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Crime / Re: Deported Nigerian Drug Dealer Re-arrested In Thailand After Sneaking Back In by enilowo(m): 12:28pm On May 11, 2023
My brother Seun sef block me for twitter simply because we told him the truth. I won't be surprised if he ban me here sef. Peolpe no dey like to be served what they serve others.

I have resolved to stop checking names so obedients will stop swarming into my mention. In addition, the mods will also ban me for tribal slur just because I checked the name.

The best thing now to avoid ban is to blame Tinubu for all crimes both within and outside Nigeria. So let's blame Tinubu for this even though we are lying to ourselves.

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Business To Business / Re: How To Get A Twitter Blue Verified Badge From Nigeria by enilowo(m): 4:55pm On Mar 28, 2023
Why not approach your bank for a dollar debit card? I am sure it's cheaper. Thanks me later
Family / Re: My Ex Fiancee Is Pregnant For Me by enilowo(m): 3:45pm On Jan 13, 2023
Guy you dey craze. If i were you I will take her my own hospital and ask for the preg to be removed and do away with her immediately. This babe is a scum run for your life else she will destroy you.
Hello Guys, please I need a sincere and matured advise on what to do. This will be long, please bare with me.

I'm 27, am a businessman, I have this girl I really love so much and intend to marry her this year December, but one thing about her is her bad character. She challenge me, talk back at me, shout at me, get angry with me for days, refuse to cook when she is angry, disrespect my family, most especially my mum, always trying to paint herself good and paint me bad in presence of people, these are just little of the things she has done to me.

When she lost her job, and had nowhere to go, I had to bring her to my house, and provide everything for her, food, I change her hair twice a month, subscribe unlimited for her, I just provided everything a woman need to be happy for her. Last year November, she told me she haven't seen her mum for 5years and wanted to travel to see her, I spent close to 200k to take her to and fro, including other things she needed. She insisted on collecting the bride price list for me when coming back, I spoke to her mum and they gave her to give me. I was planning to finalize all on the weeding this year.

Last year DECEMBER, I took her to my family to introduce her, but this was the biggest mistake of my life. She was completely disrespectful to my mum, talks to me anyhow in presence of anyone, even to the extent of refusing to cook for me anytime she is angry, I go to kitchen and prepare food myself.

I love this girl so much but I still thought of continuing, with all this attitudes, I advise her everyday, I also took her to my pastor who advise her too most of the times, but she never changes.

Fast forward to 2days ago, we had issues because she told me to join her in washing and I refused because I was working on a client project, she got angry, washed the clothes and when it was evening she brought the clothes inside, folded her own in the wardrobe and just threw mine into the wardrobe without folding or arranging them. I was angry about this, but I kept mute. The next day, she sent me "sorry" on WhatsApp, I told her to come to me physically and apologize but she told me she can never do that, and why was she even apologizing, that she did nothing wrong, we exchanged words and she left my house.

Today, she called me and told me she is pregnant, and that I should send her money to remove it. I was like "just like that"? We didn't discuss about it, how will you just tell me you want to terminate my pregnancy, I told her to go to hospital and confirm it and also get the test report, she did this and sent to me, it was true she is pregnant, but she insisted on removing it, I persuaded her and she still refused, claiming she can't be a single mother. I told her I will take responsibility, but she insisted on removing it, I told her to go home and think about it, and she told me she can't leave there without removing it. After so much persuading I decided to give her the money, and told her if she removed it, that it's on her, that I didn't consent to this.

I asked her why we can't keep it, and she said because my family is bad, we support evil, if the sky is blue, we say it's red, that my mother is a bad woman, and she doesn't want to come there. She said so many bad things about my family, I was shocked! I asked her, how are they bad, she said "how can my mother be telling her to wash my clothes" I was just confused, After all I have done for you, is it bad if you wash your husband to be clothes, I left her!

Later she told me the doctor referred her to another hospital, I still tried to persuade her and she said her decision is final. She asked me to give her money to go to the hospital she was referred to, I refused! I insisted that we keep the baby, she told me "I'm a nobody, that she will call now and she will get money to go" I angrily blocked her. Later, she called my other line and told me, she went to the other hospital and the doctor told her, the cost to remove the pregnancy is 125k, she told me and I insisted on keeping the baby.

