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Religion / Re: Is Money Ritual A Myth Or True? by mrmayor(m): 8:08pm On Nov 06, 2012
[size=13pt]Your Weed must be a very high grade. . . . [/size]

grin grin grin grin grin grin
Politics / Re: Nigeria: The Good, The Bad, The Beautiful, The Ugly. by mrmayor(m): 9:41pm On Nov 01, 2012

Sir, I'm giving you 21 Niger Delta Gbosas, I comot cap for you. Nigeria in Pictures, well done. I allowed my little niece and nephews to take a look at the pictures ( I never allow them on NL) for obvious reasons, they were captivated by them, they can't believe that Nigeria had cars in the 40's 50's. I'm truly impressed.

Religion / Re: Does This Have Something To Do With Why Man Was Created? by mrmayor(m): 12:21pm On Nov 01, 2012

Genesis 3:1:: King James Version (KJV) - “Now the serpent was more subtil than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made. And he said unto the woman, Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden?”
“. . . And he (the serpent) said unto the woman . . .

” There are no species of snake that can speak, and no species of reptile have a larynx. In order to hold a conversation, and don’t say the heavenly father gave him or it that power, just to beguile (trick) Nekaybaw (Eve) against his own commandments, no, not really. Think!
And one more point, (Genesis 4:16) “the land of Nod,” if this is the first and only family on the whole planet Earth, no one else was created yet, just (and I repeat) 1. Adam, 2. Eve, 3. Cain, tell me who set up the land of Nod? Who were the people that lived there, where did they come from, and how long before Adam and Eve did they exist?

They were the Nodians or Nodites depending on your version of Japanese, they are currently seeking UN membership.
Religion / Re: Did Jesus Ever Prayed In Tongues? by mrmayor(m): 11:52am On Nov 01, 2012
pastormustwacc: I have my reasons for asking this question. Oya, where are the tongue-twisting christians on the board?

Pulpit: Well, anyone that wishes to speak should mount the pulpit and start talking.
High table: the tithe and anti-tithe christian-believers are welcomed to the high table.
Catholics: might stand outside - i have never seen a catholic pray in tongues (not sure they believe in it).
Guests: Atheists, Pagans and all other religions are invited to watch from the sidelines.
Devil and his gang: I know you dont understand us when we pray in tongues (thunder fire your heads in Jesus name).

Haba, now now! I thought abi na read you saying you won't curse/judge again all who do not share your view? Atheist,Skeptics and all non believers are considered Children of the Devil himself and you start up this thread by curses, Pastor-Must-Wacc(k) na wah o, btw I love your handle
Health / Re: A Day In The Life Of Someone Living With Sickle Cell by mrmayor(m): 3:08pm On Oct 29, 2012

My dear, the story is not really educative. The story is more about the TRAUMA OF SCD. If you want to be educated about SS disease, you should be Learning about how the sufferers manage SCD.
What in the op's story signifies how she is managing it. Is it the pains she is Having? is the numerous visits to the hospital?
Freecocoa, what is eduacative in this story?

After reading your post, I have read and reread the original post, trying to see if indeed she's craving for attention as you alleged, I find nothing to support your line of thought. Her post is really referring to the numerous threads on people with AS genotype getting married and having children, the Pros & Cons. The OP, is only saying STOP, THINK BEFORE you have that SS baby because your beautiful Baby would go through what I have been through.I don't see what is Cry Baby about that.
Religion / Re: The Absurdity Of God's Omnipresence. by mrmayor(m): 10:15pm On Oct 27, 2012
advocate666: Many theists believe in the omnipresence of god. They sing it in their songs. It is the reason why they pray anywhere because they believe god hears and sees them wherever they are.

But this omnipresence of god is not without problem for the minds of the godly because it implies that god is also in places where they will rather he not be. Consider this: God is in hell.

This assertion posed a lot of problems to early christians but they eventually admitted that it was true.

Here is Martin Luther discussing this with his friends.

