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Religion / Re: Please, No Sex Before Marriage Is NEVER A Scam by Fisher007: 9:39pm On May 31


If a fat person is not losing weight , despite exercising, and ostensibly following a diet...and health challenges like thyroid issues have been ruled out...then there is a possibility the fat person is cheating on his diet.

The fact that a holy holy copule have ended up with STI means that either one or both of them are not being faithful to their vows. It does not mean that all of a sudden , sleeping around is ok...because someone has been hypocritical.

Stop looking to hypocrites to set your examples. Plus, there are copules who don't struggle with STI because they don't sleep around.


So you think couples can only get STD or STI through premarital or cheating outside marriage vow?

Oga you are in for a surprise. Lol people get infected from toilets, pools, unwashed or not properly clean underwears. Oga there are a lot of ways to get infected.

So you will blame and falsely accuse your wife or husband of cheating because of STI or STD infection due to your own lack of knowledge. Hmm ok ooo.
Religion / Re: Please, No Sex Before Marriage Is NEVER A Scam by Fisher007: 3:30pm On May 31
Lol, This just makes me laugh.

Op claims that pregnancy and STD are consequences people can acquired through premarital sex . Lmao

So married people don't acquire STD's or Pregnancy abi cause they are holy and filled with the spirit.

At times you read some stuff on nairaland and you just laugh cause it makes ones day.

Everything na scam. Sex, both before and after marriage is a scam. There is no return on investment.

But since most people think marriage is all about sex. Please continue. Time will tell. Hmmm hmmm

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Romance / Re: A Nairalander Wedding In Pics by Fisher007: 4:09pm On May 27
I can't believe what am reading shocked
Wish people what you can wish urself. Karma is real bro


Learn to stay in your own delusion. Didn't qoute or refer to you.

Romance / Re: A Nairalander Wedding In Pics by Fisher007: 1:41am On May 27
you just renounced a lifetime worth of freedom. sad
Come back in four years and tell me if your dick still rises at the sight of her unclothedness.

You will eventually get tired and irritated of her as time passes.

Enjoy your serfdom bro grin grin

Your comments was just the pure truth. Never tell people the truth. They don't like it. Let them learn.

If he find peace and happiness in his delusional state called love and that led him into the slavery plantation, please let him be. He needs to experience it. Lol

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Romance / Re: 8 Type Of Guys Ladies Should Flee From by Fisher007: 12:03pm On May 23

Source: https://flipmemes.com/2020/04/26/8-type-of-guys-ladies-should-flee-from/

Just mould your man now. Lmao

Imagine men putting up all these kind of list of the type of girls, guys should avoid. Pure crap. The guy too will need to mould his own wife.

This is why most ladies will remain single for life. What works for you won't work for others. But what do we know . Like they say Nairalander guys are weird.


Family / Re: Man Catches His Wife In A Hotel With Man, Says "I Have The Right To Kill You" by Fisher007: 1:47pm On May 20

How Stupid can a man be?
He did not rape your wife, he did not force her into the hotel!
Yoru wife wanted to be bleeped by another man, she arriagned and walked into the Hotel on her own legs, she probably has bleeped the man many times in the past!

So, why take out your anger on the man who was just a willing-tool in her fuckery?
This is the stupidity of most men, towards fellow man (and the fol was still all mushy, allowing her to put her hands on hs shoulder!).
Women dotn Bleep just for the fun of it, it is an investment in their emotions and once they decide to do it, nothing can stop them, all they do henceforth is "perfect the act of not being caught, if she is still married".

While l dont even think it makes sense to kill anyone because they cheat on you (I will rather just warn her not to attempt to contact or come near anything that is related to me afterwards, that is when she deserves to die), just congratulate the lover-boy, walk away from th scene , up your game and replace her with an even better woman, as in better in all areas of comparison.
That is when you prove that you are a man.
Bitches are all over the place so why put your good and well-setup life in joepardy, over just one bitch that you are married to?
I know it takes a lot of self control to do what l am saying but that is what makes you a man: ABSOLUTE SELF CONTROL.

