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Properties / . by Goztino(m): 11:19am On Jul 04
Business / Re: Any Legit Website That Buys Euro At A Black Market Rate? by Goztino(m): 11:10am On Jul 04
. The euro. Where do u receive it . Is it PayPal,or payoneer. If yes.den chat me up 0803 915 3601

I am in Germany, so I have Euro account just like naira account (firstbank, diamond bank etc) in Nigeria
Career / Re: 230k Job In Nigeria Or DAAD Scholarship In Germany by Goztino(m): 2:26pm On May 01
Greetings all, I'm confused on what to choose between a Masters scholarship in Germany with €850 monthly stipend or an Engineering job in Nigeria worth 230k monthly as jobs are hard to find here. Sincere advice is needed whether to leave the job and go for MSc Abroad.

Just imagine the kind of question you are asking.
Education / Re: Should I Sell My Late Mother's House With Her Grave To Fund My Masters In UK? by Goztino(m): 9:34am On Apr 28
I'm shocked that you are even giving this a double thought.
Celebrities / Re: Nigerians React To Portable’s Shirtless Picture In London by Goztino(m): 12:40pm On Apr 27
Let him visit again on January and remove shirt wink

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Romance / Re: What Happened Between Me And A Girl Few Minutes Ago (PICTURES) by Goztino(m): 11:41am On Apr 20

Yes ooo, I'm the OP, because i come on here and counter old men like you dropping senseless comment right? cheesy cheesy

You're just finding out? Omoh you found out late ooo. Aside this one, I still have like 10 other different Nairaland accounts sef cheesy Rubbish!

Please say what you wanna say without Quoting me Please! If you hadn't quoted me, I wouldn't have even bothered replying, I would've allow you to wallow in your stupidity. I hate when I come on here and see it's one thing that quoted me.

Lol. No matter how you try to disguise yourself, you won't hide the fact that you are using different accounts to attack people for calling you a simp grin cheesy

Grow up bro and use your time for something positive
Not SIMPing around the neighborhood forming over 2k.
Because you manage send 2k, make she dey reply your message every second?
You think say na everybody go dey jobless like you? angry grin angry
Romance / Re: What Happened Between Me And A Girl Few Minutes Ago (PICTURES) by Goztino(m): 6:36pm On Apr 19

Very senseless comment, and to think it's coming from a Supposed "adult" that might be having Kids at home oogrin grin do you chat with ALL your contacts on Whatsapp? Are there no people you hardly chat with on your WhatsApp? That you just view their statuses and Lock-up? Does that mean you guys are Quarrelling or you shouldn't help them in time of need if you have so much at your disposal?

Would you have said the same if it was to be his fellow guy that he helped? Make una try dey get sense for this Nairaland na cheesy

This guy is the OP with different account grin cheesy cheesy cheesy
Pets / Re: Help!!! I Can't Manage My New Puppy by Goztino(m): 10:13pm On Apr 16
On the contrary, I have time to invest on my pets... I'm a student. I just gats this love for cats, it's natural. The way they ignore me elegantly always make me laugh. Their sleek body and their whining meows grin grin grin....

I was once called a witch by Ikillbrokebitch because I said I own a black cat grin grin grin grin.

But dogs, I'm new to them, I don't know anything about them and they are not as intelligent as cats. My dog Daisy is still not answering her name tho she reacts to noise and signs.

I've been advised not to own a cat after the previous one were poisoned to avoid people's superstitious opinion. I would have just gotten another set after my mourning month angry angry angry. And yes I always follow her in after opening the door then pick her up to help her urinate in her sand bowl... I'm not giving her out .... She's a cute soul.

Why would someone poison someone's pet?
Some people are evil


Business To Business / Re: PALM OIL BUSINESS( Productions, Sales and Storage) by Goztino(m): 9:04am On Apr 15
Good morning all.
My dad has a palmoil mill, and I really want to support him and make it more mechanized, but my concern is that it's located close to someone's building and the waste materials from palmoil processing is channeled to a pit dug within the compound where the mill is located.

The pits get filled up almost every year, prompting him to construct another pit within the same compound.
I have a feeling that someday, the compound will be full of waste pits.
Does anyone have any idea how to take care of this problem?