Please guys help.me, I don't want to terminate my first child, the girl is too disrespectful and rude, I don't want to continue with such woman, but she is carrying my baby, what do I do? And if she later agree to keep it, how do I go about it?

You all are just saying "don't marry her" what about the baby? Should I agree to abort it and give her the money?

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Job Offer, Had I Acted Unwise? by enilowo(m): 1:20pm On Jan 13, 2023
Provided you are not stealing from the farm to make this extra cash I will advise you to stay otherwise......
After a long-job-search, August last year I got a job in a farm as a manager through an agency and the salary is 50k, meanwhile, before that, I'd registered with some couple of agencies, also, personally, I'd submitted my CV in some organisations

To be brief! When I'd already started working, a hotel that offered me an employment as a general supervisor/assistant manager before they asked me to stop after working for two days recontacted me, I snubbed them and the salary was 60,000

Precisely, in December last year, another agency reached out to me for an interview but, I told them that I was not in town and they told me to let them know whenever I'm in town. Yesterday, another agency too invited me for an interview I replied them that I haven't returned from Christmas break

Why I glued to my current job is that, though, my 'meagre' salary is 50,000 Naira but, there are other side businesses I do that I make extra money because, within the first three months of my employment, I was able to rent my apartment, a self-contain, furnished it, I'm looking up to a bedroom flat before the expiration of my rent. I was owing my Alma Mater 100,000, for clearance, as I'm posting this thread the money is in my account, I'm just waiting for school to resume so I can go and pay the money. Also, I'm budgeting between 80-100k, for a phone by the end of this month

I have a good CV, I'm a hard worker, a good administrator, also, I'm multi-tasking. In these five months that I have been with this organisation, because of my performance, my boss made huge profit beyond his projection to the extent that he added a bus to the fleet of buses we have, he testified that, ever since he opened this business he has never seen a good manager like me and he's ready to do anything to keep in the company

Please, if I'm called for an interview again, should I honour the invitation or I should continue here? Honestly, I'm confused!

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Autos / Re: 2005-2008 Toyota Avensis: Can ₦‎2.5m Get Me This Car? by enilowo(m): 3:18pm On Jan 03, 2023
This should help you


pls can 2.5m get me this car 2005-2008 Toyota avensis with 1.8l engine. foreign used, location Akwa Ibom state
Politics / Re: Obi Support Movement Takes Campaign To Katsina Streets (Pictures) by enilowo(m): 10:39am On Jul 25, 2022
New meaning for "grind to a halt". Ajase poki poki seller self go get more crowd.
Obi Support Movement Grinds Katsina To A Halt As LP Awareness Takes Centre Stage (Photos)


- Smart Omo-Idemudia.
Food / Re: Over 8k Spent In A Lagos Market by enilowo(m): 6:47pm On Jul 15, 2022
Continue to do sit at home and burn food supplies trucks from other region of the country. No worry food go cheap. Sebi una no wan see anybody. Una never start.
Wow,una dey enjoy for Lagos. Things are still cheap in Lagos, compared to South EAST. This food stuffs you bought for 8,500 in Lagos is worth over 15k here in the EAST.

We are really suffering here in the East. Buhari and UN should come to our aid. An average man can no longer afford to eat in the East. Price of everything has gone beyound the reach of the comon man in the East.

The media is not reporting the rate at which we are suffering here.

Agụ na-egbu anyị n'alaIgbo

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Politics / Re: Gas Price Wahala!!! by enilowo(m): 1:30pm On Jun 29, 2022
Ode so that doesn't tell you that it's been subsidized?
Stop being stupid I’m currently in a neighbor Africa Country.12.5kg is still being sold here 6500,which was same price it was last year June.
Car Talk / Re: How Often Does One Need To Change Gear Oil by enilowo(m): 12:33pm On Jun 20, 2022
You sabi. I use Honda Engine Oil on my car and its never due for change till after 4months. It cost 24K to buy based on the price i bought last month.
Honda Gear Oil is sold for 7K per quants and i usually use 4quants which is 28K. And it is available in Oyingbo spare part market.


