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Computers / Re: Hacker Explains How To Use An Android Phone To Hijack Planes by FXKing2012(m): 2:14pm On Apr 23, 2013
opeyemiz: In the hands of the wicked, I fear o. Make person no go land for north korea
Then you join them for lab where dem dey build nuclear bomb nah.
Travel / Re: A One-way Ticket To Mars, Apply Now by FXKing2012(m): 2:12pm On Apr 23, 2013
Ticket is still available.
Romance / Re: Gold Digging Men: The New Trend In Nigeria by FXKing2012(m): 1:39pm On Apr 23, 2013
safarigirl: My dear, I'm not married...I've never even had a boyfriend, I'm 19.

Me, I broke like MC Hammer, I no dey find boyfriend, dem no dey find me

I wanted to reply her original post but when I discovered that she's a broke 19yr old who has never dated and who has no boy wooing her, I totally understood her POV.


Romance / Re: Gold Digging Men: The New Trend In Nigeria by FXKing2012(m): 11:13am On Apr 23, 2013

do u feel better now after the improbable and ass-brained rant?

Like seriously, The above is NOT TRUE.

and even more pertinent is, why does it bug u pple so much? since the advent of time, you pple have been doing this, under various guises and celebrated it as being smart, sharp etc etc.

ALL those fun cliches, ALL those "pay my bills" etc etc.

now the shoe is on the other foot,its now bothering u pple? grin grin grin grin grin

Nna, deal with it. Just the way all those Mugu men have dealt with it over the years.

feel free to rant, it helps relieve the stress.

BTW, in case you dont agree, feel free to be gay. cheesy cheesy cheesy since in your dystopic world, women are not gold diggers.

And just to be clear about all this BS, for every male gold digger, there are 1000 female gold diggers. matter of fact every female is a Gold Digger. Yeah i went there.

disprove it

Chai!! Guy you wicked ooo, see as you destroy her yeye argument.
Romance / Re: Gold Digging Men: The New Trend In Nigeria by FXKing2012(m): 11:10am On Apr 23, 2013
booqee: Why complaining?? We have golddiggers both in males and females almost in equal measures, so wats ur point in lamenting?? undecided
I just love and respect ladies who speak the truth.
Romance / Re: Gold Digging Men: The New Trend In Nigeria by FXKing2012(m): 11:00am On Apr 23, 2013

Bitches be hussling brothers everyday for everything from; Recharge cards to Cellphones to cars, house rents, lands, open up boutiques for them, shopping in Dubai, Private jet lounging, Yatch cruises, expensive vacations, money in the bank, etc.. This has been the case since the beginning of time. We men complain, but we keep it on the down low..

A Man gets some help from a woman, she opens a website and tells the world...

Whats the ratio of Guys who hussle women to girls who hussle guys?! Prolly like 500,000 : 1 (in just Abuja o!!)

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Family / Re: My True-Love Is Planning To Leave Me: Please Advise by FXKing2012(m): 10:09am On Apr 23, 2013

What the hell? What are you exactly?
Truthfully, I'm not sure.
Romance / Re: The Dwindling Pool Of Male Lovers In Nigeria -Love Ain't Blind by FXKing2012(m): 10:00am On Apr 23, 2013
chronique: Where are the final year students? lecturer is around o. Pls take ur seats ASAP.
I'm a bit late to class today ooo, hope I wont be sent out.
Travel / A One-way Ticket To Mars, Apply Now by FXKing2012(m): 4:13am On Apr 23, 2013
(CNN) -- Step right up and prove why you should get a one-way ticket to Mars! Well, wait -- you might want to know a little more about the venture first.

A Dutch company called Mars One began looking Monday for volunteer astronauts to fly to Mars. Departure for the Red Planet is scheduled for 2022, landing seven months later in 2023.

The space travelers will return ... never. They will finish out their lives on Mars, representatives from the nonprofit said.

"It's likely that there will be a crematorium," said CEO Bas Lansdorp. "It's up to the people on Mars to decide what to do with their dead."

Still, the company said it has received more than 10,000 e-mails from interested would-be spacefarers. The one-way ticket makes the mission possible because it greatly reduces costs, and the technology for a return flight doesn't exist, according to Mars One's website. At a news conference, Lansdorp maintained that "no new inventions are needed to land humans on Mars."

