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Romance / Re: Olori Diana And Her Drug Addict Boyfriend (Photos) by Nyceguy92: 1:28am On Mar 07
I had headache trying to read this

Are you telling me!

I couldn't continue after a few random lines because it sounded like the ramblings of a patient waking up from anaesthesia.

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Romance / Re: Genotype Is Scattering My Ability To Settle Down by Nyceguy92: 7:25pm On Feb 19
Simply put, you have been unlucky so far. But not to worry.

Your equation: AS+AS = AA, AS kids caught my attention.

Bros, it doesn't work like that. Each time AS + AS couple is expecting a child, the baby's genotype is like a raffle draw.

Depending on whether the baby received A or S material from either parent, the possible genotypes are AA, AS, AS, SS. That is, the odds that your baby will be born with the SS problem is
25%. It seems small but it happens. You may be unlucky with the first child, second, even all of them.

As others suggested, confirm the genotype yourself before you call it quits. Any reasonable person will understand the need to not go further.

Your parents were super lucky that they did not have a stickler among the 7 of you. You may not be as lucky as them.

I have a thread on this topic in my posts.
Car Talk / Re: Which One Should I Go For Toyota Sienna XLE Or Toyota Highlander? by Nyceguy92: 7:15am On Jan 25
Incidentally I am in the same dilemma.
I am considering getting a family 7-seater car.

Sienna is good with affordable maintenance cost, but the low ground clearance does not help matters given our bad roads.
That leaves a choice between Highlander and Honda Pilot.

I have read several reviews and comparisons between Highlander and Pilot and there is no significant difference in terms of handling and fuel economy.

Pilot has more cargo space and the rear seats are said to be more comfortable than the Highlander.
Well, since Highlander appears to be more popular, it may be your best choice.

Readers, please shed more light on Honda Pilot versus Toyota Highlander.

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Family / Re: About Those In The Village: Tips For People Going Home For Christmas by Nyceguy92: 8:16am On Dec 24, 2019
The most sensible post I have seen on nairaland of recent.
If ten percent of humanity can be as considerate as this, of others in their thinking, irrespective of any difference, the world would have been a better place

Glad you find the thread meaningful.
What is your opinion on some of the issues raised? Thanks.
Family / About Those In The Village: Tips For People Going Home For Christmas by Nyceguy92: 12:56am On Dec 24, 2019
It is another Christmas season with all the hustle and bustle that go with it.
Plans are in place to go home to see friends and relations, especially those living in the rural areas.
Some are regular visitors, others not so regular or are going for the first time.

My tips will not dwell on what dress to buy or what new colour to paint your car,
My concern is how to relate to the folks at home, especially the children and the elderly ones.

The people we left at home care not so much for the rice, onions, beverages and meat or dress you will bring home as for your physical presence.
I recall a woman who was so sad because her son did not come home when other families were agog with returnees.
She sent an urgent message to her son that she could care less about his wrappers and other goodies, that she wanted him home so she could cook for him like other mothers were doing.

Quality time:
Spend time with your folks and catch up with what is happening back home.
Some people come home only to eat breakfast and you won't see them again until everyone has gone to bed.
Eat, drink, and chat with your people and spend less time outside.

There are many families in my compound.
Our practice has been for all the men, young and old, to eat and drink together.
All the individual kitchen channel their food to the central eating area.
Because of the convivial atmosphere we generate, our home is always a center of attraction for other folks.

Rural folks depend on the city guys for the latest in politics and what is happening in government.
If you wanted to win my dad over for anything, talk politics, government policies, America, and the economy with him.
You may have take time update your folk on what is happening around the world.
They believe city dwellers are in a better position to know these things.

On your return:
Villagers know some people to not care whether or not they exist because they do not pay them visits in their houses.
What I do is to visit those that need to be visited, usually elderly men and women, as from the next day.
This is an opportunity to know their progress and problems: Esther married last month, my knee pain is still there, my roof leaks, etc.

Gift ideas:
Are you one one of those that get the children all happy and excited upon your arrival?
Or are you one of those no kid would come to welcome back because, in their books, you are a stingy person?
An important aspect of my preparation for going home for any festive occasion is taking care of the kids who would come upon my arrival.

