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Politics / Re: Nigerians Must Live With The Consequences Of "CHANGE" - FFK by igboboy1(m): 11:19pm On Jul 07, 2015
Guess who's back?
Back again.

FFK your father left yansh!
Celebrities / Re: Olamide's Story For The Gods: A Nigerian Song Recommending Rape? by igboboy1(m): 2:33am On Nov 30, 2014

Eseoghene Al-Faruq Ohwojeheri
(Director, Moral Project)

Al Faruq?
Chai Urhobo man don join aboki... eewwwww
Politics / Re: APC Cloning Voter's Cards In Lagos ‘office’ – DSS by igboboy1(m): 6:10am On Nov 25, 2014
APC = ndi ara...


Celebrities / Re: Old Photo Of Davido, Wizkid, D’prince & Sina Rambo Chilling Together! by igboboy1(m): 8:23pm On Oct 09, 2014
Wizkid the shortman. Even davido is taller than him!
Nice pics tho, when men were still bois in the game.
Wow I finally made ftc
A big shoutout to all the weirdos on nairaland love u loads

which men? dem still be bois abeg.
when boys were boys
Celebrities / Re: Google Explains Why It Shutdown Linda Ikeji's Blog by igboboy1(m): 8:08pm On Oct 09, 2014


I knew it was an olodowa descendant witch hunt.

Linda God pass dem..
Celebrities / Re: Google Removes Linda Ikeji's Blog by igboboy1(m): 9:21pm On Oct 08, 2014
yoruba people no wan see igbo progress.

The people frustrating Ms. Ikeji i bet are all yoruba.
Celebrities / Re: Photos:meet Nigerian Football Legend Jay-jay Okocha Beautiful Family by igboboy1(m): 1:11am On Sep 23, 2014
Ndigbo Amaka.... especially those west of the Niger. Eastern igbos make una no vex grin
Culture / Re: The Eggon People by igboboy1(m): 7:50pm On Sep 04, 2014
ALKARULEZ615: no tym abeg...go sleep

time dey.. i don sleep finish..
Travel / Re: Palaces Of Popular Monarchs.-(pictures) by igboboy1(m): 6:44am On Sep 03, 2014
OrlandoOwoh: Of all the palaces in Nigeria that I've seen, that of the Ooni of Ife appears to be the most secured in terms of fencing. The fence, made of broken rocks laid with mortar, is so high (like those of prisons) that you can hardly see the storey buildings in the compound.

Seems you have only seen one...then again you did clarify
Culture / Re: Pictures From Soon To Be Yoruba Village In London!!! by igboboy1(m): 6:34am On Sep 03, 2014
oseiwe: Peckham is already a yoruba / Nigerian village, even the cops are scared to go there.



Business / Re: Africa's Growth Potential- And Its "Next 10" Biggest Cities by igboboy1(m): 10:36am On Aug 22, 2014
Idrismusty97: I think you need to do something about the surging rise of ritualists and kidnappers in your area. No one want to invest in an area where he or his workers would be likely kidnapped and grind into powder. Little wonder why no single city in the south East were listed there despite your population and all your wealths.

