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Family / Re: When Is The Right Time To Get Married? by minute(f): 3:13pm On Dec 07, 2011
Regardless of what any of your answers tell you, it's a good idea to wait to marry until you are at LEAST 27. There is
a time around your mid twenties where men and women have mini "mid-life" crises. Priorities change, and personality
changes and things that seem right and good at 23 or 24, just do not make sense for the rest of your days. Trust me.
If you force it, you'll regret it. That doesn't mean you cant be in a committed relationship, or even engaged. Just not married.
Family / Re: How Do You Chase Away Unwanted Guests? by minute(f): 11:56pm On Nov 03, 2011
Direct approach . . . .Hey guys, go home!

Indirect approach . . . . .

You and your girlfriend become passionate in the living room! In full view. Be sure to grope a lot and make lots of groaning noises.

Do laundary and be sure to leave lots of stained underpants and socks spread out on the bed, say you're sorting them out.

Have liver and onions for supper! Turn on all the radios in the house on Celine Dion and sing along at top of lungs! Day and night. . .

and while making whoopie . . .especially if you sing bad.

Make a list of chores for her to do and nag her about it constantly, put some good one's down.

Drink up all the soda, milk and juice in the Fridge but leave the empty bottles. Then ask them to go buy some if they complain.

Disconnect the hot water in the showers(until they leave! then magically turn it back on and say you fixed it after they leave)

Suddenly start saying something is biting you all the time . . . rub your legs a lot . . . until they turn red . . then announce that

the house is infested with bugs and you need to have it fumigated.

Got to a pet store and purchase a cheap pet rat.Put it under her sheets . . . then scream alot when she finds it and claim you

never saw it before!

Start sharpening all the knives in the house. Don't say anything. Just stare straight ahead and keep sharpening. . .especially at

night do this.

Have an accomplice then flick out the circuit breakers one by one . . . Have someone record screaming and but it in the cd

player on the alarm program so it goes off at 3am. Then claim you don't know who is screaming. . . .maybe a ghost??

Start to hit on her(when he's not around), like stroke her hair and ask her if she's into thr**somes. This stuff should work.

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Fashion / Re: Girls: Do You Really Need Makeup? by minute(f): 2:52am On Nov 02, 2011
You believe in natural beauty? Oh, l didn't know. A little bit of makeup does help to look better.

I've been friends with women who can't even go to the corner shop without layers of makeup.

Some of them are prettier without the makeup, some look good either way, some of them, my

god, even with all the makeup they'd be better off investing in a paper bag.
Celebrities / Re: Kim Kardashian File For Divorce - TMZ by minute(f): 1:56am On Nov 02, 2011
I thought she always kind of just fit with Reggie. Funny how they reported she just had lunch with him.

Anyway, you could see this coming. They never seemed right together. She's too high maintenance(look

at the scene on her show when she was saying she could not live in the lower lifestyle he had). l think he

(a B- list?)was looking for someone too high profile. What guy wouldn't want to marry Kim Kardashian even

though they know it's going to fail, everyone knows who they are, and for a basketball player no one's ever heard

of before, that will get you some big publicity. He said how dare anyone question his motives, but as you can see

from the recent pictures, even  though he made a big deal about not needing a high maintenance lifestyle like Kim,

he sure did have fun spending lots of money partying(with Scott) in that 72 day period.
Family / Re: What Are The Best 'first Toys' That Are Good For Toddlers Aged Between 1 And 2 Years? by minute(f): 5:01pm On Nov 01, 2011
Push pull toys definitely.
Family / Re: She Wants Me To Give Up Beer by minute(f): 4:36pm On Nov 01, 2011
Cut back for her. Relationships are about making sacrifices for each other.
Family / Re: Halloween by minute(f): 4:23pm On Nov 01, 2011
Guess it depends on your personality as much as it does your religion. Some people don't

feel comfortable telling their children that a stranger broke into their house and leaves them

things,or that a giant bunny hides eggs for them to find. But it's really just something that

was started when children had nothing to hope for. Giving them something to believe in gave

them hope. It also gave them a reason to act right. These things are only pagan if your religion

is pagan. If you are a Christian; Santa, the Easter Bunny, trick or treating, and any of the other

things out there are only things you do, like brushing your teeth. Unless you harm someone doing

these things, that's when common sense kicks in and says THIS IS WRONG!
Computers / Re: Steve Jobs Is Dead by minute(f): 2:56am On Oct 06, 2011
Yes, sadly he passed away this morning. Some say they named the iPhone4S after him. . . (iPhone for Steve)

Is he going to be buried in an iCasket?
Family / Re: 3 Caeserian Sections, 3 Girls -Should I attempt a 4th? by minute(f): 3:57pm On Oct 05, 2011
Every c-section increases your risk factors. Look into VBAC if you can.

