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Family / Re: Short Igbo Names For Baby Girl And Meaning Needed by Angolobabe(f): 9:09pm On Oct 19, 2011
Thanks alot for the link,will check it out
Family / Short Igbo Names For Baby Girl And Meaning Needed by Angolobabe(f): 9:00am On Oct 19, 2011
Hello Nairalanders,

Please can anyone suggest good short igbo names for girls with its meaning ? .
Your help will be highly appreciate .
Family / Re: I Need My Son Back From Her Mother by Angolobabe(f): 3:07pm On Jun 24, 2011

my wife want me to take him from his mother because my wife  has similar experience thru her senior sister.

I just knew your wife is pushing u into it. do u have children with your present wife? please leave the child with his grandmother whom he already have bond and strong relationship  with, pay the school fees urself and provide monthly upkeep for the grandmother for food,medical and cloths and arrange for your son to visit u weekly or so to bond with him and know each others better ,then when his old enough send him to boarding school and during his vacation share it accordingly with grandma'am,his mother and urself.

I think your wife want u to take the child cos of the monthly money u send and its annoying her since she wants it to herself and kids if she has any,forget that story of her past experince thingy with senior sister ,she is using that to brainwash u into her wish,which she might even maltreat ur son under ur roof and use him as slave with house chores etc.
Family / Re: I Need My Son Back From Her Mother by Angolobabe(f): 2:27pm On Jun 24, 2011
This is what most Nigerian men do to baby mamas without looking back, i am sure u meant have rejected the pregnancy in the begining and abandoned her with pregnancy and baby to care for and now that those difficult and early stages has passed you now want to take the baby by force right ?

A single mother have every right to date any man she wants and u people are all concluding that she did wrong cos she have a child ,so her life shouldnt move forward cos she has a child right ?  shocked angry ,the only wrong i see she did on this part is dating and having a baby with a married man but its non of your business ,concentrate about the welfare of the child and not the mothers relationship .

The poster doesnt have any solid evidence that this woman isnt paying his son's school fees ,it could just be a rumour or his new wife is pushing him to take the child away cos of the money he sends monthly  and he hasnt said she is on-fit mother,your present wife will never care for that child like his real mother would.never take away a child forcefully from his mother he needs both of u in his life as he grows as that will give him a stable future with both love and care.

Instead try to build a mutual friendship with his mother for the sake of your child and u both can work as a team to raise your child, pay the school fees urself and only provide feeding,medical and clothing money for the mother and when he is old enough send him to boarding school and u both can visit him  in school and share his vacation accordingly.
Family / Re: I Need Nigeria Private Shipping Companies For Intl Forwarding Service Pls. by Angolobabe(f): 10:15am On Jun 21, 2011

i can give u one, infact am working with the company in question. if u are interested, contact me on 07039349890. my name is evelyn.

What is the name of the company ?
Family / I Need Nigeria Private Shipping Companies For Intl Forwarding Service Pls. by Angolobabe(f): 6:30pm On Jun 18, 2011
Hello Nairalanders,

Please does anyone know of a good and reliable National private shipping company in Nigeria that i can ship packages to and the reciever can pick it up from there office or that does door to door service ? i need good one that is not so expensive but good and reliable as i dont want any package getting lost through Nigeria National Mail plus delivery delay on there part.

I dont want UPS,DHL,FEDEX etc just a National Nigerian shipping company for forwarding purpose.

Thank you.
Family / Re: Must My Wife Decide Or Suggest ? by Angolobabe(f): 7:03am On Apr 12, 2011

50-50? I hear you. And I hope the 50-50 includes all other family responsibilities including financial contributions.

My concern is; in a case where both do not agree, who has the final say? or should the matter be left pending/abandoned?

What makes u think your wife is not contributing in your marriage? she does the chores at home and take care of the kids if u have any plus she takes care of u, dont u know that that alone is a full-time job  shocked ?? or do u think its easy to take care of kids,chores and husband who wants his ego satisfied grin? and hardly help out at home with kids and house chores ??

Final decision is based on what u both agree on mutually that will benefit both not just one person. wink let it remain pending until u both come into agreement there is nothing that cant be resolved in a marraige if there is love one will surelly submit to the other,if u want all final decison to be just on u then your a very controlling person  lipsrsealed
Family / Re: Must My Wife Decide Or Suggest ? by Angolobabe(f): 11:19pm On Apr 11, 2011
Every decision in marriage are 50-50 not by one person. ur wife have every right to express her view ,concern.

