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Fashion / Re: Freida Pinto always stylish simply effortless by minute(f): 1:35pm On Dec 16, 2013
She's one of the most beautiful women in the world . . . and that starts from the inside.

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Family / Re: Making Love & Raising A Family by minute(f): 12:56pm On Dec 16, 2013
I personally learned a lot about what NOT to do from my parents. Even if I did feel that they were instrumental in forming

my perception of love, I truly don't think accepting and believing love is genetic or inherited. It is something you learn

from experience . . .especially if the parents survive within the confines of a loveless marriage.

Perhaps subconsciously we choose people that have qualities that remind us of someone we know. However I don't think

there's any clear evidence to prove that theory.

The right person will be your best friend first and foremost and a lover second. You will enjoy many things together but also

relish in your space without resentment. This knowledge also comes from experience . . .first love and true love are two

different feelings.

Someone can definitely be crazy about you . . or vice versa .. .and not be the right one. Once the sheer bliss of your

intimate times blows over, you can think more clearly and see someone for who they really are. Sometimes, you discover

they aren't as wonderful as you initially thought . . .sometimes you realize they are the best thing that's ever happened

to you.


Family / Re: Would Be Brides; Come In, Let's Plan Together! by minute(f): 11:21am On Dec 16, 2013
Sit down with partner and dream.

Big or small?

Country/City/Beach/Mountaintop/Church/ . . . .

Traditional or contemporary?

Food and flowers YOU like, it's your day don't worry about what other people may
want.( Just have to say though, that calla lillies are awesome and you can get
them in LOADS of colors)
Celebrities / Re: PHOTOS: Toolz Showing Her Boyfriend Some Love On His Birthday by minute(f): 4:05am On Nov 16, 2013
Hee. Chubby and Spandex. A woman with a voluptuous or rubenesque body type is restricted enough by her

extra Avior dupois. I applaude women who do have the confidence to wear tight clothes. It says a lot about how

they tell the whole world they are doing their own things.
Science/Technology / Re: Weird Things That Happen During An Eclipse by minute(f): 3:59pm On Nov 03, 2013
More scaremongering.

Where are you from? The dark ages?
TV/Movies / Re: "Scandal" Fan Page. by minute(f): 1:06pm On Nov 03, 2013
I normally don't like to watch drama series because they just drag on and seriously stop making sense. Shona Rhimes has
this knack of making her female protagonists cry at the drop a hat. If Olivia is as strong as it is portrayed, a fixer then why
she on cues start crying. The unnecessary morality of the show that Olivia portrays sucks the most-
She has no problem agreeing to rig election(supposedly she loves the guy and can't stand him loosing). She had no problem
when Huck said he will kill Chambers(job he passed on to Charlie), but she wanted Jake saved? Why? What is the reason?
She used the Pentagon or whatever secure area thing to make a plan like an idi.ot when her name is leaked?!! I mean come on!!

The only people who looked for mole were Pope and associates, I mean the entire government was sleeping?!! And in between
the President has no work but to keep professing his love?!! Get over it man . . .I mean a layman doing the same thing would be
called a psycho but we are watching the President and his obsession. His wife is the only smart person. You are here for a job.

I would prefer in every episode- they have a new case every week to keep the story line interesting. Scandal is nothing but a
cry fest by Olivia and her faces and other characters have nothing to do. President is sloppy-it's pathetic!


Health / Re: A Thread For Body Builders by minute(f): 11:06pm On Oct 22, 2013
I find guys who are completely ripped gross. Too many muscles make him look like he's compensating for something.

Most of the time, body builders have such an ego problem. They push out their chest and their arms go farther

on each side like they are ready to rumble. A simple "how are you today" will turn into a 20 minute lecture of what

he had for breakfast, what supplements he was 'currently' trying, what he had done in the gym and how long

he had done it for, how his body felt and how it was changing, what he had read up the internet about protein,

creatine muscle development and Men's health in general......I could go on and on.

