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Politics / Re: Emeka Offor Visits His Village With Heavy Security Personnel by annford: 3:13pm On Jan 19
But some one tells me that south east is as peaceful as south west ....

But now..l don't see it that way l consider it as a war zone

grin grin grin see how this foolish man disgrace se



Phones / Re: Is There Difference Between Iphone 13 Pro Max And Iphone 14 Pro Max? by annford: 11:15am On Jan 18
I didnt see any difference.
Only the name upgrade.

Designs are thesame thing, same spec, same battery life.

Or is there any difference?


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Politics / Re: Why Is Sowore Not Getting The Kind Of Favour And Fame Peter Obi Is Getting? by annford: 12:51pm On Jan 11
I am voting for Sowore but I wonder why Nigerians are not looking at him with the same vein they look at Peter Obi.

Someone like Sowore is going to clean this country, why can't we give him a chance?

Politics / Re: Six Critical Things Peter Obi Said At The People’s Townhall - Channelstv by annford: 5:37pm On Jan 09
I really do hope Mr. Peter Obi emerges the President of Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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Fashion / Re: Daniel Precious Emerges Winner Cultural Queen Africa, Gets Exotic Car (Photos) by annford: 9:03am On Sep 12, 2022
Celebration As Daniel Precious Emerges Winner Cultural Queen Africa, Gets Exotic Car


25-year-old Daniel Precious has been crowned the Cultural Queen Africa at the just concluded pageant show.

The event organised by Sophie J Entertainment took place recently. It is a prestigious crown that promotes African culture, peaceful coexistence and unity among Africans as well as making African ladies to accept their culture using beauty pageantry as a climax of attraction.

14 different countries participated in the pageant amidst fanfare and excitement.

The winner smiled home with the star prize of a Nissan Murano car while the first, second and third runners up also got exciting prizes.

In her remarks, Daniel Precious while thanking the organisers of Cultural Queen Africa for giving her the platform to showcase her talent promised to be a good ambassador of the brand.

She assured that she will use her good office to promote the culture and norms of the African people.

Top dignitaries from various countries in Africa graced the occasion.

Foreign Affairs / Re: Boris Johnson Officially Resigns As UK Prime Minister by annford: 1:11pm On Jul 07, 2022
Sincerely speaking if I'm Peter Obi I'll follow suit cuz what on earth would Obi gain if he's embarrassed at the poll next year?? he couldn't even win massively in all the states in his region 2019 and same thing would happen 2023. as the biggest fan of Obi atm, I'll be the only one to tell him the bitter truth. Sir, now is not the best time to contest. carefully and sincerely back off the presidential race.

Autos / Re: Corolla Sports 2007 Now Available....fully Pimped....this One Clean Pass Tokunbo by annford: 10:37am On Apr 26, 2022
3.6m 4 a Nigerian used 2007 Corolla? bandit!

I just weak

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Family / Re: My Colleague's Wife Gets His Salary Alerts & Holds His ATM Card by annford: 10:33am On Apr 04, 2022
[quote author=Lordmech post=111626276]One of my colleague at work came begging for cash and I ask him. What happen to your ATM or salary and he reviewed that the wife is the one who sees alert and holds the card.. I was shocked.
My pipo is this love or stupidity?[/q

There isn't anything stupid about it. I, by choice, gave my wife all my ATM cards and their PINs and she gets all the alerts on my accounts. If you have a GOOD WIFE, you would not see that as stupidity. I willingly gave my wife the authority to run the home (financially), because she knows how to run the finances of the home very well.

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Health / Re: I'm About To Abort A 4-Month Pregnancy Tomoro, My Babe Is So Scared! Help Pls by annford: 2:45pm On Jan 11, 2022
Hello nairalanders...

i got my girfriend pregnant since september, and it really got me crazy..

when it was 2 months, we tried to abort it, and so we met a chemist who gave her drugs and injection, he told us that the blood we rush out, but it did rush out just small and stopped.. So it did not work even after i paid him 8k..

now, we are about to carry out D & C abortion tomorow, but she keep saying she is scared.. Even me, i'm scared too..

i don't know what to do..

please, don't feel bad reading this, i only need advice on this, it is a wrong move but my mind is already made up to do it..

how i wish i can just allow her to birth it..

though, one of my mind is still telling me to keep it, but how can i be able to take care of her and the baby?

And she is just my side girlfriend, not my real babe..
pray for me nairalanders, i need strenght this moment to take the right decision..

You want to abort a 4-month pregnancy? E be like say burial don deyhungry you to organize. You must be joking.
Religion / Re: My 1 Years Old Is A Witch by annford: 11:01am On Oct 06, 2021

You ought to have a terrible accident and die painfully.

People like you and your pastors are a disgrace.

