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Sports / Re: "What Are You Looking At Fool, Go Away" Messi Cusses At Dutch Team (Video) by Hearme(m): 12:03pm On Dec 10, 2022
The Dutch players love trouble, after the bad blood on the pitch, you still had to trail Messi down to the mixed zone where he was about granting interview. Do you see Van Dirk slamming Parades to the floor?.. Crazy game.

When a player kicks the ball to the opposition's bench what do you expect?
The refree should have given the player two yellow cards. One for the foul and the other for and act of provocation/violence. Van Dirk should have also received a yellow.

The refree stamped his mark by giving cautions in the first half but missed it in the second half. Anyway it was the Argentine's strategy to press, play dirty, provoke the opposition and dive unnecessarily. It will be a big shame if that gives them the trophy.
Politics / Re: Senate To Invite Emefiele Over Naira Devaluation by Hearme(m): 10:45pm On Jul 27, 2022
I was so amazed when I changed a mere $15 to #10,490 around 2 pm today our naira is finished even 1 cefa is around #1.4.
Buhari is the worst president Nigeria has ever have
while Emefiele is the worsted CBN governor so far

That is APC's Next level. Continuity is on the way but may God Almighty and Nigerians stop this wicked type of continuity

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Politics / Re: Garba Shehu: Ransom Payment Fuelling Terrorism by Hearme(m): 3:22pm On Jul 12, 2022
He that is talking, if they kidnap him today he will pay ransom even before presidency decide to pay ransom to save him.

There is little sense in what he said but what do he expect the helpless captives to do when Buhari have failed in his primary responsibility of securing them?

It is only in Nigeria that a government would openly admit failure and still shamelessly remain in power. It's unfortunate!
Politics / Re: Bandits Attack President Buhari's Convoy In Katsina, Two Injured by Hearme(m): 10:32pm On Jul 05, 2022
Their own no pass to dey express shock and to condemn...

It's now a normal occurrence no need for too much pretence

LOL. Light no they Nigeria that is why the shock no they shock them again.
Sports / Re: Brazil 2002 Squad Reunite To Celebrate 20th Anniversary Of World Cup Triumph by Hearme(m): 7:05pm On Jul 02, 2022
When will Nigeria win World Cup?

The next time PMB is re-elected president

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Politics / Re: Between A Muslim-Muslim Ticket and A Return Of Presidency to North by Hearme(m): 1:44pm On Jun 10, 2022

Tinubu wey begged Buhari to win Osun state wey nearly don go to pdp
Same Tinubu wey lost woefully in edo state


the youths are coming

they have no manifestos to campaign with apart from their usual old tribalism and tribal card tactics.

But we'll remind them that tribalism won't bring back dollars to at least 400
tribalism won't bring back fuel to 95 naira
tribalism won't send our undergraduates back to school.
tribalism won't fix our security.
tribalism won't develop our economy.

2023 will be the youths vs the criminals
it won't be business as usual.

Comrade please increase the VOLUME. All Nigerian youths and parent should wake up. You are poorer today than ypu were in 2015. Our purchasing capacity as a people is suffering from Malnutrition.

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Politics / Re: Between A Muslim-Muslim Ticket and A Return Of Presidency to North by Hearme(m): 1:27pm On Jun 10, 2022
When I say North I mean Muslim North because they constitute 85% of northerners. Unless we want to deceive ourselves but religion plays an important role in our election.

Your data is incorrect. Some Northern states are even Christian dominated while others have between 35-50% indigenous christians not to talk of visitors and federal workers that are christians working or doing business in those states.

E.g. Benue, Taraba, Gombe, Plateau are christians dominated. You will get between 35-50 % christians in Kogi, Kwara, Nasarawa, Adamawa, Borno, Kaduna, Bauchi and FCT.

There are indigenous Christians from Zuru in Kebbi state, some areas in Sokoto, Yobe, Niger and Katsina. Not to mention the visitors and business men and women , federal workers etc living in those states.

There has always been a misconception of the North as one big Muslim group who are only Hausa or Fulani that is not correct.

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Politics / Re: Apostle Suleman Supports Peter Obi by Hearme(m): 11:20pm On Jun 09, 2022
This is beyond religion, politics, tribe or region. Fellow Nigerians, pls let's do all we can to make the right choice in 2023. Poverty does not respect religion or tribe. There are Yorubas, Igbos, Hausa/Fulanis etc. In every state of Nigeria. The same way we sit in a plane comfortably without caring about the religion or tribe of the pilot, let's vote without sentiments. For me, my brother is the man who will make every Nigerian proud of being a Nigerian. For now, I think that man is Peter Obi. After 4yrs, if he fails, then we push him out.

For 8 years they took the country backwards. Our purchasing power is useless. Dollar from 200 now sells for 600, bread and beans no longer poor man food, 30 naira egg now 100 naira.
Nigerians earning 200k in 2015 are now worth 70k in 2022 with same amount.

