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Culture / Re: Urhobo Wa Doo! Learn/share Urhobo Stuff Here by bebe2007(m): 9:54am On Oct 09, 2008
Udu vwaado!
Urhobo Vwaado!
Omamurhioke ke emo r urhobo ejobi r he
enoko kugbe eniajeria ra avwaren na.
-Otota r udu
Jokes Etc / Re: Preposterous! Unimaginable! Unthinkable! by bebe2007(m): 1:46pm On Oct 07, 2008
Frank Lampard bleeped up Enyimbas match against 3SC
Jokes Etc / Re: Preposterous! Unimaginable! Unthinkable! by bebe2007(m): 1:32pm On Oct 07, 2008
I didnt know i cud catch Gerrads sho till we trained @ Igbobi high school this morning shocked
Foreign Affairs / Re: I'm African But Find It Difficult To Love Obama by bebe2007(m): 10:25am On Sep 22, 2008
obama,mandela.27 yrs imprisonment distinguishes both but both are sent 4rm above
highly supernatural beings.
NYSC / Re: How Relevant Is National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) In This Dispensation? by bebe2007(m): 4:53pm On Sep 17, 2008
Nurture ur Your Skills Completely.
U wud play a fool 2 ur employer 4 1 yr if u dont serve .
if u school 4 jand or 4 yank ,stay dere no come hostle here.
Romance / Re: Love Letter By National Hospital Boss Tendered In Court by bebe2007(m): 9:53am On Jul 29, 2008
What is Nigeria turning into? Nonesense story!! why would people stand for such injustice. I pray the nurse gets justice fast. A warning to other big lords who run their institutions like that. Women should learn to speak out more often. We will be heard one day amen.
Romance / Re: What Would You Advice This Girlfriend Of Mine? by bebe2007(m): 12:41pm On Jun 06, 2008
Tell your friend to stop wasting her time and move on. She should thank God it happened now not after marriage. Every disappointment is a blessing in disguise. she has not met the ONE yet but will soon do.
Romance / Re: Do Men Come Quickly With A Mouth Action? by bebe2007(m): 8:53am On Jun 02, 2008
Please people with answers to the post should answer the question. Some of us really want to know, not interested in all the cat fight above!!!!
Travel / Re: Diaspora Folks by bebe2007(m): 9:35am On May 23, 2008
Boy!!! this post is funny!! i have been laughing my head off. Especially the one that said till there is 24hrs power supply!! my dear i nor blame you o! its not easy out here its a jungle!!! keep it flowing peeps!
Romance / Re: I'm Scared Of Getting Married by bebe2007(m): 3:04pm On May 22, 2008
Going by age, i know am over due for marriage but i still cant help but share the same view as the poster. She took the words right out of my mouth. I have many married friends, some are happy some are not but one common trait in all is the infidelity!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the rich, the poor, the good, the bad, the fine, the ugly are all involved in the business. People wat on earth is going on?? i cant stand it one bit. The man i call my husband should not see nor date anyone else. If such a guy exist then there is hope for me until then i shall remain happily single.
Romance / Re: Should I Go On Or Leave? Please Someone Should Advice Me. by bebe2007(m): 10:07am On Apr 29, 2008
My guy, leave your so called babe alone ok. She is not into you right now. She probably loves this other guy in her life, the sex is probably the bomb, she cant seem to get over him and her mind tells her you are the right one but her flesh is weak to the devil's touch. It happens, if you really do not mind her past and would love to take her back, give her breathing space for a while, she will come around when she gets burnt and trust me she will be a better lover then. Sorry about how you feel now but just try to be strong there is no formular with matters of the heart, sometimes it hurts, other times its fun.
Romance / Re: Would You Attend that Wedding? by bebe2007(m): 9:20am On Apr 29, 2008
Dear poster,

I feel you. I will advise you best stay away. Do not toture yourself that way by going for the wedding, your imagination is enough toture spare yourself the real thing. A very dear friend of mine just got married too, i secretly thought it wouldnt happen because i wished for us to be together but unfortunately it didnt go my way. No one will understand how you feel except those who have been there. It hurts like hell.
Romance / Re: Have You Ever: by bebe2007(m): 12:35pm On Apr 24, 2008
Na today!!!!
Romance / Re: Would U Have Gone Into Such Relationship? by bebe2007(m): 12:47pm On Apr 23, 2008
Your story does not sound convincing. Well if its true anyway you are the MAN you should know what to do. Simply stop seeing her. That will make her decide if she really wants to be with you or the other. Good luck!
Romance / Re: Would U continue being nice to girls inspite of these? by bebe2007(m): 2:59pm On Apr 22, 2008

She is simply not into you. Do not worry yourself about changing anything, be nice and be happy, you will find your own. Its not her fault either there is simply no chemistry from her end.

