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Religion / Re: Happy 68th Birthday To Bishop David Oyedepo by Jaymoney5000(m): 10:41am On Sep 27
I can't just belief people can be wishing a pagan, a sorcerer and an antianti-christ a happy birthday!
A very corrupt and insensitive clergyman who used Tithes from his poor congregants to enrich himself and establish university majority of his church members can't send their children!
No wonder we are where we are!!!

Bro I love that man you see up there so much, abeg leave am for me like that ejoor.

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Politics / Re: Simon Imobo Tswam: Ayu Never Reached Agreement To Resign With Anyone by Jaymoney5000(m): 8:36am On Sep 26

Idiot where were you where patient abused all the zoning principles and make wike a governor of rivers state that he is no forming a mini God.
Wike will be teach a lesson he will never forget, any of the party that win today he is big loser. politics is not about noise on media but strategies. National politics is different from rivers politics.
Atiku is coming.

Atiku is only coming to your house that is if you have one!!
Politics / Re: PDP Crisis: Resign If You Truly Love Atiku, Stakeholders Tell Ayu by Jaymoney5000(m): 9:53am On Sep 23
I'm not pro Atiku but it makes no sense that a whole party is in turmoil just because ONE man lost the primary.

Pdp is not ready for 2023

Wike has moved on with his defeat in the primaries long ago, he's actually fighting for the southerners, these northerners are so power-drunken and feel it's their birthright to occupy top positions(Selfish people)..... Presidency was agreed to be zoned to the south but Atiku emerged why's it so difficult for Ayu to fulfill his promise by resigning as the chairman, nobody forced him to make that promise, he should fulfill it... Gov wike is actually fighting for Sanity in PDP.
TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija: Chizzy Tired Of Dancing, Eloswag, Chomzy Caught Doing Dirty Dancing by Jaymoney5000(m): 9:15am On Sep 11
Ok next news please.
Religion / Re: How Can A Guy Touch You Because He Bought Shawarma For You? — Pastor Asks Ladies by Jaymoney5000(m): 11:08am On Sep 05

It's simple, they just can't believe someone naturally having what they pay money for to fix the artificial. And a guy for that matter.

It's same way they envy their mates that have natural long hair.

As a test, try and keep a very long Afro and make sure it's very neat oh. Watch as they would almost kill you with their stare.

They are that superficial.

Bro we go give u cup I swear u deserve am lmfao �� Most naija girls cheap die! �
Politics / Re: Peter Obi Replies Okowa: Your Wife Represents You In Churches That Celebrate Me by Jaymoney5000(m): 8:16pm On Sep 01
Is Obi trying to tell us he's now become a celebrity because some Churches he was invited to were clapping for him?. I can't believe this man is reeling out the names of different churches and occasions he has attended as though it would swell up his CV as a career boost. This is evident of the fact that Obi is plagued with first degree low grade mind that has spread around his gullible followers.
Tinubu for over a decade, has attracted men
of timber and caliber as well as average individuals of different class levels to his annual birthday colloquium, yet he remained humble, helping raise leaders across the country. Obi had never experienced such an highpoint in his life neither has he attracted anything close to such in his personal capacity, hence glory in frivolities of Church attendance and social functions.

A mumu Man

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Politics / Re: Sarki Trends At Number 1 As He Declares Support For Atiku Abubakar by Jaymoney5000(m): 8:11am On Aug 25
Exactly what Reno omokri Said yesterday & most of you labelled him a clown now this.... fear northerners ooo
Phones / Re: The Last Person You Blocked, What Did They Do ? by Jaymoney5000(m): 2:54pm On Aug 18
Comrade na God go bless you and your papa...

You reason d matter well.

Naso their story dey always be, broke girls looking for who to extort, E good as d guy man no even give her shishi.


Phones / Re: The Last Person You Blocked, What Did They Do ? by Jaymoney5000(m): 2:44pm On Aug 18
A friend… he was asking me out then one evening we went for a drink it was late I forgot my atm at home I couldn’t withdraw and I don’t do transfer… he left me on the road stranded without one kobo because I refused to follow him to his house to pass the night..I got home by Gods’s grace and blocked him he came to my house the next day and-apologized that he was high blah blah but but I never unblocked him.

Naso una story dey always b nawa ooo... How can only you forget your ATM at home and still can't do transfer, anty rest jare u dey find who u wan chop


Politics / Re: Niger Republic Denies Receiving N1.15bn Vehicles From Buhari Government by Jaymoney5000(m): 6:44pm On Aug 16
Foolish people, they expose their brother.

Now their brother reach out to them telling them to denied.

Now they have come back to denied

Now expect underground movement of your so-called one Nigeria resources to be move down Niger Republic..