Well, it's not a bad idea to change gear oil but any mechanic asking you to change gear oil after every 3months is a quack even you don't change engine oil every 3 months except you use cheap oil or you travel long distance every time

Some engine oil lasted for 1yr while some 6months but if you drive your car long distance often and covered some numbers of mile then you have to replace the engine oil within short period of time

Check the gear oil to see if it's not black, if it does kindly refer to your vehicle manual or check online to see specified gear oil for your vehicle

Heat oil ain't cheap, so don't let anyone tell use to use all these cheap ATF oil that can only serve power steering on your vehicle gear

I once changed my vehicle gear oil after about 2yrs that I bought the vehicle and so far no issue with my gear

Note: I changed the gear oil when I realized it's getting dark
Car Talk / Re: How Often Does One Need To Change Gear Oil by enilowo(m): 12:26pm On Jun 20, 2022
Check your manual to understand when to change your gear oil. I have always used Honda cars and after buying i change my gear oil after firts two year and every year subsequently. Note i use strictly Honda Oil (You can always get this at Oyingbo) for gear and to service engine. Please do not use any other gear oil if it is not Honda it cannot be like Honda o. I have use Honda Ala, Honda Oddyssey, Hoday Pilot small one and currently using Honda Pilot the big one. Hence i can tell you what many will tell you. If the car has spent more than 2years xthat u bought it as Tokunbo please change gear oil.

If you wait til the gear give you sign you will end up buying another gear no two ways about it.


Hmmmm. Have you changed the gear oil before? If not, leave it. The mechanic wants to kill your gear. To get the original Honda DW1 is not so easy


Politics / Re: Orji Uzor Kalu Congratulates Ahmad Lawan by enilowo(m): 6:07pm On Jun 06, 2022
Family / Re: My Younger Brother Is A Snitch. by enilowo(m): 12:02pm On Jun 06, 2022
You are the one that should shut up. If he is a role model he shouldn't be worry about the so call secrets.All that is needed is to be upright. Then u wont be worried if your secrets are in the open.
oga shut up
Politics / Re: Tinubu Arrives For His Presidential Primary Screening (Video) by enilowo(m): 6:13pm On May 30, 2022
You have sniff that thing again abi.
This one is just wasting his loot chasing shadow. I wonder what this man smokes that makes him think he will be president of Nigeria

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Health / Re: Frequent Urinating At Night: Help!!! by enilowo(m): 12:36pm On May 30, 2022
It is either diabetes or enlarged prostate. The first thing to do is to run a fasting Blood Sugar Test to confirm your sugar level then run an abdominal scan to check the volume of your prostate. Once you confirm these two and you are clean then i will suggest you put a call to your village people to help you. Buy guy go and see a doct asap.
how can? I dont even have any other symptoms to show i have such. Please cancel out this one biko.
Fashion / Re: Lady With Long Braids Gets Into Trouble With A Monkey (Photos, Video) by enilowo(m): 5:03pm On Apr 28, 2022
Na that of twitter i dey look for
Business / Re: A Loan Company Insists I Take Another Loan! (Photos) by enilowo(m): 1:14pm On Mar 08, 2022
Take a loan equal to the debit they took from you, once you have been credited go to your bank declare your ATM card missing so the bank will block it and get another card.

Before you delete the app go to settings on your phone select apps click on their app and go to permission and remove all the permission you granted the app on your phone. Then delete the app. You have just been thought how to divorce an app.


Health / Re: What Attracts Bed Bugs To Your Home? by enilowo(m): 4:45am On Nov 18, 2021
Go toa good pet store there a lot of good anti ticks spray. The one I use covers .y dogs for six months.
Yeah, I think I get that now. I didn't realize they were different.
Health / Re: The Doctors Want To Amputate My Mum's Leg. Advice Needed by enilowo(m): 4:11am On Nov 06, 2021
If you want to grow in life avoid people like this. They are the reason why Africa has not move out of poverty. All they do is pray but they remain the same way they were last year. God give us brain to invent not to pray and do nothing.

The so called miracle worker in Ikotun could not pray death out of his way o. Wake up people and be smart.

Take her to mercyland in warri delta. State.. prophet Jeremiah omoto fufeyin will pray for her. She will be healed.. try to watch mercy TV. U will understand wat am talking about. Amputation will make her more dependent on you. Mama is healed in Jesus name... Amen. God over everything


Health / Re: The Doctors Want To Amputate My Mum's Leg. Advice Needed by enilowo(m): 4:05am On Nov 06, 2021
You have said it all the sad part is everyday you wait worsen the situation. Move fast and she will be alive else she can die in three months!

