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Food / Re: Hungry Rats Manage To Eat Into Hard Shell Of Coconuts Stored By Fruit Seller by kay4kay: 4:10pm On Jul 15
Crime / Re: EFCC Chairman Orders Arrest Of His Men Who Beat Up Hotel Worker In Lagos by kay4kay: 9:28pm On Jun 29

Was that why they were hitting and slapping her ?

Hitting her is a different issue. Hotel rooms are meant to have privacy
Crime / Re: EFCC Chairman Orders Arrest Of His Men Who Beat Up Hotel Worker In Lagos by kay4kay: 8:20pm On Jun 27
Why install cctv camera in hotel room

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Travel / Re: Highlander SUV On Fire On 3rd Mainland Bridge, Lagos (Photos) by kay4kay: 8:26am On Jun 16
That's sad, millions of Naira destroyed in this wonderful economy. How will the owner replace the vehicle, God please protect your people.

Insurance will pay
Politics / Re: This China Rail Innovation Can Save Two Trillion Naira From The Coastal Highway by kay4kay: 1:53pm On Apr 24
God i don't know why i didn't come from a developed country

You cane in your first life. You are in the third world to atone for your sin. If you don't walk upright you might fou d your self in a more debased country when next you are born
Celebrities / Re: Video Of Davido Kneeling Down, Crying And Begging An American Model For $£X by kay4kay: 8:23pm On Apr 15
grin grin grin

That yansh is worth crying for

You too get sense
Celebrities / Re: K1 De Ultimate Hits Back At Ex Drummer Who Accused Him Of Using Staff As Slaves by kay4kay: 3:27pm On Mar 18
Damage control, he's not lying someone else also called him out of not being a nice man.

What do you expect from a man that sleeps with his chef and wife's friend and sees nothing wrong with it.

What's wrong? Are they related?

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Politics / Re: 5 Jailed For Circulating Timothy Owoeye's Nude Video, Obtaining ₦‎38 Million by kay4kay: 12:00pm On Nov 08, 2023
See cruise

Someone was caught performing rituals birthing with blood

You convict only the people that exposed him as whitsblower


Refuse to Jail the ritualist

Is it a crime to perform a ritual?

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Politics / Re: NASS Members Receive Brand New Suvs by kay4kay: 11:46am On Oct 16, 2023
It will never be well with those who supported APC.

The hunger is too much, people are dying!! cry

LP members are also receiving the SUV. No one is rejecting


Business / Re: Ladipo Market Remains Closed – Lagos Govt Clarifies by kay4kay: 10:06pm On Oct 09, 2023
sad Somebody tell me just now that ladipo,Alaba market are den of CRIMINALS sad
Confirmed with different categories of cultists among the igbo traders. Very dirty people


Travel / Re: Oyo State Introduces Pace Setter Transport And Card For Cheap Transports by kay4kay: 9:32am On Sep 18, 2023
Ogun State!
Ogun State !
Ogun State !

O ya Gbera!

Ogun ti bo ogun lo
Politics / Re: Atiku, Obi, APM Vs Tinubu: Judgement To Be Televised Live - Appeal Court by kay4kay: 1:14pm On Sep 04, 2023
I see Tinubu's victory being nullified by the tribunal, I see Peter Obi reclaiming back his stolen mandate.

This I have seen.

For the first time you saw this with your ANUS
Crime / Re: @PIDOMNIGERIA Exposes Human Trafficking Ring In Akwa Ibom State. by kay4kay: 9:06am On Sep 01, 2023
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Politics / Re: Obidients Attacking Foreign Institutions Identified And Reported by kay4kay: 1:22am On Aug 31, 2023
Show us proof of your school records, you avoided us.

Nigerians went and started asking questions from Chicago, they rushed to block them.

Then they are trying to turn the whole inquiry into a tribal bashing story instead of showing the certificate or clearing the scandals in it.

A person who went to school but had no classmates from nursery school to university?


