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Religion / Re: Suicide: Update On Michael Arowosaiye And RCCG by gbigbega: 10:58am On May 16

Whats the meaning of this statement? What are you trying to portray?

forgive me my dear brother, no pun intended. I tried to delete that part after you pointed it out but nairaland didn't allow it. We are one.
Religion / Re: Suicide: Update On Michael Arowosaiye And RCCG by gbigbega: 9:54am On May 16
The conversation doesn’t make sense... You caught a flight coz of a house rent matter or what? Well i’ll Say am my heart saddens for the young man Cowardice reaction. Taking your life isn’t the best you know? Years ago in my church MFF, a brother was having accommodation problem and didn’t open up to the church I guess until it was too late. The church couldn’t help raise the money so fast coz church building was on fast lane project so the pastor had to give the other office to him to stay for a while... There’s always an option other than taking your precious life and inflating pains to your Loved ones...

Please read again, He already assigned someone to handle the matter. He was going for a business meeting in Lagos when he heard the news.

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Religion / Suicide: Update On Michael Arowosaiye And RCCG by gbigbega: 9:40am On May 16
I understand people do get agitated at matters like this and all kinds of theory flies around. I just want to set the record straight that there was an attempt by RCCG to help him but obviously there is more to it than meets the eye. Perhaps the accommodation issue triggers his suppressed depression. While we grief for him, we will appreciate if we don't make it harder by blaming the church who actually offered to help. He was one of us lively and easy going, he left RCCG for Shepherd House in Apo for a while and he just decided to return back to RCCG, then this happened.

This is my conversation yesterday with a pastor friend closer to him. Please help spread the real truth.

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Literature / The Great Exchange - The Easter Story by gbigbega: 11:38pm On Apr 20

As I stood before the judge, hearing the proceedings in the court, I knew there was no hope for me. My accusers have enough evidence against me, all witnesses have accurately testified against me, I was exposed. It is obvious that I will face the consequences as stated in the book. My judgment is clear – “The soul that sinneth shall die”.
I saw the look on my Master’s face – who is also my judge. On His face were different expressions, one of disappointment , that I brought myself so low to commit such atrocities, another was of pity, that I have been an unprofitable servant, and of anger, for I will pay the ultimate sacrifice. Behind me was my solicitor, my advocate, the son of my master, who had been pleading for my release. The expression on his face seem to say “I have tried my best, it’s all over, you will have to face the consequence of your sins”.
My master, who is also the judge, rose and said “ We all know that this sinner is condemned by law to die, but before he dies, is there anything anyone can do to help him”. I looked at the direction of my friends and relatives but no one was able to help me. I looked again at the elders in my master’s service and none was able to help, even the valiant guards in my master’s service could not help me- There was grave silence in the court room, I am condemned, forsaken and doomed forever. Reality dawned on me and I wept profusely. At the point of my grief and horror, I noticed some kind of commotion in the court room but I was too enveloped in grieve to care to look up. The uproar of my accusers overwhelms me as they shouted “He is guilty of death- crucify him”. My master, the judge, pronounced with a thunderous voice “Take him, he is yours”. My accusers charged at me with their chains and shackles, hate and disgust mixed with a feeling of victory was all over their faces. I shuddered as they came rushing towards me, but something strange happened. My accusers ran past me and threw their chains on my advocate who is also the son of my Master. They started leading him towards the slaughter – the place of the skull. What.. what is going on”? I manage to muster. My master’s chief guard touched me on the shoulder and said “be of good cheer servant, while you grieved in contrition over your sin, your master’s son, your advocate, volunteered to take your place. The judgment of death had been passed over to him for your sake. “Oh no” I cried out, “how can that be? I am the sinner, I am the disobedient one, my advocate is righteous, the only begotten of my master is innocent. How can he take my place. How can he, so high and mighty, so righteous, without sin take the place of a filthy wretch like me. This cannot be, how will my master allow His son to die for me”. I shook in horror, confused and horrified with fear and a feeling of shame for what I just brought about . I need to know why he did this for me. I turned and looked at him who took my place and I could barely recognized him, he has been beaten beyond recognition. My accusers have speared him no weep, no pity, no iota of respect was accorded him. I slipped through the crowd to my advocate, my Redeemer, my friend, as he was laid down to be crucified. I got on my kneels before him and covered my face, too ashamed and unworthy to look at Him. My advocate looked at me, He lifted up my head, rose me to my feet and smile and said “You were condemned to die because you have lived against the will of my father. I have life because I have always pleased Him and done all he wanted of me; but today I make an exchange. I exchange my personality for yours, LIVE MY LIFE AND LET ME DIE YOUR DEATH. I have to die because your life that I now bear is no longer worthy to live. Remember that you were speared because you now carry my life, the life that had always pleased the father. LIVE MY LIFE AND LET ME DIE YOUR DEATH, please live it.
Overwhelmed, I crumbled in awe of him, my knees buckled. I was like a sheep ready for the slaughter but He took my place, He took my place, He took my place. He took my pains, He took my shame, he took my shackles, my chains, my curse, my sorrows, my inabilities, insufficiencies and inadequacies – He took my place.

