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Crime / Re: Policeman’s Wife Cooking For Robbers In Zamfara, AIG Says by muyoto: 2:16pm On Nov 16, 2012
candieangel12: Space for sell.
Price is $500


Just wondering, is your husband by any chance a policeman?
Politics / Re: Oba Of Benin Visits Oshiomhole by muyoto: 11:27am On Nov 16, 2012
Its really unprecdented for the Oba to leave his palace to visit any person. It shows the level of importance and respect he has for Oshio Baba.

Oba gha to kpere, ise!
Crime / Re: Masquerade Rapes Undergraduate Nursing Mother In Nsukka by muyoto: 9:56am On Jun 01, 2012
until and unless that eedoit is caught and dealt with , revolting stories like will continue
Politics / Re: Six New States Coming Soon - National Assembly by muyoto: 8:15pm On May 30, 2012
Eziachi: Nigerians are really funny bunch!
Yesterday they want Nigerian divided, some romancing and designing their new nations flags and coats of arms.
Today they want and clamouring for one state after another? Confused/wasted generation.
More new states, more new his excellencies and their legion of aides
More Patience Jonathan clones in the arms of to be new excellencies. More London/Paris, New York private Jet trip shoppings.

When a man constantly believed that by having more children upon the one he cannot feed is his only way out of poverty, then you have to question his sanity.
Those who are struggling to make the senate in the old state now has an easy ride to governorship in the new states.
Councillorship candidates now become senatorial candidates.
More states, more watering down the quality of leadership (sorry rulership), ore moronic followership.
Every people deserve their kind of leadership.

GBAM!! Spoken like a true elder. May you live long.

simply put, more states=more room for opportunists (call them politicians if you like) to further plunder what is left
our declining reserves. nonsnse angry angry
Politics / Re: AMAZING: NAFDAC Uncovers Illegal Drug Factory In Onitsha by muyoto: 6:21pm On May 29, 2012
^^^what exactly is your point? #zeezh undecided

1 Like

Politics / Re: Reuben Abati Explains Why The President Didn't Say Amen To Anti Corruption Pray by muyoto: 3:44pm On May 28, 2012
very funny
Politics / Re: U.S Delivers Damning Verdict On GEJ’s Anti-corruption War by muyoto: 8:27pm On May 26, 2012
MsDarkSkin: America calling Nigeria corrupt...

THE STOVE calling the kettle black. grin tongue


Big deal.

CNN is a private institution, and I believe it remains their prerogative to edit certain parts of any report they are uncomfortable with. So i don't see where the issue of corruption comes up here. . .and even if it does, I'm not convinced it's anywhere near the unbridled, colossally sickening scale we are currently witnessing in Nigeria.
Politics / Re: NNPC: "Oil Thieves Have Hijacked Political Power!" by muyoto: 8:03pm On May 26, 2012
what an interesting thread. . .BTW what was the thread supposed to be about?
Politics / Re: Legislative Scorecard! How Have Your Senators And Reps Fared? by muyoto: 8:01pm On May 26, 2012
who be my senator sef?


Politics / Re: Jonathan Will Contest In 2015 – Edwin Clark by muyoto: 7:59pm On May 26, 2012
@OP let him also contest in 2019 if he wants
Career / Re: Let's Discuss Salaries by muyoto: 10:05am On May 20, 2012
Interesting thread. For the pharmacist its about 170k (gross) while doctors 220k at the federal institutions which is perhaps one of the best paying. states vary between 50 to 80% of the federal package.
The NGO's for all the glamour only pays slightly higher than what obtains at the federal. Where we make our money from is the numerous trainings we get to attend.
Politics / Re: Subsidy Removal: Jonathan & Back-Stabbing Governors by muyoto: 11:35am On May 09, 2012
unprecedented increase in poverty, mind-boggling revelations of corruption occurring under his watch, yet our dear GEJ has considered it timely to increase the cost of two very essential commodities that have a direct impact on the average Nigerian, fuel and electricity tariff, in less than a year.

