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Celebrities / Court Found Daddy Freeze Guilty, Ordered To Pay Millions (video) by lucarella: 8:24am On Feb 22
A High Court sitting in Port Harcourt, Rivers State has on Thursday 18th February, 2021 ordered that Mr Ifedayo Olarinde aka Daddy Freeze should pay N5m for committing adultery with his lover Benedicta Elechi with whom he bore a son Jason in 2015. Daddy Freeze is to pay the N5m to Benedicta's husband, Mr Paul Odekina.

The presiding Judge, Hon Justice Akpughunum in a judgment which lasted more than 1.3Omin, ruled that Benedicta's husband proved his case of adultery against Daddy Freeze and Benedicta through photographic, documentary and electronic evidence and also by the admission of Benedicta Elechi herself. The Judge referred to Benedicta as a 'self-acclaimed adulterer".

It should be recalled that both Daddy Freeze and Benedicta were married to different spouses at the time of her pregnancy for Jason. Freeze's marriage to Opeyemi collapsed in the course of the extramarital affair and the marriage was subsequently dissolved in 2019 by a Lagos High Court. Early in the extramarital affair, Freeze had gone to the social media to spread the falsehood that his wife was violent and beating him up. It has now been revealed that the theatrics was all part of the crisis he instigated in both his home and the home of his lover Benedicta to justify their unholy relationship.

Other details of the Port Harcourt Judgement are: -Dissolution of Benedicta's marriage to Paul Odekina based on Paul Odekin's Cross Petition. Benedicta was unable to prove her allegations of abandonment & sexual impropriety against her husband whereas her husband was able to prove his case of adultery against her.

Furthermore, the court dismissed Benedicta's prayer seeking for N1.5m monthly upkeep, annual vacation abroad, share in the family estate and many more on the grounds that she did not establish any of her claims.
The court also granted custody of the 3 children from the marriage to her husband, declaring that she was unfit in character and behaviour to bring up children, citing her admission of adultery, her conduct during the trial and her statement that she would not recommend her conduct to her daughters. The court also ordered Benedicta to hand over the children's birth certificates and international passports to their father, Mr Paul Odekina.
The Judge further ruled that the adopted daughter of the erstwhile couple, who is a biological daughter of Benedicta's sister is to remain in their joint custody.

It should be recalled that the same Benedicta went on Linda Ikeji Blog in January 2018 to make wild and scandalous allegations against her husband but failed to provide evidence in court when occasion demanded.

Information available reveals that Benedicta was running a multi million naira food processing business set up for her by her husband in Port Harcourt when she started her affair with Freeze. Many believe that Freeze's ultimate objective was to take possession of the business.

As of today, Freeze's former wife Opeyemi has fled to the US due to threats to her safety and the impact of the orchestrated marital crisis and social media behaviour of Daddy Freeze on the mental health of her children. Following Opeyemi's departure from Freeze's house, Benedicta moved in with her 4 children in 2O16.

Counsel to Mr Odekina, Elder Wilcox Abereton SAN leading Salubi Ebojoh Esq, Victor Nwaiwu Esq, & Eberechi Kema Esq, although not fully satisfied with the award of N5 Million damages against Daddy Freeze, however applauded the court and hoped the judgment would assuage his client for the pain inflicted on him by Daddy Freeze. He was happy that Justice has finally been served in spite of Daddy Freeze and Benedicta's media lies.
Benedicta and Daddy Freeze were represented by B.J. Monsigha Esq.

Also a case involving impersonation by Daddy Freeze is ongoing in the Lagos High Court . The case was filed by Benedicta's estranged husband. We gathered that Freeze took Benedicta's daughter from boarding school in Port Harcourt and enrolled her in the wrong class in Caleb international school Lekki, Lagos, where he signed all admission documents parading himself as her Father.

Source: @andelasmith_


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Religion / Re: Five Things Every Christian Must Know About Sex (must Read) by lucarella: 5:23pm On Feb 09, 2020

I knew it. All of you are the same. You claim we are liars but you lie to make us accept Jesus. How many Christian have been killed for 72 virgins in Southwest despite the tens of millions of Muslims there?

