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Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program - Connect Here Part 10 by ayandee: 12:19pm

Thank you for the clarification. I appreciate.
Do you suggest I give myself 2-3years in Nigeria, get work experience, get my Masters and maybe PhD (All online as I want Foreign degrees) and then start the Canadian PR process? I will be 34 in 3years so would still within the age score. Is that a good plan?
Canada is supposed to be a fresh start for me, quite bombed it won’t be sooner.
you can do that but also note that immigration policies change. No one knows what will happen in 3 or 4 years from now.
Like i said earlier, the study route is a sure path to PR at least for now. But if funds are a contraint, look into other countries' immigration options. Have a plan B and even C.

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Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program - Connect Here Part 10 by ayandee: 10:52am

Thank you for your response.
I have weighed the option of Studying in Canada but the cost is high. I am looking at the option of starting an Online MBA with the London Metropolitan School of Business and Management because I read that WES approves it.
Also I see that 4500 persons who applied for the EE- CEC were given ITA with CRA score of 357 but my CRS calculation is above that. What do you suggest in this case? Do I just apply with what I’ve got and hope for the best?
The CEC is different. The CEC stream is for those who have studied and worked in Canada. They are being prioritised now, hence the low CRS. The last draw for outlanders was 468 and that was in December 2020. Before that time scores were in the range of 470-478

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Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program - Connect Here Part 10 by ayandee: 10:10am
HELLO House.
I’m new here.
So I just turned 31, Very single, no direct relatives in Canada, One B.Sc , 6years self employed/ Business experience in the NOC 0 skilled workers. Do I qualify for EE or PNP? I want to leave Nigeria for Canada and from by CRS calculation, I am below 400 points. I plan on writing my IELTS in October and November. I have started the WES process with my school. I plan to get all my documents ready before I create an EE profile. With my scores below 400, SINP is looking like my best bet into Canada but I’m conflicted as I would prefer Alberta.
Can I do the Saskatchewan INP? I hear Regina is a lonely area but Can I manage to live there, get my Citizenship and move to another city? Or if I go the SINP route, will I be stuck in Regina or SK province for the rest of my Canadian life?
My advice: Don't count your eggs before they are hatched. With no direct relatives in Saskatchewan, no masters degree, less than 10 years experience, SINP chances are quite low are at the moment. If your skill is in demand in Alberta, you just might get lucky and be selected.
Another option you should explore is the study route. It's about the surest way to Canada PR now, if you are able to get a study visa.


Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program - Connect Here Part 10 by ayandee: 9:57am On Jul 21
plumber is under skilled trades, you need job offer from Canada or licencing from Canada to qualify. You are better off using your nursing experience as it could easily get province nomination too.
Use your nursing degree and experience to process express entry as you can easily get provincial nomination with nursing.

Also look into UK work permit programmé for nurses. You will have to write Ielts academics and their nursing exams. There's a thread for UK aspiring nurses in the travel section. The process is much faster


Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program - Connect Here Part 10 by ayandee: 9:35am On Jul 16
Regards to everyone,
Please, I need someone to assist me with some information...:

1. I’m a Gradute of computer science, working as Nigeria Police Officer, I am intending to create CANADA EXPRESS ENTRY PROFILE
Please which noc is best for me to choose...

2. Can I also create profile (expression of interest) with a province at the same time with express entry profile? If yes, which province is best for such my job experience?

I will be most glad to receiving your responses

Best regards
What are your job functions in the NPF? If you work in the IT unit for instance, you can choose a noc related to IT and that could help with PNP.

Of course, as a police officer your file may be subjected to enhanced security screening after application submission but in the end, you will still be given PR, if you are not a security threat.

