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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: I Need Clue(s) On Bovas Group Of Company Limited Interview by Homonide: 8:29am On Apr 29, 2015
Hello everyone. I also heard from someone on the inside yesterday that some people have been contacted and given employment letters. Looks like this is where the journey ends. Best of luck to everyone.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: I Need Clue(s) On Bovas Group Of Company Limited Interview by Homonide: 11:26am On Mar 01, 2015
I got the invitation too, even though I had to check my spam for it. You guys should check yours too; it may just be lying there unattended to. Best of luck to everyone.
Agriculture / Re: Starting A Poultry Farm (a Blog) by Homonide: 11:30am On Feb 10, 2015
Hello House,

Can anyone here please help with the cost of setting up a mini feed mill for a small farm, say a capacity of nothing more than 1 ton/hr (or less)? I need the total cost and the breakdown of the cost of the machines needed (crusher, mixer, gen, etc), including the feed mill house.

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
Agriculture / Re: Starting A Poultry Farm (a Blog) by Homonide: 8:34am On Feb 01, 2015
There are no hard and fast rules. See my comments below

Hello Laposta and everyone. I need some clarification on No 3; the optimal spacing between two pens. Was the poster referring to the spacing between the side walls of two pens or the spacing between the end walls? I am inclined to say it is the former.

Generally speaking, the spacing between two pens should be at least twice the width of the first pen so as to allow good, fresh, and cross ventilation. Of course, the width of open sided houses should not be more than 30ft; 25ft width with two cage rows is in order.

I hope this helps someone.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Gtb Aptitude Test - 2015 by Homonide: 10:10am On Jan 23, 2015
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Gtbank Test Of Wednesday 20th June 2012 by Homonide: 10:03am On Jan 23, 2015
I believe the documentation that was cancelled back then was general, but that is by the way. For me, i have no interest in writing another aptitude test. Anyone that wants some clarification may try to get across to their HR to find out what is really happening. Wish you all the best.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Gtbank Test Of Wednesday 20th June 2012 by Homonide: 11:47am On Jan 22, 2015
Hello everyone. I really don't understand why gtb will invite me for another test after writing and passing that of July 24th, 2014. I even got invited for documentation late last year but it was later cancelled. Either this was some kind of mistake or they don't know what they are doing anymore.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: I Need Clue(s) On Bovas Group Of Company Limited Interview by Homonide: 11:37am On Jan 22, 2015
Hello everyone. Bovas haven't called anyone just yet. Heard the recruitment is on hold @ the moment probably due to the fall in oil prices and the impending general elections next month. Let's hope they get on with it after the elections. You all should keep the faith.
Career / Re: A University Degree Without A Career Path. by Homonide: 4:30pm On Sep 08, 2014
jamalee: Bros, don't let anyone to feed you with you with wrong info. Though, some Companies require Masters Degree for some positions, but not all. Bros, let me tell you something; if you are a Computer Guru or Wizard, and know what you are doing very well, they will gladly welcome you into their Company. For instance, if you have Cisco Certified Network Associate(CCNA) and Ordinary National Diploma(OND) with discipline in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or any other related course, you will be receiving at least three hundred thousand naira(N300,000.00) per month from any Telecommunication Companies in Nigeria. If at all you will be cheated to the last core, you will be receiving at least two hundred thousand naira(N200,000.00) per month; though the CCNA Certificate must come direct from CISCO in U.K by enrolling for the international exam. If you pass the international exam, CISCO will issue you a Certificate direct from their Head Office in U.K; with this and the OND, you are entitle to receive that substantial amount from any Telecommunication Companies in Nigeria. But without the certification from U.K, just forget about that. Can you see now that Masters Degree is that important in the IT Industry, but it will be a plus for you. But if they insist, you just leave them and concentrate on something important to you; which is your Future Partner or Girl Friend by catching fun with her(laughs, laughs,...) because they are not ready for business. If they are ready, they will pay you your worth. Going for Masters Degree Program now will costs you at least a million naira. Why can't you use that a million naira for business? I'm sorry for saying this; I don't know may be you are from a rich family. I'm just trying to raise a suggestion. If you wanted to go into business, you can also do business in the IT Industry. There are series of businesses there. You can start web designing for corporate bodies, software for corporate bodies, application developing, etc. If you want ideas on application development, tell me here on this platform. You can equally post your contact number here, so that I will be able to call you and talk. But if you don't want, no qualm about that. I am just trying to help my fellow Nairalander and Nigerian. Remember that the richest man in the World , Bill Gates is the Owner of Microsoft and Microsoft is worth several billions of dollars annually and Bill Gates is a Drop-Out University. Facebook Owner, Mark Zugarbark is a Drop-Out University and Facebook makes him the Youngest Billionaire in the World. Also 2go and Whatapp worth billions of dollars annually. So think and re-think over your Masters Degree Program because education does not make one rich, it is the work of the brain by being an Entrepreneur. If you don't have anything to fall back on after your Masters Degree Program, there is a problem and the problem is where you will be getting your daily bread. Enough said...

