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Politics / Re: Sunday Igboho: We Want Yoruba Nation, We Don’t Want One Nigeria Again by cronsberg: 12:09pm On Mar 18
I foresee this yoruba militant being picked up by the northern dominated DSS, beaten to pulp, charged with treason and thrown into a dungeon at kirikiri. After a few months, his usesless name will be forgotten and people will continue living their lives, northerners will continue being top execs at the Port authority, executive, legislature, judiciary, oil sector, CBN, armed forces etc and nothing will happen. Useless OPC militant commiting treason without even knowing it. He should go and ask Sowore how he was dealt with by the nigerian state and nothing happened. This country can only seperate when the north says so, and for now, we aint in any hurry to seperate yet
Crime / Re: Muslims, Christians Throw Stones In Ilorin Over Kwara Hijab Controversy (VIDEO) by cronsberg: 2:25pm On Mar 17
Good, let that idol worshiping center called church be demolished. Whether they like it or not kwara is a muslim state. Because of muslim tolerance, we allow christian girls to attend muslim owned school wearing whatever they like, including short skirts, cross necklaces etc Yet we never trampled on their religious freedom. What kind of nonsense religion will even allow girls to dress like prostitutes and go to worship God? If not a fraudulent and fake religion.
All they are afraid of is if they allow muslim girls to go to their schoold with hijab, then the christian girls will start to see the beauty in modesty of muslims and actually get drawn to modesty, thereby eventually converting to islam. thats all what they are afraid of. Somebody in kwara should pls hire a bulldozer and demolish half of that idol worship center in the middle of the night.
Politics / Re: Miyetti Allah President Uses Convoy, Flashy SUV, Police Escort by cronsberg: 12:03pm On Mar 16
Its like people here don't know the amount of cattle that move daily from the north to the south. For your info, MAJOR cattle markets are spread all over the north, in those cattle markets, literally thousands of fully loaded trailers move to the south daily from all over the north, each trailer can carry atleast 30 fully grown bulls that cost atleast 250,000 naira per bull. I witnessed just one of those major cattle markets, and on that day, i literally counted 25 fully loaded cattle trailers moving to the south. Just one market o.
Hate it or not, the nigerian beef cattle industry is a multi billion naira industry, and it is no doubt dominated by fulani people. For your info also, every cattle owner or herder in nigeria especially of fulani origin have registered and belong to the meyetti Allah cattle breeders association, and this here is their president. Mind you the president of such an association is ofcourse expected to personally himself have hundreds if not thousands of cows himself, so dont be under any illusions that he is poor, and he can definitely afford that car, together with the police excort all.
Believe me or not, after crude oil, and grains, cattle is the third major commodity being traded in this country, it is a major money spinner
Politics / Re: Amotekun Intercepts 16 Armed Hausa Men In Oyo by cronsberg: 10:00am On Mar 10

Sharrap dea, Thunder fire all of you. and stop boasting like Waskilli Iskilling, The wet puppy.
He was forming Mr. Invincible before ordinary OPC boys tame him.

You think you Fulanis have monopoly on Violence?
The SW will reduce you to rubble.

Just imagine, if not that Buhari has been assisting you with Federal Might of the Nigerian Military and Police, dont you think you would have been driven back to the Futa Jalon Forest you came from or do you think Buhari will be President for life?
You are just plain Cowards, Yorubas have enough jazz to render your AK47 useless, you will even turn it on yourselves. Go and ask your terrorist Seriki of Igangan, when his boys fire their guns and Igboho was just picking the bullets on the floor.
There are millions of Igboho in Yorubaland.

Dirty animals issuing threat, BTW, why dont you continue with your stewpid food blockade so that all that all your tasteless, cancer-causing food can rot? I thought you these terrorists were boasting that the SW will suffer for food if you dont bring food and they told you to go to hell with your food. undecided tongue tongue
Laslas, Yorubas in the NORTH will come back home but not one Fulani will go back with is head on his shoulder or WE CAN EVEN TURN ALL OF YOU TO IMBECILES, roaming around aimlessly in the forests. grin grin

When Ghana sent you packing, why did you not fight back and let them waste all of you? Bloody Cowards

Hunting my black arze, so you have finished hunting all the animals in the North, now it is SW you need to come and hunt?
Thunder fire you, keremeaske.
Go and hunt in Sambissa forest, if you savages haved now become hunters, l use to think you are homeless, nomadic hersdsmen grin

