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Celebrities / Re: Throwback Video Of Will Smith Joking About Someone's Bald Head by Fisher007: 2:23pm On Mar 29, 2022

I just like Will Smith....

The slap wasn't about the joke, but his sick wife and Chris obsession with Will Smith's family

Am sure Will Smith might find it funny from someone else, not Chris Rock that has being using him as joke all this while

Will Smith is not a perfect man, some might call him a simp ... But I admire his dedication to his family no matter what happens, he always got their back


Call a spade a spade. He is a SIMPle and Weak man.

Your point doesn't hold one bit. Here is why.

The wife is a public toilet and we all know that even to the friend of his own son don chop commot.

He is a public figure and he was at an event where he would be recognized in history and this is where he decided to throw an emotional tantrum.

He even laughed at the joke at first, before the real man (his wife looked at him). Then he decided to do what stupid and silly men do to show they protect their wife.

This is the same thing, they will tell their children in school, do not hit anyone under any context. Behave yourself or Better still report to higher authorities.

Now he is saying he did it for love. Bullock. He is a big fool and thank Goodness, his wife has been ridiculous showing it and providing him with more support to showcase it to the world .

That is why nowadays, I envy nobody but myself. If you like have billions and think it is a leverage. Wait until the day you confront or meet men like me, who's competition and challenge is only themselves.

Most men nowadays are just too weak . I see this in their altitude especially when Eve is around. They just get manipulated too easily, and quickly don't act accountable for both their positive and negative actions just like Adam did in the Bible. He blamed his Almighty Creator all because of Eve that never wanted to accept her role as a helper.

Continue fooling yourself and looking for a valid reason to physically and violently attack a fellow man because of a silly joke. It will surely reach you soon .

Here is another clip to buttress my point:


If you still have a valid point please enlighten me by qouting me.

If not please be still.
Family / Re: Kanedrick Kingsley Agwu Breaks Down As DNA Reveals He Didn’t Father Two Children by Fisher007: 8:44am On Mar 26, 2022
Lol, this is a reminder to men who think they have monopoly on cheating.

Well, I condemn cheating by any of the parties, stay faithful to your married partners, stop sleeping around.

Fellow men did you read what she said above. This why I tell you all don't marry these modern women. I don't trust them at all.

No matter what you do they will still cheat. It is in their nature. The sentence above shows no regret or empathy for the man. Instead it is like a revenge or competition to men cheating.

She didn't understand and analyse the situation. Bringing another man's children into your husband's house is way more terrible than cheating.

Well since King solomon don talk am out of a 1000 women I found none that is loyal and trustworthy. This always remind me, that they will still cheat and are not worth being married.
Business / Re: Money VS Happiness: How Much Money Do You Need To Be Happy? by Fisher007: 2:42pm On Nov 19, 2021
please sir,
Can someone really get educated without going to school?
Can online courses on youTube and other internet platforms guarantee someone and adequate education.

Does lessons of life really educates someone?

Humble reply needed,thanks

Yes I am back sorry for the delay. I forgot actually.

All the questions asked above are cool and the answer to all is YES.

Infact everything learnt in life is self taught. In most cases the university and Educational certificate is just for paper work to prove you graduated.

Most people who excel or succeed extremely in life acquired most of their knowledge from self taught principle.

I will advise you to get a degree and just focus more on your self taught course or passion if you have one.

Have a nice day sir
Business / Re: Money VS Happiness: How Much Money Do You Need To Be Happy? by Fisher007: 10:45am On Nov 17, 2021
please sir,
Can someone really get educated without going to school?
Can online courses on youTube and other internet platforms guarantee someone and adequate education.

Does lessons of life really educates someone?

Humble reply needed,thanks

Hmm give me time during lunch I go reply sir
Business / Re: Money VS Happiness: How Much Money Do You Need To Be Happy? by Fisher007: 1:28pm On Nov 16, 2021
Lol make i chop finish I go give you analysis

Money vs happiness , hmm it depends on your personality as an individual.