Well, theists, consider my own input in this. The omnipresence of god implies thus that god is

in my sewer
in my urine
[size=13pt]in ashawo's menstrual pad

when, the okada man is inside the prostitute, there is god, right between the friction of their privates.
god is wholly and in essence inside the vomit of the drunkard
the exploding bomb of boko haram contains god

god is on my keyboard while i'm typing this
he is in me, in my veins and in my brains.

he is in the devil and is part and parcel of his three tongued fork
he was in hitler and was in the furnace that burned those jews.

he is in my spperm and when i go to the toilet in the morning, there he is.
are you smoking ganja? you are smoking god.

have you ever seen two dogs locked together in their sexual act, god is inside.
etc etc.

If you deny any of these statements, then you are denying god's omnipresence.

So the next time you see dog poo on the side of the road, please bow down in submission to his holy presence.

I don laff die @bolded grin grin grin grin grin grin grin
Religion / Re: Who Created God Or How Did God Come Into Existence? by mrmayor(m): 8:50pm On Oct 09, 2012

If you can describe to me the aroma of coffee then I will answer your kweshun.

Which Coffee; Fresh-brew, Kenco, Nescafe or Maxwell House?
Religion / Re: The Wonderful Truth Of The Trinity by mrmayor(m): 3:21pm On Sep 05, 2012

[size=13pt]Jesus Christ was 100% full man and not GOD.
Yahweh cannot be tempted, Yahweh cannot die, Yahweh does not say that the father is greater than he, Yahweh does not eat, drink or sleep.

[size=13pt]Mate you are jealously holding unto false doctrine.[/size]

One thing I do and which God has blessed me with is to examine all church doctrine in the light of scripture.

During this process I have found out that what the majority of apostate christianity believe in largley unscriptural , such as :
1. Immortal Soul
2. Eternal Hell
3. souls in heaven or hell at death
4. Trinity
5. Tithing
6. rapture
etc etc

Read your bible and humbly ask God for wisdom, that is what I do almost everyday and the traditions of men have been totally destroyed from before my very eyes, praise be to Yahweh our eternal father, saviour and redeemer.

Wow, Frosbel, is this you or your clone?
Religion / Re: What Would Make You Believe There Is No God? by mrmayor(m): 7:43pm On Aug 04, 2012
Deep Sight:
By their "fruits" you shall know them.
Oga lawyer abeg no vex.

Deep Sight:

But just to answer your question specifically -

Virgin Birth/ Immaculate Conception of Jesus, Jonah in the belly of the whale, Talking Donkey, Saul (Paul's) claims about the road to Damascus, Jesus walking on water, any suggestions that Jesus is God, Moses and Mount Sinai, resurrection of Jesus, transfiguration, Dove at baptism. These seem like falsehoods to me, and I regard them as outrightly FALSE, but I am not all knowing and as such I must place the caveat that they could be events beyond my knowledge or understanding.


Thank you again, I'll redline those passages in my bible ( yep, I actually own several bibles, from my years sunday school)

Deep Sight:

Garden of Eden, Noah's Ark, Cain and Abel, Jacob and Angel battle

In many places: but one clear case was the King James Version rendition of 1 John 5 v 7. That deliberate Trinitarian insertion has now been removed by new versions though. But it proves there were insertions/ alterations.

Thanks you made my weekend, now take 1 bottle for my head. You're truly one of Nlanders I would love to meet.
Religion / Re: What Would Make You Believe There Is No God? by mrmayor(m): 8:46pm On Aug 02, 2012
Deep Sight: @ Area boy. . . .

The Bible may be altered, and certainly contains truth as well as falsehood and myth. However one should still try and discern deeply when looking at some of its legends. They could be symbols.

About the garden of eden which you mentioned, look deeper into the story - - - >

Could it be that the legend related in Genesis regarding the fall of man in Eden is not a reference to an event that occured in this world, but rather describes the departure of the spirit of mankind from the eternal spiritual realm into the world of matter?

