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Family / Re: Married WOMEN Taking A Cruise To The Caribbeans ALL ALONE! by HighChief4(m): 12:57am On May 06, 2015
You guys wanna go scre.w yourselves.


Politics / Re: Mama Peace At It Again: Dancing Dorobucci In Ondo State Amid Massive Crowd by HighChief4(m): 7:28pm On Mar 24, 2015
Looks like a whale nau

Couldn't tell which part of her body was shaking.

Is this Ileke Idi?
Celebrities / Re: Oyedepo, Dangote, Adenuga To Pay N400m Luxury Tax On Private Jets by HighChief4(m): 4:38pm On Oct 09, 2013
Maqp2: ....nd wat re u doin abt it?....tel ur pastor 2 sell his car and feed d starving ppl....cum dnt provoke me oh...it jets belong 2 d church nt oyedepo or adeboye...its 4 missionary purpose...oda pastors make use of it....dia re oda churches out dia 2 feed u...mst it be winners or rccg?...u hear of crusade here and there around d globe nd u knw fully wel dat 1 man can nt be in different places at d same time...therefore he sends delegates jst like federal government...plz stp criticizm..its nt d way 4ward..nobody is forcin u 2 pay anytin...do ur part nd leave odas alone

I pity for people like you, that have seriously been brainwashed by these thieving pastors. They even put fears into you guys that you can never say anything wrong that they do. WINNERS can never be as big as Catholic church and the Pope is like the ruler of the whole world and he still flies commercial carrier. He flies Alitalia and do not have any single jet. Do not open your mouth to spew what you do not know. There are so many churches around the world that are bigger than Winners and they have no single jet.

I wonder who is the standard of your pastor, whether it is Jesus or Puff Daddy. All those things are things of the world and can just go up in flames, but the money could be used to help more lives in Nigeria. Even Christ had no personal donkey when he lived. Think about the early Christians that brought Christianity to africa, they were sharing clothes, mirrors, food and even education was free. Do not be deceived my friend


Nairaland / General / Re: A Petition To Seun by HighChief4(m): 7:53pm On Jul 20, 2013
Tovot: as the day comes to an end i'ld like to ask those who opened this needless but entertaining thread...what have u achieved?

nothing wink now, where is my candy for getting the answer right? only grown men and women making a fool of themselves. even the said mod didn't need to lift a finger before they all self-destruct. how can one suggest a replacement, or suitable candidates just like that, without identifying the problem, main claim, and implementation? that was where they got it wrong, every single poster who recommended candidates. it is not done. you give several alternatives to solve the issue, and not the individual. naptu is too classy and cool-headed for this, and i am glad he proved me right, he did not partake.
Nairaland / General / Re: A Petition To Seun by HighChief4(m): 7:24pm On Jul 20, 2013
bin? As in? Waste bin or dust-bin? Or osama bin-lande


Ask me one more time grin

grin grin this thread is so so so funny
Politics / Re: Fashola Signs Cremation Bill In To Law by HighChief4(m): 8:14pm On Jun 11, 2013
Who said its a new Bill, OPC has been cremating people in Lagos since time immemorial
Crime / Re: Baby’s Eyes, Private Part Removed In Hospital by HighChief4(m): 7:32pm On Jun 11, 2013
These people and their rituals. Bad people embarassed
Romance / Re: Miss Nairaland June 2013 is LUPEY by HighChief4(m): 2:27pm On Jun 07, 2013
Very easy decision. I vote for ADAOBI

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Religion / Re: Honour God With Your Substance - Pastor Adeboye by HighChief4(m): 1:11pm On Jun 02, 2013
Scammers fleecing ignorant Nigerians. Their customers will soon be here to attack anybody that calls this man a scammer. SMH


Family / Re: Should A Husband Forgive An Adulterous Wife? by HighChief4(m): 4:49pm On May 28, 2013
Why would a good reasoning man take back an adulterous woman. You can forgive and let her go, but never taking her back, because she will do it over and over again but this time in a more concealed way. A woman takes off an average of 5 clothes before s[i]e[/i]x, so if her mind did not remind her that she was married before engaging in s[i]e[/i]x then she is not even worthy to be called a wife. No wonder there are so many diseases flying around.