Some have enough and still wants more.
Some have few and are contented.
Some have more than enough and are still looking for more.
Some don't have and are still happy but not contented.
Some are contented but don't have money.

Personal money is good oo. But it can't guarantee your happiness that I know. You need to be able to be contented or happy without or little money. This will help you build your confidence and see life truly for what it is.

You can't always have it all my people no matter how they preach it to you.

Replace the book or education with happiness in the picture below. You will get a clearer picture of life generally. Na balancing matter. But as they say - this life no balance at all.


Family / Re: My Wife Refused To Swear That She Does Not Cheat by Fisher007: 12:36pm On Oct 22, 2021
Lol so many immature married adults, swear or no swear is actually a problem imagine,

Oga sir, cheating is not only through sex, all those explicit chats you had or been having with random ladies is also a form of cheating, so by swearing, you've lied, so prepare to face the consequences. Your wife is smart enough not to swear cos she may have done same thing you did with those girls, she has conscience, the guilty one, lol.

Interesting your perspective is intriguing.

Hope men are learning from all these comments and seeing the true nature of what they intend to call their queens.

May God be with us all.


Celebrities / Re: Janemena Reacts To Prince Kpokpogri Leaked Audio On Dirty Sex by Fisher007: 11:01am On Oct 17, 2021
Lol in as much as most humans especially men haven't figured it out.

'She is just for the street'. Is a deep term most men haven't understood.

Solomon baba of all playboys with riches and wealth beyond our imagination that our Almighty God gave wisdom, knowledge and understanding have said it all. It is vanity upon vanity.

If you like give her your kingdom, last 24 hrs in bed. Be as Alpha with Alpha physics and all. You can't keep her. She will still go back to the street.

Nevertheless there are virtuous ones (0.00001 percent) out there but are you as a man going to spend your entire life looking for her.


When there is so much in this life to enjoy and explore. You that was giving dominion and control over all creatures apart from a woman you even named.

'Pray you find a good wife' - that is not just a coincidence in the Bible. 98percent of wives out there are similar to her. Just pray circumstances and conditions doesn't lead those 2percent remaining to such part. Out of the 2 only ( 0.00001 percent) are virtuous.

The apko guy too is just a shameless LovePeddler. He couldn't find another lady apart from a man's wife.
Men too are to be blame Sha. They can't just keep their third legs in-between and shut up.

This life no just balance Sha.

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Family / Re: My Son's Girlfriend Comes To Our House To Sleep Everyday by Fisher007: 2:58pm On Oct 11, 2021

As far as I'm concerned, I've given her the best advice.
I don't know what you are rambling about

Maybe when you have your own son, you'll allow him mess up his life with a street core girl who has nothing to offer him but to destroy his life and make him lose focus after spending money to train him abroad.

The choice is still left for the boy to decide.

Let's face it. There are some parents that will take your route or advice and the boy end up even more worse and juvenile.

Same goes with my advice he might still become worse and juvenile.

So there is no one way to the market. Let them decide the one suitable to them.

Last last the decision and choice is in the boy's hand.

Family / Re: My Son's Girlfriend Comes To Our House To Sleep Everyday by Fisher007: 9:34am On Oct 11, 2021
How old is he? Anyways, that's not necessary as what he needs now is serious dicipline before he lands you into a big trouble or gets himself killed. A girl who smokes is capable of anything.

Now, the house belongs to you, not him. First things first, when he gets back today, tell him to hand over the key to that room because it's the privilege you gave him to have a room to himself that is making him to misbehave. Tell him to move his things out in 1hr and Collect the key from him. Lock up the room!
You need your hubby to join you in carrying out this mission.
This solves the issue of bringing the girl home.
As for where he'll be sleeping, let him be sleeping in the sitting room. People who don't have bedrooms sleep in the parlor. That's his punishment for being stubborn.

Secondly, tell the girl to stop coming to the house. don't just stop her from sleeping ( which is not going to be possible again though). Tell her outrightly. Biko.