You will die telling lies for Christ.

Jesus and your God used Taqiya here.

Even though I don't believe the Gospels teach that Jesus taught he was God, however this example is for those who believe that Jesus is God. Jesus admits that he was speaking figuratively all this time...

John 16:25
"Though I have been speaking figuratively (paroimia), a time is coming when I will no longer use this kind of language but will tell you plainly about my Father.

Why wasn't Jesus speaking in a normal and clear way all the time? Why did Jesus then go and say that he won't 'use this kind of language'?

Well, here we find out why...

Mark 4:10-12
When he was alone, the Twelve and the others around him asked him about the parables. 11He told them, "The secret of the kingdom of God has been given to you. But to those on the outside everything is said in parables 12so that," 'they may be ever seeing but never perceiving, and ever hearing but never understanding; otherwise they might turn and be forgiven!'

So here we see that Jesus was deceiving certain people by speaking in parables so that they won't (and God forbid!) REPENT AND BE FORGIVEN!

Also in...

2 Thessalonians 2:11
For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie.

So God will delude people so that they chan believe lies?

Don't mail me o!

Foreign Affairs / Re: Donald Trump Acquited As US Senate Ends Impeachment Trial by lucarella: 12:18am On Feb 06, 2020

Open your mouth in public and dispel every doubt we might have of your stupidity

Stupid dingbat


Foreign Affairs / Re: Donald Trump Acquited As US Senate Ends Impeachment Trial by lucarella: 11:22pm On Feb 05, 2020
These Nigerians supporting Trump are the most ignorant and senseless people on the planet. Little wonder why Nigeria is still the way it is.

Do you even have any clue who or what Trump is? Do you know that because of Trump, America isn't given much recognition both military wise and economic wise. People are making fun of the man and you dingbats are here applauding his indeed shameful acquittal.
He has destroyed the values and efforts that made America great. Manufacturers and farmers in the US are struggling, wage hasn't increased. Tax cuts only benefitted the rich (who can't even believe their luck). Racial hatred Gun violence is on the sharp rise and these ones are here hailing the major orchestrator. Read a book ,watch the news and stop being stupid. Hailing him won't get you a greencard. Stupid!

Well, alot of takeaways from this exercise:
A study revealed that majority of voters across the world never vote for those in their best interest for numerous reasons. That study is 100 percent right.

Politicians are the same everywhere. Be it in Nigeria or abroad. People will choose loyalty and benefit over systems. No one is interested about the future.

The world will always be polarized by racism, religion, upbringing and selfish interests.

SMH! Dark day for democracy.

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Celebrities / Re: ''Shindara Fatoyinbo Born 2002, Krest Shutdown In 2001" - Kemi Olunloyo by lucarella: 12:48pm On Jul 10, 2019
They should continue. So people had started blogging as far back as 2001 abi? Where was the internet then? Where was AllAfrica?
The Coza pastor and Kemi should come and tell us another story. These folks were paid to put up that story just recently and backdated it to 2001.
Sports / Re: Coutinho To Be Sold By Barcelona After UCL Exit, Valverde Fate Uncertain Too by lucarella: 7:09pm On May 09, 2019
All these wailing by some barca fans are unnecessary!
Stop all these blame games.....
To me I think,the people to first blame are the fans of barcelona....

Check the social media,TV and radio with so many barca fans already capturing a finals with their already imagined opponents AJAX!

Most of the fans chastising valverde were applauding his perceived masterclass in the first leg....some even said liverpool will lose scandalously to barcelona at anfield grin

The most annoying and totally disrespectful post on Tuesday was a post on Barcelona twitter handle just after Liverpool scored their first through origi...

"Liverpool scores,no problem....we will score immediately and Liverpool will need 5 goals"

They made their players over confident and distracted....no wonder they didn't see the run of origi for d first!

Well the rest is history and i dont think a month will be enough to make them forget the massacre at anfield!

But I agree with some fans who think some top players are getting past their prime and the coach is not good enough!