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Romance / Re: Marriage: He Wants Me To Wait Until I'm 32 by bebe2007(m): 2:13pm On Apr 22, 2008
Who says 32years old is too old for one to get married? did God ever give a time frame for marriage? why do we always rush things and ourselves in the process? My dear poster, stay in your relationship and what will be will be. Do not jump the gun. God who has made you knows exactly when you will marry, who you will marry and even when you will die. Leave it up to him ok. You have a good thing going on now i presume, stay and enjoy the flow. You never know, your guy may achieve all he intends to before then and you could be married before you know it. Why leave the devil you know for an angel you know nothing about just because he is offering Marraige? na by force to marry??
Romance / Re: Dating A Hausa Man? by bebe2007(m): 11:31am On Apr 08, 2008

Well the one i dated was circumcised dont know about others. Everything about him was normal ok.I have heard the rumour before too. Dont think it applies to all of them.
Romance / Re: Dating A Hausa Man? by bebe2007(m): 9:42am On Apr 08, 2008
I dated one and i can say he was a regular guy. Nothing different. Very polished and neat though, that was the initial attraction of course. You can get along with them very well but do not mess with their religious beliefs, if you do, count yourself out. He would pray before sex (which was mind blowing though), pray after sex etc i didnt understand it man!!! well who are we to judge. He was quite arrogant and hard hearted (individual xteristic) and that was what lead to our break up.

A lot of them are polygamous by nature just like all men generally. If you do not mind the religious difference then go for it girl, you would learn one or two things
Romance / Re: My Heart Bleds by bebe2007(m): 12:42pm On Apr 03, 2008
Why do we girls always like the bad boys? million dollar question! i guess its the way God made it. Deji is nothing but a selfish preak. Ditch him while you can, if you let him get as much as a peck from you while he is here, then you are in for the big fall. Stick with MR Reliable please.

There are many Deji's out there, at a point in our lives we have come across them, we make the same bleeding mistakes severally. I would be personally offended (who cares rite!!!!) if u give in to this guy, ditch him fast and do not even take his calls. Do this for all babes that have fallen victim to the likes of the twart.
Romance / Re: What Has He/she Done To Thrill U Or Hurt U Today ? by bebe2007(m): 12:19pm On Apr 03, 2008
Once upon a time i fell in love with this guy and he too with me (so i thought). But i never knew he was a womaniser. He would flirt with anything in skirt. Got to know much later and i started putting two and two together couldnt trust him anymore. Gush! how dat hurts!!! I couldnt sleep nor eat properly for weeks. That stabbed my heart.
Romance / Re: I Need Your Advise Desperately by bebe2007(m): 10:27am On Apr 02, 2008

Na wa o! am not going to judge you cuz what you have done is not strange, shit happens. I would advise you not to go into this relationship, it most likely would not end well. Guys are funny. He has his babe but he wants to taste you as well. He would not necessarily leave his girlfriend for you, for all you may know you might not be the only one he is after at the moment. Honey, do yourself this favour and stay off him. You will get over whatever you feel for him.

On the contrary, it has worked for some girls, they end up getting the boy (he gives up his relationship and sticks with them), but what are the chances mate?  Please do not do it ok. Wait and keep searching for an unattached guy to come your way. Am sure he is around you already but you would not notice him now cuz your eyes are on this fly Mr of yours. Think o! use your head not your heart.


Romance / Re: Double Standards From Men by bebe2007(m): 10:39am On Mar 31, 2008

I totally agree with you. Was at a joint in Abuja the other day and i just sat there looking at the guys coming in and out, i was amazed at the size of their stomach. Lets say only 3 out of 50 guys had flat stomach. Its such a turn off. Men think they do not need to work on themselves. Some of them just dress shabbily, wouldnt brush their hair, cut their nails etc guys really do not have a clue as to what turns a woman on. they just think if they have money in their pockets then they are sorted. Sod you and your money, go take care of yourself first.