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Romance / Re: What Are The Advantages Of Not Falling In Love? by Goztino(m): 10:33am On Mar 19
For me,
I have more money,
More personal investments
More concentration and even more peace of mind.

I really enjoy being single grin
Properties / Re: How Do I Eject This Tenant? by Goztino(m): 12:12am On Mar 17
Please, can anyone highlight the procedure for ejecting a tenant from one's building in lagos?

The said tenant was owing over 1 years rent, not paying and not leaving.

Tenant was charged to court. The case has been ongoing for more than a year. Tenant and her lawyer do not show up in court on hearing date and have been adjourned for this reason each time...

Now running to almost 3 years in the flat without paying rent and without leaving....

Jeez shocked
3yrs without paying house rent?
How possible.
Our people just dey act anyhow.

They no born you well to stay just one month in Germany without paying rent.
Infact, in most cases, you don't need to pay.
Every month, the money leaves your account fiaaaam.
If money no dey your account, you also pay charges for not having money in your account before the deduction grin.
If you still no pay, the landlord will simply submit your name to Shofa...
That is the beginning of your nemesis.
It's just like someone submitting your name to Ogun or Amadioha shrine...
You pay the landlord, pay for Shofa, your debt record will be dented and will remain dented for years and you can't buy any property installmentally again.

Incase, you ignore Shofa, bigger problem.
That is when they will arrive with their truck and empty your house and still take you to court.
And remember, you still have to pay damages for all the months spent without paying.
Nobody gives you the privilege to pay house rent yearly.

You pay monthly, and if you do anyhow, you see anyhow.
The kind of leniency we enjoy in Nigeria is out of this world


Romance / Re: My Ex Wants Us To Be Having Sex Few Weeks After Her Marriage by Goztino(m): 7:59pm On Mar 08
Its a very good idea bro. As u no wise.
If u give her belle, who get the pikin?

U or d man?

How old r u?

You must be a Yoruba person smiley
I think in Yoruba culture, whoever impregnates a lady is the owner of the child.

That's not the same in Igbo culture.
In Igboland, whoever that is legally married to the woman has the child irrespective of the biological father.

Culture really differs.

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Car Talk / Re: Which Car Can I Buy For 3.5m by Goztino(m): 3:19pm On Mar 03

Baba, you don come back Naija?... cheesy...Sienna is always a good ride. What is the price for this one?

Lol. Who told you I no dey Nigeria?
Na waoooo grin cheesy
Car Talk / Re: Which Car Can I Buy For 3.5m by Goztino(m): 11:57am On Mar 03
I have been eyeing Sienna 2006 model.

A family ride for the entire family and I think it is rugged for Nigerian roads.

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Travel / Re: My Plan To Relocate To Uk by Goztino(m): 7:54pm On Feb 21
Dear Great Nairalanders

I am in urgent need of your advice on a decision I am about to make that could shape my life and my young family in about few months from now.

I am currently running successful businesses which give me a steady minimum of N1.5M per month with a potential for expansion. I have been nursing the idea of going to UK on a study Visa by September this year with the hope that I can get a well paying job that could surpass my current earnings here in naijja. I also intend to keep my naija business running but we all know trusting people with kind of investment can be tricky and risky.

What assurance do I have about earning more and having a better life in UK? What happens to my businesses I already built up in Naija? What happens to my properties here in naija

Your advice will be of great help at this critical decision making moment of my life. Thank you

Well, before I give you my own advice as someone close to the UK, I would like to know your age and the course you want to go in for in the UK
Travel / Re: Experience My First Racism In U. K From Someone Who I Thought Was My Friend. by Goztino(m): 2:57am On Feb 20
I have stayed in Germany for more than 2yrs.
By October this year will make it exactly 3yrs.

In all my stay in Germany, I have not witnessed any verbal racism like this.
Maybe because I am an introvert who likes staying on my own.
In my hostel (known as Studentenwohnheim) in German, I am the only black guy in the entire flat and believe me, I don't have issues with any of them, though we don't talk much let alone visit each other's rooms.
Only one of the white flatmates has visited me once and I have never visited anyone.
Naturally, I find peace and happiness staying alone or maybe with very few trusted friends. I don't like making many friends.
I will advise you to minimize too many interactions with them.
Our people say "The scarcity of the masquerade makes it more entertaining"
Interact only with those that would give you connections and add value to your life, not with those with weird mentality.

