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Romance / Re: Should I Allow My Girlfriend To Come Stay With Me? by gbami(m): 1:21pm
Hello guys, so I'm skeptical about this decision I'm about to take, my girlfriend will be joining the next batch of NYSC and I have been thinking of telling her to work it to Lagos.

Truth is, she learned fashion design sometime and she likes modelling for clothing brands and she teaches too, I believe with all of this she stands a chance of getting something tangible in Lagos than going to serve in one village.

My fear is this, (I recently got an accommodation, a single room self contain on the island, haven't even told her yet)
So I need time to plan my future, I'm not fit financially to start fending for someone, if I am then my younger sister should be the one to come over ( though her service year is next year)

But if my gf is to come here, the agreement will be clear and concise, you fend for yourself while I fend for myself, don't worry, the relationship is that defined and she understands.

My reason of wanting to do this for her is cause she has been very nice to me and she has helped me out financially and otherwise in the past though I repaid her.

But guys, my major fear is living with a girl in the same house, won't attachment get serious, what if she gets pregnant? I don't want anything to hinder my plans, I'm 29 actually and I'm not planning to settle down anytime soon.

Please I need advice and contributions.

Avoid it like a plaque....I am talking from experience...And that's my biggest regret right now...

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Romance / Re: Please, Take Her Away... by gbami(m): 7:46pm On May 26
Well, most men make it seem like torture.

Really... Please explain Sir
Romance / Re: Please, Take Her Away... by gbami(m): 7:31pm On May 26
She should kill herself first. She's a product of a pregnancy.
My thought exactly!
Romance / Please, Take Her Away... by gbami(m): 7:20pm On May 26
Feminists, Please Come And Carry Your Sister...This one is already mad...
This is what it is turning into..

Romance / Warning.. Don't Soft Pedal Or Make A Turn On Your Career. by gbami(m): 10:21am On May 24
I don't care how in love you are to your boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife... Don't Soft Pedal your career( slowing down so they came meet up) or make a U-turn( Change Your Mind to make them happy) to accommodate a lagging spouse ...you will be filled with regrets after everything...You see it on TV, heard of it in radios or even know someone that suspended or slowed everything they are doing about their careers to make someone less ambitious to be happy...
If they are pulling you down especially when you are not married...cut them off...
And Don't Get married yet if your foundation is not set or strong... because marriage can always make a man to choose A or B...
Believe it or not...A Single Guy that's focused can achieve a lot compared to a married guy with family to cater for... Trying to save money as a married man...Mehn nah wahala o..Just pray your wife is also providing...
Crime / Re: Salman Hassan Stabs Husband To Death In Bauchi Over Sex (Photos) by gbami(m): 8:47pm On May 21
It is your useless father and hoe of a mother that are idiots.
It pained you so much....I understand...
Crime / Re: Salman Hassan Stabs Husband To Death In Bauchi Over Sex (Photos) by gbami(m): 7:24pm On May 21
The oldest I'll put that girl at is 15. Her prosecutors decided to peg her 18 so she can be tried as an adult and sent to jail
Exactly...Give a dog a bad name ( 18yrs), then kill it( Jail time)

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Crime / Re: Salman Hassan Stabs Husband To Death In Bauchi Over Sex (Photos) by gbami(m): 7:17pm On May 21
This girl doesn't look 18, she looks way younger. How are we sure it's not one of those forced child marriages practiced in the North? RIP to the dead though
She is not 18 yrs...she is below 18 yrs...
"They are giving a dog a bad name in other to hang it"

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Crime / Re: Salman Hassan Stabs Husband To Death In Bauchi Over Sex (Photos) by gbami(m): 7:14pm On May 21
The North and their forced or Child Marriage ( she's not 18yrs)...To hang a dog you need to give it a bad name...
See how forced/ underage marriage has destroyed a young girls life...
That's a what they call a "butterfly effect"...Where a single mistake or act destroys your life..
Unfortunately, I hate to say this, the northern Lawyers are rarely rational when it comes to case like this...Wasted law degree..
See them jail a girl for defending herself from sexual assault/ rape by her husband...

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Crime / Re: Salman Hassan Stabs Husband To Death In Bauchi Over Sex (Photos) by gbami(m): 7:06pm On May 21
Stabbed your husband to death because of sex. You no want phuck but you want be Mrs and she's even a legal adult. Better death by hanging is waiting for you at worst and life imprisonment at the least.
Idiot... Didn't you read the part where the man was trying to force her to have sex( that's sexual assault leading to rape)...
Married or not married... nobody should force anyone....