There are plenty of people who have multiple c-sections and are healthy

and have healthy babies. You will be fine.
Health / Re: Pregnancy: I Don't Want To Have Stretch Marks. Help! by minute(f): 3:15pm On Oct 05, 2011
There's nothing you can do prevent them. The values and textures of

your skin are hereditary. They will lessen after delivery, but never go

away. Sorry. Anything you smear ON your skin is not absorbed into the

layers BELOW the epidermis. The only people profiting from the sale of

expensive creams are those making them . . . ask your doc.
Family / Re: by minute(f): 6:41pm On Sep 17, 2011
1. You keep your hands off her.

2. Take out the garbage and watch her go into shock and shut her mouth.

3. Then put all your dirty clothes in the hamper or clothes basket- bet her mouth is still shut.

4.Now make a date to to take her to dinner and giver her money for a manicure and pedicure
and l bet you get lucky real fast.

Women are not that hard to deal with.
Family / Re: Settle an Argument: "Should She Have to Do 'Man Chores'?" by minute(f): 6:26pm On Sep 17, 2011

Someone may need some serious effective communication with his partner. . . But other

than that i will tell you what my partner and l do . . . . We've compromised by designating specific

chores to eachother , . . We decided to do this because,he does not like housework at all so l gave

him simpler tasks to do i.e doing dishes three times a week and sweeping the floors. I also ask that he keeps

up with his own stuffs. Make sure his laundry is on his side of the room instead of everywhere else . . I still do

majority of the housework but his part does help . . .as long as he helps maintain and try not to be messy . . .it  

all works out . . .Oh . .  And on days he does the dishes . . l take out the trash . . l hate it but l do it. Because you

know what? We both live in this house and we both have to do our parts to maintain it. The cars don't need fixing

or washing as often as house chores need to be done and frankly, we have a mechanic for that. So until you spend

a day being in a woman's shoes,you have no right to *****!!

Next time listen to your wife when shes got something to say.
Phones / Re: Android Vs. Iphone: What You Need To Know by minute(f): 12:33pm On Sep 13, 2011
I would take any android phone . . . .even the cheapest most stripped down model . . . over an iPhone.

The growth in the Android apps market has been incredible,over 100,000 items and increasing daily.

There is more freedom with an Android phone.You can root it,hack it, install modified versions on it

and you won't be violating any iPhone cult "rules".

I have never seen an Android phone that doesn't have a user-replaceable battery. Unlike the iPhone.

Even without rooting and modding,you can make a lot more customizations and personalizations on

Android phones.
Health / Re: Mastubation, Any Effects? by minute(f): 3:48pm On Sep 11, 2011
Penile Cancer.
Celebrities / Re: Bethenny Frankel Richer Than Angelina Jolie & Gisele Bundchen? by minute(f): 3:33pm On Sep 11, 2011
It think she's inspiring as well. She came from a childhood that didn't

have a lot of love but found true, unconditional love in her adult life. She

was able to break the cycle of how she was treated by her parents and

learned that love was an okay emotion to feel.I just really think she's a

neat person. Watching her on the RHONY and then on Bethenny Getting

Married/Bethenny Ever After . . .she's just funny and sweet and l have not

gotten through one episode of any of her shows without shedding a tear.

She's made mistakes,learns from them and moves on. Baby Brynn is

absolutely adorable and Jason is so sweet . . . . .
Family / Re: Why Do Men Add Weight After Marriage? by minute(f): 8:53pm On Aug 31, 2011
Perhaps their wives are too well meaning and want to "feed them to death" . . . .killing

them off nicely while feeding them with lots of greasy foods they like that will clog up

their arteries . . . nobody can prove they were killing them softly . . . to be widows again

and go looking for new "victims".

I don't know really.
Family / Re: Whats The Best Technique To Use In Rebuking A Child? by minute(f): 11:32pm On Aug 17, 2011
Different form of discipline work for different people. It is what

you can tolerate from your child. Just know that because you

may be able to tolerate certain things from your children doesn't

mean others will or ought to. As a form of discipline i feel like

spanking is okay. As long as you understand the difference

between spanking and abuse.
Family / Re: Should A Lady Marry A Man Who Is Jobless? by minute(f): 11:10pm On Aug 17, 2011
This is the reality in life. We can still love without money, but not marriage. Marriage is

two loving persons come together and build a family. And building a family cost money.

Even both of you just rent a room need money, don't talk about having kids.

In short, love can be impulsive but marriage need planning.
Family / Re: Should Women Lose Their Individuality In Marriage? by minute(f): 7:31pm On Aug 04, 2011
Sadly it happens, but they shouldn't.

If you love someone enough to marry them,you should love them  for

BEING them, not for the "potential" they have to be someone or something

else. The only men who encourage this kind of behaviour are weak, self-centered

jerks, who can't control their own lives, so they feel the need to control something

. . . . namely their wives.

They convince their wives it's them that need to change,and gradually it happens

little by little, until she's what he wants her to be,and most of the time, the woman

doesn't even realize it's happening until it's gone too far.

