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Crime / Re: Ten Reasons Nigerian Youths Shouldn't Engage In Fraud (yahoo Yahoo) by Urhobokwaleboy(m): 5:35pm On Jul 18, 2021
Tarnish the nation's image LOL. You mean the image the leaders keep tarnishing everyday. Like you, seriously think it's the internet fraudsters that tarnish a countries image LOL.

Let me ask you a question. How many top internet fraudsters have Nigeria produced.
Politics / Re: Are We Not Boycotting Northern Cows Again?" - Joe Igbokwe by Urhobokwaleboy(m): 9:10am On Jul 18, 2021
WTF. Is wrong with these politicians. Was this statement really necessary. Mtwwwe��‍♂️
Sports / Re: UEFA Abolishes Away Goals Rule As Major Champions League & Europa League Change by Urhobokwaleboy(m): 4:42pm On Jun 24, 2021
Welcome development grin
Romance / Re: Shocking After-match photos of WWE wrestlers. ((Graphic Photos)) by Urhobokwaleboy(m): 1:44pm On Jun 24, 2021
Everything in wresting is scripted. Including the injuries grin.

So yeah I am not impressed

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Politics / Re: Is FG Secretly Trading Bitcoin? (PHOTOS) by Urhobokwaleboy(m): 8:12am On Jun 09, 2021
Where are the BMC Zombie. They should come and explain please.

Oh I forgot. They'll definitely abandon this thread cause it's not in support of there terrorist loving daddy

I bet, they must have sent all the mod private messages threatening them not to push this to front page, else there loving daddy will shut nairaland down also.. [Bunch of killer terrorist]
Politics / Re: insecurity: FG Sets Up Committee, Moves To Reduce Youths Leaving Nigeria by Urhobokwaleboy(m): 1:31pm On Jun 04, 2021
Please where do they send there kids to.?

Bunch of kill joy [sadist]..

Once they see the youth progressing they get angry


Politics / Re: IPOB Members Assault People Who Didn't Stay At Home (Video) by Urhobokwaleboy(m): 6:30pm On May 31, 2021
The same issue you guys are complaining about, is the same thing you are doing.. And you've not even gotten your so called Biafra.
Education / Re: Final Year Final Papers Celebration Turn To Tears In Niger Delta University As C by Urhobokwaleboy(m): 3:27pm On May 21, 2021
With the way he accelerated, when he finally got to the crowd. I think he was targeting someone. [IMO]
Politics / Re: Monica Ugwuanyi Calls For Prayers Over Nation’s Security Challenges by Urhobokwaleboy(m): 7:19am On May 10, 2021
I don't blame them. it's the citizens who listen to these thieves I blame..

The other time, your first lady was busy calling for prayer. While still going to raise yeye bello hands as the right man for the job. Mtweee.

present Buhari as the next presidential candidate and watch people still go all out for him..
Politics / Re: Deji Adeyanju Cursed By Pantami's Verified Facebook Handle (Photo) by Urhobokwaleboy(m): 12:02pm On Apr 20, 2021

There is nothing inconsistent about Sarkki. He supported Buhari's government passionately and has now been given solid reasons , regarding the misrule of Nigeria by the present government, that has led him to review and withdraw that support same as many of us.

The fact is people like him are the best in an electorate because they vote to see progress. When that is not seen, they quickly and unequivocally withdraw support from the underperforming government and prepare to correct their mistake.

They don't sit around hating everything and everyone while irresponsibly looking for fellow Nigerians to blame for democratic decisions the majority in the nation made.

The dangerous folks are the ones who continue to support the proven failure called GEJ or those, despite Buhari's very serious failings, who continue to hold brief for our current President.

Sarkki is entirely normal and behaving like the politically sophisticated folks of established democracies worldwide.

I laugh.

Sarki sudden criticism towards apc/buhari government is because. He, is a supporter of apc/tinubu . He, only realized that tinubu would not be getting soft landing as expected towards his presidential ambition. After all that tinubu did.

That's the reason of his sudden criticism towards the apc/buhari government. Not really that he had seen the light or realize his mistakes..

