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Sports / Re: Enyimba Players Mercilessly Beaten By Plateau United Fans (Photos) by Goztino(m): 12:01pm On Jun 28
Of all players to beat na Aba boys?
When will the return leg take place?


Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by Goztino(m): 7:51pm On Jun 23

People will share now you people will say its a lie.
Thar its back door or its a fake testimoney

Really shocked shocked

That's bullshit
Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by Goztino(m): 10:43am On Jun 23
Good morning all.
Please I want to know what type of visa I need for a nursing ausbildung in Germany. I have my C1 certificate.

And how long does it normally take until one is called for the visa intersview


C1 even before entering Germany shocked shocked
Waooooooo. Wunderbar.
I respect your determination


Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by Goztino(m): 5:33am On Jun 23
Germany is really getting back to normal right now and the wave of Corona virus is reducing dramatically which means more visa appointment is expected.
When last did someone get appointment for category B in this thread and if possible mention the date you applied for visa interview.
This is exactly what we were doing then in other to encourage and motivate those still expecting AD.
The more you share testimony the better and more lively the thread becomes.
Or does it mean that people are still not getting category B appointments for winter 2021?


Properties / Re: Stone Coated Roofing Sheets Restoration For Faded Roof Tiles by Goztino(m): 2:09pm On Jun 20
Do buy lesser grad stone coated step tiles, and it has disfigure the nature of your pretty House?
Call us today to restore it for you.
Fake roofs fade in very less time, so run away from customize roof tile without genuine manufacturer.
Get your roof from standard coy.
But if you have fallen into the hand of such tiles, we can restore the color for you and it will look new again

Call segun 080 66191741

Which roofs and color do you think last longer than normal?
Crime / Re: Update About Nigerian Cultists Butchering Each Other In Dubai by Goztino(m): 7:44pm On Jun 19
Thank God Germany doesn't allow them try bullshit here.

If you do anyhow, you see anyhow sharp sharp

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Family / Re: What's The Kindest Thing A Stranger Had Ever Done To You Before by Goztino(m): 1:46pm On Jun 19
Offering me his coffee and winter jacket.

It was my first month in Germany and just like many others who left Nigeria for the first time, the winter jacket I bought in Lagos was not thick enough.
I attended one of the universities functions and we were drinking, eating meat and Brötchen and having fun outside the building, I was terribly feeling cold.
Then came this strange boy from Leipzig who offered me his winter jacket and a coffee from his coffee bottle. He obviously noticed how I was shivering.

I was so flabbergasted, this wasn't the mentality I had for Germans before my arrival.
I heard that they were all racists but that kind of kindness from a total stranger made me think twice about what I heard about them.

There are good and bad people everywhere in this world.

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Properties / Re: Latest Prices Of Rod & Cement In Edo/Delta State by Goztino(m): 11:51pm On May 31
Romance / Re: 40million In Cash Or 10k Everyday For The Rest Of Your Life?? by Goztino(m): 9:21pm On May 24

U r wise.. but still a pessimist

Celebrities / Re: Ebuka Obi-Uchendu Lists His Achievement At 23 by Goztino(m): 8:46am On May 16
At 23, Okenna my childhood friend was raking millions 12 years ago yet he refused to go to school against his father's wish.

Now, Okenna is a mega in the USA at 34, and I can't remember the last time he touched your naira.

Am sure nigger don't understand what's BBA and will dose off while trying to understand it. cheesy grin

That is about the imaginery Okenna.
What about you?
Properties / Re: Prices Of These Building Materials by Goztino(m): 8:30am On May 16
Properties / Prices Of These Building Materials by Goztino(m): 3:15am On May 16
Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In Germany..how Do You Survive?? by Goztino(m): 9:14pm On May 14
Köln ❤️.
I just took the pictures now

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Romance / Re: A Lady I Tried To Help Scammed Me by Goztino(m): 9:09pm On Mar 13
boss the story is true.. @least I added some screenshots and evidence.
what do I gain to spoil someone name without her wronging me

I'm not doubting that you were scammed. It's obvious you were.
I am doubting the story you put there.
This is the true story
You sent money to a strange girl hoping to Bleep her when she comes to Lagos but the deal went WRONG. You got scammed and you are now crying foul and claiming to be a helper with some cooked up lines.
Within you, you already know this is the pure truth [b] but you have to include your mum and include the fact that you also help other men in other to distract people from the reality and attract pity, but unfortunately we still have smart people who think outside the box

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Romance / Re: A Lady I Tried To Help Scammed Me by Goztino(m): 9:01pm On Mar 13
Girl head... you[b] are interested in someone else girlfriend and spewing trash[/b]... this reverse psychology bullshit you think you are doing won't work on everyone... lied about involving your mum and about helping guys too, You are a small boy and I can see through you.