You have to conquer SELF FIRST, before you can conquers others.

Help me tell them oo. All these so called upright/strong men on nairaland, who's ego and self worth is all based on a woman.

That is why I don't feel Pity or empathy for most of them when they come and rant online. They are too emotional. They don't analyze situation before acting. They are not logical or rational. They don't like to hear the truth.

That is why at times I leave them in their delusional state until the reality clears it in their eyes. I allow them to go through the process of pain. Cause most people can't or don't learn without pain or experience. Simple.
Family / Re: Man Catches His Wife In A Hotel With Man, Says "I Have The Right To Kill You" by Fisher007: 1:29pm On May 20

Smh! when you marry your wife.
Tell her its just your turn. Rubbish

Lol and who told you I want to get married.

Not all men decide to stay in the so-called box or delusional matrix men like you want to get in.

But don't worry about me. Just don't come here and rant like most people in that matrix.

Have a great day.
Family / Re: Man Catches His Wife In A Hotel With Man, Says "I Have The Right To Kill You" by Fisher007: 1:00pm On May 20
I can't even start imagining what I'd do if she was my wife

Not that I support the act of cheating with married women but :

Oga you will do nothing. Why?

He rented the hotel? Not your money.
He didn't force or drag her there?
He didn't pull her trouser with force?
Your slutty wife still agreed to fvck him for one reason or the other ( may be for finance or your lack of ability to satisfy her sexually).

Oga better keep your ego. Even if it is your wife it is just your turn.

It is men like that man in the video I hate the most. You feel you own her cause she is your wife.

Kill the man and go to prison. That won't stop your wife from fvcking around. Simple truth be logical and rational oga. Don't be delusional and emotional.



Jobs/Vacancies / Re: 5 Signs That You Are Not Prepared For A Job Interview by Fisher007: 8:20am On May 08
Hmm this doesn't apply in most cases in Naija.

Should we tell them?
You think knowing all the above will get you a job or make you successful in an interview. Hmm I laugh in Spanish. Well I was once like you.

You better start working and building your network of friends.
Romance / Re: Some Men Need To Think by Fisher007: 3:50pm On May 05
I can never understand the ideology of you doing nothing financially for me and you are trying to checkmate me, want to see who I am talking to and getting jealous all the time.

Am I supposed to stop talking to other guys, because I am dating a guy like you who can’t even take care of the basic needs of a woman, her hair and toiletries? Of course I am doing it myself, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with my man doing it for me. If you are broke and do nothing for your babe give her some space.

She knows you don’t have and trying to cope with you but don’t choke her up, especially now when you have nothing to offer.

Ps: if you are stingy as a man, you are not a man, you have no value. I didn’t say broke I said stingy. If you can’t do in little you won’t in much.

Am sorry you are delusional . You better take advantage of your prime years (16-30yrs max). Because after this, if you are not settled, just forget marriage or a man.

Don't forget it easier to get fvcked and wanted by men. But it is hard to date a man and convert him into a husband to keep. But with age, time and high body counts , your brain will tell you this. You might end up with a man less than what you want.

You might end up like all those aunties you see at the bank frowning at the cash counter. They have enjoyed their time too, and now they are looking for a man to even date them.

Better quickly outgrow that entitlement sense of yours and grow up. Time is not on your side. This is the truth most people don't tell you ladies.

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Family / Re: Solution Needed. by Fisher007: 8:13am On Apr 17
Religion / Re: Sex On Good Friday by Fisher007: 11:39am On Apr 10
All you stated below is so true .
Nigerians are so limited. They live a life full of limits. You have to opt out personally so that you can be limitless.

Me I dey eat meat today, I go drink wine later this afternoon before I go call my aunty or smalie sare-wagba in my area to come on collect or submit herself. It is a normal Friday to me . simple

If you vex hug transformer.

The primitivity of Nigeria is enough to lock Nigeria down at one spot forever.. Haba!
Eating meat on good Friday is a taboo

Sex with your pregnant wife taboo

Trying other positions apart from missionary..taboo

A girl being the first to walk up to a guy...taboo.