The post above is fraught with so much misinformation, especially as it concerns Cisco certs. 300k for a ccna? Is this some kind of joke? Does the poster even know anything about Cisco certs @ all? I very much doubt it. By the way, Cisco is an American company. It's not a must to comment on every thread...
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: I Need Clue(s) On Bovas Group Of Company Limited Interview by Homonide: 8:54am On Sep 05, 2014
Quite enlightening to know another set were interviewed on the 26th. I guess all we can do is wait for the Management to call when they are ready. Best of luck to everyone.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: I Need Clue(s) On Bovas Group Of Company Limited Interview by Homonide: 11:49am On Sep 03, 2014
Interview was on the 25th; my mistake. I haven't heard from them. I think the Company that handled the Recruitment are done with their job. There's probably going to be another interview with the Management for those that scaled the first one. Would love to know what they pay.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: I Need Clue(s) On Bovas Group Of Company Limited Interview by Homonide: 10:48am On Sep 03, 2014
Have you been called after the interview cos i also went 4 d interview. Try n rply

I believe the poster was looking for information about the interview of the 24th, which has since taken place and which you must have attended. I was @ the interview too.

Do you have any idea of the number of people that were @ the interview that day? I came late and I was the last person. Do you know what the Company pays?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Gtbank Test Of Wednesday 20th June 2012 by Homonide: 11:30pm On Aug 01, 2014
EngrSirwhite: congrats dear, I also wrote mine on de same day bt during de evening hours bt have not gotten any mail whether on de positive or negative side. Plz did u write urs in Lagos or Ph?

I wrote in Lagos.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Gtbank Test Of Wednesday 20th June 2012 by Homonide: 9:49pm On Aug 01, 2014
Hello everyone. Congratulations to those who have just been invited to the TS, it must have been a nerve-wrecking journey. Wrote the test last week, July 24th and got a success mail yesterday. Who else got a mail?

Does anyone here know the number of 'SETS' in GTB's recruitment process that have reached the panel or 2nd interview stage (awaiting medicals that is) at the moment? I know there is a Dec 20th 2013 set, and probably a May 30th 2014 set... Would appreciate the info from the 'Seniors' on this thread. Seems like GTB's recruitment process can be a painfully slow process from what i have gleaned from this thread.
Education / Re: Kwara To Rename State University 'Abubakar Sola Saraki University' by Homonide: 2:06pm On Sep 11, 2013

You need to take a chill pill, Pastor!!

Take a chill pill? Just because this is an online forum doesn't give him the licence to spew rubbish on here. I can't fathom how someone that has supposedly passed through the four walls of a University could have posted that nonsense. I doubt he is an Alumnus of UI.

Just for the record, i am no Pastor.
Education / Re: Kwara To Rename State University 'Abubakar Sola Saraki University' by Homonide: 11:50am On Sep 11, 2013
victorv12: Nigeria rulers are so local. How can Kwara natives allow such a bill to be flying around in their assembly? Saraki, the political godfather that looted Kwara state to the brim, and by the time he got tired of politicking and aggravated looting, he passes the hammer of looting to his son, Bukola, to hammer Ilorin people to their graves big time. Ilorin people should better wake up from their slumber. Do they want to worship Sariki forever even after his demise? Well, it can only happen in Ilorin or Kwara state! I trust my Ibadan people! I can't imagine some politicians waking up one day and thinking about changing the name of the premier university in Nigeria, University of Ibadan. That day, the entire Ibadan city will be on fire. Because the name of the institution alone surpasses any human being we can ever imagine of. Even, the name surpasses that of God! IBADAN!!!

Even though you made some sense at the beginning of your post, you couldn't hide your ignorance for so long. University of Ibadan is a Federal-Government owned University and so only the Federal Government can change its name. KWASU is State-owned, and so the State Government is empowered to do what it did.