I don't know your age but I can tell you that I don't have pictures of me in school from nursery to secondary. Even higher institutions are very few. With this obingo crusade now am trying to preserve them to avoid story that touches tomorrow

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Travel / Re: Lagos Blue Line Rail To Commence Full Operations From Sept 4 by kay4kay: 1:53pm On Aug 30, 2023
Hy guys we are back again
With our stunning pencil artwork

Your contact please
Business / Re: Opay CEO, Olu Akanmu, Resigns by kay4kay: 11:58am On Jul 31, 2023
Romance / Re: Why Is Olosho Price Defying Basic Economics? by kay4kay: 8:43am On Apr 19, 2023
So basically the higher the number of girls recruited into the olosho industry, the lower the number of potential girlfriends.
Thus,as more gals join the olosho industry, the quantity of direct alternative i.e., girlfriends reduces, thus creating an increase in demand for oloshos, and increase in price of olosho services.
The average nigerian gal has atleast two boyfriends, thus if 20 gals should join the olosho industry, the no. Of men demanding for olosho will surge by 40.


Romance / Re: There's A Place In Rivers State Workers Sleep With Harlots On Credit & Pay Later by kay4kay: 9:33am On Apr 09, 2023
There is a community in Rivers State, I heard prostitutes allow construction workers to have $3x with them daily/weekly on credit and pay by end of the end

Any time, the worker comes for his postpaid $3x, the prostitute usually write down the client' name, the date and amount in a book (like a debtors' book), with the hope of being paid all the money owed by end of the month.

Heard a lot of the construction workers there are involved in such arrangement. And the arrangement is somehow backed by law. Cos defaulters are usually reported and compelled to pay up....

I find it very absurd that there are men eager to have sex on credit and pay later. When you know, you don't have the means to satisfy your desires, why not just face ya front


Bonny Island
This is not new has been happening since 1999
Romance / Re: There's A Place In Rivers State Workers Sleep With Harlots On Credit & Pay Later by kay4kay: 9:32am On Apr 09, 2023
Holly Gram cool Nice one..

Abeg can u drop the exact location of the place, abeg I go like go check something..

Things are really getting better by the day..

We need more of this..

LITE UP my WEED in peace


Bonny Island
This is not new has been happening since 1999
Politics / Re: VP-Elect Shettima Promises To End Bike Crushing In FCT by kay4kay: 1:50pm On Apr 06, 2023
Over my dead body will Tinubu become my President shocked

Let god take my life on the day of his shameless inauguration




Politics / Re: List Of 240 Polling Units Where Voting Won't Take Place by kay4kay: 6:40pm On Feb 13, 2023

Shey make we bet 20k obi go win

E sure for me wella

Politics / Re: Lot Of People Migrated From The SE Just To Vote In Lagos - Lagos INEC REC. by kay4kay: 5:21pm On Feb 10, 2023

Begone peasant!

Dey disguise.
Politics / Re: Lot Of People Migrated From The SE Just To Vote In Lagos - Lagos INEC REC. by kay4kay: 4:15pm On Feb 10, 2023

Wretched brainwashed street urchin. Food and dog for the cabals

The way ojukwu brainwashed your grandfathers


Politics / Re: Lot Of People Migrated From The SE Just To Vote In Lagos - Lagos INEC REC. by kay4kay: 3:19pm On Feb 10, 2023

And you think Tinubu will save your wretched life if he wins? You are a fool

Take it or jump into the lagoon that's your next president
Politics / Re: Lot Of People Migrated From The SE Just To Vote In Lagos - Lagos INEC REC. by kay4kay: 2:17pm On Feb 10, 2023
Waow. Just waow
The invaders are really taking this hard.

I have just two things to say:.
Firstly, to the Yorubas forming woke and liberal. There is a Yoruba adage that says;
'Ó jọ gáté, kò jọ gàté, ó fi ẹsẹ̀ méjèèjì tiro'.

Are you not connecting the dots? Una see una lives? Yoruba Ronu ! Rori e!

During the endsarz protest. We all thought we were fighting for the betterment of Nigeria not knowing some people were scheming to takeover lagos. They imported lot of people from the e@st. It was too late before we realised we were been played. They had already destroy our infrastructures, burn down our BRTs. And to even add salt to the injury they blamed it on our elderstateman, Bola Tinubu . Who isn't even a governor or a president.