I wept as my accusers snatched away my Advocate, my Savior, my Redeemer, the only begotten of my father. As I wept uncontrollably, I felt a hand touched me behind, I looked and alas it was my master. I thought to myself “ I am finished, what shall I say to him, how can I appease him, I have sinned against him and now His only son was crucified for a wretched like me”; but my master stretched forth His hand and picked me up, he looked me in the eyes, smiled and called me the name of His beloved son. I don’t understand, I exclaimed, how could my master call me son. Then my master said “That is who I call you from now on- my son. Your old self have died – my son took your place. The person hanging on the cross is you and all your filth and sin nailed to it. The man standing here is my beloved son living in you. My son lives in you son, he said, come and enjoy my presence as a son and not a servant.

Gal 2:20 “I am crucified with Christ, nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me. And the life which I now live in the flesh, I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me.”
Politics / Re: Senate President: Buhari, APC Leaders Pacify Goje by gbigbega: 6:26am On Mar 28
So APC did not consider South East for Senate President. So they are only important when election comes abi? I thought there is a SE ranking senator that should have been considered? This people ehn.
Politics / Re: Afenifere, NEF, Ohaneze, PANDEF, Others Endorse Atiku by gbigbega: 10:58pm On Feb 03
This election is getting tougher and tougher every damn seconds...

These people are causing more harm than good to us, we are criticizing APC today( am not an apc member) but most of this people there are not from APC from the start, they all joined when APC claimed the power...
Now, if PDP wins the election now, am sure most of this same people will still wanna cross into PDP because of the same power...
I could remember one of them saying that "we'll forgive you all of your sins of you come back to our party". Anybody with a sane mind will never say that.

Until there is a rule against crossing from one party to another, there won't be any changes in Nigeria's political system...

Am not supporting or opposing any political party because they've turned it into business...

Just my view...

This election is not only about sending Buhari to Daura only but it is also about showing all these politicians that the power belongs to the people. If we succeed in kicking out Buhari, trust me all of them will seat up. It will be clear to them that who ever deceives or go against the will of the people will be thrown out. Nigerians need to show this during this election- No matter how popular you are, if you mess up we throw you out, Shikena.

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Politics / Afenifere, NEF, Ohaneze, PANDEF, Others Endorse Atiku by gbigbega: 10:18pm On Feb 03
The Presidential ambition of the former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar got a major boost on Sunday as leaders of major regional bodies across the country threw their weight behind his presidential candidacy.

Coming under the auspices of Nigeria Leaders and Elders, the leaders of Afenifere, Northern Elders Forum, Ohaneze Ndigbo, Middle Belt Forum and the Pan Niger Delta Forum said they were endorsing the Atiku Abubakar for the February 16 presidential election.

President of Ohaneze Ndibgo, John Nwodo said President Muhammadu Buhari has put the nation’s security in jeopardy and should not be allowed to come back as President, adding that under his leadership, Nigeria is undergoing constitutional deadlock.

Leader of the Afenifere, Chief Ayo Adebanjo make mockery of the President, saying a man who would endorse two governorship candidates for one state is not fit to continue as Nigerian President.

Adebanjo said the President has shown clearly that he was incapable of leading the country further as he has lost control of even his Party and speaks at cross purpose with his party chairman.

Former Minister of Information, Chief Edwin Clarke accused the Buhari government of working against the interest of the Niger Delta, replacing sons of the area in key appointments in the country.

Politics / Re: Buhari's Next Level: The Influence Of Adams Oshiomhole In APC Dominance by gbigbega: 5:02pm On Jan 29
Oshiomhole --only cultist wear same color of cloth everyday.
Politics / Re: Presidential Candidates Back Suspension Of Onnoghen by gbigbega: 8:32pm On Jan 28
This is stale politics. When one of the dominant part will sponsor several presidential candidate from other parties so as to divide and rule their main opponent. All this Buhari presidential candidates should go and sit down.