This would tally with many things. A forbidden fruit would be the world of matter. Entering into it would bring about knowledge of good and evil, as presumably there is no evil in the realm from which the spirit came. Or there is just pure neutrality. Casting out man from the garden would be sending the spirit out of the spiritual realm into the world of matter. Wearing animal skins is a clear indicator of the physical bodies that man must wear to live in the physical world. Such bodies bear close resemblances to animal bodies. It is instructive that the fruit is given by the woman, since it is by women that we are born into the world of matter. On top of all that God promises that if man eats the fruit he shall die. It is certain that death is only known to man once he has entered the world of matter. Above all the reference to the Lord God strolling in the Garden and communing daily with man there on a one to one basis indicates that this was a spiritual realm where God's presence was.

Most instructively however, the TREE OF LIFE was said to reside in the garden. Crucially, it is said to be guarded by cherubs and a flaming sword after the fall of man. That says it all; it could not have been this earth. It was another realm. The ultimate realm.


Finally, the learned Ex Anglican/Eckist/Grail Message lawyer arrives to the thread to give us his usual "Ambiguous, Could Have, Sort Of" neither here or there opinion.

I would love to know which parts of the Bible are blatant Falsehood, Myths and where it has been altered.

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Religion / Re: Hubble Space Telescope Images And The Glory Of GOD - This Is Not A Coincidence by mrmayor(m): 11:15am On Jul 29, 2012

Incredible pictures, I'm always in awe when I see pictures of Galaxies, Billions and Billions of Light Years away. Assuming you accept or believe that these pictures of Galaxies, Stars etc are billions of Kilometers away and the scenes captured by Hubble are only showing what these objects actually look like Billions of years ago not now

Do you still hold on to the Young Earth 6,000 years old as Moses would have us believe?
Religion / Re: What Evidence Would Change Your Present Atheistic Postulations? @ NL Atheists by mrmayor(m): 8:41pm On Jul 25, 2012
1. Restore an Amputee after praying.

2. Ability to Walk on Water after calling on the name of Jesus

3. Parting the Atlantic, just like the Red Sea

4. Ability to drive a car without Fuel after praying, I hear Daddy GO has done it already, want that "grace" extended to all

5. Finally, if God truly can, let him cure Corruption in Nigeria.

If these are done, even one I will repent now now.
Religion / Re: How To Worship The Nigerian God by mrmayor(m): 10:25am On Jul 20, 2012
I can't stop laughing grin grin grin grin grin grin. Front page please
Religion / Re: Why Are Women The Only Infertile Ones In The Bible?? by mrmayor(m): 3:31pm On Jul 09, 2012
Ha ha ha, grin grin grin grin very good question love to know the answer myself, where is Frosbel when you need him?
Religion / Re: Creflo Dollar Arrested For Choking His Daughter by mrmayor(m): 8:08pm On Jun 08, 2012
Frosbel beat me to this story, what can I say. Creflo dollar must be acting on one of the fruits of the spirit, not sure which one though

Politics / Re: India Must Go by mrmayor(m): 8:33pm On Jun 05, 2012
ibadan1: As Usual people like Frosbel miss the point, I have just gone through his posts and can by deduction conclude as to his mind set, a company has caused the deaths of 153 people though negligence and a lack of respect for the its clients and he calls me a racist. I have been to India numerous times for work and can conclude that Hinduism the predominant religion of Indians says you are sub human because of the colour of your skin and you call me racist. Of course our government is has a lot to answer for, but my point is there has been a catalogue of atrocities by these people towards Nigerians and thus they must as go.

Forgive Frosbel,what do you expect from a tweed jacket wearing Council worker in Hackney, whose boss must Indian

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Religion / Re: Which Light Did God Create On The First Day? by mrmayor(m): 8:03pm On Jun 02, 2012
Logic Mind:

ok i got you

day one he created day & night
day 4 he created sun, moon and stars.

No Sir you did not get me, going by the bible story Light was created twice, first on the first day and called Day and Night. On the fourth day Light was created again only this time Energy emitting Star ( Our Sun)and Moon were created. Distinction between Day and Night is Sun Light.
Religion / Re: Which Light Did God Create On The First Day? by mrmayor(m): 7:25pm On Jun 02, 2012
Logic Mind:

If I uderstand you well, on the first day god created light in general. then on the fourth day he assigned missions to these lights.