You should give it a try if you have job functions that are spécialised and are not core police functions

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Career / Re: I Want To Be A Nurse But Have BSc In Microbiology by ayandee: 1:29pm On Jul 15
Dear nairalanders,
I am a graduate of Microbiology and currently serving but I want to be a Nurse as I am more passionate about that and it also has more prospect than Microbiology both in Nigeria and outside Nigeria. Please, suggest and advise me on what I can do right now. I don't mind going to School of Nursing but will prefer any school that can offer me Direct Entry into Nursing with my Degree Certificate. But if that is not possible, I am opened to writing JAMB again and going for Nursing.
You are thinking in the right direction. My friend enrolled in school of nursing after 2.1 degree in microbiology. After completing her studies, she did one year internship in a teaching hospital. After, she wrote ielts academics and UK nursing exams all from here in Nigeria. She is in the UK now with her family. A word is enough for the wise. Take action now.


Celebrities / Re: Olu Jacob's 79th Birthday: Joke Silva Celebrates Her Husband (Photo) by ayandee: 9:08pm On Jul 11
Olu Jacobs from the days of "third eye". I loved those series as a child.
Career / Re: Learning To Drive From Someone Or Going To A Driving School? by ayandee: 8:38pm On Jul 08

Do you mean you wasted time in driving school
i wasted time there. I lacked boldness during the driving sessions at the driving school. My neighbour allowed me make my mistakes. I hit an abandoned vehicle. I was scared at first but my neighbour said that incident was necessary. From that moment, I learnt to distinguish between the brake and the accelerator.

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Career / Re: Learning To Drive From Someone Or Going To A Driving School? by ayandee: 6:03pm On Jul 08
I enrolled in a driving school for one month. The instructor did not let me move beyond gear 1. He was just full of grammar and theory. I bought my car and my neighbour offered to teach me. In 2 weeks i was on the highway. God bless my neighbour

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Do You Regret Leaving Your Lucrative Nigerian Job For Abroad Menial Job by ayandee: 10:43am On Jul 05
Something is fundamentally wrong in this story.
If neighborhood is infested with gangs, move
If public school is infested with gangs (I have never heard this) change school.
I find it hard to believe that between the man and wife they could not find call center jobs or sales associate jobs that would have taken care of rent and bills. The 600 paid to their child would have sorted out feeding

Lets assume a very terrible situation. Oga is working in poorly-paying stingy call center or as a sales associate earning $2000 after tax
Madam is working in the bakery part-time at Loblaws earning $16 per hour. Lets say she works for 4 hours so she can stay with the children. in a month she will earn $1700 after tax. Combined income in $3700. Plus monthly payment to child $4300

Rent for 2 bedroom $1600
Phone bills for two $70
internet $50
Food $600
Electricity $100
Landlord pays water, garbage and gas bills
Monthly bus pass for two $250
New clothes $100
Netflix $14.99


This is in the worst situation. The only thing I can think of that could have happened here is the man rented a luxury apartment. I know because I also made this mistake - I rented in Rockcliffe village when I first arrived undecided cry
thanks very much for this analysis for Canada. This thread almost scared the shit out of me. Now i can breathe.

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Education / Re: Meet Joseph, Man Who Has Repeated Primary 1 For 15 Years (Video) by ayandee: 8:55am On Jul 01
He should have gone for vocational studies e.g shoe repairs etc
Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program - Connect Here Part 10 by ayandee: 4:01pm On Jun 30
Hello all,

I am rounding up my masters in a foreign university and a few friends have been urging me to try the Canadian PR route as I have never given it a thought. My first degree was in Electronics and Computer Engineering, my masters degree was in Digital Transformation. I used to CRS to calculate my score and that of my husband, it amounted to 475. Do you think this will work? Should i start the process based on this score? I can start over to read the processes from page 1, just need the opinion of those that have started this process. I have over 5 years experience. Your advice is highly recommended.
with crs 475 you have a good chance. Start the process now

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Crime / Re: Usifo Ataga Family Reveals Why He’s Going Out With Chidinma by ayandee: 8:20am On Jun 30

<<<Them sey lies they fly up and down every where for Nigeria because of their brother death, na him make them open up for their family matter.. say make them tell the public as the tory take happen...