All this hate spewing is expected, so i am not suprised. The only thing i can tell you is whether you hate them or not, the fulanis are the ones ruling your black yoruba asszzss. Your people have jazz yet fulanis made you people refugees running away to benin republic? grin grin I dont also need to remind you that majority of the crucial posts in this country are manned by fulani people, do i? Do i also need to remind that we manufacture sophisticated weapons in the north?
And if it is about food supply and who lost most in the blockade, you know very well that you were on the verge of starvation if not for FFK and Yahya Bello who intervened on your behalf and actually saved your yoruba asszzses. We know very well what actuall yorubas went through with hunger until FFK begged northerners to lift the blockade, unlike what you online warriors tell us here.
And finally, is it not the same fulani herdsmen that are still terrorising your people even as at yesterday? where are your jazz? where are the socalled amotekun? Bunch of pompous online miscreants forming commando grin grin
Politics / Re: Amotekun Intercepts 16 Armed Hausa Men In Oyo by cronsberg: 5:32pm On Mar 09

There's no Forest to hunt in the big land Mass of the North...

In this peak of insecurity ravaging the country.. you encourage this...

Shame on you lots
Maybe you have forgotten that every nigerian has the right to travel to, and settle anywhere in nigeria without fear or favour, without let or hinderance, and absolutely without harrasement. Dont you have hunters in the south west? or are there no hunters in the east? or maybe you have conveniently also forgotten that we are living in the same country, not different countries. But no, all you are advocating for is for them to be blocked and summarily killed in broad day light right?
You see eh, this willful nonsense arrogance that you southerners are exibiting of late is getting out of hand. Dont provoke us average northerners into reacting, or else you lot will definitely not enjoy it. The north has shown nothing but absolute restraint and understanding in this whole saga. You killed our people in broad day light in a market place, you burned vehicles and animals, even though you cannot, but you people are trying desperately to chase out fellow nigerians like you from your towns, maiming and killing their animals etc etc just because their tribe is fulani. Now you are kidnapping hunters who are on a legitimate hunting trip in their own country and advocating that they be murdered just because they carry hunting rifles? which part of nigeria doesnt have hunters and hunters association? of what reason will they be detained then?
If you southerners continue pushing us like this, i promise you that we will turn really intolerant and wicked too. I promise you that we will inflict more damage on you people than you can inflict on us. More of your people are here in our states and more of your investments than our people in your states. We are starting to have enough of your instigations.
Politics / Re: Miyetti Allah: No Food Supply To South-West Until Fulanis Are Safe by cronsberg: 10:56am On Mar 01

We never knew we were dealing with animals, now we know better and have taught them a bitter lesson in Shasa
You did not teach anyone any bitter lesson in shasha, all you did was cold bloodedly murder innocent unarmed HAUSA traders, who were caught unawares by a mob of killers. You know very well that you are not capable of facing fulani people for any conflict, you simply can't and you know it and your people are busy running to benin republic as refugees, chased away by the same fulani people.


Politics / Re: Blockade: Beef Scarcity, Rising Cost Of Food Items Hit Southern States by cronsberg: 10:41am On Mar 01
Apart from crude, what does the south offer the North??, let them keep their oil, we will buy from Niger, after all the north was surviving even before the almagamation of the south and north. Who the south EPP.
God bless the northern oligarchs.

I bet most southern people aren't even aware that crude oil was discovered in kalmari village in bauchi state, the federeal government and NNPC quietly prospected, drilled and capped the well head and sat down to wait for times just like this when southerners will start to threaten the north with oil blockade. As i type this also, oil pipelines are actively been laid down from Zinder in Niger republic's main crude oil drilling sites to the kaduna refinery, Chad republic can aswell very happily provide the north with all the oil we need when push comes to shove. There is literally nothing else the south can blockade the north with. Everything you manufacture in the south, we also manufacture in the north, from noodles, to maggie, to plastics, to garments, to vehicles, to sophisticated weapons at DICON kaduna. I think southerners are greatly under-estimating the north o. we are more prepared than you can think o
Travel / Re: Beautifull Pictures Of Mambilla Plateau In Taraba State by cronsberg: 1:53am On Feb 23
Let me be the spoiler here by bringing an actual shocker to all these tribal bigots. Guess which tribe is the single largest tribe by population in Taraba state? the FULANI tribe that you so hate. This is a state that i know like the back of my hands, so accept it or not, it is the fact on ground. verifiable by anyone who cares to travel round the state to see for him/herself.
From Abbare, to Iware, to Karim, to Garba Chede, to Karamti, to Goje, Mai hula, Gassol, Nguroje, Maisamari, Mayo ndaga, Kakara, Dorofi, Mayo Dule, to the Jalingo Wukari axis, and literally hundres of other towns traversing the whole state are mojority fulani inhabited and dominated towns. No one even needs to tell you. you see thousands of them, with thousands of their cattle and businesses etc Now i know mumuye or Jukun might clame true sons of the soil, but in reality, how many local governments can each tribe claim to be the majority? for example, besides takum LGA, where else is Jukun a majority? besides Wukari, where else can mumuye claim? but fulani are there throughout the length and breadth of the state. this is not my wishful thinking, it is reality. The fulani are not just some ragtag minority insignificant and disorganised tribe that you can just walk over and deal with like you lots like to insinuate here. You are just fantasizing the whole thing. While the reality is that they have done their conquering long ago into the nooks and cranies of most of these states that you like to think are christian or indigenous state or whatever that means. states like adamawa, taraba, bauchi, gombe, niger et.c there is nothing you can do to fulani people in those states.
they have long established themselves, started and grown businesses, married and born alot of children, even intermarried to true indigenous tribes there, they have massive cattle empires unlike what you can imaging, literally tens of thousands of cattle are roaming these bushes and forests that you see, and they all have owners with majority being fulanis. Without exergeration, fulani people number in the millions in nigeria alone, they are without mincing words the single largest tribe in several states like Adamawa, taraba, bauchi, gombe, kebbi, katsina etc. and in recent times, they are armed. Now do you really think fighting and violence will work in this situation? Is it not more realistic to use logic and actually try to avoid conflict at all cost?
Crime / Re: Youths Swim In Oba Of Lagos Pool, Destroy His Royal Stool by cronsberg: 12:59am On Oct 23, 2020
This is wrong in every level.. Disrespect for traditional institutions and elders is never the way forward..