This election isn't about the betterment of Nigeria to them. It is about Lagos state. The Yoruba-controls Lagos state they so much envy. They want to takeover the place, they know Obi won't win. But they want to takeover Lagos state.

Firstly , Endsars.. One might even wondered as at that time if sarz only exist in Lagos . With the kind of destruction that took place in disguise of protest.

Secondly, they came with the opinion that lagos is no man's land. Same Lagos found in southwest, not southeast, not North. But southwest. How is that a No mans land?

Thirdly , they have been engaging In anything to bring down Tinubu. If Tinubu is gone, which other Political influential person can the Yorubas point to ?

Fourthly , they pushed for a yiibo police commissioner in Lagos. Which they failed.

Now they also want the Yoruba INEC rec gone. Petitions are currently ongoing to remove him.

My second question : why Lagos state? I need honest answers. Why not abuja. Why not rivers, why not kano. Why Lagos ?

Thirdly question: why so much hate on a man who accommodate you people, allow you run your business in peace. You buy land, you build. You enjoy same right as the real indigenes. He Employs most of you guys in different part of state ministries, Parastatals, different arms of governance, your people are commissioners in the state and also house of reps... You can contest for political seats.

You even install Eze in Lagos with ease but reject emir in Aba.

Why so much hate on this man? What has he done to deserve it? Please i need honest answer.

They are towing the part of ojukwu their Lord. The same mistake he made when he decided to bring the civil war to Lagos.

His plan was to rule nigeria not to liberate biafra or the ibos. If indeed it was about biafra he would have remained at the east and guards its territory, the worst is to take Benin not coming to Lagos.

His protege are also doing the same but they will fail. Feb 25th cometh when they will be shocked

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Politics / Re: Buhari Asks Nigerians To Give Him 7 Days To Resolve Naira Notes Scarcity by kay4kay: 3:09pm On Feb 03, 2023

Please how do I get to Kaduna from Lagos by air?

Already checked Air Peace, Ibom Air & Dana Air.

Go by sea land is not safe
Politics / Re: Seyi Tinubu Meets E-Money, Yul Edochie, Odumeje, Sings Nigerian Old Anthem by kay4kay: 9:36pm On Dec 01, 2022
Time wasting. Nothing for your father in aso villa

Unfortunately for you and your noise makers that's your incoming president

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Politics / Re: Seyi Tinubu Meets E-Money, Yul Edochie, Odumeje, Sings Nigerian Old Anthem by kay4kay: 9:32pm On Dec 01, 2022
This boy's desperation is so repulsive and annoying. He's so proud, lofty and incorrigible. He sbould continue to fool himself; Aso Rock, his papa will not see. All the wolves will gather and finish him once his octagenarian ancient of days father leaves. His mother that is not really his mother will Ben Johnson and japa; while that his quarter past four sister go hear am. Abi, na una papa get Lagos. Kola Abiola did all this one when he was young, now he's old, he has become a good boy enjoying the crumbs the powers that be throw at him. This boy too will end up the same way.

You are poverty personified, stop the envy. Seyi can buy your generation. He is proud of his father achievement. Who knows your father

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Politics / Re: More Pictures From APC Presidential Rally In Bayelsa State. by kay4kay: 9:26pm On Dec 01, 2022

Why's the whole place looks so scanty tongue.

Because you have cataracts

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Politics / Re: APC Rally At Gumel LG, Jigawa (Video, Picture) by kay4kay: 12:18pm On Nov 24, 2022

Obi will come 5th if he continues on the path of stupidity.

Kwankwaso 3rd
Sowore 4th

So wore cant beat obi. Obi got the street . But Tinubu got the Seat
Politics / Re: APC Rally At Gumel LG, Jigawa (Video, Picture) by kay4kay: 7:24am On Nov 24, 2022
obi will finish 4th position grin
Jus de watch

He will take the 3rd position
Education / Re: New Fact Every One On Earth Lives For Just 19 Years by kay4kay: 9:44pm On Nov 17, 2022
How many years in knacking

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