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Sports / Re: Zouma Fined, Cats Taken Away As Sponsors Pull Out Of Deals With West Ham, Player by Goztino(m): 12:02am On Feb 10
Blacks no wan learn.. The whites don't care about you.

Looks how they're too fast to react but when it comes to racism, they'll be slow like snail.

People out here fighting for cats’ rights in the name of animal rights but still eat meat. Double standards. If only they knew the conditions the animals are killed in.

It's not about blacks. If the same thing was done by the white man, he would still be arrested.
Oyibo people respect pets a lot and it's highly disturbing kicking cats and dogs

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Politics / Re: Akeredolu: Only A Party Determined To Lose Will Field A Northern Candidate by Goztino(m): 11:45pm On Feb 09

what is always wrong with you people why do you always post like r3tards? If some one criticizes "A" you automatically conclude he is a fan of "B" and vice versa. Look at my post history i have said it many times i am no fan of Buhari but that does not mean I will not acknowledge him if he does good. Same with GEJ, same with OBJ whom I do not like but i will give him credit for GSM. I have spent the last 2 weeks debating Tinubu v Osinbajo, I am no fan of Tinubu but I acknowledge when it comes to politics he has no equal! Does my saying so mean i am a Tinubu supporter?

when I criticized Akeredolu, you said "good analysis", thinking I was a PDP supporter the minute I criticised GEj, i am "ranting"until

You guys need to reset your brains!!!!!! show that the taxes spent on youer education meagre as it may have been was not entirely wasted!!!! none of them give a shit about you so you better get some sense and learn to think right!!!!

And the incoherent ranting continues grin cheesy.
Yeah, I thought you were a smart political analyst until you started using insultive words and ranting like an unstable guy, then I took off my respect for you.
Anyone that uses offensive words when making arguments does not deserve attention let alone respect.
Politics / Re: Akeredolu: Only A Party Determined To Lose Will Field A Northern Candidate by Goztino(m): 5:09pm On Feb 09

You are taking nonsense, Jonathan was a buffoon and deserved to go. You always talk about SW and 2015, did the SW. it vote for him in 2011?

And Buhari is a saint?
Keeping ranting

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Politics / Re: Akeredolu: Only A Party Determined To Lose Will Field A Northern Candidate by Goztino(m): 1:13am On Feb 09
ofcourse he will say that he is from the south and he knows APC is going to field a southern candidate so he wants to put pressure on PDP to field a southern candidate because he knows PDP cannot win with a southern candidate. if they field SE the north will not vote PDP, if they field SS or SW, it will anger the SE.

Good analysis.
The fact remains that PDP stands a very good chance with a Northerner right now.

That statement made by Akeredolu was a political statement and nobody will be foolish enough to fall for it. They want to lure PDP into bringing in a less competitive candidate for them to easily win.

I laugh when SW politicians suddenly realize the need for southern unity now the election is fast approaching.
The time we were supposed to use southern unity to bring Jonathan back in 2015, they massively voted Buhari.
And in the year 2023, they suddenly realize the need for southern unity
I laugh grin cheesy
Religion / Re: Church Members Roll In Mud Water After Falling Under Anointing (video) by Goztino(m): 9:04pm On Feb 06
Why is it that majority of those that always fall na women?
Crime / Re: Shop Owner Catches A Thief Trapped Trying To Steal From Her Shop (Photos) by Goztino(m): 4:31pm On Feb 03
Na to use cane design the head and neck with little resistance from him grin grin

grin grin grin grin

Guy you are very wicked grin

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Education / Re: Should I wait for my visa or follow my parent's advice by Goztino(m): 11:36am On Feb 03
Lol. I think you should not be too confident about Canada yet since you never even get admission let alone a visa.
Infact you never chee chomthing.

Calm down first and grab the one at your hands first while waiting and hoping on the other.

I would advise you to learn It skills while waiting.
A word is enough for the wise
Romance / Re: Why Do The Uneducated Ladies Get Married Before The Educated Ones? by Goztino(m): 4:19am On Jan 22
Not only women but uneducated men marry early too.
You need time to finish university, go for NYSC, etc which takes a large portion of your age

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Crime / Re: Lady Confronts Man Sexually Harassing Her In A Bus Because Of Leg Chain (video) by Goztino(m): 7:08pm On Jan 21
Why are our men becoming fantastically irresponsible?