As fuuny and extreme as your wish for that slowpoke is, he actually does not deserve to breathe same air as his enstranged wife and daughter.

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Religion / Re: My 1 Years Old Is A Witch by annford: 10:52am On Oct 06, 2021
I have a big problem � I separated with my wife because she was a witch and the cause of my downfall. I had the custody of our daughter who is now 1 years 6 months old.

After getting rid of the witch I taught my business will be better than before but no. Things become even hard for me I started experiencing body pain and unknown sickness and we have been to church where I was told my daughter Is a witch her mother has given her the mission to kill me.

After prayers and fasting my health is getting better now and I have been to 2 different churches just to confirm that my daughter is a witch and yes it is true. I have packed her stuffs and i took her to her mother but she is doesn't stay there anymore and I don't know her new address. I am not a wicked person but I don't want her in my house because I don't want to harm her and regret it. What do I have to do with a witch?

What you typed up there is very nauseating. You are accusing your a year and half old daughter of witchcraft? You must be delusional. i have a daughter that is a year and four months old and i adore the very ground she steps on. You dare accuse an innocent child of being a witch? At your age, you still believe in those crap that some fake Pastors tell dummies? What stops you from accusing that Pastor of being a witch himself? Someone is breaking your home that God gave you and you let them? You accused your wife too of being a witch? Bro, you are still a child. Your wife should be ashamed of you. I am a married man. I have been married for 7 years and i adore and literally worship my wife and 2 daughters. i just pity you and your naivety.

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Romance / Re: Pls Oh...can Anyone Explain What Are All These? (pic) by annford: 5:53pm On Jun 03, 2021
you Christians use the name of the holy one for jokes and nonsense, have you seen any Muslim using their prophet name to joke?

No wonder Christians in Nigeria are being subjected to second class citizens because of nitwits like you.

I don't blame you

That's one thing about most Christians. I don't know why Christians can't uphold sacred things but Muslims do. Everything is a joke to Christians. No wonder Muslims slaughter them without delay. I get sick to my stomach when I see Christians acting foolishly with sacred things

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Katumba Wamala’s Daughter & Driver Killed In Uganda by annford: 9:04pm On Jun 01, 2021
Bros, i get one baba for my village, if I give that money
I no go fear bomb cheesy cheesy cheesy

Bomb -proofs too fail o. RPG and missiles would send a bullet-proof vehicle to the abyss. If you go to the East too, you'd realise that Baba's voodoo too dey fail yakata
Foreign Affairs / Re: Katumba Wamala’s Daughter & Driver Killed In Uganda by annford: 5:38pm On Jun 01, 2021
Bros, even if na Nigeria made grin grin

Lol. Maybe Nigeria-made, but definitely not a foreign vehicle. I know someone who made some contacts for his Mercedes S- class to be made bullet-proof and got a bill of N180 Million last.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Katumba Wamala’s Daughter & Driver Killed In Uganda by annford: 5:26pm On Jun 01, 2021
How come the car is not bulletproof?
Who drives a car in this world has a politician without bulletproof?
Even guys that are not Politicians drive bulletproof.
If I worth 40M Naira and I will drive a bulletproof in Nigeria because person no know who dey vex.

Bullet-proof vehicles are worth more than N40 Million (not even Nigeria-used). Many rich people cannot afford bullet-proof vehicles.

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Politics / Re: Germany-Based Oguchi Unachukwu Shot Dead By Soldiers In Imo (Disturbing Photos) by annford: 12:49pm On Jun 01, 2021
This is the reason they invented choas in Imo state. This is the reason they are desperate to set the east on fire.
This has always been the reason, to kill hardworking Igbos for fun.
All of you reading will blame the Igbos as usual but these killings have been going on for a long time now, it must stop! This is a very resourceful young man cut down in his prime by a vindictive state hellbent on carrying out a genocide in the east.

The army are not killing hardworking fulanis because of the murderous fulani Herdsmen. There is no genocide in Borno against innocent civilians because of Boko Haram! This man was heading to the airport. Obviously he's reasonably dressed and doesn't in any way look like a militant...The Nigerian army under Buhari has now turned the killing of igbo youths into a national past time and the dregs of the society like the one below this post are cheering them on...
The consequences will be dire..

You're full of wisdom

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Romance / Re: ..o by annford: 9:04pm On May 27, 2021
I won't say your username but I am in love with you. ..

it has been a year we met through this medium.

you are amazing, disciplined and well mannerd.

If everyone was like you the world would have been a better place but you want us to be friends and I can't move on because I keep hoping one day you will be ready for a relationship. ...sighs

person Wey you love no go love you and vice versa.

