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Crime / Re: Man Accused Of Stealing Another Man's Joystick by SmithRussell(m): 6:01am On Jul 13, 2023
One of our neighbor in Benin way back lose his dick to this sets of people till date
So what did/does he use for peeing?
Romance / Re: The Amazing Moment A Bride Said Her Wedding Vow In ‘Tech Language’ (Video) by SmithRussell(m): 12:20am On Jul 05, 2023
She was reading directly from her phone, I’m sure she didn’t compose it.

$msgs = [[“role” => “system”, “content” => “You are a helpful assistant”], [“role” => “user”, “content” => “As a Christian using recent and trendy tech terms, write a wedding vow to my husband”], [“role” => “assistant”, “content” => “Sure! \n By the help of God, I ethically hack...”]

echo $msgs[2][“content”];
Family / Re: Girl: I Won't Get Pregnant For My Husband Until He Earns Above 200K Monthly by SmithRussell(m): 2:45pm On Jul 04, 2023
She's 💯 right, it's just common sense for a man to earn above 200k in this present Nigeria.
And a woman??


Crime / Re: Udensi Ngozi Opemipo Is Missing, Have You Seen Her? by SmithRussell(m): 2:19am On Jun 04, 2023
she is not missing.

She went to explore her center of gravity/sexuality without informing her families... That is it.

She will return in few days.

Don't wary after suckling big gbola she will come back home by herself
Persin when dey collect tatatatata make dem check under her boyfriend bed.
This one is somewhere enjoying somebody's gbola...
Don't wary after suckling big gbola she will come back home by herself

With the current rate of crime and kidnapping in Nigeria you guys still choose to be insensitive, because she's not your daughter/sister.

Well, Niggas is savage, till niggas have daughters embarassed

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Romance / Re: If You Can Detect The Script A Website Is Using DM and get paid by SmithRussell(m): 7:32pm On May 29, 2023
There's no way to detect/inspect server code, but I can surely rewrite the logic.
Romance / Re: Help! How Do I Meet A Girl’s Parents by SmithRussell(m): 1:13pm On May 28, 2023

At the age 25 you want to rush into marriage, good luck on that
You guys haven’t answered his request, you’re telling him why he shouldn’t get married.

Op, it’s not hard. It’s just a first time visit for them to see you or assess who their daughter is dating. No need for kolanut/relative/envelope. Buy wine (NOT fruit wine, but maybe low alcohol), buy fruits, and maybe bread.

Also dress well. Don’t act timid, and don’t talk too much there. Just be calm, listen more than talk. That’s all. You can go with an uncle/relative the next time when you want to collect the marriage list.

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Romance / Re: The Story Of Kurunmi And How He Died For Tradition (graphics) by SmithRussell(m): 9:30am On May 28, 2023
But the logic here makes no sense. If they feel that the first son would kill his father to be king, then this new tradition would only make the second son to kill the father, knowing that the first son would follow suit for him to become king, undecided


Education / Re: UI, UNN, UNILAG Shine In Centre For World University Rankings by SmithRussell(m): 12:00am On May 16, 2023
Some nicompoop are already complaining up there. You know why Nigeria has been stagnant? Because we don't celebrate the small wins then aspire from there.

20,000 universities were ranked from all countries around the world. Nigeria made it ti the list of 2,000 globally ranked universities and made it to 1,164, yet someone up there who probably doesn't even have a high school certificate is complaining.

Imagine Nigerian universities receiving the necessary support and funding, I am sure they will make it to to first 200.

Despite the strikes, underfunding, lack of equipments and resources, they still made the list.

So many American, Canadian, and British universities didn't make the list. I think they have done well considering the circumstances.
That's not the point. They ranked higher before, so why should we celebrate backwardness??
It's just like a person whose last job was 5million annually being told to be celebrate 800k just because other people are jobless and hungry, makes no sense.
Religion / Re: What My Husband Did When I Told Him That I Had A Miscarriage - Faith Oyedepo by SmithRussell(m): 9:07am On Mar 28, 2023
She didn't complete the story


Romance / Re: I Am Having Issues With My Fiance Because Of Political Differences by SmithRussell(m): 11:46pm On Mar 02, 2023

Plus don't call him anymore if he wants to go let him, I hate people with small minds. If doesn't call be prepared to say to next nice guy that says hi.
Wow. Op says she predicted the win. But she didn't deny voting for APC. The man needs someone better abeg.