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Romance / Re: A Secret Only A Few Know. by gbami(m): 5:51pm On May 17
Thank You Bro
Romance / Don't Date A Person With Big Dreams But No Action... by gbami(m): 8:17am On May 17
In the process of trying to know someone, you start asking questions relating to careers and he/her goals...
Walk away if the person has big dreams with no Action....
Big dreams means...
I want to be a successful entrepreneur,
Fashion designer
Event planner
Real estate developer...
And No Action
You see, drops of water makes ocean...
They've not started anything for years, no studies about it... nothing to show that they are ready to do something...
Most People blame lack of finances for the reason they have not started something...not at all...
The reason you can't start are these things that you lack...
Attitude( is everything)
No financial Education
Just to mention a few...

Note.. Babies have to crawl before they run...


Romance / Re: S*x Before Marriage by gbami(m): 7:42pm On May 16
If the reason you want to marry is to have sex...Then you are a kid... Believe me... marriage is not for the faint hearted neither is it for kids...
Marry because you love someone not because you want to quench "horninest"
Politics / Re: Buhari Planning To Steal ₦13.5 Billion Through School Feeding Programme — PDP by gbami(m): 6:18am On May 15
Idiotic loud mouth PDP clowns. Just make accusations without any prove knowing that some dumb dumb will believe anything.

See this is real life right here, when you are a thief, you will often perceive everyone to also be a thief. These PDP thugs are nothing but known original proven thieves hence they think Buhari should be stealing with his opportunity, forgetting that not everyone is delusional and consumed with stealing public funds like them.

I pity for your parents especially your mother... Honesty can never be found in the mouth of people like you...
Forget PDP or APC...Are they saying the truth? if it is the truth, why are they lying? What's the solution?
Those are questions reasonable Persons will ask...But you...all your education in school is to end up a fanatic....
Shame on you...
Idiot.... Honestly...Your mother would have swallowed the sperm that made you

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Romance / The Count Down Has Just Began by gbami(m): 4:01pm On May 14
Fellows...The day you lose your source of income, that's the day you lose your woman, she might not leave the day you lost it...but the count down has began...
Same As Sex, If You Can't Satisfy Her, You Will Soon Lose Her..
Worse is when she is the breadwinner and you can barely take care of the family without her help ... You've lost her....
There Is Rarely Unconditionally Love In A Woman When It Comes To Marriage Or Relationship...
"I love you with all my heart".....Until When? I always ask..

Close Your Eyes, Imagine How You(You'll) Love Your Daughter.. Unconditionally Right!... That's How Your Parents( Esp. Mother) Loves You, Same Way Your Daughter Loves You Too...

Note...There Are Some Few Good Women...God Will Bless Them..

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Romance / Re: Gift: Please Recommend A Book For My Younger Sister by gbami(m): 6:20pm On May 12
The Power Of Self-Discipline By Brian Tracy
Romance / Re: What Do Women Really Want Abeg (my Journey With Women) by gbami(m): 9:34am On May 11
Back in 2014 I was in my early 20s there is this lady I loved so much i mustered courage to approached her got her number and started chyking her she instantly said No she can't date me but you know as a newbie in the game I immediately became needy I started begging her ,sending her love text messages but she played hard to get it for so frustrating I gave up
I got rejected by lot of girls then I had to sit down and replan my wooing game.

i asked some ladies in my compound what I was doing wrong that's chasing girls away from me she told me to change my dress sense that I should be neater and groom myself more and be more nice than I am like literally kissing a girls ass just to get her fall for me I did all that men it was even worse I got embarrassed, insulted my self esteem received a huge blow kissI just concluded I was cursed with women.

