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Car Talk / What Car Should I Buy With My Budget? by Izen: 2:32pm On Apr 28, 2019
Hi guys.

Please I need your advice!

What car can I buy with #2m? Max #2.2m

Preferable specs
. Sound engine
. High fuel efficiency
. Nice and techy interior
. LED lights
. Lights on the side mirrors
. Low maintenance
. Non-accidented and reasonable mileage
. Durable

I don't want Toyota because the interiors of those I can afford are mostly trash.

I would prefer Tokunbo but I can also go for Nigerian Used in Abuja only.

Lexus IS would have been a great choice but the fuel consumption is something else.

So please help a sister out car experts!

Thank you.
Fashion / Does Anyone Know Where I Can Get This Nike Sneakers? by Izen: 2:29pm On Nov 07, 2018
Hello, I've been looking everywhere for this particular design and colour - Nike Air Max 270 (Sky Blue).

It used to be on Jumia but I can no longer find it. It is also not in the Nike store I've been to either cry cry

Please if you know anyone that sells this, refer them biko. Preferably, based in Lagos.

Legit sellers only o, I'll only pay on delivery if it's not a recognized online store.

Thanks in advance.

Fashion / Re: See The Wedding Dress A Nigerian Designer Reportedly Collected N1.8m To Make by Izen: 5:45pm On Oct 13, 2018

ok, A minute silence for the man who is taking this foolish woman to alter.
His days are numbered in single. 1.8million?. that is good enough to open a moderate business.
Ladies pity us small.how u waste a man's wealth on useless things. I rather add it 200k and bye her a car for mobility. some people are stupid. Just like zeeworld will say.... extra....

You just assumed she couldn't have paid for this by herself?

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Food / Re: Coca-Cola Nigeria Launches ‘mama’, The Affordable 1 litre Pet Bottle Of Coke by Izen: 8:10am On Oct 10, 2018

She prolly has an active lifestyle that burns the excesses.

Doesn't mean diabetes is a myth. I know three people who have died of diabetes.

It's best you know it is real.

Oga it is not sugar that causes diabetes. Sugar only makes it worse. Stop sending the wrong message to people. Even people who don't take sugar need to be weary of symptoms of diabetes. It is mostly hereditary. Coming from someone who has a number of relatives with diabetes.

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Celebrities / Re: Shola Ogudugu Leaks Her Chat With Wizkid And Jada Pollock, 3rd Baby Mama by Izen: 8:18am On Sep 20, 2018
Why can't this Shola move on

Her mu..muness started from the moment she allowed herself to be fuc..ckked with without no rubber

Why should she move on? Did she have the child on her own? If a mother abandons her child like this, I hope you keep this same energy.

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Romance / Re: She’s A Terrible Cook And Frowns Too Much by Izen: 5:33am On Jul 09, 2018
This life is funny! me that I can cook any kind of delicacy, never a dull moment with me, working with side hustle sef, no man to say I want meet your family�� Anyway uncle open your mind to her and if she’s not willing to change then let her go.

You're not better than his girlfriend because you can cook

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Family / Re: Lawyer Who Was Abandoned By His Father At 5 Reveals What Happened 20 Years Later by Izen: 9:07pm On Jul 07, 2018
Now that he's a grown man and a lawyer, to spite his father is not the way to go. What about those without father at all. It's either he understands why his father left his mom at that age or he just forgive him for no particular reason. He's got a father now anyhow. Some fathers do have regrets.

You have either abandoned your child before or you're planning to. It's not a child's fault that you can't get along with the mother. Don't punish them for what they didn't do. Don't bring a child to this world if you're not ready to stick around. It's better the father is gone than absent.
Stop this cheap emotional blackmail.

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Career / Re: Why Nigerian Companies Use Personality Assessments During Recruitment by Izen: 8:38pm On Jun 21, 2018
I applaud your in-depth assessment but as long as this country is concern 74% of all the above stated(if not 90%) don't matter. Once you get connected to the right connection which is dominantly a fact progression in this our country's corruptional pollution, then you don't need all of the above grammatical collision to enrol you into any company's decision.

If this your model was our country's model for working, many unemployed graduates would have certainly been engaged with "personality" jobs.

Even me that have passion to go for Russia 2018 shey I am here waiting for Aba boys to start their league.

You better wake up. Thousands of youths (myself included) have gotten jobs with multinationals without knowing a single soul in the companies. We went through all these tests. I wasn't the best student in school, I was an average student yet I hustled my way into a solid organisation. Thank God I never listened to the likes of you while I was job hunting. You're only short-changing yourself with statements like this. Wake up and find a job!!