It's a pity because under all that armour plating and external veneer, is a warm and kind person too scared to just be.
Religion / Re: Atheists, Agnostics And Open Minded Persons. by minute(f): 10:15pm On Oct 22, 2013
Dawkins should stick to what he knows. Dawkins talking about theology is like

Britney Spears giving her beliefs on quantum-physics. It makes no sense and people

should ignore it.
Celebrities / Re: Kim Kardashian Is Engaged To Kanye West! by minute(f): 9:46pm On Oct 22, 2013
More crass commercialization by America's crassest, crudest and skeeziest couple.

Did Mommahommager sell tickets? Do they think this is going to offset Bruce's dumping

of her or something? JEEZ....how very underwhelming. Pull the plug for pity's sake.
Family / Re: How Embarrassing Can It Get During The 9months Course(pregnancy). by minute(f): 5:25am On Oct 19, 2013
1. My biggest problem while pregnant was the urges to urinate. I never had morning sickness. I just always had to pee!
One time I was at a store, buying what I hoped was my last set of maternity clothes. While I was trying on a shirt, I
suddenly got that feeling where you know you have to relive yourself right that minute. I had no idea where the restrooms
were, or if the store even had restroom and piddled there. I told the dressing room attendant that someone else had done
it,and quickly left . . .I've never gone back to that store.

2. I was at the mall with a friend. We were enjoying lunch when the urge hit. I was lucky enough to find a bathroom, but
not before wetting my panties. I wrapped my panties in toilet tissue and disposed of them. It's not like anyone was going to
look up my skirt. When we finished lunch, we decided to hit the stores. My friend wanted to go to her ABSOLUTE favorite
store, so I said we should check it out. Well, she was taking forever, looking at all their clothes, looking for her size, looking
for presents for other people, e.t.c. And then, I had to wee. It's not like I could just pop a squat in the middle of the store, so
I tried as hard as I could to hold it and politely asked my friend to hurry up. Then, the most horrible thing happened. I couldn't
hold it anymore. A strong stream of urine came out and hit the floor. I tried to stop myself but I couldn't. All the contents of my
bladder came out. There was a humongous puddle beneath me( I was wearing a skirt). I left the store drip-drying by leaving little
droplets behind me.

3. I was having dinner at a really fancy hotel with my partner when the urge hit me. I asked a waiter for directions to the
bathroom, but got lost along the way. I considered knocking on the door of a suite and asking to use their toilet. I finally found
the bathroom, but I knew I couldn't make it to the stall. So I hoisted myself up and let loose in the sink. Not my finest moments.....

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Health / Re: How To Deal With Negative People. by minute(f): 9:25pm On Oct 15, 2013
Some people can not be brightened up and take pleasure in their misery and the misery they cause you.

Pack your bags.

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Islam for Muslims / Re: Share Your Fond Eid Memories by minute(f): 9:10pm On Oct 15, 2013
I chill at the masjid and kick it with the sisters I meet. I always look forward to the two Eids.

I personally celebrate modern life and new friends. Happy Eid to you too.
Romance / Re: How Can My Sister Marry A Security Man? Tufia! by minute(f): 3:48pm On Oct 08, 2013
It's too bad about his employment situation. But I don't think he's a loser if he's doing what it takes to give himself

a home and food to eat. And there is one way securuty guards are BETTER than policemen. When they work for a

private company, rather than the government. The only security guards I consider as losers are the ones that are

Badge Heavy cop-wannabe. I have respect for those who have authority where it is needed. Especially

where safety is concerned. They do everything a police officer does except arrest people, but the big difference is

when things get tough, they call the police.
Romance / Re: Is Kissing And Romancing Before Marriage 'Fornication' ? by minute(f): 1:51pm On Oct 08, 2013
Not in my book.

I think it's a sin to be so inanely idiotic as to question if a sweet gesture of love and affection such as a kiss could be sinful.

That is just sad beyond words.


Family / Re: Monstrous Mothers Who Killed Their Own Children by minute(f): 1:46pm On Sep 28, 2013
Sick and twisted people that should have their toenails ripped off!

