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Education / Re: My Accent Is Affecting Me Acedemically,pls Help!!! by DollyParton1(f): 4:42pm On Sep 26, 2015
Maybe dats how ur tongue is.. meet an oral therapist..
most sensible comment so far.
Politics / Re: APC And The Spirit Of Witchcraft - By Femi Aribisala by DollyParton1(f): 10:02pm On Sep 06, 2015

Safe for that.

The name just looks unusual for a Yoruba name and I was just trying to check if it's the modernised version of a longer name, since it doesn't have the traditional prefix synonymous with Yoruba names. A name like Demuren for example is the modernised version of Ademuren I believe. Ditto Boyega for Adeboyega and Badejo for Adebadejo. You're my new Yoruba language Tutor, my e-wife who's wonderfully blessed in the right places. tongue

Anyway, the meaning of the name is hysterical though. So you mean this blinkered nyggah will run to safety when he sees danger ahead? - now that's some safety first ish. grin grin

ARIBISALA is a typical Yoruba name, if u grew up in Yoruba land, u won't find it unusual. But u grew up in Ajegunle, so u won't know this. tongue tongue tongue
Not all Yoruba names must have a traditional prefix of ade, ola, olu, oso, oje,oye etc. And the short form for Adegboyega is not Boyega, but 'Gboyega. Boyega is probably a name on a different level of its own.

@ your last paragraph, guy doesn't have to contemplate on flight or fight reflex. Its just flight only, nothing else.
Celebrities / Re: Timi Dakolo And His Beautiful Wife (photo) by DollyParton1(f): 6:28pm On Sep 06, 2015
Am waiting for the day that this guy will do a collabo with Asa. Gonna be superb.
Politics / Re: APC And The Spirit Of Witchcraft - By Femi Aribisala by DollyParton1(f): 6:12pm On Sep 06, 2015
Can someone on here help me with the meaning of "Aribisala" in English language and the part of Yorubaland the name is from?

This man never writes anything intelligent - he's like the black Rush Limbaugh.

Cc: 9jacrip, TonySpike, dollyparton1, and omonnakoda, and laudate.


ARIBISALA is probably the shortform of "Aribi sa asala" which translates loosely to "one who sees danger and runs to safety". It is probably one of those nicknames that stuck over time and turned into surnames for the subsequent generations. I am not sure about the side of Yoruba land the name is from, it could be from anywhere, but it is more likely to be from Oyo and Osun state axis.
I stand corrected though.
Car Talk / Re: Video: Checkout Man's EPIC Reaction When His Land Rover LR3 Caught Fire by DollyParton1(f): 11:21am On Sep 04, 2015
Sad, but in a way, a hard lesson. Only in Nigeria would an individual spend over N4,000,000 on a vehicle, then fail to insure it. If you question their logic, they would tell you their vehicles are covered with the blood of Jesus, or some other nonsense.

Look at these guys. Risking their lives over a hunk of aluminium and steel on wheels. One went as far as lifting the hood - something you should NEVER do with an engine bay fire. A small flame becomes a massive blaze as oxygen is introduced.

Then the other idíot lying under the rear, trying to attack the burning fuel lines / tank. Suppose the gas tank blew at that point? He would have been killed, or at the very least severely maimed.

If I was ever unfortunate enough to have a car fire, I would get as far away as possible, and watch the damn thing burn. My insurance will take care of things.

It's only a car, and I don't have 9 lives. wink

Lool..... but the blood of Jesus has several lives. grin grin grin

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Celebrities / Re: Julius Agwu & Wife Meet British Royal Family, Usain Bolt, Angelina Jolie (Pics) by DollyParton1(f): 12:39am On Sep 04, 2015
Lmao! grin grin grin

These village folks and stupidity.

When did taking pictures will dolls mean "meet"?

This fool doesn't even know that you're not allowed to lean on the Queen...yet he's trying to deceive ignorant folks. grin

Shyte, he also met the ghost of Princess Diana and Whoopi Goldberg on the set of Sister Act in 1992 by turning back the hands of time. grin grin grin

Clowns! grin grin

Don't hate. I bet you have never been to London before. You typed this from a Techno phone from your face me, I slap you room in Ajegunle. angry angry angry
Religion / Re: See What This Girl Wore To Church And See The Pastor's Reaction On Facebook by DollyParton1(f): 2:32pm On Aug 29, 2015
LADIES have always been purveyors of SIN.

