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Family / Re: Wives Living In Nigeria And Husbands Abroad: My Encounter by streamsofjoy(f): 2:29pm On Sep 25

I won't mount her bro.. Let another man do... Seriously I wonder as well why men do such, living this fine young woman without any touch of a man for years.

Thank you sir! Respect
Politics / Re: El-rufai’s aide, Bayero alive not dead – Son by streamsofjoy(f): 7:53pm On Aug 24
Bad accident? Is there a good accident?

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Health / Re: Ladies, How Many Sanitary Pads Do You Use Per Cycle? by streamsofjoy(f): 4:25pm On Aug 08
The responses here shows that men are very uneducated about this, intentionally ignorant or simply too grossed out.

Just know that you don't have to respond

Thank you my sister/ brother, how has this innocent writeup got to do with comparison between male and female gender. See them passing ignorant comments na wa o.

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Family / Re: His Wife Denies Him Sex Even When He Pays All The Bills by streamsofjoy(f): 10:24am On Aug 02

Sir/Ma, I have Carefully noticed you on this Noble platform. I must say, Your Challenges are Spirtually Modulated and Orchestrated . But in The Name of JESUS, I Break the yoke! I Command Great Deliverance on you in the Name of JESUS..

I am Praying for you! Don't worry, you will be Fine.


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Politics / Re: Bashir El-Rufai Condemns The Decay Of Infrastructure In Abia State by streamsofjoy(f): 10:56am On Jul 31
Has he finished condemning the killings in southern Kaduna

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Crime / Re: I Was Raped By Policeman For Not Wearing Face-Mask In Rivers - Widow Narrates by streamsofjoy(f): 3:46pm On Jul 30
The one above me said there is more to this story. Rape apologist. The others have avoided this thread, they are busy with the thread of the woman who was presented with a the dna result of her child. Double standards.

God will bless you my dear for this comment. You took the words out of my mouth. I thought I was the only one who noticed.
Family / Re: Wife & Mother-In-Law Fight Over Who Will Sit In Front Of Her Husband's Car by streamsofjoy(f): 11:33am On Jul 30

You think you have sense but you don't have sense at all.

Children of this generation have no sense.

Imagine you were driving your car and father is beside you. You went somewhere and you are now both heading home.Then your husband called and says you should pick him up at certain land mark on your way home.

When you get there, instead of your husband to get in and you guys continue, would you tell your elderly father to get down from the car and go and sit at the back, so that your husband can sit in the front?

Or would your husband now point to your dad, instruct him to to get down, go to the back and sit, so he can sit in the front seat?

So you cannot see how disrespectful that is? What do people take parents for? You think your mother in law is an insignificant small girl you can tell to get down, go sit at the back because u are the wife of the son.

Some of you girls are very daft, really very daft indeed. Complete zero emotional intelligence

One of the boys spotted. See all you have to say with all your sense. I believe your mother is this senseless as well, no wonder she raised a boy this full of sense.
Ancestor of this generation!
Family / Re: Wife & Mother-In-Law Fight Over Who Will Sit In Front Of Her Husband's Car by streamsofjoy(f): 3:56pm On Jul 29
Wait! I am not understanding NL "boys" the ones who have little or no regard for women. It's like when threads like this is put up they go into oblivion, because the way I see comments from some persons on how important their mother is to them I am forced to ask - these women you disregard and see as sex objects especially on NL, are they not going to grow to become someone's mother who will also say these beautiful things about her? Some of you don't know how your mothers related with her in laws or how her past was, all you see is the love she bestows on you as a child which every woman does.

Pls when next you wanna say something unpleasant to or about a woman can you please first see her through the eyes of your OWN mother then if you still feel you can say it go ahead.

The mother in law was wrong. But, if I was the woman, I will not say a word, I go just go sit down for my back seat jeje BUT I go put am for record. Matters like this are not dealt with immediately and with confrontations. Na cunningly and craftly you go take pass your message to both your husband and him mother.
Nairaland / General / Re: My Experience At A Wedding Affected My View On Gender Equality by streamsofjoy(f): 3:30pm On Jul 26

What's his business with the ladies? Is he their keeper abi u nor get sense Ni?
So instead of focusing on the Intrigues in the marriage he attended he should be doing usher abi? How would he even know the ladies would be coming back? And why did they not write their names on the chair before they left since they brought it from home? You women should learn to accept your faults sometimes without trying to shift blames

I can see from your write up that you have plenty of sense.
Nairaland / General / Re: My Experience At A Wedding Affected My View On Gender Equality by streamsofjoy(f): 3:09pm On Jul 26
OP na u cause fight. Since you knew the ladies were the first occupants of the sit, why didn't you let the guys know about it so they can decide whether to act honourably or otherwise ( as they did) you wait make fight start just to bear witness that the lady started the fight whereas you could not bear witness of them being the first occupants of the sit. Are you sure you don't have beef for the girls?


Family / Re: Most Fathers Today Are Losing Relevance In The Family by streamsofjoy(f): 10:09am On Jul 21

You are referring to your father who didn't teach you anything positive, not our fathers.

It still doesn't change the fact that your parents didn't teach you anything positive.