Cabin biscuits is a common and convenient item most people buy for children.
Funny enough, I have overheard children say they would not go to welcome a particular guy because he always gave them cabin biscuits.
What I do is vary what I buy, mostly bread, some lollipop or whatever that is not so common, and affordable.
For every household, I give a loaf of good quality bread, not cabin biscuits.
When you settle down and unpack your boxes and bags, you can then present the Christmas gifts proper.

Making cash gifts:
Many people do not give cash to people they do not trust or who are not immediate blood relatives.
This is because of the rumour that diabolical individuals have used the said cash gifts to bewitch the giver.
I don't know what you believe or what your practice is but I do give money where it is necessary.
I make a pronouncement , in private anyway, before I give) that I am giving with a clean heart to help, that should the recipient try to use my magnanimity against me, bla, bla, bla.

There are many aspects to going home for Christmas.
I will let others come in with their perspectives to this topic.
And I am sure I have more to learn from them.

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Health / Re: Lump In The Chest- Graphics Pix Attached by Nyceguy92: 12:44am On Dec 18, 2019
OP did not give enough info about his problem.

A doctor would like to know how long you have had this swelling and whether it is soft, hard, hurts, etc.
It appears you have had it for a long time and had used some traditional remedy because one can see some scar marks over the swelling.

I suspect this has grown over many years, maybe 5 years or more.
The swelling looks rounded, smooth, and is likely to be soft and painless.
Looks like a big lipoma to me but a doctor needs to examine it live to confirm.

The surgery is straightforward and the result is always good. Healing is within one week.
Nothing to worry about much.

P/S: It would be nice if somebody does not have anything meaningful to say, or is totally ignorant about a subject to keep quiet and read others.
Some responses on this thread are such a joke and laughable.

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Family / Re: What Is The State Of The Inside And Outside Of Your Car? by Nyceguy92: 11:38pm On Dec 11, 2019
For me I think it depends. Most days my car is always neat in and out... I barely have time to wash so I just park it at a car wash just before my office then pick it up after work.
Though I have left a few empty plastic of water in the car before but they are always left in the cup holder and I make sure passengers sitting at the back also use the back cup holder too.
I'm not exactly a decent person, I still litter my house and my wife still complains about me dumping shoes, files or my laptop anywhere but my car! I don't joke with it cuz I spent a lot of money customizing the interior of my car a few years ago and I won't let anyone mess it up. undecided

Wow! I am deeply humbled by the look of your car interior.
People say my car interior is so clean but it pales in comparison to yours.
It would be unforgivable it you mess it up in any way.

Yes, when it comes to customising cars, give it to men.
I remember my brother's wife complaining that her husband spends a lot of time and money on his car installing dash wood grain, etc.
Travel / Re: FAAN Bans Uber, Bolt And Others From Lagos Airport, Places Heavy Fine by Nyceguy92: 2:04am On Dec 11, 2019
I want to seriously believe this is not true and if it's true I want to believe they have a better provision or plans to ensure safety or fairness in prices else
Nigeria really need to sit down and ask herself what she really want. I love the fact that they are trying to protect the local businesses but some of these local taxi are legal robbers, I could remember few years ago before the introduction of Uber and Bolt, imagine them charging 5,000 from airport to Alausa in Ikeja, no traffic nothing but the excuse is your are coming from abroad so must pay that much, something that is less than 1,000 with Uber or Taxify.
Now what measures have they put in place to ensure the safety of people entering an unknown vehicle that you can not track who is who.
What happens if a random kidnapper goes there or one of the registered drivers decided to carry you away. How will they know the person at least with UBer you can share your location you can share the drivers info but with how can you do that with Baba Bobo. how can you ensure that there is fairness in charges and safety of passengers.

I have come to realize we love to make rules so fast without thinking of the consequences. Then if something goes wrong we are so quick to set up committees something that could have been averted.
We shouldn't always try to make things difficult for ourselves Biko. The country is already stressful we should make laws to make life easier not harder.

I share your thoughts.
One man just sits in his office and makes a sweeping decision that reverses the way things have been working.

In most cultures, this would lead to immediate court actions.
And those who represent us in the National and State Assemblies do not care because they are hardly affected.
Religion / Re: David Ibiyeomie Built Female Hostel For Ignatius Ajuru University by Nyceguy92: 1:46am On Dec 11, 2019
May he be rewarded several folds

But please, please, and please, could the university authority ensure that the building is serviced and maintained.
Lack of proper maintenance of infrastructure has been our greatest problem.

