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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What Was The Condition They Gave You That Made You Reject A Job Offer? by joshrare(m): 1:16pm On Apr 20, 2021
Dropped my proposal letter in a big school and the director said he'll give me the job to work as a part-time Teacher . Then he said I must meet him somewhere first.

On the said day, he called until his battery ran down, I didn't pick. As for the Job, I didn't go back for it again..

Sports / Re: Kano Pillars Formally Sign Ahmed Musa by joshrare(m): 6:37pm On Apr 16, 2021
Kano Pillars Formally Sign Ahmed Musa

How much are they paying him?
Celebrities / Re: Uche Ogbodo: Single & Pregnant At 34, So What? by joshrare(m): 7:45pm On Apr 12, 2021
Abortion is against your catholic belief, but premarital sex is not against your belief.

Aunty shut the fvck up and give yourself some respect

She's correct, Catholic church wed pregnant ladies. That's technically encouraging formication.

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Family / Re: My Fiance Visited My Mother Empty-Handed & Now Our Relationship Is Threatened by joshrare(m): 7:20pm On Jan 08, 2021

We are Africans. Let us be honest with ourselves.

A man going alone to visit his would-be mother in-law empty handed is a red flag. Something to worry about.
What was the purpose of the visit?
Even as a female, it is still wrong to go visit the mother of the man you're going to marry empty handed.

My dear,

Please let's set the flags ablaze and allow everyone live freely without entitlement.

What if he's cash strap and just needed to keep to his word?.......

But las las that guy nor try ooooo, he could have just leave mumsi with urgent 2k

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Family / Re: Help!!! My Dad Still Smoking Weed In His Old Age!!! by joshrare(m): 9:48pm On Jan 01, 2021
Compliments of the season to all nairalanders...

Please I noticed a disturbing scenario playing in my house as I came back for xmas... My 67yr old dad use to smoke weed (Igbo) in our sitting room.

When we were younger, he use to smoke outside and occasionally smokes around the house especially late in the night or in the wee hours.

As a matter of fact I'm 30yrs and I have another younger brother who's 27yrs then my sister who's the youngest. But Non of us smoke weed or have toed in his line... My mother has tried in that aspect not to raise us like that!!!

I brought this issue here because I need help on how to make my aging dad DESIST from that lifestyle... It breaks my heart seeing him popping smoke like that and it's degrading when we have visitors in the house... And secondly I'm wary of his health!!!

Pls help a Brother!!!

You're blessed!
He's a blessing!!
Happy new year!!!
Religion / Re: Ogun Bans Crossover Services by joshrare(m): 8:01am On Dec 31, 2020
Thunder fire oyedepo. Offering no go enter him pocket tomorrow.

That's not true.......

There are many online platform for that purpose.

The motive of the crossover night isn't for offerings that's why winners take offerings between 2am/3am when the service is almost empty.

people must give, whether there's gathering or not.
Business / Re: Dangote Refinery Named Among 20 Most Influential Projects by joshrare(m): 7:11pm On Dec 05, 2020

Dangote truly provides job at high scale.

There is an ongoing misconception about his wealth being a product of national favouritism.Of course, without the country setting him up, he would have been among the myriads of entrepreneurs suffering unfavourable policies and protocols.

But honestly, his success doesn't owe to just that;it owes to the fact that the misconception is true.

Mad oooo
Romance / Re: Lady Breaks Up With Her Boyfriend After Training Her Through Nursing School (Pix by joshrare(m): 9:03pm On Nov 17, 2020
It's another one. Men assist your fellow man, life is harder for us, una no dey hear. I don't pity this bastard. If him like make him drink poison for the matter.

Any time you assist a girl instead of your fellow strugglerz, you're prone to receiving this kind of treatment, fool. Help a guy, and the tendency that he'll return the favour is extremely high. A woman's only interest is herself.

Stupid piece of shit. Clueless fuvk.. useless asswipe. I hope you cry your eyes out till you run out of tears. Lesson well served. Another lousy fella receiving penance for actively serving in the simping 606 battalion.

on point.

Don't be surprised that this dude won't gift a fellow man 200 airtime.

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Science/Technology / Re: Strangest Fish In Caribbean Uses Its Fins As Legs To Walk Along The Seabed (Pix) by joshrare(m): 9:32am On Nov 13, 2020
If Nigerians catch this one, them go still look for how to cook am chop.

