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Romance / Re: My Heart Is Shattered � Battered And Scattered by JUBILEE2000: 9:27am On Mar 23
My question is "what do guys really want"
I am not saying I am perfect but I know I am surely the best girlfriend any guy could ever think of yet I am still experiencing heartbreak at 31���

Had issues with my boyfriend since last year April bkos of a particular girl he posted on Facebook addressing her as the mother of his house. I became angry and told him I was only going to continue the relationship if I spoke to the lady in question bkos same lady posted him too calling him her first love.

He told me the lady was his cousin sister and ofcourse I believed him bkos she bares same surname with his cousin brother whoose wedding we attended together, He addressed me as his wife to be throughout the occasion so I had everything to believe in him

Just five days ago I saw his wedding notification on Facebook with that same lady. My heart has never been this broken B4 in my life. I have cried out my soul to the extent that I barely see clearly this days. I tried not to cry but I just can't. I am seriously weeping as I am typing this.

I have tried to encourage myself but I just can't stop crying and WAILING.

Who have I ever offended and what exactly do guys want?

I have searched all through the 5 yrs of relationship and aswear with my life that I never stressed him but I only requested Love not Money from him

My heart is bleeding.
I only sent him his pre-wedding pics and congratulated him then he replied "thanks''

He feels I don't deserve an explanation �����

Congratulations! You should rather be thanking God than being sorrowful.
Investment / Re: What's The Best Way To Invest Idle Funds? by JUBILEE2000: 11:47pm On Mar 22
The best advice is, if you have enough money go for importation of spare parts, engine and underage cars... There is alot happening there in terms of profit but is not much known.. importations of used television, vegetable oil and wines is a good business..
You basically dont need to be there always. Get a space and someone can manage it for you as far as you have a list of items you imported....

Please can you throw more light on the importation of spare parts and engines. Thank you

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Business / Re: Which Business Can One Do With ₦1.5 Million? by JUBILEE2000: 9:23am On Mar 22

It is very hard to start business in Nigeria. Go and ask people. The hindrances are so high. You must know this truth. But it doesnt mean you cannot.

Rule 1: Do not give anyone your money.
Rule 2: Do what you can handle yourself. Do not do beyond it.

Those two rules, take them serious. Leave out investments, bla bla bla aside. Do not give your money to anyone.

Keep searching. Keep searching. Keep your cash.

But if I were you, I would invest in my brain. Start learning a digital skill. Do not spend money. Everything you want to learn is on the internet. You may see reason to invest in buying a laptop soon.

There are many things you can learn under digital skills. UX/UI, Marketing, writing, sales, graphics, etc. There are many things. See eh...it may be a small laptop or even a phone you will invest in plus 3k data (20GB), you will need to get you going. And you start loading your brain with digital skills. Or maybe buy a laptop.

Anyway, start with having around 20GB monthly data and start watching youtube videos. Invest in some online tutorial in udemy and coursera. But first sit down and research which area you want to learn.

Another area, you may want to look into learning car diagnostics. Then, use your money get yourself as a certified engineer of a brand like toyota that people will be looking for. You arent a mechanic....mechanics call you to help them find out what's wrong. Then, you set up yourself as importer of replaceable parts too. What I know is that if you go into lorries and big vehicles, you will make it. Thaoe ones with Diesel engines. Make your research very well. You can learn everything online amd pass the exam. Sit down and make a thorough research.


Great advice!

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Family / Re: I Love My Wife & My Kid, But I Want To Leave The Marriage. Help! by JUBILEE2000: 11:26am On Feb 26
@op, who was Abram before God called him? Abram was deep into idol worship. In fact he was born into idolatry yet God looked beyond him and his foundation and called him out. God made him Abraham and father of many nations! Don't ever listen to pastors or preachers who do not understand who God is. Don't allow your mindset about your wife and marriage to be twisted by them. Mind you, the Bible did not record that Abram fasted and prayed before God met him. There's a dimension of God's grace and love we are yet to comprehend as Christians. God loves your wife! That same God has the capacity to prepare a table for you in the presence of those enemies you are scared of. He will also anoint you and make your cup to run over irrespective of who you think your wife is! Mary Magdalen had seven demons yet she became God's vessel and the first witness of the resurrection of our Lord. I can go on and on. Your wife is not the problem but your mindset is! Change your mindset and begin to speak positive and creative words over your wife, family and business. You will marvel at the wonders that will follow. Shalom
Politics / Re: US Mission Reacts To Restoration Of Twitter In Nigeria by JUBILEE2000: 2:58pm On Jan 13
Dropbox visa renewal ban in Nigeria will soon be lifted
Investment / Re: Q&A With Peaceilya How cryptocurrency made me a house onwer? by JUBILEE2000: 11:48am On Jan 05
Following my story on the crypto thread https://www.nairaland.com/6318352/crypto-currency-investors-thread/1072#104126924 many DMed with many questions, here is a summary of the questions
1. How long have I been into crypto space and my trading experience??

