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Politics / Re: As Nigerians, Can We Ever Witness Stable Electricity In Our Life Time? by perrychemical: 12:50am On Jan 11, 2020
forget abt it. it is rocket science in Nigeria.

I was in a forum in France where we were discussing energy efficiency effort in our individual country . I told them that we dont even have power supply . I said, naturally our energy supply has already reached maximum efficiency level.

How do you expect a country with population of 200M people to have a generating installed capacity of 7,000plus, and expect their Electrical and electronic Engineering graduates to get a job after graduation. For sure, most graduates will be rendered useless, and there wont be any real economy generating activities. Energy is fundamental to any developmental effort, and policies and programs must be vehemently pursuit to tackle inefficiency in this sector.

I think it would be a waste of energy to have any hope of meaningful change in this generation. We lack quality leadership, people that take decision objectively are nowhere to be found on our landscape. We create wide margins between the rich and the poor, and people resulti g to taking the advantage of the most vulnerable in the society, it is all that bad!!!


Travel / Re: Stop Going To France To Study If You Are Not Finacially Okay: My Personal Story by perrychemical: 11:19pm On Oct 12, 2019

Thanks bro, you got it exactly... get a 12(PhD grade) in france is like going to heaven... but we pull through and thanks for your advise, i will work towards that.

Yeah, I might be interested in this Visa too, let me check
Travel / Re: Stop Going To France To Study If You Are Not Finacially Okay: My Personal Story by perrychemical: 11:13pm On Oct 12, 2019
Whatever you do


You will so so regret it.

Now I am looking for a way to.run back out

You did well

And your advice is well taken

Good advice, I will never advice you to come back to this Nigeria bro. You are still very young, stay back and hustle for a while, if u like u can cross over to Canada.

I came in to Nigeria 31st of August with d hope that at least If I get a good job I can stay back at least for a while since my wife and child are in Nigeria. It seems there is no hope here.

Infact, I had to rethink about my decision. People are really suffering here. Aside, so many people depend on u, and u cant sit back and do nothing.

Stay back bro


Travel / Re: Stop Going To France To Study If You Are Not Finacially Okay: My Personal Story by perrychemical: 11:04pm On Oct 12, 2019
I have always wanted to study abroad, i graduated from a state university in Nigeria with a Nice CGPA studying Physics and Electronics, after i finished my services in 2016 i got a Job as a supervisor in an electrical company for a two month project after this project i got my admission letter from France to study so i needed to work to save up, i got a contract job at first bank..now let start the story... it has been 2years now, i feel i should share my experience, well 2years ago i was here, got admitted to france to study theoretical physics Msc. at Universite de Cergy Pontoise 20km away from central paris, i dont know if i made a mistake going to france or i should have stayed in Nigeria, when i traveled to france september 17th 2017, without little or no help. I traveled with just 750 euros, this was money i had saved up from working, because i had no one to help me. When i got to france, i went straight to my university where i paid the inscription fee of 246 euros and also registered for french class for 210 euros, the money left with me was about 480euros, i had no place to stay because i was too late to get the CROUS, i started asking myself some question on how to survive in this harsh environment i cant speak the language, so i had to stay with a course mate for somedays, i was attending lectures and thinking of what next at the same time, my brain was unstable. I finally met a Nigerian who said i can share his place but i have to pay half the rent, i told him i have just 480 with me, i will pay you 400 for 2 month and if i get a job before then i will move, by december when it was very cold, i didnt getr a job and i couldnt pay the house rent, the Nigeria guy drove me out and i almost felt like giving up plus i was till going to school in all those harsh condition, then a close friend of mine yannick who happens to be french told me he was going to talk to his mom for me since i have helped him in programming exam and he scored 16/20. So his mum accepted me and i stayed with them throughout december then i got a night job in January, so i pleaded with my friend parent that they should give me just january to move out, Note i was working all night and still go to school, Feburary 2018 i left to my own rented appartment, now life was getting better but at the stake of my education, i was able to pull through the first year having a overall grade for M1 at 11.8/20 i felt bad knowing my result in Nigeria was a way better graduating with 4.43 CGPA. Because of my love for school i decided not to give up and registered for M2, most of my professor didnt like me though because they knew i was working overnight and i was still passing their exams despite not been stable, in france the hardest master is theoretical physics trust me. M2 started and i knew this was last chance of improving my grade so i could get a phD since that was my goal before i traveled abroad, M2 was still indifferent from M1 hate from professor plus i still had to work all night to pay my bills, my house rent was 300euros per month and i still support my family in Nigeria with any amount i have. after the first session of M2 i had 11.3/20, i was not too happy because my best friend in class got 14/20, although he got a phd now in lyon, so i went insearch of internship known as stage for my masters thesis, i got a good place at ESPCI CNRS paris, so i was going to my stage and still working at night. I finished my stage this month september 2019 and also defended my Master thesis on 6th of this month. at the end of the day i graduated with an aggregated of 12.5/20. I couldnt get a Phd cause most Phd proposal are taken since i finish late, presently now, i am seraching for a phd and also thinking of coming back home since i am just 26yrs old, i have option of changing my status and be working during the night but this is not a job one can do forever, now i dont know what next for me, although i applied to phd programme in other country but no news. my advise if you dont speak french dont go to france, it is useless, after you finish, you wont get a job.