There's nothing to correct. Your writeup is correct and needs no correction. You don't say " if everyone IS like you" because you were only wishing or assuming. The correct way to put is "if everyone was like you". You were correct and needn't be corrected.
Romance / Re: Just Got My Side Babe Pregnant by annford: 12:19pm On May 23, 2021

thanks you very much for this wonderful advice. with this your advice, I think I need to get a woman that will be a wife. searching mood activated

I wish you the very best my brother. You aren't compelled to marry the lady if you think she isn't the type of woman you want, but for the child, you owe him/her your love, support and fatherly care. When the baby arrives and you carry him/her in your arms, you'd be grateful you never got rid of the pregnancy. Best of wishes, Sir.
Romance / Re: Just Got My Side Babe Pregnant by annford: 8:07pm On May 22, 2021
Hello nairalanders let me go straight to the point.
My side babe called me yesterday night and told me she's pregnant. She was supposed to see her period on the 12 but it didn't show up.
So yesterday she said she was feeling someone and bought the urine pregnancy strip and it showed two red lines and she said she's pregnant.
I'm thinking of abortion cos i can't father any kid now and she's still a student and I'm in my finals.
She's on her way to the hospital now to confirm if truly she's pregnant with a blood test

Please i need best abortion pills for a pregnancy less than two weeks
Insults are allowed i know i messed up but I'm not ready to suffer a kid in this present situation.

Please i need abortion pills recommendation With zero risk of anything fatal

Are you aware that using pills to terminate pregnancy could get the lady killed? Pills don't completely evacuate the foetus thereby leading to fatal complications ranging from excessive and uncontrollable bleeding to very serious infections. Better go seek help from a certified Doctor so you don't end up regretting it. A child is a blessing and should never have to be murdered. You may not know what God will do for you through that child. Who ever told you having a baby would put your life on hold? I am a husband and a father (2 kids), and I would tell you that nothing gives me joy like seeing my wife and kids. I don't give a flying Melinda what anyone tells you. Have you read about Roman, the owner of Chelsea FC? His parents thought to get rid of him while still in the womb but later changed their mind. A second pregnancy came and they decided to terminate it and in so doing, the woman lost her life from excessive bleeding. Don't allow your hands get stained with blood. Some children actually open doors. After the birth of my son, gates of blessings and prosperity started opening to my wife and I and it has been so till this day. Think this through.

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Romance / Re: Edo Girls Are Beautiful by annford: 10:19am On May 19, 2021
congrats bro,she is one of the few exceptions


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Romance / Re: Edo Girls Are Beautiful by annford: 10:10am On May 19, 2021
Edo girls are the worst to date.

They are feminists, uncaring,selfish,materialistic , and have this entitlement mentality.

They hardly make good wives

Talking from experience

That's your personal experience. My wife is from Edo State and has none of those qualities you listed.


Business / Re: Please Suggest A Business I Can Start With Five Hundred Thousand Naira by annford: 9:49am On May 19, 2021

Am interested in the business, currently about 2 people I lend money refuse to pay back , even the interest too since last year

How I run mine is simple. 1. The one who needs a loan must present a security (collateral) that is worth at least 5x the value of the amount the need. 2. They must present a postdated cheque covering both the amount given and the interest generated. 3. They'd submit an ID ( preferably international passport). 4. They'd present 2 witnesses. 5. They'd get their lawyer involved. The loan runs for every 30 days ( weekends inclusive). 6. The maximum a loan period would run for is 6 months. 7. The interest rate is 10% for any loan below 1Million and 5% for loans of 1.1 Million and above. 8. I don't give anything less than 500k. 9. If youre presenting a vehicle as collateral, the vehicle must not be older than 7 years in production and must be in top shape.Those are my terms and conditions and must all be met. I've been doing this business since 2009.


Business / Re: Please Suggest A Business I Can Start With Five Hundred Thousand Naira by annford: 9:33am On May 19, 2021

So, how can I get a loan. I need one

Where are you based?
Business / Re: Please Suggest A Business I Can Start With Five Hundred Thousand Naira by annford: 9:32am On May 19, 2021

So, how can I get a loan. I need one

Well, to be frank, I haven't fortified myself. I'm not interested in anything diabolical. All you need do is have requirements that must be met and be strict and disciplined. I've been doing this business since 2009 and I could tell you for free, I have never encountered any problems while at it.
Business / Re: Please Suggest A Business I Can Start With Five Hundred Thousand Naira by annford: 9:20pm On May 18, 2021

How ? the one they will seize ur money with stories

Lol. Nope. You'd have to have requirements that people who need a loan from you must meet. I am a loan shack myself and I could put you through if you need my help. Loan business is like oil business. People would always need money

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Business / Re: Please Suggest A Business I Can Start With Five Hundred Thousand Naira by annford: 7:47pm On May 18, 2021
Good evening, please i want you guys to suggest a business I can start with five hundred thousand naira, presently I do e hailing business with my car but the income is no more enough after getting married, my wife is still in school and my baby has started creche, besides I thought about my old age, I can't continue driving for a living, please help your brother.