Question is what KIND of LIGHT was created on the First Day? The Light Was Day and the Dark was Night.

Assigning Missions to Light is exactly not creation is it? The Sun(actually a star), Moon and Stars were created on the fourth day.
Family / Re: If Your Name Have A Negative Meaning, Will You Change It? by mrmayor(m): 4:54pm On Jun 02, 2012
Nigerians and parochial mindset. shocked

How would these names affect your child

BILL GATES: Your Son would spend the rest of his Life paying Bills and opening Gates.

George Bush: Your Son would be Cutting Bush all his life till he is delivered by a few Oyedepo Slaps grin

Steve Jobs: None sense name, your son can oly do Jobs and not have a career or a business man.

Margaret Thatcher: Tufiakwa, what a name! Your daughter would be Thatching Roofs all her life
Religion / Re: Which Light Did God Create On The First Day? by mrmayor(m): 11:35pm On Jun 01, 2012

Very convenient explanation I must say grin grin grin

By your own reckoning

Gen 1:3 And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.
Gen 1:4 And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness.
Gen 1:5 And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day.

Was the Sun created on the First Day or the Fourth Day?
Family / Re: If Your Name Have A Negative Meaning, Will You Change It? by mrmayor(m): 11:21pm On Jun 01, 2012
Ignatio: My sister on discovering that her name Linda means snake, she immediately dropped it ( btw I don't see anything bad in the name snake). Anyone that called her the name met a harsh response. I would do the same if I have a bad name. Mine means son of fire and I like it.


Linda meaning and name origin

Linda \l(i)-nda, lin-da\ as a girl's name is pronounced LIN-dah. It is of Spanish origin, and the meaning of Linda is "pretty". Originally derived from "linde", a German name element referring to the lime tree. The name also existed as a part of other English names such as Belinda and Melinda. Actresses Linda Evans, Linda Hunt; singer Linda Ronstadt; journalist Linda Ellerbee; fashion designer Lindka Cierach.

Linda has 18 variant forms: Lin, Lindalee, Lindee, Lindey, Lindi, Lindie, Lindira, Lindka, Lindy, Linn, Lynda, Lynde, Lyndy, Lyn, Lynn, Lynne, Lynnda and Lynndie.

For more information, see also related names Adelinde, Alinda, Arlinda, Barinda, Calandra and Derinda.

Baby names that sound like Linda are Lenda and Lind.

View a list of the 12 names that reference Linda.


Belinda meaning and name origin

Belinda \b(e)-lin-da, bel(i)-nda\ as a girl's name is pronounced ba-LIN-dah. [b]It is of Italian origin, and the meaning of Belinda is "beautiful". [/b]Probably from Italian "bella" (see Bella) with the suffix -inda, or with the Germanic "lind" meaning "serpent, dragon" or "linde" meaning "soft, tender". It was used by Sir John Vanbrugh for a character in his comedy "The Provok'd Wife" (1697) and by Alexander Pope for the society beauty in his poem "The Rape of the Lock" (1712). Has upper-class English connotations. Pop singer Belinda Carlisle.

Belinda has 12 variant forms: Bel, Belenda, Belindra, Belle, Bellinda, Bellynda, Belynda, Bindy, Linda, Lindie, Lindy and Velinda.

For more information, see also related names Clarinda and Elinda.

Baby names that sound like Belinda are Blanda and Blondy.

View a list of the 5 names that reference Belinda.


[size=13pt]Where do Nigerians get meaning of Oyibo names that are different from the Original Owners of the NAME? [/size]
Politics / Re: Picture Of First Locallly Made Navy Warship! by mrmayor(m): 5:54pm On May 31, 2012
Kobojunkie: It looks good.

[size=13pt]What! Positive post on Nigeria by Kobojunkie! shocked Much Respect Respect cheesy[/size]

[size=14pt]To Nigerian Navy, 21 Gbosas grin grin grin grin grin[/size]
Religion / Re: Funny Cartoons - No Sacred Cows Here . . . by mrmayor(m): 9:45am On May 29, 2012

Jesus created the angels, satan was perfect when the Lord created him. He became corrupted when he sinned against God. For God's eyes are so holy that it cannot behold iniquity.