Exactly my point. The UCL is a tournament and atmospheres decide games sometimes. Now Valverde is the worst coach in the world because he threw away an advantage in 2 years.
They forget that Juventus almost made a comeback against Real Madrid last year and Roma nearly did it against liverpool.
Sports / Re: Coutinho To Be Sold By Barcelona After UCL Exit, Valverde Fate Uncertain Too by lucarella: 6:47pm On May 09, 2019

Nope. From your analysis,valverde is a good coach,let barca give him more 5years contract. Let's see what happens. If barca ever win a UCL under this coach,I delete myself!!! Fans like u have been defending him all this while. With messi in ur team,if ur too smart as a coach,u can easily win UCL.

I confirmed Mr VV as sh!t d moment he rested messi last season just to go and play a friendly game in south Africa and lost his long unbeaten record for the season.... Try and use YouTube to look at some tactical decisions of this man in some matches and u will v nothing to conclud than d man being sh!t.

Please. Which dembele do u say will developed later Is it moussa dembele or the one in barca Dembele won us more points this season from stats but he was as sh!tty as anything. Do u know how many times he missed sitters?? Guy,try and run a comparism of dembele @21 abs neymar @21

I never said Valverde is a good coach. He's an average coach with his own tactics. Everybody is different. We have conceded lesser goals since Luis Enrique ever since Valverde became coach. Your problem is that you guys have gotten so used to winning la Liga and copa del Rey that the champs league has become the only trophy to be won. Tata Martino changed absolutely nothing in Barca in 2014. Guess who won the la Liga? Atletico. Guess who knocked us out of the champs league emphatically home and away? Atletico! We were second fiddle in Spain! Coaches have their style and Valverde isn't shyt. He may not be Barcelona standard but he's not a bad coach. You forget that Valverde intensified the partnership btw Jordi Alba and Messi, better than any other manager. The left footed centre backs are a factor for Alba's progress

Do you think playing Messi week in week out is good for him? The over reliance in him is astonishing. He gets a major injury at this stage and that's going to be a big problem.

Neymar at 21 was already regarded a Brazilian great and was already being compared to Pele. Dembele hasn't got up to 15 apps for France. You say he won us lots of points from stats and then you say he's shyt? Na wa oo. He was even doing so from the bench!
Dembele is still a fringe player but his talent is so raw and undiluted except you want to lie to yourself. He may not be a 'Barcelona' player but he certainly is one of the hottest prospects in modern day football if he is fit.
Sports / Re: Coutinho To Be Sold By Barcelona After UCL Exit, Valverde Fate Uncertain Too by lucarella: 1:38pm On May 09, 2019
Coutinho is so terrible that I can't believe that a player of his qualities can be so intimidated by his fellow club. His problem is that he's so intimidated by Messi and the rest that he can't play. He'll do better in Man Utd. Low confidence guy!

Suarez is still lethal anytime anyday. But age is telling also.
Sports / Re: Coutinho To Be Sold By Barcelona After UCL Exit, Valverde Fate Uncertain Too by lucarella: 1:29pm On May 09, 2019

Since my existence as a barca fan,this has been the worst barca coach. A coach with zero tactics... And the worst part is that barca won't still sack him. Whats worst than blewing up a 3-0 advantage in a UCL as coach twice?? And barca board is still contemplating on whether to sack him. Even Wenger wouldn't have thrown away 3-0 advantage.

Mr valverde is the worst coach I have ever seen without a tactics. When the season was abt go start,I told some of my fellow barca fans that it will.be difficult barca winning a UCL under this amateur coach called valverde.why would this idiot of a coach remove the third option he had in attack line when which was coutinho to introduce a midfielder when he knows he needs just a goal to kill off the match? How on earth did this idiot coach never taught of starting the match with 4-4-2 atkeast to keep possession and shut Liverpool down for some mins? Barca should stop politics and employ a coach with a CV not some kinda mid table materials....

I know you're upset. We all are upset but this is certainly wrong analysis right here. This forms part of the reasons why other fans say Barca fans are new generation fans. Relax.
Valverde may be an average coach but he is a tactical coach. He just came up against a better and more experienced manager and his inadequacies were left to bare. You just dont change a formation because you want to kill a game.. You can ruin the rhythm of the team. Besides, Valverde switches to a 4-4-2 formation when Barca isn't with the ball. That has helped with stability in the defence. Valverde is a pragmatic coach and he'll rather soak up pressure than forcefully attack. Yes he's an average manager but he's not the worst of all.