Oga Jona you do well o! sad
Car Talk / Re: by muyoto: 8:10pm On May 07, 2012
yes they are!! cheesy
Religion / Re: TB Joshua Officially Banned From Cameroun by muyoto: 7:52pm On May 07, 2012
The minister said that while the bible asks us to be discreet with gifts and donations to the poor, T.B. Joshua is seen daily dolling out bags of rice to indigent people.

out of the unmitigated trash posted by the minister, this is he only thing that caught my attention. A classic case of bad belle syndrome if you ask me.
Business / Re: Mall Revolution Sweeps Nigeria (pics) by muyoto: 7:42pm On May 07, 2012
armyofone: Nice, i hope they have them all over nigeria. no need for someone in Kano coming for excursion to see the blessed mall of lagos/abuja.

not at all

Kano has about two giant malls: one is City Mall and the other recently opened along Ibrahim Taiwo way (can't remember the name now)

If not for the Boko Haram crises, I would have been in Kano by now and would have uploaded pictures
Autos / Re: A Registered 2002 Peugeot 406 For Sale 950k by muyoto: 8:25pm On May 06, 2012
first time I'm seeing an auto trans
Politics / Re: BREAKING News! Kano Under Boko Haram Attack, 4 Killed by muyoto: 6:58pm On May 06, 2012
any latest update?
Politics / Re: It Was Letter To G.E.J All Right, But NOT From Transparency International! by muyoto: 9:18pm On May 03, 2012
it appears the letter arose from the Save Nigeria Group which gave a copy to the Tribune, the only paper, as I'm aware, to have carried the story. I'm not sure if the Prof is their member though

Sports / Re: Malian Soldiers Raid Sunshine Stars Of Akure FC Hotel In Bamako by muyoto: 9:01pm On May 03, 2012
Speaking after the incident from Bamako, Oluwaniyi [b]said he nearly pass
out [/b]when he saw the solders at his door at that odd hour

becos of soja he wan pass out?? grin grin

BTW where is the source of this story?
Crime / Re: The total of 100.000 people has been killed in nigeria in the last 4 months. by muyoto: 8:58pm On May 03, 2012
why is it important? undecided
Politics / It Was Letter To G.E.J All Right, But NOT From Transparency International! by muyoto: 8:56pm On May 03, 2012
evidently, someone thought it wise to deploy his impeccable wit to paint a very compelling picture of the truly horrendous scale of corruption presently in the country.

that person is no other than Pius Adesamni, a professor of English language at Carleton University in the USA and a columnist with Sahara Reporters.

Politics / Re: Transparency International To GEJ: 'Your Country Is A Den Of Thieves' by muyoto: 8:27pm On May 03, 2012
AjanleKoko: Come off it. This cannot possibly be a true story. Just read the letter. No organization would put out something as unprofessional as this.
Prolly meant to be some sort of joke.

I had that sneaking suspicion as well. I tried Googling the so called 'Fitch associates', but all I came up with is the letter allegedly written by them to GEJ.

Lets see what Abati will have to say about it.
Crime / Re: SHOCKER: Man Assaults Wife With Hot Pressing Iron ( A MUST-READ ) by muyoto: 8:55pm On Apr 30, 2012
A clear case of insanity if you ask me. sad
Crime / Re: SHOCKER: Man Assaults Wife With Hot Pressing Iron ( A MUST-READ ) by muyoto: 8:44pm On Apr 30, 2012
Below is the latest in the heart-wrenching saga. . .

My wife slept with my father thrice – Son…*It’s an abomination, I never did that- father
Henry Nnadi, the 38- year-old dry cleaner that killed his 1-year-old son, Ebuka, and burnt his wife, Mercy,36, with hot iron for allegedly sleeping with his 65-year-old father, has finally spoken on the circumstances that led to his beastly act from the confines of his prison cell at Kirikiri, Lagos.

Looking remorseless over the pains he inflicted on his wife of two years, the fair-skinned Henry only showed regrets when the issue of his dead son came up. “That was the worst thing I have ever done in my entire life. When he woke up crying for milk, I looked at him in anger and a voice came saying kill him, he is not your son. In obedience to that voice, I hit him hard on the neck several times.”

Insisting that he was unsure of the paternity of the boy, Henry gave vivid details of what transpired on the fateful Saturday, April 7, 2012. Excerpts:

“I am sure of what I am talking about. My wife, Mercy has been sleeping with my father. Before the incident, I have cautioned her to stop going to my father’s house because I suspected their moves . But she wouldn’t listen. Then one day, when she was about going out, I told her not to leave the house but she disobeyed me and went out. I waited for a while before going straight to my father’s place which is not far from where I live .

Mrs Nnadi at hospital

And to confirm my claim, immediately I arrived there, I knocked and my father opened the door with a towel round his waist. As I made to go in, he prevented me by blocking the entrance with his hand. I do not know how my wife managed to escape . But after waiting for a while, I left and immediately I got home, my wife had reached the house, I laughed and went to smoke to cool my temper. I was keeping all that in mind until that Saturday night.

“As I was ironing my customer’s clothes, I looked at my wife where she was sleeping on the bed and anger surged inside of me. I then heard a voice instructing me to go and ask her why she was sleeping with my father. By then, the iron was very hot and I thought I could use that to scare her.”