Everything na food for here

There's hunger in the land.
Romance / Re: Help!! I Have Been Masturbating For 9 Years Now by joshrare(m): 2:52pm On Sep 16, 2020
I can't even talk to a girl anymore I feel I'm not man enough , its a big problem . I do pray I get out of it soon before I took late

challenge yourself
TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija Housemates Nominated For Eviction in Week 9 by joshrare(m): 10:13am On Sep 15, 2020
Team Icons Gather here if Laycon got your vote this week...
Meanwhile contact me for all your printing and graphics design solutions. www.owprint.com

How do I vote?
Politics / Re: Ize-Iyamu: "I Am A Senior RCCG Pastor, I Preach Every Sunday" by joshrare(m): 9:27pm On Aug 22, 2020
Romance / Re: Arewa Group Begs FG To Ban Porn Websites From Nigeria's Cyberspace by joshrare(m): 5:04pm On Aug 14, 2020
contrary to your belief.... Arewa boys have the most smartest youths in Nigeria.

The media won't show you this... They only feed you with bad news from maiduguri villages and southern kaduna
Politics / Re: Projects Of Governor Godwin Obaseki In Edo In Pictures by joshrare(m): 10:34am On Jul 10, 2020
I will be showcasing some projects of Obaseki here.

He is a silent achiever. He isn't making noise doesn't mean he isn't working. Those who aren't in Edo will just be making noise that he should upload his 4 years achievement. Politics is local. We in Edo know he is working. Those shouting show pictures are not from Edo. Obaseki have touched every local government in Edo State.

Ambrose Alli University Renovation
Civil Service Complex (This is Edo not Dubai) Lol
Link road between Edo and Delta (Esan South East LGA)
Ogbemudia Stadium (Night tournaments go on here)

@op, please if you have a photo of the storm water project and road construction at textile mill road, I'd like to see it. I recently relocated and work was on going in that area the last time I visited. nice work from op/obaseki

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Romance / Re: Trying To Toast A Girl As A Shy Guy. Share Your Experience by joshrare(m): 11:19pm On Jun 15, 2020
I still wonder how some one shy to toast a girl , in fact toasting is my hobby , I do it for fun .
Toasting a girl inside a group of girls is not cool , but if u want to, first start playing with the ugliest among them , then u can switch to the one u like.
Instead of u to run for that girl , u for go ask her ' pls I want join a group in this church, pls recommend for me a group ,
Whatever answer she gave u , say thanks and go . Then perfect everything next Sunday
Church toasting is very easy , try salon toasting

Saloon toasting kwa...
Abeg teach me!
Romance / Re: Am I Wasting My Beauty And Youth? by joshrare(m): 11:16pm On Jun 15, 2020
So what exactly do you want from us?
There is a reason why people like therapists and psychologists exist.
Go and see either one of them and stop wasting e-space while chasing clout.
Hell, a hairy gorilla might even behind this account.
This lady is indirectly asking for permission to Bleep around!
Family / Re: Should The Man Pay It? by joshrare(m): 11:14pm On Jun 15, 2020
Well your husband does not have a responsibility to send money monthly to your parents.He could but he is not obligated to.
Your husband also does not have an obligation to contribute to your brother's wedding.It is your own obligation as the sister.He could do that however as an inlaw.
I guess the problem with your husband is that your family did not treat him well when he wanted to marry you because of the list he was given.
You both need counsel from wise elders.
Thank you for this piece. I hope to be this intelligent someday

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Romance / Re: What Happened Between My Girlfriend And My Mother by joshrare(m): 1:21pm On May 18, 2020
We Have Been Dating For 1 Year and 6 months now. I’ve met her parents, we wanted to get married last year but her dad told me to wait till she finishes school which is supposed to be next year. I’m 25 years old and she’s 22 .

I live alone in the city while my mom lives in the village. My younger sister who I’m sponsoring through school sometimes comes to my place during holidays and weekends. My girlfriend practically lives with me because she comes from a type of an Abusive family. So she lives with me and I even assist her with school fees and house rents sometimes. I’ve spent even more than her father for her school.

Everyone In my family knows her and she’s a very wonderful girl. Typical wife material. She supports me every time even when I’m broke. I’m not the type of guy that dates a lot of girls . I don’t even cheat on her. Since I met her I’ve done away with a lot of ladies. I’m 100% committed to the relationship

But the problem is that she Has very bad anger issues. I mean she can destroy your property when she’s angry and I’m the quiet type. I don’t like hitting a lady execpt once in a while a general brain resetting slap. When she starts she doesn’t listen to anyone. Not me, not even her parents. So anytime she’s angry like this I will just find a way to make her laugh. Both of you can just be eating and she will get angry if you ate the fleshy part of the meat and left oily part for her (we have quarreled because of that I mean serious quarrel) . Sometimes I get tired of the whole situation. At the end even when she’s wrong I’ll let her for peace to reign. So I try to manage the anger at home so it shouldn’t go out

So we went to visit my mom in the yesterday. Because of curfew we slept over. So my mom bought us mangos this morning and told us to carry.