I saw an episode of House and that happened. I think it's called Munchhausen syndrome.
Family / Re: Disobedient Wife. by minute(f): 1:40pm On Sep 28, 2013
Divorce her. If you are going to be a control freak and a male chauvinist, that's the best option.

Oh, don't marry again once you do that.


Celebrities / Re: Mary J Blige Performing In Nigeria (Pictures) by minute(f): 1:08pm On Sep 28, 2013
Dang! She is truly the queen of hip hop and there will never be another.

I saw her in concert a few times--she's incredible and she dances her azz off.

But I prefer the old bitter drama Mary JB. I'm talkin real love--I'm goin down--Reminisce-

Sweet thang--Love no limit--You remind me--Seven days. . .Not goin' cry!!! This is what made

MARY MARY. And that joint with Method man--You're all I need--That was so hot it melted it

melted it's fare share of radios.

The new No Drama Bs is Bs. I honestly thought her career was over. She's still doin' the damn

thing though and I still love her.


Family / Re: The Other Woman by minute(f): 1:35pm On Sep 25, 2013
That's a lousy thought . .

I have been in ALL sides of the love triangle. In my youth I dated married men/women. When we tired each other

it ended amicably. I never wanted any of them to leave their partner, and they never said they would.

People talk about catching their spouse cheating. I don't know about that. I never got caught. So, I never had to

deal with a crazy husband or an irate wife.

Would I date a married man/woman now? No. When I was done "screwing around" I was ready for a meaningful relationship.

Dating a married man/woman you don't get a meaningful relationship, you get sex and a few laughs.

If you want to know what happens behind closed doors with the other woman I will tell you. We do A LOT of active listening,

laughing at stupid jokes, and (in general) not being judgemental or critical. It seems their husbands had forgotten how to do

that. I'm sure their husbands would disagree . . .but they would be wrong.
Family / Re: Getting Married As An Undergraduate by minute(f): 12:32pm On Sep 25, 2013
It's difficult to be in school, start a marital relationship, run a household, and work . . . . under any circumstances.

If you think you know your man right now, knowing him in marriage will be slightly different when you are still trying

to figure yourself out. I mean unless you are pregnant, what's the point? You won't be able to see each other much


Finish your education. Join the workforce. Get a steady job. Build up a reasonable savings account. Travel the world.

Do cool things. Do these things as individuals.

You are not going to see any advantages to being married as an undergraduate. Only added stress.

GET your life together first.


Health / Re: Beware Of These Banned Food Products by minute(f): 1:08pm On Sep 14, 2013
The Nigeria business model is "money over everything". They don't care about what they stuff down

you as long as it makes them money. They have no responsibility to you and the consumers only the shareholders.
Fashion / Re: PICTURE: Toolz Outfit To Glo X-factor. Hit Or Miss? by minute(f): 5:04am On Sep 14, 2013
Hit. She is big and hot. A pretty smile takes attention away from a lot of things.

I like big chicks but not fat and sloppy ones that are stereotypical slobs. Big

is nice as long as she can carry herself in a way that is attractive. I mean as long as

she does not use her chubs to get handicap plates, use electric carts at the supermarket

or have zits under all the folds or blubber.
Nairaland / General / Re: Today Is Friday The 13th by minute(f): 12:30am On Sep 14, 2013
Another reason to walk backwards around the block 13 times with my cats on leashes.
Family / Re: Question: Is Silent Treatment In A Relationship Healthy? by minute(f): 4:04am On Sep 12, 2013
I would allow the silent treatment to run it's course. Typically depending on how mad or disappointed they are.

Alternatively try something else, anything you can think of to break the stubborn, uneasy atmosphere.

Perhaps eat and drink noisily around the person-some examples include slurping loudly on a nice milkshake, especially

when you reach the bottom of the glass, and smacking your lips when you eat food near them.

Burp and break wind(fart) in or near the area where the "silent treatment people" are standing/sitting.

