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Family / Re: Unmarried, Childless Women Are Happiest People Of All, Says Expert by devour129: 10:20am On Sep 28, 2019
[quote author=CHoccolaTE post=78845645]I asked this question before in another topic and I will ask it again;
What exactly do women gain from marriages apart from escaping societal pressure of getting married and having kids?

Men are the ones prolonging their lineage with marriage and kids,
Men are the ones in charge of whatever homes they set up after marriage, they have control, they have the final say. Everyone submits to them.
Men are the ones who get both a co-breadwinner and lifetime cook, cleaner, sex slave ( trust me many married women lack sexual satisfaction, sex after marriage is mostly for husband's benefit),
Men can even cheat with impunity and have children outside wedlock and go scot free, he basically maintains his freedom to have wanton sex just like when he was a bachelor, and he gets no blame and his wife is advised to stay with him because men are ' naturally polygamous'.

Yet society wants us to believe women benefit more from marriages.

With loss of freedom, loss of former identity ( changing surname even if the man you now bear his name cannot take care of you or provide for you), loss of beauty and youth after having children that belong to another mans lineage and family, horrible unsatisfying sex life in many cases, is forced to overlook cheating husbands behaviour, must balance greatest majority of housework and breadwinning while husband contributes barest minimum to housework. The man might even be jobless but the wife is advised to stay and support her husband and help him grow.

Infact the list of losses is endless]

I had to sign in after years to like this post
Politics / Re: Igbos More Concern On Our Status In Nigeria Than Igbo Presidency – Prof. Nwosu by devour129: 10:11am On Mar 20, 2018

The Igbo nation has lots of problem. One of them is their undeveloped region.

When you point out that Igbo land is underdeveloped or that it's not inviting to investors, they shamelessly claim "we own all our businesses" "Lagos is no man's land" or that "with all Yoruba IGR, they have brown roofs". Did Lagos develop in a day? When did Ogun start becoming a business hub? History have forsaken these people.

They're ignorant of the fact that while Yoruba cities were developing, igbos were still fighting over women in their evil forest.
They claim that Hausas have Kano as no man's land, Deltans have PH, Yoruba's Lagos, yet they can't point to their no man's land or any state of that equivalent. What state in the SE can compete with PH, Lagos and Kano?

These people are so shameless.
why so bitter madam ? Who did this to you ? I ga kwukwa udo the way you are going. Jide obi gi aka Biko agadi ekwe nka .


Culture / Re: Use Your Mother Tongue In All Social Gatherings – Ohanaeze Tells Ndigbo by devour129: 7:09am On Feb 22, 2018
Ututu oma umu nne m


Travel / Re: Dorcas Shola Fapson Releases Video Of Taxify Driver Attacking Her by devour129: 11:15am On Jan 26, 2018

It's really Interesting how you reconstructed your own version of events from both narratives, even tilting your version significantly towards the alleged rapists defence. Its just amazing! I just pray when it's your own time to get raped, you will be as brave as shola was.
stop being sentimental , she is right


Travel / Re: Dorcas Shola Fapson Releases Video Of Taxify Driver Attacking Her by devour129: 11:11am On Jan 26, 2018
I remember the day one road safety guy entered my car n refused to come down, I drove to the general hospital , parked the car , took out my valuables and left the car with my key n with him still inside . This is what the taxi guy did but he drove to his house to park his house and go rest from working all day . His thought I guess is that “ when she is tired , she will come down n go but when she took his keys , he unleashed buhari anger on her . Who even does a video for the public wearing that ?


Family / Re: A Married Mother Of 4 Had Sex With My Abroad Friend, Who's Her Ex Boyfriend by devour129: 6:08am On Jan 15, 2018
I tell u bro ! Wats there to enjoy again after all the vitamins are gone ? So men sha
and this is the reason why men stop making love with their wives cos of this mentality. So a woman who has had kids should never have sex in her life again ! She is better to have gone back to an ex to quench her konji, some do their drivers ,? Random men etc . Men satisfy your wives n leave runs girls alone. Married women has feelings too . If you like listen or start swearing but deep down you know am saying the truth . We live in a more sexual world now n I strongly believe what is good for the goose ..................


