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Family / Re: My Dad Has Refused To Rest In Peace Because Of His Monetary Vow In Church by indie22(f): 3:27pm On Sep 14, 2021
Hello my nairaland family. I'll make this post short & precise... I buried my dad around april this year.

Am the only available child, as my elder brother relocated abroad in january & has refused to make contact. I took a loan to sponsor my bro's trip abroad, & also took another loan from my bank to partly sponsor the burial as all the family burden rested on my shoulders..

Last month, my dad appeared in a dream telling me to hurry up in paying a vow he made in church of abt 50k before he died. I was warming up to pay the vow this month's ending as am stil servicing the loans i got from my bank.

He appeared last week to remind me but yesterday night's own came with severe flocking. Am stil feeling the pains from the cain he used at my back & joints..

That's not your dad you're seeing, that's a guilty feeling from your subconscious manifesting itself in your dream...

Your dad has gone to rest, the rest do not bother with worldly debts, least of all to a religious institute

Remove the feeling of guilt from your mind and he will stop appearing to remind you
How do i contain him before month end when i'll be bouyant to pay the vow.

Am afraid he may return with more beatings,. & am jst 30yrs old, & wouldnt want to have any part of my body deformed as a result.

Your suggestions wil be greatly appreciated!
Crime / Re: "Women Are Very Easy To Deceive"- Kidnapper Who Lures Girls Via Facebook by indie22(f): 1:10pm On Sep 14, 2021
[quote author=wallstreetnews post=105796227]


Women are not easy to deceive........
They can be naïve and trusting especially when they are young, in a world where men are dangerous, exploitive and out to steal, deceive and destroy

When you call women fish brains; It means you're saying all the female members of your family have fish brains too, it's a silly way to think
Family / Re: Please I Need People Advice Over This Issue by indie22(f): 1:35pm On Sep 13, 2021
My husband left home in Lagos since June and has refused to return, he doesn't pick my calls if i use another number to call him once he hears my voice, he shout at me that he is no more interested in the marriage, that he has moved on and that I should never call his line again then he will end the call, he blocked me on what's app, face book and currently he is in a relationship with a girl in benin, just that I don't know his exact address where he moved to.

Leave him alone and focus on yourself
Maybe they've used jazz to tie him down or maybe he's just no longer interested in the marriage

Either way, you only have one life...live it and worry less about him


Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 4 by indie22(f): 2:08pm On Aug 25, 2021
Hello house,

I'm really thanful i stumbled on this thread, keep up the good work guys!

I'm in the process of applying for a UK visa, 2 weeks vacation in November. I work full time and have been in thesame employment since 2015,
my net pay is about N400k and i have N700k (bank) and 1500USD (home) saved

My question is; I want to put in my visa application next week and would need to print my statement of account on Monday....would it make sense for me to change my usd into naira and pay into my account before i print my statement or how else can i let the visa officer know i have the usd without paying it into my account (Honestly, i'd rather hold on to the usd to use on my trip if the visa is approved)

Can someone here help pls
Politics / Re: EFCC: Female Minister Laundered $37 Million Through Property Deal by indie22(f): 10:18am On Jun 16, 2021
Career / Re: My Mum Insists "Medicine Or Nothing" by indie22(f): 2:13pm On Apr 27, 2021
Tell your mum to go and study the medicine herself, since she desires it so much
Romance / Re: I Told My Fiancé That He Can't Stay In My Duplex, He Changed by indie22(f): 10:44am On Apr 26, 2021
Please leave this man and find yourself a man that truly loves you,
this one wants to use you like roll-on, exhaust your resources then dump you

He smells like someone looking to take advantage of you


Help Me Before I Make The Greatest Mistake Pls

I'm a single mother in my early thirties, my daughter is just 2year old and the father is not ready to marry me or take any responsibility on her but still hiding me and his secret wife and won't let me go but I have decided to leave becos he's no adding any value to my life n my daughter's either.

Fast forward
I met a guy online who claims he lives in the US and I discovered I like him since I've met him and now he said we should settle down and marry. I own a duplex in a choice area in Lagos, completed though still small loan I'm paying on it. I agreed to settle down with him but since I told him he can't stay in my house that he needs to get a house, he started acting funny.

The second one, I asked him to show me proof of ID or his work ID, for me to be sure he's who claimed he is, he changed it for me. I tried to let him know that I'm just trying to be careful, don't want to fall prey again but he won't listen to me. He stopped calling and when I call him, he will return my call after like 5hours.

Pls advise me, is it polite for a man to marry and come stay in a woman's house because he said he will soon travel back? This is someone I like to support to get another apartment somewhere else but I haven't told him that. He has really changed in days.

No insult pls...pls ignore rather than insult me pls.

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Romance / Re: Why Do Sexually Active Girls Lose Respect For Elders? by indie22(f): 3:42pm On Apr 19, 2021
Why do dirty, smelly old men chase young girls?
Education / Re: Deeper Life School: Court Directs Don Davis' Mum To Stop Social Media Comments by indie22(f): 8:23pm On Jan 24, 2021

Obviously, you are destitute of the ability to comprehend. Don't mention me again.

