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Islam for Muslims / Re: Aisha by JJYOU: 3:36pm On Jul 06, 2009

[li]Can any Christian defines a pedophile for us[/li]
[/list]? Is it by age or by characteristics? That characteristic if it is, I will like to know. And does it stop at just one person, if actually that is her age, or his age?

A young woman in Ibadan, one of the Osinnuga's died many years ago. About two years ago, my cousin was telling me about her. Surprisingly, she said that she and this late girl were just a year apart. It was a surprise to me, because the girl was so small in those days that you would have thought that she was a mere 11 year old by 1975, and almost out of high school then! My cousin is now 50 years old, last September!
  haha sorry the christian defination wont exhonorate you from the wicked acts you do olabs.  sleeping with small kids should be wrong to every man not just religious men.

the pathetic excuse of the small woman is not genuine reason for sleeping with every small child.  she is a one in a million how does that relate to the sikiras and serifatu who are obviously 8 - 10 yrs old?

i know a west indian woman in her 30's that could pas for a 16yrs old that is no excuse to sleep with her.  if you tot you had a good excuse there why didnt you kill your sister seeing her age mate is now dead.  you want to use an abnormal situation to justify wickedness.

where are lagosboy and abusola now. cant they come and sight thier own example of 12 yrs old they discovered was 70yrs.
Family / Re: I Am Taking 50% Of Your Wealth! by JJYOU: 3:10pm On Jul 06, 2009

sad sad sad

Give us a few highlights if you can.

Lest not forget, debosky made a good point here. The degree of the "deserved some" is key here.

sad sad sad

Give us a few highlights if you can.

Lest not forget, debosky made a good point here. The degree of the "deserved some" is key here.
there is no doubt some women deserves to be taken of for life if you as the man demands she doesnt work and you have children that must be schooled and taken care of.

but when you have a woman you brought all the way from nigeria via marriage managed to just to stay in the relationship for 1 yr with a boy friend you never knew on the side and still had the cheek to be demanding what she has not worked for as settlement would you think that was fair?

mind you they had no child between them becos she knew from day one she was not going to stay in the marriage but just wait long enough for her permanent stay to come through.  she still managed to get a £150,000 cash settlement cos the guy was getting pissed cos the case was dragging on too long.  is that fair in your book?
Business / Re: Ibori Wins 40billion Naira Fg Agric Contract. by JJYOU: 2:58pm On Jul 06, 2009

@Poster, do you mind post a link here so we can validate this claim.

If the above is true, then it has begun, I see. Only a couple of months ago, I called for people to start looking into this money or else it will end up going to the very same politicians and funding their dreams of controling as much as they can of the money that comes out of the Federal pocket to the people.
u better lelieve anything you hear about these people. one of the sisters was an ex neighbour.
Family / Re: I Am Taking 50% Of Your Wealth! by JJYOU: 2:43pm On Jul 06, 2009

Explain please.

grin grin grin grin grin
have too many people taken to the cleaners by free loading plan B mostly naija and ghana women. i dont like the idea of using someone to climb any ladder in life. if you dont want to marry someone genuinely dont but if you marry and start trying to get what you have not laboured for that is wicked and obscene in my book especially when you have religious sanctimonious people doing it.

in the last 10yrs i have had close people whose only mistake in life was believe a "this woman is good" recommendation. some have lost properties and cash while some cant even find themselves now. it is sad.
Family / Re: I Am Taking 50% Of Your Wealth! by JJYOU: 2:25pm On Jul 06, 2009

If you're a rich man, you better sign one else don't complain if the judge does the signing away of your assets.
[size=14pt]100% true [/size]
It's not a matter of need per se - can the dad afford it? If yes, then the child is entitled to get it. The child may need to have expensive medical care, or go to exclusive Swiss schools or some other outrageous treats that rich kids get.

How many women would be happy to sign a prenup?