A year later I got a job around Lagos island it was paid 45k per month plus allowances though it was just fair pay but It was manageable I was able to purchase wears ,I became more good-looking because I was living a bit comfortable than before this time around I had money to spend so I was ready to spend on women to avoid all the stress of wooing then I met this very pretty lady her named onyinda I liked her so much I started wooing her this time around It was a bit easier because I was a big boy already I spent on her though she is not the material type but I just like trying to impress her I was caring and supportive I encouraged her to be serious with her life then she was preparing for jamb that year she passed because of the encouragement I gave her .
Believe me this relationship did not last up to two months her attitude changed she started avoiding me started claiming we were never dating in the first place I was so depressed but I never let my emotions show this time I asked her what I did wrong she said nothing that she just wants to be alone from, that moment on I started hating women so much I was just going on my own though all those while I envied my friends who changed girls like clothes but I didn't care.
2016 was life totally changed with women I met some bad friends in campus they were smokers and womanizers literally bad boys there is even one that beat his girlfriend in my presence damn i changed it for him but thry are still together today what baffled me was why they never lacked women whenever they go out to night parties they always have babes to chill with while I was literally alone it hurts so much .
After 5monthd of chilling with them my life transformed I was a badboy already I started dealing with women with less emotions before Jack Robinson I had my first babe in campus
Before you know it I had my first sex grin
And girls kept coming and coming until I got tired i was dumping them over and over .

This is 2020 January I met a lady I really liked to be serious with we started dating just three days of meeting we had sex she wasn't cheap it was just my game maybe,but here is the problem she complains I am not the loveydovey type I don't send her romantic text messages,tell her how much I love her and all that but I don't want to do that because from experience I know she will start messing up.

Now the problem is when I was the lovey dovey nice guy I never get laid I was rejected most times now this lady wants me to go back to the old me which I wouldn't do again .

What do women really want ?

Same Shit happened to me Bro...I was a virgin until 21yrs...I was freaking nice and caring...Not getting laid...The worst was seeing shitty guys changing women like clothes...Until I became shitty...God ...I Bleep die... white girls( I schooled in Europe) , black girls...all types of heterosexual sex..
Then I concluded....Good guys finish last...They finish with soap...I nearly got carpel tunnel in my right hand in my teenage yrs because of masturbation...
Treat women like shit...they will stick to you like a fly...


Crime / Re: Policeman Shoots At Unarmed Man In Abuloma, Rivers State (Video) by gbami(m): 12:39pm On May 09


This Police Man Shot A Young Boy In The Leg For Stepping Out During The Lock Down And Fired At Another Person Who Came Out To Condemn His Actions. This Is Against The Firing Rule For Officers.

▪️This Happened In Igweocha (Port Harcourt)
This is against the firing rule for officers
Idiot...it is Port Harcourt...not Igweocha

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Romance / Re: The Craziest Thing Your Partner Has Ever Asked You To Do? by gbami(m): 1:57pm On May 08
wheneva I called this gal her papa use to pick her phone 1st bf passing it to her, I do ask why but she told me she always put the phone on the table in the sitting room. as time goes on I begin to make some findings but nothing of such, she love it raw and missionary is her favourite, ,

19 years and her pvssy is already wide I do ask her how come the land too big but she said her first bf got a very huge johny and that always weak me, I was planning to go and buy penis enlargement

the tin always makes me weak fvcking 19years gal and she won't shout or cry and then am 25

one day am fvcking her really bad wanted to make her shout and am about to cum going very fast,

finally she shout "daddy daddy daddy daddy" immediately my brain pick from there daddy keh

las las she confess to me her dad have been fvcking her since she was 17

I really feel for her cos by the time she get marry her pvssy go don become Canaan land
Mehn...Very Very Sad...
I pity for the girl...


Romance / Re: 6 Reasons Many Women Will Not Will Not Make Heaven by gbami(m): 3:58am On May 05
Heaven's Gate Keeper...Go and sleep...When Did You Turn God's Personal Secretary?...
Romance / Re: I Feel Sad by gbami(m): 6:50pm On May 01
To think someone could subject a pregnant woman into this stress. Why are human so ungrateful? Someone who doesn’t know you from Adam sent you her hard earn money and all you could do after seeing the alert is to call her fake. Wow I’m done with human
I don't know if you are married or not...
But, I feel for the guy or the future husband...Girls like attention, yours is off the roof...You are the kind of person that can pour hot water to herself just to get attention....God have mercy on you
Romance / Re: What Makes Ladies Involve In Lesbianism???? by gbami(m): 3:06pm On May 01
Most of them it from their genetic make up

let me explain:

XX is d genetic code for a male
XY is the genetic code for a female

note that there are 24 in numbers most of u most know that a man brings 12 genetic code while female brings 12 to form a complete baby but here are whats known as genetic mutation where by d body of a parent donate one extra genetic code to the baby,

let me explain

Bleep for lesbians
XXY for gays
Mehn! You really missed biology class...Even the basics you don't know....


Romance / Re: What Makes Ladies Involve In Lesbianism???? by gbami(m): 3:04pm On May 01
Girls are sometimes sexually attracted to each other the same way they are attracted to men,it is completely normal.
It can also be due to peer influence too but that phase is mostly temporary.