<<< First, them thank the police for their speed action in catching Chidinma even though camera no dey for the hotel wey them dey do wetin them they do...

<<<second, them say the man no commit adultery because him and him wife been dey get problem for marriage...Them say him and him wife don separate for 4 year..(separation mean say them no dey leave for the same house). say friends and family members know about the matter..

<<<<< Thirdly, the family members come defend the man wife called Brenda... them say she no fit rent people make the publish ogbonge news during her husband demise death.. say na the handwork of people way wan sell information and the killer na them carry that kin news land for computer and everywhere.... Say Brenda no be that kin pickin wey sabi look for publicity foto dey stand and pose...

>>>Finally, they come beg the public say anyone wey dey carry Ogbonge and adigboloja news say make them stop am... say make them respect the family for this period wey them the cry..
nice and succinct summary. You should be reporting for BBC pidgin
Crime / Re: How Usifo Ataga Was Killed - Family Suspects Conspiracy In His Murder by ayandee: 1:57pm On Jun 28

Bros grow up Delilah was able to get Samson pin number(secret),bind him like a goat & delivered him to his Philistine people..mind U Samson is d world strongest man who kill a lion with bare hands.
hmmm. I never thought of this
Crime / Re: Chidinma Ojukwu Smoking In A Video by ayandee: 12:59pm On Jun 26
Hello Everybody,

Please read this epistle....a true story...

I am perplexed...pls read

It was a pool party with naked girls.

And they were there.

Men who have achieved.

Money, power and fame.

Men in their prime who tell time to hold still since they have refused to age and it grudgingly obeys in detente and in temporaneous.

They dress young, they dance young, they act young.

They are current on all fronts.

Most of them married with children but mentally and emotionally single.

At this party they threw in a high brow residence in an exclusive neighbourhood in Ikoyi there was an abundance of food, drinks, drugs and real youth.

The youth came exclusively from the girls that were in attendance.

Girls in their late teens and early twenties.

Well spoken and extensively travelled.

Daughters of the materially blessed.

Read this to help your children now. Their safety is your choice.All of them students.

All of them naked.

Some were in the swimming pool, some at the bar, some danced under the cabana, others were hobnobing with the swimming trunks clad men at various places in the specially lit pool area that stood under the starry night sky.

And I sat with one of them.

She was caramel smooth, finely contoured, delicately featured and doe like.

She was twenty going on twenty one.

And a sophomore at Babcock university.

To every question I asked, she took a drag from the reefer in her hand, blow out the smoke through her mouth and nostrils, took a sip from her glass of Hennessey and coke on ice before she responded.

Her voice was sweet.

And her smile was rapturous.

"I heard students need permission to leave your school. How could you get out this late and stay overnight?"

"We have our ways."


"Yeah all of us."

"From Babcock?"

"Not all. Some from Covenant, Redeemers, Madonna, ABUAD, Pan African and stuff."

"No unilag or UI?"

"They ain't boujee."


"Yeah. They are crass. Men like you guys don't want to roll with local cats like those right?"

I looked at her silently as she took a drag from her reef.

The aroma assailed it. It was caustic yet not aggravating.

"What's that?"


"What's that?"

She laughed.

"It's good stuff. Hits you slowly and then makes you soar like superman."

I looked around and saw the girls doing one thing or another in their nudity.

She was staring at me.

"Is this your first party?"

I nodded.

"No wonder you are asking all these hang questions."

"Why do you do this?"

"I'm young. I need to live life before it becomes too serious and I have to be all grown up."

"But why the drugs?"


"Because what?"

"Because this is how we roll. Everyone has their poison. If you are not on reef, you do codeine or cocaine or heroin or speed or AZT or ecstasy or royfenol or fentanyl or meth or oxy or worst case you inhale glue and get your high."

I stared at her as she inhaled and exhaled languidly.

"Why the parties?"