Secondly, I have been one person always against still keeping pique in barca. This dude is thr@sh especially when his assistant in CB is bad. Puyol covers this dude for over some seasons and he looked so good before umtiti covered him partly last season. Pique is one hell of a dude that can't withstand d pressure once his partner in defence is having a bad day. I totally criticised the idea of buying left footed defenders only when they were signing defenders without planning for a pique replacement. For those comparing pique to puyol,your just a modern day hypocrite!!!! Pique is absolute thr@sh that's being favoured by barca board cos he is a Spaniard

Haba! Pique is one of the most intelligent defenders in modern day football. I think his only problem is that fact that he doesn't have PRESENCE. It's a let down considering his height. You're right about him caving under pressure but that's a mentality issue and not an ability issue. Well, you may be right about buying left footed defenders. From Barca's standpoint, these left footed defenders provide cover for Jordi Alba to freely roam the left flank.

Again,whosoever that advices barca to still keep Suarez is the main architect if failure in nou camp. The number of times barca won a UCL of late,check the front line, they have always v a front trio that would score as much as 100+ goals in a season. Not scoring just 2 goals in matches and decide to defend.

What?! Suarez is the last of his kind. He has given us everything. Messi being able to put in this kind performance at his age (with reduced speed and stamina) is partly due to Suarez. His workrate off the ball is amazing. You forget he's gotten old too. And your analysis about scoring 100+ goals and winning champs league doesn't hold water. This is a tournament. Not the best playing or scoring teams win the UCL.

There is no way only messi can kill himself for the club. Barca GATS plan perfectly well on how to get a CF and a LWF... Dembele is pure sh!t. D earlier the better we realise that.

Dembele isn't shyt. Dude is 21 years in a star studded team and a different pattern of play style. He needs time and he just needs to be fit. In my opinion Coutinho is the worst ever top player to put on a Barca Jersey. Fabregas was far better than this.

With this present happenings, barca still had plans to sell rackitic who is their second best midfielder and keep some other sh!ts in the team.... The transfer policy of late sucks. Imagine those days LA masia graduants were always promoted,things v always been fine until.barca went to adopt real Madrid format and start buying some sh!tty players.

Rakitic is very intelligent but he has certainly passed his prime. In order to play the way Barca needs to play, the players have to be physically active and fit. Rakitic is over 30 and didn't have injury problems all season. He played most Barca matches and he is certainly fatigued and has run low on energy. He needs to be sold.

Look guy, dont let your emotions cloud your analysis. It happened twice in 2 years, true. Valverde is to blame, true. But the circumstances are different. Roma were underestimated. Liverpool were not and they bullied us with their plan. It's as simple as that. Barca had 7 players over 30 years in that squad. In modern day football, That's terrible! I couldn't hear the champs league song at the beginning of the game because the Liverpool fans were chanting their song so loud. Coutinho looses confidence in front of his fans, how can you put him to start in such an atmosphere in front of liverpool fans he 'betrayed'? Bad decisions. Dude should be the first to leave that team.
But I agree with you, we need a new experienced manager. The champs league needs experience, luck and tactical masterclass and Valverde clearly is inadequate in all 3.


Politics / Re: INEC Situation Room For Tomorrow’s Election Is Up And Runing (photos) by lucarella: 3:27am On Feb 16, 2019
What kind of monkey situation room is this?? It should be in an office and with Desktops not laptops. All computers must be connected to a central online server and all activities on the computers recorded all through the elections.

This is an election for the leader of the whole country! Not a local government chairman!

Politics / Re: I’m On National Reconciliation Project –olawepo-hashim by lucarella: 4:56pm On Feb 06, 2019
This is certainly not how to run a campaign. Even if you’re not going to win, at least have some media popularity. This guy is not even close to gaining any popularity.