My girlfriend then said she doesn’t like mango that if I want to eat my mango I should carry it myself. Then my mom (she is the type that always shouts at every body. The real wahala woman) told her that if she can’t carry the mango then she should just put it on my head for me to carry na (If you no fit carry the mango u for kuku put am for e head make e carry am na).

That was the only thing my mom said. Then she sparked. Started shouting at my mom. That she should stop talking to her like that, that she doesn’t like it. In fact she’s going home. So she carried her bag and started going home. Every one in the compound started saying it’s ok (Na dat thing why dem tell u Dey make u Dey vex so) she was still shouting. I was even try to calm her down but no way. She was still shouting. Even my sister who had never seen her angry before became angry (na so you b? She said). I was really disappointed In her

The issue is what even made me angry is how she reacted. If she didn’t like what my mom said made her angry. At least she should have waited till we got home (this was the first time we were both sleeping over) then she would tell me. Or she could have called my sister and told her what my mom said. After all the fracas, she went inside the room till we left. I just told everybody to just leave her.

So when we got home I told her what she did was wrong that she shouldn’t have reacted like that. Na there war start. She started yelling and shouting at me that if my mom talks to everyone like that she won’t take it (my plan was to tell her that she should apologize to her. Because my mom already apologized that she won’t talk to her again like that. Which I know she will o . So we can just forget about the issue. But she never accepts she’s wrong ) She said I took her to my village to intimidate her in front of my family people, I was really angry and called her uncle and told him what happened. He said there was nothing wrong with what my mom told her (If you no fit carry the mango u for kuku put am for e head make e carry am na) and that he would talk to her .

I even scolded my mom before I left that I didn’t like what she said what she did that’s she was just causing issue. My girlfriend said when my mom said the word (If you no fit carry the mango u for kuku put am for e head make e carry am na) that I should have immediately rebuked my mom. But me sef no see anything wrong with what my mom said( If you no fit carry the mango u for kuku put am for e head make e carry am na)

I just Dey follow her uncle advise and leave her be until she calms down and I talk to her

So my people what’s offensive in this word? If you no fit carry the mango u for kuku put am for e head make e carry am na)

But this her attitude don tire me. Break up is not on the card for me at least not yet. She always thinks that they are other guys out there because she has a lot of toasters but I know they can’t do quarter of what I’m doing for her. In this modern time it’s difficult to see a guy who will allow his girlfriend stay with him thereby losing his freedom to do certain things. A guy who doesn’t cheat, a guy who takes care of her does everything for her .

I just think the things she went through in her family is affecting her physiological. And sometimes when I think about leaving her I feel pity because she can’t go back to her parents house.

You are right sir..... There are also fewer guys who can allow is mom to be disrespected all in the name of marrying someone you've wasted so much money on.
Romance / Re: What Happened Between My Girlfriend And My Mother by joshrare(m): 1:19pm On May 18, 2020
Ehya, That statement is very painful. It can make someone even commit suicide.

Now that you can't break up with the girl, kuku break up with your mama
God bless you sir

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Health / Re: PTF On COVID-19 Arrives Cross River State On Fact Finding Mission by joshrare(m): 1:02pm On May 18, 2020


Crafty fg with crafty team. There's no covid-19 in the state, why not let them be? Those with covid-19 in geometric increase, what has fg done for them?
Politics / Re: Ibrahim Gambari Arrives Presidential Villa by joshrare(m): 1:14pm On May 13, 2020
Let's not run faster than our shadow.
Congratulations to him God bless Nigeria God bless Buhari God bless Hausa/Fulani, Yoruba, Kanuri, Jukun, Tiv, idoma, ijaw etc
Family / Re: My Fellow Married Women And Mothers, How Do You Deal With A Husband Like Mine? by joshrare(m): 6:39pm On May 12, 2020
This matter tie wrapper, wear shoe still put face cap..
How long have you been married?
How old are your kids respectively?
Do want a divorce?
Honestly i'm currently watching this kind of film live between my mom and dad,except from the shouting and beating grin honestly i can talk to them but i want to learn how they would make up..
The person below can be of help

You forgot the nose mask its wearing!