"You get your hit for free here. You have fun. You make good money."

"But for you to attend those schools you must be rich."

"My parents are not me."

"But they give you money."

"They pay the tuition and all. Not like they can give me a million in cash."

"Do you get a million here?"

"Well two or three parties can make me that."

"Aren't you afraid of running into your Dad at places like this?"

"Naaaa... my dad is too square and busy but even if he is not then it is his problem after all he came here for what I came here for so he can't tell me nothing."

I fell silent and watched her inhale and exhale smoke.

"But you know, your folks put you in schools like that to protect you?"

"Too protect me?"


"They are too busy to even bother."

"No they are not."

"Yes they are. They think the school will be both my teachers and my parents."

"I think they are just worried about you getting corrupted."

"I was balling like this under their nose and they didn't even notice. Funny thing is that even the innocent Jane get influenced in school, so what was the use of all the headache of keeping us locked up in all these secondary schools that front as universities."

"They did it out of love and with the belief that those schools are way better than the public ones."

"Well they bleeped up."

"bleeped up?"

"Is this an interview or what?"

"No I am just intrigued."

"And I am Hot."

I fell silent.

She dragged, exhaled, took a drink from her glass, sucked on one of the ice cubes in her mouth and asked in a whisper.

"Are you going to do anything about it?"


The best time to do core parenting is between ages 0-12. You simply cannot afford to be too busy at this stage. Schools, nannies, extra murals cannot replace core parenting at this point. If you are absent in your child's life at this stage, be sure someone else is shaping your child's worldview .

At 12 a child's curiosities are set. And they spend their teenage years exploring those curiosities and fantasies and experimenting with their identities.

If you attempt core parenting in teenage years, you will meet a brick wall and you might end up with a fractious relationship with your teen.

Your best mode as a parent of a teenager is to "befriend" them. At this stage you can't take anything for granted you will have to earn their trust. Seek to influence them not control at this point. They will resist control but will respond wonderfully to influence: yours or the streets.

Every Nigerian parents needs to read this. So share it and continue sharing it. Its very important.

Quote me anywhere.
Thanks so much for this enlightening post. I really took my time to read this.
Politics / Re: Usifo Ataga's Murder: Inside The Neighbourhood Of Suspect, Chidinma Ojukwu by ayandee: 7:16am On Jun 26
I don't support Ataga's infidelity, but he should have gone for an exposed high-class chic brought up in wealth...This is what happens when you go for people way below your class...may his soul RIP and may God give his loved ones the fortitude to bear his transition.
Those high class ladies are expensive to manage and are quite asservie. Perhaps he didnt want to spend and wanted a "yes sir" kind of babe

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Travel / Re: All TEF Candidates For Canada Immigration, Let's Meet Here! by ayandee: 11:08pm On Jun 21
Hello house! I passed my TEF the second time around. One month later! The golden 50 points are mine. What is the next step ?
félicitations. I am very happy for you. The next step is to wait for ITA once the fsw draws résume.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What Are The Pros And Cons Of Studying Banking And Finance by ayandee: 11:05am On Jun 21

Even if your accounting graduate you will still do your ICAN or ANAN to get to level 9 so what are you talking about. a graduate of finance with ICAN will be considered first before a graduate of bsc accounting only. To the best of my knowledge i prefer finance to economics as a course.
she was told she couldnt proceed beyond grade level 9 with her banking and finance degree. I dont know if the same applies to those who have bsc accounting.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What Are The Pros And Cons Of Studying Banking And Finance by ayandee: 9:47am On Jun 21
You are restricting yourself to banking and insurance and getting a job in the bank is not even certain. Government agencies dont considèr them for recruitement. My collèague who studied it was advised to write ANAN or ICAN for career progression or remain stuck on one grade level. She rushed and did ANAN.