Also call your son and warn him of the dangers of dating a girl who smokes. Maybe he's cool with it because he schooled abroad and now has that abroad mentality that smoking is normal. That is abroad. You cant compare a female abroad smoker to a female Nigerian smoker. Just so he knows and doesn't think it's normal here. That girl is rotten.

Disease dey town. Tell him to retract now before he contracts the deadly disease.

You see your comments depicts an average or typical Nigerian parents. Well I guess your parents were like this so it is transferred aggression.

Instead of you to advice her to dialogue with both of them and try to find a amicable solution. You chose the tryants and oppressors solution. One thing is for sure once that boy gets a good job after the parents followed this your suggestion. You will loose a child. Not because of the girl.

You will loose him because now he has seen is parents for who they truly are.
In Nigeria and commonly Africa most parents are tryant and abusive. They feel they have a leverage and can control you because they provide for their children. Who forced you to have one?

I for once my family and folks know me. I am the untamed. If you like have billions or try to control me because of one small leverage. I will just walk away. You will here nothing from me. I will leave you in your delusion . I did that to several people in my life and I became stronger like a lone wolf ( though you will need a strong and stoic mindset - but overtime you are better off).

What doesn't kill you make you stronger.
TV/Movies / Re: Saskay Evicted From The Big Brother House by Fisher007: 7:47pm On Sep 19, 2021
Okay I am here to say to you all.

Make God bless us all ooo.

And for you all watching this show there are different ways to enter into your blessings ooo.

Stay safe.
Travel / Re: Relocation To U.S Or Start A Business In Nigeria by Fisher007: 12:43pm On Sep 09, 2021
Move if you want to. Stay if you want to. Everybody's destiny is not the same, but if you move, you will have sanity like never before.

Your advice is the best. But can people deal with sanity after growing in environment where sanity doesn't exist hmm.

That is an important question you need to ask. It might sound funny and weird but it is the deep truth.

Last last you will still come back naija. Lmao
TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija: Tega Finally Meet Her Husband, Shares Kisses And Hugs (Video) by Fisher007: 6:16am On Sep 08, 2021
Lol. This is just how everything in life no balance.

On a normal day I would have blamed the woman and their gender but of recent I realise, it is the man that gives room for such act as Adam did. ( Adam in the Bible giving so much power, dominion, and responsibilities had no back bone). No wonder God was angry with him and cursed him first as Adam couldn't hold up to his position to lead and also accept his fault.

The same problem has been reoccurring over time with men. Always misbehaving and losing position and respect because of female and later blame the devil, love, poverty, lack of money etc.

For this Tega's case is similar.
The husband(Adam) is just weak and have no identity. He didn't discover himself before marriage. He lacks principles and can't lead his own life not to talk of a home. This give the wife (Eve) leverage over him and she can do whatever she wants knowing fully that he will still accept her back. She can go and see Boma (the serpent), knowing fully aware that Adam will still SIMPle accept her back.

He is the type of man that will raise another man's child in his home thinking that is his child. I always tell my friend that I have no pity or empathy for certain men and their situation. Because they are the cause of their own problem.

May they continue to live happily ever after in this their blissful reunion called Marriage.


Celebrities / Re: Nedu Doesn't Deserve My Son - Uzoamaka Ohiri Speaks About Her Child's Paternity by Fisher007: 6:11pm On Sep 07, 2021
Family / Re: My Sister Wants To Quit Her Young Marriage. by Fisher007: 3:47pm On Aug 24, 2021
Good morning fellow nairalanders, I hope your day is going well though mine didn't start so well. I am a nairalander but I have to open this account for this. I have an issue bothering me, I will try to keep my story as brief as possible.

I am a guy from a humble background. My parents had only two children, myself and my younger sister who is now married with two kids. She had her last baby boy some time early this month. Her marriage with this guy ( my brother inlaw) has been one I considered relatively peaceful. That is from my own perspective knowing that there's no marriage without one or two misunderstanding here or there at some point.

Well, she found out that her husband got another girl pregnant who gave birth to a baby girl. My sister found out after she gave birth to her first son. Her husband was the one that confessed to her that he has another child outside their marriage. They settled the issue and moved on he promised he would end the relationship he had with the baby mama.