I can understand your issue anyway. I just finished my study in France as well. Though, I went to a grande ecole with a full schorlaship covering tuition and living expenses. I did my internship at TechnipFMC. The fact is that French people are so glued with their language.Despite that our documentation is in English including slides, and any other documents, they still prefer to speak French .

I came to Nigeria for a brief holiday, and I will be coming back by October ending. I am still positive that there are better opportunity there, even though u don't speak the language.

If you want, u can reach me on bukkyakangbe@gmail.com. We can get connected .

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Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program - Connect Here Part 8 by perrychemical: 8:55pm On Sep 21, 2019

I'm so happy for you. I'm glad I was of a little help. Wellpls done!

Please, can you give me Johnnybravo1990 contact. I need help seriously, and is urgent.


Travel / Re: My France Picture Gallery by perrychemical: 3:59am On Sep 20, 2019

Thanks bro. Good to have you on this thread. How was the experience?

For sure, the first PTDF scholar on sponsorship to IMT Atlantique.

We have a Total scholar in year 2 from Nigeria.


Travel / Re: My France Picture Gallery by perrychemical: 6:56pm On Sep 19, 2019
Well done guy, I just graduated from IMT Atlantique, I could see the feel of Nantes all through the picture. Nantes was a green city with breathtaking view all around. I spent 3 semester here, before I moved to Paris for my internship. All the best in your study.

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Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program - Connect Here Part 8 by perrychemical: 9:37pm On Sep 11, 2019
You can change the address, I did as well. Just send them an e mail, and it will be done
ote author=Canadahome post=82140660]Good evening guys,

Please for those that used ICES, it is possible for me to change the address where i want my report to be sent in Canada as my due date will be tomorrow for completion?

The address i used is a friend's office address. According to him, it maybe difficult to know when the mail is delivered to his office without knowing the date and time of delivery. [/quote]

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Politics / Re: Buhari’s 2019 Ministers And Their Portfolios (Full List) by perrychemical: 3:26pm On Aug 21, 2019
We really don't care about Nigerians, we care about the party faithfuls.
Shouldn't we reward loyal friends whose sins have been forgiven?

Nigerians, Let us Pray!

It is amazing the way Nigerian politicians see Nigeria problem, they always think that they can achieve something big through politics.
Nigeria power sector shouldn't be put in the hand of a lawyer, Agriculturalist. It is a sector that needs a complete overhaul.Though, it is not a rocket science to get it right, Its need a combination of policies, and full knowledge of technology, and Engineering of power generation, efficient transmission infrastructure, as well as sound distribution system. In the developed countries, the concept of Energy efficiency has always been a serious discussions, and of course they know its importance to employment generation. If a power sector of a country with the approximate population of 200 Millions people is a way below 10,000MW, this is indicative of lack of productivity, high unemployment rate, inefficient economy, poverty, and lack of responsibility.

Infact, it is something our government should tacked head on, and assign people with the right knowledge, internationally exposures, and of course with overall knowledge in this sector. I believe, this should be strategic, and ultimately be taken serious. Going through this portfolio, I dont see anything change in the power sector in the next 4 years, it seems to me that, everything was just a joke. We need to start given responsibility objectively, and shouldn't be based on political compensation. Well, I cant overrule the concept of political compensation, but it shouldn't be matched into the critical sector.

The power sector in Nigeria only should be generating millions of jobs. At every stage of the power system, there is opportunity for economic prosperity, and its only call for the right policies, and huge investment in the sector. The power infrastructure is nothing to write home about, the grid is worn out, loses at every stages, the distribution cannot even be explained by the ordinary people, maybe by the spiritual power governing the energy sector in Nigeria you can get a proper and useless explanation.