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Politics / Re: FIRS Breaks All-time Record, Generates N5.3trn In One Year by gbigbega: 7:59pm On Jan 07
The mirage in this FIRS and all collection made by this government is this. FIRS generated 5.x trillion in 2018, Customs Generated 1.x trillion, NNPC generates 1.554 Trillion.... TSA.... money borrowed....bla blah blah... and yet we are not able to fund an N8 trillion budget up to 50% in 2018. Reason:- No money to fund it. Who are they deceiving?

Another figure that doesn't add up is how NNPC can generate N1.554 trillion and FIRS generates N5.3trillion, soooo FIRS now makes about 4 times what we make in the oil and gas?
Politics / Re: How To Check Voters Registration Status Without Temporary Voters Card by gbigbega: 8:32pm On Jan 05
I submitted form for transfer since last year. when I checked online, no transfer had been done. Its very annoying and pathetic and i think is deliberate effort to disenfranchise some people
Family / Praise God For Something In 2018 by gbigbega: 6:49pm On Dec 31, 2018
Usually the year ends with a lot of us wishing we could get more out of it. Some of us a frustrated, some disappointed and some are afraid, 2019 is just some few hours away.

Despite all this, there is need to look back and thank God for something he did, if for nothing that you are still alive today is immeasurable grace. Some had what you are currently looking for but are dead today and will be very willing to trade it just for another chance to breath again.

Lets use this opportunity to say thank you Lord for your love, a job, for food, for family, for opportunities that came our way and even for the bad things we went through.

Say something to Thank God for 2018.
Politics / Re: Foreign Reserves Gained $1.52bn In Four Weeks. by gbigbega: 9:13am On Dec 19, 2018
angry angry sad

What do you call a man who has
so much money in his bank account, always getting
awards from the bank for his wonderful
savings culture, but his family are starving to death??

My brother I was about to say something similar. This year alone they have only release 10% of the budget for infrastructure. 10% of what is meant for the nation. its so sad and wicked. yet some hungry people will still come here and tell us he is the best. These are the people that makes the Oyinbos call Nigerians Monkeys.
Celebrities / Re: 'May God Punish You' - Daddy Freeze Tells Woman Who Cautioned Him Over Shiloh by gbigbega: 4:55pm On Dec 08, 2018

All this long rubbish but yet you cannot answer a simple question.did God destroy Shiloh yes or no

Yes he did and he also destroyed the temple and commanded Jerusalem to be destroyed, oh he also destroyed humans and the world. If we are takiing God by what you guys call him, Jerusalem should not have been rebuilt, humans should no longer serve God and We should not go to church again because God has once destroyed them because of their sins. SMH.

Bible says the word of God is foolishness to the perishing, they cannot understand it because they are spiritually discerned. I can only pray for your to stop being a sheeple after the heresy of Daddy Freeze. It only leads to destruction.
Politics / Re: Nigeria’s External Reserves Climb Back To $42b by gbigbega: 7:46pm On Nov 30, 2018
i have never seen this type of government before. External reserve climb to $42b and you have only given out 10% of this years budget. Go an ask most of the ministries, they will tell you they have just 10% of their capital expenditure- translating to no money for the people. SMH
Programming / Salary For Staff For New Software Start-up by gbigbega: 7:59am On Nov 19, 2018
Hello people,

Please what is your suggesting for renumeration for a new start-up Software Dev firm. I am looking to expand my Software company from a one man to about 3-4 developer company. I have ideas of great solutions but think i need more hands to implement it on time.

I want to ask what you think will be a startup but fair amount to start with for developers who will most likely be retrained.
Politics / Re: Atiku Attacks Tinubu Over Support For Buhari by gbigbega: 5:36pm On Nov 03, 2018
have you noticed recently that Buhari have unleashed a lot of social media commentators on nairaland. They are always the set to comment before the unbiased Nigerians see the thread, after which they run away.

I've got news for you, you contract job will expire on the 16th of February, 2019.
Religion / Re: "His Name Is Not Jesus" - Daddy Freeze Codemns The Name 'Jesus' by gbigbega: 10:00pm On Oct 31, 2018
i seriously think dady freeze is right also and contrary to your opinion ""Name is very important"".

Imagine yeshua as a persom is walking along the street of oshodi, and you called him by the name Jesus. Do you think he will answer you?