Hahahaha typical aboki mallam... Sorry to disappoint you, Guy am not from the south east, so find a south east person and yan dem that one..
Education / Re: FG Pays Allowances Of Scholarship Students In Russia by igboboy1(m): 10:35am On Aug 22, 2014
johndanny: The Federal Government has paid the eight
months allowances it owed the over 322
Nigerian students on the Bilateral Educational
Agreement scholarship in Russia.
The PUNCH had exclusively reported on
Tuesday that the failure by the Federal
Government to pay the allowances of the
students had forced them into begging and
resorting to illegal jobs, which put them at
risk of deportation in Russia.
Following the report, our correspondent
gathered on Thursday that the students had
since started getting credit alerts on their
respective bank accounts.
One of the affected students, Moyosore
who is in her second year studying
Metallurgical Engineering at the Volgograd
State Technical University, Russia, told our
correspondent on the telephone that the sum
of $4,450 had been paid into her bank
The money, she explained, included $4,000
meant for her stipends from January to
August; $200 for annual medicals and health
insurance, and $250 covering her annual
protective clothing.
Ojuri said she hoped that the Federal
Government would begin paying them their
allowances as at when due and save them
from undue hardships.
“Before now, the Federal Government owed
us from January to August. But now they
have paid us everything. I can pay my
accumulated debts and I am sure that I won’t
be sent packing from the hostel over unpaid
accommodation fees,” she said.
One of the student leaders, Akinola
a post-graduate student of the
Department of Mechanical Engineering,
Volgograd State Technical University,
Russia, stated that he and other student
leaders were going round to ensure that all of
them, especially the new students, had
received their allowances.
Akindamola, who is the President of the
Senate Committee of Association of Nigerian
Scholarship Students in Russia, said, “The
payment of the money is in process and I am
confident that by the end of today, we would
all have been paid. The least problem we
want now is to be financially handicapped.
We appreciate the Federal Government for
their prompt response.”
When contacted, the Director, Press and
Public Relations, Federal Ministry of
Education, Abuja, Mr. Olu Lipede, confirmed
that the Federal Government had paid the
students all their entitlements.


OK na one section of the country dey run the show for this scholarship level enh... ok we are watching...
Travel / Re: 10 Most Popular Non-capital Cities/towns In Nigeria by igboboy1(m): 10:29am On Aug 22, 2014
messpero90: Warri is the best city in Nigeria. "haters shud hug a transformer.

your head dey there.... Waffi na the place confamed
Nairaland / General / Re: Origin Of Some Common Nigerian Pigin by igboboy1(m): 4:12am On Aug 20, 2014
[quote author=whitecat007]
Can anyone beat this?
Owanbe - only in lagos
Danfo - only in lagos
Molue - only in lagos
Omonile - only in lagos
Didirin - only in lagos
Oponu - only in lagos
Aso ebi
ipele - only in lagos
Ogiri - only in lagos

modified the above cos some of the words above you dont hear outside of lagos/ yoruba enclave.. Born and raised in warri and i never hear didirin, oponu, ipele, ogiri before... Words like danfo and molue we all know but it is not used like that in Warri.
Business / Re: Africa's Growth Potential- And Its "Next 10" Biggest Cities by igboboy1(m): 2:26am On Aug 20, 2014
Idrismusty97: After Kano, Kaduna is next!!

not with boko boko mentality....
If you guys keep rejecting western developments, then you might find yourself in the stone age of muhammed era Medina...
You think anybody wants to invest in an area that loves suicide bombing and is hostile to so called kaffirs?

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Nairaland / General / Re: Origin Of Some Common Nigerian Pigin by igboboy1(m): 9:44pm On Aug 19, 2014
Balobest: oga no b so, warri no dey carry last worst worst na first from back..

lies... at all at all na draw....
Nairaland / General / Re: Origin Of Some Common Nigerian Pigin by igboboy1(m): 9:26pm On Aug 19, 2014

Obodo is a Niger delta word. Obodo Oyinbo is pidgin and it has Niger delta and Yoruba origins. Obodo is more warri, edo or urhobo than Igbo.

haha ignorant morrasocker.. so what is Niger delta?

I am from Delta state (A Niger Delta state) and I am 100% sure that there is no language called Niger Delta!!


Politics / Re: Emab shopping plaza Bombing: Dead Suspect Was Conveying More Explosives by igboboy1(m): 8:24pm On Jun 27, 2014
Big ups to Gowon and Awolowo... Hope they are enjoying their ONE nigeria...

I know my Igbo peeps across the Niger Want Biafra Badly me I still dey Naija kamp.