It happened to a neighbor that did not listen to advise in the beginning, ir was God that saved him as he was rushed to hospital unconscious. That is after he has taken all sort of agbo.

Move fast to save your mum. It's better to have a one legged mum alive than non.

From what I have researched there is no cure yet on ground and to ease and save your mum's life, amputation might be the best bet. prosthetic fittings can be done and your mum can walk again and with proper diabetical management no more harmful neuropathy will come her way ever again.
The other leg should be monitored as well.
Good luck.

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Education / Re: NDA Dismisses 18 Cadets For Exam Malpractices, Brutality, Indiscipline by enilowo(m): 5:32pm On Sep 26, 2021
Mad man
Check well they are southerners.
Career / Re: His Experience With Female Banker(marketer) by enilowo(m): 1:13pm On Sep 23, 2021
Kindly go ahead and talk to the babe. Date her properly and marry her if you can.
So I came across this post in a group

NL guys have you experienced this?, also share your view.


And no, my story is not made up. It’s for real, actually very real. I am a top executive of a very successful conglomerate my father founded. I resumed the job early this year when I returned from the U.K after completing my MBA.
As a result of my job, I usually find myself frequenting places I ordinarily wouldn’t want to- Ikoyi club, society weddings, conferences, etc. I’m a geek for the most part, and something of a recluse. I would rather stay in my house at the end of day and watch TV. When I became Deputy CEO of the company, I realized that I had to start hanging out at these places to build a social circle, mostly for business reasons. I am not a very sociable person, but with the help of my more outgoing cousins, I have been able to build a pretty decent network of Lagos ‘big boys’ between January when I returned and now.

During a conference in Lagos this year, I was approached by a young lady banker. She was working in the Marketing department at one of these banks, She’s pretty young- about 7 years my junior. I’m 28; this lady is about 21. You know how young these graduates are these days.

Anyway, she walked up to me and started persuading me to consider opening up a bank account with her bank and told me all the benefits of the account, etc. She looked so innocent and desperate, and practically begged me for an opportunity to see me again so that she could convince me. I ended up giving her my complimentary card. I usually don’t just give out my card like that, but I did.
Three days later, when I was hanging out with my new-found friends and my cousins at a bar at one of the Hotels on the Island during the early evening, this girl called me and reminded me who she was. She said she really needed me to open an account, and that she was eager to convince me on why I needed to open an account. My friends noticed I was talking to a girl on the phone. You know how guys are; they teased me and asked me to just play around with her and invite her for drinks.
I asked her to come over to the Hotel, and surprisingly, she said she would be there in 20 minutes. The branch she worked in is on the Island, so she apparently took a Bike and came to meet us. This was about 6pm. The girl came, and my friends all saw her. They smiled and talked among themselves in hush tones, and I talked briefly with her for like 5 minutes and told her I would make a decision on banking with her or not. She was desperate from what I could see, and she was eager to get my account.

When she left, my friends all laughed mischievously and told me in plain terms that I had to sleep with the girl. They went on talking about how all these bank marketers sleep with different men before getting deposits, and insisted that I must not be any different. Now, I’m not a virgin; I’ve had my own fair share of sex in the past, but I’ve never been one to take advantage of a girl. I knew she was desperate as she had a target to meet up to, or something of the sort. But when you’re a guy hanging out with guys, it’s pretty difficult to be the odd one out. All my friends made me promise that I’d sleep with the girl. I promised; I didn’t want to look like some geek. And I’m really trying to feel among these guys.

To cut a long story short, two days later, when I was in my office, this girl called me and tried persuading me to bank with her. As she was talking to me on phone, I asked her jokingly: “What are you willing to do in order for me to open an account with you?”

She hesitated and then she told me: “Anything you want sir.”

Gbam! That was my cue. I asked her to meet me at one hotel for drinks later that evening. I asked my PA to book a room for me at the Hotel. She came to meet me. We had drinks, we chatted. She told me that her bosses had ordered her to deliver N10million to the bank that month, and that so far, she hadn’t gotten anything. Her job was on the line, and she had only just started working there 3 weeks before. I asked her to follow me to the room. She did. I slept with her.