Lets massively vote out APC and PDP. They are all the same. Vote visionary leaders and not egoistic person's.

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Politics / Re: Surge In Voters' Registration: INEC Should Be Up And Doing (Photos) by Hearme(m): 11:11pm On Jun 09, 2022
the Tsunami is coming and nothing can stop it...in 2015 the five states in south-east (Abia, Anambra, Imo, Ebonyi and Enugu) delivered 4,985,246 votes for PDP (dats approximately 5million registered voters already in their pocket), with the way things are going and the massive registration by next year 2023 election that number will double or might even triple in the South- East.

All I'm praying and hoping is for Atiku to make the mistake of not picking Okowa as his VP, we will join South-Easterners to vote OBI.

Igbos are every where and the last data showed over 5 million Igbos in Lagos, in 2020 Umahi stated that over 11.5 millions igbos lives in the North and they are all massively registering to vote.

they called them a dot in a circle, insignificant region with no voting power....we shall see about that!!

The unknown gunmen disrupting registration in the EAST should have been encouraging people to register. It is time for Nigerians to take back the Power and not vest it on some greedy delegates.


Sports / Re: 2022: Salah Voted Player's Player Of The Year,ronaldo Makes PFA Team Of The Year by Hearme(m): 10:46pm On Jun 09, 2022
All of you saying what is Thiago doing there no know ball

Even within Liverpool teem you can't compare his performance to that of Fabinho, not to talk of other teams with very good number 4s and 8s. Jorginho, Kante, Rodri, Gundogan, Rice, Mount etc
Celebrities / Re: Juliet Ibrahim: My Ex-Boyfriend Raped Me Daily, Locked Me Up by Hearme(m): 10:42pm On May 02, 2022
the possibility is not low.. hundreds of men are raped on a daily basis but nobody will report it and if reported, no justice will be served.
some ladies will even rape a guy and say otherwise, and everybody will believe them

Even in the olden days, bible records Pontiphar's wife sexual behaviour and how she converted it to a rape case against Joseph.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Belarus 'To Join Ukraine ilInvasion' And Preparing For Air Assault On Kyiv by Hearme(m): 9:01pm On Feb 27, 2022
Useless west has stopped anytalk about a COVID and have started a war

LOL. The soldiers are wearing nose mask and observing social distance
Foreign Affairs / Re: Shocking Vision From 2020 Of What Will Happen In February 2022 If Biden Wins by Hearme(m): 3:42am On Feb 26, 2022
Really. May God have mercy
Business / Re: Is E-naira Dead? by Hearme(m): 10:17pm On Jan 21, 2022
Please help me ask about Nigerian Air too?

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Family / Re: How Many Of You Did This During Christmas by Hearme(m): 11:10am On Dec 25, 2021

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Education / Re: 400L Unilorin Microbiology Student Beat Up A Female Lecturer In Her Office(video by Hearme(m): 9:08pm On Nov 14, 2021

You can read up an opinion of him on this facebook page
Politics / Re: El-Rufai: South-East Can Fit Into Kaduna Two And The Half Times by Hearme(m): 7:14am On Oct 18, 2021

The state of Israel is older than Nigeria

By 13 years. Do we have a 13 years difference in development with them? Are we in the 2008 era of Israel? Do we have creative inventions like they do as at 2008?
In as much as I agree our size is a factor to slow development it is as well a plus if we use it well like the Chinese do

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Properties / Re: Estate Agent Wants Me To Pay 130% Of The Rent As Agent/Agreement by Hearme(m): 4:58am On Sep 28, 2021
Welcome to Lagos. That is how they collect agreement and commission for shop rents. It used to be 50K each before may be the economy has made it increased to 60k each now. Its a shame. Some will even include caution/damages fee.


Sports / Re: Tammy Abraham: My Main Striker Should Come From Africa – Mourinho by Hearme(m): 5:00pm On Aug 21, 2021
Real Madrid nko

Emmanuel Adebayor on loan
Benzems is also of African descent
Celebrities / Re: Top 10 Popular People From Kwara State by Hearme(m): 6:51pm On Aug 08, 2021
Both Taiwo Awoniyi and Dele Ayenugba are not from kwara by origin go and make your findings very well.

The Surnames are Kogi, Okun people's name but the Okun speaking people are also spread around kwara and Ekiti state. So they could be from any of the 3 states.
Politics / Re: Fashola: Money For Road Rehabilitated By RCCG Was Paid In 2011 And Not 2018 by Hearme(m): 11:40am On Apr 16, 2021
So why was it not done then? They should still return the money if work wasn't done

Imagine FG awards the contracts for 600 million plus for the rehabilitation of a 15km road. Church rehabilitates same road for 181 million. See the waste from the difference. The contractor has taken 151 million "That is a constituency project of someone in national assembly either a senator or a Fed rep member". How do you think Nigeria will get better when cash is released and projects are left undone but when it comes to workers salary/welfare they will say no funds

I suspect they want to secretly collect the balance and say they completed the road. What a shame.