SW say they want break away? Why? after una help spill 3 million igbo blood na lie y'all aint going no where... All of us must die put for this Nigeria. If SW officially breakaway (na wishful thinking sha cos we know say as coward, liver no dey to declare independence) me i go join military sharp sharp and asked to be posted to IBadan and just dey waste bullet dey go civillian or insrugents i no send. Wetin una do my peeps for Asaba una go hear am....

No area of Nigeria except igbo land shall be allowed to seceed peacefully cos the rest of y'all fought for one nigeria so eat your cake...

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Politics / Re: Pat Utomi To Run As Delta State Gov In 2015 by igboboy1(m): 11:38pm On Jan 03, 2014
walex_biz: Why do you Igbos like clinging to the Niger delta as if you own it, when we all know that you are minority there. Utomi has chosen to side with progressives and I don't see anything wrong in that. Lets Imagine that Tinubu is a thief even though we have no fact to criminalize him but one thing remains outstanding is the fact that he Is more honorable than Jonathan.

why do you yorubas like to shook your mouth in Niger Delta affairs? Uduaghan don mortgage our future to OBJ farms, that one never do una reach?
Oando oil, akajaku and other yoruba oil magnates have been raping us in the Niger delta of our oil... Abeggi wale shift left, una don suffer us reach..

Bunch of cowards and saboteurs you guys are. How?

Obj ruled 8 yrs with heavy support from the rest of the south. No southerner tried to undermine him
Now we have Bros J (which i think is not the messiah), na now yoruba want to switch party line, and all to undermine him.

The principle in naija is chop i chop...but for you guys is chop and nothing for you....
You guys dont know how to pay back support. always undermining

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Politics / Re: Pat Utomi To Run As Delta State Gov In 2015 by igboboy1(m): 9:41pm On Jan 03, 2014
IKEMBA NNEWI: Jonathan should present Ngozi under PDP and we'll see if this efulefu will come a distant 3rd

Boss back off on this one... This is an nwa Oshimili so touch not my guy....

How can My very personal prof be an efulefu? We oshimili can never be oshmili that sounds more like ika
Culture / Re: 10 Things Ghanaians Know About Nigerians by igboboy1(m): 1:20am On Dec 31, 2013

No be lie oo, at least na we polished their pidgin around 90s if ghanian speak pidgin he go be like make u sleep him 2front teeths commot

leave dem... dem be ingrates...
I will never forget during the world oil crisis about 6 yrs ago or so and the then president of ghana came to Nigeria to beg OBJ to sell oil to ghana on credit.... and OBJ obliged, see fatherly love...ghana better respect your father cos una and naija no be mate...


Culture / Re: 10 Things Ghanaians Know About Nigerians by igboboy1(m): 1:18am On Dec 31, 2013

We don't speak pidgin in Ghana. Pidgin is for illiterates
bush boy

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Culture / Re: 10 Things Ghanaians Know About Nigerians by igboboy1(m): 11:39pm On Dec 29, 2013
PetroDolla2: hahahaha ma guy which kain weed you dey smoke so? abi na pawpaw leaves? don't mess up with your fragile, generator-fumes compromised thing you call brain,huh?

bia charlie, which area for Naija you dey live? Your pidgin na confamed naija version...so na we (naija) raise you sef...smh #Ingrate

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Culture / Re: 10 Things Ghanaians Know About Nigerians by igboboy1(m): 9:06pm On Dec 27, 2013
PetroDolla2: hahahaha I know igbos only worship money,huh? ego,huh? otokoto and amadioha,huh? heard clifford orji is dead,huh? https://www.nairaland.com/241262/re-visiting-clifford-orji-story-decade

same way Ghanians worship Nigerians.... yea son we Own y'all now bow to me you bloody charlies


Culture / Re: 10 Things Ghanaians Know About Nigerians by igboboy1(m): 11:47pm On Dec 24, 2013
otumfour: ^^^^

grin grin grin grin

See this fhool ooo, he posts and then likes the post with his alt accnt grin grin,