Honestly, it cant work fine, because you cant give what you dont have. I am really disappointed that Nigerian will keep on wallowing in this state with no sound economic blueprint, and in a state of total despair surrounded by abject poverty, environmental noise of I "pass my neighbor".

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Business / Re: World's Largest Atmospheric Tower For Dangote Refinery Sets Sail From China (PIC by perrychemical: 7:56am On Jul 30, 2019
[quote author=Rapidpolystyren post=80757741]nobody has the capacity to fabricate such size in

And we cannot do the Engineering as well. I really don't know what NETCO is doing all these while, they have not develop to generating big order for Greenfield Engineering projects, it's really bad for this country. We cannot generate jobs for the masses , if we failed to develop Technology
Business / Re: World's Largest Atmospheric Tower For Dangote Refinery Sets Sail From China (PIC by perrychemical: 2:08am On Jul 30, 2019

Lol, not as you think sir....
Dangote is doing more harm than good to Nigerians.
Infact Nigeria is now a Chinese and Indian colony, all thanks to Dangote.
He imports his pressure vessels from China and India while we have very competent coys in Nigeria like Nigerdock, Aveon, Saipem that can fabricate them and still create good employment.
Infact 50% of workers in the Refinery/fertilizer projects are Indians, 20% are Chinese and the remaining 30% are Nigerians who receive the least pay.

I am very much in agreement with you. The technology and the engineering of all these equipments are not rocket science, but we kept on given out our real job to the Indian and Chinese. I think we are totally not on the path of development, if none of the total man hour requirements on the Engineering of all this whole facility cannot be accounted by Nigerian.

I would have loved the fabrication to be done in Nigeria, and at least 30% of the Engineering also allocated to Nigerian as well.

Even, I am very sure, during the operation stage of this facility, they will have to be bringing in expert for maintenance, and Nigerian will just be recruited as mere checkers of control system.

It is really saddened how we reached this stage as a nation. If this kind of huge project is going on in Nigeria, and Nigerians cannot even bost of 1% of man hour during the FEED stage, maybe 3% during EPC, and Operation might be like say 20%. With this statistic, we need to start asking important question.

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Religion / Re: Bishop Isaac Idahosa's Car Garage In Pictures by perrychemical: 8:02pm On May 14, 2019
end time bishop
African should wake up, and stopped enriching all these so called men of God. We need to build our life, improve infrastructure, and stepped up research to improve people's life, build our industries, and not churches.
Politics / Re: IGP Ibrahim Idris' Transmission Video Was Doctored - Police Reacts by perrychemical: 8:30pm On May 17, 2018
If someone put on this type of T-shirt na Alagbon straight.

Well, I listened to some of his past speeches , and obiviously he doesnt sound like someone that will not be able to read aleady prepared speech. Politics apart, something must have gone wrong here.


Education / Re: Apply for 2018/2019 PTDF Scholarship in Germany/France/China by perrychemical: 1:45pm On May 12, 2018
I am one of the PTDF Scholars in France, studying in one of the Grande ecoles . From my experience from the PTDF Scholarship. The fact that PTDF has recommended you implied that you have gotten the scholarship.

I will however clarified something for you people, it was not as if DAAD will be the one funding your scholarship, it is still the PTDF funding the scholarship, they are just trying to harmonise the scholarship for greater efficiency and also to reduce cost, without compromising on quality.

I was supposed to go to Germany, I missed out when we were asked to upload the document on DAAD website, because it was not properly coordinated during our own time, even though I got admission to TU Berlin. DAAD could not do anything again regarding my visa, that was the reason why I came to France in order not to waste another year.

So congratulation to all the shortlisted, if you are not been follow from the village, those that got the e mail are the successful one from the Germany point of view.

Those coming to France , I think will also be updated.

All the best

Hopefully, thos

Because someone was recommended by PTDF doesn't mean the person has won the DAAD Scholarship.

DAAD have their objectives hence you were asked to fill your profile. This DAAD of a thing is not a Nigerian thing but for developing countries. Until everything have been finalised, then you might or might not see any list for copyright. China body is CSC and I think Campus France is French body.

I am surprised you guys don't know about them.

Interview details of UK own is out. This is fully by PTDF hence prepare well and only PTDF have the final say. Better prepare well for this as it will be more competitive. If one is successful, your name will be published immediately in their website as PTDF is solely responsible.


Travel / Re: General Guide To Australian Permanent Resident Visa Through Skilled Migration. by perrychemical: 11:09am On Apr 04, 2017
Hello Dewys1,

Just like others have advised, you will need to address the transcripts to any company or professional institution where you can easily retrieve the transcripts.