Politics / Re: Nigerian Presidential Election 2023: Result Updates from INEC portal & Collation by SmithRussell(m): 10:16am On Feb 26, 2023

I am sorry but I want to ask a simple question.

Isnt it too early for the lamentation to start? grin grin cheesy cheesy
Your happy that thugs came to hijack voting process in your country. You're sick


Business / Re: Banks Begin Collection Of Old Naira Notes Despite CBN’s Denial Of Directive by SmithRussell(m): 12:21am On Feb 19, 2023
... Inasmuch we can return our old note the pressure will reduce gradually...
When is the deadline for this CBN deposit? Because if it extends to 25th then I wonder how the whole redesign thingy will curb vote-buying.
Business / Re: Despite Extension, Nigerians Can’t Withdraw Old, New Notes by SmithRussell(m): 9:26am On Jan 31, 2023
Senators think say them dey wise. Emefiele allowed old notes to come in, the new note can only go out through ATM. grin grin grin.... They will need 10 years to withdraw the money they need for vote buying unto 20k levels ATM is paying per day.

Emefiele is a Neck presser I swear. Imagine coming to withdraw 100miliion over the counter and they tell you "sir, based on CNN policy, we can only give you 100naira notes or 50 naira notes grin grin grin. You will need 20 bullion vans to carry the money!
In this country It’s like you guys still don’t know how things work around here. Money is being printed everyday, where una think say the money dey go? Or you think Tinubu will ask bank manager for money and they will tell him that it’s inside ATM abi? Even house of rep member no dey queue for bank. You think these laws affect them like you so you’re happy being stranded without cash, funny man 😆

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Business / Re: Is This A Fake N1000 Note Or CBN Error? (Photo) by SmithRussell(m): 10:04pm On Dec 29, 2022
Only ignorant citizens of a country won't be able to identify their currency if it's fake or not. The new naira notes and the former are all the same except for the color so I wonder y you guys are saying it will be very easy to counterfeit, even in my sleep I can identify fake from original, its vividly clear. That note is clearly fake and b4 you guys start passing blames to CBN governor and politicians as usual you should know that it is our fellow Nigerians who go about producing fake notes of which has been even with the old note so stop complaining unnecessary about the new notes, we Nigerians are the problem of Nigerian but we like blaming politicians like they are the cause of our personal problems.
They are not the same biko. This new one looks like a fake already. I remember when polymer was introduced, it was an upgrade, this is a downgrade, it’s not the same thing.
They could’ve changed the design at least.
Business / Re: Our Problems With N100,000 Weekly Withdrawal Limit — NECA by SmithRussell(m): 3:51am On Dec 09, 2022
Omo Buhari is checkmating thiefnubuu all round. I mean all-round
And I'm suspecting Osibanjo's hand in this game against thiefnubuu too.

First BVAs
2nd Naira redesign...cashless policy and withdrawal limits

It's over for Thiefnubuu. Huge disgrace loading....
Please, so you feel Tinubu would request for money and they will tell him that it’s 100k max per week? Or won’t change his old notes stashed to the colored ones if he wants to do it? Even a ward chairman in Nigeria is already above the law, dey here dey cap nonsense.
Properties / Re: Don't Bother Building A Family Swimming Pool If It Is Not Like This (PICS) by SmithRussell(m): 11:14am On Nov 02, 2022

I'm telling you.
In other words, preventive measures are useless?

We have a long way to go.. sad.
Romance / Re: How Do We Protect Our Females by SmithRussell(m): 6:21am On Oct 23, 2022
This is why Nigeria will remain the way it is if not worse. The way these guys can effortlessly look away from their own faults while they castigate others amaze me. You all gather yourselves here to gossip the rising supply of prostitute but never give it's demand a thought. An Interesting thought process that should be studied and added to "the wonders of an African Man's thought process" . Everyone is guilty but him.

