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Education / Re: Why Is Any Number Multiplied By Zero Equals To Zero? by Exciton(m): 1:02pm On Jan 14, 2021

An example of 'mathematical proof'

I realize you don't want too much mathematics, but I'd like to point out that it is rather trivial to "prove", using only the basic few axioms (up to the distributive law)

I suppose you do not need much convincing that 0 + 0 = 0 (which itself is a consequence of the additive identity n + 0 = a, with a = 0)

Now, as per the distributive law, n * (b+c) = n*b + n*c

(b and c are two other arbitrary numbers. So there are b oranges and c apples in a bag. A bag is (b+c). If you buy 2 bags, then you get twice the number of oranges and twice the number of apples --> 2(b+c) = 2b + 2c.)

And so n*0 = n* (0+0) = n*0 + n*0, (from the previous bit)

So n*0 = n*0 + n*0

Subtract (n*0) from both sides, giving

0 = n*0

N.B Quora

You could as well exploit the existence of inverses: for each element in a group, there exists a unique element such that: a•b == i, where i is the identity element of the group, and • is an operation on the group elements.

For addition operation, 0 is the identity element and the additive inverse of any element a is -a : a + (-a) = 0.

Using the distributive law:

n*0 = n * (a + (-a)) = n*a + (n*-a) = n*a - n*a = 0.

Thus, n*0 = 0 is basically the consequence of the existence of an additive identity/inverses + the distributive law.

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Religion / Re: Bishop Oyedepo: "How My Church Member Resurrected Dead Man". Daddy Freeze Reacts by Exciton(m): 3:30pm On Jun 12, 2018
Others are battling for AI/Space travel/quantum computing etc supremacy while "adult" Nigerians (some who might be STEM graduates) are arguing that some fvking theiving con-man [+his accolyte] can actually raise the dead.

Hopeless dvmb people.


Religion / Re: "Winners Chapel Would Soon Be Paying Tithes Of Trillions" - Bishop Oyedepo by Exciton(m): 2:43am On May 17, 2018
Assuming we weren't retârds and we could self-organize into a proper society with a well structured and accountable govt, most of the money in African churches should be in govt's coffers in the form of taxes paid by the people --- for amenities accessible to all citizens, as in other developed societies.

But since we have a broken society and critical thought is absent, we'd rather pay tithes than higher taxes in exchange for "miracles" -- funding Yahoo Yahoo men. It's easy to see why African churches are among the richest globally, despite the ravaging poverty and low wealth of African countries.

Also, it's quite fücking annoying that intellectually dishonest educated Nigerians give examples of the few schools, roads etc built by churches as argument for their wealth. This is meant to be one of the primary duties of your govt, not some fücking church! In reality, almost all Nigerian churches are very shady profit making rent-seekers disguising as non-profit NGOs. They're of little to zero value to any society.

We are so fücking stupid, it's painful to read Nigerian news.

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Romance / Re: Nigerian Man Proposes To His Chinese Girlfriend In China (Photos) by Exciton(m): 1:21am On May 14, 2018
Nigerians are the worst racist on earth

I was about to the the same thing. Fücking dümb and racist cünts! But they make the loudest noise at the slightest provocation.

Disgusting fückers.


Health / Re: What Exactly Are Doctors Still Doing In Nigeria? by Exciton(m): 8:47am On May 13, 2018
we wish them safe trip...i think Nigerian govt should make all medical student sign a bond to work in Nigeria for 15 years cos the are tution free trained by our tax money so if u want to go abroad pay bk our bond or go to a private university

Better option: let them go and slam them with "Doctors in Disapora Tax" or something to make them pay the difference in tuition costs between Naija and US for studying medicine. Let them join their colleagues in developed countries in paying off debts. grin grin Such monies should then be used for medical education of our kids and hospitals.

I'm tired of these greedy fückers constantly whining about their high jamb score and why they ought to be paid one billion because they're first class citizens.

Read the entire thread, it's only about money, ego and in-house clashes within the health sector. Govt underfunding is just one of the many problems, it might not even be the main problem.

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Culture / Re: "Homosexuality Wasn't Alien To Yoruba; Sango Was A Cross Dresser" - Historian by Exciton(m): 7:43am On May 10, 2018
Yuval Noah Harari reminded the world in his spectacular book, Sapiens, last year. Anything that can happen is by definition natural. If two women can find a way to sexual pleasure, then by the obvious evidence nature already allows it. If a man can wear what we now call ‘female clothing’ and not fall down and die because of it, then it is by nature natural. Nature allows a massive spectrum of possibilities, he reminds us; it is us humans that limit the possibilities with our fears, taboos and phobias, not nature.