The suspect, Henry Nnadi

Burning her with the hot iron
I woke her up and asked her to tell me the truth on how many times she had slept with my father. But she refused to talk. Then the voice came to me again to place the hot iron on her and I did. As I was placing it, she told me she had slept with my father three times.

Immediately she mentioned it, I lost my cool and placed it harder on her out of anger. At that point, the child cried, wanting to suck breast. I looked at him wondering if I was actually his father. I thought to myself that it could be possible my father was responsible for the pregnancy that resulted in his birth.

How I killed my son
At this point the suspect kept quiet, bowed his head, shaking it intermittently in self pity. And when he raised his head, his eyes were filled with tears. Thereafter, he rested his chin on his palm and looked at the sky, muttering. After a long pause, this reporter asked him if he actually killed his son.

In reply, he said, “ that is the worst thing I have ever done in my entire life. When Ebuka woke up from sleep that night, crying for breast milk as he always did, I looked at him in anger and the voice came again saying , ‘kill him, he is not your son!’. In obedience to the voice, I hit him hard in the neck several times.”

Asked to described exactly how he did it, he raised his right hand like a boxer, hitting it severally on his left arm, causing this reporter to move backward, for fear of the unknown.

Continuing, he said, “You know he is a baby and very fragile. When my fist landed on him the first time, he screamed. At that point, the mother lifted her hand to prevent my next fist from landing on the boy , but I planted the hot iron on her hand”. Henry, reportedly landed another fist on the little helpless creature . At the third hit, Ebuka, as gathered, could no longer cry. He was still .

When Henry was asked why he was always beating his wife as claimed by neighbours, he admitted that they have had series of quarrel, most of which was caused by his wife’s alleged clandestine relationship with his father. He posited however that “there is no way a man and a woman would live under same roof without quarreling. It is impossible. Yes, we quarreled and settled” .

Asked if he had any regrets for his action, he replied, “sure , I do, mainly because of the death of my son. Why should a child be killed over an offense he knew nothing about? His death will continue to haunt me all the days of my life. I may not live to even atone for this sin but if by sheer providence I do, I will never forgive myself for taking the life of my innocent boy.

All this is the handiwork of the devil. If I had known, I would have not touched my son that night. I know I am going to die because I have killed my son. If it had been my wife, I would not have bothered much . But my son, ah! I have done the unimaginable” he stated in an emotion- laden tone.

When contacted for his reaction to his son’s claim, 65-year- old Theodore Nnadi described the allegation as baseless and unimaginable, wondering how a father could stoop so low as to sleep with his daughter in-law. The light skinned man swore with both visible and invisible substances, denying ever having any feeling of such towards a woman he considered as a daughter. The father of eight who said his name had been dragged in the mud following the allegation and wondered how on earth a son could mete such injustice on his father.

Recalling with pains how he tried all he could to give his son, Henry, a good future, Pa Nnadi revealed that signs of his present predicament reared its ugly head after Henry’s secondary school.

Hear him, “ After his secondary school , he began to move with irresponsible people and street urchins . In order to keep him busy, I took him to a school of engineering where he specialized in factory generator repairs. But before I knew it, that turned out to be my greatest undoing as he went into snatching of motorcycles from riders.

“He would mount a motorcycle, give the rider his destination. But midway, he would pour pepper into the rider’s eyes, causing him to loose balance and in the process make away with the motorbike and sell same at give -away price. He was arrested in one of the occasions and was imprisoned for eight years.

After he finished serving his jail term, I took him to a church where deliverance was carried out on him. Before everybody in the church, he promised never to go back to his past again. After that, he started the dry cleaning job.”

I warned his wife
“After the introduction ceremony and the wife moved in with him, I started getting series of report on how he was maltreating her. Several times, the matter was reported at Ago police station where he was made to write undertaken never to raise his hand on her again. But he never complied. When the beating became unbearable, I personally told his wife never to return to my son when she traveled to her village last year. She stayed for a while, only to come back because my son, as I later learnt, went to beg her.”

Asked if he actually slept with his daughter-in-law, Mr Theodore screamed in anger, “ how can that be? That is an abomination! Before God and man, I never did that. Ah! This child wants to take me to an unprepared grave. I reject that. It is not my portion .I can never try such disgusting thing in my life. Oh my God, at this age?His intention is to soil my name. Go and ask about me where I live, or even from the village I come from. This is unimaginable. Come to think of it, I have a wife.”

Also asked to clarify his son’s claim that he met his wife in his house where the father blocked the entrance, Pa Nnadi replied, almost in tears, “Only God will judge this matter. This child is a bad child. The wife used to sell pap and she usually brings it to my house where she sold to my wife .

