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Music/Radio / Re: The Wackest Nigerian Artist Is Mr Olu by SOJ(m): 11:58am On Apr 22, 2009

Every Nigerian Artiste Is wack

R u saying di cos u r as well?

@ poster

Olu isnt so much of an artiste as he is an entertainer;he is a versatile partygoer and clubhopper.Well, Yahoozee might have rocked Naija, UK and US but his other sounds dont qualify as hits yet. Even his new 'Tomato' makes little sense;his trial at reinventing his old 'toyin tomato' jam doesnt appear to be sounding right.
Overall, he can be rated 3 on a scale of 1-10. If u think that is wack,well,,,,,lol
Romance / Re: Does The Kind Of Lady Still Exist by SOJ(m): 11:53am On Apr 22, 2009

let it be;stop snooping cool
Romance / Re: I Need To Praise Him by SOJ(m): 11:47am On Apr 22, 2009
LMAOLC!!!! Sistawoman don kill me o! U actually sang the K-Ci & Jojo classic word-for-word! Kai, love nwantintin. U must bring the guy here make we meet am;dont worry NL gals no go carry am off!LOLz!
Romance / Re: Am Engaged But In Love With Someone Else. by SOJ(m): 11:41am On Apr 22, 2009
@bekkie 45

you are treading dangerous waters here,luv. yep, i can quite say this guy has feelings for you and for him. but i dont think these feelings are strong enuf to culminate into a positive relationship;and by saying positive relationship,i mean one leading to marriage. He may not be aware of it but he's really wasting ur time. Forget the fact dat u love him or he u;dats so relative. u will only cause urself more pain to be wit him any longer so why bother? Concentrate on your engagement/wedding and on fortifying the relatnship wit ur fiance. Obviously, making mental calculations will show dat u guys have a wealth of baggage u wuldnt be able to surmount if u hookup o, think twice dear.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Opportunities In Nigeria For Uk Wife With Phd by SOJ(m): 11:02am On Apr 22, 2009
try these sites and visit them religiously,lol: www(.)findajobinafrica(.)com , www(.)adexen(.)com , www(.)careersnigeria(.)com
I think u can google any other sites as u wish. I can say am intrigued by your level of experience in the education sector;you sure have a lot of knowlegde that can be transfered to our scholarly society here in Naija. I hope you get a placement soon,

On second thoughts, i encounter public ads from Universities in the daily newspapers in nigeria.I wondered if you culd make ur contact available so i can mail them to you as they appear from time to time. Cheers!
Romance / Re: What Do Couples Gain In Having An Affair Outside Thier Marriage? by SOJ(m): 4:05pm On Mar 31, 2009

Fani Kayode as a case study grin grin grin

Politics / Re: Re-branding: N’assembly Seeks Source Of Funding by SOJ(m): 6:05pm On Mar 18, 2009

In the circumstances the question now is who is rebranding Nigeria? Are they the president, the politicians, state Gov , Ministers the police, the customs, or other public office holders?
Who is rebranding Nigeria when the nation depends on only cude oil as foreign exchange earner? Who is rebranding nigeria when domestic currency diminishing as a result of global economic crisis?
Technocrats at the CBN will convince u that the domestic currency is stable and economy is in good shape.

Another national joke!

i was appalled at the launching ceremony in abuja yesterday. I cant believe that we dont learn from history; the claim behind this campaign is just dat apart from the Heart of Africa 'project' which was launched abroad, this one will be homegrown. But, pray tell me, wat is homegrown about launching such a 'campaign' in the heart of abuja, in the midst of elites and dignitaries majority of whom where not Nigerians!
What will be homegrown about this project as it has been shot down before it has even begun. There appears to be no research work to justify its usefulness in nation-building. It might work as a short-term image launderer,but thats as far as it goes.

We are tire of 'projects' and 'campaigns' dat don't involve or reflect the thoughts and inclinations of the average Nigerian. The average Nigerian is struggling to make ends meet and our leaders are talking about image, The average Nigerian is sleeping in distasteful conditions and disease ridden environments and our leaders are shouting image-repair, the average Nigerian endures horrible hold-ups in traffic due to poor road network and bad major ways, the average Nigerian is always thinking of where the next naira will come from, the average Nigerian is wondering when the naira will stop failing, the average nigerian considers it a miracle and great news to be given a visa to go abroad to study and work!