Nothing get done in my house without my input ,infact my hubby dont make any decision without asking me first.
Family / Re: Can You Adopt A Child Without Seeing Him/Her Physically? by Angolobabe(f): 11:00pm On Apr 11, 2011

Yes they should be allowed to see the child in which they want to adopt, Yes it would be very hard to pick a child out from so many, but the people who are going to adopt, need to know if the child is disabled so if the child is disabled that they know of the disability, so they know what they are dealing with and if they choose that child that they are able to cope,

Well said ,u took the words out of my mouth.
Family / Re: The Nonsense Called Divorce Settlement by Angolobabe(f): 12:41am On Apr 03, 2011
Yes it can backfire sometimes,thats why its important for pple to marry for the right reasons this way divorce rate will be low,as for me i see myself 50-60  more yrs in my marriage so that word called divorce is out ,all marriages have there ups n downs whenever we face those trial times we will mutually work it out and with God by our side our union will remain strong.
Family / Re: The Nonsense Called Divorce Settlement by Angolobabe(f): 12:21am On Apr 03, 2011
@ Sagamite , pple are entiled to decide who they want to be with but when u do make that decision and you have been married for yrs without prenup ,u just have to settle him or her period.

Where im based everything is 50/50 when ur married, it doesnt matter weither u worked for it or not ,all are classified as shared even the ones u owned before marriage .

If you dont want this wahala dont ever get married or get a prenup before marriage.
Family / Re: The Nonsense Called Divorce Settlement by Angolobabe(f): 11:29pm On Apr 02, 2011

WHat happened to using your own hands and brain to eke a living for yourself.

Your husband doesnt want any of your money you can keep it and he also expects to keep his own money too

Chei , i see sey dis settlement stuff dey pain u die lipsrsealed ,for your information i am a first class working woman and i am my own boss ,so yes i use my brain and hands to make that happen .

The thing is authomatically weither he wants it or not his entiled to it anyway and vice versa so its my right and his.

So dont try to take away ur partners right just cos u want to keep everything to urself even if u worked for it.
Business / What Is The Cost Of A Liter Of Diesel In Nigeria? by Angolobabe(f): 7:12pm On Apr 02, 2011
Please what is the cost of a liter of diesel in nigeria?
Family / Re: She Left Me After My Effort With My Kid by Angolobabe(f): 12:52pm On Apr 02, 2011

Now I m back to Nigeria and facing the new face of my life, Thanks all again and Bye ,

Are u kidding me ? 12M all those yrs lying and deserving u, omg she must be very wicked .
If what your saying is actually true dont worry God will give u your own wife and a better one at that and u will some day look back and realise that your wife now leaving u was a blessing for a greater promotion.

And as for her what goes around comes around. and how come u just leave after DNA test without discussing divorce? and how are u sure the DNA result is not scam?
Family / Re: Some Richer Wives Are Hell On Earth by Angolobabe(f): 1:17am On Apr 02, 2011

If the wife doesn't respect her husband then these people have no business being married to one another.

Exactly my point, if i was to become richer than my husband in the future grin wink i will still respect and treat him the same ,nothing will change apart from the part that we are more financially stable which means more love,peace n happiness cos what is mine is his any way.
Family / Re: Nanny, Maid Or Creche by Angolobabe(f): 12:44am On Apr 02, 2011
Daycare is the best option for now i think since u already have a housegirl,
Family / Re: The Nonsense Called Divorce Settlement by Angolobabe(f): 12:38am On Apr 02, 2011
Sorry man ,nothing nonsense about divorce settlement ,u dont expect a woman to spend all her good yrs married to u,gave u kids and then whenever u decide that she is not good enough u just throw her out without a roof on her head and means to help fend for herself until she can get a job and stand on her fit again.

Whatever i have i know my husband is entitled to half of it if anything happens and for the fact that i m married to him and have my family with him and share those quality yrs together alone earn him those benefit which he deserve and vice versa.

So dont feel mad for that cos its her right.
Family / Re: Can You Suck Mucus Out your Childs Nose With Your Mouth? by Angolobabe(f): 12:29am On Apr 02, 2011
No i can not cos its gross ,there are other ways to suck of baby mucus without using my mounth .
Family / Re: Some Richer Wives Are Hell On Earth by Angolobabe(f): 12:26am On Apr 02, 2011

