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Romance / Re: My Experiences, After I Slept With Her, by Joshforeal: 10:40am

His right, i have a girlfriend in lagos that If i sleep with her, that day I dey play bet. I fit use 100naira cash out 500k. But she dey run from me. Na money i dey even use wyne her make she come over. If i dey get her on steady , i for don buy nigeria and still get change. But her shakara for me no be hear. This i have tested not once and not twice, i bought my car 6million from 200k stack on bet wey i knack her . I no dey bet. But once she step into my flat, bros i dey pick game randomly, na sure bet. I fit even play Luton town to beat man city. If e no enter call me . The problem she dey run from Me, i fit even send her 100k with flight ticket make she show, she go later pop up excuse, not once not twice. More over i don't reside in lagos. Money wey she don gulp from me fit enter 2million. Yet she dey run from me. I don't know if other guys too observe that with her, but she dey waka waka well well.
. Share her contact. Better thing no be for one person.
Family / Re: Unmarried Nairalanders: When Do You Plan To Settle Down ? by Joshforeal: 3:10pm On Aug 10, 2023
Not interested in marriage at all.That institution is not for me anymore.I don't want to go and make anybody's son miserable.
Can we be friends with Benefits? Not interested in marriage also
Politics / Re: Fayemi Congratulates Tinubu, Proposes Government Of National Unity by Joshforeal: 2:47pm On Mar 01, 2023
To those tinubu supporters celebrating his victory, and mocking Obidients Let me help you understand what you are celebrating.

You are celebrating Business as Usual. The tinubu that Governed Lagos and the one who contested for president are two different people, The New Tinubu is not strong enough to oversee the job of the president, he will have proxys running the country. So all the known Big thieves who are only there to continue looting nigeria will be announced as cabinet members, and top political posts. Ganduje, Orji Kalu, El rufai, Akpabio, Yahaya Bello etc.

= 2,000 naira per dollar loading
= Fuel Subsidy will be cancelled, but the criminality surrounding the petroleum sector will remain. Fuel will become 700 naira per liter.
- ASUU strikes and degradation of the Nigerian Educational system continue, Bachelors Degree 6 to 7 years to complete.
= Armed Agitations , Kidnapping, will continue, as the corruption bedeviling the Nigerian Armed forces makes it unable to fight at all these fronts.
= Mass emigration of Skilled Proffessionals, We already saw the Beginning, Doctors, Engineers have NO reason to work here based on the over inflation and devaluation of the nigerian naira.
= Price of Bread 3,000 naira, Bag of Rice 150K, Price of local flight 300k etc.
= A very dangerous tribal and religious divide is now the new normal.

Nigeria has missed an opportunity to prevent what was coming. You were warned

You are mocking Igbo and people from the SS, mocking Nigerians who were fighting for a better future just so you can come online and brag about your tribe. Were Igbo people the only ones exchanging dollar for 750naira? Good Luck to the Nigeria you voted for.

Regardless I continue to urge Obidients to not fall for Violence and destruction of Public Property as a way to vent anger, this will only come back to haunt the already suffering masses. The Election was Obviously massively rigged, but let Obi fight through courts.

I truly do feel sorry for those who have nothing, got woke and walked outside the tribal lines to Identify with candidates that would truly make this country better. May God see you all through these difficult times and those coming ahead.

To those quoting me, I ve been a Billionaire in Naira Since Jonathan was President. I was going to share over 20million naira to Nairalanders if Obi had won, check my previous messages. I started slowing moving out of Nigeria in the Early 2000s and when I saw how quickly the naira devalued during covid I sold over 80% of all my assets in the country keeping only real estates of sentimental value. I am not religious neither have I made money through Political Theft or Criminality unlike the Tinubu that you worship. Even though I am giving a lot to family and friends back home in Nigeria, I am employing foreigners and creating wealth in my new environment, Big loss to Nigeria, not what my father would have thought when he was fighting to put me through school as a child. I would love to come back and be as productive as I am abroad in Nigeria but the outlook of the country looks completely hopeless, why should anyone who has all these amazing international options choose to bother themself with the trouble of dealing with Nigeria? Obviously all that is left is an emotional attachment when we see what the country has become. All I have to do is stop reading Nairaland/Nigerian News and all my nigerian problems disappears. Again I really feel sorry for the Nigerian Masses, including those who let tribal and religious sentiments to vote Business as usual.

