fraud at the highest level
Politics / Re: Is Kwankwanso So Dumb? by DaLover(m): 1:55pm On Dec 11, 2014
On the interview he called firstclass 1.1 (One One)....


Car Talk / Re: Toyota, 4 Other Auto Brands To Locate Assembly Plants In Ogun by DaLover(m): 10:02am On Nov 03, 2014
There is no development that can take place in this country without combination of Federal and State government!
Politics / Court Marshall For Cowardly General by DaLover(m): 9:37am On Oct 07, 2014
rmy High Command has reportedly ordered the  arrest and detention of a Brigadier-General attached to the 3rd Division of the Nigerian Army for running into bush with troops for fear of Boko Haram terrorists giving them an opportunity to overrun some communities in Borno State recently. It was learnt that the senior officer who hails from one of the states in the South West, was the officer coordinating the military onslaught to dislodge several Boko Haram terrorists from Bama, Gwoza, Madagali, Michika and other communities in Borno and Adamawa states that later fell into the hands of the terrorists. The General was accused of providing poor leadership and failed to instil confidence in the soldiers, resulting in several soldiers allegedly abandoning the fight against the terrorists while several of them lost their lives, according report from Vanguard According to the source, when the Boko Haram insurgents came in full force to attack Bama,some top brass of the unit offered no resistance by running into the bush. The source disclosed that the insurgents entered the Brigade Headquarters and Armoury freely and carted away  vehicles and Tanks. It was gathered that some of the commanders were rescued from the bush by a battalion deployed at Konduga, which was stationed about 15 kilometers behind Bama, the last deployment before Maiduguri. The Military high command was said to be furious that the insurgents after taking over Bama and killing hundreds of civilians ransacked the armoury with no soldier offering resistance, leaving the insurgents to have a free day. According to the source; after seizing the equipment at the 21 Brigade Bama, the terrorists used the same weapons to attack the infantry battalion at Konduga but met their waterloo where hundreds of the Boko Haram insurgents were killed. The source added that the 21 Armoured Brigade which had several armoured tanks could not withstand the battle that was later decided by less than 400 infantry soldiers in Konduga. It was further gathered that after running away from Bama, some top brass of the brigade and about 800 troops went straight to Maiduguri instead of joining the troops in Konduga to repel the attack. A board of inquiry is investigating the  conduct of the officers for acts of negligence among other offences, it was learnt Military sources further revealed that Boko Haram terrorists were not really better armed in the terror war but rather leadership of troops on ground has been discovered as a problem that needed to be tackled. Giving an instance, a source said: “Commanders of troops are supposed to lead soldiers from the frontline but what we discovered is that most of the commanders operate and give orders from the rear. “If not that our soldiers are rugged and know that the Boko Haram terrorists could not match them professionally, what we are seeing today would have been the opposite. Actually, when terrorists see soldiers coming, they run for their lives, but due to poor leadership, the back-up arrangements are not activated. When soldiers therefore run out of ammunition and the terrorists regroup, soldiers will have no other choice than to retreat”. The source cited the successes recorded severally in the battles to take over Konduga as the perfect way the Nigeria Army operates, noting that even though there were four different attacks with heavy weaponry, the army was able to defeat them and recovered stolen weapons.

Read more at: http://www.today.ng/news/court-martial-military-orders-arrest-of-general-for-cowardice-in-the-fight-against-boko-haram/ttp://www.today.ng/news/court-martial-military-orders-arrest-of-general-for-cowardice-in-the-fight-against-boko-haram/
Travel / Re: Guangzhou Nan (south) Railway Station: An Architectural Masterpiece by DaLover(m): 8:52am On Jul 31, 2014
who told the poster that we have the money?
people should stop saying what they don't know

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Politics / Re: Revealed!!! Ekiti Governor, Fayemi Buys Two Bullet Proof Lexus Jeeps by DaLover(m): 2:46pm On Jan 09, 2014
Please delete this thread as it has no news value...
The Governor is not a successful Igbo woman in politics....

what the hell is the OP thinking!
Politics / Re: Ndi by DaLover(m): 12:28pm On Jan 09, 2014
how else wud they show they have your interest at heart after the leadership of APGA was invited to the merger talk that led to APC formation?They chose not to join APC and even declared war against okorocha who believe it is not good 4 ndi igbo to put their eggs in one basket.If APC wins at the centre,then u will be missing out of the political equation in the country.ndi igbo let your people join political parties of their choice, APC inclusive.

