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Family / Re: My Husband Wants Me To Have An Abortion . I Want A Divorce by ima1(f): 5:11pm On Sep 02, 2012
I said it takes 2 in the sense that a woman cannot impregnate herself. I do agree with you that women end up bearing 100% of the burden because of irresponsible men.
Family / Re: My Husband Wants Me To Have An Abortion . I Want A Divorce by ima1(f): 4:53pm On Sep 02, 2012
Man, after reading some of the replies here, it really makes me regret being a Nigerian. I guess opinions are like a s s h o l e s everyone has one.

You all forget it takes 2 to make a baby, its the woman's fault for getting pregnant and trapping the man, what an ignorant thing to say, i guess when you are ignorant you will just end up saying B u l l s h i t.

you are an ignorant fool, who needs to have his head examined. while the entire world has evolved you are still stuck up in the oppressive culture that blames the woman for everything, i feel sorry for the woman that ends up with ur D u m b a s s.

Please don't abort the baby because you will end up regretting it, the man will come and go as he pleases, but Karma always comes back to bite in the A S S. If you can afford to take care of yourself and kid, then do it. Ignore most of the advice on this forum, most of them are made by ignorant f o o l s, none of them are in the house going through everything you are going through so their opinion shouldn't matter, these are the same people who will say why didn't she leave if God forbid you die during an abortion.

I basically live by this rule, if you are not in my house going through whatever i am going through then i don't give a s h i t about ur opinion.
Culture / Re: I Need An African American Friend by ima1(f): 5:38am On Aug 14, 2011

i am very sorry if i offended you. i am not posting to attack any one. i just want to know better.
i dont think africans are as bad as they are made out to be in the foreign media becos i see so many african medics,
engineers and all kind of professionals. i am asking this question becos we, here, hardly know you. the only way we get to see you is with the help of the media. any time black americans are been shown on tv, it is always in connection with hip hop(mtv) or prison(nat geo). you need to be here to know what exactly i am talking about.
but i believe you people are good people.

Nope you did not offend me, if only you can read what you wrote and see it in reverse, you don't think Africans are as bad the way they are portrayed on tv, yet you think African Americans are bad because of what you see on tv. there are African American Doctors, Lawyers and all kinda professionals too, so what you see on tv is the same as seeing Africans in prison.
I gotta come to the conclusion that you don't know what you are talking about or you prolly need to change the channel on your tv. I come from both worlds and so i honestly don't know where you come up with stuff like this.
Romance / Re: Can You Propose To Your Girlfriend With Your Mother's Wedding Ring? by ima1(f): 9:48pm On Aug 07, 2011
Yeah cuz its special, i think its nice.
Celebrities / Re: eee by ima1(f): 4:27am On Aug 06, 2011
its all a lie, she is not pregnant
Family / Re: My Fear Of Delivery by ima1(f): 6:37pm On Aug 05, 2011
LOL don't worry about that when the baby starts pushing to come out, with all the pains you would not even care. I wanted a female doctor, but when the baby was coming out and my female doctor wasn't around, a male doctor delivered my baby. trust me u wld not care when the time comes.
Culture / Re: I Need An African American Friend by ima1(f): 6:24am On Jul 26, 2011
I do believe they have jails in africa filled with africans, just like they have jails over here filled with whites, blacks, hispanics and a whole variety of people, so what you asking don't make a licka sense to me.

Don't believe all you see on tv, cuz there will be no news if people actually broadcast the truth.
Culture / Re: Nigeria Rated As Top Richest Country In Africa by ima1(f): 6:19am On Jul 26, 2011
its not like the money go to people who actually need it, just greedy bast**ds eating up the entire money.

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Culture / Re: Why Do Africans Look At Black Americans As A Source Of Shame? by ima1(f): 6:15am On Jul 26, 2011
Okay this is too much especially for me that has an african father and an african american mother.

IMO i think most africans hate african americans cuz they wanna be them but they can't, but then again some african americans can be dumba**es when they try to feel like they are better than africans and i'm like guys ya'll are all black and from the same origin, so ya'll really need to get over yourselves.