Surprisingly, it turns out she was doing it for the first time. She was actually a Virgin. The bed sheet was stained with her blood and all that stuff, and I was just amazed. I thought being a marketer and all, that she would have been sampled many times. But no, she was a virgin. When we finished, she was shy of looking at me in the eye. We didn’t talk much. I gave her money for a Taxi, and gave her the name of the Finance director of the subsidiary I am in charge of. I asked her to meet him the following day to open up a corporate account. I instructed the guy to open up an account worth a few hundreds of millions- probably enough to meet her target for the next 2 years if there is such a thing in commercial banking circles. I don’t know how these banks work.

Anyway, she called me and thanked me profusely for saving her job. My friends now know I have slept with her, and I have solidified my place among them as a ‘bad’ guy.

The issue is this: I haven’t been able to stop thinking about her. It’s been like six weeks now. I haven’t called her since then, even though she keeps sending me text messages asking after my wellbeing and thanking me for banking with her. She deals directly with my Finance guy so we don’t talk money ever. But I think about her every day. I think I actually have feelings for her, and the idea that I was her first makes me feel like she should belong to me. I’ve never been a Lady’s first. I’m actually going crazy with thoughts about this girl.

Am I crazy? Should I call her up and ask her out? How would that feel? How would she react? Also, considering that my friends all see her as the bank ‘LovePeddler’ would it be a good idea to still ask her out? How will my friends see me? I’m not looking for sex from her; I’m looking for something real, something intimate. I want something that’d last- probably forever.

I’ve never felt this way about any other lady in a really really long time. What should I do?
Pets / Re: Which Domestic Animal Do You Think Is Strong Enough To Kill This Cat? (Photos) by enilowo(m): 12:47pm On Sep 23, 2021
God bless you. It appears the phyton swallowed and vomit it before leaving. So my bro you may wanna check well to be sure that a phyton is not paying you a visit at night or leaving in your cieling.
My possible culprit could be a python. Thats my thought
Family / Re: My Dad Has Refused To Rest In Peace Because Of His Monetary Vow In Church by enilowo(m): 6:23am On Sep 14, 2021
Why dont you test the spirit by confessing your condition that you are heavily in debt, si the spirit should rather guide you to get a job that will pay u in double folds so you can fulfill the debt and do more in his name.

Beating you will only lead you to PTSD and can kill you. Above all pray pray and pray. Dont go to any Woli afa or pastor o, they will tell you to bring money thereby pushing you further into a hole.

Thank me later

Hello my nairaland family. I'll make this post short & precise... I buried my dad around april this year.

Am the only available child, as my elder brother relocated abroad in january & has refused to make contact. I took a loan to sponsor my bro's trip abroad, & also took another loan from my bank to partly sponsor the burial as all the family burden rested on my shoulders..

Last month, my dad appeared in a dream telling me to hurry up in paying a vow he made in church of abt 50k before he died. I was warming up to pay the vow this month's ending as am stil servicing the loans i got from my bank.

He appeared last week to remind me but yesterday night's own came with severe flocking. Am stil feeling the pains from the cain he used at my back & joints..

How do i contain him before month end when i'll be bouyant to pay the vow.

Am afraid he may return with more beatings,. & am jst 30yrs old, & wouldnt want to have any part of my body deformed as a result.

Your suggestions wil be greatly appreciated!
Family / Re: What My Dad Wanted Me To Do On His Behalf by enilowo(m): 4:01pm On Sep 12, 2021
Good day,

1. At your present monthly pay 500k is too much a loan you can pay off easily except you are earning unofficial pay to balance up.

2. All those your extended family he is reporting you to kindly tell them to do it for him and see their reaction.

3. Note this! If you take that loan I am sure it can only be from all these loan shark around and it will be at exorbitant rate that will destroy you and will make you loose your job. I am saying this cos I know there is no standard bank that give you 500k on that monthly pay. The maximum any bank can give you 25k multiply 12 which gives you 300k. This is arrived at using you debt service ratio DSR. So my advise for you is to take a 250k loan for him with the mindset that you are the one that will pay back.

4. I advise you do this cos I know he won't pay back so once he defaults you have reason never to entertain his entitlement mentality again.

5. Above all I pray God lift you up soon to be able to rescue your dad and family.

Thank me later on enilowoatgmail.com


Good day Niralanders,

I need your sincere advice on my present situation.
Please ignore any grammatical error or punctuation. I’m the first son of my family, my father is an average Nigerian trader, he single handedly sponsored my schooling from nursery to higher institution.