Give your campaigns to media professionals, you won’t hear, you go and give it to Nairaland mods. You think Nairaland is that potent a platform? The fact that it is faceless alone has ruined your campaign.
Politics / Re: Guinness Nigeria Blasts Man Who Called Peter Obi Liar: Shut Up Your Dirty Mouth by lucarella: 12:34am On Dec 15, 2018
Give a professional to handle your thing, oh no! They will give it to their friends and those they can share money with.

This is the result

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Sports / Re: Ernesto Valverde: "Lionel Messi Is The Greatest Of All Time" by lucarella: 6:23am On Dec 11, 2018

Ronaldinho is my personal best. But Messi is the GOAT. Ronaldinho made us all love football.
Sports / Re: Ernesto Valverde: "Lionel Messi Is The Greatest Of All Time" by lucarella: 6:18am On Dec 11, 2018
Rooney: I do all sorts of crazy stuff with Messi on my video game. The funny thing is, he is better in real life!

Sports / Re: Ronaldo Urges Messi: Come To Italy, Try Something New by lucarella: 11:16pm On Dec 10, 2018
You all are funny creatures, to those who keep the notion that by Ronaldo joining juve and already established team is not challenging, I feel you guys are blinded by sentiment and hatred, do you guys play football yourself, if you do you'd know style of play differs for various teams, and also for various leagues, I'd know you'd say I'm a Ronaldo fan. yes I'm and I love Messi but not equally, Messi is great I agree but I really feel he would settle a lot of dispute if he plays in another league, he struggles with his national team even with the stars around him. I'm not typing all this to place Ronaldo over Messi but please let's use our heads, leagues are not the same, every league holds it's challenge...do you even think of the weather, the new type of opponents. Italy is a defensive league sensible people know that. It's challenging playing in another league be it with juve or chivo you guys should just think things through and not cloud your judgement with sentiment and hatred, they are great players.

Your explanations don’t hold water. Ronaldo and Messi are two DIFFERENT players. Ronaldo is a striker (if you actually play football, you won’t even dare to argue this). Messi is a playmaker. The problem is, Messi is equally as good in goal scoring as Ronaldo, if not better. But, Ronaldo is horrible as a playmaker.

Just so I don’t keep repeating myself, one question for you. Who is the best defender and goalkeeper in the world? Your answers will further buttress our point.

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Sports / Re: Ronaldo Urges Messi: Come To Italy, Try Something New by lucarella: 6:17pm On Dec 10, 2018
you're having a hard time distinguishing talent from achievement. Ronaldo has won domestic titles in 4 countries that is 3 more than Messi. He has won an international trophy which Messi has never, he has won more UCL titles, he has won as many if not more personal awards as Messi, played in as many world cups..these are just facts baba leave sentiment out of it. You want to argue with facts again?

Winning 20 titles in 20 countries isn’t an achievement. It’s like you saying because I’m able to speak 5 languages more than you, I’m better than you. How many TITLES has Ronaldo got more than Messi. The only place Ronaldo edges Messi is international success and the UCL and it’s just one title apart. Not to mention the age difference between the two which puts Ronaldo ahead in terms of appearances.

I don’t even mind you calling Ronaldo a more accomplished player, but the question is who is a better player? Even a blind man, by virtue of listening to just commentaries in games where both players have played, will undoubtedly choose Messi.

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Sports / Re: Ronaldo Urges Messi: Come To Italy, Try Something New by lucarella: 6:03pm On Dec 10, 2018
Ronaldo was the most expensive football player when he went to Madrid. That’s not looking for a new challenge, that’s an UPGRADE.

Same with Dembele going to Barcelona. That’s an upgrade. Now, if Ronaldo was considered the greatest, why didn’t Real Madrid hold him off for a super expensive price? We all know that the clubs can do this and Ronaldo’s contract wasn’t up yet.

You know the truth. Madrid was fed up of him and Juve (not even PSG) were the only ones ready to spend up to 100m Euros on him.

By the way, the reason why Madrid was getting fed up of him was that his contribution to the team (although significant) was dwindling. Right from 2013. Zidane leaving Madrid was a pointer that Madrid was a time bomb. The same way Guardiola felt when he left Barca.