Your assertion that a mere University's name 'surpasses' that of God is not only reckless, but also foolish.
Science/Technology / Re: Professor Andrew Nok Wins Alexander Humboldt Prize For 2013 by Homonide: 8:03pm On Aug 25, 2013
I was discussing the current state of Science in Nigeria a couple of weeks back, specifically whether or not studying physical and natural science courses like Physics (which i did study), Chemistry, Botany, Biochemistry, etc is worth the effort. We came to the rather disturbing conclusion that it isn't, simply because Nigerian Universities lack the facilities and Human Capital to engage in contemporary and cutting edge Research. Most of these Universities are still using obsolete Syllabus and Course materials in this age and time.
This is why achievements like Prof A.J. Nok's should be celebrated by all well-meaning people of Science. Most importantly, It shows that the black race in general, and Nigeria in particular is not a doomed race, educationally. We only need the right atmosphere and a level-playing ground to realize our full potentialities.
There are many potential Noks in Nigeria, wasting away due to non-conducive teaching and research environment. For the most populous black Country in the world, this is a big shame. I congratulate the Professor of Biochemistry for his achievement. Let us hope there is more from where that came from. What a wonderful day to be an Alumni of A.B.U., Zaria; the largest University in Sub-Saharan Africa.
Politics / Re: President Jonathan's Yuletide Message To Nigerians by Homonide: 12:24pm On Dec 25, 2012
Mr Jonathan feels our pain? That must be the biggest joke of the year; he had better tell that to the birds. Even the staunchest supporter of the President now knows that nothing is going to change in this administration. It is business as usual! The appointment of one time Mr Fix it, the epitome of corruption in Government, Tony Anenih as the Chairman of the NPA shows where Mr Jonathan's allegiance lies.


Crime / Re: Man Kills Ex-lover In UK Over Child’s Religious Faith by Homonide: 1:54pm On Dec 13, 2012
Apparently, the daily mail isn't immune from cheap sensationalism in order to sell their paper. Like UK, Like Nigeria.
Politics / Re: Dear Nigerian Youths, How Can You Actually 'Help' Nigeria!? by Homonide: 3:13pm On Jul 01, 2012
Answer is simple. Nigerian youths, and indeed all well-meaning Nigerians should ask themselves one question; what really is Nigeria's biggest and single most important problem, and how can it be solved? Is it Leadership? Followership? Corruption? Or a shaky foundation as some would be quick to posit?

After answering this question, then swear by whatever you believe in to do your best in solving the problem. And we should stop the 'MAFA' syndrome... We need to stop mistaking articulation for action and get down to practising what we believe in.
Phones / Re: Why Is BlackBerry Seen As Prestigious In Nigeria? by Homonide: 2:33pm On Jul 01, 2012
Blackberry is seen as prestigious? i don't get that. However, the main selling point of RIM phones in Nigeria and Africa in general is is the DATA. Agreed, the bbm is also a very big advantage, but the data is the clincher.

About two years ago while i still used a Nokia E6, the 100mb data i purchased for #1000 barely lasted a week, and i was actually wary and careful of how the downloads i made and sites i visited. Most people, like me didn't want to use a blackberry then because of the 'craze' for it and the impression that if you didn't have one, you were not social and tech savvy (you haven't arrived). But truth be told and sentiment aside, Blackberries are the best smartphones in this clime because they have a good data plan compared to other smartphone makers. SHIKENA.
Phones / Re: Do You Use MTN Plans And Features by Homonide: 11:53am On Jun 16, 2012
Whatever happened to the mods, looks like they are tired of the job.

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NYSC / Re: What Is It Like, Serving In Ogun State? by Homonide: 10:41pm On Jun 14, 2012
Served in Ogun 2010/2011 Batch B. Can't say it was much fun, save for the orientation camp at Shagamu. Ogun competes for the ignoble award for the highest no of Mushroom private schools in Nigeria, with non other state than Lagos of course. If you have the misfortune of being posted to one of these schools, then you are done for. Had a serious fight with the proprietor of my PPA back then @ Ibafo. Suffice to say i left.

Basically, corp members hustle for Abeokuta and Agbara, which is industrial hub of the state. Shagamu is also a good place to serve. One advice though, do all you can to avoid being posted to Waterside, it's like a death sentence. And yes, you surely can influence your posting from the camp. form a good rapport and relationship with the camp officials, but be wary of the soldiers because most of them can do very little. Only the camp commandant 'get mouth'.

best of luck.
Education / Re: Abu Zaria The Most Corupt Varsity In Nigeria by Homonide: 5:28pm On Feb 16, 2012
First, i am disappointed that this kind of post made it to the front page. When i saw the post, i thought it was about some serious allegation of corruption, or a racket going on in ABU which was just uncovered. That in itself would have been a big let down to me, being a graduate of this prestigious citadel of learning- A.B.U., Zaria.

