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Celebrities / Re: 'Impregnated A Lady' - Davido To Sue The Cable Over 'Breakup With Chioma' Report by smileysmiley(f): 3:01pm On Oct 12, 2018
what's ur opinion on formication and adultery? is it inline with d scriptures or u on ur own free to do
like I said initially, shut up if you have nothing useful to add

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Celebrities / Re: 'Impregnated A Lady' - Davido To Sue The Cable Over 'Breakup With Chioma' Report by smileysmiley(f): 10:04pm On Oct 11, 2018
ooh. he is saying all that out of ignorance. Isn't formication itself a punishable sin again? Or is it because so many ppl are now involved in adultery n fornication these days without feeling anything negative as a result of dead conscience
abeg just shut up, you must not comment
Family / Re: My Wife's Elder Sister Has Finally Settled In My Home & I Don't Know What To Do by smileysmiley(f): 11:15pm On Jun 01, 2018
Wake up in the middle of the night and wake your wife up. Tell her you're going to meet her sister. When she asks why, tell her to perform your marital duties that you cannot have two women in the house and leave one unsatisfied, it's not done.

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Celebrities / Re: Dora Nnaji - Najmakeupartistry- Genevieve Nnaji's Sister Celebrates Her Birthday by smileysmiley(f): 12:41am On May 27, 2018
Chimebuka is Genny's daughter and for those telling her to get married, she's already married. After all these years I wonder why Genny is still ashamed to claim the girl as her daughter in public.
Health / Re: Twitter User Who Requested For Donations Reportedly Turns Out To Be Scam by smileysmiley(f): 1:26pm On May 09, 2018
I'm following this story on Twitter and this is just wrong. She has not been proven guilty yet, investigations are still ongoing but one dumb person decided to bring this here and a mod posted this on fp
P/s: I don't know this girl and I even chastised her for her manner of approach but coming to report a story that has not been confirmed is just wrong.
Her face is all over the internet for something she has not been proven guilty of yet.
Hope the same energy used to tarnish her image will be used to clear it if she's found to be innocent.
For updates, search for sub delivery zone on Twitter.
Romance / Re: How Was Your First 6 Months In Your Relationship? by smileysmiley(f): 8:00am On May 09, 2018
Contrary to popular belief, the first few months were rough. We were so close to breaking up but after we passed that stage, we came out stronger. I used to think beginning months were the best, it's the reverse in my case. It's a year plus and I just have this feeling that I'll marry this man, he's an amazing person and with each passing day I fall more in love with him.
Crime / Re: How I Lost N1.5m To ATM Thieves Through My 11-year-old Son (pic) by smileysmiley(f): 8:15pm On Apr 27, 2018
This man can lie for Africa sha oga find another story, we're not buying this one 1.5m from ATM in a day... story for the gods
Celebrities / Re: CeeC: Tobi & I Are Not Friends For Now, I'm Sorry For Ripping Off That Outfit by smileysmiley(f): 8:10pm On Apr 27, 2018
It is funny how the tables have turned. Go to Alex's Instagram page and see how she's being insulted by almost everyone. Go to Ceec's page and see how she's being praised. Ceec has agreed to undergo counseling and I think her behavior is gonna change soon. She accepted that she has a problem and she's trying to work at it. Ceec isn't as bad as you people want us to believe.

Please, can anyone help me with internet data? It is difficult for me to get data at this time and I have a very important project at school I must complete that requires YouTube. Please reply if you can help, I will really appreciate and God will bless you. Keep me online. I use Ntel and MTN.
This beggar is still here
Seun come and see this lazy youth that's trying to scam innocent citizens
Celebrities / Re: Big Brother Naija Top 5 Finalists Look Today! by smileysmiley(f): 8:04pm On Apr 27, 2018
Ceec and Nina looking so gorgeous. Alex undecided undecided

Please, can anyone help me with internet data? It is difficult for me to get data at this time and I have a very important project at school I must complete that requires YouTube. Please reply if you can help, I will really appreciate and God will bless you. Keep me online. I use Ntel and MTN.
one lazy youth spotted, fine bara
Don't go and work, be looking for hand me downs
Romance / Re: Lady Shares The Message She Recieved From A Guy Who Is Wooing Her by smileysmiley(f): 12:34pm On Apr 22, 2018
The lady obviously deleted her reply that made him give such response. Look at the time in between, maybe she was rude, who knows?