But let’s still investigate the word ‘natural’. Is there anything intrinsically positive about the Natural? In the first few centuries after Christ, it was very natural for a man to have 14 children and to lose more than a dozen of them to disease, and it was very natural for bacteria to wipe off millions of people because there was none of the medicines we have now. Those were very natural. And yet here we are now, as a race, having overcome those challenges, because we found ‘unnatural’ ways to fight nature through medicine. Indeed, humanity has spent the past two million years, since man discovered fire, fighting and running away from ‘nature’. We build houses to escape the rain. We buy shaving powder to get rid of the natural hair that grows on our chins and armpits. And we have unnatural caesarian operations because sometimes nature is careless, thoughtless and pointless.

One would have to be completely brain dead to claim that pre-colonial era Africans were "pure and holy": homosexual acts were uncommon/non-existent, not until the arrival of the "evil white man".

But of course, this is Nairaland -- the world's largest agglomeration of fücking retãrds -- and this is precisely the view of the majority. grin grin

Most sub-saharan africans are just simpletons with primitive moral views based on their syncretized version of Christianity, infused with barbaric African spiritualism.

Was banned for a week for saying people are stupid, maybe it will be a year's ban this time. Haha!

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Religion / Re: 12-Year-Old Lesbian At Bishop Daniel Obinim's Church For Deliverance (Video, Pic by Exciton(m): 3:25pm On May 08, 2018

Calm your tits down man. It's only in Africa such "testimonies" occur.

Or are you one of em Uncle Toms??

It is apparent that you've never taken a statistics class.

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Programming / Re: Could Lagos, Nigeria Be The Next Silicon Valley? - American Media by Exciton(m): 7:11am On May 06, 2018
Haha. They think learning how to code is sufficient for a high tech environment.

Naija na delusion paradise.

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Crime / Re: 2 Homosexuals Paraded Unclad Publicly In Imo After They Were Caught Having Sex by Exciton(m): 1:04pm On Apr 27, 2018
I was right in calling you a subhuman animal. I advise all homosexual people to go around armed so that they can shoot dead every worthless baboon like this oloriburuku I'm quoting that may try to lynch them.

You bonobos deserve to be treated like beasts and exterminated like vermin. I don't consider you human, and I would heartily cheer on anyone that inflicts any form of brutality on you, no matter how horrific.

Calling me gay is not an insult, and your opinion of my sexuality is as irrelevant and inconsequential as the grim destiny of failure and destitution you brought into this world as you exited your mother's putrid pussy.

Haha. This is funny cos I remember you've once disagreed with my very harsh description of Nigerians.
I guess the constant idiocy on Nairaland pushed you over to the other side.

Anyways, it's good that some people now accept the ugly truth of what sub Saharan Africans really are: a fücking hopeless barbaric bunch who don't care for knowledge, their future or dignity of her people.

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NYSC / Re: Female Corpers Turn Their Khaki To Bum Shorts by Exciton(m): 3:33am On Apr 27, 2018
The entire Nigeria is a pseudo-Sharia State. They just don't know it.

These are normal shorts that everyone in sane countries wear when it's hot. They are very normal girls --- a bit more exercise and the rightmost babe will have well toned legs grin.

But in this country full of religious retards, the smallest patch of female skin is enough to induce intense female shaming and a rape rampage. Other countries appreciate and display the beautiful aspects of their society as it helps create a less violent, easy going people. But it's the opposite in this country. Women shamed, lovers openly displaying affection shamed, no beautiful scenery, flowers, art, etc all suppressed.

The older and more knowledgeable I get, the less I think of Nigerians. I can't help it, it's an unavoidable conclusion.

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Crime / Re: 2 Homosexuals Paraded Unclad Publicly In Imo After They Were Caught Having Sex by Exciton(m): 4:09pm On Apr 26, 2018
It's funny that most of these barbarians won't reject the opportunity to move to Canada or some western country. But the stark truth is that 20% of Nigerians in any country is more than enough to turn that country into a third world barbaric nation. That's how sh!t we are. Most Nigerians are nothing but a drain on Earth's resources.


Politics / Re: Nigerians Protest In London Over The Increasing Rate Of Youth Killings. Photos by Exciton(m): 1:37pm On Apr 23, 2018
Nigerians in London England are not as politically engaged in the system as they should. There are a good amount of professional Nigerians in Britain but they are not sufficiently aware as a community: they have no lobbies, no associations aimed at expressing Nigerian concerns. And, for god sakes, Nigerians with any capacity should challenge the social-work sector and look into the workings of mental health, where Indian doctors are quick to commit young black-men often guilty of nothing more than anger and frustration to a system that ruins their minds with medication.