Helinues is another unstable apc/buhari supporter. And that also cause his apc/tinubu supporter

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Politics / Re: Bokoharam Threatens To Kill Isa Patami by Urhobokwaleboy(m): 4:40am On Apr 19, 2021

They are all involved in this game of TAQIYA.

Buhari, Zulum, Pantami and all of them.

Remember around the time Buhari was being smashed for being nominated by Bokoharam to represent them, a few months after that, Bokoharam carried out an arrangee bombing of Buhari's jeep. They made sure Buhari was not in the jeep before they bombed it, so that Buhari then could claim that Bokoharam was after him also. This is their game plan to deceive

All the "unsuccessful" attempts on Zulum by Bokoharam are just arrangee bombings. He hopes to run for vice presidency or presidency in the future, so he hopes to use all those attempts to confuse their usual southern idiots.

I like this your comment. You are a very wise man.

I've never believed, in the acting of attacks on Zulum.

Deep down I know there is an agenda.

The north are good at politics. Knowing fully well that they can not bring out any other northerner. So, they are trying to do a soft landing for Zulum just to confuse the gullible southerners.

Am happy, that someone had read, the handwriting on the wall allready.. just hope other southerners can also see the mind game these northerners are playing.

Ones again, You are a very wise man.
Crime / Re: Suspected Herdsmen Attack Female Rice Farmer In Ondo by Urhobokwaleboy(m): 2:39pm On Apr 01, 2021
A Nigga Once Said: They don't want us to go into farming, so they are making use of there terrorists brothers to disrupt, the few once who are into farming...
Politics / Re: President Buhari To Travel For A Medical Check-Up In London by Urhobokwaleboy(m): 9:32am On Mar 30, 2021
A Nigga Once Said: Later those BMC will come and start shouting be patriotic all the time.

When the president is not even a patriot..

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Atletico Madrid Vs Chelsea UCL (0 - 1) On 23rd February 2021 by Urhobokwaleboy(m): 11:30pm On Feb 23, 2021
ATM, just play rubbish game today. very boring play. Chelsea when suppose give them like 3 just dey do nonsense too. Nice goal from the lazy giroud sha.


Education / Re: Young Lady Gets Admissions into 50 American Universities (Photo) by Urhobokwaleboy(m): 8:04am On Feb 10, 2021
A Nigga Once Said: How is this news. She applied for addmission at the 50 universities of cause. Mtwee and yes it a working system.

Unlike a country you can only apply for just one uni..
Crime / Re: Ogun Hotel Rooms With Hidden Cameras Uncovered (Video) by Urhobokwaleboy(m): 9:22am On Feb 01, 2021
A Nigga Once Said: What kind of a stupid video is this. You ended up wasting much time without giving out the real information, which is the hotel name. So you lodge in an hotel without no name or what. Mtweee
Politics / Re: Shekau Is Crippled - Captured Boko Haram Fighter by Urhobokwaleboy(m): 7:14am On Dec 14, 2020
A Nigga Once Said: Shame!!. So a crippled commander(Boko Haram leader) is way more active than a commander with two healthy legs(Buratai).. Tueh!!

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Arsenal Vs Burnley (0 - 1) On 13th December 2020 by Urhobokwaleboy(m): 7:30pm On Dec 13, 2020
A Nigga Once said: With the way things are going, I won't mind if he makes use of the Europa league players for premier league games..
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Fulham Vs Liverpool (1 - 1) On 13th December 2020 by Urhobokwaleboy(m): 6:04pm On Dec 13, 2020
A Nigga Once Said: So Liverpool dey among clubs when go cut ticket this weekend. Okay na
Agriculture / Re: Lagos To Establish Fish Center To Boost Production by Urhobokwaleboy(m): 5:30pm On Dec 13, 2020
A Nigga Once Said: Governor Okowa, delta get water too o...
Music/Radio / Re: Laycon - HipHop feat. Deshinor (Official Video) by Urhobokwaleboy(m): 8:28am On Nov 25, 2020
A Nigga Once Said: Ah ah. This guy is good na.

Why do people keep saying he won't last in the music industry. Cause With what am seeing, this guy is suppose to stay long in the music industry..

Make I just assume say na people when no like am they talk that one sha..


