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Family / Re: Black People Are Fighting Back In D. C. (USA) - Video And Pictures by crackland: 1:27am On May 28, 2020
Both sides of this are quite wrong and so this problem will persist but am afraid the AA's will be on the losing end. Losing out on development, image , just about every thing worth losing.

Trying to promote revolution like this is the worse possible thing that can afford to do. The AA image has been bad from the onset and bad apples have given no reasons for these already highly prejudiced folks to try and table differences. People selling drugs? an AA is probably involved, a robbery? yeah representing as well, violent crimes? can't be left out. African's in Africa are not much better, leaders to street dwellers. The economies, cities and streets, standard of life, it's just really telling of who they are. If black people do not sit down and act like human beings others won't.

This mindset that others will go out of their way to accommodate blacks is also naive and hasn't even been earned in my view. Call for this guy's head but two more will spring up. Emotional responses like this would also muddy the road to a lasting solution which is to put up their portion in society. At the very least If more AA's were in legislative, judiciary, executive roles a more substantial impact would be at hand, their fate would be in their hands.

Your common sense has been quite uncommon on the thread so far.

How they even expect to make any change or start a revolution when all they're armed with are plastic bottles but the cops they're trying to fight are loaded with tear gas, rubber bullets, and automatic rifles waiting on standby to fire some real lead bullets if just one cop gets injured... is so beyond anyone with faculties.

All they ever end up doing is further deepen the rifts, fvck up their image a little bit more...and of course, get themselves seriously injured or dead while at it.

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Family / Re: Living With A Friend by crackland: 11:30pm On May 27, 2020

For example, I prefer more foreign and educational contents, I do listen to indigenous stuffs as well as long as it's impactful. I love to read, learn, explore, create. I do that mostly when I'm alone because I'm introverted and cherish my privacy. he's the kind who loves to watch your typical Nollywood drama, listen to local contents, doesn't read, can't engage in sophisticated discussions, timid and not willing to learn or grow beyond what he knows.
If you can't handle sharing a living space with a guy who is given to such things as above, how do you expect to cope while living with a typical Nigerian woman when you do get married? cheesy

I believe there are more important personal reasons for your decision than you have provided here.


Family / Re: 11 Things Ladies Do But Will Never Admit by crackland: 11:05pm On May 27, 2020
50. Hoping and praying to meet a cool handsome well-to-do gentleman who will marry them, even the so-called Nigerian feminists.


Family / Re: Black People Are Fighting Back In D. C. (USA) - Video And Pictures by crackland: 10:42pm On May 27, 2020
The same people who turn into human rights activists to preach against jungle justice in Nigeria are the same ones forming solidarity with misguided fellows who go about attacking cops when there's a justice system in place.



Family / Re: Ladies: Can You Marry A Jobless Graduate Who Loves You? by crackland: 6:49pm On May 27, 2020
I don't even expect a sensible man to marry a jobless woman no matter how much she loves him, not to mention a sensible woman getting married to a jobless man.


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Family / Re: My New Boyfriend Saved His Ex Girlfriend's Name As MY LOVE by crackland: 6:40pm On May 27, 2020
Well your relationship is barely a month old.

Perhaps he hasn't remembered to change how he saved the exes' contact info.
Try giving him up to 3months to make the changes.

Unlike women, when a man breaks up with a lady, we don't usually rush into changing how we saved their contact or start blocking them on every social media platform - it's chics that behave that way.
We are just not concerned about making those immediate changes to prove anything, and it doesn't mean we are still into the ex.... Far from it.

One month is still too early for your boyfriend to come up with a unique pet name for you, this is probably why you're still saved as Victoria Benin.

Kai, sense wee not kill me...


Family / Re: Black People Are Fighting Back In D. C. (USA) - Video And Pictures by crackland: 6:25pm On May 27, 2020
Some of these African Americans will continue to prove themselves as jungle animals who were just lucky enough to be born in a civilized country as descendants of slaves.