You are a very smart guy. I noticed that Nigerians easily believe every story they read.
Have you asked yourself why of all the people in the world to help, it is this beautiful girl he saw?
And because he was afraid people would bash him, he had to include his mother and the fact that he also helped men.
You guys should be smart. This is a case of deal went wrong.


Romance / Re: A Lady I Tried To Help Scammed Me by Goztino(m): 8:53pm On Mar 13
God has seen your pure heart. She lost a great opportunity just because of petty scam. God will surely reward you since your heart is clean towards her...

That Yahoo boyfriend of hers will surely use her for ritual...

So you believed this story? shocked

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Crime / Re: Obinwanne Okeke (Invictus Obi) Sentenced To 10 Years In Prison by Goztino(m): 5:21am On Feb 17
1.I know some people are happy seeing this.
2.Fucck y'all

Damn niggar.
Black and He's also a nigerian.
White men who were involved in multi million dollar ponzi scheme were given less jail term.
some were even sentenced to house arrest.

But shaa, my gee did the crime, he'll definitely do the time.

And when he comes out, the remaining millions stashed would give him a new life and the people he didn't Snitch on, also owe him.

mompha got a tip, he quickly ran to nigeria. He knows he'll be protected here. however, unlucky was the fate of invictus.

See you in ten years niggar.

Stop racialising crime.
Stop this bulshit.

Crime is crime

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Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by Goztino(m): 4:39am On Feb 06
Please I secured admission for winter section 2020 and have being attending classes online having paid all necessary dues and also gotten my sponsorship letter yet the german embassy/consular haven't responded to me by giving me appointment for interview, what should i do to get this much needed appointment?

Please anybody with useful information should please send to me.

Thanks in anticipation of your kind response.
Try calling the embassy, they hardly answer though.
If they don't answer, then print out the enrollment certificate and draft a short letter telling them that you have been enrolled and have been attending lectures online that you really need to be in Germany to take part in the course fully then send it to German embassy via post (DHL etc) also send a soft copy of the letter via email and wait.
Normally they don't respond to emails due to the thousands of emails they receive daily so a post could b more effective.

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Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In Germany..how Do You Survive?? by Goztino(m): 8:10am On Jan 28
Very important information about health insurance

I would like to use this opportunity to point out a very important thing you need to understand if you want to stay in Germany.
In Germany, there are two health insurance companies.
1. Private (Mawista, Care concept etc)
2. Public (TK, AOK etc)

1. Private health insurance: Very cheap initially but it's a big trap especially if you want to stay in Germany because the price increases when you get older until it gets to a point when it will be a big burden for you and changing back to public health insurance will be very hard if not impossible.
Also, some companies don't accept it for full-time employment and depending on the selected option, you might not be cover fully. If you are always sick or have health issue, please STAY AWAY from private health insurance as a student
2. Public health insurance: More than twice the rate of private insurance initially but becomes cheaper with time when you get older, it also covers everything and acceptable by all companies.

My experience that made me bring out my time to write all these.
I came to Germany and started using private health insurance because it was very cheap and I actually saved money using it because I was paying only 30 euro per month instead of 105 euros my classmates are paying using TK.
105-30 =75
Multiply by 15 months which are the number of months I have used private insurance, you will get
This amount is what I would have spent if I used public health insurance.
Everything was going well until this year, I was converted from Addeco to full-time Amazon staff and they told me that because it's full time job, I must present a public health insurance otherwise the contract won't be possible.
Then I researched fully about health insurance and discovered that private insurance is actually not a good decision for those that want to base in Germany.
Please research about it and get informed.
I also heard that once you change from public to private, you can't change back to public again.

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Politics / Re: Restructuring: Northern Leaders Root For 12-State Structure by Goztino(m): 9:32pm On Oct 13, 2020
They are beginning to support restructuring now that global oil price is going down.