Secondly, can you explain, how one will spend $80,000 on a child a month? What will she spend it on, gold nappies? Surely any judge with a brain in is head will know that 90% of this is going into the woman's pocket (or Jimmy Choo's annual revenue).

Let me use a real life example and use the child allowance being claimed by Kelis for Naz's child, $20,000 a month?
if she is not prepare to sign and you live in the west plus you have more than your mortage and car then you are probably storing up trouble for your PLAN B women.

i dont wish divorce on my worst enemies.
Events / Re: Seun Osewa Wedding Pictures by JJYOU: 11:06am On Jul 06, 2009
bad belle dey worry. mitchelle never grow reach for marriage so seun still has a long way to wait.
Family / Re: What Should A Good Wife Do With Her Earnings? by JJYOU: 11:03am On Jul 06, 2009

When a woman goes into a marriage with a plan B, then Plan A is already a failure.
  now you see why nigeria has mostly weak marriages.  everyone goes into relationships going 2 seperate ways.

Besides, i think what they need to do is change the marital law in nigeria to provide for the woman in case the marriage falls apart.
what would you recommend?
Religion / Re: The True Gospel Of Jesus Christ by JJYOU: 10:51am On Jul 06, 2009

@KunleOshob:Was matthew the author of this verse, or somebody else who accorded it to him? Lets assume he was the author, we shall have two problems to solve;
1). Did Matthew knew Jesus well enough prior to "the beginning of his preaching", for him to write this verse as if he knew the exact time he started preaching, or did Jesus tell him this afterall?

2). Was Matthew the first recruit/disciple before Jesus was swampped by the 12 who surrounded him constantly, hence he was able to tell Matthew before then, when exactly he started his preaching and what led to it?

If one of these situations did not happen, or if there is no proof that Jesus sat Matthew down or another person who told Matthew this time lime of Jesus "starting his preaching", we hardly can believe the accounts of Matthew about the life of Jesus christ of the Bible!
olabs. good morning. can i get you to tell your mujahadeen cousins on NL to stop harrasing christians. did allah send you to delete posts that you guys dont agree with?
Travel / Re: How Do I Get A Shenge Visa Without Any Document To Show by JJYOU: 10:44am On Jul 06, 2009
s-joys ltd:

call 070-29408122 for your schengen, serbia, ukrain, china, malaysia, cuba, venezuela, south africa etc.

payment is when your visa is out.
s-joys ltd:

call 070-29408122 for your schengen, serbia, ukrain, china, malaysia, cuba, venezuela, south africa etc.

payment is when your visa is out.
s-joys ltd:

JJYOU is serbian, ukrain etc listed in schegen? why will you be asking such dumb question
what is your wahala? answer a simple question. are they alll part of the scheme?
Religion / Re: Moderator:thighing Is A Huge Insult On Islam by JJYOU: 10:39am On Jul 06, 2009

Tudor take time, am warning you. Do you think atheist have manner ? You can't compare you with me
dont wory too much you are both heading towards foolish quarters in hell.

at least while you waz here you enjoyed your share of minors with sound approval of your shariah loving brethren on NL.

what is your problem here?  are you saying these 2 videos need a quoranic verse?  what verse can you give me for the mallams and alhajis sleeping with small girls in nigeria?
Politics / Re: Govt. Bursts ‘sex Camp’ In Minna by JJYOU: 10:29am On Jul 06, 2009

Hopefully, we can all lay down the swords and reason together. We dont have to fight because we disagree.

The fact that the Government burst this ring is an indication that it is not accepted by the government. People may practice it widely because of their stupidity and religious mentality but it does not mean that the government allows it.

Perhaps we should also castigate the UK because paedophilia is one of the greatest fears of every parent in the UK these days. The government also frowns upon it however and such acts are thoroughly investigated with perpetrators brought to book.