Mediocrity worshipping goat such as urself grin grin

Numerous people in Nigeria ryt now haven't seen electricity in 12 days & ur here yabbing shyt grin grin, ur government did U̶̲̥̅̊ wrong monkey grin grin


from your writing style i can tell naija raised you... it is obvious you like our style you ungrateful charlie..
you probably speak a nigerian language, eat nigerian food, straff a nigerian girl and all...you like our style charlie

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Culture / Re: 10 Things Ghanaians Know About Nigerians by igboboy1(m): 11:18pm On Dec 24, 2013
PetroDolla2: yes, clap for me joor! by the time I finish with the igbo sh1thead, you will be prostrating for me,huh? fuckeduppedness grin

nna sorry to disappoint you.. Igbos don't prostrate to mortals, not in our culture boy..

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Romance / Re: The Best Gift A Woman Can Give To Her Husband/fiance. by igboboy1(m): 2:18am On Dec 19, 2013

that is something any man can die for. I believe that genuine love brings respect. A woman cannot love a man he cannot respect.

o boy na gay level be this?
you know say na 21 years for naija?
na joke i dey o, i see you unintentional error

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Politics / Re: I Did Not Write Any Letter To My Father-iyabo Obasanjo by igboboy1(m): 2:15am On Dec 19, 2013
Freewilly: I'm getting tied of this back and forth, so who am I supposed to believe now. If only Obasanjo would die like I've been praying for since he left office, I won't have to hear the name Obasanjo again.

now let me act like the Yorubas, no true African would wish death to anybody let alone their elder..

Yes Obj is part of the problem we have in this country, but to wish him death is simply unafrican . I highlighted the word "Unafrican" cos something as obvious as this, the Yoruba will come and twist it and say that a true Yoruba will not say this or that....

it is not only Yorubas that teach their children to respect elders o
it is not only Yorubas that abhor corruption
it is not only Yorubas that despise illiteracy
it is not only Yorubas that like good thing..

well i guess na una sophistication dey make una dey use all this blanket terms like how American basketball team go play basketball finish dem go begin say the world champions ...just full of yourselves

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Politics / Re: I Did Not Write Any Letter To My Father-iyabo Obasanjo by igboboy1(m): 1:15am On Dec 19, 2013
one ijebu boy wrote No Yoruba child can write such letter to her father!no, not in yorubaland unless she or he is a bastard, I mean a proven bastard even though the father is a demon...

this is the problem with yoroobas, their holier than thou mentality. In Africa nobody will write that kind of letter to their father. But trust the yorubas with their wayo sophistication, they will turn it around and make it sound that no reasonable ijebu pesin will insult their father or will steal, or will disrespect their elders or will do all the negative things known to man. It is only the other African culture but the Ijebus that tolerate such vices..

1. When aboki do jihad, yoroobas say Walahai Yoruba can never do such . Then viola, 2 Yoruba boys do jihad for U.k, come see as Yorubas come dey find all excuse to show that these boys are not part of them

2. Yorubas will insult bros J for corruption, yet they forget it is one of their own OBJ that instituted $20 billion darkness electrcitiy project

3. When P Square talk (o boy these igbo boys no sabi talk sha) dem go yab them, yet the Oga at the top guy no be Yoruba? I wonder if he attended one arawolowo;s free schools in ijebu land

4. when aba boys kidnap one local chieftain, ijebu go talk say igbo boys no get respect. yet as of late no be dem they beat their obas for the various villages in ijebu land. I hear one was even burnt to death, one was slapped and stripped of his beads, one's wife was straffed in front of him, one was flogged by the youths..

Well i guess failure has no relative but success has many... Iyabo open mouth, now the ijebus are nooo it is not her, no Yorubas are too sophisticated to insult their father.. abegggiii Yoruba and fula what is the difference? Y'all making it sound like it is only Yoruba culture that values respect and dignity.


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