Politics / Re: Buhari Appoints Board Members For Privatised Company by devour129: 7:35pm On Dec 31, 2017
cheesy cheesy cheesy

The goofing is on another level. At this rate, Abba Kyari and Mamman Daura will soon be nominated into the board of GLOBACOM by Buhari. The FG is on a roll mehn!! cheesy
my anger is why are we not angry enough to shut down this government? If we wait till 2019 , they might wreck an irreparable damage ! We need to move NOW

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Crime / Re: "I Slept With 18 Men In One Day" - 19-Year-Old Libyan Returnee by devour129: 2:27pm On Dec 09, 2017
No wonder it’s very hard to find an edo lady in any establishment . They prefer bed work
Celebrities / Re: Kiss Daniel Vs G-worldwide: Coke Studio Yanks Off Kiss Daniel’s Materials by devour129: 1:48pm On Dec 09, 2017
Some people in Nigeria think they can just wake up and cancel/renege or do whatever they like with a valid contract.
Whoever knows Kiss Daniel should tell him he has a lot to lose,no matter how unfavorable the contract may appear to him.
What he should do is to try to renegotiate the terms of the contract with his label on mutually beneficial terms and if the recording label refuses,see out the contract.
why is it hard for some Nigerians to understand what a contract is and to uphold it ? They have taught this attitude to foreigners that come to here and now they walk out From contracts ( what they can’t do in their country ) just because it’s Nigerian way and knowing our justice system is slow and there also stupid people that will come up with * the person don try for you na * . I brought in a lady From uk , processed everything she needed ,got a driver that takes her to n fro From work ( long ) . A lady that posed as a potential client poaches not up to 3 months of resumption n moved her to Lagos . She only sent an email and company phone back . We had a two years solid contract , I was going to deal ruthless with her cos I know I had done too much for her but I was persuaded by my mum to let her go . This is something she won’t do in uk . Please if you can’t abide by contract you renegotiate or don’t start at all . Someone invested in you , the person put all without telling you things he or she had to do to make sure you make it . Best you di is see your contract through and work away in good terms because of tomorrow . What’s with all these Nigerian one hit wonders opening record labels ? Fool ,you can do it all ! Let managers mange while you do your thing , get paid n sleep well at night without all to extra worries . Greed is bad !


Politics / Re: Amina Bala Shagari, Bilyamin Mohammed Bello's Divorced Wife Mourns His Death by devour129: 4:25pm On Nov 24, 2017
I always advice every woman never to give up the man they truly love for any opprtunistic woman, stay there and fight till your man comes to hia senses , dont make it easy for any mumu witch to take the love of life with ease ..These days I see women give up their homes because of common text they see in their husbands phones thereby making it too easy for opportunist stealer women to have their way ..Yes your husband will definitley get infatuated by a strange woman in course of your love journey but remembet those infatuation spells have short term span and could be over from 3 weeks to year but most women just easily give up to fight to keep their man at the sight of the first text message and thats how love stories are being spoilt daily in our generation .. Women don make it easy for scheming women to steal your man just like that.
women just have your own affairs too but don’t be caught . One day ,both of you will come to your senses and realize all dicks n pussys are same and love each other .

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Career / Re: My Former Employer Is About To Cheat Me, Please Help by devour129: 8:11pm On Oct 30, 2017

Greet your facts before you comment pls.

No medical or whatever was done, just a normal small business employment.
didn’t reply you but the guy I quoted but since you are still here let me give you an advice that will help you through out your working days . Never try to shortchange anyone cos that was what you did and what you got back and you are now crying . No matter what give a month notice ,any employer will appreciate that and if you are a good worker they might do anything to keep you back . If you feel you still don’t want to work there , you will leave in good terms because of tomorrow . When you leave abruptly , everything is in chaos for a few days and nobody wants that . I bet you begged for the job and you got it so why act like it’s now nothing to you ?


Career / Re: My Former Employer Is About To Cheat Me, Please Help by devour129: 8:02pm On Oct 30, 2017

Such a learner! Next time, collect salary before dropping letter of resignation. A colleague of mine did the same thing you did and they began to reel off imaginary notice period off his contract. Someone under probation suddenly had to give a months notice or his salary was cut in half. Meanwhile some full confirmed staff na 2 weeks notice period o! Na so my guy lose out
Be very wise, next time get paid before dropping letter of resignation. All the best in your new job.
and this is why some employers pay second week of the new month . Why are people so selfish ? You where trained ,medical done for you ,the least you can do is give notice so that they can employ another person and you train the new person before you leave and that you have left room for anytime you want to come back or you have a friend or sibling looking for a job . You guys keep closing doors for yourselves . Am happy for this thread as an employer .


Crime / Re: 16-Year-Old OAU Student Commits Suicide Over Poor Grades by devour129: 1:35pm On Oct 29, 2017
What’s the rush for ? 16yrs old is too young to be in university in my opinion .