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Religion / Re: Daddy Freeze: Don't Be Deceived By Hypocrisy Of Men! By Omooba77 by lucarella: 2:12pm On Dec 09, 2018
Can someone please explain to me why a lot of "Christians" are so pained by the issue of tithe. Why not just concentrate on paying yours and receive all your blessings rather than responding to what freeze is pointing out about tithe.

Freeze made it a point of duty to back up his teachings with FULL relevant Bible passages and historical facts. The only thing advocates have hinged on is an EXCERPT from Malachi and not the issue in a full context.
If I am sure I receive so much from doing a particular thing, I won't be so mad if someone claims contrary.

Your explanations don’t cut it in my opinion. I use football as an example. If someone comes to discredit your football club (which you don’t own), the normal thing to do is to defend your club. It’s just normal. However, you need to understand (as psychology is concerned) that a lie being said a thousand times can be misinterpreted as the truth. Anyone can twist the Bible to commit sin and atrocities. At least the same bible that Freeze is quoting from, encourages murder and also discourages it (as seen in the 10 commandments).
Let the Holy Spirit guide each person to the truth. All I see is ignorant following and justification for actions.
Religion / Re: Daddy Freeze: Don't Be Deceived By Hypocrisy Of Men! By Omooba77 by lucarella: 2:00pm On Dec 09, 2018

Religion is a scam in Nigeria.

The rich want front seats in the church so they pay tithes and be noticed by the congregation. A poor man is living next to their door who can't feed but they turn blind eyes cos nobody will see them helping him.

Developed countries give less attention to religion but we here in Nigeria put am for head like crayfish and still do shocking evil things everywhere in the country.

You preach about love for your neighbors but you hate your neighbors including their dogs.

If poor people around u can't benefits from u, and instead u pack your riches to the church to be noticed and praised, you are doing yourself.

My guy, I don’t know if it’s right or wrong to pay tithes but I tell you this. You need to see what happens in those ‘developed’ countries. The senseless crimes (almost everyone above 21 is allowed to own a gun), the mentally unstable people walking the streets like normal beings, natural disasters, the DISEASE in the air and in the food they eat. Here in the US, the hospitals are filled to the brim. People are sick and dying. As developed as they are, there’s still an acute shortage of medical personnel. Not everything that glitters is gold.
Politics / Re: FG Freezes Bank Accounts Of Suspects On ‘looters List’ by lucarella: 4:15pm On Nov 29, 2018
How stupid can this government be? On the other hand, they are all working together. You release a list light years ago and you are just freezing accounts now? I bet anyone of them on the list has up to 500,000 naira left in those accounts. Liquid cash everywhere and in different accounts.

Nigeria is a joke! Campaign strategy. We will still NOT vote for you bandits.

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Travel / Re: Never Depend On Anybody That Is Outside The Country by lucarella: 3:09am On Nov 20, 2018

People abroad change because they are as broke as you?

It doesn't make sense.

All the people "abroad" have come to act like they're doing so much out there and money is so hard to come by. It's hard to come by anywhere. There's no reason for throwing people under the bus.

The OP is simply wondering why his friend refuses to communicate with him when he's not begging him for anything and simply wants to remain friends with him as he was when he was in Nigeria. It has nothing to do with his "money".

The ego Africans give when they leave the continent is silly. You really think everyone is after you for nonexistent money, Africans abroad? South Africans do this thing. Kenyans do it. Because of this ego black people have.

I've never treated people shabbily because I think they're after my money. I called them myself from outside of Nigeria, not because they had/have anything to offer me in Nigeria, but because we are friends! All the talk of economy in the UK and elsewhere is just another reason to be unkind to people who knew you when you were in the dirt with them. It's not always about money.

While I know some people do this out of an over bloated ego and pride, others genuinely don’t have the time for chats and catching up. They are extremely busy and have a million things taking their time. Sadly, friends and even family aren’t a priority. Abroad isn’t meant for idle people the way Nigeria is. This is not to disrespect the Nigerian culture but while you sit in your office here in Nigeria and you can chat with your friend and then receive a full monthly salary, you definitely can’t do that abroad because you are being paid for that time (if you’re working). When they are back from work, they are knackered and have to prepare for the next day.

