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Politics / Re: David Hundeyin Calls Segalink A Fraudster by victons(m): 12:30pm On Jun 22
I knew all the while.

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Romance / Re: My Relationship Just Crashed This Morning. by victons(m): 11:07am On Jun 21
I came to this Forum to complain about how my Girlfriend always posts pictures of her ex on her Status and uses his pictures as her screensaver.

Here is the link to the thread

After her explanations which looked like Truth. We moved on and I have to make a Counter post where I nearly insulted Nairalanders who came to my help with loads of advice to dump the Girl. Here is the link to the second thread I made which also made the front page.


Please Nairalanders forgive me for not heeding to your advice, and also the way I spoke to You guys. I am really sorry about that.

This morning I woke up again and went through her Status and saw another guy she posted on her Status. Jokingly I asked her if this is the Okechukwu (not my name) she is talking about and putting Love Emorji for because she has done that several times. So I was expecting her to tell me that the guy is her Cousin or a relation and to my chagrin she told me the guy is her ex and that she just loves the picture.

I now reprimanded and scolded her that I had warned her not to post anything ex both pictures or videos on her Status. That was when this same girl told me that it is over between us that I complain a lot bla bla bla.

I am writing this to advise my fellow guys.
Guys please You have to be careful with these girls, some of them are very heartless, wicked and very manipulative.

Today I am joining the Redpill Gang full time.

Welcome to redpilling.
It would have been better if you learnt earlier from others mistake.
Politics / Re: 2023: Is Tinubu's Old Age A Testament Of Great Blessing? by victons(m): 10:37am On Jun 18
Are you okay at all
Culture / Re: Lagos King, Oniba Of Iba, Brags With His Gold Chain, Dance Gbefun At Party by victons(m): 6:09pm On Jun 10
How this thing be gold?


Politics / Re: 2023: APC Has No Governorship Candidate In Akwa Ibom - INEC by victons(m): 3:19pm On Jun 10
Maka ginizi?
Properties / Re: 5-Storey Building Collapses In Ebonyi (Photos) by victons(m): 7:39pm On Jun 09
Everyday in this country is death.
Politics / Re: How Did Amaechi Get More Votes Than VP Osinbajo? by victons(m): 9:08pm On Jun 08

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Politics / Re: Sanwo-Olu Congratulates APC Presidential Candidate, Bola Ahmed Tinubu by victons(m): 9:07pm On Jun 08
Why wouldn't he
Politics / Re: Tinubu: 5 Northern Governors Promised VP Slot For Power Shift by victons(m): 10:22am On Jun 07
OUK said it at Channels too


Romance / Re: After Suffering With Him, He Dumped Me...i'm Dying by victons(m): 1:15am On May 28
I never knew this is what heart break feels like, I'm shattered and broken.

I started dating him from 100 level till we graduated, it's been five years now. We suffered and passed through a lot together, I made a lot of sacrifices for him and even had two painful abortions for him.

But he always complained that I got fat and he liked slim girls, he broke up with me in the most excruciating manner. I noticed changes a few months back but he kept lying to me not knowing he was seeing another girl.

The girl chatted me up few days back to know her stand and I told her everything, he even posted pictures he had with the girl, this is someone that hates pictures and hardly takes one with me regardless of how much I beg. He doesn't even post his own pictures but he's already posting the girls pictures.

The girl is his spec and more attractive than me... I'm just ashamed of myself. The girl decided to stick with him even after everything I told her so she could leave him including the abortion part.

I've wished him well but I'm in serious pain, I've been crying for days now and unable to eat. I gave him everything, he was my first ever guy. I wish he could come back, I'm ready to forgive him.

How can move on from this heart break, it's killing me slowly.

I read your previous post too. I think you should just let go and don't plan on forgiving either.

But, is he rich now? Is the new babe Igbo??
Family / Re: My Stingy Elder Brother by victons(m): 10:04am On May 23
Where's the car naah


Politics / Re: Akeweje: MC Oluomo Hijacked Lagos NURTW From Me, Snatched My Second Wife by victons(m): 4:19pm On May 21
These guys have this kind of money
Romance / Re: Help - I'm About To Start Dating Two Sisters (accidentally) At The Same Time. by victons(m): 4:15pm On May 21
You're the man of the year.
Please, asides banking, how did you build the big house I wan learn.
Romance / Re: Help - I'm About To Start Dating Two Sisters (accidentally) At The Same Time. by victons(m): 4:07pm On May 21
I'd like to summarize my issue, Confused on the way forward.