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Politics / Re: President Buhari Sacks Abdulrasheed Maina From Service by devour129: 3:09pm On Oct 23, 2017
Does it mean that he was absolved back into the civil service after stealing people's sweats and money without the president knowing.
In a civilized society, the person that engaged him back,the person that signed it,the person that approve his allowances and salaries and the person that included his name in the payroll need to resign honourable and gently demand for rooms in kuje prison because that what they merit.
Buhari needs to start using some of these people as scape goat unless the same thing will keep happening and His media team will keep denying just save face.
2019 is around the corner. A lots of things van happen between now and then and this administration need to do something tangible to show us that they really deserve another chance come 2019.
I have this feeling buhari doesn’t plan to come back 2019 and also don’t give a shit how Nigeria ends . He just wanted to get enough National cake for his generation and one tenure is enough .
Religion / Re: Bishop Oyedepo: "Adeboye Saved Me From Spiritual Attack On My Private Jet" by devour129: 7:01pm On Oct 21, 2017
Business men supporting each other ,that's the way it should be . Please could we build more hospice ,maternity hospitals ,schools , technical colleges etc instead of more churche branches ? I think this will help build Gods kingdom . Nigerian problems are not spiritual if it where, it would have been the greatness country in the world right now cos the no of churches on every street grows per year and house fellowingships per week. Use your tithes to. Take care of your home ,pay your workers ,help your family ,help your community and with time ,churches will only be used as a town hall .

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Crime / Re: Woman Battered For Refusing To Part With N20,000 After Sex Romp by devour129: 1:55pm On Oct 20, 2017
Getting one of our high speed vibrato.rs would have saved her from these headache..

Meanwhile guy's check out my profile for your extender products.
one day you must want the real thing ,nothing can replace a human being .

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Car Talk / Re: Coscharis Ford Auto Plant In Nigeria - 600 Vehicles Rolled Out Already by devour129: 3:04pm On Oct 17, 2017
When will Nigerian start manufacturing BUT not assembling parts?
everything centers around light that's why God said let there be light !
Crime / Re: Zambian Lady Pours Hot Water On Sleeping Husband After Killing Her Step-daughter by devour129: 2:36pm On Oct 17, 2017
The thing we haven't understood in Africa is that we also have serial killers ,people who just kill for the thrill of it . We mistake most murders as jealousy ,anger etc . This woman kills for fun , and she must have killed more people than the ones she must have confessed to.
Celebrities / Re: “Damilola Adegbite Was Not Submissive” – Chris Attoh Speaks On Crashed Marriage by devour129: 6:08pm On Sep 29, 2017

Actually, people do. You know why? Because you and your spouse will not be stagnant. Things will continue to change around you which will affect your emotions and character. For example; When you get a promotion at work may mean less time spent at home. This may infuriate your spouse. You'll start seeing mood swings from her and not understand that she may be missing you or have suspicions that you are cheating. It can be easily solved if the line of communication between spouses is solid but in African marriages it usually is not. Another example is when she starts having babies. A woman's sex drive reduces once she starts having children. Most men do not understand this and complain when their wives deny them sex and start to believe their wives have changed. And she has changed because it is not easy staying up late night after night to nurse, wake up early to feed and dress the kids for school and still go to work. How sexy do you think she'll feel when she comes back from work? Spouses change all the time. They just have to be aware of it and compensate for the changes.
you are so wise !

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Family / Re: Nigerian Man Videos His Baby Mama Harassing His Mother In U.S, & She Sets Him Up by devour129: 7:50pm On Sep 22, 2017
Please can someone tell the mother of the lady in blue that she is childless with this one or maybe she already knows . No matter what she should have respected the woman's grey hairs . She is a disgrace to what ever womb she came from ,so so so so sad .

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Politics / Re: "IPOB Crisis Bigger Than Boko Haram" - Kashim Shettima by devour129: 8:01am On Sep 20, 2017
How can you be compare BH with IPOB...IPOB is nothing and we will treat them like that.
oya carry cup na ,bh is everything n will soon wipe away you guys and themselves .

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Politics / Re: I Am Igbo And I Support Operation Python Dance 100% by devour129: 9:04am On Sep 14, 2017
I am from aguata lg and am not interested in Biafra . I just want a Nigeria free of under educated and lazy northerners monopoly in civil service .
See this Kanu guy in that video talking about taking siesta like a child when his mates are out working and trying to make a living . His followers. Are mostly jobless and touts .