Please do away with diabolical/spiritual explanations for people's sexuality, it's not right because you make it seem wrong
Some guys are bisexual too, meaning they are attracted to both men and women too,it is not peculiar to women.
There are no bisexual men...The day you stick your penis in a man's ass....You are automatically gay... period...
Romance / Re: Depressed and Broke: Life Is Hard. I'm Doing This [Picture] by gbami(m): 7:54am On Apr 30
Are You not the same person that just announced to us...how you gave 1k to a person standing behind you when you went to the ATM yesterday to withdraw 100k... Attention seeking mutherfvcker...

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Romance / Re: Can A Responsible Girl Do This In A Serious Relationship? by gbami(m): 12:46pm On Apr 28
Make I tell Am?
Romance / Re: She Got Pregnant For Someone,and Still Want Me To Be Faithfull by gbami(m): 11:28am On Apr 28
Idiots plenty o...It is only in this platform have seen fools,Simps, boneless chickens...
You girl got pregnant for another man while you are still dating...And you still call her your girlfriend?...I don't know the kind of insults to reign on you....But... it's well

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Religion / Re: Apostle Suleman On Coronavirus: "Permit Us To Heal & Pray For COVID-19 Patients" by gbami(m): 9:16am On Apr 26
This man is smart sha. He knows FG will say no that's why he's asking permission.
When he doesn't ask for permission to collect tithe from his members.
You just spoke my mind....Sharp Dude ...
No Dr/ FG will agree to such things...so, he wants to deceive gullible Nigerians...


Romance / Re: South African Lady Calls Nigerian Girls 'prostitutes' And Calls Out Nigerian Men by gbami(m): 2:34pm On Apr 24
That escalated quickly cheesy Bad combination, I say grin

Honestly, it was so fast... grin grin grin

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Romance / Re: by gbami(m): 6:17pm On Apr 23
I have been in this relationship for almost 3 years now... I never knew I could love a lady this much because I am the kind of guy that doesn't give a sh*t. Things started changing when we started working at different places. She have a neighbour that claims he loves her and wants to marry her. I warned her about the guy and she assured me nothing will ever happen.
Few weeks ago she confessed to me that she dated him late last year just to push him away by frustrating him. She started with she must confessed she cheated on me, i almost stopped breathing and asked sex? She said no she dated the guy. I was shocked because the way she demonstrated her love to me makes me believe nothing can ever go wrong from her side. I forgave her after she explained the whole incident claiming there was no kiss or sex.
She visited me today and slept off, I decided to read her chat with this man. Guess what? They actually kissed because he said he can't focus after the day he kissed her. Scrolling down I got the biggest shock of my life. She asked... What if she was pregnant.
What do I need? I must confess I have anger issues and wants answers almost immediately (I don't get violent but I might yell and refuse talking for long if not clarified) she's sleeping now peacefully and I am at the verge of exploding. How can I demand answers calmly. Please experienced folks calm me down.

She really fvcked that guy to stupor...
If you are looking for advice on what to do...
Prepare Food For Her Before She wakes up, then apologize to her for letting her bang your neighbor...
God Created a lot of people...Simps like you were not left out

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Romance / Re: Don't Get Married To Suppress Your Erection. by gbami(m): 4:02pm On Apr 22
Getting married to suppress your erection.. Who does that??
....People Do It A lot...
Romance / Re: This Black Woman from bayelsa Said White Women Are Prettier Than Black Women by gbami(m): 3:28pm On Apr 22
90% of 9ja babes are on wigs to look like oyinbo. Bingo wey dey wear skin of German Shepherd is already a failure lol
Just like I said....They have been brainwashed to think that they are not beautiful...
Right from their toddler phase, the Doll they use is white, everything as been whitewashed to make you feel inferior...
Let me tell you this....If All Angels Are White( as in the pictures we see) ...Note that the devil is also a white guy...do not be deceive.
Romance / Re: This Black Woman from bayelsa Said White Women Are Prettier Than Black Women by gbami(m): 3:11pm On Apr 22
Brainwashed Idiots...For Years You have been watching televisions, adverts of any type showing whites as the standards of beauty...
So, It will be very difficult for you to think otherwise..
That's why we kiss their ass and think that they are superior...
Close your eyes and pray...Who do you see as your saviour? A white man...devil is a black man...
Slavery mentality

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