While we all should roundly condemn these nonsense, there is no reason to suggest, from that report, that the act is condoned by the government.
oga what are you insinuating here?
why do you think the govt made this move
could it be anything to do with some foreign aids? or external pressures?
Romance / Re: Do You Think My Bf Is Spending On Someone Else! by JJYOU: 10:24am On Jul 06, 2009

If your so bothered about the issue. . .then I do not think your being chained to date him.  undecided

Sometimes u try in an honest way to make a slight change. . .  That slight change could upset the ante and u kiss your 2yrs relationship goodbye.

If he has been taking u out on dates, caring and loving as u say he is, then why not let things be the way they are? Do u honestly think he doesn't know he has not really bought u gifts? after 2 yrs?
You know, i can relate with the guy in question because i'm that type, I feel it will be good to buy gifts but only when i see a particular level of commitment like. . .  say, an engagement or even further more. I will be happy to take a girl out while we are dating, but at that stage i dont owe u anything gift-wise. If u feel ok with getting me small gifts, thats fine but u cannot demand anything of the like.

@Poster: if u like this guy, do yourself a favour and ditch this crazy and thoughtless risk you're about embarking.

Let those who have ears listen
mmmmmmmmmmm. i wonder why she thinks he is not doing enough.


Hi NL, This is something that has been going on in my relationship for a long time now and have just been too scared to tell it to him for fear that he might think I'm one of those materialistic girls or gold diggers, who just wants him for his money. My bf and I have been dating for two years and so far, he's never bought me gifts (no mata how little). The only time he got me something was when we initially started dating of which he painfully told me it was expensive ( made it look like i was not worth spending that much on). Basically, I'm a giving type of person and i love it when he at least gives me stuffs and not seeing it as a burden. On his birthdays, i buys gifts for him, cake and make sacrifices for him and give him small gifts randomly (not on special occasions)

I do love him genuinely cos he's caring, affectionate, humorous,a wonderful person and a whole lot more. He takes me out on  dates, makes me feel special and treats me very well. But it just makes me sad that i don't even have one thing in my possession that makes me proud to say was given to me by him. What I'm mostly concerned about is that he has a very good paying job and i feel bad that he doesn't spend on me. Sometimes i feel he's not that into me or is it that he just doesn't love me that much to want to spend on me. I've been the faithful, good and trustworthy girl, so i deserve to be treated more than this. I don't ask him for money whatsoever and he doesn't give me. I can't say I'm  that rich and at the same time I'm not poor, I'm satisfied with what i have, so i guess am not demanding. I don't know if he's being stingy or it's me that's just being unrealistic.

Pls Nldrs, what should i do in this situation cos it's really getting to me? Is he being stingy or careful with me not to spend anything on me (maybe from bad past experiences from girls). Do you think it might affect our relationship? pls kindly give your honest views about this.

Thanks for  reading!
ms prada, how much do you think this guy earns?

you are not reading it clearly, here is what she starts by saying: so far, he's never bought me gifts (no mata how little) and thereafter she mention the gift like it is not worth mentioning. this is unacceptable LOL, especially when we hear that the guy thought the gift was expensive.

i am sorry but in a mans world, if we buy you a gift, no matter how little, we would like that gift to be recognized and not mentioned as if you never received anything. saying it like that means that the gift is worthless.

there is absolutely nothing wrong with what she would like to have, everybody can wish for stuff but to demand it like its a man's duty is wrong. lets hear what she has given him apart from baking a bloody cake and spare time for him?
some men hand gifts, others treat ladies the right way (like the poster)  and yes sometimes others will do both. we all know how it goes after the first gift.
ps, some women dont deserve gifts and some guys dont care about gifts, its just that simple.

bolded part is true but when you are nigerian it is commonly accepted that you pay for the pleasure of saying hi. i remember an ex g/f mum who tot it was normal to keeing asking me for ticket a year after me and her daughter parted ways. our society is wired to be a taking society.
Religion / Re: Ebible Xtra: The Sleekest Talking Bible: A Must Have For Every Christian by JJYOU: 10:03am On Jul 06, 2009
that pics is not ok.
Religion / Re: The Evils Of Sharia - From A Muslim Perspective by JJYOU: 10:02am On Jul 06, 2009