In my own case I sent it to my company address, and I got it after one week. Please note that I had to visit LAUTECH physically after 6 weeks of no response. I was meant to understand that the school is owing the postal services so my transcripts cannot fly because of this reason. However, I was advised that for a faster delivery, I will need to pay additional N2000 for postal services, N2000 for a reprinted copy because I had applied for it before sometimes in the past. In total I paid the sum of 11k to get the transcripts sent to Lagos, online payment inclusive. Please note that all this happened between December 2016 and January 2017.

In addition, I received my student copy within 3 days after visiting LAUTECH. And with the student copy, I lodged my application with EA following Bnimz advise.

My advise is that you don't need to apply online in other to avoid double payment just like I did , just go to student affairs, room 208 or so, then you can be rest assured of getting it within one week, max. 2 weeks. A friend of mine also got his few weeks ago without applying online .

Travel / Re: General Guide To Australian Permanent Resident Visa Through Skilled Migration. by perrychemical: 7:27pm On Apr 02, 2017
I have read through this thread from start to the end. It was quite informative and inspiring, you guys are doing a good job. I really want to make a little enquiry about a particular Skill occupation called Forester. I discovered that assessment is through Vetasses. What do you think is the required point to get a positive assesment?
With a profile of at least one year experience with Forestry research institute of Nigeria (Frin) as a research assistant and a degree and master in Forestry from FUTA. Thank you very much for your concern.
I really meant what is the point required to submit EOI for permanent residency.?
Travel / Re: General Guide To Australian Permanent Resident Visa Through Skilled Migration. by perrychemical: 6:38pm On Apr 02, 2017
I have read through this thread from start to the end. It was quite informative and inspiring, you guys are doing a good job. I really want to make a little enquiry about a particular Skill occupation called Forester. I discovered that assessment is through Vetasses. What do you think is the required point to get a positive assesment?
With a profile of at least one year experience with Forestry research institute of Nigeria (Frin) as a research assistant and a degree and master in Forestry from FUTA. Thank you very much for your concern.
Travel / Re: General German Visa Enquiries Part 3 by perrychemical: 5:05pm On Mar 27, 2017
Berlin,Frankfurt, Hamburg, Dortmund and I think Kiel(not sure about this).
vWhat about Munich ?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Fidelity Bank Aptitude Test Format by perrychemical: 4:43pm On Mar 04, 2017
Please, help q brother in need, I need a copy of Baron 2007 GMAT. Pls kindly forward to bukkyakangbe@gmail.com]
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 11 by perrychemical: 10:52am On Jan 15, 2017
@MCjamin, congrats on ur admission to the University of Regina. Please, I am also an applicant to the University of Regina for the Summer intake in the department of petroleum system Engineering. I have been expecting a response from them, please when did u submit ur application? And what department did u apply to,and what semester intake? I
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 11 by perrychemical: 10:24pm On Jan 09, 2017
Thank you very much for your comments on the above topic. I will appreciate more comments and contributions from the Gurus.

Thank you
Education / Re: 2017/2018 PTDF Scholarship Scheme (Overseas And Local) by perrychemical: 11:38am On Jan 09, 2017

Please send your contact to simjocashswit@gmail.com lets discuss on whatsapp
hello all, u don't need admission letter for oversea schorlaship Msc in order to apply. Just applied for the PTDF schorlaship and you should start looking for admission.

All the best

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Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 11 by perrychemical: 7:46pm On Jan 07, 2017
@perrychemical u have a very strong handful of opportunity abeg no cause for alarm. which school did u do ur msc

University of Lagos
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 11 by perrychemical: 4:23pm On Jan 07, 2017
[quote author=Austinpee4 post=52612596]
You seem to have a good advantage and a strong chance of getting a study permit approval with all you outlined here. However, You must first secure admission for your intended program. Good a thing you are already thinking ahead.
1.Including your previous Msc in your application can be to ur advantage or not. If you eventually gain admission into the same chemical engineering for the second master, conviencing the VO maybe difficult becos you have one already in that area and have mentioned it.
If you choose to go for a branch in your field or a closely related area in your field which i can see you are opting for, this could fly as you can explain in your SOP your interest in that area and it's significance to you moving forward but this will always be substantiated with previous activity (s) in that area.(Work experience, research).

