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Religion / Re: Is Adam Really The First Human God Created by gaddafe(m): 10:35am On Aug 28
The Bible does not regard the female yet it made mention of Eve abi.
And by the way,if Cain impregnated his so called sister, then how did their child multiply?
Through same incest abi

See my guy, no be me write Bible o. I'm telling you what is written there. It is left for you to believe or look for truth elsewhere. The Bible does not regard the female, this is a fact except you have not thoroughly read the Bible or you want to argue for argument sake. For example there were female Pharaoh, but how many female Pharaoh did you see in the Bible? These and lots more. And of course according to the Bible the world developed through incest that meant Cain slept with the sister or mother or whatever. I wouldn't know, I didn't witness it neither did I write it. I'm telling you what is written there and what it implies. It is left for you to use your sense.
Religion / Re: Is Adam Really The First Human God Created by gaddafe(m): 10:03am On Aug 28
Why did the Bible make mention of Cain and Abel without mentioning their so called sister in the first place.
And what is the name of the so called sister just like you claimed?

That is not new. If you look at it the Bible does not regard the females that much and attention is usually not given to them. Even when Jesus fed 5000, it was only the males that were counted not female. It might be that was the reason the females were not mentioned in the Bible. However my main concern is that if that is true, it is impossible for any animal to cross five generations through incest.
Religion / Re: Is Adam Really The First Human God Created by gaddafe(m): 9:55am On Aug 28
What the Bible is telling you if you use your sense is that the world was created from incest which is impossible biologically. Also it would also be worthwhile to know that incest is a sin in the Bible. So at what point did it became a sin?
Politics / Re: 20 People Convert To Christianity Over Deborah Samuel's Death - Father by gaddafe(m): 6:27pm On Aug 27
How do we contact her parents?....how do we support them even with our little resources?

Don't bother with your resources, they're already rich. You can read up what OPM gave the family
Politics / Re: 10 Ways Tinubu & APC Think Nigerians Are Foolish by gaddafe(m): 6:59am On Aug 23
Ofcos, call the dog a bad name and crucify it.

If him no support u, then he is a biased mod.

As it stands, mynd44 cannot tell u the truth, he needs to turn a blind eye to all ur excesses else he is biased.

If ur father sees this ur post, he will tear off his name from ur birth certificate

I'm very sure this was not a problem when the APC used this same tactics in removing GEJ. Today you guys are quick to say you are being insulted. Lai Mohammed has suddenly lost his voice. The guy has seen what is coming. I remember when he called GEJ a clueless president on Politics Today in Channels. Nobody cautioned him, it was normal then to insult the president and his followers. Today the same Lai Mohammed will close down a station that dares make the same statement to his principal. Just wait for it. Karma is a ....... Who started this kind of politics? Ask yourself

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Politics / Re: Tinubu: Loud Silence In APC After Primaries by gaddafe(m): 10:53pm On Aug 22
That Nwajuba guy that was weeping like a baby the other day, now the rest of us are queuing behind Obi to make sure that injustice against Ibos is addressed once and for all, instead of him to pull out of the satanic party and redeem himself by pledging allegiance to Obi and supporting his course, he's still in one hole, hibernating. Tomorrow, Tinubu will give him his shoes to polish, he will now come and be smiling for cameras. Shame!

No! He is doing the right thing. Everyone against Tinubu interest should not pull out. He should be in the party and work against it from within. That was how GEJ was brought down.

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Politics / Re: Atiku Should Have No Business With 2023 Presidential Elections by gaddafe(m): 9:06pm On Aug 21

I was responding to it.

Azikwe was head of state succeding queen of England.

So we should put him in the list of head of states.

Are you stylishly dodging the question or you didn't see it? If Azikiwe was the second in command why didn't he become the next Premier when Tafawa Balewa died instead the rightful 2nd in command according to the law was Nwafor Orizu.
Politics / Re: Atiku Should Have No Business With 2023 Presidential Elections by gaddafe(m): 8:54pm On Aug 21

Assuming I don't know the meaning and you now tell me.

Azikwe was head of state.

Between State and Government which one last long and which one is superior?

Government came and passed and Nigeria remains.

We are talking about the state itself,Nigeria.

Azikwe must be mentioned even if he didn't exercise executive power but he was number one citizen in honour.