Calling your boyfriend and telling him u miss him..taboo

Sex in the afternoon, in the car, in the kitchen..taboo

Separating two fighting fowls... taboo

Drink the nourishing water inside coconut..taboo

Helping your wife to wash her underwears, do her laundry, and chores... taboo

Standing your ground against unnecessary in-law assaults..taboo

Eating good food to nourish yourself after the trauma of sudden widowhood...taboo

Expressing psychological pain not as weakness for men...taboo

Confront a wicked elder whose wickedness is glaring.. taboo

Una no dey tire?
Politics / Re: COVID-19: Bala Mohammed Recovers, Tests Negative by Fisher007: 6:29am On Apr 10
Its seems there are two version of this virus . lol

There is the real one mostly contracted from people who were abroad for a while. This version stays long in the body. It doesn't have a cure. You get isolated for 14-21 days. ( e.g Abba kyari, Atiku's son, Ex- PPMC boss, etc). The case of US, Spain, Italy etc shows you the rate of contraction is high and the mortality rate is quiet scary.

Then the second version is audio version - the fake version made by mostly Nigerian governors, polithiefians etc. ( Governor Bala, Elrufai, Fayemi, Makinde etc).They just use it to draw media attention and sympathy. They use it to drain the state or federal resources by creating isolation centers or buying medical equipment which should have been made readily available before ( but the money was stolen before). This version contraction rate is low or practically non existence.

To make it worse they tell people to stay at home while the perfect their looting at the utmost level. They withdraw and collect money in billions they can not account for. They are just stealing our resources always while asking for more loan.
We are in trouble in this country. Simple.

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Computers / Re: Inverter Users : Lets Have Your Experience by Fisher007: 7:16pm On Apr 02
@ewizard1: You are right. most people here on this thread are dealers that knows little or nothing about Renewable Energy Systems using Solar Powering.

After one week of training, they think they are certified engineers not even near a newbie technician.

In every power systems, there is NO SINGLE KNOWLEDGE OR SKILL THAT IS UNIVERSAL or ONE SIZE THAT FITS ALL that is a solution for a client or project.

You just need to have an intensive training practically on the field, work with one or more experienced engineer or technician to learn.

Balance of System is highly needed Renewable Energy (Solar Powering).

Hmm when one thinks he or she knows it all too Then that proves to me that person knows nothing too.

Now yes some inverters might come with inbuilt charger which I didn't disagree with. But you might need a supercharger. Most time the batteries goes low below the normal charging level point and for inverters with inbuilt charger to bring it back up might be impossible.

That is why I suggested the use of a supercharger. I am not a renewables energy expert but from experience of using inverter with inbuilt charger for 3yrs and then added supercharger to it for 2yrs. I observed the difference in life span of the batteries. It last way longer than before . I noticed this and that is why I always advocate for the use of a supercharger with ones inverter to help keep the batteries alive.

It was just an opinion to help others out there who are having issues with their batteries or inverter. I didn't come to claim Mr right or expert in renewable energy. Simple
Family / Re: Husbands Kicks, Wives Rejoice At Stay-At-Home Order by Fisher007: 7:32am On Mar 31
Romance / Re: Female Empowerment Somehow Always Ends With Public Nudity �‍♂️ by Fisher007: 8:33am On Mar 30
For long we always here empower the women, women are suppressed, you also see body positivy movement, all that sereren.. ine example is one instagram SA body positivity, womens right activist.. she started with that till she opened an onlyfans account and started charging people to watch her porn videos

You have to understand, sexuality is the only thing most women have to offer.
That is why attention seeking is their hobby, and how do they seek this so called attention? By sexualising themselves in one way or the other.

Go and social media and observe. On WhatsApp, Instagram,tiktok, Facebook etc. It is always the same pattern. In music videos and movies they display this sexual object tendencies.

Most even display it subconsciously. They have been programmed to act in such manner. Most know that they can't get the so called attention they seek intellectually. They have to go back to their so called beauty. That is why I am so Glad the undeafeated wall exist.