1. I met this beautiful babe at a restaurant - pretty face, fresh baby skin, nice catwalk. She was damn proportionate, average boobs, average butt, avg hips, average height, angelic look, you can take her anywhere kinda girl.
She leaves the restaurant some minutes before I do.

2. While driving out, I notice she's still at the bus stop waiting for a bus/cab, so I beckon her and gave her a lift home. We exchanged numbers.

3. Called her two days later asking to hang out, she was hesitant but I persisted and she later agreed

4. We chill out at a bar in the evening but she wasn't acting too friendly, not answering my questions and just behaving hesitant.
Infact, a friend I met at the bar wondered if i offended her, I explained we just met and don't know her too well.
Luckily, it was one of those Real Madrid Champion's league match days where Benzema was rescuing Madrid from the brink, which made up for her boredom.

5. We were about leaving when she got a call from her younger sister who said she was nearby with a mutual friend of theirs, so younger sis (YS) agreed to join us and then I'll drop them at home together.

6. YS came into the bar and behold she was a stunner! As beautiful as the older sis (OS) but she (YS) had huge boobs and was tall - not kidding but video vixen stuff.
Almost every man around turned as she made her way to us. I mean Those boobs was bouncing as she came in
She also turned out to be the life of the party extrovert, came in with a big smile, greeting everybody on sight and immediately initiating conversations.
infact about 3 guys came to the table adjacent us, just to take her number while we were there.

7. So I ordered another round of drinks and meat and peppersoup and since YS was easier to talk to, I was more comfortable
asking her about what they wanted to take etc, which annoyed the OS who asked why I was talking to her YS while she was with me.

8. It came to a head, when YS wanted to request for an extra bottle of water , I couldn't hear cos of loud music, so I placed me hand across her shoulder to pull her mouth nearer my ears (innocent action, believe me) so I can hear her. I suddenly got a slap in the back from OS who warned me not to try what I did again and totally stopped talking to me - I wrote her off after that incident.

9. Shortly after that, we decided to go home, I managed to slip my biz card secretly into YS hands and whispered call me, she looked annoyed and said 'why?'

10. Dropped the girls home and practically forgot about them, I felt OS was no go area and didn't think YS was going to call back...

11. Some days later, very early in the morning, my phoen went boooom....YS was calling and asking why I told her to call me. I suggested we meet later in the day.

12. Picked her up (at junction some distance away from their house) and brought her to my place. While I was still thinking of how to break the ice, she was already stylishly bombarding me with questions.
Do you stay alone in this big house - Yes
What job do you do - Banker
Are you married - No
Do you have kids - No
You must be old O ? - Just 31+
What about my sister - Nothing between us, I have not spoken to her since that day and that was also the first time we met

She seemed satisfied with all my answers cos she relaxed and became very chatty

13. She came back to my place the next evening and this time around we got smashing, it was mind blowing, she was amazing, energetic and that her long legs were put to good use.
I would have called her a 10/10 overall and one for the long haul aside the fact that she said she dropped out of Uni while her older sis is a graduate

14. She later warned we should keep things on the low for now cos her sister might not be happy.

15. Everything seemed to be going well until bang...bout a week later, I got a call from OS, she was obviously trying to win me back asking why I didn't call her back and sh*t
I just responded politely but she wasn't deterred, she kept calling like every other day, while I only called back once a while
in fact, I had to lie that I had gone for a training and would be away for the next 3 weeks.

16. Problem is, the 3 weeks will expire this weekend and this girl (OS) has promised to give me what she failed to do weeks earlier.
Talking smack about how she wanted to spend the night at my place but she was so angry back then bla bla and how she's looking forward to me being back.

Herein, lies my dilemma
Younger sister is hooked and we have a little secret going
Older sister is also getting hooked and she wanna be starting something
Me, the beneficiary (or is it victim), I don confuse - both girls are top tier babes

What do I do?

a) Do the right thing and continue with YS

b) Do the right thing and stop the low key games with YS, and go for OS

c) Do the right thing and enjoy life with both sisters, shebi I no force them

Frankly, I would have gone with option C, na the stuff of dreams, but the things I am hearing these days about babes,
I dey cautious about safety, these girls are sisters and if they find out, nobody knows wetin dem fit do.

But NL people, what do you think ?

You're the man of the year.
Please, asides banking, how did you build the big house I wan learn.
Romance / Re: How Do I Save My Friend From The Claws Of A Manipulative Woman? by victons(m): 3:31pm On May 21
It's not in my nature to bother about people's relationships but this is happening to someone that's like a brother to me. He has been dating a girl for a year now and it's obvious this girl doesn't love him but he won't just give up. He keeps throwing money at her in a bid to win her love.