Nonsense, your logic is exactly the kind of mentality that got us into this terrible mess we currently find ourselves in. We have too much respect for so-called elders. look at the traditional institution for example, they are totally worthless in this day and age. they contribute nothing to national development, they are so weak that even a local government chairman can fire a king and replace him. so why do we need them? if anything, they actually represent a system of oppression, a system that believes that their should be an elite ruling class and an obedient poor masses, a system that believes that if you find yourself a poor man, you should manage like that because God intended for you to be poor.
This our so-called elders you are advocating to be respected, are the ones that in sane societies will be referred to as thiefs, murderers, fraudsters, pedophiles, etc tell me why does a king deserve a lavish palace with choice cars and swimming pools and a juicy salary while majority of the masses he rule wallow in what can only be described as abject poverty.
I believe we all in this country unanimously agree that things MUST change. the way we are going simply doesn't work at all. we still only produce about 4500mw of electricity which under normal circumstances can only be enough for Lagos alone, we still have substandard hospitals, no pipe borne water supply, substandard government schools, out of control security, dilapidated infrastructure, each senator still being paid 30million a month for simply sitting in air-conditioned national assembly etc etc if this country is to change, what is going on is the only way it can happen. revolution, chaos, anarchy has a way of changing things forever.
And if you don't know, what is going on is even small compared to what other countries had to go through before they were able to escape from the grips of corrupt ruthless unapologetic rulers, and then achieve meaningful development. Go and read on the French revolution, the Bolshevik revolution, the Chinese revolution, the American revolution, the popular uprisings in Philippines, Ukraine, Germany, etc the long abused Nigerian youths have said enough is enough.
Politics / Re: Lekki Tollgate On Fire After Secuity Agents Reportedly Kill EndSARS Protesters by cronsberg: 12:36am On Oct 21, 2020
When the masses become afraid of government, you have tyranny. but when government becomes afraid of the masses, you have freedom. Thomas Jefferson

It is enshrined as a fundamental human right on every human, the right to revolt, and express dissatisfaction with the way he is ruled. Revolt, rebellion, revolution still remains a constitutional right in most democratic countries. The American constitution even allowed citizens to carry firearms to literally defend themselves
against government tyranny. It also encourages citizens to change government forcefully if necessary. that is how powerful normal citizens actually are in true democratic societies. I cannot elect you and you turn around and have more power and rights than me.
Also observe something. No single country on Earth has ever changed for the better without going through a revolution of some kind. From Russia to France to China to America etc this is our own time too

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Politics / Re: Osinbajo: Buhari Understands Your Pains, He’s Considering Palliatives For You by cronsberg: 11:55am On Oct 06, 2020
The moment you realize that no one gives a f***k about you is the moment you really start living up to your potential. No one actually cares about you, not the government, not your family, not your friends. F***ki*g bunch of devilish liars. How exactly is buhari feeling our pains?