Below is my proof, a screenshot of your statement on this forum about them.

They failed, ruined and slowed your success, according to you.

Stop forcing our fathers To be like yours!!

Haba! Why are you this harsh. He said Most fathers. If your father is different just state it and not attack his upbringing and parents. you no try at all, as if una been get unsettled beef.
Career / Re: Is The Legal Profession As Lucrative As It Used To Be? by streamsofjoy(f): 11:39pm On Jul 18
I have plenty of lawyers around me and i will tell you spending such years and money to be a lawyer is not worth it. I'm earning far above most of them and I studied a 4 yrs course in administrative field.

My dear, you are just lucky cos if a law graduate has the same opportunity you have, they definitely will earn more than you. It just boils down to the point of connection in Naija

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Romance / Re: Have You Dated Someone Who Desperately Wanted To Get Married? by streamsofjoy(f): 4:45pm On Jun 14
I wish ladies will see all these stories and learn. Of course there are also stories of men desperate to be married for one reason or the other, but na our own plenty pass. See the way men talk about women any how cos of the attitude of some of us. Las las na we dey make men treat any woman dem see without respect and dignity. I wish we can just repackage ourselves. The sentimental talk of "they have sister, mother and daughter" no dey enter men again

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Romance / Re: She's One Year Older Than Her Man. Should She Be Worried? by streamsofjoy(f): 11:32am On Jun 14
Yes o! Be very very worried o. Boys of these days are not responsible o. Later he'll treat u like trash and go for a younger girl who may not even be up to your level cos he will see your love and submission to him as desperation to be and stay married.
Celebrities / Re: Tonto Dikeh Celebrates Her 35th Birthday Today by streamsofjoy(f): 10:23am On Jun 09
Never knew this Lady is up to 35
Religion / Re: COVID-19: Pastor Adewale Giwa Begs Members Not To Pay Tithes, Offerings by streamsofjoy(f): 9:04pm On Jun 06
Is he saying that tithe and offering in HIS CHURCH is not an act of worship?
Religion / Re: COVID-19: Pastor Adewale Giwa Begs Members Not To Pay Tithes, Offerings by streamsofjoy(f): 9:00pm On Jun 06
The rate at which so many pastors strive to be politically correct and accepted on social media these days scares me.

Thank you very much for this comment.

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Romance / Re: No Sex Before Marriage Is A Scam by streamsofjoy(f): 2:55pm On May 31
Mr op, your write up is as sweet as horney, pleasant to the ear but misleading, no matter how you want to view sex, the truth is that, it is meant for married couples, not even for courtship people, don't justify a sin out of ignorance, if everyone should get married as a virgin, believe me, the sexual relationship in marriages will last, and the marriage sustained, but because we have tasted every dick and Tom, and every pussycat, that is why it becomes a problem, rethink again.

Thank you sir/ma there's no better way to reply the OP
Health / Re: Top 10 Nigerian Medical Practitioners In America by streamsofjoy(f): 2:38pm On May 31
Are there no medical practitioners in the North? Are they restricted from practising in US? Or is it Haram to practise in US Asking for my neighbor, sha.

You took the question out of my mouth
Family / Re: Mention The Year You Will Like To Get Married And At What Age by streamsofjoy(f): 1:02am On Mar 25
I’m married, if I knew what I know now I would have gotten married earlier. Maybe by 24 or 25. You see this thing called career mmmm don’t worry let me not shake this table

Hmmm really? I need to hear what you have to say first else there's nothing wrong building your career before marriage o because hmmmm as a woman of the 21st century you need to be well ARMED before you marry. My thought though.
Family / Re: What I Learnt From A Wedding Anniversary That Could Help Save Marriages Today by streamsofjoy(f): 2:42pm On Feb 27
To buttress the OP's views...

I read this story and i laughed... i laughed hard because marriage is complex and is often more that what meets the eye.

Do you know the couple's story? They alone, know why they act in the manner they do. Look! how a woman or wife react in marriage is borne more of the input of the husband. What you see is what you get.

Let me ask you a question? Do you think the woman would've reacted the same way, if the man is often of the habit of squandering family cash on irrelevant things, stays away from the house with girlfriends, ignores the wife, does not carry the wife along in major decisions and does not take care of the home?

Young men, don't read hastily. The man the OP depicted up there is a responsible man. Most women align with their husbands easily, when the man is doing the needful.

The man has done enough for the reward you saw for few moments. Men, that reward doesn't come automatically. You work for it!!!

My response is not for the OP, because s/he has done justice with the points given thereafter. My response is for men who might read hastily, and assume the wife's behaviour is follow-come.

After liking your comment, I still wasn't satisfied. I just have to let you know that you have sense.

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Family / Re: What I Learnt From A Wedding Anniversary That Could Help Save Marriages Today by streamsofjoy(f): 2:38pm On Feb 27
One of the major problems bedevilling relationships and marriages today is the epidemic known as 'feminism'.