My neighbour's wife ended up this way,and has two children with him, so she doesn't want

to leave because of the kids, it's a horrible and senseless situation . . . . and quite frankly

. . . . . . its bullsh*t.

If you can't be strong enough to support the other person in the  relationship as an individual,

and respect that . . . and work together . . . then don't be in a relationship, it's that simple.

Women shouldn't have to be led to believe  they have to "obey" a man . . . last time i

checked,this wasn't that kind of society. Women should realize, they are capable and strong, and

can do things on their own without a dominating man to bring them down, and force them to be

something they aren't . . . l just wish some of them, like my friend, were able to see it . . .and not

be scared of not being able to make it on her own, because some weak little man has her intimidated

of the "big bad world" . . . I personally , would like to kick his balls in. But hey, that's just my opinion.
Celebrities / Re: Kim Kardashian Sue Oldnevy(melissa Molinaro)for Lookin Like Her(pictures) by minute(f): 11:56am On Jul 22, 2011
Doubtful she has any case since Melissa has been working as a professional actress,

singer,model and choreographer since 2002,long before anyone even knew Kim was.

Melissa joined the cast of Young and Restless in 2004 bringing her to the attention of

millions of viewers. If anything she could try to counterclaim that Kim copied her look

since she has been in the public eye longer than Kim.

Not to mention i don't think the two of them look alike.In the ad she actually dresses and

dances like Nicole Scherzinger not Kim Kardashian. She needs to laugh and keep it moving.
Nairaland / General / Re: What Should One Do About Such A Sister? by minute(f): 3:44pm On Jul 19, 2011
This is just teenage bullshit.

Why don't you all get together and have a three some or something? undecided undecided undecided
Romance / Re: $9000 Engagement Ring: Give It Back Or Keep It. by minute(f): 7:26pm On Jun 25, 2011
I would  keep it regardless of who breaks it off. The ring is a promise of commitment

from him to her,it doesn't matter if she is the one who breaks it off,it's considered

a gift to her.

Most men here wont take you to court to get the ring back because she can turn the

tables and sue him for breech of contract(meaning a deal was made to marry you,the ring

sealed the deal and now the deal is broken)
Family / Re: What Is Your Candid Opinion Of This Case? by minute(f): 2:38pm On Jun 17, 2011
His wife is partly responsible if she knew about his marital indiscretions

and didn't try to stop him.

Its on the record that Mrs. Huma Abedin tolerated his sexting before and

during thier marriage,and she should have told him to cut it out.

Now his career's on the rocks.
Family / Re: Help, How Do I Cope With A Verbally Abusive Husband by minute(f): 4:27am On Mar 01, 2011
Dammit woman, did I give you permission to use the internet?!
Romance / Re: I Am Doing Something Abominable And I Know But I Need Help by minute(f): 7:25pm On Jan 21, 2011
Just stop you LovePeddler! How could you treat your Sister like that?

You jeopardize your entire relationship with people you care about

because you are selfish. People like you are horrible. undecided undecided undecided
Romance / Re: Or Is Polygamy Totally Bad? by minute(f): 7:11pm On Jan 21, 2011
It's gross and disgusting! I can't imagine my husband bed hopping night after night.

It's also unclean,when you make love with  your husband, you are making love to

like five other women, yuck!! What if one of them came up with G enital Herpes? Herpes

is a virus that lives in all our bodies, but some people's herpes is active which would spread

to the whole Clan. Then if he had MouthAction with all these women, you would have a house full of

Blistered lips and coochies . . . . GROSS. Hey ladies and Gents, How's that sound?
Family / Re: Am I Doing Wrong By Supporting My Boyfriend Financially? by minute(f): 4:44pm On Jan 06, 2011
Quit being a sucker. Someone you love should add to your life,

not take away. Ask yourself what he adds to your life and ask

yourself if it's what you want if not, move on.

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Crime / Re: A Nigerian Student Shot And Killed In Us by minute(f): 1:19pm On Dec 06, 2010
So where are those people that stood up for the "Stop Snitching" movement now??

This a result of people not being involved in saving a community from Gangs and Drug dealers . . .

. . . . . such a sad shame really . . . I pray for the family of that young man.
Music/Radio / Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now? by minute(f): 8:06pm On Nov 19, 2010
Tardy for the party--------Kim Zolciak
Family / Re: Married Women Going Fat by minute(f): 7:30pm On Oct 29, 2010
No more than men getting beer guts,passing gas,

and expanding bald spots or dying their greying mop

of hair after they get married. The combovers don't make

their baldspots less noticeable,nor does dying their hair jet

black with a sagging face full of wrinkles make them look


Women will accept anything from a man appearance wise(in general)

whereas some men are appearance based because that's not what marriage

should be based on.

You have budgeted $$$$ to keep your wife a size 2? Looking good 24/7 costs

money and some married women have priorities(like raising a family,putting the children's

and husband's needs first)

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