Things got messier when this girl met a particular guy some months back... This guy happens to live in the compound of my club mate so I know him well. The girl has begged my guy to free her that she's in love with someone else but this guy no gree instead he's planning to attack the innocent guy.

He confided in me that the girl has not let him touch her since she met this other guy, that's over five months now. I once overhead the guy boasting to his friends that he's a redpiller because someone else is taking care of his girlfriend while he does the knacking free of charge. He's even flexing everything that my guy buys for the girl.
All pleas to my guy to free this girl has fallen on deaf ears.

My club mate told me that the girl has been with the guy for over one month now, my guy comes to town once a week to see the girl, gets her stuffs and this girl will just go back to the other boy that is even jobless.

My guy is finer and far richer than this new guy, he's planning to start a business for this girl and I've been trying to change his mind to no avail. It's no longer normal, I would've said he's charmed but the girl has begged him to free her but he refused. The guy is even the one flexing the sample of the products he sent her. Everything she has done to drive him has failed so she just relaxed and enjoying the money.

This simping is on another level, it hurts me to see my guy in this kinda situation. I've gotten him picture proofs that the girl is cheating but he won't change his mind. The girl even admitted that she's been having sex with the guy buy he's claiming its a lie and the girl is trying to drive away.

Is there anything I can do to help him abeg.

Does this still really happen
Politics / Re: APC Presidential Ticket: Panic In South As Northern Aspirants Plot Major Shocker by victons(m): 3:10pm On May 07
Romance / Re: Got Cheated On And This Is How. by victons(m): 12:40pm On May 01

I stopped reading after seeing the word hoe. Can't waste my time reading such a long post from a petty person.

But does she not qualify for a hoe?
Romance / Re: Got Cheated On And This Is How. by victons(m): 12:33pm On May 01
how fa,just move on.i made a mistake of taking a cheating girl back.Dont ever make the mistake.move on,even though e hard.can you teach me crypto.i wan learn

I wan learn too
Romance / Re: How Can I Stop This Girl From Coming To My House by victons(m): 3:21pm On Apr 30
Rub a mixture of Aboniki and Cameroon pepper on your toools

Use it to Barbecue her when she comes, thank me later cool

Him too go suffer am
Romance / Re: Help! My Girlfriend Is Going Haywire by victons(m): 1:00am On Apr 30
Just share her contact make boys dey alright.
Phones / Re: Suggest A Mobile App That Has Been Helpful To You by victons(m): 9:59pm On Apr 25
suggest a mobile app that has been helpful to you and what you use it for let others learn, download and use it too.
Below are the few I Make use off and the ones I know are good too

1.I use stark VPN to get daily free data

2.I edit videos using inshot

3.I design flyers , logos and thumbnails on canva

4.Photoshop with facetune2

5.download only youtube videos, straight to my phone with tubemate

6.On Operamini ,I use a website called tubidy to search and download any kind of music

7.Then I use chrome to navigate and restore any Instagram lost page, search and monitor my social media apps and youtube

8.Flo app....it tracks menstrual cycles and ovulation..this app will tell u when u are pregnant ND start counting it for you grin ;

9.CamScanner:you can use this App to scan documents even on transit as far as you have the documents and your phone with you, and you can also send direct mails through the CamScanner, it's very efficient especially when you are always on transit and need to attend to office work!

WPS Office: I call this App office assistant! Typing, edit, creating templates and preparing schedules!! Makes your work easy even on transit!!!

10.Stepapp : for fitness. To track how many footsteps I take everyday..also analyzes amount of calories burnt

11.Bamboo: for buying/selling US stocks

12.Waze: navigation map. Gives up to date information eg traffic, tells you when there's a police around, indicates your current speed

13.Total files: for downloading and listening to music offline for free on iPhone and other IOS devices

14.Polycam: for creating 3D models and images

15.Password safe : for storing all my password

16.Video downloader for Facebook: for downloading videos and Facebook status

17.Photolab: for editing pictures into cartoon like image

18.Qustodio : parental control app for kids

19.Khan academy, edx, Udemy : free education certificate in thousands or courses from top universities

20.Photomath : to help solve Maths problems

Free free to drop yours pls
Mods help push to FP

You're male but you dey track ovulation and menstrual cycle with Flo App.


Family / Re: How A Custom Officer Impregnated, Kidnapped And Eloped With Wife & Four Children by victons(m): 10:48am On Apr 24

What's wrong with being a good and faithful husband? Or do you think it's only women who must be forgiving? His marriage can be restored. He shouldn't listen to any bachelor's or divorced baby Daddy's that want him to be miserable and have a broken home. A real man saves his family first! Only Satan loves divorce. What God joined asunder let no misery-loves-company single man put asunder!