Continue reading... www.cnn.com/2013/04/22/world/mars-one-way-ticket/index.html?hpt=hp_t3
Romance / Re: The Dwindling Pool Of Male Lovers In Nigeria -Love Ain't Blind by FXKing2012(m): 10:01pm On Apr 22, 2013
I'm glad I made it to 400 level but I have a question for our lecturer, Prof. esere826. I have seen several cases where the lady is on a higher social stratum yet goes for a guy of a lower stratum despite several offers from guys of her stratum or even higher stratum.

My point is I think love cannot be reduced to mere formula because many a time it defies logic. What do you think sir?


Family / Re: My True-Love Is Planning To Leave Me: Please Advise by FXKing2012(m): 9:41pm On Apr 22, 2013

Check your mail. Thanks.
And it begins.
Investment / Re: Why Can't I Maintain My Saving Habit? by FXKing2012(m): 6:39pm On Apr 22, 2013
Romance / Re: The Dwindling Pool Of Male Lovers In Nigeria -Love Ain't Blind by FXKing2012(m): 4:07pm On Apr 22, 2013
platinumricky: *dashes to grab a seat* this topic is so on point!
My friend start from the first page jare, dont you know you must start from 100level before joining those of us already in 300level.

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Romance / Re: The Dwindling Pool Of Male Lovers In Nigeria -Love Ain't Blind by FXKing2012(m): 3:49pm On Apr 22, 2013
phaya: @Op your post is so intelligent that MOST people are afraid to comment! Keep it up!!! Thank your stars you are already taken or else.... :-/
Or else what?
Family / Re: Public Lies Married Women Tell by FXKing2012(m): 3:38pm On Apr 22, 2013
Kechybee: Funke pls get a life and speak for yourself. There are still some faithful and responsible men/husbands out there.
Thank you dear and I love you too.
Business / Re: .::. Scam Alert : Omowunmi Allen And The Pre-order Mess .::. by FXKing2012(m): 3:34pm On Apr 22, 2013
aieromon: As at the 16th of this month, the said vehicle has been inspected and certified ok by the buyer. Its left for me to be informed on when the money will finally be paid and a mail has been sent to that effect. I'm presently waiting for a reply to the mail.
...been awaiting your post, good to know progress is being made.
Business / Re: !!b!!!!!!!bbbb!!!!!!!bbb by FXKing2012(m): 3:31pm On Apr 22, 2013
croce: . He withdrew a total of $680 before blowing the account. He stopped picking my calls and would'nt reply to emails. I understand that forex trading is associated with risk and i would'nt label him a scam if he just blew my account even after professing to how good he is and promising a return of over 100% per month. What makes him a scam is that he withdrew money from my account without remitting it to me.
A promise of 100% a month in forex trading is obviously impossible in the long term and you shouldnt have fallen for such.

But withdrawing from your account without remitting is criminal. Do you have evidence of this though?

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Romance / Re: The Dwindling Pool Of Male Lovers In Nigeria -Love Ain't Blind by FXKing2012(m): 2:08pm On Apr 22, 2013
IamAthens: You are a foooooooooolllll. Its eida u do ashawo or wait 4 dangote et al pikin 2 kip u as a mistres. No go wrk 4 ur moni dey dia dy wait 4 man.
Why the anger?

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Family / Re: Public Lies Married Women Tell by FXKing2012(m): 1:14pm On Apr 22, 2013
hahahah FXKING are you sure?
Computers / Re: My Online Shopping Experience With Jumia.com <<Case Resolved!!>> by FXKing2012(m): 12:43pm On Apr 22, 2013
vanchi: @FXKING2012 since you appear to be highly connected to the staff @jumia please assist me so before you doubt me.... the order number is there for you to cross check..
I do not work for Jumia and I have no connection whatsoever with Jumia or any of its employees, I only asked for evidence of being scammed before making accusations in here.