Black men have a very long way to go
Your excuse is shitty bros. Every sane, logical, rational adult mind should be responsible for their own decisions. You can’t hold anyone responsible for your actions, because you’re supposed to fvcking calculate the risk, look at the future, think, analyze, this is something those shallow minded girls don’t do!

Let’s even consider your demand-supply BS. Don’t you think that it’s the too much supply that has obviously reduced the value that resulted in the increased demand and not the other way round?

Maybe you’re so comfortable believing that a man should be responsible for a woman’s irresponsibility.. It’s like arguing that people who purchase drugs are the ones we should arrest for the sins of the drug barons... sad

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Romance / Re: Lady Locks Boyfriend Out Of Home For Cheating On Her With Her Sister In Dream by SmithRussell(m): 9:03am On Sep 24, 2022
Awnnn I can do this too, it’s romantically crazy and weird.
What are you, 14? How is keeping someone out in the rain romantic? undecided
Celebrities / Re: Bukunmi Adeaga-Ilori: Kie Kie Is Pregnant by SmithRussell(m): 8:21pm On Sep 20, 2022
Congratulations to her, I can’t wake to start making babies too. I definitely know I’ll make very cute babies for my lucky future husband. But sha I’ll make use of my pregnancy cravings very well, my husband go hear am during my pregnancy period.
So you’re not smart enough to know that any ‘misbehavior’ that reduces your husband’s productivity affects you and the unborn child negatively also? I mean, if you send him out to buy roadside popcorn at 11pm and he gets attacked, how does that satisfy you and your cravings? Shallow.
Romance / Re: Wife Accidentally Killed Herself Trying To Catch Up The Husband With Side Chick by SmithRussell(m): 5:33pm On Sep 18, 2022
Damn it... Chaiii.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Fact Check: Did Queen Elizabeth II Throw Food To African Kids In Viral Video? by SmithRussell(m): 10:30am On Sep 17, 2022
Nigerians and fake news.
Imagine a movie made 20 yrs before she was even born.
Those kids don't even look like blacks.
But I believe I just saw one kid eat the “coin”, why??

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Phones / Re: Woman Dies After Her Phone Exploded While She Was Sleeping (pictures) by SmithRussell(m): 7:16pm On Sep 12, 2022
every phone should have overcharge circuit built into it. It beats me hollow each time I hear that a phone exploded. Years back , a certain model of SAMSUNG phones were blowing up like knockouts that even some certain joke sites had US soldiers throwing them across to their enemies when they ran out of grenades
Lithium batteries don’t overcharge, I don’t know where you got that joke from. And yes, there’s a circuit that controls charging in every consumer device.


Phones / Re: Woman Dies After Her Phone Exploded While She Was Sleeping (pictures) by SmithRussell(m): 7:03pm On Sep 12, 2022
Avoid Chinco phones ......i had one the shocked my ears when I was answering call....wasnt funny at all.
It’s probably a fault of your charger... even the voltage across your screen module can’t shock anything.

People are very fast at explaining and teaching things they have zero clue.


Health / Re: Soweto Gay Teen Commits Suicide After Teacher Calls Him "Sissy Boy" (PICS) by SmithRussell(m): 1:53pm On Sep 09, 2022

It's just like me asking you why were you allowed to choose being straight.

You can't choose it ,it chooses you.Same way you grew up being straight is the way others grew up being gay.
Ok, you’re right. But like the case I cited before, we’ve seen gays switching at preference so I don’t really know what you’re talking about.
Romance / Re: I Just Discovered My Girl Is Cheating On Me by SmithRussell(m): 1:45pm On Sep 09, 2022

I want to break her heart so badly I'm planning on impregnating her and denying the pregnancy I just want to see her cry with pain
Lol. Did you even consider what it will cost? Or you just want to hurt her at all cost?