Did you read this part

Now back to what brought us to this definition
Nnamdi Azikiwe was not the head of government. His position was ceremonial. That was why when Kaduna Nzeogwu and the others killed Tafawa Balewa, the second in command was to take power and it was not Azikiwe rather it was Nwafor Orizu. Even though Azikiwe was alive he was not the second in command. It was the 2nd in command Nwafor Orizu that handed power to the military.
Politics / Re: Atiku Should Have No Business With 2023 Presidential Elections by gaddafe(m): 8:35pm On Aug 21

(a) Head of state is dictator or millatary head of state during millitary Junta. In parliamentary system we have head of state separated from head of government.

(b) President is the head of state and head of government in presidential system like in USA and Nigeria. While in parliamentary system of government president is head of state while prime minister is head of government.

(c)Prime minister is the head of government in parliamentary system of government while president is the head of government like in India. But in Niger Republic and other countries,Prime minister is not head of goverenment but the head of state.
In constitutional mornachy,King or Queen are head of states while Prime ministers are head of government like in United Kingdom,Saudia Arabi and Japan.

God knows the best.

This looks more or less like lifting answers from the web. You didn't appear to know what the meaning of head of government is.

Your first answer gave you off as someone who knows less of what he's talking about. You said head of state is a military junta. God! Where did you get that shit from? Head of state is a job description. A state is a nation or territory considered as an organized political community under one government. The head of state is regarded as the leader of that government which is the "head of government." In Nigeria the military used that title for their job description but that does not mean that someone is not a head of state as of today. It's a matter of understanding what head of state means. I just hope my explanation on head of state is clear.

The next is head of government. The head of government in summary is usually someone who is responsible for forming the government. That is he/she appoint and fires ministers, heads of parastatals, decides the economic path and policies of the country etc.
In Nigeria, during the military era the head of state is also the head of government.

Now back to what brought us to this definition
Nnamdi Azikiwe was not the head of government. His position was ceremonial. That was why when Kaduna Nzeogwu and the others killed Tafawa Balewa, the second in command was to take power and it was not Azikiwe rather it was Nwafor Orizu. Even though Azikiwe was alive he was not the second in command. It was the 2nd in command Nwafor Orizu that handed power to the military.

You yourself said in parliamentary that the prime minister is head of government. That should tell you who Tafawa Balewa was and his position and job description.

Today Buhari is both head of state and head of government. All military leaders were head of state and head of government. Tafawa Balewa was head of government while Azikiwe was head of state but in parliamentary this position was ceremonial. It is the same position of the queen of England today. GEJ, OBJ, Yar'Adua and all recent democratic leaders were both head of state and government. I just hope I'm clear
Politics / Re: Atiku Should Have No Business With 2023 Presidential Elections by gaddafe(m): 7:01pm On Aug 21

That is why I am speaking with fact.

You can't stand me with fact.

Prime minister,Head Of States and President are not the same thing.

I am speaking with clearity.


Question 1
Now clearly show the differences between those you listed up there.

Question 2
In parliamentary system, you have prime minister and president. Who among the two is the head of government? I know you don't know what the head of government means but if you know say it.

Prime minister, president etc you listed up there. Is there any similarity? If you don't know I will tell you. I know you don't know.
Politics / Re: Atiku Should Have No Business With 2023 Presidential Elections by gaddafe(m): 6:39pm On Aug 21

Tafawa was not President and the rest mentioned were heads of states.

Ironsi paved the way for them and nobody elected them.

Please you are in a public forum. Don't embarass yourself. Not everyone here is a kid. Heed my first advice, go back and study Nigeria's history with proper understanding asking the necessary questions

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Politics / Re: Atiku Should Have No Business With 2023 Presidential Elections by gaddafe(m): 6:17pm On Aug 21

Nnamdi Azikwe:6

'Yar Adua:2


Eqution is not balanced South is ahead with 2 years even if Atiku do 4 years.



North:'Yar Adua


Please how old are you? You really need to go back reading the history of Nigeria. This time do it slowly. Azikiwe never ruled Nigeria. The president position you see in his bio was when we were operating a parliamentary system and it was a ceremonial position. Do you know what ceremonial position stands for? Or you want further explanation? It's just like a kid that won a competition and is made a 1 day governor being counted as an ex governor of the state.

Also here are the northern leaders you skipped
Tafawa Balewa
Yakubu Gowon


Politics / Re: Maritime Security: US Coast Guard Ship, Cutter Mohawk Arrives Nigeria by gaddafe(m): 6:56am On Aug 20
I just hope they wouldn't be mistakingly training Boko Haram.
Sports / Re: Top 5 Painful Defeats In Nigeria Football History - Which was more painful? by gaddafe(m): 7:11pm On Aug 06
For me it was France 98. After that defeat, it took close to a month for me to recover and after recovering that was the last time I ever sat to watch any Nigerian competition. I prefer watching the highlights since then.
NYSC / Re: Youths Protest Against Demands To Scrap NYSC by gaddafe(m): 2:53pm On Aug 06
NYSC program should be scrapped. It's a waste of time and energy.