Of course, "Mr I know and can comprehend everything" child molester apologist
Education / Re: Deeper Life School: Court Directs Don Davis' Mum To Stop Social Media Comments by indie22(f): 7:00pm On Jan 24, 2021

Do you know how many conclusions you've arrived at without pausing to know what is actually happening? Never carry that attitude into marriage lest you regret it. It is because of people like you the scripture says, "judge not"... And the law provided for nemo judex in causa sua as well as audi alterem partem. Be careful!

What concerns desire for marriage with child molestation? You think it's every woman that is desperately looking for how to tie her destiny with an unfortunate man like you?

A boy got molested and you're here quoting scripture, you sound like one of those men who will creep around molesting young boys, using God's name to commit all kinds of atrocities

The world is changing and soon men like you will be held accountable for your actions and the actions of the never do wells, hypocrites and abusers that you so bravely support

Don't worry, your own time too is coming
Education / Re: Deeper Life School: Court Directs Don Davis' Mum To Stop Social Media Comments by indie22(f): 12:32pm On Jan 21, 2021
grin... The picture above ehn...

A child got sexually assaulted and molested in a school by his seniors, with the school authority trying to cover it up and shut his mother up,
this is all you can think to make reference to?

Someone going through pain due to her son being abused and her face is what makes you laugh?

Amazing, you humans of Nairaland...and some of you will still end up with someone's daughter as a wife? I feel sorry for some people
Religion / Re: Challenges Of Getting Married To A Strict Christian by indie22(f): 2:16pm On Oct 04, 2020
They can be boring. No room for fun Always serious face. Hardly play with family

They do not know how to handle women . Most strict pastors spent their youthful days avoiding dating and friendships with ladies in general so as not to commit adultery.

They are fault finders . They go about looking for offence. Every thing is a sin.

They are not romantic They grew up avoiding ladies. They are not used to giving hugs and kisses. They only know one position. Anal sex is a sin. Only accepts style is missionary. The mouth is for praising God name and not oral.

They can be routinal .. They have a structured life style. Easily predictable. Wife feel bored.

Don't marry them....it will end in weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth

Lack of emotional intimacy. Wife is emotionally starved. His priorities are in the things of the lord. Time for heart to heart discussion and he is quoting
Romance / Re: Ghanaian Bride Weds Without Makeup And Accesories Yet Looks Amazing (photos) by indie22(f): 10:19am On Sep 01, 2020
Earlier this month, a bride Anna went for no makeup on her big day. Anna not only ditched a makeover but also bridal accessories such as ear rings, jewelries and more yet she looked stunning.

She looked so stunning that guests wondered how more beautiful she would have looked if she adorned on makeup and bridal accessories.

Congratulations to Anna and her groom, Harrison!

See photos below:

Source: https://livelystones.ng/2020/08/31/ghanaian-bride-weds-without-makeup-and-accesories-yet-looks-amazing-photos/

Na she know
Romance / Re: Man With A Bad Breath Telling A Lady He Can Upgrade Her. See Her Reaction by indie22(f): 3:25pm On Jan 30, 2019
Opened this thread and saw frustrated men everywhere,
it's not the babe's fault that many of you are poverty stricken and angry at the world.

Go and fix yourselves.
Romance / Re: Man’s Wedding To A Younger Bride In Anambra Ozubulu Sparks Outrage by indie22(f): 9:34am On Jan 30, 2019
Poverty is a disease.
Crime / Re: Nigerian Woman Beats Her Friend Mercilessly For Allegedly Sleeping With Husband by indie22(f): 10:55am On Jan 29, 2019
grin Nkiru why na...Husband snatcher

but just look at d wife...African women wont learn to keep fit after marriage, how do u xpect d man not to look outside when u be looking like a whale in d house

This is a very myopic and deeply ignorant thing to say.
Family / Re: Man Takes Sex Enhancing Drugs, Chases Wife, 2 Kids Away Over Sex by indie22(f): 9:41am On Nov 30, 2018
[quote author=Colonelswitz101 post=73389044]Some women are just pure evil...if d man no last now she go begin gossip they call am 1minute man, now baba don arrange him koboko dey woman Still dey complain...
I'm only against d man for chasing his own children away...u for just Chase their mumu mama comot for house

So....she's evil because she doesn't want the man torment her with hours upon hours of rough sex,
did you even read where she said he torments her with the sex??

You should pray someone in your family marries such a man that will try and kill them with coitus after taking drugs,
maybe then you wouldn't be posting such nonsense.

Imagine calling another person evil for refusing to be killed with sex by a drug fueled maniac of a husband.
Romance / Re: Is It Still Possible For Girls To Keep Their Virginity Till Their Wedding Night? by indie22(f): 1:13pm On Oct 09, 2018
So I was talking about this with a friend of mine(a guy by the way) and he was like it isn't possible at this age. I told him that I wanted to keep mine till I got married and he said there's no way I won't be tempted to do it before then.