Yes he will. The name Emmanuel is called Emma, Eman, in my village they call it Manu. So no matter which of them you call, a person bearing Emmanuel will answer even in Antarctica. The only thing is that the person will know the origin, tribe or relationship of the caller.

E.g. if somebody calls Manu, in London, he will know that is village people as located him again in London.


Politics / Re: Atiku’s South-west Incursion Unsettles APC by gbigbega: 8:35am On Oct 26, 2018
PDP in the south west can only try, they can't get much votes. Yoruba's will not vote for a corrupt rogue and his bigoted sidekick. We won't abandon our son that is doing very well for someone that hate us. We cannot abandon our front row in APC government for a back seat in the corrupt PDP government.

APC member spotted. You guys are disillusioned, go and ask an average Yoruba man and it will surprise you they will not vote Buhari. Politics in SW is issue based not party based. Buhari will loose even in Tinubus ward come 2019

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Politics / Re: EFCC Speaks On Arrest, Prosecution Of Oshiomhole by gbigbega: 10:31pm On Oct 24, 2018
compare PDP primaries and APC primaries and judge for yourself who the fraudsters, mandate thieves, riggers, desperate and disorganise party are. Judge which is peaceful, cooperative and focused.

Vote wisely.


Politics / Re: Governor Dave Umahi Splashes N500m On Pastors by gbigbega: 9:37pm On Oct 24, 2018

I would have praised him if he had given it to the market women and the prisoners to beta their lives even the bible say
Blessings for people who serve the poor. “Give generously to them and do so without a grudging heart; then because of this the LORD your God will bless you in all your work and in everything you put your hand to.”
your are a funi person you think 500milllion na 500k abi lol, let mi tell you what 500million can do.

1 build a standard hospital or spread out small small clinic around for pple that can afford the private ones.

2 loans for market women and farmers and self employed pple that wanr to start business in the state
with lil or no interest rate.

3 help with the rotten educational system in the state nd bring up the standard.

4 create good source of water for the pple of the States.
the list plenty but make I stop here for now

And you think it is that very N500M that will do listed. So without that N500m he gave to some set of people to alleviate their poverty, government wont be able to build schools and hospitals again abi? What do you say to the government billions spent on building Mosque in the north, buying rams and going to Mecah and also Jerusalem. These are all government projects - they have a federal government funded Pilgrim board. Will you call those wasteful spending too?

Must you always rise to resist when any good thing is done to the pastors?
Politics / Re: Governor Dave Umahi Splashes N500m On Pastors by gbigbega: 5:18pm On Oct 24, 2018
Section 10 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999

"The Government of the Federation or of a State shall not adopt any religion as State Religion."

In the same way that it is evil for government to tax churches, it is equally a no go area for governments to fund religion. As much as we protest against the MUDSLIMES and their evil sharia nonsense, we should not become hypocritical by violating the constitution ourselves.

There is already too much religion in the public space. Religion should be a private affair between a man and his Maker. If I had that much money I would rather spend it on relocating Christians like Leah Sharibu who are at risk of terrorist attacks and abductions from MUDSLIME fanatics.

my brother, I beg try to just take religion out of it. maybe it will help you to see that the pastors in question are also citizen which he swore by law to protect. If he gave the money to them to alleviate their poverty, not promote their religion. He is only fulfilling is mandate to the people of his state. The fact that they are pastors doesnt change the fact that he is doing poverty alleviation. Afterall, there are federal government prilgrim board, funding peoples religious voyage to Mecca and Jerusalem.
Politics / Re: Governor Dave Umahi Splashes N500m On Pastors by gbigbega: 12:18pm On Oct 24, 2018
I'm a Christian and I will defend my faith to the death against the lies of MOOslimes and atheists, but this is a SECULAR country. It doesn't belong to any religious group and public funds that can be better spent on improving the hard lives of citizens should not be wasted in such a frivolous and irresponsible manner.

Hypocrite, so the pastors are not citizens of Nigeria, whose lives need to be improved abi? You are not defending your faith, you are degrading it, working for the advancement of impoverishing the people of God. If you are defending your faith you will be happy that those who have given themselves to the service of your faith are being appreciated
Politics / Re: Governor Dave Umahi Splashes N500m On Pastors by gbigbega: 12:13pm On Oct 24, 2018

as in eeeh the mad infrastructure(hospitals, good water source) this money will build to better the life of people eeh no go get part 2.
but at the end na buhari them go blame wen them no collect salary.