Money-lending business. That business would make you a multimillionaire in no time.

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Autos / Re: Bentley Continental, Porche Panamera, Camero, Jaguar XJ 2011 Which Is Better by annford: 6:05am On May 17, 2021
death to all peasants. death to you peasant. you peasants are cancer

Yesterday was your lucky day because that's the only day I get to relax and brood. You're an URCHIN. I don't have time for brain -dead idiots. Today is Monday and more money would be made. Looking at yourself, do you seriously think you're alive? You're a devoured empty soul with an empty skull. I will not dignify your stupidity with an attention. You're a frustrated idiot, Oluku.
Autos / Re: Bentley Continental, Porche Panamera, Camero, Jaguar XJ 2011 Which Is Better by annford: 9:23pm On May 16, 2021
i like as i piss off these peasants. death to all peasants. they are cancer to the world

Lol. You're a certified and unashamed nonentity. Youre delusonal. You need help. Seek help while it is still available. It is all fun and games until you go do something stupid to yourself. You probably are mentally deranged but still live in denial. Seek help, son.
Autos / Re: Bentley Continental, Porche Panamera, Camero, Jaguar XJ 2011 Which Is Better by annford: 5:48pm On May 16, 2021
i swear i did not waste my time to read this trash. i own a 2019 rolls royce.

Any fool can claim anything. Let me condesend so low to your level and ask that, just like you said I do, write my moniker on a paper with you holding it up while sitting in the Rolls Royce. Idiot. I am into real estate big time and don't believe in vehicle acquisition. You're a peasant, boy. Now run along boy and go run errands for your superiors.

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Autos / Re: Bentley Continental, Porche Panamera, Camero, Jaguar XJ 2011 Which Is Better by annford: 4:25pm On May 16, 2021

Everybody get money for Internet cheesy cheesy

Tell me your rank on Forbes list in Africa let me rush and confirm your name. Don't bother about privacy, the list reshuffles after every few hours. Peasant cheesy

Bro, please pay no mind to the idiot. Leave him be. The rich are always quiet, but the broke, they're so annoyingly noisy. Don't banter words with him. Ignore his folly and he'd be humbled

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Autos / Re: Bentley Continental, Porche Panamera, Camero, Jaguar XJ 2011 Which Is Better by annford: 4:21pm On May 16, 2021
if u show a clear pic of u inside the lexus and outside with my name on paper, i go stop to use nairaland and deaactivate this account. where alll these idiots commot from na

Lol. You're simply an idiot. It is like asking the dude that said he want to buy a Bentley to show you his account details to prove he could afford the car. Son, no one needs prove shit to you. I don't give a flying Melinda whether or not you think I have the Lexus. You're simply an ignoramus. Do you think Nairaland only has teens and young adults using it? Some of us like operating low key. You called me an idiot? You're the idiot here because you just got online bragging and calling Toyota and Honda vehicle user "peasants", whereas you're the one that shamelessly broke and impoverished. Go find out how much Toyota Camry 2001 costs, religiously check your account balance and sincerely ask yourself if you could afford one. A lot of you come online claiming to be who you aren't but dream of being. Son, I even sometimes use Keke Napep to move around Abuja because I love the feel of it and how free I feel in it. You think the rider of Keke is a peasant? Go price a brand new Keke Napep, check your account balance yet again and ask yourself if you could afford one. I have 5 units of 2012 Toyota Corolla that I gave to some Church members for Uber business, are they peasants too? My Wife's official vehicle is a 2016 Camry, is she a peasant too? For my kids 'school runs', I bought a 2016 corolla, am I a peasant too? Go price a Toyota product and get a heart attack when the price is said. Grow up and embrace maturity and knowledge. Don't come online to show how untrained and daft you are.

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Autos / Re: Bentley Continental, Porche Panamera, Camero, Jaguar XJ 2011 Which Is Better by annford: 2:00pm On May 16, 2021
The Guy above that wrote something about Toyota and Honda products being vehicles for peasants just shows how arrogant, lame, uninformed and naive one human being could be. I drive a 2019 Lexus LX 570 SuperSport, so does that mean I am a peasant? Most Governors, Ministers, Legislators and top Government Officials in Nigeria use top Toyota vehicles. I know a Mayor in the US whose Official vehicle is a Toyota Land cruiser. Boy, you need to be informed. My immediate older brother uses the Jaguar XJ and I don't even see it as a high-end car. I have a senior colleague that own a bullet proof LX570 that he bought for N380 Million. Go and ask questions before you start typing rubbish

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