I really wish to leave also. Kindly assist. God bless you
Business / Re: Can A Woman Who Runs Beer Parlor Business Still Be Faithful To Her Husband? by Joshforeal: 1:45pm On Oct 08, 2022
Where you wan open this restaurant abeg? I need to check two things. Thank you.

Of course! Everything I do has always been about quality. I'm unrepentant and unapologetic about quality.
Agriculture / Re: How We Celebrated Independence Day With Fried Plantains And Egg Sauce by Joshforeal: 9:58pm On Oct 02, 2022
Why Sir?
Again stop adding salt to plantain
Car Talk / Re: See The Shocking Note , The Man Who Broke My Side Mirror Placed On My Windscreen by Joshforeal: 2:50pm On Aug 10, 2021
Op sorry is that the man that bashed your car? Or what is that picture doing there? If that is the man that bashed it please where did he bash it? I want to come n Park my car there so he can bash it cos he is a fine basher. kiss
I would have said you come bash my car but alas I have no car. Lemme double my hustle sha, so someone can bash my car. BTW You're cute...
Culture / Re: Muslims And Egungun Masquerade Clash In Osogbo (Video) by Joshforeal: 11:32am On Jul 01, 2021
Very strong jo.way 30,000mah and 40,000mah power.bank available.

Charges your phone up to 10times + and other devices simultaneously.

Same day delivery (Lagos )
Calls / Whatsapp -

Screenshot when you see this.
How much and does it have an official receipt?
Business / Re: Dangote, Adenuga, Elumelu, Rabiu In France For Business Summit (Photos) by Joshforeal: 8:21pm On Jun 29, 2021

I am starting to believe that their are secret people who control Nigeria.
Just starting
Celebrities / Re: Tonto Dikeh Celebrates Prince Kpokpogri On His Birthday (Photos) by Joshforeal: 10:26pm On Jun 27, 2021
Strong woman she's.. i can't love her less.
Ibibio Babe wey be Muslim

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Politics / Re: Anambra 2021: Peter Obi Congratulates PDP Candidate, Valentine Ozigbo by Joshforeal: 7:41am On Jun 27, 2021
maduka gave out cars just to get 5 votes my guy no go try this nonsense called politics again
Are you an Anambrian from Ghana?
Celebrities / Re: Mercy Aigbe Celebrates Herself On Father's Day (Photo) by Joshforeal: 11:22pm On Jun 20, 2021
you sleep around and still expect your ex husband to pay your bills ,prostitute.
one of my friend slept with this bitch ,her asking rate is 200,000 naira per night
This one loud oh
Religion / Re: "Youths Can't Think": Bishop David Oyedepo Begs FG To Regulate Twitter, Others by Joshforeal: 9:13am On Jun 20, 2021
If you old men dont take time, we the youths of this God forsaken country would rise one day and wipe you all out. You old men who have refused to die or make way for the youths have pushed us to the wall enough. No food, no job, poor education system, no light, no good road, poor healt system and yet the little thing that helps the depressed youths to manage their frustration you old men want to regulate.

If you are a true child of God sell all those your useless private jets and give them to poor Nigerian youths to start up business.
Loooooooool. Sell what? I can't stop laughing. Happy Sunday Bro

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Religion / Re: "Youths Can't Think": Bishop David Oyedepo Begs FG To Regulate Twitter, Others by Joshforeal: 9:10am On Jun 20, 2021
I'm disappointed, this is an example of irrational thinking. He can as well encourage FG to ban mobile phone and laptops entirely since yahoo boys use it for fraud.

Ban kitchen knives because women are now using it to kill their husbands and boyfriends.

The benefits of social media can never be overlooked, if not for YouTube I wouldn't have learnt coding, graphics design or game development.

If not for Nairaland, I wouldn't have known freelancing works and how to go about getting clients abroad who pay well.

If not for Facebook, I wouldn't know the best and trending products to dropship.

If not for Twitter, SARS will still be out there killing youths for owning an iPhone.