Abuzola and co, don't you have an answer to this? tongue tongue tongue
they are praying to come up with a law to prevent u from posting on NL.
Islam for Muslims / Re: Why Are You A Muslim by JJYOU: 9:58am On Jul 06, 2009

This is called HYPOCRISY. This is also RIDICULOUS and uncalled for.

how many times has the same olabowale called me names in this same forum? and the other trolls of allah, how often do they call me names?
did I ever make an issue out of it? did u ever rebuke them for it?

u keep springing up with SHAMELESS issues EDUCATED people should never discuss.
The same name calling is the other of the of day from muslims in the religion section, but no one gives a hoot.
u delete anti-muslims threads but allow anti-christian thread to thrive, whats that called.

JARUS u should be ASHAMED of urself. And keep away from trivial issues.
the concept of fairness and fair play is not in islam.  dont you see every where they rule is always violence and injustice.

one of the reasons i dont buy into their mustapha is i dont like temperamental gods and gods you pray for everytime you call the name.
Nairaland / General / Re: Looking For Sweetpie23 by JJYOU: 9:52am On Jul 06, 2009
SISTERLADY,  leave her alone pls. she could easily be your "likkle" girl.  you know NL have its fair share of over opiniated teenagers.  you can bet she would soon be a moderator.
Islam for Muslims / Re: Why Are You A Muslim by JJYOU: 6:51pm On Jul 05, 2009

There is a limit to which insult can be accepted in this section. You can argue, you can strongly disagree with another forumer, but when direct insults and name-calling begin to set in in a business-like section like this, then I will not hesitate to delete those posts, and if persist, recommend the perpetrator for ban. JJyou's insulting olabowale as 'agbaya' (meaning old for nothing fellow) is totally unacceptable. The posts in question have been deleted.
true light of muslim is showing
Autos / Re: Jeremy Clarkson (top Gear) by JJYOU: 6:24pm On Jul 05, 2009

Does anybody here watch Top gear? i would like to know if that crazy guy (Jeremy Clarkson) is actually an expert or just an entertainer. I watched him totally shred the VW toureg as a ''terribly bad'' car. Please!!!!!!!!
In the same show he was busy praising subaru as one of the most reliable cars in the world. haba!!!!!!!!!!!
he is not an expert but he know cars more than some mechanics. he has been doing motor shows for more than 20 yrs now plus dont forget the auntie he works for has loads of researchers and lawyers. those programmes goes through editorials and lawyers before going out.
Romance / Re: What Do You Consider Romantic? by JJYOU: 6:21pm On Jul 05, 2009

Lmao. She posts here. grin

I like Tpiah, her fire turns me on. grin Abi you no wan make I like am?
you can even kiss her if you like dont look for her trouble though.
Nairaland / General / Re: Is The Moderator Of This Religion Forum A Musilm????? by JJYOU: 6:15pm On Jul 05, 2009

We need explanations. Alternatively, you could lock all anti-Christian threads too. THERE SHOULD BE NO PARTIALITY!!! angry angry
from the days of issueing fatuahs against seun becos of one post the moles have been running this place like it it was a mosque or sharialand.

i was asking some questions somewhere and dont be dissappointed the OP will probably be banned cos i was banned for posting an article on muslim cleric daughter boobs job.
Nairaland / General / A. K .o Why Did You Locked These Thread? by JJYOU: 6:08pm On Jul 05, 2009
A.K.O  i am assuming cos you are the moderator listed. 