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Politics / Re: EFCC: Buhari Names Abdulrasheed Bawa To Replace Magu by Hearme(m): 11:17am On Feb 16, 2021
Since inception of EFCC, only northerners have headed EFCC even while we had Presidentsfrom the South. Why can't PMB appoint someone from the South? Are they the best to fight corruption, if yes why is corruption still very synonymous with the country.


Education / Re: Sexual Harassment: Victim’s Result Still Withheld By OAU After Lecturer’s Jail by Hearme(m): 2:45pm On Jan 23, 2021
The Lecturer was taken to court and jailed. He has even finished his terms. ICPC should take OAU to court if they are sure they have a strong case against the school.

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Education / Re: Deeper Life High School Fees (photos) by Hearme(m): 6:01pm On Jan 07, 2021

New comer isn't #1m. It was 415k for new comer but now #445k sir. Other terms are 230k as I said before. And please subject to investigation, high school in most of the campuses I am aware of, feeds children very well with snacks in between meals if I recall correctly. The school has 22 campuses with thousands of parents, some of these and their students are probably on Nairaland sir. Let's wait to hear all sides and have an independent investigation. God bless you sir.

Yet Government and students wants magic in our federal universities when a students school fees from 100L to 400L in most schools (4 years program) is not up to 200K for 4 years which is less than a term in this school and many other private schools. Education is no cheap. It's either the government pays or the parents pay.

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Travel / Re: My Tour Of Buruku, A Portion Of River Benue by Hearme(m): 12:25pm On Dec 24, 2020
The state or local government can invest and make those boats better and safer. This could attract more visitors to the area. Enjoy your Christmas OP.
Politics / Re: Kankara School Register Shows 668 Schoolboys Still Missing by Hearme(m): 12:23pm On Dec 14, 2020
With all this confusion about the number of students missing, the school appears to be a day school. How come they still had that number of students in school on a Friday night?

Something is fishy.
Politics / Re: FG To Feed And Deworm Children With N142.3 Billion In 2021 by Hearme(m): 8:02pm On Nov 15, 2020
Can't pay 110billion for the revitalization of a over 100 government owned universities both FG and states but can delve into Elephant projects like feeding and deworming with 142billon. With 60% budget implementation they will spend at list 80 billion next year on this. Wait and see how much they will offer for the higher institutions for revitalization next year. Yet some people are expecting covid19 vaccine research in Nigeria. It's a big shame what our priorities are.
Career / Re: We’re Hungry – Police Officers Cry Out Over Unpaid Six Months’ Salaries by Hearme(m): 6:36pm On Nov 08, 2020
This is one of the problems that comes with IPPIS. You go through a lot of bureaucracy to get approval for employment and the new employees suffer before they get paid. It doesn't apply to police only.
Education / Re: IPPIS: FG Paid Some Professors N8,000 As Monthly Salary – Abiodun Ogunyemi by Hearme(m): 2:27pm On Oct 30, 2020
ASUU should take it easy with the govt and IPPIS because every system has it numerous challenges at beginning and get better over time. I was hoping ASUU should know this and show patient enough to get the IPPIS fully functional.

IPPIS still having problems after 13 years of operation in Nigeria and you think it's the best for the system?
Education / Re: FG Stops Salaries Of University Workers Not Enrolled On IPPIS by Hearme(m): 4:24pm On Oct 11, 2020
Ikeja electric bill just landed. Sept 2020. 18k plus. Since the government is removing her hands from everything. I think they should just allow parents to start paying tution fees in universities. E.g the sum of 400k for a start will be good, such that even the professor's can't send their children to school. I think this is the way forward.
400k for social sciences and Art
500K for the sciences and Engineering and
600-800k for those intending to study Medical courses and Law.

This will be very good on the Nigerian worker on a minimum wage of 30k. ASUU should encourage government to do what they want but are hiding under disguise. Maybe that will make the system fuctional and they will have funds to fix the Universities.
The #Endtutionfees protest that will follow will make #endsarsachildsplay.

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Education / Re: FG Stops Salaries Of University Workers Not Enrolled On IPPIS by Hearme(m): 3:02pm On Oct 11, 2020

Rome wasn't built in day, I believe if all institutions can accept this payment system, sooner or later, the so called public holders will follow suit when the citizens start protesting and insist they do the same thing.

The appropriate word here should have been Leadership by example. They should cut off all the bogus allowances and serve as a civil servant on the same payroll and let's see if others won't support them.
Education / Re: FG Stops Salaries Of University Workers Not Enrolled On IPPIS by Hearme(m): 2:48pm On Oct 11, 2020
Very commendable..

Irrespective of how the strike affects us students, I'm in support of this...

ASUU only cares about means of collecting money and nothing else...

We die here... Even if na March next year we go resume for ASUU to sit up and have sense no wahala

You go wait tire. New admisions not yet processed. So automatically, there will be no Jamb like 1996. We will see what happens.

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