Romance / Re: Guys, What Physical Features Can't You Stand In Women? by Izen: 2:39pm On Jun 15, 2018
What do you mean mr man? I made it clear to her that i cannot continue to having an overweight girl as my lover, pushing her into it. You think she is not happy about her body now?

That doesn't make you less of a bully and emotional abuser undecided
Business / Re: Hair Seller Shows Money From Her Piggy Bank by Izen: 8:05am On Jun 13, 2018

This is one of the worst forms of stupidity...or maybe it's because she's a gurl

She managed to save 65k for 10 fvcking months and u guys can see what she wants to lavish it on...a freaking birthday gift...What happened to investing in something that would reap benefits in the nearest future..and to think that she is a supposed hair seller makes it more disappointing

What can i say tho...i don't expect any less from a slay queen..i heard most of them reason with their pussies

There's nothing wrong in spoiling yourself once in a while. Why not look at it from another angle. I also have a piggy bank. I'm planning to break it sometime in November when I'll take my leave so that I can go on a mini vacation. It's easier for me to take money I'm not keeping track of for my vacation than to actually remove money from my bank account or other sources of income. That way, it seems as if someone else is sponsoring that vacation and not me. It's the journey that makes life beautiful and not necessarily the end goal. Relax.
Romance / Re: Guys, What Physical Features Can't You Stand In Women? by Izen: 6:43am On Jun 13, 2018

So women shouldnt be criticized right? My girlfriend used to be overweight but after threats and scolds from me she quickly decided to hit the gym. Today she looks like a model. You people should stop being lazy. There are things you cant change ( ugly face, dwarfism, etc) those ones are acceptable.

You're just a bully. If the poor lady falls into depression now, you'll still be the first to shout "check up on your loved ones". I don't know if you people consider the emotional and psychological effects of your words and actions. You could have still made her hit the gym without the threats and scolds. That is not how to love. For her sake, I hope she doesn't end up with you.


Celebrities / Re: Linda Ikeji Set To Leave Her N500M Banana Island Mansion For Her Husband's House by Izen: 7:37pm On Jun 12, 2018
You're someone I hold in high esteem here on NL...Reason I'm talking to u not him.. Felt you could have handled the situation better without involving his mum... Oh well... I was wrong I guess. Sorry for intruding....

Okay sorry I disappointed you. I'm just tired of the attack on women on NL. If there wasn't any other thing I was gaining from this forum, I would have deleted my account since. So sorry again.
Celebrities / Re: Linda Ikeji Set To Leave Her N500M Banana Island Mansion For Her Husband's House by Izen: 12:18pm On Jun 12, 2018
Stooping to his level was the best way to go I guess.

Well yes, whatever. Why didn't you call him out? I guess it's convenient for you to tolerate bad behavior from your kind. You have no moral standing here. The hypocrisy. If we had more of you telling them off, we wouldn't have to do it ourselves.
Romance / Re: Men Touching Women Boobs In Public Bus Must Stop by Izen: 8:21am On Jun 12, 2018
Nevertheless, a lot of guys are falsely accused of gropping.

I have witness a scene, on a bus back from computer village, where a woman was screaming her head off, accusing the guy sitting directly behind her, of pressing her backside with his knee. But, the bus was tight and the last row, where the dude sat, had 5 people sitting there, so the dude couldn't even budge. Should he have swallowed his knee?

Any woman that dares to try such with me, will receive the biggest embarrassment of her life.

Shut up! Sexual Harasser oshi! Justifying nonsense. If I climb bike, do I press my breast to the bike man claiming that's the only way I can sit? If you try that nonsense with me, you'd be the embarrassed one. Olodo. When these predators try some of these things with your sisters/daughters, that's when you'll understand the implication on women's psychology. Very insensitive bigot.

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Celebrities / Re: Linda Ikeji Set To Leave Her N500M Banana Island Mansion For Her Husband's House by Izen: 1:23pm On Jun 11, 2018
Bringing his mum into this was uncalled for.

It was called for because they forget that the women they insult, drag and disrespect and also people's mothers, daughters and sisters. You're not really a good person if it's only people around you, you are good to.
Celebrities / Re: Banky W Reacts To Chimamanda Adichie's Comment On Men Holding The Door For Women by Izen: 2:15am On Jun 08, 2018
The opening of the doors is fine, my own is that why do men think they have exclusive right to the edge of the seat?