Last year, during the Covid19 period, my sister found out that he was still seeing his baby mama after she saw their chats. She confronted him and he denied having anything to do with the baby mama except for sending money for his daughter's upkeep once in a while. It was a big issue which was brought to the attention the two families. They found a way to settle after a lot pleading and talking to the two of them.

To cut the long story short, she sent me screenshots that proves that he is still seeing the baby mama. In one of the screenshot he wants to see her in their normal place and the girl agreed but doesn't want them have sex on this particular occasion. My sister has bad temperament and it is not easy to calm her down when triggered. She's threatening to quit the marriage and I fear she may do something wrong this time around . She is yet to confront her husband because I managed to convince her to keep it on hold till she calms down.

Note : My Dad is late and my younger sister is a house wife hence solely dependent on her husband. Please ignore my grammatical errors. I am putting this out here because I have ran out of ideas.

Hmm this is going to be long though so sit tight

I read it and I am going to give you the scenarios of what might eventually happen.

Let start with the typical option that almost every one is going to say. That she should quit. Hmm
Don't forget they will advise you but they are not going to be there with her when the shit get real.

Do you know how hard it is to train a child alone not to talk of two. Hmm I hope she is working well and earns well cause she will eventually end up being in the position of the other lady.

She might eventually leave and the husband will be sending her money like the other lady and still be sleeping with her. She will do it for her children like most ladies claim. She will loose her home and still do the duties of a married woman.

Her chances of getting another husband is 5% and that is even if she is lucky. She will now understand what life really entails. Don't forget paying for a child monthly allowance does not include her own rent, clothing, feeding, health and even stress of two children alone is mad.

Marriage is for better for worst. I Will advice you not to even get involve and let her decide and take accountability of her actions. Or else na new problem for you.

Don't get me wrong the husband bleeped up. But this is one of th most stupid sadistic double standards in life that favours men at times.

I can't guarantee you the other lady is either praying for her to leave so that she can enter and swap role and position with your sister. She probably is giving your sisters husband sex just for that purpose or the purpose of survival for her children as we men most often don't think and only think with uncle Johnny or our third leg.

My brother this is where I will fem on this matter. Best of luck to her and you better stay mute on the decision making of your sister.


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Romance / Re: Before You Cut Off That Friendship. by Fisher007: 3:41pm On Aug 19, 2021
I have lived for decades and i have had several friends .... I have had friends with very annoying manners but with an amazing heart of gold.

I have met ladies who are demonically stubborn but are loyal to the core, ladies who told me they can't date me but had stood by me come rain or shine...

I have met friends who act so arrogant but will always have my back whenever it is necessary ...people who do not have any money to give to me whenever I'm in need but their words of encouragement is worth millions.

The simple fact of life is that there is no need cutting off anyone from your life or consider them irrelevant to you at any point in time cos that person that drives you crazy might be the same person that will come through for you when you least expect...that person you feel is too poor to give you money might be the one that will link you with a life changing opportunity that will be worth more than all the money you have ever seen in your life...and the ex you are so angry with might still have a great impact in your life.

Appreciate everybody and be nice to them because there is something good and valuable in everyone we come across no matter how terrible we may think they are, even that tout you avoid so much might be the one that will save you from hoodlums tomorrow.

True talk oo. I know they cut anybody off oo. I dey put people for pause and then replay again ooo
Business / Re: Samuel Adedoyin's Daughter, Lola Olabayo Is Dead by Fisher007: 3:39pm On Aug 19, 2021
Oga go hustle

As in you no need tell me . I dey hustle like mad oo.

That is why I talk for the end say make I go face my life ooo. It is easier for most other genders but for you as a man or guy . Hmm you go suffer . God gone talk am say you go sweat and tile the land before you go get to chop ooo.

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Business / Re: Samuel Adedoyin's Daughter, Lola Olabayo Is Dead by Fisher007: 11:23am On Aug 19, 2021

Now the truth at times is most billionaires or billionaires uncle's or inlaw are practically self centered and stingy.