Trying hard to take her back can lead to murder, heart attack, contamination of STDs et al. Just show her the way out and live your live. Nigerians always trying to be in marriage even when there is nothing left

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Literature / Re: NYSC: PPA:- Place Of Promiscuous Assignment by HighChief4(m): 6:25pm On May 05, 2013
benky: @ seun how can a Mod of a thread not know dat d thread he/she is moderating over was giving special recognition..

How do u guys appoint Mod sef??

we should deter from further confusion. actually, mazi fought relentlessly with seun to ensure his threads remained here. seun gave mazi that option of posting his stories here. we were present when mazi started. his first story was moved to sexuality section. mazi complained about this and got it back to the lit section. must be that seun didn't carry everyone along. where you not present when mazi trashed the issue out with seun on sexuality section?
Politics / Re: Enugu PDP Legislators To ‘Dump’ Party For APC by HighChief4(m): 3:46pm On May 01, 2013
This is not true. There is no such plan, Politicians should stop jumping from one party to another SMH
Politics / Re: The Dirtiness That "Is" Nigeria by HighChief4(m): 9:12pm On Apr 29, 2013
I was happy when I saw this thread and was going to commend the OP, but I was really disappointed when I saw that the OP was just on about something else.

Ileke if this is actually you, them am so disappointed. Don´t you think you are pushing this your tribalism stuff too far? I mean, its like everything you do now and you dedicate so much time to it.

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Politics / Re: Fasehun’s OPC Threatens To Expel Gani Adams by HighChief4(m): 12:57pm On Apr 27, 2013
Just throw in some money and some people will sell their brothers. SMH embarassed embarassed embarassed
Politics / Re: Achebe's Burial On May-23 – South-East Governors Announce by HighChief4(m): 3:04pm On Apr 23, 2013

And respect for greatness is keeping him locked inside a fridge for months?!

You must really have a f`ucked up definition of respect. And what does the cost of Maggies funeral got to do with anything?! Like seriously?!

Enyi shut up!! Achebe is not just an ordinary person that you would bury just like that. I wonder why you guys always compare everything we do to that of the Westerners. We have our own traditions and great men are not just buried like that. I wonder why you are so concerned. You seem to hate anything Igbos do and have no respect for any of Ndigbo great men.

So many people will be coming for his burial, so time is needed to put things in place, like roads, accommodations, security et al. So if you have nothing to say, you keep quiet.


European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Chelsea Vs Manchester City: FA Cup Semi Final (1 - 2) On April 14, 2013 by HighChief4(m): 7:06pm On Apr 14, 2013

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Celebrities / Re: Justus Esiri's Obituary Poster by HighChief4(m): 7:54pm On Apr 01, 2013
These Ghanaians should stop killing Nollywood best actors just to have their Ghollywood in the mainstream. What an icon may his soul RIP
Politics / Re: Oluwole Awolowo Is Dead? by HighChief4(m): 12:43am On Mar 28, 2013
May his soul RIP
Politics / Re: Prof Chinua Achebe Is Dead! by HighChief4(m): 11:02am On Mar 22, 2013
Yesterday it was PROPHET OBADERE and today The Great icon CHINUA ACHEBE. Why are the good ones going and the bad ones left behind. If true, RIP the Great one. A man is never considered great until he takes his greatness to the grave. Adieu!!!
Literature / Re: Help!!! Plagiarist On The Loose by HighChief4(m): 12:07am On Mar 17, 2013
mr seun live up to your responsibility. you are hiding behind moderators and saying you don't know what to do about plagiarism. kept writers waiting for three days and a committee is all you can come up with.

we have to wait for decision after the 31st of march but all the while cuddlemi was putting pressure on you habaa. cut the crap we old members know how insensitive you are. . .on the 31st comes another excuse.
Crime / Re: Man Caught Selling Human Part In Osun by HighChief4(m): 3:37pm On Mar 12, 2013
These people again!!!!