What stops the man from showing off with the wife too?
Is the wealth not a communual wealth.
If they can share the love, they should be able to share the wealth.
Please, she can show off all she wants.
She worked hard for it. cool

grin grin grin Good point but atleast she should respect her husband even if she is richer than him.
Family / Re: Would You Do A DNA Testing On Your Kids? by Angolobabe(f): 12:22am On Apr 02, 2011
Na woa , lot of u dont even trust ur partners sad,dont do any DNA test without consulting ur wife to avoid future problems.
Family / Re: Why Are Some Nigerian Women Too Proud Of Their Husband's Accomplishments? by Angolobabe(f): 12:16am On Apr 02, 2011
i think its good to be proud of ones husband when they accomplish something important ,any woman who love her husband will ,as long as they are not rubbing it on other pples face just to spite them.
Family / Re: Who Makes The Most Sacrifice In The Home by Angolobabe(f): 12:05am On Apr 02, 2011
Both but women are the pillar even though the man is the head of the family.
Business / Re: Is There Any Business Btw 2m – 3m, In Naija That Can Be Monitored From Abroad? by Angolobabe(f): 11:58pm On Apr 01, 2011
Please dont ever try investing in any damn bizness in naija that u cant be there to monitor it n forget family n friends they will finish u .

better invest in the country of your resident no matter how small ,its secured n u will be in control and dont trust anybody with your money no matter how sweet they sound ,they are all fake n 419ers n even the good ones will become greedy later n want everything for thmselves be wise.
Phones / Re: Mobile Phone Network Companies In Nigeria & Transfering Credit 2 Another Mobile? by Angolobabe(f): 2:03pm On Mar 14, 2011
thnx for your reply ,i have just confirmed from INTERSWITCH and ETRANZACT that mobile payment now exist even to make online payment and that was what i was asking off. atleast nigeria is improving  grin
Phones / Re: Mobile Phone Network Companies In Nigeria & Transfering Credit 2 Another Mobile? by Angolobabe(f): 3:30pm On Mar 11, 2011
someone pls give me some info concerning this ,abi no body dey use mobile phone again grin
Phones / Mobile Phone Network Companies In Nigeria & Transfering Credit 2 Another Mobile? by Angolobabe(f): 12:02am On Mar 11, 2011
Hello Nairalanders,

Living in Nigeria and using Mobile phones ,do they have a programme in Nigeria where one can transfer there mobile credit in there phone to another phone ? if yes, can someone exchange that credit in mobile phone for money either via by bank or the mobile phone company?

Investment / Re: How To Open An Online Stock Brokerage Account To Trade The American Markets by Angolobabe(f): 8:53am On Mar 05, 2011

Hi NK - Love!!!

What a wonder "kid" you are.

You have given me more than I can chew with the list above. I believe by the time I get through the list I will have more than enough firms to deal with. Presently, am looking at Halifax. Will get back to you. Will give you a call as soon as I make any discovery. Meanwhile thanks a zillion for sharing.

Much regards.


Hello ,i have been having the same rejection as a nigerian citizen even though i live in europe, did you finally find a company that accept nigerian citizen? we check out the above list later.
Family / Re: Please Men I Need Your Help? by Angolobabe(f): 7:58pm On Mar 04, 2011
Na waoh ,  i am speechless with your situation. where in north africa do u live ?  atleast i or someone here can help u contact nigeria embassy or u never know they might even know someone in your country of residence that could help u out.

And since his reading your activities online why not delete your history each time u finish writting here ? atleast then he cant see what u write plus it will help u to be more open to nairalanders for help.
Family / Re: Help, How Do I Cope With A Verbally Abusive Husband by Angolobabe(f): 6:27pm On Mar 04, 2011
OP should try her best to fix her marriage and if her effort dont work at the end ,atleast she knows that she have tried everything to work it out but all prove abortive ,this will help her not to regret later that she didnt try if the marriage dont work out,atleast do it for the sake of ur kids if not for ur marriage. dont give up that easily on something u have worked so hard to build.

I have been divorced before so i know how it can be ,the only luck i had was that i didnt have any kids with him but atleast today i am glad that i tried everything i could to make it work but all proved abortive before i finally made the decision to go ahead with divorce ,today i dont regret divorcing him cos i am happily re-married with someone better .
Family / Re: Help, How Do I Cope With A Verbally Abusive Husband by Angolobabe(f): 6:17pm On Mar 04, 2011

I am going to be bashed here and I have my helmet ready, but you know me, I am not emotional about things but seek practical solutions to issues, but as someone has mentioned, it just crossed my mind that maybe the deliverance thing maybe be a blessing in disguise.

If the poster can call the husband and say, OK lets go for deliverance TOGETHER in MY own church/church of MY choice (not where near the fake prophets or wherever he had in mind)  then this may be away of inviting God into their situation.

And lets face it if anyone needs deliverance its the hubby & thats why she should get him to come along and It kills 2 birds with one stone;  the witchcraft accusation & for God to intervene in their situation.

After all all said and done HE is the only one who can breathe life back into this ailing relationship and HE is the ONLY ONE who can do ALL things.

Well said,this is my opinion as well.

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