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Politics / Re: Tinubu’s Probe Ongoing — Abdulrasheed Bawa, EFCC Chairman by ayandee: 7:42am On Jun 21
Caging him before the primaries, truly the north knows how to use power.
they know how to use power o. Even in government agencies, you cant béat them to it.
Phones / Re: How Much Have You Spent On Internet Data So Far In 2021? by ayandee: 6:14pm On Jun 13
I teach online everyday (minimum of 4 hours). I watch lots of documentaries on youtube too. So I spend N4500 weekly which is N18000 monthly. In the past 5 months, I have spent 90k
Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by ayandee: 7:16am On Jun 12

Kindly download Pi too for the future and PM me...
Ok thanks. But how do i buy crypto using p2p
Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by ayandee: 6:48pm On Jun 11
Please i am new to crypto trading. I just downloaded binance app but cant pay with naira. I understand there's P2P. How do i go about buying crypto with p2p? Would i have to create a bitcoin wallet first?

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Health / Re: COVID-19 Update For June 9 2021 In Nigeria by ayandee: 6:49am On Jun 10
Please where i can i take first dose of the vaccine? Most centres in Lagos say they are no longer administering first dose. I would appreciate information on any any centre in Lagos or ogun where first dose can be given
Family / Re: Why Are Mothers So Loved By Their Children Than Their Fathers? by ayandee: 3:57pm On Jun 05
Things are fast changing. Fathers are beginning to spend more time with their kids. Go to hospitals. The trend now is the mother carries the baby's bag while the father holds the baby to his chest. They have learnt and they dont want to be like their own fathers. Gone are the days fathers are seen as Draculas. Now they are more loving and actively involved in their children's lives
Politics / Re: Punch, The Nation, Channels TV Are Still Using Twitter Despite Suspension by ayandee: 2:22pm On Jun 05

They will talk with themselves on Crowwe
They will mandate all agencies of government ', banks, média houses etc to use Crowwe. That way if you need to contact them. you have to use Crowwe. It's a shame that we are still be discussing freedom of speech and expression in 2021
Politics / Re: Punch, The Nation, Channels TV Are Still Using Twitter Despite Suspension by ayandee: 1:08pm On Jun 05
The Nigerian government only succeeded in banning themselves from Twitter. They didn’t make the use of Twitter unlawful and if you have access then you can still tweet but the FG, their supporters and government agencies cannot use it because they’ve banned it.

How will Tolu Ogunlesi show us railway tracks and 2nd Niger Bridge?

How will NCDC show us their COVID results?

How will Omoribowo show us his oversaturated photos of the President?

How will Garba and Femi communicate Buhari’s statements?

They will use Crowwe, then force everyone to use Crowwe grin
Health / Re: Is There Anybody Here With Irregular Heartbeats? by ayandee: 10:31am On Jun 04
It's panic attack. Sorry you are going through this.
Travel / Re: All TEF Candidates For Canada Immigration, Let's Meet Here! by ayandee: 7:53am On Jun 03

Hello everyone!!!! I am back with my TCF Canada results!!! This was my first attempt and I was so scared but God saw me through!
I was hoping to get even the bare minimum pass result but I'm so surprised by this! I made a lot of sacrifices with my time, finances and even relationships because I couldn't spend time with my loved ones but it was all worth it in the end! I just want everyone here that is hoping to write either TCF / TEF exams to remain dedicated and should not give up. To be honest, you will need to study and sacrifice a lot but if you remain diligent, you will reap the fruits.
Old CRS score: 432
New CRS score: 500
Félicitations. Nice result. May the rest of the journey be smooth for you. Sure ITA!


Education / Re: LAUTECH: Makinde Approves 25 Percent Reduction In Tuition Fees by ayandee: 6:44am On Jun 02
The people of Oyo state voted well. Congratulations
Politics / Re: Naira Set To Hit N500 At Parallel Market After CBN Devaluation by ayandee: 9:36pm On May 27

I bought 497 on Tuesday... Naija Don cast big time...
i bought 493 this afternoon. I had a good deal then


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