Sha just leave her and heal this your toxicity for your own good and the good of people who truly care and love being around you.

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Health / Re: Soweto Gay Teen Commits Suicide After Teacher Calls Him "Sissy Boy" (PICS) by SmithRussell(m): 6:42am On Sep 07, 2022

I'm not justifying being gay.
But if you find yourself to be gay, does that mean you deserve discrimination as if you were the one who made yourself gay?
So who “made” him gay??

As if we’ve not seen people turning back like that dude who broke up with a boy, dated a girl and impregnated her, then dumped her to marry his ex again.

Nonsense is nonsense... Why should a 15 y/o not capable of sexual consent be allowed to choose their sexual orientation? Isn’t it illogical?

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Romance / Re: Why Do Some Men Lie About Their Incomes & Salaries? (Screenshot) by SmithRussell(m): 9:20pm On Sep 04, 2022
Well, me collecting the money back from the father doesn't mean I don't love my son, there will be other aspect I will spend my money on him without asking for refund!
So why can’t “your” son’s school fee be one of those “aspect”?

I know you’re one of the “his money is our money but my money is my money” geng. This thread is unnecessary.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Donald Trump: Joe Biden Is An Enemy Of the State (Video) by SmithRussell(m): 8:10am On Sep 04, 2022
Too late- it already went to hell under
trump, thank God Biden bought it back cool

Where are the stolen top secret documents
that are now inexplicably missing? Americans
should be concerned that our national
security has been deeply compromised.
Our what?

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Crime / Re: Lady Almost Lost Her Voice After Speaking With A Fraudster On Phone by SmithRussell(m): 8:24am On Sep 01, 2022
A lot of people think its a lie..its actually true..i heard of it long ago..and it almost happened to me too..they use juju ohh to hypnotise you with the prayer
Chief it’s a lie... most victims are just ashamed of admitting that they’ve been played, and they just blame “juju”.

It happened to a very close friend of mine last year, and when I asked her, she actually told me what she was thinking throughout the “hypnosis” process, and I realized that she had her own mind all the way and the problem was not any juju, but greed, ignorance, fear, the belief that problems were spiritual and so many BS that are easily avoided with a logical mind.

And btw, their aim is not to kill anybody, but to make you send money for the items needed for prayers to change some things that the “father” is going to see about your life. Not to remotely kill you undecided
Romance / Re: My Landlord Son Took My Girlfriend away From Me...I might revenge by SmithRussell(m): 10:18am On Aug 31, 2022
Bleep the 2 sisters, give them Belle and park out, pretend like nothing happene. That's how quiet people take revenge. Meditate on this,"REVENGE IS GOOD WHEN WHEN IT IS SERVE COLD"
So if the two sisters decide to keep the babies nkor?
Romance / Re: Why Strong Men Give Birth To ONLY Girls by SmithRussell(m): 2:14pm On Aug 28, 2022
Some people are ignorant here, although I'm not a doctor,

A man's sperm contains y and x chromosome,
Y is feminine X is masculine,

If deposit sperm in a woman which contains both y an x

Y chromosome which is feminine can survive in a woman body for up to 5 days in search of egg to fertilize, while X dies within hrs If it didn't catch egg immediately,

If u want to have a male child is very simple just wait immediately her period stop, by then her body will be active, put in the akamu

90 percent chance of a male child,

Since X chromosome swin faster it will catch egg immediately
I think you mistook period for ovulation. Secondly it’s Y that swims faster, and they are responsible for the male something.
Romance / Re: Young Man Had Sex With His Girlfriend Whom He Last Saw Two Years Ago. Now This by SmithRussell(m): 1:12pm On Aug 28, 2022

Yhu think so??
She didn't come to him as a ghost...
It was her wish to have sex with him while alive and somehow got her wish later after death.

I have seen first hand where some similar thing has happened... And we all knew the person was alive here.... Not knowing at his previous abode/State he was dead. Got bursted when someone came to eat at his shop nd saw him selling food.
So what happened to the food seller after that day?

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