why did you lock the thread  [size=16pt]Can A Muslim Please Explain "thighing" Or Condemn It [/size]





why must you guys protect islam like it is a form of virus? or do you have anything the OP? nawa for NL dictating moderators.
Fashion / Re: Top Nigerian Makeup Artists by JJYOU: 5:53pm On Jul 05, 2009

ahhh,haaba madam gorgeous d judge! u r vry funny  on all dis ur findins nd thngs.Pls jst take it easy abeg, dnt scare us upcoming artists, dis industry is big enough. nd even abroad its not dis intense,abi is it . encouragement  is all we nd not bastardising eachother on nairaland,life isnt complicated its people dat mke it that way sad.
adefaces pls chill,we all love lise too but u shouldnt engage in combat with pple like gorgeous,she is one of those people that cnt be trusted b'cos reading her comments she sounds not quite right kindoff.wedding planner my foot,wat is her name and business ploy is my concern . nd i do hav a copy of the mag wiv the artilcle of banke and lise,there was jst an issue of a hypened headline,the entire article was just about comparison of the brands and their owner but just a clear view statemt dat bmpro was launched long after lise came out,and are both exclusive brands from the sme manufacturers.hence lise has a new exclusive manufacturing compny.
pleaaaaaaaaase stop diging out for snakes were there arnt any guys,

[size=15pt]has it got to the stage we cannot say[/size] [size=48pt]
in Jesus name
[/size] [size=15pt]openly on NL?[/size]
Romance / Re: 5 Mnths 2 Our Wedding, My Gf Of 8yrs Absconds! by JJYOU: 4:55pm On Jul 05, 2009

The truth is still clouded in rumours. I was told she has been relocated to a Church some where and she has torn her clothes and pulled off her hairs! Her parents have instructed I be picked up anytime I come into town. Right now am into serious prayers and fasting because the devil is at work!
did you pay school fees?

You sound judgemental, maybe she just couldn't go through with it knowing she'd be tied to you for life. The babe even tried by concocting a story to make you feel better, your immediate justifications shows she'd do well without you. Goodluck!
where is the judgemental here?
Romance / Re: What Do You Consider Romantic? by JJYOU: 4:32pm On Jul 05, 2009

Oh sorry, I thought you meant where is tpiah.

Anyway, tpiah is a kind of fish around here - commonly known as Tilapia. She is apprently [and allegedly] a menopausal woman, who have no single sense of humour and always look to put a black and gloomy cloud on everything.


Search Tpiah to see some of her post. lmao.

wetin tpia do u? why you dey look for trrouble on sunday?
Nairaland / General / Monalisa’s Revelation My Dad Was Murdered In Church by JJYOU: 4:27pm On Jul 05, 2009
[size=18pt]Monalisa’s revelation My dad was murdered in church[/size]
By Mike Awoyinfa, Dimgba Igwe, Funke Egbemode and Samuel Olatunji - Sunday, July 5, 2009

You may not see it, but deep down, Monalisa Chinda Dejo-Richards, the sultry Nollywood actress, has been carrying an emotional wound that time has not succeeded in healing and that has made her ‘paranoid’, to use her word.

Like a volcano, it is there waiting to erupt. It took just one question on the circumstances of her father’s death for Mona Lisa to break down and weep at The Sun Newspaper office where she had come as our special guest. It was a very touching scene.

Specifically, she was asked one simple question, which turned out not to be that simple: How did your father die? For minutes, she sat down there on our hot seat struggling to fight tears that easily came and distorted her facial make-up. This was no acting for the camera, which is Mona Lisa’s main trade. This was a reality show of a kind - unrehearsed and unscripted. And very moving!

After some traumatic moment of silence, sadness and headshaking, she gradually regained her composure to finally reveal the dark secrets of how her father was gruesomely murdered in church two days to Christmas.
“My father was murdered,” she said bluntly and abruptly, as if dropping a bomb. “Yes, he was murdered.”

We asked her: What happened?
The enemy within, I guess.