They were invited to generate enuf base to enable a Northerner take over power and they refused...so isnt that smart.
Politics / Re: Ndi by DaLover(m): 12:24pm On Jan 09, 2014
clean2: judging by the current political realities of the current alignment between the north and south west, i am suggesting that ndi igbo should move to the apc inorder not to pitch us as aggressors against the other two major ethnic groups who have joined force against the south south. If we recall historic events pre, during and post the civil war, we shall see that the south south always choose to align with the north and south west and always prefer to distrust us. Lets becareful not to repeat past historical mistakes which had grave consequences.
its not you talking, its your fear...and a carward dies a 1000 times....

Y not advise SW and North to move to APGA?
Politics / Re: An Improved Nigerian High Commission London by DaLover(m): 12:23pm On Jan 09, 2014
redsun: I was in Nigerian High Commission in London recently for some transactions and i was quite impressed with the positive attitude of the staffs.Tolerant,helpful,patient and proffessional.I couldn't believe it because from what i have heard of that place,i thought it going to be a hell zone and never going to get anything done.I got my business sorted and satisfied.

Although there were nigerian scenes here and there,but the general atmosphere was welcoming and progressive.I even met a lovely yoruba lady that appeared like an angel when i needed one and all for nothing.

Transformation agenda, fresh air...call it what you like...its taking place everywhere
Politics / Re: North Cries Wolf On Funds Imbalance: GEJ Budgets 111B For the East and 2B For NE by DaLover(m): 12:19pm On Jan 09, 2014
Did he account for the trillions of Naira being used to procequte the war in NE? or is he expecting the money to come from SS and SE share?
Politics / Re: Jonathan Is From The East by DaLover(m): 11:30am On Jan 09, 2014

you will direct your question the Management of such oil companies, that makes security of the lives of their top management, that are mostly oyinbos, a priority.

Do you know how many oil servicing companies relocated to Lagos, in the wake of Warri crisis and PH and SS kidnapping?

Was that the doing of yorubas too?
when Napims, the key company they deal with is in Lagos, doesnt this encourage the private oil companies to be in Lago s too?
You want to reason one sided because the present system in benefiting Yorubas...

If AIB and other associated avaition parastatals move to Abuja, wouldnt that be an incentive for private companies involved in avaition to also have their HQs in Abuja....
Politics / Re: Why Is The South West After Stella Oduah? by DaLover(m): 9:35am On Jan 08, 2014
geeez: So what's wrong with what he said?

The president made promises and people believed in him

He has failed on most of his promises

It's not a Yoruba thingy

Yorubas didn't support OBJ despite being a Yorubaman

We are objective and not blinded by the veil of ethnicity
Dont lie,
yourubas supported OBJ, for his second term, they voted for him massively and even converted to PDP, converting back to ACN after he left.

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Politics / Re: Why Is The South West After Stella Oduah? by DaLover(m): 9:34am On Jan 08, 2014
Read this thread to appreciate why they are after her
Politics / Re: Jonathan Is From The East by DaLover(m): 9:09am On Jan 08, 2014
ijaw citizen:

Learn your first most important lesson of the year today; as far as Nigeria is concerned, We Ijaws have neither friends nor enemies, but we'd deal with every foe wherever they emanate from; be it North, South, East or West.

We believe in neighbourly co-existence where everyone respects the rights & integrity of the other. We don't have big brothers to look up to, neither have we prayed for one.

Throught history, it has been people looking up to us. So keep that "know who ur friends are" sermon to yourself. We can identify hypocrisy when we see one.

We fight our battles alone and with God's help. It was God's intervention that puts Jonathan where he is today and not by being "friends" with people.

Secondly, you should also know that Ijaws' survival does not starts & ends with President Jonathan, his emergence as President holds very little significance to the Ijaw nation. That why your support is very insignifacant although I understand you guy do what you do because it means a lot to your survival.

I laugh when I see y'all rigmarolling over petty national issues and pretending to be the Pillars of Jonathan's government when you don't even have a formidable Pillar to sustain yourselves. We Ijaws are not in the same level of reasoning with you guys, thats why we find it too tiring to respond to certain actions taken in this country; a thing you guys have taken as a daily job but which is never devoid of the pretence of Igbos coming to the defence of SS.

With this post, I am inclined to believe other posters that claim you are not real Ijaw, you cannot be more Ijaw than Asari who have recognised the contributions of the SE to the niger delta struggle, especially in recent years...
In politics there are no parmenent friends, only parmanent interest....which group presently and openly shows the same interest as the Nigerdelta as at today?