What will all this ruckus help them achieve?

Some mofos even fighting with black cops as well... did they forget they were black like them, or did the blue uniform make them look white?

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Politics / Re: The 16 Allegations Raised Against Adesina, AfDB President The US Wants Revisited by crackland: 6:09pm On May 27, 2020
Finally, we get to read a detailed layout of the allegations.

I was skeptical earlier and felt the US was simply trying to get rid of him for their own political leverage.

These allegations cannot all be made up - the probe should happen and if he's found guilty, man should just relax and not run for another term in peace.


Family / Re: We Expire As Women And Other Nonsense Society Keeps Telling Us by crackland: 9:51am On May 27, 2020

Societal standards? Well people like you are already setting societal standards. Your post is loaded with societal standards. Only that your standards seek to usurp the extent societal standards of our time. So logically your point lacks moral grounds. You cannot morally fight societal standards sculpted by the opinion of others by setting another set of societal standards founded on your opinion. If societal standards are the enemy then we should tear down all standards of society and resort to a social anarchy! Lol.
Deep... cool

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Family / Re: Help!!! My Wife Is Putting Me Through This Right Now! by crackland: 9:48am On May 27, 2020
This has to be a joke, or it's spiritual... Or perhaps it's both spiritual and still a joke at the same time.

I've not seen this kind of man around me before, thank Goodness because I would break the nose of someone like this with a few punches.

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Family / Re: Ladies: Can You Marry A Man Living In Self Con.? by crackland: 9:41am On May 27, 2020

Guess what? I believe all you said here. You seem supportive and have standards too. That's how to summarize your perspective. With the pms, I know u didn't reply, I just felt may be one day luck will shine on me and you will consider replying. By the way, you can go through my profile to see if I'm that kind of guy that constitutes nuisance on nl. even though it's a faceless forum. Thank you.
Receive sense...

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Family / Re: Can You Marry Someone Like Your Mom Or Dad?? by crackland: 5:50pm On May 26, 2020

That is why u brought that in na.
Cos u know it will cause drama angry

Drama or no drama... Is that fact a lie, or is it true? grin
Family / Re: Can You Marry Someone Like Your Mom Or Dad?? by crackland: 5:37pm On May 26, 2020

U too dey twist jist.
Hian! tongue

Go and join Nigeria politics. U will do well as a naija politician cheesy
Which one be twist again, it's a fact.

Watch how the thread progresses and see the responses. cheesy


Family / Re: You Need Spiritual Compatibility Test Before You Marry Anyone. Its A Must by crackland: 3:58pm On May 26, 2020
Na u don't locate ur soulmate with such.
I'm happy you know this. grin
Music/Radio / Re: What Are Your Favorite Songs by crackland: 3:54pm On May 26, 2020
Listen to this song Bukatyne, let me know the feeling it evokes in you. cool


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Music/Radio / Re: What Are Your Favorite Songs by crackland: 3:44pm On May 26, 2020
This Buka issa lovergirl. cheesy

I can't really name a favourite song off the top of my head cos depending on my mood, any of the over 2000 songs on my playlist can instantly become a favourite. grin

For me to have any song saved, it was once a favourite and they span across genres.

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Family / Re: Who Is Responsible For Regina Daniel's 5 Months Pregnancy Says Ex-boyfriend by crackland: 3:29pm On May 26, 2020
Please grow some sense.
Common sense is a beautiful flower that doesn't grow in everyone's garden.

Ned nwoko can't impregnate a woman ..so I asked...whose kids are those bore to him by his wives?
Hello Ahnie cheesy
Family / Re: .... by crackland: 3:26pm On May 26, 2020

Even though you're little harsh with your words, there's ounce of Truth in them.
An ounce you say?
Please check your measurement scale, it might be faulty.