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Family / Re: Secrets Men Keep From Their Wives by devour129: 11:12am On Sep 13, 2017
Only in 9ja ! When is time for tax clearance,she will know every
Crime / Re: Landlord Caught Having Sex With A Boy In Lagos, Paraded Unclad By Mob (Pics by devour129: 1:44pm On Sep 07, 2017
The man no get name?
looks igbo
Politics / Re: 48 Corpses Of UNIMAID Staff, NNPC Drivers, Soldiers Deposited At UMTH by devour129: 2:10pm On Jul 28, 2017
Very true
It was a very sad day at the campus,we were supposed to have a seminar but it turned gloomy. Everyone went to the central mosque and others to church to mourn the dead. I personally went to a church that lost two members, cos I have a friend directly involved.
All this got me thinking, for how long will we stand by and keep watching our leaders play chess with our lives. I was talking to fellow youths there and was telling them if we continue to keep quiet, one day it will come to our doorstep. We keep saying lets just hope, what can we do.... We say this because we think we are safe but its not so, weda you are in maiduguri or far in lagos island, if we all dont come together to do something one day we wont have a country to call ours. These are people's family members being killed daily and nobody is saying anything about it. The police women and others are still in captive, a young i know girl in unimaid is affected. No ruler has said anything or sent any force to try and rescue these women.
If there is a bomb blast in Europe for instance, from our president, to citizens in diaspora to the citizens here will all take to facebook changing profile pictures and placing flags of that country. It disgusts me. I'm not saying it's bad to feel sorry for victims. I'm saying its pathetic when worse happens in your country and all you say is 'aya'.
And our so called leaders are the worst, they were all out of the country to visit an absent president while their citizens were being butchered, stabbed in the eyes and head and shot. Their corpses were so bad the hospital couldn't keep em. They had to be burried as soon as they were identified.
Sorry, I didn't mean to write this much but I'm seriously pained, I almost shed tears yesterday when I saw how people's mothers were weeping. If a lot of you youths could see things the way some of us located here see the situation, then maybe we will stop taking political sides and stand together once and for all.
We have been told before we are the leaders of tommorow, if we don't take our place, it will forever be yesterday...

Sorry for errors and typos
thank you so much for this write up . One day it will be you or yours ,can we all rise up n say NO MORE ? Sultan of sokoto just got 700million for a house in Abuja , they are all the same . From east to the north n until we start jungle justice to these people ,they will remain kings n we unsafe .

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Politics / Re: Anambra State Breaks Out From Biafra: "Nnamdi Kanu Is Small Boy Fooling Himself" by devour129: 5:05pm On Jun 30, 2017
I am Igbo n I think nnamdi kalu is a slowpoke. Can someone tell me what this anumanu achieved all his years in uk ?

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Romance / Re: Man & Married Lady Caught Having Sex Paraded Unclad & Made To Have Sex Publicly by devour129: 11:00am On Jun 24, 2017
Osus and cheating wifes are like conjoined twins

Very useless sets of people

Osu-alusi bastards

I can't wait for them to have their BIAFRÛAD

Criminals angry
funny thing is this slowpoke might be dying for an Igbo person or begging an Igbo person for something right now . It's the shame that is killing him . Incredible slowpoke sorry o .
Romance / Re: Man & Married Lady Caught Having Sex Paraded Unclad & Made To Have Sex Publicly by devour129: 10:58am On Jun 24, 2017
This can only happen to poor people . Who the Bleep are you to embarrass me cos of sex ? Rubbish
TV/Movies / Re: Top 15 Nigerian TV Series You Should Start Binge-watching by devour129: 7:17pm On Jun 23, 2017
Jemeji! Jemeji! Jemeji.

It is quite interesting and a new show.
just discovered this series n have been addicted . Love ovi

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Celebrities / Re: "My Marriage With Tonto Dikeh Is Over" - Churchill by devour129: 7:15pm On Jun 20, 2017
Lolz. Serial husband @Churchill, how market?... idiot.

How many relationships has your mum destroyed? Go screw your mother. Anuofia!
women beware of a man from a single mum . No woman will ever be good enough for her son just let ke no man was good enough for her .

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Crime / Re: Chukwudi Dumeme Onwuamadike Aka Evans: How I Evaded Police Manhunt For Years by devour129: 12:25pm On Jun 12, 2017
Every day for the thief, one day for the owner. You conveniently sent your family to Canada while terrorizing the rest of us. Shocking to know that his mother knew he was into kidnapping and yet did not report him. Bad mother. I wonder if his wife and children knew too.
that statement really baffled me . The mum must have been an armed robber or harlot or child seller .

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Crime / Re: Chukwudi Dumeme Onwuamadike Aka Evans: How I Evaded Police Manhunt For Years by devour129: 12:04pm On Jun 12, 2017
I am from anambra state and I say kill all of them after they have given all the names of their accomplices. My bro was kidnapped some years ago ( and am sure is by his team ) n we are still suffering the ripple effect of that faithful day .

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