It’s a tough life!


Politics / Re: 2019: "Obasanjo Is Dishonest, Unpatriotic," "Buhari Is A Useless Man" - Sowore by lucarella: 2:42pm On Oct 17, 2018
Wish he was on a grounded platform, would have voted him.

But until then, children of God, let's Atikukate.
This generation is wasted. So you’re voting a grounded platform and not a personality? You really are hungry and the bag of rice promised to you will soon finish.


Sports / Re: Thierry Henry Confirmed As New AS Monaco Coach (Photos) by lucarella: 4:24pm On Oct 13, 2018
where did Zidane started from? Oversabi

Real Madrid TEAM B! He started small sir.
Politics / Re: Peter Obi Pops Champagne As Atiku Picks Him As Running Mate. Photo by lucarella: 10:30pm On Oct 12, 2018
Nigeria is a useless country! The battle now is between Atiku and Buhari. No one is giving a thought to a disruptive election where a different person is voted in.
Same old recycled bandits! We the youth are the greatest problem of this country.

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Art, Graphics & Video / Re: Why Professional Logo Design Does Not Cost N2,000 by lucarella: 5:11pm On Oct 12, 2018
Oh please spare me! Everyone will create a story around a thing just to appear professional and make money off it.
A logo is a logo. If a company becomes a Fortune 500 company, the logo (no matter how it was created) automatically becomes a case study. If you pay 2,000 for a logo and it’s attractive enough to describe your brand, stick with it and invest more in making your company successful.

Logos don’t help your company become successful.


Religion / Re: Pastors Should Apologize When Their Prophecies Fail – Bishop Mike Okonkwo by lucarella: 9:07pm On Aug 21, 2018
One of the real men of God I respect. He has not joined politics with Christianity

Taah! But he is chronically materialistic! Go check out the bad state of the road of the street to his house.
He said he’ll fix the road only if the street is named after him. Go find out.

Man of God indeed undecided
Celebrities / Re: Daddy Freeze Blasts Prophet Udensi Godlove Over Lagos Tanker Accident by lucarella: 5:09pm On Jun 29, 2018
It just shows how ignorant this Freeze is. Not siding the pastor but if someone sees a vision. It’s not expected to be vivid or completely exact. The most important thing is that he saw something which cannot be denied.

He can only try to put pieces together and draw conclusions using his mental understanding.
Sports / Re: Super Eagles Players Train Ahead Of A Must Win Match Tomorrow(pics) by lucarella: 6:45am On Jun 26, 2018
Quite frankly, we can’t stand the class of these Argentines. Don’t give yourselves false hope. Messi is going for blood in this match.

I understand the support for our country but a win will be a miracle
Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs Iceland : World Cup (2 - 0) On 22nd June 2018 by lucarella: 8:12pm On Jun 22, 2018
Dear Nigerians,
We will like to congratulate you for your display against Iceland. It was nothing short of pure class and will. Against all odds, you showed true strength and courage against a very organized side.
On behalf of the Argentine Federation, we will like to express our heart felt gratitude. Now, get prepared to feel the wrath of the wounded G.O.A.T. who has absolutely nothing to lose.
We wish you best of luck as you take on the challenge.

Personal Assistant to the G.O.A.T


Celebrities / Re: My Take On The Movie; The Black Panther by lucarella: 10:58pm On Feb 19, 2018
Please read this as this gives an entirely different angle to what we Africans think about the Black Panther movie.

**Warning** Some spoilers might be spilled here. I'll advice you watch it first before reading this.

Being a fan of the Marvel series, I was one of the millions of people who couldn't wait for the movie 'The Black Panther' after seeing his role in Captain America Civil War.
For the first time in a very long time, I saw Africans come out in drones to celebrate what was finally an 'African' movie in the Marvel movie series. By all means it was (or seemed). The accent, the music, the 'characters'. It wasn't your typical Hollywood African movie which most of the time is subtly laced with white superiority. This was an AFRICAN AFFAIR. I saw how Africans owned it with so much pride by wearing their native attires to the movie theatres (which by the way made me very proud of Africa).