This time more discreet and secret

English hard ooo
Politics / Re: 2023: I Will Never Vote For APC, PDP – Mr Macaroni by Jaymoney5000(m): 6:29pm On Aug 15
How sure are you guys that Peter OBI too will perform and not be like one of those our regular politicians? embarassed

Oga APC & PDP have caused alot of mayhem & destruction to this country, let's try something else please I beg you in the name of God Almighty.
Family / Re: I Want To Divorce My Husband As Soon As Possible by Jaymoney5000(m): 11:07am On Jul 31

God forbid bad things but for my own child I will never get tired of him I will love him no matter what but for someone else child in that condition I won't. The worse is he didn't tell me from the onset maybe if he had told me I would have accepted her and be prepared but I wasn't prepared and I can't do it.

You're a wise woman.

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Food / Re: The 200 Naira Suya Meat I Bought today In Birnin Kebbi (photos) by Jaymoney5000(m): 6:19pm On Jun 28
I know all these type of suya nah. It usually small meat or meat + fat covered with plenty peppers. Here in Abuja the prices ranges from ₦100 to ₦150.

The suya dey move very fast because it's cheap. If you go to the suya stand where it's sold you will see that the demand for it is very huge.

Sometimes one guy fit pay for like 8 sticks cheesy

Where for Abuja??.....oga u no dey Abuja.

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Politics / Re: Tinubu, Yahaya Bello In Closed-Door Meeting by Jaymoney5000(m): 11:29pm On Jun 10

grin The same way he tell Uma to give buhari and osinbanjo benefit of a doubt...

Well I trust Nigerians to always make the wrong choice, if they could vote buhari twice why not Tinubu or Atiku

Nobody voted Buhari Twice, that election was rigged ofcourse incumbent power.
Politics / Re: Tinubu, Yahaya Bello In Closed-Door Meeting by Jaymoney5000(m): 11:28pm On Jun 10
One thing I so much like about Tinubu is his ability to strategize, plan and he has visions!!!

Nigerians should just give him a benefit of doubt, and see the positive things he will do!

It's the same benefit of doubt that was given to Buhari made Nigeria what it is today!! TINUBU WOULD WRECK THIS COUNTRY THE MORE...... SO SAD!
Politics / Re: APC Presidential Primary: Our Delegates Will Do The Right Thing - Dapo Abiodu by Jaymoney5000(m): 5:27am On Jun 03


Travel / Re: Akwa Ibom And Europe Standard Of Road Na 5&6 .. Photos by Jaymoney5000(m): 9:40am On Jun 01

Go and sit down!
You are very stupid, imagine this tinubu rabbis attacking somebody who air out his view.
You just jump into abuse without reading through the lines of this thread just because his view doesn't favour your god tinubu.
Just getout of this thread.
No mind am,well let me say this I simply hate Tinubu cos he has stole alot from Nigeria and he's one of the Brains behind Nigeria's problems today & still wants to be president...Greed is Bad.
Travel / Re: Akwa Ibom And Europe Standard Of Road Na 5&6 .. Photos by Jaymoney5000(m): 9:31am On Jun 01
See Governor na......my own na only statue erection e achieve for 8yrs weh e do still dey drag to b president!! Wish Nigeria was a saner clime u 4 dey prison all ur lifetime for the huge funds you syphoned
Health / Re: Do You Have A Phobia(s)? Mention Here.. by Jaymoney5000(m): 12:18am On May 14

Some of the most common Phobias includes;

Personally I am suffering from Acrophobia(fear of heights)!

Please don't tell me to jump a gutter/drainage or pass a canal sad
When I'm on a Plane, I don't dare look down

My strongest phobia is for poverty �

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Politics / Re: Tinubu: I Am The Only One In The 2023 Presidential Race by Jaymoney5000(m): 11:42pm On May 13
Nairaland / General / Re: If You As A Guy Don't Hang Out And Drink Go Thank God by Jaymoney5000(m): 8:59pm On May 05
Once you are made you will change these poor men mentality..

Abi u dey drink expensive drinks pass Cubana Chief priest? undecided

Swears my bro
Sports / Re: Ronaldo Angrily Smashes Phone Of A Fan Filming Him After Man-U's Loss (Video) by Jaymoney5000(m): 7:37pm On Apr 10

Ronaldo anly chase after the records. Very selfish player... How I supported him for many years before finally admitting that Messi is the truth still baffles me.
Yesterday , Messi had 3 or 4 assist and had a foot in all the goals scored but Obembet and his/her crew nor see am

Oga ur support doesn't change anything regarding his career....

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Religion / Re: Have You Ever Abandoned God When He Answered Your Prayers? by Jaymoney5000(m): 8:08am On Apr 10
Thank you Jesus for the gift of life.....I'm grateful Lord


Phones / Re: SIM-NIN: Deactivated Subscribers Storm Telecom Outlets, Queues Mount by Jaymoney5000(m): 5:09pm On Apr 06
Damnnn niggar
Pussy ass government and pussy ass Pantami with no ideology

Ain't linking no shit....funny enough my glo line is still making outgoing calls since yesterday
Just like I said
Pantami ain't go no knowledge...