"Accidentally" turn up your stereo/Tv in your bedroom to full- blast, and "unwittingly" wake up your family first thing

in the morning.
Family / Re: A Nairalander, His Beautiful Wife, And Baby-pictures & Video by minute(f): 11:52pm On Sep 09, 2013
He really is a cute little guy. Congrats to you and your wife.

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Celebrities / Re: Vector 'Proposes' To Chidinma Aboard A Plane by minute(f): 11:23pm On Sep 09, 2013
" I hope the rest of my life can fly by just like this airplane . . . Only with you. Will you marry me"

OR "I want to take our relationship to the higher level." Cheesy much.
Celebrities / Re: Dr Sid Wore A Kilt To A Wedding In Scotland (photos) by minute(f): 11:01pm On Sep 09, 2013
Oh, God, yes. i wish more Nigerian men wore kilts. I'd be a happy girl. There's not much sexier than a kilt on a man.

The funny way would be going with nothing under or with a thong or something
Religion / Re: Can You Be A Christian And Still Be Gay? by minute(f): 5:12pm On Sep 03, 2013
People don't get a choice about whether they are gay or not, they either are, or they're not.

That need to be understood first of. There is no sin in having homosexual tendencies. There is

nothing sinful in being attracted to the same gender. What is wrong in Christianity faith is

acting on those tendencies. Many Christian churches choose to interpret the Bible differently

and so choose to justify their sin, but many do not. Many Christian churches choose to ostracize

gays as choosing this path, and thereby drive them away from their church.

The trick is acknowledging their existence, and then supporting them in their trials.

Homosexuals have hard trials. They either need to live a totally celibate life, or else they need

to learn to love someone of the opposite gender. I can't tell which is harder. I have a close male

homosexual friend who married a homosexual woman, who was his best friend. He loved her as a friend

and as a person, and he has since learned to love her as a wife. They have two children together.

I have another homosexual friend who will never go on a single date with anyone of either gender. That

is what she decided she needed to do in order to keep herself free of sin. Both of these people have a

hard life, and why God decided they needed this particular challenge in their life, I don't know. But both

of these friends are dealing with it, in a righteous way, and I am very proud of both of them.

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Romance / Re: How Do I Fight Inferiority Complex. by minute(f): 4:23pm On Sep 03, 2013
Tell me when you figure it out.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Teenager Who Killed His Parents Got Inspiration From Video Games & Films by minute(f): 4:17pm On Sep 03, 2013
Sociopath. Uneducated. Why else would a child kill a parent if he's not being abused

or mentally ill? A happy kid doesn't murder.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia Warns America Over Interference In Syria by minute(f): 1:04am On Aug 27, 2013
America has never won a war, so they should back off.

The US is forever playing the BIG I AM. The russian voters like to

vote for someone prepared to stand up to the Americans. So they

rattle sabres at each other even though China has overtaken BOTH of them.

It's been going on since 1917.
Family / Re: IVF Or Child Adoption: Which One Would U Advice? by minute(f): 12:26am On Aug 27, 2013
Fibroids don't keep you from getting pregnant. I'd use the $ for IVF, and hopefully it will work.

Adoption is NOT something to talk someone into. Either you are the adopting type or not.

It is not right to adopt a child who has already been separated from his/her family to serve

as a consolation prize to your infertility.

Adopted kids are really special need kids. They suffer profound losses, and are truly emotionally

different from biological kids born into their own families.

I think adoption is wonderful, but forcing someone to grow up in the dark, with closed and sealed

records, secrets and lies,no genetic mirroring and genetic bewilderment is just cruel and they stigma

tize the adoptee as some kind of dangerous underclass.

I know you'll find this difficult to understand but i don't think that adoption should be used

as a form of birth control, which it is, I also don't think that it should be used as a topic of conver-

-sation at a table, which it is.

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Travel / Re: Thread For Nigerians In Tahiti by minute(f): 3:19am On Aug 24, 2013
Are there nu^de beaches or resorts in Tahiti? Also, when is the best weather?

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