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Romance / Re: Can A Girl With High Body Count Be Faithful In Marriage? by joshrare(m): 6:19pm On Apr 28, 2020

Igbo's always hyping themselves, I think W.H.O should give Igbos vaccine so they can be conversant with their iniquities, they seem very blind to atrocities committed by their own people, let me tell you, if you have been to the west, an Igbo lady is so easy to bed like Hausa using knife to scrape sugar canes. why is it that Igbo girls power the prostitution industry in this country? go to any brothel and shout " Amaka" and see if 4-5 ladies won't be trooping towards your direction, both Igbo single and married ladies cheat indiscriminately but I wonder how their men still think they are decent.

I can relate
Romance / Re: Can A Girl With High Body Count Be Faithful In Marriage? by joshrare(m): 6:16pm On Apr 28, 2020
Statician, where do you get this your statistics from?
You don marry all the Yoruba and South South women to come to this conclusion?
Some kids in this forum self angry

Tribalist, Actually
Romance / Re: Can A Girl With High Body Count Be Faithful In Marriage? by joshrare(m): 6:04pm On Apr 28, 2020

Look like I said it all depends on the person on the run... Not all eggs are bad. You can continue to judge people based on their past

You mean not all bad eggs are bad?
Romance / Re: Can A Girl With High Body Count Be Faithful In Marriage? by joshrare(m): 5:57pm On Apr 28, 2020
Definelty will cheat on you when the opportunity presents itself. My present GF who has been pressuring me for marriage has an astronomical body count. E pass high. How can I now marry someone who if she picks a stone and throws in the marketplace, it will hit at least 5 exes? Even ashawo no get custormer reach the girl.
Then she said something about when she reported someone who beat up her brother to the police. That she told herself that even if it is to just give the police man her kpekus, to have them deal with the boy, she was ready. Underline "just."

That is the testament of a person who doesn't place any value on her body. She gives it out willingly.
She will give it out again. When she goes to look for a job. When she goes to pursue a contract. When she runs into certain exes.


I hail ooo

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Health / Re: COVID-19: Countries With More Than 80% Recovery by joshrare(m): 5:39pm On Apr 28, 2020
China is fake news... There's nothing true about China's handling of Covid19. What about Biafra? Nnamdi Kanu ordered the viruses to leave Biafra and the viruses obeyed and leave. Meanwhile he sacrificed his dog so that Nigerian Army will be blind and leave Biafra and it worked. Nigerian Army can't see Biafra because of the dogs grave
China is fake news... There's nothing true about China's handling of Covid19. What about Biafra? Nnamdi Kanu ordered the viruses to leave Biafra and the viruses obeyed and leave. Meanwhile he sacrificed his dog so that Nigerian Army will be blind and leave Biafra and it worked. Nigerian Army can't see Biafra because of the dogs grave
Travel / Re: Lockdown: My Visit To Street Market In Greece (photos) by joshrare(m): 9:56pm On Apr 26, 2020
On my way out this morning, I picked up this €5 that makes it the 5th times I picked money on the floor in Europe. grin
That's over 2k in naija
Romance / Re: I Saw Pregnancy Test Result In My "Virgin" Girlfriend's Handbag by joshrare(m): 3:06pm On Apr 05, 2020
I've known this babe for over two months now. She's 21. Each time I try to have sex with her, she always comes up with an excuse that her mom said she will buy her a car if she marry as a virgin.

In my mind, I was contemplating dumping her or getting serious asap and tie the knot until I was shocked by the pregnancy test result I saw in her handbag.

The test is actually negative. We are on quarantine, so I still made another move after seeing the test paper and she said that fvcking same thing. Omo, I don't know what to do oo. Wether to confront her abi make I just port.
was the test result in her name?
Crime / Re: Coronavirus Lockdown Bank Scam Alert: Warn Your Loved Ones For Their Safety by joshrare(m): 1:50pm On Mar 31, 2020
move it to front page so Nairalanders will flash the hell out of that number

Lemme call him and mock him a lil bit
Education / Re: Adepelumi Adekunle: Akure ‘Explosion’ Was Impact From Meteors Not Explosives by joshrare(m): 7:40pm On Mar 29, 2020
I am a geologist but I disagree with the prof on this.

Kindly state your disagreement sir.
Religion / Re: Living Faith Creates USSD CODE To Facilitate Offerings And Tithes Online. by joshrare(m): 1:37pm On Mar 27, 2020
Service is online offerings too should online...

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