Alas, it turned out to be the baseless ranting of a disgruntled poster. OP himself isn't the affected admission-seeker, so in effect he is holding brief for someone and he will have us believe that ABU is the most corrupt University in Nigeria simply because someone was purpotedly denied admission! The operative word is "corrupt". If OP had used the word biased, i wouldn't have even bothered to respond to his rant.

Every school has her admission policy and ABU is no different. Assuming the story is true, then this is unfortunate and a manifestation of the rot in our higher institutions in particular, and all spheres of our National Life in general where ethnicism, nepotism, and "who you know syndrome" has become the accepted norm.

ABU is a very good university, obviously one of the best in Nigeria. It is an open secret that gaining admission to our universities, especially the first generation ones is not an easy feat. Even those that pride themselves as recognizing merit still fall prey to the "who you know syndrome". So OP should just advise his friend to take heart, be strong, and try again if indeed his story is true. He should refrain from making misleading statements like the one above. Nairaland is not only for Nigerians, but also for friends of Nigeria- remember.

GOD bless ABU, GOD bless Nigeria, GOD bless us all.
Politics / Re: FG Appoints Nuhu Ribadu As Chairman Petroleum Revenue Task Force by Homonide: 10:08pm On Feb 07, 2012
I sure have my opinion about Ribadu. That said, i think we should wait till he accepts/decline before making comments. Personally,i do not see any good that can come out of this jamboree. It is just a desperate attempt by Dr Jonathan's government to score cheap popularity and give the impression that it is serious with cleaning up the rot in the Petroleum sector.
We have had so many task forces and boards like this in the past and we all know how they ended. you can fool the people once, but you cannot fool them ALL THE TIME. Ribadu's response will play an important role in determining where his name will be written in the history books of Nigeria.
Politics / Re: Kano Under Attack: Multiple Bomb Blasts & Gunfights by Homonide: 11:41pm On Jan 20, 2012

and when was the last time you heard that someone was shot by at least one of these groups?  

An IRA member accused of killing two british soldiers in 2009 was sentenced today. Have you forgotten so soon, Anders Breivic who massacared more than 90 people,most of them youths in Norway last year?

My contention is that it is wrong to steorotype ISLAM as a terrorist religion,and to assert that all terrorists are muslims.

Bear in mind that BH,which is undoubtedly politcally motivated always claim responsibilty for attacks they know nothing about,just like Al Qaeda.
Politics / Re: Kano Under Attack: Multiple Bomb Blasts & Gunfights by Homonide: 10:54pm On Jan 20, 2012
It is always disheartening to read some comments on NL especially when issues related to terrorism and islam are discussed. one "truthteller" arrogantly posited that all terrorists are muslims! that cannot be farther from the truth.

In the US alone, there are many terrorist organizations like Jewish Defense League, Army of God, even the KKK. The Uk has the IRA (Irish republican Army) and others.

It is wrong for us to make assertions that cannot be backed by facts simply because we are opposed to (and rightly so) what some selfish groups or individuals are doing in the name of religion.

i am a muslim and Islam does not condone terrorism.
Politics / Re: Describe Labour (NLC) And Tuc In One Word by Homonide: 10:22pm On Jan 16, 2012
Politics / Re: An Open Letter To Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi by Homonide: 3:44pm On Jan 05, 2012

Sanusi is not an economist and was never an economist.Get your facts right

So what is he? Sanusi studied Economics @ A.B.U., Zaria.
Politics / Re: NLC / TUC Commence Strike January 9, 2012. by Homonide: 10:00am On Jan 04, 2012
From the days of Adams Ohiomole, I have always been suspicious of "labour". They always sell out and it would not be a surprise if they do same again this time round.
Nigeria belongs to you and I, and we don't have to wait for organized labour to express ourselves and enforce our right to protest.
Heaven helps those who help themselves. Let's occupynigeria.
Politics / Re: A Protester Killed By Police In Ilorin by Homonide: 10:57pm On Jan 03, 2012
It is sad that the fuel subsidy protest claimed its first victim in the peaceful city of Ilorin today. The news rather came late here on NL but has been trending (Nigeria) in "Ilorin" and " #occupynigeria all day on twitter.
The only way the dead protester wouldn't have died in vain is if we all march out en mass to protest this injustice. Me, i would be out there tomorrow wherever protesters are showing their grievances to this unpopular policy by the GEJ government.
RIP Comrade.
Education / Re: United Kingdom Blacklists Nigerian Universities by Homonide: 9:40am On Dec 22, 2011
What better pointer to the fact that our educational system needs a serious overhaul than this? It isn't exactly a surprise because i know a "top" Nigerian University where medical students sort to pass. Some of them, children of influential people in the State must always pass no matter how poor they perform in the examination.
It is a big shame walahi.

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