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Politics / Re: Osinbajo Sees Fourth Industrial Revolution Potential In Nigeria by cronsberg: 11:25am On Aug 29, 2020
Industrial revolution on an electricity generation of 5000 megawatts? hahahahaha
Politics / Re: Top Ongoing Mega-Projects In Nigeria by cronsberg: 5:22pm On Aug 23, 2020
I was once deceived by these types of threads on nairaland. But never again.
You see, before I was a novice. Living under my father's roof, eating free and getting everything free, but now that I am married, I have more responsibility under my hand, no one can easily deceive me that Nigeria is getting better or what not. It's all lies and cruel propaganda.
A bag of rice that used to be 9k is now 22k
Maggie per satchet was 190, now 450,
Cooking oil was 200 now 480 to a litre
Petrol 94 but now 150 to a litre
Don't even talk about Diesel, transport fares, insecurities in the land etc btw, centenary city project, mambilla dam, Lagos calaba rail and most of these highway projects you see they keep on listing in the corners of this country are all non existent projects. Pure day light scams. Hasn't poverty and unemployment actually increased in the land? So what are they telling us? Buhari has spend almost 6 years in power, yet can only increase electricity generation by about 500 megawatts? Cus it reached 4500 megawatts even during GEJ time and now it is about 5000mw as they claim.
His wife recently went to Dubai because her neck was paining her, mamman ddaura went to London for treatment, is that not a glaring revelation that they failed woefully on our healthcare sector?
Why will our rulers be visiting foreign hospitals when they get sick, yet we the citizens that they rule will have to manage with dilapidated hospitals and quack doctors? Why won't they stay and be treated by the same hospitals of the country they rule?

Mtseeeeewww, dear country men, don't be deceived by these fancy looking pics and think Nigeria is improving in anyway

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Governors, Lawmakers, Ministers Share 774,000 Jobs by cronsberg: 7:46pm On Aug 17, 2020
I'm not sure this country can ever move forward.....
Realizing this early enough is the best thing you can do for yourself.
You have to first realize that Nigeria is a failed good for nothing country that can't even help itself in actualizing the most basic dividends of government like constant electricity, pipe borne water supply, jobs, security etc it is only after you realize this that you will sit down and tell yourself the truth that your country has failed you, this will in turn encourage you to work harder than ever before in not failing your own children. And as I see it in present day Nigeria, the only way not to fail your children is to either Force change by revolution thereby giving you the chance to build the type of country you want, or simply getting out of this country to build a better future for your generation to come in a sane and civilized country. If not, can you imagine the overwhelming fraud and theft and brazen daylight robbery and evil and human wickedness going on in this country? A country blessed with gold and crude oil and cast fertile lands and rivers and lakes everywhere, a country having everything that enables development yet can't seem to develop.
Crime / Re: Blasphemy: Umar Farouq, 13-Year-Old Boy Jailed For 10 Years In Kano by cronsberg: 2:03pm On Aug 17, 2020
People here are funny sha. Look at it this way. Sharia law = laws as ordained by God
constitution = laws as ordained by humans.

To look at any person who believes in God and tell him to disregard the laws of God and yet uphold man made laws is exactly the same as telling that person to simply abandon his religion. which sensible believer in God will do that? If you believe that there is a creator, then you must be out of your mind to disregard his laws. just because christians refuse to follow divine laws as laid out clearly in the Bible and Torah, and instead sit down among themselves and conjure up laws, then call it constitution, it doesn't mean Muslims will do the same.
it reeks of hypocrisy on the part of Christians to believe that going to church on Sundays is ordained by God, singing praises and Psalms and abstinence and tithing and marrying only one wife etc are divine instructions or laws, yet on the same breathe refuse to follow the other laws in both the old and new testament such as not eating pork, covering the hair for women, stoning the adulterous etc and they want Muslims to also make mockery of their religion. it doesn't work that way. if you believe in God, then you go all the way and believe all his commands and instructions.

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Politics / Re: Osinbajo: FG To Create 5million Jobs by cronsberg: 7:19pm On Aug 09, 2020
When they were campaigning in their first tenure, the same buhari and osibanjo promised to create 3 million job.
Now 6years later, 500,000 npower people have been sacked, banks and private schools and companies have sacked thousands, and today with only two years left of their final tenure, the same people again are telling us they will create 5 million jobs. lol

Education / Re: Surviving Nigeria As A Graduate Today By Deji Yesufu by cronsberg: 11:43pm On Aug 08, 2020
I always have a problem with these kind of advice. All of them are greedy wicked jack****$sses that form holier than everyone else. They keep advising you to be disciplined, to learn responsibility, work hard, be fair and honest, and with time, you will get a job and also be successful. But what do you see in the society? Isn't it the complete opposite of what they always say? Is it not bandits and terrorists and ritualists that they are rewarding daily?

Imaging him telling the old man who asked him to help his son get a job that he simply doesn't see the character of responsibility in the old man's son because if he did, he would have been helping in selling in the shop. And that is the exact type of excuses that our people in high positions keep telling us. Greedy bunch of wicked people. They can't help a graduate secure a job, they won't even help you with small capital to start something for yourself, they will keep zigzagging you around, make you to be spending the already little you have in business centers to photocopy CV and application letters as if they genuinely want to help you, only for them to dump your documents in the bin and never to be looked at. But come and see the kind of money and help they render to anything female.