Family / Re: My Sister Got Married Without My Knowledge -- Now They Need Me To Mediate by smileysmiley(f): 4:37am On Apr 07, 2018
Whatever you choose to do right now is okay. If you have no interest in getting involved don't let people guilt trip you into it but if you feel you want to interfere, by all means do. Anyone, I mean anyone irrespective of relationship who cannot honor you at your worst does not deserve you at your best. People with their entitlement mentality feel they can just do whatever they want and make up later, after all he's my brother, she's my sister. Shior! Only assist if that's what you want to do.
Crime / Re: Recession Or Shortage by smileysmiley(f): 4:15pm On Sep 12, 2017
grin grin grin

Buy garri instead.
Crime / Recession Or Shortage by smileysmiley(f): 12:05pm On Sep 12, 2017
OK, first this is in this section cause I personally think it's a crime. Daylight robbery grin
I bought this pack of flakes and decided to enjoy my flakes only to find out that more than half of it was missing. I am not a first timer with good morning flakes and I can say that it has never been this bad. My question now is this "Is this as a result of the dwindling economy or is this a factory error? "

Romance / Re: Nigerian Lady Lists Reasons Why Igbo Men Are The Best Husbands/boyfriends by smileysmiley(f): 10:27am On Nov 30, 2016

chai, ezi ada.

where in mbano, ehime or isiala and which autonomous?
Romance / Re: Nigerian Lady Lists Reasons Why Igbo Men Are The Best Husbands/boyfriends by smileysmiley(f): 7:45pm On Nov 26, 2016

ASA nwa, are you from otuocha,
abum Ada mbano
Romance / Re: Nigerian Lady Lists Reasons Why Igbo Men Are The Best Husbands/boyfriends by smileysmiley(f): 7:26pm On Nov 26, 2016

abu m nwa afor Igbo....
reporting from IMO state. ...
otuocha, guess you know where I am from
nwoke mbano
Politics / Re: Between Eze Madumere, A Driver & NSCDC Officias In Owerri .PICS by smileysmiley(f): 2:12am On Nov 13, 2016
How did a camera man get to the scene??


Weldon deputy Governor
did you really just ask this question
Foreign Affairs / Re: Trump Vs Clinton: When Did Nigerians Start Having Opinion In American Politics? by smileysmiley(f): 10:19am On Nov 09, 2016
Your emotions have nothing to do with the facts..
Foreign Affairs / Re: Trump Vs Clinton: When Did Nigerians Start Having Opinion In American Politics? by smileysmiley(f): 7:15am On Nov 09, 2016
Lol.... funny how this thread turned into a US elections update thread.. Tonyebarcanista failed to realize that USA is world power and Nigerians should be interested in who leads the USA. The reasons are just too many, Nigeria gets millions of aids in dollars from USA annually so why shouldn't we care about who leads a country we beg for financial and other aids. Secondly, GEJ once stated that he couldn't successfully defeat boko haram because the obama administration refused to sell arms to his government, besides there are billions of Nigeria's money trapped overseas which a willing American government can help the nation recover, the nascent democracy we practice today is copied from America and we have so much to learn from the Amercian democracy, the reasons are just too many to start listing, it's just common sense. This thread is just as embarrassing as other threads from op and the joke is on any of the mods, lalasticlala, mynd44 or seun that keep promoting this embarrassing threads
and you have failed to realize that America is a selfish country... you talked about them giving financial aids to Nigeria, do you really believe it was financial aids they gave? America should carry their wahala and go, that country is a good definition of the devil, they give with one hand and stylishly take something greater with the other. Nigeria doesn't need peanuts from America, in fact America is one of our greatest problem in this country, they banked on the greediness of our politicians and robbed us blindly... Nigeria has no business with who eventually becomes president of America cause at the end they are all the same, they care only for their country and they have pledged allegiance to it... If only our leaders were sensible enough, Nigeria doesn't need any country now, in fact what she needs now sef is to lock her borders and develop herself within, if she perishes so be it but if she is successful, she would be walking straight into glory after she reopens and countries like America, China and so on won't be able to rape her of her glory anymore. I rest my case with this, Nigeria has no business whatsoever with America's election.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Trump Vs Clinton: When Did Nigerians Start Having Opinion In American Politics? by smileysmiley(f): 7:00am On Nov 09, 2016
Empire rise, empire fall. Yesterday it was Greek, later it became Rome, then British became very powerful, at a point Germany was like all powerful, USSR too was, today USA is. If USA makes wrong decision, they will GIVE WAY for a new superpower. That has no business on the rest of the world including NIGERIA.