If there is no regular water supply, expect the bathroom/toilet areas to be the places to suffer first.
I expect the students not to abuse and misuse this gift.
Family / Re: What Is The State Of The Inside And Outside Of Your Car? by Nyceguy92: 1:33am On Dec 11, 2019
I thought the intent of your post was also to share a few tips which may help people struggling with this “disorder”

Anyway a few suggestions :

1. Apply a no eating or drinking policy in the car.
2. Get the interior cleared daily or weekly.
3. Place a bag in the car to store randoms like your spare slippers, hair extensions (according to the OP), hair brushes , make up body lotions and what nots that you’d typically use in the car but not store properly.
4. Place an old container in the cup holder to hold trash and empty it daily.
5. Ensure your car guests are aware of your “my car must be kept neat” policy.
6. Place items like shoes, shopping bags and so on in the trunk/boot

If I remember anything else I’d come back wink

Your suggestions are quite on point.

I did not delve into solutions to avoid creating a lengthy post; most Nairalanders hate to read.
Besides, I wanted to leave it to others to bring up the such suggestions like you have done.

Nice one.
Crime / Re: Ibrahim Mustapha: Fake Medical Doctor Jailed For 54 Years In Adamawa (Photos) by Nyceguy92: 5:29pm On Dec 10, 2019
I am not in a position to judge anyone.

But the state of the country is terrible and people are seeking dubious means of survival because expectations are high..

Max webber said “before you judge a man’s actions, find out his reason.”

Looking at that man, he is a victim of the false promises that Nigeria makes to young people.

Jailing him won’t change anything; rather we should make our country better so that people will engage in good things rather than engaging in the bad ones.

The real enemy is our failed system and not the Mustapha. He is a victim of the system.

I think this man's action should be condemned totally. Impersonating a medical doctor without qualification is the height of delusion.

I blame the recruiting process that allowed itself to be outsmarted by a quack.

If it were in more serious societies, there should am enquiry into how this man became hired in the first place.
Family / What Is The State Of The Inside And Outside Of Your Car? by Nyceguy92: 4:00am On Dec 10, 2019
This is not a technical car talk thread and I feel it is best posted here.

Most Nigerians, before they set out for the day, "rag" their cars.
Those who have hired help have their cars totally washed every morning.
This means the exterior of most cars are moderately clean.

But the exterior is not what concerns most; it is the inside that I am after.
I mean how organised or cluttered is your car interior.
I strongly believe that the state of an individuals car says a lot about their tidiness and attention to detail.

I have seen men's and ladies' cars look like a moving refuse dump or office.
When asked, they tell you they do not have time or they will clear the mess later.
A guy gave me a ride sometime ago and I had to use my feet to shovel aside much of the refuse on the floor of the passenger side before I could put my feet down. I had goose pimples throughout the ride.

I had an English teacher back in secondary school who schooled in the U.K.
You would think he survived on tea and coffee alone. Slim and well dressed with shiny black shoes and parted hairdo.
He rarely gave us a lift, but when he did, you had to really beat the sand /dirt off your sandals before stepping in.
The is because inside of his Peugeot 504 GL was like never used and free of clutter.

The women, especially those with children, are the greatest culprits.
This is understandable but the excuse should not be patronised because the kids need a clean environment.

The men turn their cars into a mini office with files, books, receipts, etc all over the place.
The dashboard is dirty and the glove compartment is stuffed full.

What about single ladies. They litter their cars with all sorts of items that include spare shoes for driving, handbags, hair extensions, make up, etc.

For most people, the interior of their cars are like their bedrooms; they are an extension of their personality.
And for others, it does not matter much, they do not care.

Where do you belong?
Politics / Re: DSS And Army: Who Commands More Fear? by Nyceguy92: 3:05am On Dec 10, 2019
You are an enemy of society.

Irresponsible youths aspiring to lead the nation to its ruin!

If i were writing this i would ask instead that Nigerians should rate who is more socially responsible and they adore more, not who they fear.

I totally agree with you. My thoughts exactly.

The question/thread has all the elements of illiteracy, naivety, and all attributes of an individual who is totally ignorant of what should be the roles and duties of soldiers and other arm-bearing agencies of government in the society.
Education / Re: Which Of These Courses Should She Choose? by Nyceguy92: 4:12am On Nov 27, 2019

She Is 16 Years Old

Great! She has age on her side.
The family member I mentioned is also 16 years old.
We are planning for him to get intensive JAMB class and then try again.

