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Family / Re: Mothers Please Advice A Frustrated Married Man. by DeeMain(m): 4:51pm On Sep 14

At the bolded, I have reservations about a help because the matriarch hasn't mastered her home, she doesn't have a firm grip on a routine that works for everyone, she's not staying on top of things, but a help will now be hired and expected to achieve a feat even she hasn't been able to achieve, on top of how much?

Sooner or later the help will start to look overused and abused from being overworked, because madam would have practically left 95% of home chores to her, I've seen this play out in different households I'm familiar with. Some women will sit in the living room watching TV and ask the help to make them a meal, while she's in the kitchen doing that, they start shouting Grace come and carry Junior he is disturbing me. undecided

Does it not make sense that while Grace is cooking, you mind the child you gave birth to? But no, they want to offload that responsibility to the help as well. A help in some instances means a complete hands off from house work and motherhood duties for some women.

And for women who have not shown care or effort in reasonably managing their homes, premium tears awaits someone else hired as a help, they do all the work for very little benefit. If I were her husband she must adjust and create a workable routine for our home first, before I consider bringing on a help and if I do her duties will mostly be limited to laundry and house cleaning.

Foreign Affairs / Re: Donald Trump: Joe Biden Is An Enemy Of the State (Video) by DeeMain(m): 2:35pm On Sep 04
Not to some slow dumb people.
They think he’s God’s messenger.
The God they worship I’ll never understand.

Pay no mind to them. God's messenger who has many attributes that belong to darkness.

By their fruits we shall know them.

His unraveling shall be televised. MAGA tears shall be many.


Foreign Affairs / Re: Donald Trump: Joe Biden Is An Enemy Of the State (Video) by DeeMain(m): 8:38am On Sep 04
I hate lies. Here's every poll from august 24 suggests that Trump will win. https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/polls/president-general/ There you have it, read yourself.

I give you that for now on the polls. Perhaps recession and inflation as a result of the war in Ukraine is still depressing the numbers for Democrats but Biden's approval rating is going up and it takes a while for the polls to catch up with the facts but know this, Trump has been knocked out. Destroyed.

And here are my predictions.

First, the Republicans are going to lose big in the mid-term elections for supporting the Trump madness all the way and second, Trump will not be on the ballot in the next election. His arse will be so irredeemably entangled in the courts or he will be in jail by then.


Foreign Affairs / Re: Donald Trump: Joe Biden Is An Enemy Of the State (Video) by DeeMain(m): 8:00am On Sep 04
You do know that polls suggest he's win the next election? both by popular vote and electoral votes? He's currently the most popular politician in the US.

Guy, that was last 2 months. The clock has turned. Update yourself on google, then come back and apologize for being so wrong.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Donald Trump: Joe Biden Is An Enemy Of the State (Video) by DeeMain(m): 7:37am On Sep 04

What coup did he attempt?? Have you been following the January 6 committee since it started? What have they been able to prove?

Also did you know that those documents you said he stole, based on American laws as a president he can declassify anyone of them at anytime as a president?

And finally make I ask you do you support gay marriage?

Many of his boys and close allies and top guns are already being sent to jail. Many of his loyalists are now turning against him or turning state witnesses. Some are now informants for the state. The noose is tightening last last. Wake up.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Donald Trump: Joe Biden Is An Enemy Of the State (Video) by DeeMain(m): 7:05am On Sep 04
Says an ex-president who attempted a coup and stole thousands of government documents and classified documents probably with the intention of selling those secrets to enemy nations.

Trump, you shall go to jail for coup attempt and treason. Mad man. Winter is coming for you and all those your collaborators.

Moral lesson: Reason why we should never allow narcissists and drug barons and men with shady pasts to rule us.

Save Nigeria, Be Obedient.

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Politics / Re: Shocking Revelation Of Ahmed Bola Tinubu Exposed By Gistlover by DeeMain(m): 9:16am On Sep 02
What a man? I believe more earth shattering revelations are still coming as we approach 2023.