Was he poisoned, shot, stabbed or what? Tell us as much as you can
It’s too sensitive. I don’t know if I want to go there. I wouldn’t know what exactly went wrong. I was abroad at the time when it happened. I was told after a week plus that he had passed on. I hate to visit this area but the fact is that he was murdered on his way to see the Bishop on a Monday morning on the 23rd of December 2003. This was what I heard when I came back, although I didn’t want to go into wanting to know what killed my dad and all that because I was just too distraught and too devastated at that time. He was killed when he was going to see the Bishop on that morning - very early in the morning. And he was still very alive till about 5pm on that same day, but they just killed him. They took him to the mortuary, claiming that he was dead. Apparently, they bribed the mortuary attendant and they put embalmment on him and all that. He was still warm after that time. That was all the stories I could gather as at that time. Even when they gave me the pictures of where he was injected, it was agonized feeling. He was killed in his car. They killed him; they took him somewhere and dumped the body. I don’t know. It was just crazy.

Was it a business deal?
It was not a business deal. I don’t know if this is being safe. It was a church thing; knighthood - conflict over knighthood in the Anglican Church. They do knighthood in the Anglican Church too just like in the Catholic Church. My father was very religious. He was a man of God - if I can use that word. My father was 66 (years) at the time he was killed. My father’s death was tough on my mum. It was horrible. People in the church were always around her, trying to console her with prayers and words of faith.

Forgiveness of dad’s killers
Through her experience we learnt to forgive. At some point, the killers were arrested and some of them died mysteriously on their own. After six months, we learnt to forgive. That was one of the hardest things for anyone: to look at the murderers of your father. You stare at them, they are in church and you know them but you can’t do anything because of the Christian way we were all brought up. So we forgave them and we had to move on.
Of course, it was difficult to forgive. I had to forgive so that I could move on. Forgiveness is very important. It is a relief. You realise that you have forgiven somebody that has hurt you so badly and you find out that you just have to move on. You are free. The steam is off you. You are like a free bird.
As an actress, I have played the role of a wife who loses her husband. I have done it several times. It is totally devastating for a woman to lose her husband. You feel empty. You feel completely empty. There is this emptiness. There is this void. All of a sudden you become highly paranoid. I became paranoid after my father’s murder. Till now, I am still struggling with it, with prayers and all that. I became very, very paranoid, I mean as in reality, not in movie.

Starting out as an actress
I actually started acting as a baby. Not from the church per se. During break time in nursery school, I would get the kids together to act. We did this mother-father acting roles. I grew up in Port Harcourt. With my emotional background, you might think I would get roles related to crying but I am not famous for crying roles in Nollywood. Instead they give me bitchy roles. I am famous for playing bitchy roles in Nollywood. Most of the time, they give me those very bad daughter, spoiled brat role.

I studied theatre arts at the University of Port Harcourt. The university did not prepare me for what I am doing now. And that’s the truth. I wasn’t prepared to be where I am today but I thank God. I realised that if you do not rediscover yourself, if you do not discover yourself and your God-given talent, you just keep going round and round in circles. I read theatre arts, yes, although my parents wanted me to read law. My dad wanted me to read law, my mum wanted me to read international relations, which are almost similar. And I was beginning to think: maybe this theatre arts is really not for me. But let me try it. The day my JAMB form was to be submitted, I had to stop the driver, erase the supposed course and then put theatre arts as my first choice in the University of Port Harcourt, just in case I do not meet the cut-off point in the other courses. That was how I found myself reading theatre arts. And I actually thought that after theatre arts, I would probably go into the corporate world and work in a bank. I didn’t know I was going to be here today in the world of acting.

First movie
I graduated in the year 2000, though I did a couple of movies while in school. In 1996, I did my first home video, Pregnant Virgin; the story of a very strict father and mother, and she became pregnant. And then all hands started pointing towards the father because he was always particular about wanting to just cage her and all that.