I wrote JAMB more than once because I had a course I liked to study.
You would be talking of 270 and above in those days to get in.

There is this temptation to become depressed because friends have all got admissions.
Like I said before, getting in there so one can be referred to as 'campus babe' or 'campus guy' always leads to regrets.
Education / Re: Which Of These Courses Should She Choose? by Nyceguy92: 5:38pm On Nov 26, 2019
Obviously you will get different and confusing responses.

You did not state your sister's age, but I expect she is still young.

It all depends on your sister's passion.
No need to get into the university just for the heck of it. There are always regrets.

I have a family member who fell short of the cutoff mark for Medicine by 5 points. He rejected offered courses in Anatomy, Physiology, even Pharmacy, because he wants to study medicine.

If Nursing is what she wants to do, let her study harder and write the exam again. I prefer Nursing to all the options.

Unless she hopes to teach later, she will need to get up to Masters degree to do so.

All you need do is boost her spirit. Soon, JAMB forms will be on sale. My opinion, anyway.

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Family / Re: I'm Struggling With Love In My Marriage by Nyceguy92: 5:22pm On Nov 23, 2019

Na you wear shoes oh...

No one here can give you any advice based on the very scanty info above.

Did you notice that...

It's appalling how people present very scanty detail and expect readers to construct useful advice for them.

It is common on this forum.
Are they naive or what.

I lump the OP together with those who jump in to give advice and wax philosophical without studying the post. They make a pot of soup with water and salt only.

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Car Talk / Re: How Do I Solve This Abnormally by Nyceguy92: 4:26pm On Nov 17, 2019
Oil seeping from the valve cover is a common issue with cars over time.

Usually it isn't much problem until oil loss becomes significant and makes your engine look dirty.

Either the bolts holding down the cover is loose or the gasket is worn/flattened out in some places.

The fix is simple: replace the gasket. It is about 30-40 minutes job.

If you are not sure who to believe, I suggest you go the to the market and buy the gasket yourself and pay for labour, maybe 1K.

Also check that you are not losing oil from the engine side, around the pulley area. There is a rubber seal there that can go bad in time.

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Crime / Re: Man Kills His Wife In Obowo, Imo State (Graphic Photos) by Nyceguy92: 5:17pm On Nov 13, 2019
Poor and incomplete journalism.

You and the original OP do not know the reason for the killing. So what use is the post? A breaking news?

Empty, irrelevant, and incomplete posts lacking in basic relevant info have been overpopulating this forum recently.

Nobody gets punished for not posting a thread.
Read others if you do not have something meaningful for the audience.
Family / Re: Must My Father Be The One To Receive My Bride Price? by Nyceguy92: 5:49pm On Nov 11, 2019
The catch in your story is that you located your father, cared for his welfare and sent him money.
That portends a possibility that two of you will reconcile in the future, especially if your husband shares the opinion.

It is not enough to just collect the bride price; there are also responsibilities that go with it. Bride price is mostly symbolic and hardly amounts to much in most communities.

I suspect your father left out of frustration, which was unmanly of him. How did he expect your mom to cater to you and your siblings?

As long as your father is still alive, he or his representative should be the one to receive your bride price.

What you should do is inform him of your marriage plans. How he responds will determine whether you carry him along subsequently or not.

Also appeal to your uncle to allow as I suggested above, more so as you mentioned you do not bear any grudges against your father. Most likely when the dust settles, atonement for wrongdoing may follow.

This is the way I would approach it if I were you.
My opinion anyway.


Health / Re: Blood Comes Out Of My Private Part At Night, Please Help!! by Nyceguy92: 4:36am On Nov 11, 2019
The first doctor you saw at the General Hospital appears to be in the right track.
Bloody urine towards the end of passing urine in a tropical environment seems to strongly support what he was thinking.

Not in all cases are the eggs of the parasite visible in the urine, though they may be there, as this is done by a human looking under the microscope.
Go back to your doctor. Perhaps you may need to continue the treatment for a few more days.

I am not also saying that you should not visit a bigger hospital if you do not improve.
The problem is not life-threatening as such.

My opinion anyway.

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Family / Re: I'm Struggling With Love In My Marriage by Nyceguy92: 11:27pm On Nov 07, 2019
The OP hasn't given enough info. Expect distorted responses. [/quote]

You nailed it. I scrolled down the responses purposely to see how many people actually digested the post.
Can you see how people quickly jumped in to counsel along lines of their own assumptions.