Well, Feminism is okay o, just don't take it into marriage. Do all ur activism outside but don't bring it home.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Do You Need A Better Job 2020? Come in! Lets get you a job by streamsofjoy(f): 4:09pm On Feb 01
Celebrities / Re: Tacha On A Ride With Donald Duke, Dances 'Soapy' With Governor Ayade In Calabar by streamsofjoy(f): 10:03am On Dec 30, 2019
My attention has been drawn to the fact that we celebrate stupid things with massive body odour in this country....

It leaves me speechless on how a very neat Donald Duke will even think of giving a morally bankrupt and intellectually barren Tacha a ride on his neat power bike.

To make matters worse, the chronic adulterer called Ayade even danced soapy with her.

Little wonder the once beautiful Calabar is going backwards and having this Tachaerous smell.

Just watch how her miserable fans will jump on my mention like a wounded antelope.

As in ehn!

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Sports / Re: Mo Salah Poses With Christmas Tree With His Wife & Daughter, Divides Instagram by streamsofjoy(f): 7:47am On Dec 27, 2019

You are the foolish one!

What does compound words have to do with numbers?

If the bible was written in Hebrew or Greek originally and in that hebrew bible, what's there is the number "three". If it's translated to English, should it not then remain number 3? what's so compound about numbers?

If numerals or numbers are translated from one language to another, should they not remain the same?

in the second one I quoted, in one verse it says 3 and in another it says 7... is there not a different between 3 and 7? Is that not how it is in the original bible that was translated? what's so compound about numerical figures that will make them change when translated? 3 is 3... 7 is 7.. grin

in the third one, one verse says 42 another says 22.. is there not a difference...

in fourth one, one verse says 18 another one 8..

what's so "compound" about all these?

The numerals are different simple..

And that's even just five.

There are 96 more that I have for you... should I bring them? grin

Why do you involve in argument with these people na, don't u know he has just succeeded in dragging you down to his level? Just let them be with their beliefs, you are not the holy spirit, u cannot change their minds, you will only be giving them what they want- which is breaking down the scripture in their own canal understanding and this alone will make a feeble mind fall. Please next time desist from arguing with these people. Just say what you have to say and leave. If they like let them insult your generation, keep mute, that will only show how pained they are.
Politics / Re: Akpabio Apologises For Leaving PDP by streamsofjoy(f): 5:15pm On Jun 06, 2019
Stop patronising urself.
Religion / Re: Good Friday; The Commemoration Of The Death Of Our Lord Jesus Christ by streamsofjoy(f): 7:22am On Apr 19, 2019
How can the people who told you not to worship ogun, Sango, Yemoja, amadioha and other deities have all these scary idols as a decoration for their Cathedral?

It was important to them that they raised millions of Euros in 2days to rebuild it.
Yet you are called Pagans and idol worshippers for consulting.

Ifa oracle, edifying your own African God images.

Anyways, these images give them electriciw so I can understand cheesy


It's a lie these pictures can't be from a church.
Religion / Re: Good Friday; The Commemoration Of The Death Of Our Lord Jesus Christ by streamsofjoy(f): 7:19am On Apr 19, 2019
One of the greatest gift my parent has given me is knowing God and being a Catholic.

May all our expectations be met in this Lenten season, and May the passion of Christ was away all our sins.

May this coming Easter be a source of blessing to all our household, and friends

Long live the Catholic church

Proud and very happy to be a Roman Catholic

SMH. Being catholic guarantees going to heaven right?
Politics / Re: Next Level: What Do You Want From This Administration? by streamsofjoy(f): 6:22pm On Feb 27, 2019
i learnt a lot in this election

Despite the fact that we are not disturbed by heardsmen in Edo state but we wanted to help the northern people and Benue to end the killings by voting for atiku by putting our self through stress and risk to vote and defend it when it was obvious that the government of Edo is APC and the chairman of APC is oshiomohole. Still we did it and battle it for them. PDP won

But what did we get betrayal from north and Benue
I was surprised to see the number of people who still voted for APC in Benue

Isoright!!! Anything that happened to them now is their business
We tried
I give up

If i hear any bad news from that region from now on i will just type '"enjoy your next level"

And thunder will fire anybody that says we should pray for Kaduna, zamfara,Bornu and benue

Haba! So u believe that Kogi and Benue actually voted APC?
Politics / Re: Benue Youths Wash The Ground As Buhari Leaves Makurdi, Burn Brooms by streamsofjoy(f): 2:07am On Feb 07, 2019
All these dirty pigs

Go and check their houses, very dirty

Only you buy broom, buy soap, buy fuel and lighter, whose money are you wasting? Ode people, may Fulani cleanse your foolishness from existence

If any nairalander ever doubted the intention of Buhari's administration and his Fulani Herdsmen over the killings in some parts of Nigeria, doubt no more cos this... (I don't know what to call him cos he's not human) has just captured their mission statement in the concluding paragraph if his comment. SMH


Romance / Re: Why Would You Want To Get Married? by streamsofjoy(f): 2:23am On Feb 06, 2019
Someone said his mum had nothing to offer aside giving birth and raising children. Eyaa


Business / Re: A Man's Boutique Business From 2005 To 2018 In Pictures by streamsofjoy(f): 3:08pm On Dec 21, 2018
Am I the only one who has seen this thread before?

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