Romance / Re: Sex With My Co-Worker. I'm In Big Trouble by Goztino(m): 2:09am On Jan 16
You shouldn`t have told her that she would be sacked. That sounds like you are very unprofessional and unreliable and can even reveal the company´s secret to competitors which no company wants to hear.
But since you already did, just keep calm.
Stop talking with her about it because she might try to get some evidence by recording your conversations.

Eventually, the matter will come up and when she reveals the dirty secret, tell your uncle the truth and let events unfold naturally.
I have come to understand that whatever shall be shall be.
Business / Re: Any Legit Website That Buys Euro At A Black Market Rate? by Goztino(m): 11:10am On Jan 03
And please before sending me a PM claiming you buy Euro, make sure you are willing to send the Naira first.
If not, don't bother sending a PM...
I had to say this because I got two PMs within a second of creating this thread both claiming they buy Euro
Business / Any Legit Website That Buys Euro At A Black Market Rate? by Goztino(m): 11:01am On Jan 03
Good morning ladies and gentlemen.

I regularly convert Euro to Naira and my problem most times is seeing who will take the Euro and give me Naira.

Who knows any website where I can change euros at a good rate?
Travel / Re: Should I Move To The UK Or Return To Nigeria? by Goztino(m): 1:44pm On Jan 01

An average middle man in Germany and UK ( especially Germany) do not have lands and their own houses. They just work and pay almost half of the salary to the Government as taxes. It is easier for an average or middle class man in Nigeria to buy a land as an investment than for the average white man.
The people paying 11 million naira or 15 million naira from Nigeria to the UK or[b] 8 million for Germany's blocked account are doing okay. [/b]What they lack are the basics from the Government. People in Germany get shocked when you reveal to them that you spent 10000 Euros or 7 million naira for studies, many of them get help from Government. In America many are into debts.
I'm not against relocating abroad when struggling but my logic is that one who can get 10 million naira in Nigeria or one doing well should consider and plan properly if it's really worth it.

You are really very funny. What stops a Nigerian living in Germany from using part of his salary to buy lands and even build houses in Nigeria?
An average Nigerian in Germany makes more money than an average Nigerian in Nigeria so you have more spending power.
Infact, an average Msc student who studies and also work in Germany makes more money than an average worker in Nigeria with Msc and even PhD.
I know that the cost of living is higher than in Nigeria but at least you can save upto #200,000 or even more every godamn month after expenses.
So you can actually save money from part of your salary and buy properties in Nigeria.

The only case I would advise someone to remain in Nigeria is if you are really making alot of money which most graduates don't.

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Travel / Re: Should I Move To The UK Or Return To Nigeria? by Goztino(m): 6:31am On Jan 01
Inasmuch as I do not condemn Nigeria, but anyone condemning moving out of this country in search of greener pasture is not being truthful to himself.

I find it funny when people say that an average middle man in Germany and the UK can not boast of 90million naira.
Let me ask you
Is it in Nigeria that an average middle man can boast of 90 million Naira?
Some guys are not being sincere to themselves and I don´t like that.
At least an average middle man in Germany and the UK are not poor and frustrated by bad government.
Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by Goztino(m): 10:25pm On Dec 30, 2021
This is what I got today after my admission later have been expired

A friend of mine got the same email too.
I wonder why they are doing this. Why give invitation email when people´s admission letter has expired?

If You guys had accepted the admissions and enrolled, it would have still been 100% possible

Online enrollment is possible during Covid. All it takes is just pay school fees, then scan and upload relevant documents.
Programming / Re: The Best Way To Learn HTML, CSS And Javascript Without Losing Interest by Goztino(m): 10:42am On Oct 16, 2021

If you need a partner, I'm ready. I have a few targets I'd like to hit before the year is over. An online group that demands some form of accountability will be really helpful. We can create one on Telegram. Let me know what you think.

That would be great.
It will be a real motivation to us.
I am busy most times with studies and work.
You can create the group, we will join you and probably it will be a real motivation to us.

I believe with motivation and working with like minds, we will achieve the best

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