The issue of Big girls being ostracised is not so true but they do attack their self confidence. I personally think however you look, if you carry yourself well with esteem and elegance, nobody in his right senses would disrespect you. Most guys would rather be with a slim babe in public but in the dark they want a full woman, i have seen it happen severally, speak of double standard!! immature men though! the matured ones know how they want their women and they stick to that. People generally should learn not to use the word FAT for humans. Its just so rude. Fat relates to Meat, instead use Big. If you are big, be proud carry yourself well, dress apprioprately (right size and all) know what suits you, try dark colours more blacks than whites, just look beautiful cuz you are anyway. BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL
Romance / Re: Help !help! Help! Befor I Do: ! by bebe2007(m): 4:05pm On Mar 28, 2008
Are you for real? I do not thin you are ready for marriage at all ok. You still need some growing up to do. Good luck in your search.
Romance / Re: Let Us Share Our Insecurities Here! by bebe2007(m): 1:58pm On Mar 28, 2008

I thought your post was good, at least something different. Why do you have to spoil it by writing about your eyes when it isnt true then you went ahead and concluded. well i thought the post was for honest comments, you just ruined it. People have insecurities quite alrite and i do not think we are all in denial. Your conclusion is not correct ok. keep it open and let serious people comment.
Romance / Re: Old Flame But Not Forgotten by bebe2007(m): 2:46pm On Mar 27, 2008
Not every relationship ends in a fight. There are some you still remain friends with. There are others that are legendary cuz of something they did or their characters generally. You just cant forget them eventhough you have something good going on. Its not like you want them back anyway.
Romance / Re: When Good Guys Hurt U, The Pain Is So Deep. Why? by bebe2007(m): 2:31pm On Mar 27, 2008
It hurts so much when someone you least expect hurts you. Speaking from experience, its one of the worst feelings i have had in ages. The ache just refuses to go away. When its a bad guy, you are ready and waiting for it to happen but this said "good guy" just takes you unawares. He really did stab my heart. Trying to forgive and forget the whole thing though havent got a choice.
Romance / Re: Let Us Share Our Insecurities Here! by bebe2007(m): 1:05pm On Mar 27, 2008
I cant pinpoint anything really but mine is just a general fear of the unknown. "What if he doesnt make it" you know we are always advised to stick with our men through thick and thin. Yeah we are going through the thin now, what if he never makes it?
You can only be totally sure of yourself. I know and i believe i will make it, what about him? Well i guess thats why we pray.
Romance / Re: My Guy Hides Me From His Ex by bebe2007(m): 2:16pm On Mar 26, 2008
@ poster,

Glad all is well for you guys now. Just hang in there ok. Best of luck
Romance / Re: My Guy Hides Me From His Ex by bebe2007(m): 5:09pm On Mar 25, 2008
Its possible he is not hiding you. Maybe its your jealousy that is making you think so. Your mind is probably playing tricks on you. What do you want him to do? shout and flaunt his relationship in their face when its not necessary? If you get to meet them and he does not introduce you then i will fault him there but for now babes, give peace a chance ok.

What reason would he have for hiding you? are the other women in question better looking?richer or what. You are who you are through Christ who made you. Stand tall and be proud for you are made in His own image and likeness.
Romance / Re: Learning To Say Goodbye! by bebe2007(m): 1:43pm On Mar 13, 2008
I do find saying good bye pretty difficult too, its a hard thing to do. But sometimes saying good bye is really for the best. You need to move on. Just said good bye to a friend recently, it was a good one cuz he had to go anyway. One down another to go. grin
Romance / Re: Can One Get A Decent Chick These Days, by bebe2007(m): 10:14am On Mar 10, 2008
Where can he get a decent chic shocked shocked Answer- Pls check Shoprite in the palms in Lekki phase 1. They stock all sorts there, tall, short, slim, fat, dark , light, religious, non-religious, extrovert, introvert, nigerian, non-nigerian etc whatever works for you. Mind you the price tag is fair enuff too so pls "go pick ya choice" as our ibo brotthers will say. wink wink

very cheesy question!!

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