2. What inspired me to invest in crypto space at a time when many people in Nigeria were skeptical about the activities therein?

3. As trader & coach with over 10yrs experience playing in the financial market, what are the major challenge and opportunities in crypto?

4. What has been the effects of the FG ban on cryptocurrency activities in Nigeria?

5. What are some of the success stories you have experience in the crypto space?

6. We hear the knowledge of Cryptocurrency is growing globally, could you tell if it's the same for Nigeria?

Please, I sent you a PM. I need to speak with you asap. Thank you.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Total Energies Have Started Sending Letters, Check Your Mail by JUBILEE2000: 12:44pm On Dec 04, 2021

So sad. I guess Total cancelled this exercise.

Yeah most IOCs are struggling since the pandemic broke out. Not sure any of them will be recruiting anytime soon. We had a retrenchment exercise in August and another one is in the offing first quarter of next year. It's well
Business / Re: Folorunso Alakija Stopped Wearing Jewelry Following God's Direction by JUBILEE2000: 6:34pm On Nov 30, 2021

Imagine if she was a clergywoman, she would have used her experience and God's instruction to her as a doctrine for her followers.

And it will pass on to generations.

You are not far from the truth. Most doctrinal beliefs in some churches today originated from personal dealings and encounters of their founders.
Family / Re: Man Warms Hearts Of Many As He Serenades His Wife At Her 50th Birthday(video) by JUBILEE2000: 8:53pm On Nov 26, 2021
The woman is SEXY, but except for one thing o.

The belle
Romance / Re: Lady Refuses To Sleep With Man Who Took Her On Expense Paid Vacation-He Did This by JUBILEE2000: 1:07pm On Nov 25, 2021

If I begin talk about the foolishness of that SIMPle guy, this thread fit explode.

See the local dirty girl he took out of the country for vacation undecided

I no go forgive myself if I lash this girl with meatpie and fanta.

See portruded belle undecided

������� mehn u are wicked!!
Business / Re: Why Is Money Hard To Find/get ? by JUBILEE2000: 9:05am On Nov 12, 2021
The formulas were made by God. Whether a Christian or non-Christian uses them, they will work.
The profit of the earth is for all. Ecclesiastes 5:9
Most of the pastors studied Architecture, medicine, Engineering and other professions. How many of them applied those formulas they are giving you to their professional practice and became wealthy before becoming pastors?
Business / Re: Why Is Money Hard To Find/get ? by JUBILEE2000: 6:11pm On Nov 11, 2021
It's not meant to be found. It's meant to be attracted by who you become. Not necessarily what you do.
Download and listen to these messages by Apostle Joshua Selman.

Financial Dominion 1-4
The wealthy place 1-3
The Power to get wealth 1-2

Your life is about to change. Believe me.
God cannot be boxed to a corner and cannot be limited by formulas propounded by men. He blesses whosoever He chooses to bless; Christians and non-christians alike

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Career / Re: What Profitable Skill Can I Learn Now Before The End Of The Year by JUBILEE2000: 2:50am On Sep 05, 2021

The certification offered by Amazon is 6 months if am not mistaking.
I sent you a PM . Can u reach me via riwos2014@gmail.com. I need some clarifications. Thanks
Family / Re: The Perks Of Being A Pregnant Bride In Today's World by JUBILEE2000: 1:41pm On May 21, 2021
The Word of GOD does not Change because of a Changing world.

Sexual act before Marriage is Pure Fornication.

GOD'S Standard of Marriage according to HIS Word is Man and Wife. Anything apart from this is Disobedience to GOD and His Word.