Bunch of jokes.
Properties / Re: (PICTURES )Please Help Me Review ( Cost Of Building 3 Bedroom Upstair) by Goztino(m): 8:59am On Oct 11, 2020
Hi guys I'm back again .. stop waiting for cost implication and advice please

Please do you mind if I ask you some questions?
I plan to continue my own building next year.
The foundation is already finished, German floor done.
I will really like to chat with you.
Politics / Re: Akerodolu Vs Jegede: Who Performed Better In The Ondo Governorship Debate? (Pix) by Goztino(m): 11:06am On Oct 08, 2020
I believe I'm not the only one that didn't watch it.

I don't care about the crazy debate yo,my own is performance,I don't give a shit about your performance in debates and all that shit,I'm all about the performance and what the masses stand to gain,the Yoruba nation are the most overrated tribe in Nigeria,and the second most underdeveloped states in the country,if they can only develop Osun,Ekiti,Ondo,Ogun,Kwara and all that, they'll emerge as one of the greatest tribes in this nation if not the greatest,so what I'm more concerned about now in this country is development and growth and not all this secondary school debate and current affairs quiz. undecided
About the Yoruba being a great tribe,
Like if you agree share if you think otherwise cool

Why are all the roofs brown?
Career / Re: FG Disengages 500,000 Npower Beneficiaries. by Goztino(m): 11:48pm On Jun 19, 2020
Na so them talk am last time, I zeroed my mind, still got 90k payment......I no longer believe all these rumours. It is not stated in the official facebook page.

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Romance / Re: Questions That Can Turn On Ladies by Goztino(m): 12:16pm On Jun 11, 2020
These are actually ways to turn a girl OFF


Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In Germany..how Do You Survive?? by Goztino(m): 10:27pm On May 23, 2020
Please, I anyone here who studies at TU Dortmund.

I got admitted and needs accommodation.
Pls I don't mind if I can help me with some python tutorials from Udemy.
you can buy this course or any other basic python course from Udemy or use Youtube, there are many good videos there.
(The Complete Python Masterclass: Learn Python from Scratch)

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Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In Germany..how Do You Survive?? by Goztino(m): 10:18pm On May 23, 2020

Hi Goztino,

How are you faring with learning this course? Has it been all that it promised? Are your expectations getting met? Will you advise that i consider it too?

Hallo, sorry I was so busy.
Yeah, I have completed most of the basic python course. Three of the courses I currently do now are done with python. And this is just for this summer semester alone (I don't know about next semester).
Generally, studying in Germany is very demanding especially if you are in Science or Engineering field (I believe it should be like that too in other departments).
If your aim is coming to Germany to study, please come prepared and you must be ready to LEARN new things including the German language.
It's a country that doesn't settle for less.
They are very strict and you must be ready to play by the rules otherwise you always be a victim of circumstance.

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Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In Germany..how Do You Survive?? by Goztino(m): 6:49pm On Mar 03, 2020
Hello everyone, thank you for keeping this thread alive and up-to date. Please I need help . Can HND with cgpa 2.98 (lower credit ) be accepted for masters in German schools?

Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In Germany..how Do You Survive?? by Goztino(m): 7:51am On Feb 24, 2020

Please who know how how to use uni assist very well?
I am trying to apply for VPD through my assist on uni assist portal but I can't find my University amongst the list. The university is Hamburg university of applied science. Please anybody with a good info should help. Thanks.

You are just spamming this thread

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Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In Germany..how Do You Survive?? by Goztino(m): 10:37pm On Feb 08, 2020
for someone in satisfactory phase what's the chance abi possibility of getting accepted in any German school

Depending on the school in question and how competitive the course is.

Whats your Nigerian GP and the school you wanna apply?
Politics / Re: Turai Yaradua Visits Aisha Buhari In Aso Rock (Photos) by Goztino(m): 7:47am On Feb 08, 2020
I will tell you after you answer the question

Ich habe leider keine Zeit
Politics / Re: Turai Yaradua Visits Aisha Buhari In Aso Rock (Photos) by Goztino(m): 10:50pm On Feb 05, 2020
In 3 Sentences tell me what differentiate you from them

Politics / Re: Turai Yaradua Visits Aisha Buhari In Aso Rock (Photos) by Goztino(m): 9:13pm On Feb 05, 2020
What is it that Aishat is inviting and reconciling with the former First Ladies?

Seems like she foresees joining the league of the First Ladies sooner than later

Lol. IPOD members and insults na 5 & 6.
They are specialists in insulting people

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