Ever wonder why old ladies envy the young one with so much passion. It is because of the wall. They loose beauty very fast (by age 30-35) and the attention they seek doesn't exist no more. Why do you think make up becomes their best friend. No matter how they try, they all always take the same part. It is just their programming.
Female empowerment most time is a scam. Try to ask them for the follow up or update of their empowerment program and nothing comes up.


Politics / Re: Full-Text Of Coronavirus Address By President Buhari (with Video) by Fisher007: 7:52pm On Mar 29
Lol na too dey party till tomorrow oo before we all get locked up like dogs for 14days.
Computers / Re: Inverter Users : Lets Have Your Experience by Fisher007: 10:36am On Mar 29

#Aliexpress NGN 7,099.57 38%OFF | 12V/24V Portable Car Battery Charger Automatic 220V Smart Intelligent Power Charging Wet Dry Lead Acid Battery for Motorcycle

Thanks again. Safe
Computers / Re: Inverter Users : Lets Have Your Experience by Fisher007: 10:36am On Mar 29

@Timileyin1234 @Fisher007

I dont need an external charger. My inverter is Charger built in. Look around, a normal efficient system should have Inverter and Charger in one unit, that's why you will find most top brand inverters not making an Inverter then making separate charger.

Plus, my battery is not lead acid, Fisher007, if your friends complain after 8months, they're either using a low quality battery or bad algorithm charger. I use Lithium Ion, not even iron Phosphate, you might want to read the differences between them. Read through several threads and find if anyone using "lithium" complains of messed up battery.

@Timileyin1234, you are funny to ask if my unit is a UPS. So you think everyone MUST have a separate inverter and external charger to have a complete Solar system? You need read further.

The lithium ion part, caught my interest though, never knew those batteries are in Naija. I will look up on that. Thanks and have a great day.
Computers / Re: Inverter Users : Lets Have Your Experience by Fisher007: 10:18am On Mar 29

I believe it's the same. I just wonder why people ain't buying it if it's so good? Find attached the picture of the one I saw

Nice please send me the link. Thanks
Computers / Re: Inverter Users : Lets Have Your Experience by Fisher007: 10:01am On Mar 29

Wetin we talk reach there be say, he say inverter dey charge battery. I com say if u don’t have external charger inverter cannot charge the battery else maybe u are using solar with it.
He com upload him own inverter and it has charger, I had to accept say inverter dey charge battery cos me I never see inverter whey charge battery without external charger.
As I com see ur own external charger now, e mean say wetin I know b4 no b fluke

Generally inverters should charge batteries, or that is what they make you think. I have been using inverter for 5yrs and the first 3years where problem upon problem.

Either batteries are weak or they didn't charge well. I had to use my guarantee to change batteries twice. Then I realize at times they will tell you to bring the batteries and supercharge it and then return it to you. Then it hit me, why don't I just get the damn super charger.

Since the supercharger, my guy no more issues oo. Na him I add more batteries to make am better. But like I said somepeople don't have problem with their own so let them enjoy it while it last. It is still better than generator repairs and waking up at 2am to change over to NEPA, only to enter your house and they take light again. Lol grin grin
Computers / Re: Inverter Users : Lets Have Your Experience by Fisher007: 9:56am On Mar 29
Hey guys, I’m new to this

How will I know when my inverter battery is full?

I charge with solar panels and Nepa too.

Well sir, every inverter is different. I might not be able to answer this questions. But some inverters have indicators to show it is fully charged, some make noise. Some just cut charging when fully charged, so don't even show or make noise.