After graduation, and students are mobilized for NYSC, FG should just issue nysc certificate and 1 year allowance (₦33,000 x 12 months = ₦396,000) over to the prospective Corp members.

The money would be useful for entrepreneurial skills acquisition that will equip graduates to become self employed, and further create business opportunities for themselves. (Atleast for those who are serious minded)

Please learn to use the right language when communicating. Do you know what it means to scrap a program? If NYSC is scrapped there will not be need for your second paragraph. What you intended to pass was that the NYSC should be modified or upgraded or changed. NOT scrap. I also support that the program should be changed in order to blend with our current day challenges. There are various ways to achieve this. You just listed one of it.

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Education / Re: What Kind Of Wicked Teacher Is This? What Would You Do As A Parent? by gaddafe(m): 3:44pm On Jul 25
Even though this is highly unethical, I still feel some parents need to be informed of some strange or akward behavior their wards exhibit in school.

In my years of experience as a teacher, I've seen some behavioral problems that I sometimes wish to pen down similar reports in their scripts or assignments but then I remember the code of conduct and refrain from doing such. Though this does not stop us from discussing it in class among ourselves. I'm sure the teacher must have complained and discussed this with her colleagues who prolly advised her wrongly to go ahead and make such remarks.
Some students can frustrate ones career.

Teachers should be highly rewarded and appreciated in this part of the world because they are encountering a lot in this profession otherwise this kind of remarks will become the order of the day.

Before you come at me, note that I already condemned the act in my first paragraph.

What you said is completely true.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Heat Wave: Fire Errupts In Upminster, London by gaddafe(m): 5:35am On Jul 20
Make we no see this kind heat for naija o. Cos how many people get AC?

Our normal temperature is sometimes close to 40. We do have 35, 37, and 38. I'm not too sure now but I think we do sometimes record above 40 in the northern part of Nigeria
Politics / Re: Amaechi’s Supporters Dump APC by gaddafe(m): 6:26am On Jul 11
2023 is between Atiku and Obi

I tell u. Tinubu is out of the race

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Politics / Re: Soldiers Incharge Of Kuje Prison Were Removed 24 Hours Before Attack – Vanguard by gaddafe(m): 11:24pm On Jul 06
And someone will tell me that Nigeria army isn’t working with bandits

The Nigerian army is not working with bandits. Why are we like this in Nigeria? Why are we always afraid to say the truth? I thank God I never voted for this fraud of a president. Ever since he was campaigning till this moment, I've kept repeating the truth which is that Buhari himself is a member of the Boko Haran sect. If you believe anything else then you are foolish.

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Health / Re: Nigerian Doctor, Isyaka Mamman Jailed For Killing Patient In The UK by gaddafe(m): 9:10pm On Jul 05
if na Naija no case for the doctor

I tell you.if I tell you the level of nonsense been displayed by our doctors. Even me that has never stepped my leg into medical school knows that some of them should have lost their licences if the system was working.

Just imagine a doctor mistakingly amputating the leg of a patient who actually came to treat malaria. Or is it the one that operated on a diabetic patient and the blood could no longer clot thereby complicating matters for the patient. They are just to numerous to count

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Food / Re: The 200 Naira Suya Meat I Bought today In Birnin Kebbi (photos) by gaddafe(m): 7:22pm On Jun 28
It's already digested in my stomach and i am still active and strong.

grin grin grin grin grin grin
Politics / Re: Academic Qualifications: CSO Writes IGP, Wants Tinubu Arrested Within 48 Hours by gaddafe(m): 8:15pm On Jun 25
Sometimes I don't understand.

The same thing happened to buhari not having waec cert. Still they force him on us, which lead to one of the worst governance ever that shrink the country not only on economy, in everything...

The same political party still want to repeat the same calamity again for another 8 years, the present president is even healthier than the the one trying to replace him,
Someone that has no pri,sec cert. Want to rule a country of over 200m, something is wrong with this country.

I don't need to campaign for any candidate because I know votes don't count, if you like vote your candidate, (APC) they will still rig it, they can never and ever won a free and fair election,

Buhari no waec
Tinubu no school cert.grin
Buhari even better, he is physically fit.
Another 8 years
Nigeria a joke

The problem I have with BAT is that since he knows he will be contesting this election why didn't he just take GCE last year. Even if he didn't sit to write the exams people would have written it for him. Instead of these embarrassments he's facing today. In any case we are OBIdient. What's my own?
Foreign Affairs / Re: US Doesn't Support Formal Independence Of Taiwan by gaddafe(m): 4:35pm On Jun 03

This is not new.