When you want to enter a car, they would want to seat by the window and push you inside

Or they'll want to stay on the outside lane/hold your hand while walking down/crossing the road. I just laugh in their faces when they do that because me and them know that I need more protection from then than from anything else. Forming protection that is not real. When they see lion, they should stay and fight na.
Celebrities / Re: Linda Ikeji Set To Leave Her N500M Banana Island Mansion For Her Husband's House by Izen: 9:03pm On Jun 07, 2018
I just love feminists, after all the strong woman shit, dem go stil go man house go wash plate hahahah

Eyah..... like your mother abi, as that's the only thing she's good for - waiting on your dad. How romantic grin grin grin

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Career / Re: Lady Who Just Got A Job Reveals What Happens To Her Each Time She Gets Home by Izen: 10:43pm On Jun 05, 2018
Honestly, this world has really gone bonkers!

If a man decides his wife should not work, that she should just take care of the family while he provides for their needs, women will call him all sort of names, that he does not want his wife to progress, he is jealous of her success, he is overbearing, bla bla bla.

If the man decides that she should work and feel fulfilled, he is called all sort of names, he is a lazy man who cannot fulfil his duties, who depends on his wife to survive bla bla bla and he must be ready to do the cooking! shocked shocked
What rubbish!!

I've heard the 'definition of a woman' as a specie that does not know what it wants!
Seems very apt.

Any SORRY-ASS woman who thinks cooking for her family and herself is too much for her should stay single.

Otherwise, employ a "Houseboy' and then marry him afterwards.

If you want it to work that way, then we would need to start from the scratch. Because no way in hell will I go through all I went through as a child and a student, the tests, the exams, the projects, the ridicules, the sexual harassment from lecturers just to come and be your housewife. No way in hell.
So how about propose that females shouldn't be allowed education anymore so that we can dedicate the rest of our lives to caring for our men. Mr Smart A.ss?
Plus, you better be ready to fund whatever lifestyle I choose grin Shey you said you're wise?

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Career / Re: Lady Who Just Got A Job Reveals What Happens To Her Each Time She Gets Home by Izen: 10:35pm On Jun 05, 2018
because thats what women do. the are better at taking care of the home while the men support them. its the same case when it comes to the providing. men are better at it and the women support in anyway they can. agree to it or not, with this mentality of yours marriage will become utterly useless because couples would be sizing each on the basis of who is cheating who and it isnt supposed to be so. my previous post explains it better although you choose to be blind on the effect such mentality has on marriage. cheers. with the way you are putting it, is it not unfair for her to carry you child for 9 month since it will affect her career? explore the 50 50 thing to the last or let us be abeg.

All this "better at" you're shouting are things that were taught and are things you can learn. Being domestic doesn't come naturally to women, we were taught to be domestic. You think you provide better naturally? Come, let's compare our portfolios so that I can lecture you.
Funny thing is, no one is even dragging 50-50 with you. How is that even measurable? The problem is you lots won't even lift a finger. When you do, we won't hear the last of it. "I'm just helping o, it's not my responsibility o", as if it's not your household too. Abeg oga, you'll see your type. Marry her and enjoy. Stop shiting in your pants about the rest of us cos frankly, we don't care about you too. God forbid I marry your type.

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Career / Re: Lady Who Just Got A Job Reveals What Happens To Her Each Time She Gets Home by Izen: 10:26pm On Jun 05, 2018

People like you are either ignorant or just too narrow-minded not to know that WORK is not all about what you do physically.
Planning, layout, monitoring, e.t.c are all part of work! They are BRAIN WORK!

Men/husbands in the household, do more of the brain work, which is even more tiring..... if in doubt, ask a student studying for exams why he/she eats much when all he/she does is sit somewhere and read. grin undecided

"Work" does not have to be PHYSICAL or time consuming.

If not so, the Labourer that carries Cement on his head should be more paid that the Architect that 'just draws' some skecthes for a few minutes or the mech Engineer that 'just puts on his helmet' and directs the labourers on what to do.

Some of you need to see the "Big/Whole Picture" and stop whinning like a horse, just because you cook.

Honestly, l dont enjoy engaging people like YOU who are intellectually challenged and whose mindset is 'weak'.
You can go and challenge your husband to a fight, because you cook the food you both eat, e nor 'consign' me. undecided

Guy said brain work grin grin grin grin
They keep coming up with new and ridiculous things. Naaa mehn..... Not marrying a man like you. Not all Nigerian men actually love seeing the ones they love go through all that shi.t alone.
"Brain work" grin What will I not hear?
Career / Re: Lady Who Just Got A Job Reveals What Happens To Her Each Time She Gets Home by Izen: 7:33pm On Jun 05, 2018
I won't trade words over where iv been to for vacations or not ,you sound like a sissy whose only aim is to come here and win likes try that shit you just typed and watch your wife walk all over you PS its a free world to each his own .