Most think they have to treat their families or relations as workers. In most case they are control freak and love monopoly of everything. They feel like mini gods among men. They try to control your destiny.

I know a lot from family, friends , inlaw who are millionaires but they can't help you. They see you as a worker.

Don't get me wrong. I don't blame them the society we live in creates such humans. Their kids suffer psychologically and families or relatives are in abject poverty.

That is why I always say to people, pray Almighty God or Allah creates and pave your own path and way to success. That is the best way. Even if you have 50 million, you might live a fulfilled life better than these billionaires. As long you give praise to your wealth creator and cut your coat according to your size. You will never need to beg or have any psychological trauma that will lead to depression or suicide.

What do I know self. Abeg make I go focus on my life and path.

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Politics / Re: Makinde Seeks Approval For ₦50 Billion Supplementary Budget From Oyo Lawmakers by Fisher007: 7:39am On Aug 18, 2021
Lol he is definitely cashing out on the people and the state.

Seriously those funds are badly managed. Read between the lines, his project are too huge or money intensive.

Imagine 15 billion, just for one project, 10 billion for re-innovation of airport etc. So 25 billion gone just like that. Is the airport new ? Is the road new? Even if you had to build a new airport, that amount is way too much.

Considering the state needs other visible infrastructure that he could build. He devoted 25 Percent of the total budget on two project . Aaaah this life people no get heart and joy.

Now someone will come here and say he is rich and doesn't need the state money. Lol audio story.


Business / Re: Did The Attitude Of People Towards You Change When You Became Rich? by Fisher007: 9:44pm On Aug 17, 2021
Foreign Affairs / Re: Indonesian Army Ends 'Two-Finger' Virginity Tests On Female Recruits by Fisher007: 3:13pm On Aug 12, 2021
Omo that one deep oo.

Seriously we men at times do some stuff wey dey shock me.

This one I agree. It is too discriminatory. This what feminist suppose they fight for say make them end.

Not all this other stuff wey no make sense. I thank God say them done end am. It is really bad at times.

Like we men seriously we always believe in this hymen crap. We need to stop all this old things. Especially when it is for work or equality or gender stuff.

We need to evolve and really start taking women more accountable for real stuff not virginity test in the army.

I weak small Sha.

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TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija S6: I Don’t Chase Women, They Come To Me - Whitemoney by Fisher007: 4:54pm On Aug 05, 2021

Thanks. Gonna save this.
Still one question, I had tried a lot to find and ask girls out for a long time as I had planned on bonding with one and getting married early enough, but without success. I am just in my early thirties, and some of my friends are already married. Nowadays, I don't try as much or bother again. I am now more interested in my business. Since, in society, it's required for guys to ask girls out and I don't feel the excitement about it anymore, is it true that it gets to a point you get asked out by them?

You are already going into MGTOW mode ( men going their own way) like me.

Don't get it wrong. I have my rotation of girls who come in to do the needful. I don't chase or pay girls like some men think. Paying or trying to please a woman is the most simpish way.

Now most people think MGTOW men don't have ladies or are incel. On the contrary . Na we understand female and their nature more. I don't expect loyalty from any of them like most men do. And that is most men downfall.

MGTOW brothers focus more on their self improvement. Going your own way allows you to focus more on your self. You devote your energy, attention, time and money on yourself. You work on your mental, financial, physical and phycological growth.

The fact you are going on your own way means you have started practising stoicism without knowing. The ability to walk away from women, humans, problem, stress or anything that might bother or hinder your peace of mind is blissful. In other words the ability not to give free fvcks is blissful. If you feel like taking yourself to a wonderful restaurant or travel or just be indoors and Netflix and chill without worrying about the outside world is blissful.

You see most people have problems like bicycle. When you let them into your world means they bring in their own baggage and try to attach it to you.