Thankfully severaly key Ijaw people, GEJ and others have come out to openly state the obvious, with what you are doing on Nairraland its obvious what your real intensions are?
Politics / Re: Jonathan Is From The East by DaLover(m): 9:02am On Jan 08, 2014

So, if 80% of air traffic in this country is to MMA1 & 2. Tell us where the risk of airplane accident more likely to happen.

Where is it reasonable then to site the AIB?

If they like they can move it Kaura Namoda. Who cares?

I totally agree with you,
so if 80% of the oil is produced in ND, why should national and private oil companies be operating out of Lagos?
NAPIMs (national petroleum investment management) whose job is to monitor NNPC/FGs 55% in the oil sector is operating out of lagos when the oil fiels they are expected to be monitoring are mostly located offshore and onshore bayesla, Rivers and Delta.....

If this reasoning has been applying very well for yorubas since the 70s, I wonder why it cant apply to the NDs...
who is cheating who?
Politics / Re: Jonathan Is From The East by DaLover(m): 1:33pm On Jan 07, 2014
ijaw citizen: You guys reason to shallow!

Why should I bother myself over relocation of multinational HQs when I could just render them useless by making sure no oil flows. Asking people to relocate those structures is tantamount to begging them, and when they do, they see it like they've done you a favour for getting what belongs to you.

Why not just "give them an offer they can not refuse" rather than begging. In case you don't know thats the Niger Deltan tactics working for us today: GIVING PEOPLE AN OFFER THEY CANNOT REFUSE. I don't wanna run my mouth by mentioning names.

So you see, we don't reason alike, matter of fact, you reason too sentimentally & myopic.
Nice to know that you can block the oil flows instead of begging or demanding this....please when is this going to start?...i mean the blocking of oil flows
Politics / Re: Jonathan Is From The East by DaLover(m): 1:28pm On Jan 07, 2014

This guy is very funny. How can yorubas stop corporate organisations from relocating? did michelin not relocate to Ghana?

Do you think corporate bodies take decisions based on ethnic colouration?

Do they care who is hausa or urhobo or igbo? What they care about is their profitability and security of investment --- capitalism at its best.

The way you people from alaigbo reason, always make one to question your brain reasoning capability.

Ijaw_citizen said it all, by telling you based your myopic decisions on emotions. let me also add this, your myopic decisions always make you to lose sight of long time objectives.

There are plans to move AIB to Abuja, just see how the yoruba people in this news are fighting against it...previoously OBj was preventing this
Politics / Re: Jonathan Is From The East by DaLover(m): 11:28am On Jan 07, 2014
See the threads to understand how yoruba people are fighting tooth and nail to make sure the oil coys dont relocate to the 9ja delta from lagos


Just to let you know!!
Politics / Re: Jonathan Is From The East by DaLover(m): 11:03am On Jan 07, 2014
ijaw citizen: Mr. Kpomwen, pls tell them Jonathan is an Ijaw man and not a "Jew from the East"
What exactly is your problem, do you think he doesnt know GEJ is Ijaw? he is just trying to say we regard him as one of our own...

The east have come out to bury their past differences with the SS and support GEJ 110% and you insist on attacking them at every opportunity...which other region will give you such support...is it the SW that has conered your oil industry from under your nose, or the north that has sold the oil fields to themselves?

Play your game well, know your friends and your enemies, the east are not saints, but you have to choose your interest carefully, right now we have the same interest...

From what you have seen in APC so far...do you think they have any plans from the SS laying golden eggs?
During the botched constitutional confab by OBJ the east stood with the SS to demand resource control, despite the fact that just 2 of their 5 states have commercial quantities of oil, the SW stood with the north to kick against it...
Politics / Re: Northern Nigeria To Produce The Next President by DaLover(m): 10:42am On Jan 07, 2014
Ahmadie: It is usually normal for the greedy Igbos whom have done more Harm to the image of our dear country than good to shout that GEJ Must continue to rule some are even thinking that he can do without the northerners well to my own thinking Nigeria cannot do with out the northerners as simple as this calculation:
Ask your self what is politics?
How is politics done?
If you have that answer then ask your self again
What is the population of Igbos both in Nigeria and abroad?
What about the population of the northerners?
If not for the mercy that God has put upon the Abokis if they meant to be ruling the country forever then no one can force them out simply because they have the highest population and politics is a number of game.
Even GEJ knows that the population of his tribesmen cannot take him back to even Governors seat in bayelsa talkless of Nigeria as whole
See for those of you that think of religion in politics well for your information the population of muslims in Nigeria are far more than Xtians in number or are u trying to confuse your self that Xtians dominated the muslims in number?
Every angle that you guys are thinking wayward you beta come back to your real senses as We the northerners are ready to produce the next president from our region be it a Muslim or a Xtian he must be from the north simple since he is still ABOKI as that is what you refer to a northerner weda muslim or Xtian
Simple any comment amma give u your answer