Nin- sim linking should be a continuous process

No deadline....no barring of sim card from making out going calls....and nothing should happen to people sim card who refused to link

The only thing they should insist on is that when ever you are buying a new sim...it must be linked.

With this ....gradually or as time goes on or rather many years later.....sim card not linked to nin will automatically not be in circulation and it will fizzle out on its own

Smart bro
Crime / Re: Please She Said I Raped Her But I Didn't Do It Now She Is Threatening Me by Jaymoney5000(m): 12:35pm On Apr 04
This incident happened last week Thursday. Am a 300L student of Unijos and the girl happens to be my coursemate.

Normally, me and these girl no dey the same level, she can't even talk to me in school but ASUU break happened and i didn't want to go back to Lagos so i stayed back in Jos.

One day i was chatting with her friend who happens to know her and he told me she is still in Jos, so i chatted her up since i was bored and i didn't lie to her, i told her i was bored and i needed someone to talk to for the main time. she accepted quickly and even told me why i didn't chat her up sooner than this. she promised to come to my place and on Thursday she finally came through.

This is the most astonishing part, she knew i had sex with her best friend so she asked me about it and i did not lie about it cus i know she knew and we talked about some nasty stuff related to sex. i was seated on a mini-cushion chair and she sat on my laps literally dropping her boobs in the middle of my face.

As a guy i thought that was the signal, so i carried her straight to the bed and i wanted to gain access and she denied it so i just stood up and left. After a short while she came back again now saying if she handles me and all those stuff, i tried again and she denied i was angry and i wanted to tell her to start gping but i calmed down. she started seducing me badly and i was confused so this time i dropped and dragged her jean with her, we started dragging but she was just saying am trying to rape her and it is unfair, if it is what i do to girls all d time.

i was fingering her at the time but i did not penetrate and i felt it was tense and if i penetrated then what she is saying is true so i stopped and controlled my urge.

She zipped up and started crying, I was like but i didn't do anything and she was like i did everything i want to do with her and it is fault bcus she came to my house.

After a shortwhile, she stopped crying and asked me if it was sex i want or friends with benefit...i was very confused at that point like wetin bring all does one enter so i didn't reply then she said she knows am a rapist and i just want to sex and all dat shit.

i kept my cool after some time she started saying am not normal at all and she jst can't believe what happened, she also said she will tell me something when we she is out of my house.

So i paid her Tp and she went home, i did not chat her up at all. fastforward to Saturday i saw her message saying her forcefully had my ways wit her and jst ignored her so she will deal with me and i will pay for it.

i won't lie to you am very scared, i don't even know what she wants, i started asking her what she wants from me exactly but she is not replying at all. I seriously don't know what to do am very confuse, I don't even understand why i fell for this plot of hers.
What do you think i shud do

Note: I did not have sex with her at all and i never wanted it, she was jst all over me and doing all those stuff. Sex isn't my problem on a normal day bcus am a handsome guy and i get it most time.

God lol bro you're completely mad lmao
Politics / Re: 2023: I May Emerge Consensus PDP Presidential Candidate — Peter Obi by Jaymoney5000(m): 6:33am On Apr 03
Peter Obi is my consensus candidate

But still that won't earn him the presidential flagbearer of the PDP Lol

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Romance / Re: My Fiancee Just Broke My Heart by Jaymoney5000(m): 9:33am On Mar 14
bragging noise!!angry shat up!
Nairaland / General / Re: What's Up With Your 2021 New Year Revolution by Jaymoney5000(m): 7:12pm On Dec 20, 2021
Religion / Re: Pope Francis: Sexual Sins Is Not Most Serious Sin by Jaymoney5000(m): 4:56pm On Dec 09, 2021



Where's the rubbish he said?
Travel / Re: Passengers Confront Air Peace Staff After Cancelling Flight Delayed For 8 Hours by Jaymoney5000(m): 2:51pm On Dec 06, 2021
Damnnn niggar
But to be sincere ehnnn

Me nor dey see anything fun and sweet for plane way people dey enter from state to state.....except maybe you dey in a hurry ....or maybe because of kidnappers and bandits

If you really want catch fun for state to state travel then enter normal company commercial bus with air condition...the fun is second to non....to make it more sweet your sit number fit be number 5 and one beautiful and friendly girl own with big boobs fit be number 6......
The driver go first put one gospel song at the beginning of the journey....then once una don travel far small like thirty minutes or one hour....him go put secular songs....o boy see groove....

You nailed it man�
Business / Re: Have You Used The E-naira For Any Transaction? by Jaymoney5000(m): 3:49pm On Nov 15, 2021
Politics / Re: Soludo Defeats Andy Uba And Ozigbo In Their LGAs - Premium Times by Jaymoney5000(m): 9:06am On Nov 07, 2021
Lol where is that man that was spending his resources before the election....�� I no see him name for here ooo

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