When I graduated, I did a couple of movies with other artistes. It was just one leg in, one leg out. I was doing other things and trying to see if I can work in a bank but that didn’t work out. I just couldn’t cope with working as a banker. I worked for a couple of months at a bank and left the job. I tried trading, but things didn’t work out. Then I travelled to the UK. When I travelled to the UK for a course, I met my husband for the second time. I met him and he encouraged me to come back into the movie industry. And here I am today.

He felt I was good at what I was doing. He had seen a couple of movies I had done in the past and he was wondering what I was doing in the UK - paying bills, struggling, always angry. He told me: Why don’t you just forget this place and go back to your country that needs you? And true to his words, I am so happy I came back to serve this nation. I am so grateful to God for sending him to rescue me. We all know that UK is a frustrating place to be, particularly if you are not a citizen and if you are not able to get your act together. The weather out there is grey and cold, people are cold and grey. I just realised I was wasting my time there. I had just one job and it was difficult paying my bills. You can only live comfortably there if you have plenty of money.

My love story
My husband is the man sitting next to me here. He would bear me witness. He is Segun Dejo-Richards. He is an artiste manager. He is basically into music production and artiste management. I am one of those he manages, although I am not a musician. I am his wife. He manages me. He is also into computers of all kinds but his first love is music. He is a producer. I met my husband for the first time in 2002 here in Nigeria. We met in a going-to-church circumstance. I would say he made the first move. In our society, if a woman makes the first move, she is branded lose and promiscuous. For me and my cheeky nature, he had to make the first move. He just saw me as a complementary figure to him. I did not cooperate instantly.

As at 2002 we weren’t ready for any serious thing. I was just busy enjoying myself. But he kept persisting, oh, God! And when I finally took off to the UK and he came, I was shocked. He told me point blank: “I came here to fetch you. The main reason I am here is that you are my wife.” That in a nutshell is the story of our love. He actually came to rescue me. He is God-sent. Who was there before him is not important. He just succeeded where others failed. And that’s about it.

In my husband, I saw the future. I saw someone who would groom me. I knew I had weaknesses; I was too soft. I wanted someone that would make me face reality. I was too much in the fantasy life. It was as if I wasn’t in this particular planet. I evaluated the whole marriage thing. Though I wasn’t ready, I was still very scared, but then I saw a great thing about him and I decided to get married. As for other men toasting me, men would always want women whether they are married or not. There has never been any moment where I am being pressured or anything like that. They just see that I am married and they just go. I tell them, I preach to them and they just go. I tell them I am married and they just go.

The challenges of being married to a Yoruba man
Honestly, I never knew much about Yoruba men until I met my husband. It isn’t the tribe. It is the character that I saw. Naturally, when a woman is going to be married outside her tribe, the family of the bribe who is trying to cross over would just be a little sceptical and a little bit worried about their daughter going to marry afar. It is only natural that they worry. As for my family, they encouraged me and that’s that.
Yes, I didn’t find marrying a Yoruba man problematic. And this is because of the particular man I married. I think it’s just what God wanted because I didn’t have any hassle whatsoever. One is that 99 per cent of his family members live abroad. I didn’t have any challenges as such. My in-laws are fantastic. I don’t monitor my husband so that he doesn’t stray. It is about him. He knows what is right from wrong. There has never been a time I got worried or lost sleep over where he is.

We got married in 2004 and I got a baby last year February. We tried to make babies. Twice it came and twice God took it. And then the last one stayed. We thank God for that.
As for me, my phones are always on. They hardly ring except for business. I don’t put my phones on vibration. People have my number but except they have something to do with me, they don’t call me. I carry two phones - 2 Glo lines. As a Glo ambassador, I have to comport myself well in public. I cannot afford to embarrass the brand.