Its good that you want to produce the president, even if you consider it your birth right, but is it too much to ask your big population to also produce the wealth that runs the federal government and most of the states (at least the states in the north),
Then in the SS, we will produce the oil and pay 50% tax to the FG....hope this is not too much to ask?
Politics / Re: Will This Railway Carry Us Home? by DaLover(m): 10:37am On Jan 07, 2014
Sincere 9gerian:
Nobody is "celebrating" anything. We'r just acknowledging what has been done. The railway sector has been moved several steps FORWARD under this govt. Fact!

The narrow guage has been fixed and currently moves millions of passengers and tons of goods annually. Fact!

If the narrow had not been fixed, those millions of people and goods would have had to be moved by road. Fact!

Some of the people may have been killed or maimed in road accidents (see the Reuters report). Fact!

Yes, there are complaints poor services and nobody is happy about that. It is the responsibility of those in charge to fix it and they'r trying to do that (it was even stated in that Vanguard report).

On the issue of Lagos metro rail line, for a project that has been on the drawing board since 1983 and which would you have been completed in 1986 if not for the military coup, what Tinubu ought to have done in 1999 was to dust up the design, make necessary adjustments and commence work. This should not take a focused govt more than 2 years to achieve. But Tinubu ruled for 8 years with nothing on ground to show.

Men you are giving this guys a good trashing, I have discovered that facts and figures are the key to answering these APC guys...
Issue is since their only focus is how to grab power and control Nigeria's oil wealth, any achievements by GEJ will always be rubbished because it clashes with their desires...
Good job, please keep it up!
Politics / Re: This Is What APC Has to offer:APC Manifestoes by DaLover(m): 8:51am On Jan 07, 2014
What about resource control?
Does APC have anything for resource control?
Politics / Re: I Hope The Champions Of Breakup Are Monitoring Whats Going On In South Sudan! by DaLover(m): 9:41pm On Dec 21, 2013

Aboki, please Ibos are free to form their sovereign states.

But there is a problem:

-Are they willing to let free non-Ibo groups in the SS region decide for themselves WITHOUT coercing them to join their new nation?

-Are they willing to accept the consequences that will follow their separation e.g confiscation of their assets in Western & other regions, Imposition of tax regimes that may not favor them in the West, etc.

BRO, WITH ALL SINCERITY OF HEART , If Ibos will accept these two Herculean tasks, especially the second one , I tell you that Yorubas will be their staunchest protagonists for their new home. !!
Why should Yoruba impose unfavourable tax and seize igbo property? Is that d kind of envy u have been living in?
Anyhow I believe that if lots of Yoruba can live happily in USA, UK, Ghana etc and pay regular taxes without molestation, then lots of igbos will live in an Oduduwa country without molestation, already there are lots of igbos in African countries like Ghana, Cameroon, Gabon, SA etc and nothing dey happen
Politics / Re: APC Has Taken The Right Step-obasanjo by DaLover(m): 8:53pm On Dec 21, 2013
I luv the silent way Jonathan is silently cleaning up d PDP, without realizing it, those key Characters that held nigeria down for so long are gathering in one place.. Gej please continue with development, don't let d distractions draw u back


Politics / Re: GEJ Can Still Have SW Vote by DaLover(m): 7:31pm On Dec 21, 2013
solapex: Yes I believe GEJ can still win south west if he does the following:

1. He should approve the construction of badagry seaport intead of playing politic with it. The private individuals offers to build the seaport. the money they'll use is not nigeria money. So why playing politic with it? Is it because is not in SS?

2. He Should stop playing politic with the lekki seaport. The approval that FEC gave to it was just a Camouflage. We know what is really happening.

3. He should speed up the construction of lagos ibadan expressway with 80 percent completion b4 the end of 2014.

4. He should stop frustrating investments out of Olokola FTZ. He's now trying to frustrating dangote from building the refinery.
Do u have any supporting arguments or evidence to back up ur claims, especially no 4
Politics / Re: Exposed! The Real Armed Robbers Of Nigeria (RARN) by DaLover(m): 10:59am On Dec 13, 2013
By the time you remove cost of production, debt servicing and excess crude figures, the total accruable to the FG is not more than $70billion...