If there is one thing I have learned so far, it is to never rely on people, especially relatives in high positions. They will never help you. Scrap whatever you can together, raise some capital, invest in a small business, then save money as if it is a religious obligation, and use it to get out of Nigeria or use it to stay and build your life from there. At least no one will disappoint that way.

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Business / Re: Wedding Of Adama Indimi And Prince Malik Ado Ibrahim (Photos) by cronsberg: 1:11am On Aug 08, 2020
My problem with these kind of weddings is that how will you even feel comfortable with yourself flaunting such amount of wealth in the midst of overwhelming poverty?
You are a billionaire, you live in a mansion, you drive a buggatti, yet as soon as you go out of your house, you are surrounded by destitution, by poverty, by dilapidated roads and gutters, and road side suya and food stalls right next to open drainages etc will you honestly in good conscience be comfortable and happy that you are wealthy?


Politics / Re: Aisha Buhari Flown To Dubai For Medical Treatment - Daily Trust by cronsberg: 12:49am On Aug 08, 2020
This right here is a damning indictment of our healthcare system as a country. It tells you that the country has collapsed such that healthcare and education can only be reliably obtained abroad.
The politicians that you elected can afford it because they have access to the national treasury, but you that elected them and suppose to enjoy those dividends of government remains poor and will have to manage with the disfunctional state of the country. Yet you never realized that you are been cheated and taken for fools?

Ask yourself this. Why should they enjoy the best of what life has to offer from education to electricity to healthcare to security. why do they deserve it? didn't you elect them to SERVE you? aren't they supposed to be public SERVANTS? why are all those things even sourced from abroad in the first place? aren't they supposed to provide it for us here? what legitimacy do they have to still be holding on to power even after failing to provide the most basic of provision to the citizens? provisions that they themselves go abroad to get using your common wealth. And yet you see no reason to kick back against such glaring government failure? continue pretending as if all is well. it will definitely reach a point where you are hammered enough to actually use your fundamental human right of revolution.
Politics / Re: Revolution Now August 5th Protest: Omoyele Sowore Gives Updates by cronsberg: 11:22pm On Aug 04, 2020
When people becomes afraid of government, you have tyranny. But when government becomes afraid of people, you have freedom. quote from Thomas Jefferson.
Nigeria will never change except through revolution. You have to revolt against the current system, the system that makes a few people rich while the overwhelming majority are wallowing in poverty. they will never allow you to change the system that favors them peacefully. You have to force change on them by revolting.

Now I know people like sowore and Nnamdi kanu are not crazy at all, they are our own version of Fidel Castro and Che Guevara. we have to have their back, we have to support them. we elected these greedy old ancient politicians, we can't now turn and be afraid of them again. they have ruined our lives and our futures too much to be allowed to continue. Revolt o Nigerian youths. Revolt now
Travel / Re: "Saudi Govt Offered Us Free Flight Home But Nigerian Officials Want Us To Pay" by cronsberg: 9:10am On Aug 04, 2020
I just pity anyone who still doesn't realize how irredeemable this country is. Trust me people, gather your money and get the hell out of this hellish country. please and please don't waste so many years thinking that things will get better only to get old and realize it's still the same sh****t y country and end up not leaving earlier.

chai Nigeria is really one terrible place, honestly..
Travel / Re: "Saudi Govt Offered Us Free Flight Home But Nigerian Officials Want Us To Pay" by cronsberg: 9:06am On Aug 04, 2020
I just pity anyone who still doesn't realize how irredeemable this country is. Trust me people, gather your money and get the hell out of this hellish country. please and please don't waste so many years thinking that things will get better only to get old and realize it's still the same sh****t y country and end up not leaving earlier.