After my service year, one of his friends scammed him of 300k in the name of they will get me a job in NUPENG before he paid that money I told him my pastor’s revelation about the NUPENG job, which my pastor said She does not like the job and shared ill references associated to the job with me and I told my dad when I got home, he countered and rebuked the revelation, he doesn’t take any of our advice, he finally fell for the scam.

To cut the long story short, I’m now working class that earn 75k monthly, however I’m still squatting with a friend and I’m still struggling to survive.

Recently I received a call from my dad, he told me he needs 500k for trading, that he wants me to take loan on his behalf he will be paying the debt once it’s due, since he is yet to complete the outstanding loan he took from the same bank, which is remaining 3 months to complete. I later discovered he had another debt he’s still servicing (Paying ) of a different bank that is remaining 6 months to complete.
After pondering over it i asked him; what if he defaults what will happen ? he shunned me and said why will I be negative and I politely told him my mind that I cannot help the current issue. Since then he started reporting me to my mum relatives to talk to in order to accept and collect the loan of 500k on his behalf.

Please your advise on this will be helpful.
Thank you.

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Health / Re: FG Receives 1,123,200 Additional Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine Doses by enilowo(m): 4:54pm On Sep 08, 2021
Register on the portal and go get yours.
Who are those getting these vaccines?
Why haven't I received a jab yet?
Or is only for a selected few?

Anyhow sha, God is my Almighty vaccine.
Car Talk / Re: My Car Is Killing Me. Please Help Me Before It Finishes Me. by enilowo(m): 4:50pm On Sep 08, 2021
You forgot to tell him to change the mechanic. How can a mechanic fix a car overheating without ascertaining what caused it?
You fixed overheating without tracing or addressing what caused the overheating in the first place.
I think your radiator is bad, or the fans are not working , or the water pump is bad.
If its the radiator, change the radiator, maybe the cells are blocked or its expired.
For the radiator fan, tell the electrician you want the fans to be working as soon as you turn the ignition on.
For the water pump, ita unlikely that's the cause.but they should check it
Nairaland / General / Re: Breaking News: Lagos Socialite And Oba Of Uguru Land, Buhari Oloto Is Dead by enilowo(m): 3:29pm On Jul 29, 2021
Buhari Oloto lo nje....iwogbe la fi se e gbodo ja
Moni baba kan buhari oloto lon je grin
Food / Re: This Snake Fell From My Roof by enilowo(m): 9:29pm On Jul 26, 2021
Please check your ceiling to be sure that it has not laid eggs there o. Else you will suddenly have snake infested house at hand.

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Pets / Re: Dog Breeders Whatsapp Group Link by enilowo(m): 9:32pm On May 08, 2021
Dear All,

I need help. My dog has this rashes on its head I dont know what to do. Unfortunately I find it difficult to attach the picture here. I dont know why nairaland option to choose file for upload is not working
Crime / Re: Do You Know Anything About TELPECON? by enilowo(m): 9:59am On Apr 21, 2021
I have an audio confirming that TELPECON is fraud, though they have started flying another kite claiming payment will. E made on that on in September. Go follow me on Twitter @enilowo to get it.
Investment / Re: MBA Forex Unable To Pay Investors In December by enilowo(m): 6:17pm On Dec 24, 2020
Mr Op, that info is the pure truth..
The federal government are just trying to save the banks from further colapse.they have limited the amount of money mba can payout per day which is why they keep having issues paying peoples money..MBA is threatening to go to court as i speak now..
People no save their money in banks anymore, they take it to forex trading companies.

Will you keep kwaet! Liars. Government never prevented anyone from withdrawing from their account.

It is only the fx transfer companies that govt instructed banks to close their accounts and pay people directly in Fx as against naira that they were being played in the past.

So the question is is MBA a money transfer company? The answer is no, so they do not belong to that category.

Besides the account being closed never stopped the companies from getting their funds.

Please let's be guided.


Crime / Re: I Stole To Raise Money To Feature Davido Or Runtown In My Music - Car Thief by enilowo(m): 6:01pm On Dec 24, 2020
Davido might be bad vocally and lyrically, but he's a good man. He's sugar-coated with niceties.

Davido fit feature for the guy music without any charge had he approached him online.

The truth is, a criminal is a criminal.

Some people will say na hunger. Just as they said it's because people are hungry that is why they looted in October

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