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Literature / Re: Iyawo Nylon Bag by HighChief4(m): 12:53pm On Mar 11, 2013
Literature / Re: NYSC: National Year Of Sex And Comfort <<<Adventure of the year: 2013 Awards >>> by HighChief4(m): 12:51pm On Mar 11, 2013
Mazi_Omenuko: And there is supposed to be a Mod in this section? See how my thread is going in ruins!

here we go again. guy, your mata sef don tire me. which one be the mod u dey call? did you expect the mod to be everywhere all at once? abi you think your thread is the only thread abi duty on this section. if mod no dey, na mod. if mod give you space, na mod. is this not what mod was trying to avoid by asking people not to derail your thread with unnecessary talk? maybe the mod is not arnd.
adabeke or whatever abeg relax na, wetin? no kill our hard ons coolI go fight u 4 dis kain sweet torey

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Is Barcelona Reign Coming To An End. by HighChief4(m): 1:47pm On Feb 27, 2013
Even a blind man could see that. It started like this for all those other clubs that reigned in the past. They are on the downhill bro


Fashion / Re: Juliet Ibrahim's Blond Haircut: Hot Or Not? by HighChief4(m): 7:17pm On Feb 22, 2013
Babe is dammmn pretty. I´d hit her everyday and twice on a Sunday


Politics / Re: Filth: Lagos To Shut Ladipo Market Indefinitely by HighChief4(m): 4:28pm On Feb 20, 2013

The last time Fashola told sellers in Ladipo to pay for registration didnt your brothers come here claiming he wanted to send them out of Lagos?

Nothing one can do to satisfy you ppl

Registration for what? Thats extortion, meanwhile we are talking about closing such a market just because the government has failed to keep it clean. Maybe he will also soon close down Balogun et al

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Politics / Re: Enugu, The Pride Of The East. by HighChief4(m): 1:27pm On Feb 20, 2013
Honestly, Chime has really done a good work in Enugu, all am praying for is continuity, though Enugu is always blessed with good Governors(at least compared to other states)
Politics / Re: Filth: Lagos To Shut Ladipo Market Indefinitely by HighChief4(m): 1:08pm On Feb 20, 2013
I am disappointed with Fashola, how could he even think of closing the market because it is dirty. A reasonable government should employ some CLEANING COMPANIES that will be cleaning up the area and have those people at the market to pay. This will not only keep the market clean, but will also create employment for people. That is a very daft decision and should not be applauded. Nigerian leaders always looking for easy ways


Family / Re: How Do You Get Your Ex To Stay away From You? by HighChief4(m): 1:01pm On Feb 20, 2013
chaircover: Do you owe this girl something? Why would she be married and still chasing you around?

If you know that you dont owe her anything, didnt promise her anything, made her have abortions and promised to marry her and then backpedal, gave her std's, damaged her womb, made her steal her ogas money etc, and your conscience is clear then you tell her firmly to leave you alone and you too stay away from her.

If that fails, and she still comes looking for you then you tell her parents to call her to order. BTW let your wife know now incase your wife hears from outside that you have been seen meeting another woman.

So even if he owed/did all that you mentioned to her, does that now make it right for him to oblige? Whatever is the case, they are done with each other and also married to different people, so they should have no business again. No man has ever forced a woman to stupidly co-habitate with him for years without any serious engagement sort of, nor is it against the law for women in relationships not to resist unprotected sex. All those things make no sense to me.

Like someone earlier said, just get your wife involved or simply cut all means of communication with her. Punto
Politics / Re: Enugu, The Pride Of The East. by HighChief4(m): 1:55am On Jan 30, 2013
spyder880: It does not hurt to chew one hand of "nchi" and some other bush meat as you drink your pammy cheesy grin

Spyder you just got me salivating now, am sure this is Mama Onyinye´s healing ground grin

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