Now remember that the FG gets 45% of this, while the states share 55%...

This the FG gets at most $30b annually......

from the link I sent earlier, if you check Isreal with a population of 6million people, a tiny land mass and little corruption earns $66b annually...and guess what...Isreal is considered a poor country!!
Politics / Re: Exposed! The Real Armed Robbers Of Nigeria (RARN) by DaLover(m): 10:55am On Dec 13, 2013
Politics / Re: SCANDAL! 6 Cultists Gang Rape 16-yr-old Girl by DaLover(m): 10:40am On Dec 13, 2013
Since this happened in the SW, watch this news die a natural death!!
Compared to is it happened in the SS or SE....

We r in trouble in this country
Politics / Re: Oil Workers Protest Planned Sale Of Refineries by DaLover(m): 2:50pm On Dec 11, 2013
This time around the FG should be ready for any mugus who try to stop this mavelous idea in the name of labour union...any sabotour should be strongly dealt with....
The refineries must go..full stop no need for any turning around and maintenence
Politics / Re: APC GOONS AND TINUBU ARE BUNCH OF LIARS by DaLover(m): 12:09pm On Dec 10, 2013

Uneducated and unsophisticated duffer, do you know the difference between state boundaries and territorial waters? Like Sagamite would say: product of a failed educational system in a country that's permanently in abyss.

The same minority group owns more than 50% of the oil wealth in Delta. I guess that's why you pricks want to wipe them off the map. Pray tell me why all the other ethnic groups in Delta have articles everywhere on the web against them and their Yorubaness? They're not Yoruba when it comes to oil - however when it comes to hating them and trying to steal their lands, they automatically become Yoruba's that migrated from Ijebu Ode and Owo. Just shut up and stick to the topic!

The itsekiri trace their origins to Benin kingdom...they do not own 50% of the oil in delta state, I have worked in the oil industry for 10 years, 6 of those years in warri city..
In terms of population distribution, the three warri lgas are shared with Ijaw, with itsekiri being the minority, so I dont know what the hell you are talking about...
Tomopolo home area is in one of the warri areas for goodness sake, stop making false claims


Politics / Re: NNPC Diverted $49.8B Meant For The Nigerian Treasury Between 2012-13 - Sanusi by DaLover(m): 11:59am On Dec 10, 2013
means: @Takaka or what is he called. Didn't u read the letter? Didn't u observe the period involved. Didn't u see the quantity lifted and the corresponding amount paid with the balance? Why can't u people tell the truth for once. Its amazing how this "local man" of a president surrounds himself with your likes. I have always said that three women who run (ruin) this govt. They are Dieziani NNPC, Stella BMW, Okonjo Wahalla and PEGrammar.
So they pocketed about 70% to the countrys revenue?
Must you take every rubish talk seriously?

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Politics / Re: NNPC Diverted $49.8B Meant For The Nigerian Treasury Between 2012-13 - Sanusi by DaLover(m): 11:42am On Dec 10, 2013
taharqa: OLODO. So NNPC lifted Crude worth $65billion (which is even probably d SELLING PRICE), remitted only $15bn and 'diverted' $50bn, yet d Federal, States and LGAs have been funding their budgets -with their their SALIVAR, shey?? Like I said una no sabi lie at all..... By d way, at an Average of 2million bpd and at a cost of an Average of $105, Nigerian Oil wud SELL for about $77billion a year. This is d Selling Price. If d Cost of producing and shipping d Oil by d Oil companies is subtracted, d resulting Difference is d SHAREABLE PROFIT. This Project is then shared bw d Govt and d Oil Companies at an Average ratio of 60:40, and d Govt's share goes to d Federation Account to be shared bw d Tiers of Govt. The Amount of money due to d Federation Account every year from Crude Oil Sales wud be bw $30-$40bn (or less) every year. You mean d NNPC 'diverted' (whateva that means) $50bn of this money in 1.5yrs and Nigeria is still existing and budgets of All d 812 Govts in Nigeria(where Oil money constitute bw 60-70% of d budgetary Revenue) are still be ran?? I mean, I wud reali love for you to make all of these sensible, for if na small...
Facts and figures, common sence, logic...
These are words alien to the people you are arguing with..
another f00lish post says $8tn ($50bn) oil funds have been stollen..when the FG total sales from oil is about $70nb
and they expect to be taken seriously...1diots


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