Whats my own, can they really sensor social media? I don't think it's ever going to happen. Nigerians are very smart people with dump leaders so they will end up paying catchup.
Please teach me freelancing and drop shipping
Family / Re: Anytime My Husband Is Angry, This Is My Way Of Apologising To Him by Joshforeal: 9:35pm On Jun 19, 2021
This will just make me more angry if I were your husband.
Except you are Obatala
Celebrities / Re: Tekno: I Can’t Be With One Woman Because There Are So Many Beautiful Women by Joshforeal: 9:33pm On Jun 19, 2021

Buhari done ban cake o.
Celebrities / Re: Tekno: I Can’t Be With One Woman Because There Are So Many Beautiful Women by Joshforeal: 8:12pm On Jun 19, 2021
That's why there's a topic on front page about a TV CEO who got murdered my hus side chic.

Continue o.
Looooool. Happy Birthday. Share Cake ooo
Sports / Re: Odion Ighalo & Estranged Wife, Sonia, In Fresh War Of Words (Photos) by Joshforeal: 8:03pm On Jun 19, 2021
The babe has been repeating this “LEGALLY married wife” since. People were saying on the other thread that she is still bragging with Mrs status, but I saw it as a subtle threat.

Now she has confirmed my thoughts.

You're 41 going on 42........

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Politics / Re: Naked Unknown Gunman Hailed In Owerri As He Entertains Imo Residents by Joshforeal: 6:48am On Jun 05, 2021
Hey Pretty. Still waiting for your mail

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Politics / Re: Naked Unknown Gunman Hailed In Owerri As He Entertains Imo Residents by Joshforeal: 12:21pm On May 30, 2021

Lol. No leader ever goes to war in the war front. Kanu is not a soldier. Stop being petty.

It is a shame that after 60 years of independence, Nigeria is struggling with mere electricity. Mumu country that I had to spend over 600k to install solar system to generate stable electricity. Shame of a country. Anyone agitating in Nigeria is justified, pls. Nigeria is total shithole.

A friend lost her dad due to poor health care system. She hates Nigeria with passion now.
She has eaten the proverbial fruit of Eden and her eyes opened. Nigeria is a mistake


Politics / Re: Naked Unknown Gunman Hailed In Owerri As He Entertains Imo Residents by Joshforeal: 11:57am On May 30, 2021

China is an export based economy and devalues its currency to among other things sell more (by making them far cheaper) of Chinese products to the world market.A Chinese currency which is on per to the Euro or dollar will discourage such because Chinese quality isn't most time competable with American quality-who will buy a Chinese product over an American one at the same or similar price ? .And that is part of the issue America has with China.

You can do more research on it.Since Nigeria is an import based economy, our devalued currency can only lead to inflation ie higher cost for necessary commodities and with the minimum wage in Nigeria being what it's is, the common man suffers more-especially with the CBN arbritarily printing more cash to fund government expenditure.
Thousands of yours can't find employment or has lost there jobs and that is a factor that is contributing to insecurity in Nigeria.
So before you post try being well informed
Bless you.
Politics / Re: Naked Unknown Gunman Hailed In Owerri As He Entertains Imo Residents by Joshforeal: 11:56am On May 30, 2021

See finishing!
Good write up on the relationship between Interest rate and Exchange rate. The guy in question is a quack and knows next to nothing about economics.
Those are Buharists for you. Speak first, Think later...
Politics / Re: Cost Of Living In UK Compared To Nigeria (Photos) by Joshforeal: 6:36am On May 17, 2021
Come back to Nigeria. I don't like this comparison. It's foolishness

Diabetes is a terrible sickness. Buy this Ebook ..gives u food choices that will reduce your sugar level..check it on my link in my signature
God bless you. Evil people will stay in UK and tell you how much better Lagos is. If Lagos is so much better why not come back?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: When Are We Going To Talk About These Lebanese And Chinese Companies by Joshforeal: 9:46pm On May 06, 2021
When are we going to talk about these Lebanese and Chinese companies running a modern slavery in Nigeria?