Whenever she is leaving my house, my wife would give her some ingredients because my son was not taking care of her and their baby. For instance, when she gave birth to my grandson , Ebuka, it was one of my daughters that brought out N120,000 for the delivery bill because she gave birth through caesarian. But do you know what happened, my son, Henry, stole out of that money from where it was kept and when asked, he argued that the money was too much, that it ought to have been given to him to buy a motorcycle.

He is a pain in the neck. In fact, he had beaten me before in public, simply because I reprimanded him for fighting with his cousin. Since that incident, my people vowed never to visit his house again. I swear to God, I never did that abominable act. I have passed such stage. Besides, I am a God fearing man. Come to think of it, (grins) I live in that apartment with my wife and my other children. How on earth would that happen”?

Emotions, promises, pour in for burnt housewife
Meanwhile, following Mercy’s story published in Vanguard, some concerned Nigerians and groups have continued to call in, signifying their interest to assist Mercy with the medical bill and a possible transfer to another hospital. Among those that called were Zahara Women Foundation, CENTA For Organizational Development, Bimbo Odukoya Foundation and other individuals from different parts of the country and beyond. But none of them, as at Thursday morning, had made any monetary donations.

For Bimbo Odukoya’s Foundation, it promised to visit mercy at the hospital on Thursday evening with a view to carrying out on the spot assessment and proffer possible medical solution.

Zahara Women Foundation on its part, promised to visit the victim yesterday, (Friday),where its co-ordinator who called in from Canada said the foundation would do all within its reach to give Mercy legal backing as well as playing a role on her medical expenses.

Dr Eze of New Revolution hospital located in Ago, Okota area of Lagos hinted that although Mercy was responding to treatment, there are fears that some sensitive parts of the affected area were still to get healed. “For instance, her breast and chest region and her thigh close to the vagina are part of the critical areas.”

Vanguard Crime Guard observation revealed that fluid was still pouring out from under the breast , which seemed to be defiling treatment. The cause, as gathered, was because it was not exposed to air. As a result, the region is always damp with the burns causing sores. She is still going through excruciating pains, with serious anesthetics being administered to her on daily basis.

But the doctor assured that things would take its normal shape with time, disclosing that part of the burns on her back, stomach and hand were getting healed. The doctor also disclosed that as at Thursday evening, only N60,000.00 has been donated by a lady who pleaded anonymity.

But for Mercy to get back quickly on her feet again, she needs funds, first to clear the backlog of close to N600,000 which the hospital claimed was her medical bill. Out of this amount, the hospital said Mercy’s father in-law was only able to pay the sum of N50,000. Presently , Pa Theodore who owns a mini boutique along Ago-Palace Way is finding it difficult to foot the bill.

Crime Guard reliably gathered that the 65-year-old man had resorted to borrowing from people in order to ensure Mercy gets back on her feet again. Plans, as gathered, is on the pipeline to open an account for Mercy where well- meaning Nigerians are enjoined to pay in their widow’s mite, as this will, no doubt, go a long way in ensuring Mercy’s speedy recovery.

And if this is not done on time, there are fears that the burns, particularly in the sensitive areas, could be affected, which unfortunately, can be disastrous for the helpless woman.

Meanwhile, her husband has been charged to the Ebute-Meta magistrate court,where he appeared last Tuesday. But the case could not be heard as his file with charge no G/23/2012 was referred to the Directorate of Public Defender (DPP) for advice.

However, while waiting for the account to be opened, concerned individuals can make their donations in person to the hospital- New Revolution hospital located in Ago, Okota, Lagos or reach Vanguard


Computer Market / Re: Hp Pro Book Core I3 500gb,4gb ram Fingerprint 85,000/hp 630 500gb, #78,000 by muyoto: 7:53pm On Apr 30, 2012
enquirydon2: 2,500

How soon after order will get it?
Romance / Re: The Next Nigga That Approaches Me When Am Studying!!!! by muyoto: 9:35pm On Apr 28, 2012
onila: I will dip my three sharp nails in your damn eyes angry
hor-ny as-s fuc-kers cant control your selves when a [b]fine pretty bit-ch [/b]is studying angry

why do some men do that stup=id sh-it


guy's kindly leave that preety bit-ch alone, biko
Computer Market / Re: Hp Pro Book Core I3 500gb,4gb ram Fingerprint 85,000/hp 630 500gb, #78,000 by muyoto: 9:11pm On Apr 28, 2012
you say you do nation wide delivery? how much will it cost to deliver one to Benue state?
Fashion / Re: MBGN 2012: Pictures Of All Contestants by muyoto: 8:30pm On Apr 28, 2012
DAMN!!!! shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked what exactly does MGBN stand for again

beauiful girls in Naija??


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