@The Bold, you are ignorant or unexposed
I was going to give a reply to his ignorance... thanks for sparing me the trouble
Education / Re: Why We Rusticated Olorunfemi Adeyeye - UNILAG by smileysmiley(f): 7:45pm On Sep 25, 2016
To be candid, the guy went overboard, he shouldn't have called out their names, he shld have js done that in a subtle manner.
He was actually fighting for the right of the students, but he did it in the wrong way
my point exactly... his message was wonderful but the mannerism used to convey it was very wrong... if he was smart he would have known better
Crime / Re: Drug Dealers And Users Punishment Worldwide by smileysmiley(f): 4:49am On Sep 18, 2016
Lets spread d news....some ipods will identify dia love one in d last pic.....rip to them though
Dirty tribalist... People like you are Nigeria's biggest problem not the government and Nigeria will only get better when we weed your kind away... you don't have to be stupid everytime, you know? try being smart for a change
Romance / Re: Kenya Man Shares Naked Bedroom Photo Of Himself And Wife (see Photos) by smileysmiley(f): 5:30am On Sep 16, 2016
Kenya people can like to be ugly sha o... Are they sure Obama is from there? Mama Obama needs a serious interrogation session

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Romance / Re: Kenya Man Shares Naked Bedroom Photo Of Himself And Wife (see Photos) by smileysmiley(f): 5:29am On Sep 16, 2016
Kenya people can like to be ugly sha o
Travel / What Is The Worth Of A Nigerian Life? by smileysmiley(f): 10:54am On Sep 13, 2016
In the year 2010, I gained admission into one of the most prestigious universities in Nigeria and this was my beginning of long distance travels cause my school was in a different region from my home. ABC transport easily won my heart with the first class treatment I received on my first trip, it was as good as travelling by air cause the level of comfort was high. The coach was A/C tight, the security was on point, refreshment was superb (better jollof with chicken) grin and the on-board entertainment was good. The very first day I used their service, I knew deep in my heart that it was a done deal, it was either ABC or no one else.

Over the years, I got addicted to travelling with ABC transport and I noticed a gradual recession with their services. They were no longer so efficient. Each time I traveled, I would make an excuse for them in my head, I didn't want to believe that my best transport company in Nigeria was failing, I kept on traveling with them not because of their services anymore but due to their past glory. It was either we were put in a non A/C coach or a coach with a stinking toilet or a coach that'll stop on the way.

I'm writing this post from a stinking ABC coach and I think this might be my last journey with ABC cause today's coach is the worst of all. The first thing I noticed when we were asked to board was the scrappy look of the coach, I entered to realize that the second mobile TV is broken and I was supposed to find solace in my jollof and chicken but it was supplemented with two fibi beef roll (gala) and this small ice tea that sells for a hundred naira only. As if the torture was not enough, the tire burst on the road, I thought it was a minor thing but the attached pictures will show how bad it was. This is a bus that charged seven thousand naira plus luggage fee o... The new and good coaches are designated to Ghana and other West Africa countries they travel to. As we all alighted from the coach to let them fix the tire, I couldn't help but ask myself the worth of a Nigerian life. At times we are too quick to blame the government for our woes but what have we as individuals done to change things. I'm not a supporter of any political party and in fact I've been so mad at our president but I think I agree with this new #changebeginswithme initiative. Why will a Nigerian be so quick to treat fellow Nigerians as second class citizens or are good and new coaches not good for Nigerian roads? What is the worth of my life as a Nigerian?