Lol. Nigerians are not politically active even in their own country. Heck, Nigerian middle class is easily the most politically apathetic group of people in the world. They watch the nation deteriorate and decay, then they lament and seek greener pastures in Canada.


Politics / Re: Protest In Rivers State Over Black Soot Pollution (PHOTOS) by Exciton(m): 3:03pm On Apr 19, 2018
Country full of barbarians. As long as they're making money, anything goes. No regard for environment, beauty, order, health etc.

And I wonder why no one has run a full chemical analysis on the soot. Show direct proof that companies are releasing dangerous substances or above safety limits. Then take the govt and involved companies to court. If it doesn't work, you have my full permission to blow up these fücking companies.

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Crime / Re: Bitcoin Company Shocks Customers, Disappears With Millions by Exciton(m): 6:33am On Apr 14, 2018
Hahaha. Nigerians fall for the same kinda re-packaged ponzi scam over and over and over. The idiöts always say the same thing: it's the real thing cos some guys got paid. That's the con you bloody idiots!

Next few months, another story will surface. Land of morøns! No wonder politicians fvck us over everytime.


Religion / Re: Olukoya: "Satanic Witchcraft Behind Bloodshed And Massive Deaths In Nigeria" by Exciton(m): 10:54am On Apr 08, 2018
While the Japanese are working on photonic quantum computing, Emmanuel Macron pushing for France and Europe to lead the AI revolution, the Chinese pushing boundaries of quantum teleportation and the Americans leading the way in space travel and science; Nigerians are busy arguing whether demons exist, whether you can turn flesh into money and whether spirits are the cause of widespread violence.

We are fücking primitive barbarians. Many would deny this stark fact of life. Most simply don't know how far behind we are. It's the kids that I pity; they are doomed to be disadvantaged. Their parents are busy frolicking with useless spiritual fuckery, instead of gaining knowledge that can enable us to compete at the global level.

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Food / Re: 'You Will Think Twice About Eating Suya Meat After Seeing This'. Photos by Exciton(m): 6:07am On Apr 08, 2018
what has the ministry of health done to controll the unhygenic way meat is handled in nigeria ? from the slaughter houses to the meat sheds in the market everything is in a diplorable state .nigeria needs sanctions on meat market

Not just meat. Everything, including the water we drink. I suspect there's widespread lead poisoning in Naija, leading to so many retärds grin grin.

On a more serious note, I have no goddamn clue what those guys are paid for. At least they should come up with hygenie rating certificates for mama put shops after thorough inspection. Like how it's done in every sensible country.

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Education / Re: Covenant University's Track Record Of Abuse And The Irresponsibility Of NUC by Exciton(m): 8:16am On Apr 04, 2018
I thought HigherEd was a hardcore CU fan. I guess I had a wrong opinion about you. You're just a person who cares about our education. Continue the good work.


Politics / Re: Bakare To Buhari: We Can Shut This Govt Down by Exciton(m): 4:51pm On Mar 30, 2018

With all your grammar and word skills you still don't make sense. This is about RACE! When Nnamdi Kanu was saying stuff like this we criticized him called him names. When the army descended on his people in the East , Nigerians from other tribes gloated, made memes of the Ipob everywhere. Now the fulani herdsmen are killing off the other side and you expect the Ipobians to protest against this.. This one go be operation LIQUIDATION DANCE...

Ethnic tribes are now a race. Lol.

Since you can't understand what's right in front of you, let me break it down for you. Your goal is to be rid of the North/reduce their influence; doesn't matter if "SWesterners are arseholes", it's in your interest to build a strong political unit and co-operate with SWesterners + other Southerners who share similar interests. That way, you create a win-win scenario with those you "don't even like" so as to achieve your goals.

That's what intelligent people do. They don't let their emotions rule over them. They aren't obsessed with tit-for-tat like most of you dümb tribalists, they make long term plans.

Maybe you can understand now. Don't expect replies.

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Politics / Re: Bakare To Buhari: We Can Shut This Govt Down by Exciton(m): 4:01pm On Mar 30, 2018
I have an advice for you Pastor,

Please keep the protests and shutting down in the west side of the country and make sure it does not stop my people from trading in our small shops. Its your turn to protest and fight for what is right. We will stand aside and watch.

Nnamdi Kanu shouted, screamed even, but you all chose to condemn his bad language instead of picking his message. Ojukwu shut the country down, but your folks chose to join forces with others and suck oil, now you are tired of sucking oil, borrow Ojukwu guns and start where he stopped. When IPOB peacefully protested and got shot with a hail of bullets, did Tunde Bakare say anything?