Please you have no inch of idea what MLK, Malcom X and Rosa Parks did for people, so you ain't got no right calling them a cliche, you are just being foul and disrespectful to a culture you don't know S**t about.
Food / Re: Top Ten Fruits In Nigeria And Its Benefits by ima1(f): 4:35am On Jun 04, 2011
Kidney Disorders: Water Melon contains a lot of potassium, which is very helpful in cleaning or washing off the toxic depositions in the kidneys. Moreover, it is helpful in reducing concentration of uric acid in the blood, thereby reducing the chances of kidney damages and formation of renal calculi in it. Added to these, being high in water content, it induces frequent urinating, which is again helpful for cleaning of kidneys. Also, the anti oxidants present ensures good health of kidneys for a long time.

this is silly advice, with kidney disorders you need to watch the potassium intake because it can cause heart problems and, people with kidney disorders are placed on fluid restriction because they tend to retain water and swell up, since the kidney cannot excrete enough water

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Career / Re: How Much Do Nurses Earn In Nigeria? by ima1(f): 5:33am On May 16, 2011

@ima 1
I'll seriously advise that you get a Masters degree and if possible a doctorate there in the states(even if its an 18 months DNP) and then move into teaching in Ngr. Doctoral trained nurses in ngr are rare to come by and so schools will grab you immediately.
A friend just finished his Phd in Nursing here in Canada and jokingly sent three applications with resume to three high ranking federal universities in naija, come see calls and grabbings. He eventually settled with one in southern part of the country. Salary? Btwn 350 and 400k naira/mth as a senior lecturer. 'Textbook and handout' and probably a part-time position in one or two more univs/schools of nursing no follow this amount ohh. Girl, this is ya best option. Otherwise, u might want to train in ICU or CVICU in the states in addition to ya BScN in order to capture a good job in a big multi national in ngr (if u don't want to go into teaching).
Hope that helps.

Thanks for the advice, my goal is to become a Nurse Practitioner before i move to Nigeria. after nursing school, i'm gonna start my masters. then again Nursing is my 2nd career, I studied Computer science and Have masters in Management Info. systems. how marketable will i be. I do wanna stay with Nursing but a job that mixes both my degrees will be great.

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Career / Re: How Much Do Nurses Earn In Nigeria? by ima1(f): 5:17pm On May 15, 2011

what sort of question is this? undecidedcan u reframe pls

i am almost done with Nursing school in the U.S and planning to move to naija in a few years, just wondering how much i might earn, wen i move
Career / Re: How Much Do Nurses Earn In Nigeria? by ima1(f): 5:47am On May 15, 2011
How about a nurse who is trained in the U.S how much do you guys think he/she will make in the U.S if they wanted to move back to naija.
Romance / Re: I Want To Eat Him Mugu. by ima1(f): 6:53pm On Feb 19, 2011

wait a minute! what point are you trying to make, that naija brought ups are fraudsters ? we are not, go to the police and tell them of your intentions, bet they will be happy to help you. damn yankee i.e if you are there, besides what's the big deal being born in yankee

well almost all young nigerians this days are fraudsters, men use women and women use me, everyone wants to leave naija to abroad, like there is something special about it. i plan to move back to naija pretty soon, in the U.S you work ur a** off and use all the money to pay bills, its a vicious circle, yet people think you plug money on trees, it pisses me off that most of my nigerian friends are ungreatful, after working my a** off, i sent them money and they say this small thing, guess what thats the reason i will never pick up ur calls.
Romance / Re: I Want To Eat Him Mugu. by ima1(f): 5:20am On Feb 19, 2011

I'm totally down and already half way in. Niccc.cca ready thinks I give an F about him!

But before we begin,  I must disclose something to you. I'm in the process of getting him to book my ticket to come visit him in Naija this summer - lets say, around June/July ish. So, from now until said months shall be our time frame.

there ya go, play the love thing and ask him to send u the money, cuz u want to book it from where you are, then play the line how you want him to come to where you are , so you need money to apply for his papers, if you play your card well you could end up with a some cash.

I hear stories of how naija men use women for papers, after they get their papers they dump the women, so i see no reason for you not to teach the mugu a lesson.
Romance / Re: I Want To Eat Him Mugu. by ima1(f): 10:34pm On Feb 18, 2011
why are all you men raining on her parade, if you men are dumb enough to toast women saying that you are rich, why in the world shouldn't she collect. we all know how ya'll men use women and now u r complaining.