Family / Re: At The Age Of 20, What Is A Young Man Supposed To Have Achieved? by Urhobokwaleboy(m): 11:03pm On Nov 23, 2020
A Nigga Once Said: Atleast a skill... You can start from their first..

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Education / Re: Advice To Youth Doing Yahoo. by Urhobokwaleboy(m): 10:41pm On Nov 23, 2020
A Nigga Once Said: There is no such thing as karma.

Assu strike is still on. But most politician kids have graduated. Cause their kids school abroad. But It's the struggling parent kids that are suffering it. So, yeah. There is no such thing as karma!!..

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Education / Re: Enugu State University Invites Nigeria Army To Come And Invigilate Exams! by Urhobokwaleboy(m): 11:38am On Nov 13, 2020
A Nigga Once Said: Wait o. Let me try to understand something. Yes we all know that the Nigerian army off-recent have been doing some stupid things. But calling them to come and invigillate an examination. Ah ah, come on now

Or are they trying to tell me that, the Nigerian army are now that useless.

Who ever brought that idea, should be flogged seriously.

That insult is just too much..

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Career / Re: LTT Coastal & Marine Services Accused Of Giving Foreigners Jobs Over Nigerians by Urhobokwaleboy(m): 7:51am On Nov 13, 2020
A Nigga Once Said: And some brain dead people, who call themselves BMC keep saying we the citizens are not patriotic.......
Politics / Re: Ohanaeze, Afenifere, ACF Disagree Over Civilian JTF’s Recruitment Into Army by Urhobokwaleboy(m): 7:44am On Nov 13, 2020
A Nigga Once Said: iF the southerners like make them no unite and do the needful. Make some of them continue to they leak northerners ass, cause of crumbs.. Nonsense and boko haram
Politics / Re: Okowa: It Is Unlawful For Zamfara To Control Gold by Urhobokwaleboy(m): 10:51am On Nov 12, 2020
A Nigga Once Said: Aha, atlast. It's all this type of news i like seeing.

Tell them please, and if they don't want to hear, cut them off. Nonsense and parasite. Our oil should be our oil, since your gold is your gold..

Make every body better dey him dey.
Politics / Re: DJ Switch And Her Lies Before The Canadian Parliament. by Urhobokwaleboy(m): 1:34pm On Nov 11, 2020
A Nigga Once Said: Hehe. Na wa o. So dj switch still dey pepper this people for nyanch..
Politics / Re: Zulum Hails UAE For Convicting Boko Haram Sponsors, Messages Buhari by Urhobokwaleboy(m): 10:28am On Nov 11, 2020
A Nigga Once Said: Reading some comment, still shows some people still have their guard on.

One thing i'll give the northerners, is the fact that they are good with politics. So i won't be surpriced if other northern leaders are acctually making soft landing with zulum.

Fool the people, get their trust, so power can still remain in the north. But i just hope zulum is acctually a good man, and not been used to deceive the people..

Cause this is politics, IT VERY HARD FOR ME TO TRUST ANY OF THEM.
Politics / Re: PDP: Jonathan’s Men Regroup For 2023 by Urhobokwaleboy(m): 3:50pm On Nov 08, 2020
A Nigga Once Said: Abeg, abeg, abeg... Make him dey him lane..
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Manchester United Vs Arsenal : (0 - 1 ) On 1st November 2020 by Urhobokwaleboy(m): 5:07pm On Nov 01, 2020
A Nigga Once Said: Arteta abeg play everybody for him position. We really need that 3point..
Politics / Re: US Recent Millitary Operation In Nigeria And It's Implications by Urhobokwaleboy(m): 7:15am On Nov 01, 2020
A Nigga Once Said: Hehe, funny BMC every where.

So you mean the U.S informed a country that realease b0ko haram, all in the name of "repentant". Or a country that the military(Nigeran army) set a captured kidnapper free from the hands of a special squad(Nigerian police), sent by the IGP. Or a country where Fulani heardsmen go on a killing spree, and the president never say any thing about the situation.

They said i should be a patriot, but the president himself is'nt even one. That why he spent three(3) month in another man country, just because of sickness.

Hehe. Well am not surpriced. That why i call them "BUHARI MUMU CREW"..

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