Now for your married friends, they mostly entered without adequate plan and just did it based on age , time, got a little job ( small finance) etc. Then they marry feeling they are prepared. Most ladies marry for provisioning or age is not on their side any more. Some marry for fairytale delusional love which we both know doesn't exist and is conditional. These put them not even at ease with themselves. Most of my married friends are unhappy. They don't like going home. They complain of been sex starved by their wives.

They think getting married make them responsible. Being responsible is not something you attain automatically by marrying. It is something you practice when you are single. When you are single you should be accountable for your actions. You should have a long-term plan and evaluate your possible outcome even in the future.

I had to explain the above before I answer your question to give you an insight of where am coming from.

Now most ladies are like cats. Men are like dogs. Cats are fickle creatures. They get close to those who don't need or neither give them attention. Meaning once smart lady sees you as a confident man ( who confidence is not built on money or material things - like other men who's confidence and leverage is based on provisioning ( money).

They will definitely come to you. Once you don't flaunt it or show off . But they see your composure and know you have it. They know a man who is focus on is business and mental well being will not devote most of his time chasing them around. Women read men more then we read them. It is only men who have no purpose in life that will be chasing and woeing women up and down like a job.

This same theory above applies to women. It only an unambitious woman with no goal or purpose in life chase after men. Cause they believe they really need to leech or secure a man for provisioning. Simple

It is only gold diggers that will solely want you because of money. But in as much as you don't spend it based on their request or exorbitantly, they will know you have a long term goal for yourself.

The smart ones will make themselves available to you. They will give you choosing signals and approach you on their own. They know you are the prize. They will try everything to please you . Even manipulate you to see them as the unicorn you have been looking for.

My brother ( or sister Incase your monicker is showing the wrong gender) focus on yourself. Spend more time alone and you will start enjoying your own company. Even if you accept few ladies like I do. I enjoy my quality time more either at the gym, pool, restaurant or at home. Most of the ladies on my rotation understand it.

I care less what they do when they are not around me. I am not bother cause I know what I am worth ( not being arrogant here.) Just continue focusing on all aspect of your self improvement and watch them Chase you as time pass by.

Stay safe man.
TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija S6: I Don’t Chase Women, They Come To Me - Whitemoney by Fisher007: 3:19pm On Aug 04, 2021

I am interested in learning about age dynamics. Explain that one more.

The age dynamic is similar to smv ( sexual market value).

As a man, your prime officially start at 35yrs ( some 28 yrs) till death. Especially if you are one of the Top earners.

As a lady your prime start officially from 18 ( in some cases less 16yrs) and ends between 35-40 max.

As a man you should date ladies in their early age to form a bond and lead. Once you start dating them from 25- 27yrs upwards, get ready of lots of crap.

There drama, emotional abuse based on past relationships. They will mostly just want to outplay and manipulate you to settle down with them. After marriage comes more problem.

This which will be pretty annoying to you. That is why most men in marriage end getting frustrated and sex starved. They married a woman who age dynamic doesn't suit theirs.

You see as a man between the age of 16-22 yrs sex and relationship couldn't have been your priorities. You had pass jamb, get admission, graduate, get master, get a job and on top of that compete with other men.

But you are sure of babes in that age bracket on campus. From one uncle to another sugar daddy to another banker to senator to etc. They were in their prime. They gather experience with men who are way above you. They have seen it all. Deja Vu.

Now when you finally start earning and your building your wealth you can't settle with such an individual who have been used, traumatized, emotional messed with, ovaries are gone, mentally unstable, no logical and rational thinking. No accountability.

Even if you want to bond and build up with her, it will practically be impossible because of her past ideas from uncles, boyfriend, daddy,banker etc. She will never follow your lead. She will be a feminist with a messed up ideology. Once you try to accertain your position as the head she will call it slavery, torture master, abusive, etc

In other words or conclusion
The age dynamic between you and the lady you want to marry must be in sync with when you both start or enter your prime. It gives you both leverage to build and understand each other. You both will bond and grow together. That is if you want to marry or settle down.