There are the irredeemables, those who will die with Tinubu no matter what dirt and evil is unearthed. But for every sane person that still loves this country, whatever you do, do not vote for this deeply fraudulent man. Nigeria is at the brink and we can't have people with such deeply questionable pasts, characters and wealth lead us anymore.

Save Nigeria from the brink, vote Peter Obi.


Family / Re: My Mumu Don Do by DeeMain(m): 6:22am On Aug 30
Religious parents mostly. Most lack self control and coordination. They just hide it behind religion.

Most relgious people don't have good relationship with dia fellow humans, they just don't know how.

They want their kids to be holy, moral, decent, etc. As if na wetin dia kids go chop...

Nothing suppose concern ya dad with your ear rings or dressing?


Just hustle make it money..

The most important thing in this life is money any oda tin is not important.

OP, please whatever you do on this thread don't listen to this guy. If you do your tomorrow will be filled with pain and regret.

There is a way that seems right to a man but the end is destruction.


Politics / Re: Troway Shame, Off Cloth And Kuku Support Tinubu By Temi Dayo by DeeMain(m): 1:26pm On Aug 29
Well obidiented penmanship. The sorry pass of the enemies well captured.

Bravo to the writer.

May your tongue be the pen of a ready writer.
Politics / Re: Who Are These Obidients? They Are EVERYWHERE — Femi Fani-Kayode by DeeMain(m): 9:31am On Aug 24
Is FFK also among the prophets?

I don't like you FFK but this your article shows insight and carries weight.

The only point of contention I have with you in this is that by the time PO's whirlwind is done he shall mount the throne come February to the chagrin of you and your ilks.

E go shock una!

A new Nigeria is coming!


Politics / Re: Peter Obi Visits Pastor Tunde Bakare’s Church. (video) by DeeMain(m): 5:14pm On Aug 23
So Peter Obi is still stuck in this stage of the outreach?

If I was in the crowd, I will ask him questions about his statement made at the NBA conference yesterday.

If not connection, how did you become Labour Party presidential candidate without even a 1month membership of the long existing party?

Was it your entitlement to be a Presidential candidate that you could not accept defeat in PDP, so you ran out at the 11th hour to go secure it elsewhere without prior work for that party?

If Character is being discussed, would you be remembered positively or negatively as that political prostitute who promised never to leave APGA and that leaving APGA would mean leaving politics?

What is your Capacity with your poor academic record and your inability to grow the economy of Anambra state?

If Commitment was paramount, would you depart APGA and also depart PDP that gave you a national platform in 2019?

Rather than clap for a liar and desperate politician, ask him questions and see how he will begin to slow down on the fancy talk that is belied by his own contrary actions.

So Mr Peter Obi, the 2023 election is going to be about the things you say it shouldn't be about, and you are most guilty of it being so because you are the epitome of tribe, religion, connection, and entitlement.

You are the Igbo candidate who must never be campaigned against by other Igbo politicians, you are the religious crusader that has attended all the Churches you never attended even as a Governor, your Labour Party ticket is borne out of connection and entitlement.

Sir, you are a patholigical liar and hypocrite.


Sifia pains. I like your tantrums and tears. Gird your loins for more in the coming months.

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Poems For Review / Re: The Path to Greatness by DeeMain(m): 3:23pm On Aug 08
Poems For Review / Re: The Path to Greatness by DeeMain(m): 3:22pm On Aug 08
Politics / Re: Atiku Discovered Peter Obi Before Keyboard Warriors Knew About Him, Says Melaye by DeeMain(m): 3:40pm On Jul 31
Beautiful nonsense. Mungo Park discovered River Niger.

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Family / Re: God Failed Me by DeeMain(m): 8:08pm On Jul 30
It is not wise to quit marriage just because of ordinarily beating, cheating, drug peddling and yahooing that have not killed you. He is not murderer to start with, so I wonder what the fuse is all about. His actions will only make you a better Christian and strong woman.