chai Nigeria is really one terrible place, honestly.
Politics / Re: NDDC: Birds, Flowers Listed On Annual Report, Scholarships Sections Of Website by cronsberg: 3:36am On Jul 24, 2020
If the citizens know what's happening in this country eh? No one would have been paying taxes, or nepa bills or any bullsh#****t charges from banks. Think about it carefully, a senator earns 32 million naira a month, NDDC stole 81 billion, even North East development commission are been investigated for missing 100 billion naira, the ministry of humanitarian affairs uses 600 million naira A DAY to feed school children even though schools are closed, the government closed our borders so that foodstuffs cannot enter and so as to strengthen Nigerian agriculture yet a bag of Nigerian farmed rice is 20,000 naira and above, a bag of Nigerian farmed maize is 19000 niara as at today, so who are we fooling? The nnpc doesn't remit billions of dollars yearly and nothing is happening.
Yet with all these, it is you the common man that change should begin with you, it is you that should pay ever increasing tax, you should just bare it like that even though they increased electricity tariff and bank charges and stamp duties and petrol price, and price of basically everything in the market.. Yet you the citizens will not take things into your hands? Just stay silent and continue to believe in this country, keep believing that things will change one day.
Crime / Re: Kaduna Attack: Kidnappers Demand N900m Ransom by cronsberg: 12:50pm On Jul 15, 2020
If I tell people to get out of this mess of a country if they get the chance, they react as if I don't know what am doing. Just look at the nonsense happening all over this country. Do you even know 120billion naira is missing at the Niger Delta development commission? Do you know 500,000 people just became jobless in the month of June and this July? Do you Know that a bag of maize is now 15,000 naira? something that was just 3,500 naira just five years ago. Do you know that Ethiopia just completed their 6,000megawatt dam, where as our mambilla dam that is just a meager 3,000megawatt has never left the drawing board since the 1970s. You become a target as soon as you hit middle class status.
Nigeria can be safely and rightly called a failed nation.
Phones / Re: Data Price To Drop By 60% by 2025, Says Pantami by cronsberg: 4:17pm On Jul 14, 2020
This year is 2020 and Nigeria as a country still generates plus or minus 4000 megawatts of electricity, the national grid is still not updated, we as a country still don't have anything close to wired broadband internet which is the only thing that can allow unlimited internet package by internet companies, the country still doesn't have a national database, national or regional pipe borne water supply from government water boards is still non existent, a national coordinated transport infrastructure is still unavailable such that anyone can just start his own mini transport company or his own Moto park without regulation safety concerns, thereby giving rise to overcrowding where passengers are crammed into unworthy busses for long distance journey. No agricultural sector coordination at all such that everyone and anyone can just farm anything they like, set there own price, diseased farm products or not, just pass it down to consumers, no government agency goes to the abattoirs to ascertain whether healthy cattle are been slaughtered or not etc etc

And this minister want us to believe that the cost of data will reduce by 2025? how will it happen if I may ask. will the Telecom companies not still be running on generators by then? will they still not be paying huge bribes and exorbitant and double tax by 2025? believe this cunning minister at your own peril

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Politics / Re: Anti- Secessionist Come In Here Let's Talk. by cronsberg: 12:23pm On Jul 02, 2020
Do you know what the french people did when they had enough of the oppression of their monarchy system? They gathered themselves and revolted, they bunrned down the palace of the king of France, beheaded the king himself and sat down and agreed among themselves a set of laws to live by, and these laws include the right of citizens to revolt, freedom and equality for all etc and that became the french constitution up to today.
Mark my words, our politicians, traditional rulers, business men and women will never allow restructuring or secession to happen. The only solution to Nigeria is massive revolt of the poor masses. Do you see what ivory coast people did to Lawrence gbagbo when he refused to step down? didn't they storm the presidential palace and drag him out? let's identify revolutionaries among us and support them to rally the masses. when five million youths goes on rampage, the whole nation will grind to a halt. anarchy should be let loose, aso Villa should be stormed etc that is the only way things can change in this country. caos has a way of changing things. and when they tell you to seek for Change through peaceful means and democratic means like elections etc they are just decieving you. They have rigged the system never to change

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Politics / Re: TCH: Nigeria's Power Grid Has Collapsed 108 Times Since Privatisation by cronsberg: 1:21pm On Jun 30, 2020
I really pity anyone who still doesn't realize how useless this country really is. because if you realize it is indeed useless, then you would actually start planning on how to escape it. but if you don't realize it's uselessness, then you would think it's a great country and continue to live in it.

BTW, something has always been bugging me lately, do you see the picture of buhari in the first page? see how neat and great the environmental looks? why do leaders have to live in awesome looking palaces almost, while we the common people live in average houses? wasn't they elected to actually serve? how will they be able to serve us by living in such plush environments with every amenity functioning normally. you cumulatively elect somebody to serve you, yet you live far worse than him, does that even make sense at all? why shouldn't they live in common houses also if indeed they are there to serve us? why should they ride in expensive bullet proof cars, have multiple airplanes at their service, live in luxurious mansions, have hundreds of security personnel protecting them and their families etc ask yourself WHY? you put them there to serve, remember? or has the meaning of serve changed?
you the common folk are cheated way more than you think by these thiefs. they enjoy the best of what life has to offer, while you suffer the worst of what life has to offer. Yet you elected them there to actually SERVE you, not to enjoy life. I have no believe in this country's future whatsoever
Culture / Re: Col. Stephen Honest Is Dead! Bachama Kingdom Monarch Dies (photo) by cronsberg: 12:28pm On Jun 30, 2020

Girei is 50-50. The Bachamas, Mbulas and other tribes there are Christians while the fulanis and Hausa settlers are Muslims.