You see, the kind of business model being run by Jumia makes it extremely easy to destroy the company. So before doing so I think it's only fair to ask for a well documented evidence that can be used in court.
Family / Re: Public Lies Married Women Tell by FXKing2012(m): 12:21pm On Apr 22, 2013
brokoto: misery.
Celebrities / Re: Charly-Boy Kneels In Front Of Lady-Di At The Airport by FXKing2012(m): 12:00pm On Apr 22, 2013
Beync: Let me comment since it has hit FP already
Chai!! If I talk now dem go say I too yab.
Romance / Re: The Dwindling Pool Of Male Lovers In Nigeria -Love Ain't Blind by FXKing2012(m): 11:51am On Apr 22, 2013
esere826: (Post 6)


Dissecting the theory will be too long for this forum,
so I'll race straight to the conclusion
(U can always refer to the diagram to understand scenarios better)

1) When women are ready to settle down (even when they do not have jobs) their university boyfriends are many times not ready because their graduate job slaries cannot cater for the pair
2) when the bf and gf have both finished university and have jobs, there is a stronger tendency to take the next step into marriage

3) wen ladies have jobs but their bf's dont have, there is a strong tendency for the girls to suddenly start seeing faults in their bf and start looking out for new relationships. Sometimes even cheating
4) Guys that have 'arrived' in Nigeria are most times married
5) Girls because of their inate desire to date upwards have a tendency to cheat with these married guys

6) Guys in their 20's because of their economic emasculation complain that ladies are bitches and gold-diggers
7) Sons of: politicians, top bureacrats and top private sector chiefs have it easier with all category of girls in Nigeria even if theyhave not yet got employment. This is because they represent the higher pecking order that girls desire to date. Thanks to their dads cash, they would already have nice furnished houses, cars and a bright future even while in university

8 ) When your boyfriend travels abroad and you dont yet have a job, U need to be worried because the probability is that except he has a job that can cater for both of you, he will dump u and pick a girl that can complement him there
9) When ur girlfriend travells abroad. The only time u shld be scared is if u dont have a job. Then, she will look out for some other alpha male

10) If ur gf travls abroad, and u both have jobs that pay same rate (all other economic condition being equal), the tendency is also for her to look out for males in the higher order. If she does not find any, she's coming for u.

These are all things that I have observed. Stay blessed
Truth is real.
Romance / Re: The Dwindling Pool Of Male Lovers In Nigeria -Love Ain't Blind by FXKing2012(m): 11:49am On Apr 22, 2013

Nigerian girls like all other girls around the world fall in love
The idea behind my writeup, is that love is largely quantifiable and can therefore be valued
Within the brutish nature of the Nigerian society, it is only natural that love shares the same denomination as money
You are worth following on NL.


Family / Re: Public Lies Married Women Tell by FXKing2012(m): 11:30am On Apr 22, 2013

1. If I come back into this world again, I’ll marry my husband over and again.

The truth: Is my husband coming back to this world again? Aaarggh. God will have to choose between creating him and me. If that goat is coming back to the world, then I am definitely not coming. That way there is no likelihood of us ever meeting even for dinner, least of all marriage. I have had enough of him to last ten lifetimes. I know God is not wicked, so He won’t allow me to marry this man again.

2. My husband has never raised his hands against me. I don’t understand women who stay with men who physically abuse them. It is so crazy.

The truth: Of course, it is crazy and I’m no longer sure of my own sanity. Or why else am I still here? He has removed two of my teeth and I had been hospitalised with cracked ribs before. His eyes light up when he’s beating me, so I think he’s crazy too. Maybe we are both lunatics but trust me, nobody understands wife battery like I do. I guess we’ll soon form an association, League of Battered Women, and I’d be the founding Country Director. It’s not funny.

3. My husband is the perfect gentleman. He is so wonderful, all any woman would want in a man.

The truth: Perfect gentleman, my foot. He belches loudly, talks with his mouth full and doesn’t know what you use a dessert spoon for it is different from what you use a teaspoon for. If he’s not picking his nose in public, he’s eating his nails. He’s forever embarrassing me in public. What’s worse, the only topic he can discuss intelligently is football. He can’t name 10 governors in Nigeria but he can tell you the names of the goalkeepers in the Premiership. He forgets my birthday, comes home late on our wedding anniversary and has locked my father out of our home before. He runs me down in front of my friends and pinches their buttocks when he thinks I’m not looking.

4. No woman can snatch my husband.

The truth: This one? He was snatched a long time ago. I have given up on him and accepted my fate. He has two children outside from two different women and we are still expecting more. He is the original he-goat. If you put a skirt on an electric pole, he’ll wink at the pole. He’s insatiable. My only worry is for my life. A man who has children outside his marriage is a non-condom-wearing dog. And that makes me a candidate for HIV and its little brothers.