I decided to watch the movie and half way into the movie (of course, basking in extreme excitement), a phrase struck me. If you have watched this movie, you probably heard a lady say this phrase 'Well, you should have come back for us'. Now let's rewind a bit...

Being in the United States for a couple of months, I got talking with a group of black american ladies and they strongly held the opinion that we Africans do not like them and we feel superior to them. I asked why. And one of them said this exact phrase ' you should have come back for us when we were suffering'. The response was that we Africans never came back for them while they were suffering as slaves to the white man. Of course I denied the bogus claims but they held strongly to them. I started looking for answers and I realized that the black-americans are taught these at their schools as part of history. So what this means is that we Africans have been positioned as the people who made the black americans continue in slavery for a long time. There's a subtle dissemination of hate-induced information passed across to the black americans about Africans. Guess who's at the fore front of it? The White Man.

Back to the movie. As soon as I heard that phrase, the way I viewed the movie onwords changed instantly. I started noticing the way in which we are being fed the wrong information which continually makes us stand divided as Africans. Here are the things I noticed about the movie;

They tried to tell us that we Africans are the major cause of our problems and that's why we remain where we are. Internal crisis, lust for power and lack of unity. Let me explain.
1. When the Black Panther was to be crowned king, he was objected by the leader of another tribe who accused him of being weak. The Black Panther had to fight that leader - even though he was the rightful heir to the throne. (Internal crisis and lust for power)
2. Just when I thought the white guy (the thief) was going to be the 'bad guy', I quickly realized that it was a black american, who felt he had been wrongly treated and his father murdered by his uncle (the king) and worked so hard so that he wanted to rule (Another show of internal crisis, greed and lust for power). Now this is the most important. This scene just mirrored what the black americans think of us in real life. Trust me, I have talked with a lot of them. They believe they are smarter, better and are supposed to rule Africa. The seed of hatred is being planted in their minds from school.
3. The very close friend of the King and Protector of the borders turned his back on and attacked the Black Panther when there was a new king. (Another show of disloyalty and lack of unity).

Now what the whites are trying to tell you is this; We are not to be blamed for the woes you face in Africa, you are to be blamed. Which is mostly true but it's all in a bid to perpetually make Africans hate themselves.

Now, another angle to the movie is the fact that there was vibranium (a very rare and technologically advanced substance) in Africa, but the leaders won't share to the rest of the world - which will benefit them economically but rather they masked their resources with abject poverty and continued to make themselves look like a third world country to the whole world . The excuse from the African leaders being that it'll destroy the whole world if the resources are used to make weapons. A show of greed and lack of intelligence if you ask me.

Why do you think an average American will die for his country? Simple! Have you watched the U.S Military films. Most of them will make you shed a tear and show you how far the U.S army will go for their citizens. It's a subtle way to tell you how important an American is. This they do through movies.

The whites did very well in taking themselves off the picture in this movie, but I can bet anything on it that it was deliberate. The major threat to the white dominance and supremacy in this world is the total UNITY OF THE BLACK RACE. They know this and they are moving to stop this asap.
So this is why we shouldn't get overly excited about it. It's not an African movie. The producers are all white. We are playing into their hands. They are feeding us the wrong information. Stop the orchestrated dances, attires and African pride and ownership to the movie. They got you where they want to and are making so much money off you. I bet they are all sitting down looking at us and laughing their butts off.

Not taking anything away from the movie, it's a super movie. I think it's one of the best Marvel movies I've watched so far. A lot of people will think it's over-hyped because there weren't many fight scenes as we expected but I can tell you this; this was orchestrated to give you a background story as to why we Africans are the way we are. Nothing less! Be wise!

Mynd44, lalasticlala

We should be a lot smarter than this. These oyinbo people are bereft of ideas and the next stop is Africa. We really need to get our acts together and not dance to their tune. The Black Panther was a nice move though.


Career / Re: What Advice Would You Give Undergraduates About The Labour Market? by lucarella: 3:27pm On Jan 25, 2018
Sincerely! Drop out of school and get a mentor. Everything they learnt in school won't be useful to them - except they want to be doctors or nurses.

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