When they took the 1ST LEAD in the Garden Of EDEN, GOD hated man and deeply regreted creating man.

Despite this, so many MEN 2day still SAY "LADIES FIRST".

Always be the HEAD when ladies surround U, because their BRAINS are always growing.

Many CHURCHES now have customers because Of laxity and freedom modern day CHRISTAINITY has offered them.

Ladies now wake up, make up and go to churches in their night wears.
Those days, LADIES used to have BOXES for their wears but now they have CELLOPHANE BAGS.
MOST have nothing good to wear to WEDDINGS... anymore.

we now have CHRISTAINITY that obeys Le' CHARTELIAR'S principle

No shyte, You are brainless

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Family / Re: 24 Things Mums Teach Their Daughters Before Marriage! by DollyParton1(f): 11:21pm On Aug 27, 2015
LOOOL..... When are they gonna stop these cycles of ridiculous advice.
Family / Re: Describe This Husband...!!! by DollyParton1(f): 11:15pm On Aug 27, 2015

And that is...??
It is not what the man is doing but the picture that is disturbing. Would you like a picture of yourself like that go public.

What is disturbing about this picture?
The fact that he is painting his lady's nail or the fact that he is shirtless.?

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Family / Re: Describe This Husband...!!! by DollyParton1(f): 11:13pm On Aug 27, 2015
I think the stupid person was the one that took the pic; his wife...!!!

why is she silly to have taken his picture?

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Family / Re: How To Know If Your Mom Is Truly A Nigerian by DollyParton1(f): 11:09pm On Aug 27, 2015
My mom was guilty of 5.
She is always on the look out of the number of red ink in my report sheet.
My dad was guilty of number 6.
He used to take those cords that connects the video cassette player to the tv away with him to the office.
Well I improvised using the antenna cord instead.
Family / Re: Female Problems - Why Sweet/nice Guys Seldom Win by DollyParton1(f): 10:55pm On Aug 27, 2015

Did you see the bracket I gave missy and yetseyi on page 2?

I want you to also pick one from each bracket. I wanna gauge something. grin

Nah. Too lazy for that.
Education / Re: How A Futo Student Was Given A Muddy Bath After His Final Exams by DollyParton1(f): 10:51pm On Aug 27, 2015
Dude better have money to treat them infections that might be coming at him later.

Four to five years in Uni, and still brainless.


Family / Re: Female Problems - Why Sweet/nice Guys Seldom Win by DollyParton1(f): 6:21am On Aug 27, 2015
Lmao...that's the average chic for you regardless of her status/education. They always fall in love with "thugs"/bad boys. Thugs/bad boys necessarily don't mean hoodrats - just folks who are rough around the edges and are a product of their environment.

Academics like Dr. Eric Dyson and Dr. Marc Lamont Hill also fall into that cos regardless of how educated they're - they're still a product of the mean streets of Detroit and Philly respectively. And they'd tell you that off the bat. Ditto folks like Idris Elba and Denzel Washington.


What do you lot think? And how come you lot always sheg the sweet/nice guys? grin tongue

I came in late to the party.
Shymex, stop the generalisation.
It all depends on individual taste and their perspectives on how an ideal man should be.
Crime / Re: Parents Of Madonna Students Brutalised By Dean, CSO Sue Varsity For N1bn (PIC) by DollyParton1(f): 11:10am On Aug 22, 2015
I still maintain that all these private universities are rubbish. God forbid that I attend any of them.

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Religion / Re: 2 First-class Yoruba Kings To Preach At Christian Revival by DollyParton1(f): 12:13am On Aug 22, 2015
They should preach in their domains too.

Dr. Adedapo Tejuosho is actually an evangelist. He does evangelize in his domain.

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Religion / Re: My Girlfriend Just Broke Up With Me On A Ground Of Religious Differences by DollyParton1(f): 12:03am On Aug 20, 2015
Seriously I don't get it. How can two people of different religion be in a peaceful union. It rarely work in this naija. Religion is almost like the crux of everything, especially in a family.

Now unto the matter, its clear her father is not in support of her relationship with you. The best thing for you is to move on, though it may be hard, but you just have to.
Celebrities / Re: Ooni Of Ife's Son, Prince Adegbite And Wife At Her Birthday Dinner (Pics) by DollyParton1(f): 11:49pm On Aug 19, 2015
U mean d family of muderers ?
How many of your family members did they kill?