Always been like that. Most countries do not support Taiwan's independence.

A lot of nairalanders only started following international politics after the invasion of Ukraine.

You see that bolded part made me chuckle. I looked at when you were registered and I saw 2021. No wonder! Some of us here had been in NL even before Gadaffi was ruthlessly overthrowned. Then NL was buzzing. Most NL members had always followed international politics. It is newcomers like you that would say that because from 2021 till date, the only international news of relevance was the US exit from Afghanistan and the Ukraine war
Crime / Re: Chinese Man, Li Lei Lei, Sentenced To 2 Years In Prison For Tearing ₦3,200 by gaddafe(m): 8:31pm On Jun 01
But wait o, is this a new law. We need to know. Because I have not heard of this before.

But have you tore any money publicly before? The truth is that this harsh economy will not allow any hardworking person tear even ₦50
Foreign Affairs / Re: Pictures: The Disturbing Fascination Americans Have With Guns by gaddafe(m): 8:27pm On Jun 01
Truth is the American government can't even fight it's citizens if need be.
Most of these guys have more guns than an average Nigerian police station.

I even told someone beside me now that just one person's gun is enough to stage a civil war in Nigeria.

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Politics / Re: 2023: Which Of These APC Presidential Aspirants Can Defeat PDP’s Atiku Abubakar? by gaddafe(m): 3:20pm On May 31
None, unless the rest of the north turns their back on the north east, and that will forever ruin the northern unity...

APC best bet is another northerner, or they field a southerner and the northern blocs move to PDP

This is where GEJ comes in

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Politics / Re: Edo State Pays ₦40,000 Minimum Wage To Workers by gaddafe(m): 8:00am On May 28

Make I no curse you.

The story is true. He added to everyone’s salary. Grade 8 on 50k now receives 64k.

You are very free to say any nonsense online. If he is paying the money, I would be aware as I'm not residing in the moon. I stay here in Benin. That was was how he made so many promises when campaigning. I remember those Ogbe stadium workers standing on his defence on several occasion. Their reason was that he pays salary on time. Only for him to return for second term and fire the entire workers. I couldn't help laughing at their foolishness. They were lucky the government backed down from that decision.
Politics / Re: Edo State Pays ₦40,000 Minimum Wage To Workers by gaddafe(m): 7:54am On May 28

To you governance means building flyovers.
You careless about man power or the improvement of people's quality of live.
To you even if he makes every Edo indigene millionaires he is still a failure, except he build bridges. Educate yourself

Please shut up if you have nothing to say. Can you tell us what this government has done? I've been hearing of his wonderful plans since the beginning of his tenure, however none of it seems to come to pass. Throughout the dry season our roads were unattended to. Now that the rain is here you see contractors everywhere constructing roads in the rainy season. I stay in Benin. The roads are a write off just as the governor and this administration is a total write-off
Politics / Re: Edo State Pays ₦40,000 Minimum Wage To Workers by gaddafe(m): 7:49am On May 28

For prompt salaries payment of civil servants and pensioners, I will give it to the governor. Latest 24th wifey don get alert. She works in the health sector.

This month of May salary came 26th or so.

Out of curiosity, I want to ask " is the governor paying the civil servant with his personal income"?
Politics / Re: Edo State Pays ₦40,000 Minimum Wage To Workers by gaddafe(m): 7:43am On May 28
I'd like someone from Edo state to confirm this because I don't believe anything Nigerian politicians say.

Besides, this thread may remain here since it is not bad news about the governor. If it was something bad, it would have made the front page hours ago.

I am in Edo state. This news have been on for a while. The last time I tried verifying the news, I found out the government had not started paying the ₦40,000. They only made the announcement.

This government is not to be trusted, they told so many lies during campaign period. I hope Edo people are enjoying the 4 + 4 to gba.
Food / Re: High Cost Of Living: See The Mangoes I Bought For #500 by gaddafe(m): 4:07pm On May 27
Show us proof of payment

Stop coming online to rant nansense

How do you prove to us that it’s actually #500 and not #200

The guy did not lie. If it's cheaper in your area say so. I also stay in Benin and what the OP said is true. My mum also sells as well. There are some bigger ones that go for ₦200 each.

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Politics / Re: Why It Is Too Dangerous To Live In The North by gaddafe(m): 8:33pm On May 12
It is actually safer to live in most northern states.

Of course. There are lots of people with this belief. That's why there will continually be people to murder in that part of the country

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