....why you lying, stop f.u.c.king lying, hmm o my g...
Career / Re: Lady Who Just Got A Job Reveals What Happens To Her Each Time She Gets Home by Izen: 7:31pm On Jun 05, 2018

Let us stop this fallacy that women do ALL the "home Chore/work" whether they work or not.

There is division of labour. Cooking the meal is for women. End of story.

If for example (just an example here so dont start farting), the roof starts leaking after a rain or the Generator breaks down in the middle of the night when there is no public power supply, is it the wife or the husband that takes responsibility for such, even if he has just returned from a grueling day's work? Does he start moaning like a cow about how his office work is preventing him from doing the repair?

That is when you hear tales like: 'Is he not a man'? or 'That is why he is a man'.
Fair enough, it is his responsiblity/chore in the home front and he does it without whinning.

Women should do theirs, like cooking, without whinning as well.
Any wife/woman that feels she cant cook the family meal is USELESS to the family and should move out or be kicked out.
End of story.

BTW: I can cook like mad because l am one of those men that believe that no woman should ever blackmail me with good food!.

When you people want to argue, you don't even make it believable. One of your colleagues too was saying changing light bulb, taking waste out and washing car up there..... LMAO. Anyone that compares a once in a week chore to a 3 times a day job, or a chore that would take all of 3mins to one that would take nothing less than an hour; such fellow is too dumb to argue with in the first place LMAO.

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Career / Re: Lady Who Just Got A Job Reveals What Happens To Her Each Time She Gets Home by Izen: 6:51pm On Jun 05, 2018
and automatically it puts her at a disadvantage because she is cooking the food she will eat, her children and husband too. what am i missing here? infact why stop there? why shouldn't you demand i pay for impregnating you or in another twist we hire a surrogate and contribute 50/50 for her to carry our child since it will be unfair for you to carry it alone. lets continue like this and by the time we are done thier will be no reason for anybody to get married because most of what married couples do out of love and sacrifice would of been measured in monetary terms. gender equality is cool but a line must be drawn or it should be explored fully to the last items so that people can make better choices

Because you have no comeback for my question, you decided to derail. I asked a simple question, your woman is also providing so why is she still expected to be solely responsible for the home front? You think paying her for the chores is more important than actually collaborating with her? Even the big corporations you all work for understand the importance of collaboration and team work, but I guess our men enjoy the bliss of being blind to the truth.


Career / Re: Lady Who Just Got A Job Reveals What Happens To Her Each Time She Gets Home by Izen: 6:35pm On Jun 05, 2018

Responsible women out there has been balancing their job and their house work for years without complaining...

And this lazy bone who jus got a job already complaining doing house chores after the Day's job.

Abi u wan mek we knw sey u get job

BTW congratulations! U jus got the cheap attention u seeking tongue

Because our mothers never complained doesn't mean they had it easy. It was just unnatural to complain in their time. You know "suffering and smiling". Thank God I have a mum who is open and honest. Hers is a path I don't wish to toll and thank God she doesn't want that for me either. Work, contribute "even more" financially, and still hold the home front solely. All for what? God for bid. It's not grace, it is stupidity and exploitation.

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Career / Re: Lady Who Just Got A Job Reveals What Happens To Her Each Time She Gets Home by Izen: 6:30pm On Jun 05, 2018
Honestly, house chores no dey easy at all.There is nothing wrong if a man pays his wife a reasonable monthly salary for house chores. Do all those things a woman does in the house then you will know that no be small work woman dey do in the house.

I don't even want to get paid for it. Just collaborate with me.
Career / Re: Lady Who Just Got A Job Reveals What Happens To Her Each Time She Gets Home by Izen: 6:25pm On Jun 05, 2018
you got it wrong gal. wont be siting on my hands but mashing a ps4 pad instead while she cooks for me. if it pains her lets switch roles and let her do the marying and providing.

If she's not providing, she won't be working
Do you guys deliberately want to be blind to the truth abi am I missing something here?

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Family / Re: My Wife's Elder Sister Has Finally Settled In My Home & I Don't Know What To Do by Izen: 9:54am On Jun 02, 2018
.....Oh yes,so because he is scared of the consequence he should die in silence! Bro see,most times in marriage,you disagree to agree. If you are always the yes person,marriage won't work out well,besides the guy in question is a very dull person. He couldn't even talk to his wife about it. True everybody is not the same because if such a problem comes to me,I will discuss it with my wife first and if she fails to take action,I will not hesistate to act on my own and damn the consequence. Final..