They must be congratulating themselves for advice well given.
The info in this post is so scanty one does not know what the OP wants.

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Health / Re: Could This Be STD Or Bad Immune System? by Nyceguy92: 3:16am On Oct 29, 2019
There are many people who think Nairaland is a playground for kids.
The response is already 12 pages long and I could not find a reasonable opinion.

I strongly think that your problem is what is called Infectious Mononucleosis.
It is caused by a virus.

All the things you said, especially the fever, tiredness, rash, cough, nodes, and sex, seem to support it.
Often, it will burn out on its own.
Since the hospitals you have been to could not help much, take pain killers and other remedies that give you comfort.

You may wish to look online or in textbooks for more info if you can.


Politics / Re: Ihedioha Adopts David Wisdom Uchechukwu For Life After Viral Recitation Video by Nyceguy92: 11:02pm On Oct 11, 2019
Why the emphases on Warren Buffet and Mike Zuckerberg?
What happened to Nigerian heroes and heroines?

Unless the OP couldn't find the exact word for the governor's gesture, adoption is overzealous and unrealistic.
There are many other kids like Wisdom, so is the governor going to adopt them, too?

As suggested by others, how about a scholarship,
And improving the learning and teaching conditions of schools in the state?
Romance / Re: What Apartment Is Best For A Newly Wedded Couple? by Nyceguy92: 4:33pm On Sep 29, 2019
Bros, your question sounds a bit redundant as few people have said. It's all in your pocket.

However, here is my take:

As a married man, you and your wife will need some privacy plus you definitely cannot do away with visitors, be they family or friends.

You need at least a bedroom and a sitting room space with separate toilet/ bath, and kitchen.

When you have kids and your mother in-law comes, you can comfortably sleep in the sitting room while she sleeps in the bedroom with your wife and baby.

One bedroom ensuite is so squashed for both of you. Do not even go there.

A 2-bedroom flat will be super comfortable but only if you have the money.

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Politics / Re: FRSC Begins Test Transmission Of Its Radio Station, Unveils FRSC National Radio by Nyceguy92: 4:13am On Sep 28, 2019
I am surprised at the people who said "It is a good idea." What's good here?
Why would the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC), a federal agency of government, establish a radio station?
Does that mean that other agencies can ask for and establish their radio stations.

What new message will the station pass to the masses that they have not heard already?
Unless the station is going to be received nationwide, which I doubt, how does the FRSC hope to reach the rest of the country?
It must have been easy to sway the mind of the NBC boss to grant the licence by using safety and enlightenment as excuses.

I consider good roads and adequate road signs as major factors in road safety.
In other parts of the World, the roads are good and reflective road signs are placed at strategic places.
They are present every few feet of corners, bridge rails, electric poles, stationary roadside infrastructure, etc.
Our road signs are scanty and exist miles apart if they are present.

Would it not have been enough if the agency used existing radio stations in the states to spread their gospel.
Infact, this has been the case; zonal and state officers regularly play guests of the radio stations to discuss traffic, safety, or regulatory issues.

My concern is that the radio station is not necessary. It is going to be redundant most of the time.
And I foresee it abandoned and non-operational soon.

I hope they will not ask for a TV station next time.

My candid view.
Car Talk / Re: How To Change Your Car’s Spark Plugs by Nyceguy92: 4:19am On Aug 27, 2019
Are you kidding me?
Does one call this a DIY(Do it Yourself) on how to replace the spark plugs in a car?

I might as well write on "how to change your car bad tyre" as follows: jerk car up, remove tyre, put a good tyre, end task.

I am even surprised that some people found this post, nay, repost, helpful. How so?

A good "How to Do it Yourself" write up assumes the reader knows nothing about the task
It gives a brief but detailed step-by-step way to perform the task assisted by visuals where necessary.

The author did not mention that standard practice is to kill the engine and allow it to cool,
Then remove the battery positive terminal to avoid electric shock.

Removing the older type plug cables is different from doing so to coil packs.
What about plug inspection and plug gap?

I presume this post is not for individuals who have cars that use 6 plugs because nothing was said about the 3 plugs tucked well behind the valve cover.

Often, people copy and paste write-ups about which they know nothing and they beat their chest for a wonderful contribution.
And when they do, they copy both the good and the bad; no editing to add newer info or remove irrelevant material, etc.