Just listen to your wise parents because with prayer everything will be alright in due time. Don't allow any of these frustrated people here to deceive you with their wrong advice because they are only here to steal, kill and destroy.

The counsel of Ahitophel. Sisterly, ignore this.
Family / Re: My Husband Always Asking Me To Leave His House Every Little Issue by DeeMain(m): 5:41pm On Jul 23
Can you pour your heart to him concerning this issue and how it is making you feel and suggest that you both go for couple counseling and therapy?


Family / Re: How I Lost My Twin Boys by DeeMain(m): 5:19pm On Jul 21
Really sorry bro. May God comfort you and heal your heart.

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Family / Re: Is It Right For A Mother To Say These Things To Her Son? by DeeMain(m): 8:27pm On Jul 14
The poster mum for what a mum should never be or do no matter the provocation.

Guy, get spiritual and set yourself free from her negative influences while at the same time forgiving her.
Family / Re: We Teach Them Violence And Call It Discipline. by DeeMain(m): 8:35am On Jul 03
Example is better than precept. Beating a child programs a child for violence or to tolerate the same.

In many domestic violence cases both giver and receiver were once children whose childhood were replete with beatings and canes.

Cane sparingly and with discretion. Or else...

See discipline as discipling not punishment. Discipline creatively. Wisely.


Celebrities / Re: Final Burial Of Late Singer, Osinachi Holds Today (pix/video) by DeeMain(m): 8:33pm On Jun 25
RIP most beautiful.
Politics / Re: ‘I Never Said Investment In Sabmiller Now Worth $100m’ — Obi Blames ‘One Youth’ by DeeMain(m): 4:30pm On Jun 24
naptu2 is a Tinubu henchman. We see your works. Such a waste of native intelligence.

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Family / Re: Help, My Wife Promised To Kill Me by DeeMain(m): 6:51pm On Jun 15
Anything you paid for with money before having it is bought. So shut up and stop being sentimental here.

Wack and warped life-view. Your way of thinking is no better than OP's dysfunctional wife's way.

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Family / Re: Dad Sends His Wife Hilarious Photos Everytime She Asks If The Kids Are Okay by DeeMain(m): 6:36pm On Jun 15

I swear, I've said that a couple of times before.

I think some people who have father issues (whose fathers have never been there) find it hard to believe/trust in God.

Confirmento. Also those whose dads were very strict, disciplinarians or abusive have the same issues you mentioned with loving/believing/trusting/ intimacy with God.


Fashion / Re: Dear Men, Stop Bleaching! by DeeMain(m): 6:32pm On May 30
Bleaching: Another Perspective

I am a lover of naturalness and I advocate seriously against skin bleaching. But a perspective people are missing is this. Many Africans were not born 'that black.' Many when they were born were fair-skinned until the Sun came and turned Mary into black Maria; the once-fair skin became charcoal overtime and before you know it, we have nothing natural left of our colour. At this point, all people remember about your God-given colour is the Sun-flaked skin and your shaded look forgetting your God-given colour is the one you were born with.

The truth of the matter is, a naturally dark skin can be good and enviable if kept away from the harsh rays of the Sun because it is a very delicate part of the body. My little exposition should help all those criticizing bleaching just because they feel it is a way of not being contended or proud of your 'natural look', because there is nothing natural about a Sun-burnt skin afteral. Remember, a child when born is not this black in Africa and if we were to grow under a more conducive weather, many will not think of bleaching.

All I see about most reasons from anti-bleaching advocates is hypocrisy. And here are the reasons. You first of all ignorantly call a Sun-shaded skin ‘natural’ and it doesn’t just end there. You claim they are not proud of their natural colour, yet you fix hairs, eyes lashes, fix eyeballs, fix bums, and you do make-up that make you look unnatural. Bleaching, toning etc could be a way of correcting the effect of the Sun on the skin and reverting it back to the natural way but what’s up with scraping all your eyebrows and using eye pencil to draw a line, what are you trying to make natural with your outrageous makeup? What is natural about the hair and nails you fix?