Yes Mr Final, there's no point talking to you. Plus, read my comment again, I never suggested he remains silent. Stop looking at marriage from the angle of fight. Drama queen.
Family / Re: My Wife's Elder Sister Has Finally Settled In My Home & I Don't Know What To Do by Izen: 6:40am On Jun 02, 2018
The problem most married men make in their early marriage is being too soft and scared of consequence. Oga discuss the situation with ur wife and let her know how you feel about it. Let your wife know you didn't marry both and besides you two needs privacy for now. Let her talk to her elder sister about it,give them sometime to act,and if she doesn't leave,then be a man and ask her to and damn the consequence. Is high time people should start saying their mind and stop pretending that all is well while they keep dying slowly in silence.

Please don't damn the consequences in a marriage o, it's a long term thing. Your wife may grow to resent you. Imagine your mum does the same, and your wife is asked to damn the consequences. That's still her family member abeg. I'll advise the OP to talk to his wife privately about how the situation makes him feel. Not in a harsh or blame-throwing manner but in a logical way that won't make his wife think he's being selfish. Perception is key here. In the process, he and his wife should form a team to present a United front. His wife should do the talking to her sister but if she's too worried about being in the black book of her family, then he should do it himself. There's no way OP asks his sister in law to leave by himself that she wouldn't. She can still give excuses to her sister but not to him.
The funny thing is you're assuming the wife likes this arrangement. Same thing happened to my mum before and she was the one even complaining. My father took it up and spoke to the family member in the most loving way possible and the person started looking for accommodation from then until moving out. So my guy, abeg marriage na partnership, no be every time muscle. E ma a calm down.

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Celebrities / Re: Pokello: Women Who Talk About Men Being Broke Have Nothing To Their Name by Izen: 8:15am On Jun 01, 2018
grin foolish girls everywhere. All they want is Money and dick. The day i would find a sincere girl, independent and with brain, I won't ask her anything, nah marriage straight embarassed

like marrying you is some prize.....delusion of grandeur
Romance / Re: Man Lists Advantages Of Dating A White Woman, Shares Photos With His Oyinbo Babe by Izen: 8:33am On May 26, 2018
No nasty smells, tight pussay and entitlement mentality.

If African ladies can deal with the aforementioned, they'll perfectly beat white women all round.

But, it's impossible to deal with those things, so for that, I'll say; It's better to marry a white woman for green card than to marry an African woman who'll end up being a big liability to you.

Enjoy your woman Bruv. It's your choice, let them keep hating.

But this environment mentality is not gender specific o. Abi is it entitlement only when it's about money?
Family / Re: "Men Are Totally Useless" - Lady Tells Man Who Advised Wives by Izen: 12:47pm On May 25, 2018

Arh!!......You dey talk am small small, she's not less than 45.

Ask yourself why her face is looking like an ancestral scattered pooo, that's a result of old age, 1000+ body counts, 63 broken relationships, 6ft bottomless pussay, her favorite lipstick is a diiiick, 32 abortions, leaky leaky anus, folded and rumpled tommy, her mouth dn drink sperm pass water, pussay be looking like an expired liver and as a result of that comes the rejection she's getting from men, that's why she's hating men. A responsible woman can never make such statement and death wish to men. NEVER.

We have many of them here, full of fustration, bitterness and hatred for men, most of them are now playing cool to get a man, but it's too late.

I'll keep saying it, no reasonable and sensible man would love to man an Aged first page missing evening newspaper , once your time is gone, it's gone, stop hating on men, we don't marry old pooo, no man will want pay a dowry on an aged evening newspaper looking lady.

We are not fools, you all are meant for aboki dem, and the more they hate on men, the more aboki will keep using them to wrap suya.

She has a point though her language was extreme. But no responsible man will speak of a woman the way you just did.


Family / Re: My Father-in-law Is Making My Wife To Disrespect Me! by Izen: 8:38am On May 25, 2018

I never seen marriage as a competition between the man and the woman where the one that provides calls the shots. The woman should complement the man without having to call the shots. This is what I know marriage to be before getting married.

You're talking like this because the woman is bringing in the dough here. If it was the man, you wouldn't mind him calling all the shots. The hypocrisy on this thread. This justifies my resolve that Nigerian men are the ones putting financial pressure on themselves not the women. I mean, how else will they call the shots? They need to remain in that financial position of power to call all the shots init? I hope we reach a level in our society where every human is respected not because of the size of their accounts.

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