Cc: Justwise, DisGuy, lalasticlala, seun


Romance / Re: k by smileysmiley(f): 10:55am On Sep 12, 2016

The thing is am an introvert who don't like hanging out a lot

But we're done sha, I'm recovering and every little thing I remember about him brings tears to my eyes, moving on is so so painful but i kw am almost there

Thanks for ur concern I aappreciate
It's good to know that you have closed the door, please never open it again. That's one of the disadvantages of being an introvert, if you make the mistake of choosing the wrong person to be close to, the person ends up taking advantage of your situation cause they feel you can do nothing without them and truth be told, they might just be right. Breaking up with him is one step and getting over him is another, we don't want you locking yourself up in your room and brooding over that jerk sweetie, you need to engage yourself with something, find something to fill the void he has left cause we don't want you to fall into depression now or do we? You might not buy the idea of hanging out cause of your type of person but please engage yourself, you could get a hobby or learn a skill, find something that really catches your fancy and excites you and before long, you will be over him... Your future kids would be grateful if mummy bakes for them every now and then so you could consider enrolling in a catering school wink just think of something you have always wanted to do, now might just be right time to learn how to drive, swim and read those wonderful books you have always wanted to read... whatever you do, don't think about that jerk, but don't try to force yourself, it is a gradual process and you will definitely get there... never forget that you belong to you and you ruin you at your own expense.... now I've succeeded in writing an epistle, forgive me grin
Romance / Re: k by smileysmiley(f): 10:07am On Sep 12, 2016

I'll definitely move on I can't continue crying for the rest of my life I jus nid some strength
You lost your strength when you cut yourself away from the world and made him your "only friend "... sweetheart that was so lame but no need crying over spilt milk.... I'm sure you still have some female friends, dab some red lipstick on your lips, get yourself a sexy outfit and go out with the girls (fun crazy girls)... those are the kind of girls you need to help you snap out of this "my life revolves around him" mentality ...do some crazy things you don't think you are capable of doing... if he's the only guy you have ever had sex with, then you could consider a casual fling, nothing serious so you don't get yourself roped in again... don't let some sissy ass dude who probably doesn't know how to use his middle man make you feel worthless, get a little selfish and live your life for you and you alone, get your joy back sweetie
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Can You Accept A Job Offer For N18,000 In This Present Economy? by smileysmiley(f): 6:37pm On Sep 10, 2016
We all how things are really are in this Buhari's regime, i shouldn't swear, from biscuit to rice, make I no talk am finish, after searching for jobs months after service, and disrespect wan dey enter things, I want you guyz to give reasonable advice from the heart, even families and relatives who promised heaven and earth when we were in school, nah lie and excuses end the matter, it's only GOD that kept HIS promise, please let's see things together, thank you.
depends on timing and probably expenses that will arise from the job, such as t fare and feeding... if it can take care of these needs and help you learn some skills which will help build up your cv then it's much more better than just sitting at home and eating mama thank you


Business / Re: Naira is Worst Performing Currency In Africa In 2016-The Economist by smileysmiley(f): 4:29pm On Sep 06, 2016
God please give Nigeria the much needed miracle... if we decide to start running away from the country now, where will we run to Nigeria is ours, help us keep her alive
Education / Re: Wow! Unilag Releases 2016/17 Screening Results by smileysmiley(f): 11:44am On Sep 04, 2016
Any update about unilag post Graduate entrance exams?
exam date has been fixed... September 17th to 24th
Politics / Re: Buhari Is Not A Magician Trending As Naira Hits N425/$ At Black Market by smileysmiley(f): 10:53pm On Sep 01, 2016
Since Buhari is not a magician, he should step down cause Nigeria obviously needs a magician for now.

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