Therefore, Jesus Christ cannot be blamed for creating a satan, satan became satan when he rebelled against his Creator. When we rebel against our maker, that becomes treason.

[size=13pt]1. Did Jesus know in advance that Lucifer, the Morning Star, Most Beautiful of all the Angels Would REBEL?
2. Why wouldn't a Perfect Jesus accept Responsibility of Creating a Perfect Being Lucifer who Rebelled, became Imperfect and turned Satan his Arch Enemy?[/size]
Religion / Re: Funny Cartoons - No Sacred Cows Here . . . by mrmayor(m): 5:45pm On May 27, 2012
OLAADEGBU: Uninvited (continued).

So, Why did Jesus Create Satan?
Religion / Re: Dr. Sign Fireman Answers Crucial Questions!!! by mrmayor(m): 5:31pm On May 27, 2012
Wow, 3 gbosas to Dr Fireman. Atleast he didn't try deny the controversial hand bill as his own and not that of detractors.
Religion / Re: Sickness: Not An Act Of God! · Pastor Chris by mrmayor(m): 8:09pm On May 07, 2012

Things are attributed to God . But that doesnt mean he did them. Did Charles Taylor cut the hands of those babies?

O really;what kind of things? Virgin Birth, Red Sea, Walls of Jericho, Ordering Saul to Kill all Amalakites including babies, unborn ( abortion of the foetus and murder of nursing mothers)when Saul refused he was dethroned. Being Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnieverything, which is he not and which is he?

Need I go on?
Religion / Re: Sickness: Not An Act Of God! · Pastor Chris by mrmayor(m): 4:30pm On May 07, 2012
buzugee: i beg to differ with pastor Chris

EXODUS 4 VS 11 And the LORD said unto him, Who hath made man's mouth? or who maketh the dumb, or deaf, or the seeing, or the blind? have not I the LORD?

DEUTERONOMY 28 VS 61 Also every sickness, and every plague, which is not written in the book of this law, them will the LORD bring upon thee, until thou be destroyed.

DEUTERONOMY 28 VS 59[b] Then the LORD will make thy plagues wonderful, and the plagues of thy seed, even great plagues, and of long continuance, and sore sicknesses, and of long continuance.[/b]

@Pastor Jo,

My guy, its either God Causes Sickness or He Doesn't angry angry Is the God the OT different from God of NT

Make up your mind For Phock Sake
Religion / Re: Where Do Aborted Babies Go To? by mrmayor(m): 6:47pm On May 06, 2012
Kay 17: Christianity is just an entangled mess of confusion! God being omniscient will know a foetus will be aborted, why would he then give the foetus a contrary destiny??

Ask me again sad

haha grin grin grin love to hear what the holy ones think about this cheesy
Religion / Re: Where Do Aborted Babies Go To? by mrmayor(m): 11:54pm On May 05, 2012
chrisley024: Unborn babies inheritd d Adamic sin, [size=14pt]n no unclean tin shall enta heaven![/size] So maybe God shall/ has a way of cleansin dem b4 dey cn enta heaven.

Exactly the whole point of ABORTION, the bible says no repentance in the grave or Bin Bag in the case of Foetus, the "Blood Tins" are UNCLEAN!That's why they have to be aborted and sent to HELL where they belong,
Religion / Re: Where Do Aborted Babies Go To? by mrmayor(m): 10:12pm On May 05, 2012
solomon111: [b]Aborted babies go to heaven,[/b]because despite the fact that they inherit adamic sin,they have not gotten to the age of accountability and so cannot determine what is good and bad,and therefore cannot make a conscious decision to accept the lordship of Jesus christ.!

Thank you jare, finally a spirit filled believer who is willing to declare his stand. A woman or the doctor who has aborted " Tens of Thousand" foetus/babies should be given an easy ride heaven afterall they have done more in sending more souls to heaven than Oyaks,Daddy GO, Dr Fireman, Creflo Dollar and co.

Thanks again Solomon, you're indeed wise.

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