Op can also pray and seek guidance from the priest who officiated their wedding. She will come back to senses. It's just love, not a spell. It will eventually clear away.

Well, OP is at liberty to do whatever he thinks is best for him. But me, I can never take back a woman who disgraced me to this extent, NEVER. Unless there are huge financial benefits I stand to gain.
Agriculture / Re: My Mom's Pineapple Plantation And Harvest (Pictures) by victons(m): 7:30pm On Apr 23


Family / Re: "How A Little Girl Almost Ruined My Life" by victons(m): 7:15pm On Apr 23
Uhmmm...this is shocking.

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Family / Re: How A Custom Officer Impregnated, Kidnapped And Eloped With Wife & Four Children by victons(m): 7:14pm On Apr 23
Pics attached..

About six months ago, I returned home from work and discovered that my wife and four children were no where to be found. I also noticed her that belongings and that of the children were missing.

I quickly dashed out of my flat and went to my neighbours to enquire of their whereabout. I was shocked to my bone marrows when they narrated to me how a man accompanied my wife to move out her belongings. When they tried to intrude the man warned them of serious consequences.

That was when it dawned on me that my wife whom I have caught severally on the phone discussing with her lover on the phone has finally done her worst.
On two occasions I caught her sneaking around with her phone, in the midnight I discovered an Sms that the so-called lover sent she was fast asleep . I cannot divulge the content here because it was disgusting to me at first.
I reported to the pastor and she was warned. Then the identity of the lover wasn't known to me. I just let it go, because I still needed the marriage for the sake of my four children.
However, I began to investigate without her knowing. Then I discovered that the secret lover was a custom officer, named Adeniyi Adesola, he was in Ibadan command. He is married with children.
One day he called my wife and I just could bear the insults, I confronted him on phone I warned him to stay away and reminded him that she was married.
Then he started abusing me and even threatened to kill me. He revealed to me that he knew my wife before I married her. He told me to backoff and let him always have access to her or he will kill me.
I reported the matter to the ekpan police station warri. The IPO who was a lady advised me to thread with caution and report to my family which I did.
I am from Edo State and my wife is from Ondo state. The custom officer is from Ekiti state. The custom officer, Adesola was intimidating me because I was not understanding their language.

I gave my wife everything she needed. I got a loan of 5m from a bank to set up a business for her. She squandered the money and there is nothing to show now in the shop. The bank has started moving in on me, I don't know what to do.

The custom officer I heard has kept my wife and children in Ibadan because his wife couldn't take it.
MY children are not in school and my wife just gave birth to a baby for the custom officer.
Meanwhile, she has not returned the bride price but she has delivered a baby for the customs officer.
Now I want the custom officer, Adeniyi Adesola to release my wife, Helen Bose and my children with immediate effect because he has charmed them.
Pls nairaland admins put this story on front page pls.. I need my children. They are not in school.
Pic attached

So you'll really take this woman back if the custom officer releases her??


Investment / Re: List Of Ponzi Scammers In Nigeria: Those At Large By Nnamdi Chife by victons(m): 11:11am On Apr 20
Nawa ooo

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Education / Re: Chrisland Breaks Silence On Sex Scandal, 5 Pupils Misbehaved In Dubai by victons(m): 9:08am On Apr 19
PARENTS failed that child!
SCHOOL failed that child!
SOCIETY failed that child!
How did school fail?
Politics / Re: Garba Shehu: Why FG Is Yet To Deploy Tucano Jets In North West by victons(m): 8:56am On Apr 19
because they ain't Igbos.
Celebrities / Re: Mr Ibu Teases Davido: You Just Dey Buy Houses Everywhere, No Buy Lagos O by victons(m): 6:02pm On Apr 18
Ego amaka.


Family / Re: Should I Report A Cheating Husband To His Wife? by victons(m): 9:37am On Apr 17
I am aware of a married man who is clearly cheating on his wife with a lady I know well. It disturbs me a lot cause I have feelings for the lady in question. Should I report to his wife or keep mute? I don't like women to be disrespected like this. The same lady doesn't care whether I am aware or not. Help a man with answers.

I would have considered it if you wanted to report the man out of a sincere heart. But it's obvious you're doing it because you wan lash the lady. There's still no guarantee the said lady will still fall for you after this mess.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Russian State TV Declares World War 3 Has Begun (photos) by victons(m): 2:44pm On Apr 16
O setigo finally.


Travel / Re: Present Condition Of Port Harcourt Zoo: Pictures & Video by victons(m): 7:10pm On Apr 15
Jisie ike

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