My opinion, the way I think/feel it.

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Sports / Re: AFCON: Nigerians React After Algeria Defeated Super Eagles by Nyceguy92: 3:05am On Jul 15, 2019
Ten minutes of watching the march, I concluded that we weren't going to win.

Like somebody said, passes happen in triangles and our team didn't have them.

While Algeria was sending directed long passes up front, our players made sure everyone in the back and midfield touched the ball before going forward.

In the first half, individual players held onto the ball for too long before passing it.

When a team plays with no sense of urgency, it is bound to lose. Even after the equalizer, we should have upped the pressure and win outright. However, it appeared our team was hoping for the extra 30 minutes.
See where it got us/them.
Romance / Re: Lekki Slay Queen Bathing Outside: Nigerian Lady Blasted For Filming Video by Nyceguy92: 5:28am On Jun 30, 2019

Bros,Seun is not running a charitable organization. There r bills to be paid.

I understand that Nairaland has advert columns for business people.

Or are you implying that when people put up posts such as the one in question, they pay to have it appear on the front page?

My point is that this forum needs sanitisation.
I have been on this forum for well over a decade and I have seen a huge decline in content quality.

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Romance / Re: Lekki Slay Queen Bathing Outside: Nigerian Lady Blasted For Filming Video by Nyceguy92: 1:35pm On Jun 29, 2019
As a child playing in the rain, yes; but as an adult, a supposedly slay whatever in the open with a bucket of water, it's insane.

Most readers here just jump to start commenting on a post without first analysing it.
If not for show and already planned, why would she be in pants and bra? Is that how to take a bath?

Can anyone seen that in the middle of the middle of the premises, instead of the spot where water run off the roof (if any), she won't get enough rain water.

The state of social media these days is like there is a competition to hunt for queer stuff and put them up just to trend.
That is why an individual will videotape an accident scene to post instead of helping the victims.

It drives me crazy and tends to desaturate my brain when going through the front page on Nairaland, all I see are posts that are heavy on words/phrases like "slay queen," "Loved up," "bikini body," A Facebook user..." "mega billionaire," etc.

Ironically, these are the ones that make frontpage and attract heavy traffic/comments.
Write an original well researched educative and informative post, only very few will look at it. It is appalling.

In the past, I suggested flagging, and eventually removing, a post that does not make sense, unethical, or is known to be false.
This is the practice everywhere and I don't know why the operators of this forum have not started doing so.
Properties / Re: Please Recommend Door Locks For Me by Nyceguy92: 4:26pm On Jun 20, 2019
I have a need for external and internal door locks for my project.
I have searched here on Nairaland, but have not seen any write up about door locks.

Please, could experts here recommend good quality door locks for me, including price ranges, pros and cons, etc.

I have done quite some research, which opened my eyes to aspects of door locks I did not know before now.
I got to know the different types, grading, and use in residential and commercial buildings.

It appears mortise locks are more popular and secure.
Deadbolts with single or double cylinders are good, too, especially for entry doors.

Pictures of recommended locks, if available, will be appreciated.

Wow, it appears this is the wrong section to put up this post.
Either there are no more builders on this forum or they don't use door locks anymore.

Where are the building materials dealers?
Properties / Please Recommend Door Locks For Me by Nyceguy92: 1:50am On Jun 17, 2019
I have a need for external and internal door locks for my project.
I have searched here on Nairaland, but have not seen any write up about door locks.

Please, could experts here recommend good quality door locks for me, including price ranges, pros and cons, etc.

I have done quite some research, which opened my eyes to aspects of door locks I did not know before now.
I got to know the different types, grading, and use in residential and commercial buildings.

It appears mortise locks are more popular and secure.
Deadbolts with single or double cylinders are good, too, especially for entry doors.

Pictures of recommended locks, if available, will be appreciated.
Education / Re: Sorry State of Education in Nigeria by Nyceguy92: 12:19am On Jun 01, 2019
[quote author=Angelfrost post=78898358]

Exactly my thought.

Mainstream TV and radio stations are the way to go for the spoken language.
Youths of nowadays no longer read. How can they when Facebook, instagram, etc, have taken up so much of their time.

In my time - not a millennium ago, anyway - we read and passed novels around.
Even till now, I still buy books on various subject matters so I do not become a straightjacket individual.

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