2. You know what you've been engaging yourself with since you left the job in 2014, You can relate it to your profession or better still, research interest.If you choose not to include your previous msc in your application, all the gaps prior now must be explained and tend towards a need to upgrade academically.
3.Your schoolarship apparently covers pretty much everything and i want to believe it's for the entire duration of your program.But the inconsistencies surrounding remitting of funds for nigerian students on schoolarships have been often seen and i also believe the VO are aware of this, if you can have the agency pay your tuition,accomodation before you apply for your study permit, it should boost your chances.
All the best to you.

Thanks Austinpee4, u are a great guy. I am still expecting more responses from the house
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 11 by perrychemical: 1:46pm On Jan 07, 2017
I am happy to be on this thread. I am also an applicant to the University of Regina for Summer intake for Mengr with coop in Petroleum System Engineering. I really need advice on what to do while applying for TRV. I really need people to help me out.

I am a graduate of Chemical Engineering with a second class upper division (80%). I graduated 2009.I had my MSc degree also in Chemical Engineering with 75percent performance which I started 2012 and finished 2014.I was supposed to finished my Msc program 2013, it was actually delayed due to ASUU strike and I eventually convocated 2015.

While on this program, I had already done with my course work, while waiting for my Msc thesis project defense. I was able to get a temporary offer with Oil and Gas company in Lagos in the year 2013. While on this project, I had opportunity of travelling to four European Countries for training, which are Germany, France, Belgium and Netherland.Though I was been paid handsomely during this training program, but there is no payslip to show for it.

I was not retained at the expiration of my offer by September 2014,due to oil market price .

I am also in possession of NEBOSH IGc general Certificate in occupation health and safety from United Kingdom coupled with some Oil and Gas industry training certification.

Presently, I am on full funded sponsored schorlaship from the Nigerian Federal government agency, my scholarship covers tuition, accommodation, living expenses and going and to flight ticket for my trips including my visa processing. The only exclusion to the schorlaship is the cost of looking for admission in my School of interest.

Reading people‘s comments on this thread got me skeptical about Canada TRv and I think the gurus can help me to do the careful analysis of the whole scenario.
I am a guy of 29years of age, still single, though Searching(lols).

Will it make sense for me to include my Msc scenario in my visa application? Then, if it is not necessary, how do I explain this gap in my SOP? It is just too complicated to come up with a sound explanation.

Moreover, I also need to explain the gap after I finished my temporary offer with the company I worked with between September 2014 to now. How can I come up with reasonable explanation that will attract VO attention.

Moreover, coming to the issue of personal fund, do I still need to proof a personal fund to the VO, considering the fact that my scholarship is over sufficient for my studies. please helps me do justice to all these issues that may come up in the the Mind of VO while reviewing my application

Thank you very much for helping a brother out.

I am still expecting more comments on the above topic. Thank you so much for your anticipated responses

Thank you


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Obtaining Msc Only Increases Your Hope Of Getting A Job by perrychemical: 9:19pm On Aug 12, 2016
I took my time to read all the comments in this thread, and I can say categorically that Nigerian graduates are lopsided in their thinking.If you obtain a higher degree based on your own personal development, it is highly worthwhile. We should not forget the fact that the development of this county depends solely on the availability of cutting edge research and innovation tending toward solving potential problems. When a graduate of Elect/ Electronic Engineering was boasting of installing a CCTV camera as a skill to earn a living is totally illogical, because as an Engineer, you are not meant to install, but to create a process and system that will tackle emerging problems. Dangote is building refinery, I am wondering how many equipment will be designed and manufactured in Nigeria? As a Chemical Engineer, all what you were taught during your undergraduate cannot in anyway take you more than the level of switching on and switching off a machinery design by somebody in an environment that appreciate the important of Technology.

We are a graduate does not implied that we should confine ourselves only to Nigeria environment, I have some colleagues that we graduated together, they all went for Msc degree immediately after our degree, i can tell you, most of them can compete with any graduate favorably from anywhere in the world. They worked as an expatriate for multinational organization, like Fmc Technology in Netherlands,Chevron in USA, shell International and many more. While most of us that took a career in the banking industry are presently regretting our decisions. For your information, not all of them did their Postgraduate outside the country

I have seen a lot in the journey of life, If you know what you are doing, and you are focused, you can become an important personnel in any multinational organization, of course, I am not talking of switching on and off of machinery mentality of most Nigerian graduates. Please if you see any graduate who is curious and scrupulous to identify opportunity in graduate study, it is an highly rewarding decision. I am of the school of thought that, if Nigerian graduates are having this kind of lopsided mentality,we may not be able to reach any level of development in the next decade, and we will continue to import technology for the rest of our lifetime. Please, if you are convince, postgraduate study that is tending toward contributing to a better understanding will be better off for our emerging economy.




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