Nollywood and me
My journey through Nollywood has witnessed high and low points. There was a point I was almost being stereotyped - playing a particular role, a bitchy role. So I had to let them know that acting is all about flexibility and versatility. You can’t just be playing a particular role all the time. I was almost getting frustrated. Outside that, I don’t think I have any low moment. Thank God, I was able to prove that I am a versatile actress who can play different kinds of roles. In 1999, when I started I was earning N30,000. Today, I can’t obviously divulge how much I am earning.

Favourite movie
I have three favourite movies. One is the Wrong Woman. It’s about a bitchy girl, a spoilt brat. The other is Games Men Play; then Girls in the Hood. Those are my three favourite movies. I call them my three favourites because I gave my all interpreting those roles. A good actor or actress must be able to interpret a role very convincingly. At school, we were taught to get a script, read the script, assimilate it, digest it, then live it. Pretend to be that particular character. And that is how I go about interpreting my roles. One thing I do is that I always pray. Any time I get a job, I pray on that role, because role-playing does affect a lot of people. It does affect people in some ways. I may not be able to speak for other people but I know it does affect a lot of people. I am not saying that if you play a lunatic, you end up being a lunatic.

Good actress
Passion is important in everything. You must first love what you do. Not just that, you have to know what you are in for. It is not just about wanting to be a famous actor or actress. You have to love the job. And then be able to interpret the role as much as you can. It is not about reading theatre arts. It is about developing your God-given talents. Just develop your skills. And then try and see if you can do one or two researches. You watch movies and get to study characters similar to the ones you want to portray and see how you can be better off in interpreting a role. Every professional should watch his or her own movie. I watch mine so that I can be better in the next one. I don’t get bored watching my own movies. Nobody gets bored seeing themselves on TV.

My strength and weakness as actress
Let me start with my weakness. I tend to show emotion. It could be negative sometimes. You could show anger sometimes which is only natural. You could show excitement, you could show sadness. I tend to show a lot of emotion. When I am happy, I am happy; when I am sad, I cry. When I am angry, I am so fiery some times. But anybody I have any issues with, I just have to call later on and we make up. I don’t like sleeping over matters. I hate it. I can’t rest. So I try to make up and that’s about it. My strong point is my punchy lines. The way I speak, I guess.

Defining success
Success to me is being determined. It is about starting from a humble beginning and growing big. It is about being focused and not be distracted. It is about knowing yourself, knowing what you set out do and being confident that you would be successful in a chosen area of specialisation. Success is doing well whatever you do.

For me, the challenge of success is managing it well and not having airs around you. I think that has really opened doors for me. It’s about having the wisdom to interact with others and not discriminating and not thinking that you are bigger than everyone else around you. I don’t think being a successful actress in Nigeria comes with any headache. I try as much as I can to be nice to people, which is at times very difficult. For example, you are going to the airport, you are struggling with your luggage and people want to take pictures with you. You can’t be nasty to them. I try to talk to them politely to just give me time to settle before the pictures. And it can be a tough balancing act, which at times get you worked up. You can imagine the scenario where you are rushing to board the plane and fans are asking you to pause for pictures. At the end of the day, I get so worn out and tired with talking to people. In spite of the challenges, I have never ever regretted being a star. The advantages outweigh the disadvantages. People accept me everywhere and I get first class treatment as a star. I am treated like a queen. In a way, I can say I am a success story. I didn’t set out to be in this business in the first place. I thank God for where I am today. I can’t stop being thankful to God.

Failure is the opposite of success. Failure is not being able to reach your goals, not being able to be who you are in this life. Naturally, I have experienced failure. Failure is very discouraging. You just don’t want to try again, because of fear of losing. I remember in school, when I was trying to pass one of my courses and I tried so hard to pass that particular course but I wasn’t able to pass that course. And I decided to drop it, even though it was my favourite. That was French. I really wanted to learn French but I had to drop that course and move on to the next. I tried so hard to pass it but it was always F9 all the way. http://www.sunnewsonline.com/webpages/news/national/2009/july/05/national-05-07-2009-01.htm

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