5. If not for my children, I would have left him.

The truth: Leave him and go where? Who will take care of me like he does? Leave him and forfeit my good life- summer and winter holidays wherever I want, contacts that being married to him gives me and the good sex? Not on your life! Sure, sometimes I feel like killing him but I’m not leaving him. In fact, he’d have to die to get rid of me. The advantages far outweigh the down side and never mind the children angle, if I really want to go I can take them, can’t I? I’m simply not going anywhere, not now, not soon, not ever.

6. He is the pillar of support for my career.

The truth: What pillar? That man is permanently holding diggers and cutlasses to cut down my career and uproot everything good the whole world can see I have achieved. If you know what I have had to stomach to remain a ‘Mrs’, you will pity me. This man has come to my office several times to harass my colleagues, accuse my boss of sleeping with me. He once came into a restaurant where we were having a breakfast meeting to make trouble thinking that I was meeting a lover. He stormed in and found eight of us at the table. This ‘pillar’ of my life regularly locks me out of the house if I return home later than he wants. Right now we are in the middle of a major ‘boko haram’ because I want to go abroad to round off a PhD programme and he has said if I go, it would be the end of the marriage. He is asking me what I need a PhD for if not to be addressed a Dr when he is still a Mr. You should not believe everything you see because some of these things are photo tricks.

7. He is a great provider. He makes sure I don’t lack anything.

The truth: I pay the rent and the children’s school
fees. I am the one who makes sure he doesn’t lack anything but it is such a shame and I cannot tell anybody. This human being is lazy but he loves the good life. I am sticking it because if I leave today, everybody will declare me guilty, arrogant and a deserter. I wish things were different but I have to sustain this lie.

8. He is a stud and he wears me out in bed all the time. In fact, I’m tired.

The truth: Stud ko, stud ni. I’m lucky if he touches me once in a month. All he thinks about are his containers and consignment. He has consigned me to the dustbin of celibacy. I am so hungry for the ‘thing’ now I’m eyeing Audu, the maiguard. Can you blame me?
Waooooo....what a lorry-load of trash.

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Family / Re: My True-Love Is Planning To Leave Me: Please Advise by FXKing2012(m): 11:22am On Apr 22, 2013
keeked: Hello nairalanders,
Hopefully I will get some useful advice from members.

I have been in an across the ocean relationship for almost three years now. It was going really really well for the first year or so... things started getting weird after. He would complain that I am getting too attached/I'm chocking him and I would complain that he is getting too withdrawn. He would say things have changed and that it's normal for the novelty of a new relationship to wear off after a while. (Is this even true?)
Things have gotten worse now. We can't go two days without having an argument. (Hyperbole)
After a good number of the arguments, he would break up with me and I'd cry my eyes, begging him to come back. We make up, and cycle continues. In fact, he just broke up with me again a few days ago. He isn't even trying anymore. He hardly calls etc .

I really love this guy. My parents know him (and vice versa) and all that good stuff. I know this sounds pathetic but I can't see myself not being with him.

My questions for all are; is he seeing someone else? Is he taking advantage of my weakness (him)?
What do I do to break free even if i want to? Is he staying out of pity?

If you have more questions to ask I'll be ready to answer, I didn't want to be too detailed to avoid a lengthy post.
Why are you wasting your time with him? Cant you see he's just not that into you? When a guy is not into you, no amount of crying will keep him long term.

I'm sure he's got someone else over there, or you expect a sexually active young man to stay 3yrs without relieving himself? If you are in doubt though I could help you track him down and give you details of what he's been up to where he is.
Religion / Re: Bishop Oyedepo Opens 20,000- Seater Church In Nairobi by FXKing2012(m): 11:16am On Apr 22, 2013
I pity you lots talking trash about the church and about MOG, keep heaping curses upon yourselves.

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Business / Re: Business Idea For Nigerians (Virgin Ideas) by FXKing2012(m): 8:51am On Apr 22, 2013
isaactolu: Mrnestyy1985 emailed me yesterday that he has been banned by nairaland. I wonder why the mod will do such, this is unfair
It's the robot, not the mod. The ban will soon be lifted though.
Events / Re: Paul Adefarasin’s House On The Rock Cathedral by FXKing2012(m): 5:55pm On Apr 21, 2013
To all the haters:
Matt. 16:18 "... and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it."


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