If it is just for dating and putting them back to the street my brother you don't need all the above. Just smash and move. Simple
TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija S6: I Don’t Chase Women, They Come To Me - Whitemoney by Fisher007: 6:56am On Aug 03, 2021
TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija S6: I Don’t Chase Women, They Come To Me - Whitemoney by Fisher007: 6:41am On Aug 03, 2021
Hmm he was making sense until he said they will come back home to him after playing around with other men.

Now that is were he lost it. So he is the backup plan. The retirement plan. The option T - Z ( literally their last option).

He is the one who bags the prize ( lol). I mean used up, emotional baggage and trauma prize. The keeper of the abused (knowingly or unknowingly). The caterer of their souls. The uncle beta simps.

He feels that he can bond or create anything tangible or worthwhile with them. He doesn't understand the sexual marketplace or value. He doesn't even knows is value. He doesn't understand the age dynamics.

So after years of focusing on your mental, physical and financial well being. You wait for a used , manipulative and self-centered creature whole didn't build with you to then come to you.

At times, I just pity my own gender our mumu too much. No wonder eve could put Adam out of God's grace.

Well I wish all men luck in there pursuit of happiness. I come in peace.
Politics / Re: Femi Fani-Kayode Leaves Our Children With Girlfriends, Nannies - Precious by Fisher007: 6:04am On Aug 02, 2021

All these gay men on NL. Insulting women won’t bring straight men to your side you know. The fact of the matter is FFK is not worth being anybody’s husband or father

The fact you didn't still get the message shows that you are one of those creatures that bleeds every month without dying. Well I never expected any logical comment from your type.

Gay? You couldn't come up with something better. Well shaming language isn't a form of argument. Come up with something tangible next time. Now if they say your gender is full of emotional decision and you all lack critical and logical reasoning . You futuristic female gender gets angry.

Let me Indulge you a little more. No one said it is ok to be with FFK or forced her to be with an abuser. She knew what the man was but still married him because as usual your gender is irrational and unlogical when it comes to reasoning.

She was forming love all throw PDP era. We didn't hear of any stories instead all people saw was delusional fantasy of a ride and die chick standing with her husband. She had her past trauma from abusers before FFK from her uncle and families. But she still insisted on marrying another abuser.

Ok she divorced and started claiming Miss independent ( another delusional grandeur - your gender exhibits once they have a little finance) But I guess that couldn't last long.

Now she is looking for money to milk from her abuser. She wants to ask for what her work or father can't even offer. She is greedy and self centered like every of her gender.

Any man still intending to marry any of your types in this generation and the next to come should expect more instability, drama and suffering. They should accept the pain and chaotic nature your gender exhibits.
Politics / Re: Femi Fani-Kayode Leaves Our Children With Girlfriends, Nannies - Precious by Fisher007: 8:17pm On Aug 01, 2021

Now am about to address men. If you feel the future is female please move to the future and ignore my comments.

This is what await most of you men planning to marry.

Drama upon drama. Either now or later down the years.

From wife cheating to trying to steal or attain your wealth one way or the other.

You men, believe in the delusional fairytale fantasy called love. You will only suffer and get accustomed to one form of pain or the other.

This lady's case is similar. When the going was good always praising the abuser. Now he is out of power she needs to find away to extort money from him while returning back to the street.

Well he could have avoided all this problem but he decided to fall in the so called delusional state . Now he is going to suffer for it.

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Family / Re: Confession Time - Have You Cheated? by Fisher007: 11:53pm On Jul 13, 2021
The OP, a married man has cheated severally and no one is calling him out, cos he is a man. Let a woman confess such now, all the mails on nl will descend on the thread to bash her entire existence, words like hoe, cutlass, axe will start flying around.

Well because it is not the same.

If a married high value man cheats. He is exercising his options.

If a married woman cheats it means she want to return back to the street where she belongs.

Switch the role for once. Try being man with so much societal pressure and expectations of how you have to be a provider, protector and successful.