My suggestion is that, instead of just standing up to criticize bleaching all because it makes you feel people are not proud of their 'natural' colour, please do more research so that we can prevent more babies from being blackened by the tropical Sun.

Finally, for all of you bleaching guys, you better start sharing this on your wall and Whatsapp groups. At least, I have finally given you a reason to beat many blasting you for this.

#NelThoughts #NelInspirations

Nonsense and ingredients and low self esteem and a big shame to the black race.

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Politics / Re: Soludo Should Return Boys Oye And Bakasi Boys In Anambra. by DeeMain(m): 10:48am On May 18
once u want to join ipob, ur first requirements are 1. Illiteracy. 2. hatred for educated people. 3. Readiness to Robb. Extort money from big men for "biafra fight", snatch cars for "Ipob transport"4. hate and reject others when they clearly and directly present facts. U can identify them on this forum easily. KANU dey abuja, y not declare sit at home there? Na east KANU dey? Bihari get nothing to lose from east every Monday holiday declared by illiterates. Damn

Add outsourcing your brain and mind completely and irrevocably to onyendu(MNK) through a sacred oath.

Ndi egbuwara isi!
Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by DeeMain(m): 11:10pm On May 15
Bucks can't get a bucket to save their lives. It's over. Congrats Celtics. Who would have thought?
Travel / Re: UK Visa Exempts Nigerian Graduates by DeeMain(m): 3:39pm On May 07

I dey come help you cure your mental illness.

Here I am.

The 1967 to 1970 lessons that we taught your grandparents are nightmares that have passed from generations to generations. You can never get out of the pains, sorrow, tears and blood that we left behind in your land. But, I don't expect you to develop psychiatric disorders over the pains of yesteryears

Your own madness is even worse than his, evil Hitler!

Two idiots!
Politics / Re: Britain And IPOB, Time For Igbos To Bring In The Russians And The Chinese? by DeeMain(m): 7:57pm On May 06
Idiots that put fetters and chains and death on the very people they claim to be liberating, aggravating the wounds of a long suffering people.

Who has seen such evil before? Tufia!

You never begin cry. All the innocent blood and the Igbo tears will come for you all. Ndi ara
Family / Re: How Can One Find Genuine Spouse In This Era Of Ritual Killings, Organs Harvest? by DeeMain(m): 7:34pm On May 06

They are the ones most desperate to hammer. How about women who are abducted, minding their own business, going their own way. It is not only girls following men that fall victim. And how about women in relationships? You are with a regular guy, thinking you're planning and building for tomorrow, not knowing he's dissatisfied with his lot and is ready to do anything to 'make it'. Then her value to him starts to increase but not in the way she thinks. Happened to a woman my Mum knows. Long term relationship with a regular guy. Too shocking.

Good thinking. And you write well too.

But there are other angles. Nigeria is a highly spiritual nation and the implication is that great spiritual good and great spiritual evil will emanate and thrive in this same nation.

Ritualism has nothing to do with gender or level of wealth or power or position. Many old money folks, politicians, traditionalists, businessmen and women, career men and women looking for spiritual advantage have been into this thing a long time.

The problem in the land now is because it is now endemic and has been democratised into the youth and the young adult population courtesy of social media and peer pressure.

The country is broken. Our values are broken. The people are broken. We are a spiritual people. The Black DNA is spiritual. The implication is predictable.

Look to the great spiritual good to give you direction and offer you protection in this gross darkness. That's my advice for all, male and female. Deep calleth unto deep.

If not your name might be sorry, male or female.

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Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by DeeMain(m): 5:20am On May 04
Ja Morant! 47 points. What a display. Bahd guy!
Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by DeeMain(m): 4:35am On May 04
Warriors, never say die. Game tied. End 3rd quarter
Family / Re: Is Jada Pinkett Smith Right That Marrying Will Smith Basically Ruined Her Life? by DeeMain(m): 1:29pm On May 02

Undergrad - Counselling Psychology.
Postgrad - Clinical Child Psychology.

Oh, Okay. Cool

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