There's a ton of truth in there...and you're welcome cool


Family / Re: Can You Marry Someone Like Your Mom Or Dad?? by crackland: 3:03pm On May 26, 2020
More men will definitely want to marry women like their mothers, but very few women will want to marry men like their fathers.

Says a whole lot... grin

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Family / Re: You Need Spiritual Compatibility Test Before You Marry Anyone. Its A Must by crackland: 2:58pm On May 26, 2020
So how can one locate their soulmate
One would think that with your sweet cvnt, you would have located your soulmate by now.

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Family / Re: .... by crackland: 1:04pm On May 26, 2020

He discovered nothing.the man is so... Randy. I'm not siding with the lady, trust me. My mom's apprentice has the man as FB friend and even though this man doesn't know her, he video called her one day thinking she's one of his random chicks and asked her that once our fasting period ends, he wants her to comman give him 'that thing' I was disgusted when my mom's apprentice told me that.
Men cheats like no man's beeswax. But I keep wondering why NL's men rants on women being whores almost everyday, when men themselves are worst. Oh... I guess they want what they cannot offer - loyalty. Uncountable Randy men are out there... I just pity the good women cry. Plus, I'm scared of entrusting my fragile heart with any man embarassed
This is very good, fear is good... It means you will be cautious.

Only stvpid people are not afraid, and stvpid people make stvpid decisions...just like your friend who left her safe-place to go be with a man who only promised her marriage.

If she wants to continue being stvpid, she should stay where she is and keep crying that men are cruel - and you too, keep using soprano to give the song beautiful tunes as her backup singer.

You people will never learn.

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Family / Re: Why Children Of Strict Parents Turn Out To Be Worse by crackland: 12:28pm On May 26, 2020

You need to have children . . . Then maybe you can relate.
I was once a child brought up under strict parenting, and with siblings who are very different by making very different decisions.
I can already relate.

Your children are not out of your sight yet and have not been to university for you to be so sure your method is working, so you sef relax.


Family / Re: We Expire As Women And Other Nonsense Society Keeps Telling Us by crackland: 12:26pm On May 26, 2020
All this long gist and not once did the writer motivate women to strive to become millionaires and billionaires, movers and shakers of industries...
Do you think a woman who can get whatever she wants on her own without any favours or gifts from men, will be bothered about society or marriage?

I dey laff una.

Lack of money and status, lack of fulfillment and self-confidence, these are what is responsible for putting most Nigerian women into a lot of mess with men, not society, not even the men themselves - it is a result of their own greed and emotional discontent.

As long as most of y'all keep seeing yourselves as projects whose lives should be bankrolled and elevated by men, your problems will continue for a very long time.

I deserve to be spoiled, I deserve to be loved... This is a typical Nigerian woman's anthem
But spoiled by who? Loved by who? MEN.

When you have defined your happiness and satisfaction in life by what a man gives/does for you, don't expect to be seen as more than a project with an expiry date.

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Family / Re: Why Children Of Strict Parents Turn Out To Be Worse by crackland: 8:24am On May 26, 2020

There is no doubt that our parents want the best for us, it's how they go about it that is sometimes not right. Children are different. One child may respond to strictness and bullying, and another may just rebel against it.

Children from the same don't even think alike or have the same interest, and will certainly not respond to the same discipline style. Adopting a one cap fits all type of discipline is usually a big mistake.

We all make bad decisions, we all make mistakes. Some are more grevious than others.

Do you think at that point she was taking drugs she knew she was destroying her life? She was only thinking of the moment and how to live her life free from 'oppression'. That realisation that your action and choices only affect you often comes with maturity and experience. Not by the strokes of cane our parents were so quick to dispense.

She was faced with the same options her siblings were faced with, she made a decision more in line with her own personality. Her personality prevailed over the discipline she got. That only means that the discipline did not work, and her parents are mostly to blame for that.