This is just another exercise in futility; the only image that will be promoted here is that of Mrs Dora herself, due respect to her achievements in the drug regulation sector.

we can NEVER get it right this way; it will only get worse: why? becos while some folks are busy planning to conduct image repairing activities, others are busy spending national funds.tell me whats good about that, This is surely anoda national joke!
Business / Shrink Wrap Materials by SOJ(m): 2:20pm On Mar 06, 2009
Does anyone know any thing about shrink wrap and its usage in Nigeria.
Am interested in knowing more about it; i intend to invest in it as i was invited recently. I just want to know if it is viable and sellable. Kindly reply this thread,thanks
Romance / Re: Ive Had More Bfs Than Hes Had Gfs: by SOJ(m): 1:12pm On Jan 23, 2009

I thought she was 14 or so undecided
Chile, you guys should try to argue about the courses you are going to take, the careers you guys will take undecided

Romance / Re: Naija by SOJ(m): 5:33pm On Jan 15, 2009


All this spoon-feeding is exhausting.

Romance / Re: Do I Give Her My House Key by SOJ(m): 5:01pm On Jan 15, 2009

My boyfriend has the keys to my home but not to my bedroom.

one love

my gf has the key to my house and bedroom but not to my wardrobe tongue

abeg give am the key to EVERYTHING! wats d bigdeal??
Romance / Re: Argument In A Relationship Is Actually A Good Factor? by SOJ(m): 4:57pm On Jan 15, 2009

@ Poster argument is not good for any relationship and we shud all try to avoid it at all times.

couples who argue are couples who don't or are finding it hard to understand each other.

I understand some people deliberately cause argument just to spicen up their relationships but unknown to them they make it worse.

What's with dat?

There is no reason to avoid arguements;they r inevitabilities in relationships. see it this way: when too rough surfaces rub each other, they will smoothen over with time.
Romance / Re: Love Letters by SOJ(m): 9:23pm On Jan 10, 2009
wrote just one and dropped it on a gals locker cos i dint av d balls to talk to her and i dint want her tracing me tru my handwriting. crazy abi! grin
never got any though undecided
Romance / Re: Guys Only: When She Says "i Only Like You As A Friend " by SOJ(m): 9:20pm On Jan 10, 2009

hey miss Busy_body
your name suits you - whatz your own
why can't u just mind your business ( i was chatting with a guy- i didnt say i want to sleep with me - or did i


Hmm, wats being touchy about? undecided
Romance / Re: . by SOJ(m): 9:00pm On Jan 10, 2009
@ poster,

we av to see the essence of taking a break.thing is when u take a break from sometin u need to fill i wit anoda. now if u do fill in the gap wit sometin else,wat if that somtin else becomes too interesting to leave? Now thats d risk the poster has to take here!
Moreover, just as topup said: 4yrs no be yam o!obviously u guys have somtin strong going on to be 2geda for that long. So u av a relationship strong enuf to take a good honest talk. D fact dat u care about her and dont wanto hurt her shuld be a stronger incentive to have this talk!
I bet u guys can reach a sort of 'agreement' and u can avoid a break for the sake of one,
Politics / Re: British Born Naija Interested In Politics by SOJ(m): 8:18am On Jan 02, 2009
@ poster

ONe thing u shuld know is u r not alone in ur quest to 'salvage' Nigeria. There are many Nigerians and 'foreigners' who have the same ambition:both living in Naija and in the diaspora. This means that u have a kin to identify with.Personally i dont think u av a problem wit affecting change in naija. What u need to do is to identify the specific area u are interested in influencing;witout being specific it wuld be hard to be focused. And witout focus, it would be difficult to be persistently determined. Cos determination is key if u r interested in changing things here.
Also, u need to identify wit people of like minds here in naija; spend some time visiting naija by making good use of ur vacation times and so on. I advice u also start paid employment in the UK;a structured work environment wit distill in u values and ethics that u will need along the way.It will also give u necessary contacts and networks u can leverage on while pursuing ur 'political' goals.

On thing u must know is u dont av to be in politics to effect change in specific areas in naija. For example, u can own a business corporation that can create jobs for thousands or create value that people need and cannot do witout.
U can also run a non-profitable venture where u will also create jobs for pple and also add value to many lives witout collecting a kobo from them. The advantage of this is that u can get support from companies and international organisations that can help in either funding or support.