Marriage is consummated when parents have given their consent and bride price paid. The groom and the bride are free to have sex after this. Church wedding is the invention of men
Romance / Re: My Fianceé Has Very Hot Temper, Please Advise Me. by JUBILEE2000: 12:34pm On Apr 28, 2021
Hi everyone, please i need an urgent advice and suggestions on the girl i wish to marry. Her major problem is that she gets angry easily and often but later will apologize after saying or doing something out of anger.

Anger is a spirit. Cast it out!!!!
Religion / Re: My Throwback Picture Ministering In Church As A Child by JUBILEE2000: 2:05pm On Apr 23, 2021
100% visa application guaranteed 10 SLOTS AVAILABLE HURRY NOW AND CALL 090:36:72:06:99 FOR MORE INFORMATION.
This is an opportunity to apply for Two years U.S.A, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, SOUTH KOREA and any other country working visa; for both
Family and single packages.
Note : NO DOWN PAYMENT UNTIL visa IS OUT AND Payment must be made immediately your visa and employment letter is out. PLEASE ONLY INTERESTED PERSONS CAN CONTACT/WHATSAPP US ON 090:36:72:06:99

People are wiser now to fall for this your format. Repent!!!


Religion / Re: My Father Has A Bat In His Wardrobe: Should I Be Worried? by JUBILEE2000: 11:17pm On Jan 23, 2021
Very Strange Experience With My Father. Should I Be Worried?

Hello guys.. the background behind this story is lenghty so to spare you the trouble ill jump straight to the point. My father though he has his flaws is a very religious and i dare say principled man in some aspects.n He never misses church service. Went to bible school. At one point he was even a house fellowship leader. He prays and fast often.

So on this day i was standing in the doorway to my dads room. He wanted to send me on an erand ''i think'', so he opened his wardrope to get to get the money. Immediately he opened his wardrop i saw a BAT...yes BAT hanging upside down right there in his wardrope. In shock i jumped and shouted

''daddy see bat see bat !!!''.

Guess what he did. He simply smiled and gently closed his wardrope. I have never been this confused. I saw a bat hanging upside down in his wardrop and all he did was smile and gently closed the door. I don't know what to make of it. I have already concluded, there is no way on earth this is from God. Up until this time i have never seen a bat up close in real time. The closest ive been was watch them on television. Contemplate how scared and confused i am now. I picked up an excuse and ran out of the house to go stay with my relative..its been a week since i left and im still too scared to go back.

What do you folks make of this? How can a man who prays and fast and attends bible school have a BAT in his wardrope. WTF !!

Theres a part two and this one is about my mother.

Brace yourself for the battle ahead!! I pray the Lord gives you grace to overcome. Some us have been there but God saw us through


Nairaland / General / Re: What Major Set Back Have You Ever Experienced In Life? by JUBILEE2000: 10:43pm On Dec 04, 2020

Funny! My father is an Ogboni. He wanted to use me to replace him. Though, he is not the only one o. My wife even reveal 4 of them to me after she died few months ago... And God has special interest in me. sic
I shouldn't be even revealing much in this forum

I can relate to this bro. I have been there but God delivered me by His finger!! People don't understand what it means to have an occultic parent. They vowed i will never amount to anything life. Ten years wasted after graduating with one of the best results in my school. Sadly he died in the course of the battle. God then rewarded me with a great job in one of the multinational oil companies and restored my wasted years in a matter of months. That same God is still very much alive. He will sure see you through!!


Travel / Re: Can One Travel To The States At The Moment? by JUBILEE2000: 3:09pm On Sep 06, 2020
YES you can

Please can someone with a tourist Visa travel to the USA now? If yes, what could the scenario be at the point of entry for a traveller on tourist Visa because i learnt only citizens and permanent residents and a few other categories of visas are allowed in. Your response will be appreciated.
Travel / Re: Bad Road: This Is Gafaru Street In Ikotun, Alimosho LGA, Lagos State, Nigeria by JUBILEE2000: 7:46pm On Jun 30, 2020
Amatarasha is ur wife right? Better crawl back to romance section where u crawled out from

What part of Ibeku are you from?
Religion / Re: If The Sexual Urge Is Too Strong & You Are Not Married, Just Do This by JUBILEE2000: 5:13pm On Jun 27, 2020

"Listen!" grin

"Pls help those under the anointing "
Religion / Re: If The Sexual Urge Is Too Strong & You Are Not Married, Just Do This by JUBILEE2000: 1:11pm On Jun 27, 2020

“Five minutes and we are done...”
"Koinonia pray"
Religion / Re: If The Sexual Urge Is Too Strong & You Are Not Married, Just Do This by JUBILEE2000: 9:05pm On Jun 26, 2020

Go to YouTube
Type: "Apostle Joshua Selman messages"
Listen to one of them. Anyone.
Jesus will wipe away that thought immediately.