It all depends on the brand of inverter though.
Computers / Re: Inverter Users : Lets Have Your Experience by Fisher007: 9:46am On Mar 29

ewizard1. U see say this guy too dey use external charger. Abi ur own na UPS ni

He might have a good inverter. But the same things keep happening to most people, like my friends. They all start complaining after 8month that their batteries are messed up. I keep telling them to get and use supercharger but we all need to learn after an expensive repair or damage. Lol
Computers / Re: Inverter Users : Lets Have Your Experience by Fisher007: 9:38am On Mar 29

Lolz, not to worry I understand the connection. Unfortunately the name of the charger is in Chinese. Thanks for the effort bro, much appreciated

Modified: Ran a quick check on AliExpress using the picture u sent and what I found is a 10A 12v/24v mini charger. Is this what charges Ur battery? And if so how long does it take to charge? Sorry for the plenty questions

Yes I guess that is it, I am not sure about the 10a. Although I switched it to the 24v instead of the 12v. It takes almost 30mins to 1hr at times with the super charger, depending on how low the batteries are. It shows full and makes a noise to indicate it is completely charged.
Computers / Re: Inverter Users : Lets Have Your Experience by Fisher007: 9:35am On Mar 29

Okay plan for a replacement in near future unless you've but be discharging below 50%

Hmm I don't on the supercharger all the time though. I on it probably once or twice per week. And with the current NEPA light in Naija, I am sure it discharge by 50%, I think . Lol

Thanks for the advice though.
Computers / Re: Inverter Users : Lets Have Your Experience by Fisher007: 9:04am On Mar 29

Can we see a pics of Ur setup especially Ur charger. Thanks

Ok here it is. Una wan give me work for this convid19 lockdown. It is dusty though. Here is the pic of the super charger, battery and setup. undecided wink I had to remove the cover and the super charger from the electric port.
If it makes sense to you. I am not the installer though.

Before person go Qoute me as liar LMAO grin

Computers / Re: Inverter Users : Lets Have Your Experience by Fisher007: 8:56am On Mar 29

How long have you been using your batteries with the "super charge" set-up?

Almost 2yrs. It is even dusty. Lol
Computers / Re: Inverter Users : Lets Have Your Experience by Fisher007: 8:00am On Mar 29

200AH Lifepo4 with felicity or MPP GK inverter

Ok no probs. Ask them if they can supercharge the batteries? You never can tell . Safe
Computers / Re: Inverter Users : Lets Have Your Experience by Fisher007: 7:57am On Mar 29
1. Which brand of batteries are you using?

2. Since your inverter has an inbuilt charger, what is the need of connecting an external charger again ?

Brand of batteries - I use four 200ah Genos batteries.

Yes it is true inverters have inbuilt charger, but in most cases, they never charge it well. Most times your batteries go low and to bring it back up with normal inbuilt charger is not attainable.

Haven't you heard of cases where the inverter batteries seller will tell you they need to supercharge your batteries so that it can attain back it optimal use ?

Although most of them will just tell you, your batteries are dead or bad. Lol They probably supercharge it or resell it sha.

And by the way, the supercharger is connected with the inverter and the batteries directly. It is not separate.
Computers / Re: Inverter Users : Lets Have Your Experience by Fisher007: 10:40pm On Mar 28

It's not the inverter but your load. My average load is about 170w from 6pm to 7am and that cost me about 120A of battery bank storage.

How many batteries and what inverter if I may ask?
Computers / Re: Inverter Users : Lets Have Your Experience by Fisher007: 10:34pm On Mar 28

4 x 200ah batteries could be 800ah @ 12v , 400ah @ 24v or 200ah @ 48v.

By your 2.5kva inverter, it should be a 24v 400ah. it still not adding up to your stated time.

Ok mine works fine for me. You should probably charge yours well or change the batteries. Or use a super charger to boost or charge your batteries.
Computers / Re: Inverter Users : Lets Have Your Experience by Fisher007: 10:31pm On Mar 28

So you have 8 200Ah batteries ran in 2s4p since your inverter is 24v? Or are you using a 12v inverter? In both scenario unless your load is 50w it won't last (24hrs X 7 days). I think the times you are away (assuming you are not using your inverter during that period) should not be counted. Enjoy!

Ok I guess the time am away. But still, I run it overnight from 7pm to 7:30 am during the power shortage that lasted for almost a week and had no problem.

Well it works well for me. I still can't believe that an inverter can't last more than 48hrs or 72hrs if well charged .

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