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Celebrities / Re: Ooni Of Ife's Son, Prince Adegbite And Wife At Her Birthday Dinner (Pics) by DollyParton1(f): 11:47pm On Aug 19, 2015
See the bald head though lipsrsealed
The thing be like amala dudu. tongue tongue
Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Wants To Move Her Things Over & Start Living With Me by DollyParton1(f): 11:35pm On Aug 19, 2015
I love that babe, she's taking the bull by its horns.. I guess she's trying to avoid you dumping her in future..
That doesn't stop her from being dumped.

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Travel / Re: Dead Pilot, Peter Bello, Memorial Service (Photos) by DollyParton1(f): 11:28pm On Aug 19, 2015
I read some of the tributes posted by his friends.
No doubt he impacted everyone he ever came across. As if he knew he had little time to spend here on earth. Young but yet accomplished. Rest in Peace Peter Bello.
Family / Re: Doctors Discover Unborn Twin Inside Woman Which Had Been Growing For 40 Years by DollyParton1(f): 6:23pm On Aug 19, 2015
The vanishing twin syndrome or Twin embolization syndrome or Fetal resorption.

The woman absorbed/ grew round her twin.
Career / Re: What Is The Most Suitable Job For A Married Woman With Kids? by DollyParton1(f): 6:05pm On Aug 19, 2015
why are you comparing a man with kids to a woman with kids?

A woman's primary assignments shouldn't suffer because of a job my dear smiley
So yes, there are jobs suitable/not suitable for married women with kids..
what is a woman's primary assignment? What is a man's primary assignment? Who assigned those?


Culture / Re: Adedamola Aderemi, Late Ooni Of Ife’s Grandson Tipped To Become King (pics) by DollyParton1(f): 5:59pm On Aug 19, 2015
No problems.... I gats hook one of them Awolowo's descendants too. It seems those people get one kain luck for body.
Education / Re: Babcock University Students Protest Increase Of Fees Via Social Media by DollyParton1(f): 5:48pm On Aug 19, 2015

grin grin grin grin
I knew u would be shocked shocked
grin grin
I don't see myself spend over 3 million to obtain a Nigerian certificate.
If my parents have that money to spend on me, I would rather go find another country instead.
Education / Re: Babcock University Students Protest Increase Of Fees Via Social Media by DollyParton1(f): 5:24pm On Aug 19, 2015

Over 3 million naira?
No shite!!!
Their licence is not even guaranteed.
Just go study outside the country imstead.
Aint no one wasting money on that.
Education / Re: Babcock University Students Protest Increase Of Fees Via Social Media by DollyParton1(f): 12:35pm On Aug 19, 2015

Babcock has been offering medicine for 3 years now.
Ben carson school of medicine.
My bad.
Couldn't find the course on the tution list, plus never heard that they have medicine in Babcock now.

So do u have an idea of what the tution fee for medicine is like?
Education / Re: Babcock University Students Protest Increase Of Fees Via Social Media by DollyParton1(f): 12:12pm On Aug 19, 2015

I don't think so. When u become a parent you'll know better. We all want the best for our kids. smiley
no offense, but private university is not the best source of tertiary education in Nigeria.
Education / Re: Babcock University Students Protest Increase Of Fees Via Social Media by DollyParton1(f): 12:07pm On Aug 19, 2015
I swear to God, 5 of my neighbour pikins graduated from this school. 2 of dem study nursing & medicine, 1 study law and d other 2 study accounting. Them still dey collect excursion fees & summer fees all tru

Sofry na. When did Babcock start offering Medicine as a course.
Politics / Re: Photos Of Jonathan And His Family In Kenya by DollyParton1(f): 11:24am On Aug 19, 2015
Someone get that boy a bra.

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Celebrities / Re: Tonto Dikeh Dragged At Tejuosho Market As She Goes Shopping For Wedding Lace by DollyParton1(f): 11:22am On Aug 19, 2015
Lace material in yaba? Except say na okrika lace

she cldnt goto Lagos market?? what kind of lace wld she find in yaba

Of all d markets in Lag na Tejuosho she go... .Any way na her choice sha. Gd for her.

Lolz... I know right. Person wan buy lace, and the first place she thought of was Tejuosho. Is she a learner?
Music/Radio / Re: New List Of Songs Banned By NBC - Includes Olamide's Shakitibobo by DollyParton1(f): 9:29am On Aug 19, 2015
I was expecting to see Ladi by Olamide and his goons as number 1 on the list.

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