Mubi north rural is dominated by Fali people and they are overwhelmingly Christian while Mubi town is around a 50-50.

Mubi south is slightly Christian majority cos the Gude people who are the majority there are like 65% Christian.

Yola south is Muslim majority no argument, but it is only because of old Yola town.

Yola north (Jimeta) the state capital is a clear 50-50 or even slight Christian majority sef. It's just that majority of the Christians in Yola north are settlers so they do not struggle for the politics there, unlike the Fulanis/Muslims do.
The Laka people who are the original owners of Yola north are Christian, but they are small in number.

Fufore is 50-50 or slightly Muslim majority. Muslims who are mostly fulanis should have been a minority in Fufore if not for the huge number of Hausa settlers immigrants there. The Verre, Batta and others who originally own Fufore are Christians.

Muslims are not even up to 30% in Mayo. The current senator for Adamawa south, Binos Yaroe is from Mayo.
If not that Yandang people are peaceful and not as deadly as Bachama people, they would have united the smaller tribes like Satte, Kugamma and Mumbake and evict fulanis from Mayo LGA.
Fulanis only dominate Mayo town and a few other settlements in Mayo Belwa.
Have u ever travelled from Yola to Jalingo? How many Muslims do you see in all those dozens of villages you pass from Ngurore before you get to Zing in Taraba state? Almost none.

Ganye, Toungo & Song are clear majority Christian. It is Jada where Atiku comes from that has a lot of fulani settlers. Even at that, Chambas outnumber Fulanis in Jada cos it is Chamba land. The only thing is that Chambas are like 35% Muslims, so when you add Chamba Muslims and fulanis in Jada the Muslims become like 50-55%. But in Ganye & Toungo, the fulanis are few, so Christians clearly dominate the population here.

Song is like 80% Christian tribes and 20% fulanis. The Yungurrs are the majority in Song. They are also a weak tribe like the Yandangs if not they would have also evicted Fulanis and Muslims from that LGA. However, they (Yungurrs) have collected political power from the fulani minority in Song.

Maiha is dominated by the Nzanyi and Nzanyi people are 50-50. That is where Bindowo the former governor comes from. Fulani settlers added together with the Nzanyi Muslims gives Muslims 60% in Maiha LGA, so, yes Maiha is Muslim majority but slightly.

There are 6 LGAs in Adamawa state that are over 90% Christian in population and these are Numan, Lamurde, Demsa, Guyuk and Michika. The tribes that make up these places are 99% Christian and they are very strong, so they easily evict Muslims and fulanis whenever the need arises.

Apart from Yola south, can you show me any LGA in Adamawa state that is up to 70% muslim? It does not exist.

Yes! Fulanis are the largest single tribe in Adamawa state, but they are not more than 20% of the state! The other tribes make up 80% of the state put together and they are overwhelmingly Christian.
The day all these tribes will come together and say enough to the Fulanis, that will be the end.
Fulanis do not make up to 50% in any LGA in Adamawa state apart from Yola south.
They are settlers in Adamawa and are completely surrounded on every angle by Christian tribes.

Fulanis feel important in Adamawa because Adamawa tribes are fragmented. If you add Bachama & Batta together who speak the same language, they match fulanis in number.
If you add Kilbas & Marghis who speak a similar language, they match fulanis in number.

In Taraba, fulanis are put where they belong because more than 10 different tribes are united under one umbrella as Jukuns.

If you want to know more about Adamawa, ask questions from different sources. Don't rely on what people tell you.

Christians outnumber muslims 65:35 in Adamawa just that the Fulanis are one single tribe and make up majority of the Muslim population there, so they are more resolute and have been wise from the beginning. But even at that they have produced only 1 governor in the state who did not even finish his tenure.

Indigene muslims are the ones dominating Adamawa now because they are in the middle between the Indigene Christians and fulani muslims, but they know that the Christians are their support base, just like the present governor who got 90% of his votes from Christians and therefore favoured Christians over fulanis in appointment.