Lastly, ur accent is absolutely no barrier. No be only u get accent for naija (me sef dey form am and its not so bad, lol). Checkout Ndidi Nwuneli (hope i didnt massacre her name o!) of LEAP Africa.Her story will inspire u am sure;the best part is: she get 'unique' accent like urs grin

Romance / Re: Why Are Men In Uniforms So Enticing? by SOJ(m): 9:57pm On Dec 27, 2008
Men in uniform u say?
Does dat include men in agbero tout uniforms? tongue
Romance / Re: Help My Sisters Boyfriend Is Killing Me by SOJ(m): 9:56pm On Dec 27, 2008

how far brother, abeg don't knock my racket abeg
i don dey try toast rubbiieee 4 more dan 2months now
i don tire 4 her

@ rubiiee
because of the love i have for you i have broken up wit my girlfriend so i can be wit u
please i nid u before the new year grin grin grin

i dey wait 4 ur mail o,

@190,u are very funny person.so u left ur girlfriend because of me ehn.i see. isnt dt ridiculous.when u don't even know me?anwy u are my friend so i wl nt yap u in d presence of all nlanders.i wl send u a mail so i wl tel u wetin i feel.make sure say u check ur box o.takia of u.

There u go! U av hit gold! U may now enter into the gates made with ruby, LOL
Romance / Re: Help My Sisters Boyfriend Is Killing Me by SOJ(m): 1:58pm On Dec 27, 2008

Hi everyone,longest time.i ve not been reading ur posts 4 sometime now because I'm in a celebration mood.
@busybein.how are Ubt dnt understand sumtin who is dollyn?dnt quite get that.dnt change my i.d.anywy wish u a Happy new year in advance. kiss kiss kiss
@all posters.hope ur all doing fine?i ve chosen to ignore all ur insults as my friend 190 advised me.i wish u all a happy new year in advance. kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss
As we are getting close to a new year,i want to settle all my scores wt dos i mite ve offended.so plssssss I'm begging u.i dey take God beg una.make una 4give me. kiss kiss kiss kiss
To my friend 190.thnks 4 everything.I wish una wetin una wish unasef.i wish u a very happyand prosperous new year.stop beating ur girlfriend o. kiss kiss kiss
To alfchye and bettes.ve a lovely new year.i must confess,despite al ur insults,u guys made me realize certain things.

LMAOC! Na 190 now abi?Better give him an invite 2 come av some some,, tongue
Romance / Re: Deleted Post by SOJ(m): 1:53pm On Dec 27, 2008
yewa man:

Well all I have to say is that Ki ni BIG DEAL!

***smirks horrendously!***
Romance / Re: Why Do Good Girls Love Bad Boys? by SOJ(m): 1:45pm On Dec 27, 2008
why do birds fly? undecided
Romance / Re: A Vrey Sad Xmas by SOJ(m): 1:43pm On Dec 27, 2008
,,,And it might get sadder if u dont stop typing ur jobless posts! Dummie angry
Romance / Re: This Lady Is At War With Herself.who Can Help Her? by SOJ(m): 10:25pm On Dec 25, 2008

me am just gonna take anoda bite but this typing ooooo,,,,lol
Crime / Re: Beating Shit Out Of Your Girlfriend! by SOJ(m): 10:23pm On Dec 25, 2008

r u a chemist

tongue tongue tongue tongue
Romance / Re: This Lady Is At War With Herself.who Can Help Her? by SOJ(m): 10:06pm On Dec 25, 2008
u still up? how was xmas? nuff choppings eh cheesy
Crime / Re: Beating Shit Out Of Your Girlfriend! by SOJ(m): 10:04pm On Dec 25, 2008
ok macho, try flexing dem wit at the nearest agege park tongue
Romance / Re: I Confessed Now She's Leaving. by SOJ(m): 10:01pm On Dec 25, 2008
but really,the question nags my head: would u gals prefer that a guy hides such secrets from their mate?
na ur post make me think so o,sisi victorian undecided
Romance / Re: This Lady Is At War With Herself.who Can Help Her? by SOJ(m): 9:51pm On Dec 25, 2008
wonders will never end,,,this guy(gal?) dey answer him own post!
Crime / Re: Beating Shit Out Of Your Girlfriend! by SOJ(m): 9:47pm On Dec 25, 2008
seriously it takes an atomic level of selfcontrol not to throway slap for some gals sometimes;
since i wouldnt do it wateva the case,i'll say its WRONG,
Romance / Re: How Many Ladies/guys Have U Dated So Far? by SOJ(m): 9:42pm On Dec 25, 2008

i dated 23 / f***********ck 19 some are stubborn & greedy of what God give to them free of charge i need more here is my mail i d olathunder2@yahoo.com i m very good

guess u av got stripes to prove that eh tongue

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