@poster, if its obvious he is just using you then i say use him back, say you need money for upkeep, and for the guy asking for a letter of invitation, tell him you need money to have the letter processed, open an acct, have him send the money and then close the acct.
Jobs/Vacancies / A Friend Just Posted This On Fb, Zenith Bank Is Hiring-serious by ima1(f): 6:07pm On Jan 17, 2011
A friend who is a HR in Zenith Bank posted this

Zenith bank is recruiting for freshers. Maximum age is 25years. All classes(1st, 2.1, 2.2, 3rd) can apply. Send your CVs to omorinsola.olagunju@zenithbank.com. Deadline date is Thursday Jan 21 2011. Spread the word. You can help someone get a job this year
Culture / Translate Benin To English by ima1(f): 9:57pm On Aug 27, 2010
Someone sent this to me can anyone who speaks benin interprete.

eni na tie wen no kan ni na tie ebe we egbe ovbio ovokhan

Fashion/Clothing Market / New Shoe Store Opening In Abuja by ima1(f): 7:43am On Jun 28, 2010
okay ladies and gentlemen

i am opening my new clothing/shoe store in naija, i am shipping everything from the U.S.A and everything is brand new, my collection includes shoes, clothes, perfumes, watches, makeup, jewelry and many more at affordable prices, and some expensive stuff, here is some examples of my shoe collection, let me know what you think.

everything starts at 3k and upwards

leave me ur email if interested, i also do wholesale at cheap prices, anyone interested in starting a store.

i also need to hire 2-3 people to advertise and market my product, you will be paid well as long as products get sold.
if interested in the job opportunity leave your email with job stated at the end, i will interview and pick the best (example: email@email.com)(job)

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Romance / Re: The Disrespect Of Black Men By Black WOMEN!!!!!! by ima1(f): 7:27am On Jun 15, 2010
Okay I am tired of all these naija men always demanding respect, you yourselves don't respect your women, you don't appreciate all we do to support your a** but you keep demanding respect like its your damn rite, if your mama no name you respect don't be demanding it, respect comes with understanding, it is earned not one person demanding it from the other,

If you act like men and do what a man needs to do, then we'll have no reason to disrespect you, but when you act like you are the ish, it don't work for us, cuz ur not the best thing since sliced bread.

Moreover when you are with a white woman you turn woman rapa, like the white woman would put up with ya sh*t, you are here complaining about black woman.

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Romance / Re: What Can I Do My Fiance Has Alot Of Female Friends In His Facebook by ima1(f): 3:09am On Mar 17, 2010
why bother yourself about that, i am not friends with my hubby on fb, i think everyone shld have a little space even if its on the internet. If i wanted to find out what he does on his computer, he knows i can but why bother my pretty little head
Romance / Re: Do U Think This Is Okay From An Inlaw To Be? by ima1(f): 5:37pm On Mar 16, 2010

@Ima, do you mean that Xmas hamper is not a befiting gift?

when i think of a hamper, i'm thinking clothing hamper, when did we start having xmas hamper, but then again naija has stupid names for things.

it depends on how cheap the gifts in the basket were.
Romance / Re: Do U Think This Is Okay From An Inlaw To Be? by ima1(f): 10:33pm On Mar 15, 2010
hamper as in hamper you put clothes in or am i mistaken, why would you give someone a hamper, i understand men can't buy gifts but a hamper come on. did it have gifts in it or wat
Food / Re: No Pepper In Ibadan ( Pepper Seller On Strike ) 5 Rodo For N1000 by ima1(f): 7:19pm On Mar 14, 2010
lol ibadan people go suffa from no pepper, some strikes make no sense, who would suffa in this case
Romance / Re: Ex Boyfriend Mum Called Me by ima1(f): 6:41am On Mar 14, 2010
i think you should ignore both of them and move on like you already did, don't get tangled up in his web cuz its gonna happen all over again
Romance / Re: She Refuses Me Intimacy by ima1(f): 8:52am On Mar 10, 2010
why do most naija men talk like they are entitled to sex if they are with a woman geez, so she refused, no reason to come here and complain, get over it or go get urself off
Romance / Re: I Crave Him, Yet I Don't Think He Desires Me. Help! by ima1(f): 8:54am On Mar 09, 2010
i'll tell you one thing, marriage ain't a bed of roses, there's the good times and bad times where u both would not talk for days, i try to apologize even when i know i am right, just to avoid fighting, and try to give each other space, try not to nag and let him do his thing. get into what he loves, that way you'll spend time together, i taught my hubby how to play video games and i watch basket ball with him sometimes just to make him happy.
Romance / Re: Dont Knw What To Do,pls Advice Me by ima1(f): 8:46am On Mar 09, 2010

Deny!!! What if she curse me,

you are an a-hole, either way you will be cursed, better deny that baby or you'll prolly be under God's curse, so you pick your poison.
Romance / Re: Dont Knw What To Do,pls Advice Me by ima1(f): 7:43pm On Mar 08, 2010

i think its better you deny being the father rather than killing the baby, and remember your sins will seek you out.

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