For God sake just for once remove the name Pastor from this and imagine he gave his people, his constituency or even a Local Government the N500M. Rising to always resist any good thing that has the name pastor attached to it is devilish, hypocritical and anti-christ. The Pastors he gave the money to are also LG members, constituency member and Nigerians. He didn't give them to build church, he gave them to alleviate their suffering and yet you cannot see the good in it. Do you think the money will alleviate the lives of people in an LGA as much as it will if he gives it to these pastors, considering the fact that politicians in such LGA will never allow it to trickle down?

I am sure you would have praise him if he gave N500M to prisoners, Agberos, market women abi? because to you it is more justified to give to such people than too give to men of God.

Be careful how you spread satanism and promote resistance towards the people of God.
Politics / Re: No Work, No Pay Principle Now Applies During Strike - FG by gbigbega: 10:06pm On Oct 17, 2018
I really think the woes of Nigeria workers are in the hand of this current labour Leaders. They are toothless, after few days strike, they collect money and call off the strike forgetting that whatever they do today, their children will also suffer it. Eberu olorun o.

If there is a formidable NLC, who dare brings such draconian law.


Politics / Re: Festus Keyamo Vs Segun Sowunmi Channels TV Debate Ends Abruptly by gbigbega: 6:06pm On Oct 15, 2018
I remembered when Keyamo kept talking non stop and Segun told him the meaning of the acronynm KISS - Keep the Issue Simple, Stupid. LWKMD.

Segun is wiiiiiiiiiiicked


Politics / Re: Peter Obi Biography, Age, Atiku Abubakar's Running Mate by gbigbega: 9:28pm On Oct 12, 2018
What a profile.

If Atiku can get this in each region then we are cruising to ASO Rock

SE: 95%
SS: 80%
NC: 55%
NE: 60%

I dont know why you think SW will vote Buhari. It will shock you that most vote for Atiku will come from SW. You know Yorubas they deal with issue based politics not tribe or religion. Hunger don finish them for this regime, they are ATIKULATED

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Politics / Re: As At 6:12pm Ogun And Kogi State Delegates' Seats Are Still Empty (pics) by gbigbega: 7:36pm On Oct 06, 2018
..what is almost sure is south west will never vote PDP as president
Average people here believe in PMB.. attributed his government challenges to SARAKI, DOGARA, TINUBU, all others
Come to Ibadan Lagos abeokuta ilorin ado osogbo to confirm
Out of pdp contestants... Saraki is the worst in the south west
Ole Ole Ole...

bros na lie you dey lie o, average most SW will never vote Buhari. Buhari should just forget SW, NW, SS, SE in the next election. except if they can FAYEMI or OYETOLA it.

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Politics / Re: Ambode Addresses A World Press Conference At 2pm by gbigbega: 3:12pm On Sep 30, 2018
World conference is taking place now in Channels
Politics / Re: Ambode Addresses A World Press Conference At 2pm by gbigbega: 2:49pm On Sep 30, 2018
Kai, Nigerians can fight!

Una DON fight break head for fake news. Is getting on for 3pm and nothing.

Stop drinking panadol for another mans headache.
Politics / Re: Aisha Alhassan Dumps APC, Withdraws Her Membership (Letter) by gbigbega: 2:38pm On Sep 29, 2018
only a dumb person knows this won't be the end.
apart from politics, even in a corporate environment say for example you are a senior manager in Glo but you are telling your Board chairman and anyone who cares to listen that your loyalty is with a senior member who moved to MTN and you like the way MTN is going about their business but instead of you to resign in GLO and seek employment in MTN, you are still looking for promotion in GLO do you think that the board won't do anything to frustrate you to resign even when they know that their hands are tied to sack you.
You can not be working in Total and want to be collecting salary in Chevron.
ko le work.
grin grin grin grin
kai you finish this woman. you wicked o.
Politics / Re: Maurice Iwu: 'Osun Election Was Conclusive' by gbigbega: 3:00pm On Sep 24, 2018

But bro, what do you think would have been the best option when you know that the margin between the top two runners can still be overturn from the cancelled vote according to INEC constitutions.

Its logical to think that way but the 1999 consitutions does not agree with you. I think your answer is in what Iwu said
“However, we the initiators of the inconclusive elections realised that our proposal was against the provisions of the 1999 Constitution (as Amended), particularly the presidential and the governorship elections and returns.

“Our proposals could be applied only in senatorial, House of Representatives, and state assembly elections and returns, for which the Constitution did not specify how these returns should be made.

in this instance, according to the constitution, there can only be a re-run if it as to do with senate, house of rep etc not governorship and presidential that constitution clearly states how to run and win.

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