"Are we together now?"

"Life is spiritual "

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Politics / Re: Oil Price Collapses To $11 Per Barrel Amid Covid-19 Pandemic by JUBILEE2000: 4:20pm On Apr 20, 2020
It's hightime Nigeria stopped international sales of oil in full capacity.
Let us channel ample amount of the oil to a reservoir and save up for a better day.
Cut deals with some African countries and use their reservoirs if ours is filled

When we save enough, the Government should declare our refineries ''out of service".
Luckily, Dangote refinery is near completion.

After this Covid -19 pandemic, we begin to sell from our reservoirs for the main time, while the refineries will be under renovation.

And also very importantly is the need to diversify.

Well said
Romance / Re: She Dumped Me For Her Ex, Shattered Me Into Irredeemable Pieces by JUBILEE2000: 9:51pm On Apr 14, 2020
thanks for the mature response.. she just texted me now telling me we are still together and she just want to use the opportunity pay him back coin for coin and wreck him . Can you imagine? If she come back she don enter be that

If your comment about the text she sent is true, i will advise you my dear brother to run for your life. That girl is a witch!!!
Romance / Re: Reply To: Chai! Nigerian Girls In Canada Are So Lonely! by JUBILEE2000: 8:19pm On Apr 09, 2020
Reading some few lines i knew the whole message would be senseless n really when that guy said 9ja babes in Canada 're less attractive n not good looking dang i now believe

mehnn Op wor wor ehn Tuueh

Besides only a lonely lady would have such time to reply breaking in messages just like you've done

Mehn u are wicked!! See lashing


Family / Re: COVID-19 Lockdown: Side Chicks & Side Guys, How Have You Been Coping? by JUBILEE2000: 3:26pm On Apr 01, 2020
It’s been good and bad.

Bad because of the obvious sexual starvation, but asides that it’s been generally good.

My three girlfriends are with their husbands and families, so naturally they cannot give me as much attention.

One has not been able to contact me since the lockdown was announced on Sunday.

The second tried chatting me up yesterday but couldn’t keep up.

The third can chat but cannot do our normal nude video calls. angry

Other than that, I’m good. I’ve smoked less. Drunk less. Slept more. Read more and intend to read even more and sharpen my mind for the necessary hustle post-lockdown.

I’m also scared of chatting any neighborhood girls because demand for them would be high in these times and I can’t vouch for which of them will be Coro-free. I also don’t masturbate, so I expect to have severely congealed spermatozoa after this isolation period ends.

God help the first girlfriend that visits me after quarantine. The husband might need to carry out a DNA test after she delivers

My advice to you is to stay away from people's wives. There are some men whose wives you touch, u will be doomed for life. May God help you


Romance / Re: "I Was With Him Through Thick And Thin" by JUBILEE2000: 6:58pm On Dec 21, 2019
When they’re done Hoeing, they turn to feminists and start to sell Bags, Wigs and Weavon on WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook. That’s their meaning of empowerment and Independent.
men are getting wiser now, Una go hear am!

��� hahahahahaha. Mehn u are wicked!!!
Religion / Re: Paul Enenche's Testimony: Wale Gates Reacts by JUBILEE2000: 3:40am On Oct 26, 2019
Unbelievers will doubt even the testimonies of Jesus' miracle save for the fact that evidences abound.
Is it possible for someone to walk on water?
Can five loaves of bread and few fishes feed thousands with left over?
Stephen was also teleported after talking with the Ethiopian eunuch.
I can go on and on.
So you see u cannot use your human brain to reason out how miracle work. It beats ur logic and reasoning. My guy miracle still happen even in our days. But how the devil had turn the heart of men to mock at the works of God

I think it was Philip that was teleported not Stephen.

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Investment Ads / Re: d by JUBILEE2000: 2:05pm On Sep 14, 2019
Salary is fixed but expenses are not. Longrich to the rescue. Take action, now!

Chat me up on 08077291536

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