Then when you achieve success, marry a man. Pay all most all the bills and responsibilities. Protect and keep the family running. Be the head of the house, fix and repair. Be rational and logical in all the decisions you make to ensure your husband and children are safe. Devote attention, time and money to this your husband. Knowing fully aware that all you have worked for is still for the husband and children. Knowing you will die before him. And everything will still end up been for him even if you will it to your children. Cause the end game is that he will still have all your years of hard work and hard earning after you are gone.

He will own your house in some civilised country. He will collect family and child support from you even if he divorces you. Practically you are a slave to him all because of his reproductive system and legacy.

Then expect him to cheat and see if you can accept it.

I come in peace.

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Religion / Re: Women Looking Sexy Is Not A Sin - Pastor Says As He Reveals He Loves Waist Beads by Fisher007: 11:27am On Jul 08, 2021
Lol sex and attention starved pastor
Family / Re: “If You Fight My Side Chick, I Will Upgrade Her To Wife” - Nigerian Man. by Fisher007: 2:11pm On Jun 22, 2021
Some people never grow up, they just grow old. His white hair would've fooled people into thinking he's sensible. If you respect yourself, your marriage, your wife and possibly kids, why would you go about having a side chick? This is not about being an "Alpha male", this is just about COMMON SENSE. If you met your wife with her Side guy in public, would you be quiet?

Oga please do and Marry. Then you would understand.

And if you are already married. I don't want to tell you the probability and ratio at which wives are disloyal.

You will figure it out over time sir.

Have a wonderful married life . Hmm


Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by Fisher007: 8:52am On May 25, 2021
i remember when one nairalander, Fisher007 made a topic on this issue! Mehn so many negative energy on that thread! This guy was insulted by so many ladies and some foolish white knight simps! Now d truth is that many women are hypocrites!they know dat marriage is ultimately just a retirement plan from their hoeing days to any foolish simp gullible enough to wife dem up!but they dont want u to have access to dis obvious knowledge!so it is up to we men to use our numba 6 to know dat in these debased times, marriage simply does not cut it any longer!thanks!

My fellow redpill brother, they will learn. You see marriage is a scam no matter how you want to see or sell it to any logical and reasonable person.

The lady knows time is clicking . She senses the undefeated wall even if she can't understand what exactly is the wall. Her mum knows too that the attention and charades around her daughter is going down.

In Asia most women over 25 are leftovers women. Men don't care about them. In Pakistan you don't even exist at that age. Even the Muslim men here in Nigeria literally just marry the old one just to have an haram of ladies. In the US guys now pump and dump girls above that age. In Saudi Arabia/ UAE they just use them for fetish potty potty party. The reality is women brought this upon themselves.

Why marry? When you literally take responsibility of an entitled creature without rationale thinking. You pay for everything in most cases, you must provide and protect, you are basically growing a pet ( invincible- Omni man reference lol). All they do is form love to you after all their past years of riding the cock carousel. Then they bring more trauma and emotional baggage to your life.

I am happy for those Marrying Sha. There must be Adam ( the provider/ husband) and there must be the serpent ( the Uncle, ex boyfriend, just a friend, colleague, gym buddy, driver and red pill brothers). No wonder everyone especially the male attendee at the wedding says our wife. Lol

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Politics / Re: Awka On Fire: INEC, Police Offices Attacked By Unknown Gunmen by Fisher007: 8:29am On May 24, 2021
winkHmm is it just me or this type of the news from the south especially south east (igbo land) is becoming too common?

I think there is a pattern and aim to this?

Destroy their security post or base to weaken the state. Then invade.

Cause before a virus or bacteria takes full effect on you, it weakens you immune system then take full control.

I might be wrong Sha

What do I know self.

Think and analyse the recent occuring well oo

There must be a bigger plan.
Politics / Re: Awka On Fire: INEC, Police Offices Attacked By Unknown Gunmen by Fisher007: 8:24am On May 24, 2021
winkHmm is it just me or this type of the news from the south especially south east (igbo land) is becoming too common?

I think there is a pattern and aim to this?

Destroy their security post or base to weaken the state. Then invade.

Cause before a virus or bacteria to takes full effect on you, it weakens your immune system, then take full control.

I might be wrong Sha

What do I know self.

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