Well, we argued about it and I was trying to tell him that it's very possible. He told me that I'll just end up being addicted to masturbation if I didn't 'release' my sexual tension.

We eventually stopped arguing and closed the topic but when I thought about it, I was actually wondering if it's possible or I'm just being naive.

I really want to keep my virginity till my wedding night but I myself don't even know if this is possible. Please ladies and gentlemen, I need your thoughts about this.

Public Service Announcement: Nobody cares about your virginity, do with it what you wish.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Hausba Smarthomes Ltd Abuja Invitation by indie22(f): 10:50am On Oct 09, 2018
Romance / Re: Soon-to-be Doc. Throws A Fit After Hijabi Woman Refuses To Send Her Nude Pics by indie22(f): 8:54am On Aug 13, 2018
sharap there

What's wrong in sending nudes to people.

This is how they will be forming hijab, I am a child of God but check their phones you will see hundreds of their nude.

Rubbish women

Stupid man....maybe you should encourage your sisters at home to send nudes to random men. Nonsense.
Properties / Re: Done by indie22(f): 5:04pm On Aug 09, 2018
Which of the TV's? What size? They are not smart Tv's....
Settee's still available.

Okay, i like the black/grey settee, i called you a few times but couldn't get through, also sent you a whatsapp message.
Properties / Re: Done by indie22(f): 10:29am On Aug 09, 2018
Your number is not going through, i'm interested in the sette and smart tv.
Crime / Re: Adeyemi Alao Q.S Arrested For Killing Khadijat Oluboyo by indie22(f): 11:53am On Jul 10, 2018
That boy should be freed and allowed to go in peace. Reports has it that girl was a sex freak and nymphomania. She only died due to the boys' sexual prowess. Its not his fault he took a concoction of doro webo, kick and start, dadabule, baby oku, ogidigba , alomo and la liga to impress he girl. He was only playing his part as a real strong man he ought to be.

This post is quite senseless. The poor girl is dead and you're here talking out of your ass. How about you act like an adult and stop posting such filth.
Romance / Re: 12 Ways To Make Up With Your Girlfriend And Show Her You Truly Care by indie22(f): 2:02pm On Jun 28, 2018
you're just being mean because my words hurt you.

Not really, your post didn't make sense...so i had to comment.
Romance / Re: 12 Ways To Make Up With Your Girlfriend And Show Her You Truly Care by indie22(f): 10:35am On Jun 28, 2018
just date a younger, prettier, richer, lighter, thinner girl and your Ex will be begging you to come back faster than you can say "envy is a woman's weakness"

This is why you're still single and no one loves you.
Family / Re: Wife Slams Husband For His Derogatory Comment On Women Who Miscarry Their Babies by indie22(f): 9:04am On May 25, 2018
The wife must be summoned by the councel of elders, for publicly humiliating the man and shattering his ego..

She should have told him privately, instead of calling him out in the open..

This is an insult to men worldwide, she must apologize or go back to her parents..

This is why you should continue to drink Limca and not leave empty headed posts all over Nairaland.
Religion / Re: Jesus Reportedly Appears In A Diamond Stone Through A Woman In Ibadan(pics by indie22(f): 3:34pm On May 24, 2018
Where is the Jesus? Ignorance is a disease.
Crime / Re: Married Man Attacks His Niece And Her Lover With Acid In Anambra. Photos by indie22(f): 4:00pm On May 23, 2018
[quote author=NwaAmaikpe post=67799025] shocked

Which type of bra is this one?
She is very lucky that her brezz region wasn't affected.

In my honest opinion, the girl obviously didn't handle this situation well.
There are smarter ways of breaking up with a benefactor
without hurting their pride.

But she didn't merit being acid bathed.
I can relate to his anger but her uncle's reaction is unjustified

So because someone decides to part ways with you, it's fine for you to try and do her/him harm?

You say you're not trying to justify the act, but your posts suggests that you are and can do thesame thing or even worse.
Religion / Re: Why Daddy Freeze Blocks People On Instagram. Examining Reasons by indie22(f): 2:21pm On Mar 13, 2018
I like Freeze, he should continue the good work of freeing the sheeple.

Adults being deceived by pastors and fake men of God.

Free the sheeple people!!!

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Religion / Re: Blood Flows From A Woman's Eyes, Feet, Head In Church In Enugu by indie22(f): 8:35am On Mar 12, 2018
Scam. cool
Crime / Re: Photo Of The Housemaid Who Beat Her Boss To Coma In Lagos by indie22(f): 10:03am On Mar 09, 2018
Just she and her husband at home, no children and yet she still felt the need to have a complete stranger as a maid at home, despite her husband's objection.

So...what's your point? Because she doesn't have children means she can't need assistance in HER home?

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