Okay I'll give you an example, my first daughter likes Mini skirts and she's almost 9. She has always loved making herself look pretty right from when she was a baby. Now my second on the other hand is not interested in her looks at all. She hates skirts and is more or a Tom boy. Who do you think is more likely to dress indecently in the future? Flogging her now will only make her long for it more, and when she is free she will dress as she likes. But giving her the chance to choose, and teaching her why she needs to choose decency will help her make the right choice when she grows up.
That bit in bold is really all there is to know about how personal choices are responsible, NOT parenting.

She and her siblings were faced with the same options, same discipline, same father, yet for some reason she made decisions that made her become what one might call a 'prodigal child'. This cannot be the fault of anyone else but herself.
It's not about discipline not working, it certainly worked on the others.

The only time I can ever blame parents for the way their children turned out, is if ALL of them turned out bad and made the same bad decisions.

Even if it was just one from the litter that made good of himself/herself, then that parent has not failed.

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Family / Re: CEO Mom Closed Her Business To Look After Her 3 Years Old Child by crackland: 7:49am On May 26, 2020
i dont get it...
- unemployed hubby couldnt take over the running of the biz?
- mum couldnt find someone to run the biz for her?

this story makes absolutely NO SENSE WHATSOEVER...

The story was simply to put down husbands. The details didn't matter to whoever put it out on social media.

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Family / Re: CEO Mom Closed Her Business To Look After Her 3 Years Old Child by crackland: 7:46am On May 26, 2020
She must be married to a Nigerian man.


Family / Re: Why Children Of Strict Parents Turn Out To Be Worse by crackland: 7:35am On May 26, 2020

Actually, she does have a point. Children will ALWAYS make bad decisions, and when then make mistakes, they need to know they can turn back to their parents and not get bullied. Also, you need to explain to children why they should stay away from evil, not beat and threaten them.

I too had a strict Father, and I know the sense of freedom I got once I got into the University. The truth is that they didn't really instill a sense of morality, only fear. Once you are out of their thumb, there's really nothing to fear anymore is there? The urge to explore those things you think you've been deprived of comes into play.

Eventually those lessons start sinking in, but only when you realise they were right, even though they didn't go about it right way.

The OP did make the wrong decisions,but I don't think she is entirely to blame for that.
Uju, that chic has absolutely no point.

I used to think the same way you are right now, until I realized something very important. There's no parent that wants their child to turn out a drug addict, smoker, or dreg of society, no matter the style of discipline they employ.

You don't even need to ask the OP, but I'm 100% certain that she has siblings who did not engage in half of those vices she engaged in...and gues what, it's the same father they all had, the same strict upbringing, the same kind of discipline.

Why do you think her own behaviour became different?
Is it still the fault of her dad, or simply her own bad decisions?


Family / Re: Why Men Find It Hard Accepting Children Their Wives Had From Infidelity by crackland: 5:57pm On May 25, 2020
in that case, i am entitled to my informed opinion

But that quote is Harlan Jay Ellison's opinion, who made him the expert on opinions anyway?
Well if respecting Adolf Hitler is what you call having an informed opinion despite the things he did, then okay... cheesy

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Family / Re: Why Men Find It Hard Accepting Children Their Wives Had From Infidelity by crackland: 5:46pm On May 25, 2020
i am entitled to my opinion. Many may have viewed it as extreme, but my opinions are a summation of my experiences, most of which are from the patients i interact with.

I have made up my mind. I can't afford to pity people, if that makes me selfish then so be it.
Well, an accomplished writer once said:

You are not entitled to your opinion, you are only entitled to your informed opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant - Harlan Jay Ellison

But whatever you say... wink


Family / Re: Why Children Of Strict Parents Turn Out To Be Worse by crackland: 5:17pm On May 25, 2020

This is a young Barack Obama and another of Elon Musk.

Though I am against smoking and see it as a bad habit it is not really an accurate measure of someone's intelligence.
Smoking is not a measure of one's intelligence, I never said so.

Smoking is simply a bad habit acquired from bad company.
It doesn't mean a smoker can't be smart.


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