Cc dansuqi, Salbis, temblor1 Juliearth darkpal MarshalDemsa202
Keep lying to yourself you hear? I knew you know nothing the moment you said Yola north has a majority Christian population, jimeta that I know very well. and are you out of your mind to think that fufore, Jada, girei, ganye, mubi, mayo belwa has a minority fulani population? these lga's I listed are overwhelmingly fulani population in majority. I don't even have a doubt about it as I know it for a fact. if you say numan,demsa and lamurde are majority Christian, I won't argue. and even numan and demsa Lga has a huge native fulani population in their outlining areas who are not settlers as you are saying.
in the whole of adamawa state, there is no single Lga that fulani does not make up to at least 20% of the population, and they make up to 80% of the population of Yola south, girei, Jada, mubi, fufore, mayo belwa, ganye, . that is a fact for all to see.
as for your imagination that other tribes can drive out the fulanis if they want to, I will tell you that it's not like they haven't tried before, they simply were unable to achieve it. how do you expect to drive out hundreds of thousands of people in your Lga who live all around. do you just start going round killing thousands of people just because you hate them? will they just sit back and watch you kill them off? will you be using bows and arrows as the bachamas use while the fulanis ride on bikes wielding brand new machine guns? the fulanis have proved to be too powerful for various tribes in adamawa. economically, politically, even militarily. for your info, Numan the headquarters of the bachama kingdom was nearly wiped out if not for the intervention of the air Force in 2019 as the fulanis, who are fed up with bachama cruelty attacked them in their main and only town in adamawa state, and the Lga headquarters was deserted. so is it those cowards that can be able to drive out fulanis!? people who still use bows and arrows, while fulanis can afford the lastest machine guns in the market.

As for Taraba state, all I will tell you is to go and ask the jukuns and kutebs and even tiv what their encounters with the fulanis were like. from Garba chede, up to Bali, up to gashaka and sardauna Lga, then ardo kola to Karim lamido. these lga's I listed all has 40 to 50% of their population as fulanis, and overall, 60% of the population of Taraba state are Muslims. these too I know for a fact.
you see, love the fulanis or hate them, there is nothing you can do about them. also like it or not, adamawa, Taraba and gombe in Nigeria, then far north, north province, and adamoua province all in Cameroon are all the domain of the fulanis. they constitute the single largest tribe in all of those areas and there is nothing you can do about it.
so when it comes to driving out people, it is the fulanis that are capable of gathering en mass to sack entire Lga's not the other way around.
But with all that, I myself personally stand for Justice. I have seen first-hand how fulanis blatantly destroy people's farms and then threatened them if they complain,that I will never support. And I will even urge any farmer whose farm is destroyed by cattle to seize those cattle forcefully and stand his ground untill he is paid for his loss. farmers association should also be created to protect farms. if there is a way to do it wisely, then the bush fulanis should also be settled in one place, even forcefully if necessary. roaming around with huge numbers of cattle for long distance is extremely counter productive.
finally, there is nothing I will like more than to see us all existing harmoniously in a just and happy environment. not these threats and counter threats to life and property. it is so backwards and illiterate like. Better yet, let the whole country be unbundled so that a new framework can be renegotiated. as it is now simply isn't working.

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Culture / Re: Col. Stephen Honest Is Dead! Bachama Kingdom Monarch Dies (photo) by cronsberg: 2:21pm On Jun 29, 2020
Adamawa have more Christians than Muslims, the Muslims are mostly domicile in the capital Yola.
See bare faced lie o. you mean Yola south and Yola north, girei, mubi, fufore, mayobelwa, ganye, toungo, song, maiha, Jada, ganye are all not majority Muslims? don't lie to people pls. And Fulani are the single largest tribe in adamawa state. that is a fact
Travel / Re: Lagos Features In City Of Johannesburg Campaign, Online Comments Turn Nasty by cronsberg: 2:18pm On Jun 22, 2020
I owe Nigeria no iota of patriotism whatsoever because she has failed me consistently since birth, she has killed my dreams and made my life hell. So all I can do for her now is also to condemn her.
Nigeria's problem is from the foundation. Everything is built just for the enjoyment of the elite few, observe around and see for yourself. Whereas the white man will build everything for the enjoyment of everyone. How then do you expect them not to appear more successful and developed than us?
Our thiefs (politicians) only appear successful because there are too many poor people around.
A local government chairman will get allocation of probably one billion a year. Instead of thinking to buy one or two massive wind turbines from GE to power the whole Lga, instead he will use a hundred million to build his personal house, use ten million to buy brand new mikano generator for his house, dig borehole for the house, put Barb wire on the. walls and buy himself a luxury Toyota Prado for more than 40million. And amidst all that, 99% of the constituents of the Lga will be languishing in poverty, eating hard corn food three times a day with no portable water and electricity
Everything ought to be levelled down and rebuild in this country. How can you even start comparing a country that generates 50,000 megawatts of electricity and another country than generates only 3500megawatts for 200million people. Electricity that is the foundation of development o. mtseeeeewww


Politics / Re: Katsina Protesters Burn Buhari's Billboard Over Insecurity (Photos, Video) by cronsberg: 11:03pm On Jun 09, 2020
hahahaha, this buhari can be really insensitive though. do you know that the billboard they are burning reads "faces of integrity, and love for the masses" once again LOL

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