This Chinese company of a thing is total slavery o. Come to igbesa ogun state, you will see lots of Chinese company. Lemme start with viju milk company, their staff work 7am-7pm everyday and get 18k at the end of the month. There are lots of Chinese companies with low. Nigerians in those companies enabled them! It wasn’t always like this
. Lol. Never. Simply because they are providing what your government cannot. Jobs.
Politics / Re: AIT Almost Yanked Reno Omokri Off The Air For Criticising Buhari Harshly (Video) by Joshforeal: 9:44pm On May 06, 2021
The fear of NBC lmaooo
I love the way you wrote your name

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Romance / Re: What's Stopping You From Tying The Knot With The Person You're Dating Right Now? by Joshforeal: 9:27pm On May 06, 2021
The man I'm dating is scared of marriage so I'm backing out...no time
As you fine reach like this
Romance / Re: What's Stopping You From Tying The Knot With The Person You're Dating Right Now? by Joshforeal: 9:22pm On May 06, 2021

Oga, everybody no be u
Most poor people who marry end up poorer and their children grow up to suffer
Make una no dey promote marriage talk for here
You are one of the lucky ones and I wish u good luck but the truth is that most marriages in Nigeria and the world are not working,they are just deceiving themselves because of kids,selfish desires and maybe societal rules
The constant nagging,quarrels,family palaba,financial slavery,excessive fatigue and finally early death that many married men go through no be small thing o
For a Nigerian man,it's even worse ×100 if u are poor,the economy keeps on getting worse and u keep getting to a new level of poverty everyday
Let everybody be okay before they talk of marriage

Right now,if my worst enemy says he does want to get married,I won't wish marriage for him
Romance / Re: What's Stopping You From Tying The Knot With The Person You're Dating Right Now? by Joshforeal: 9:16pm On May 06, 2021
Tarr. I got married inside one room apartment with our kitchen located outside the house. ..no cars, na box tv we dey use, no single chair...visitors must sit on our bed. Today, we're blessed with good things of life. Our kids attend one of the best schools in the country. We built our house in a choice location in lagos and have travelled the world.

Don't despise your little beginning. You didn't create yourself, God did so your survival mustn't be dependent on the Nigerian economy or any government. Suffice it to say I've dined with world leaders, including Barak Obama right inside the Daughters of American Revolution (DAR) Constitution Hall near the white House in Washington DC on invitation by an organisation in recognition of my business activities in Nigeria. What more can I say?

Drop any girl who's saying you must get married in a 2-bed apartment or organise a talk of the town wedding when you don't have the power or resources to do so. She won't make a good wife. We are blessed with 3 wonderful children...one girl and 2 boys.
Leave Motivational Speech Sir. Just cut soap for us. Chikena

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Romance / Re: What's Stopping You From Tying The Knot With The Person You're Dating Right Now? by Joshforeal: 9:14pm On May 06, 2021
As a married man with kids, years ago I used to tease younger men to get married, I even sponsor some aspects of their wedding as a way of motivation, now that the economy has hit me hard under this regime, I just look away, anyone who wants to get married should decide by himself, I no dey promote marriage to anyone again.

Buhari's regime is not marriage friendly, one girl here even opened a thread insulting her sister's unemployed fiance for coming to their house to eat food, she won't understand what many young men of marriage age are passing through because she has her parents roof over her head.
You're a wise man. If you can't help people na to leave them the way they are not worsen their situation. Only a demonic person will advice someone to marry under this Satanic regime


Romance / Re: What's Stopping You From Tying The Knot With The Person You're Dating Right Now? by Joshforeal: 9:12pm On May 06, 2021
I wouldn't call it dating, I don't see myself marrying him.
Just smashing. My niccur
Celebrities / Re: Aki And Pawpaw Tease Fans About New Project (Photos) by Joshforeal: 7:52pm On May 06, 2021
E no fit sweet again
Fine gal. If e no sweet. You go sweet
Business / Re: Report Banks Hoarding FOREX, CBN Tells Nigerians by Joshforeal: 7:08pm On Mar 23, 2021
I really need more explanation on this. How do we know that a bank is hoarding forex??
Wise Question. This nation is just all shades of wrong.
Politics / Re: Orji Uzor-kalu: I Picked Abaribe From The Gutter by Joshforeal: 6:53pm On Mar 23, 2021

Joseph went to Prison for doing what was right, he was sent to prison for refusing to sleep with a man's wife, he had to run out of the house leaving his jacket behind, before he was framed by the prostitute call housewife for attempted rape!

Just imagine how this criminal and looter just turned our Holy Bible upside down! shocked

Modafoking and shameless ex-convict!!!
But he is your Darling Daddy's good friend na. The only Shameless Person is you. Shameless youth with no life ambition following an ancestor who doesn't know left from right.

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