For the wise Easterners and better south, keep off this protest or alliance with the west, let's watch the country sink, except we are attacked, we are just spectators in Nigeria grin

187 likes. Nigerians are truly retärds. It's always one's tribe over all... zero-sum scenarios. The fücking stupid South, who think they're better than the North, can't organize themselves into a coherent group for their own good.

The quality of an intelligent population is cooperative skills to create win-win scenarios necessary for a stable, progressive and high trust society. This isn't just grammar, it's based on extensive study (Hive Mind).

The honest truth is that the country is full of dümb people. It's why the country is sh!t. Race science is now a thing. I'm willing to wager that the result is that Sub Saharan Africans are retärded on average.

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Crime / Re: Man Who Disguised As A Lady In A Nightclub In Port Harcourt, Caught (Photos) by Exciton(m): 5:37am On Mar 22, 2018
Queer people in the country need to form an association (doesn't matter if it's currently illegal; that which is just is more important), to push for recognition and their safety else they'll keep suffering from widespread abuse by homophobic illiterates wey full this country. While enlightened straight Nigerians must never stop pushing for their support and their right to live with dignity.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia Expels 23 British Diplomats, Shuts Down Council, Consulate And Others by Exciton(m): 12:31am On Mar 21, 2018

I do not understand the black man (at least some), they seem to love those that hate, loath or oppress them and hate anyone that tries to come to their aid.

It is quite puzzling to hear a black African declaring love for Russia when Russians can't stand blacks, Putin does not even think blacks exists as he has not stepped foot in any black nation in his 18 years in power. I know the kinds of racism Nigerian students who go to Russia to study face. I had a neighbour who attempted to go to study in Russia, after paying school fees and offered admission, he was detained and assaulted by immigration officials at the airport and sent back.

Other self hating Nigerians would openly declare love for Trump, I find it so ridiculous. The worst is those that are ready to die for Jews. Jews hate blacks as much as Arabs.

Haha. World politics is just like a movie to the average Nigerian. They support dangerous fvckers for the same reason people like bad guys in movies. The average Nigerian lives in a bubble and is totally convinced of his safety.

This false feeling of safety is what angers me the most. Nations are developing high tech to their advantage + weapons capable of destroying us 100 times over if the need arises. While we are comfy making fücking stupid music and dancing, fully ensconced in our ignorance. Zero care for our future and the survival of our kind.

International laws + lack of strong interest in our lands are basically the only things saving us from total annihilation at the moment. Yet, the average Nigerian isn't worried by this stark reality; fück no, he'll even go ahead and support Trump, Arabs, Russians, the Chinese etc who don't give a Bleep about human rights or laws protecting the sovereignty of smaller nations --- those who wouldn't hesitate to take whatever they want at the detriment of others once these laws weaken and fade.

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Crime / Re: 11-year-old Maid Strangles And Stabs 5-year-old Boy Placed In Her Care by Exciton(m): 6:03am On Mar 14, 2018
F00lish Africans can't afford condoms but all they talk about is sex. Sharing diseases and unwanted babies left and right like gifts. The fööls will argue that abortion is evil but they have no means to care for their children. The poor prefer to use their kids as slave labor to make extra money while the less poor don't mind if unqualified people [mostly juveniles] raise their kids.

I warn my friends and cousins not to rush into marriage and have loads of kids. The idiöts never listen, since marriage and children are an achievement in our fücked society. Then they come begging for money --- as predictable as night and day.

Some animals even called for jungle justice on an eleven year old girl. It's annoying to be born in such a fücking shitty society. You fõõls deserve whatever comes your way. You should be limited to having no more than 1 child.


Politics / Re: In The 1980s, Italy Paid Koko, A Nigeria Town $100 A Month To Store Toxic Waste by Exciton(m): 3:03pm On Mar 11, 2018

Thank you my brother, it is nice to see that some of us have awoken..

If they make this waste then they should keep it. There are so many foreign abuses on Nigerian soil it isnt funny. Till today Russian and Chinese Trawlers steal our fish with impunity to sell to us and their own people for profit. We sit there and let it happen..

Foreigners like come to Naija to rob the country blind flouting every law and we allow it. They would never allow a Naija man to do business let alone live in peace in their country yet we allow this foolishness in ours..

We need better politicians jare..

Lol. Why should they keep it when a sub-continent full of suckers is available??

Most of you don't get it. There are no hard rules in life. Universal declaration of human rights, treaties, etc are broken all the time. The extent of inviolability of laws is only as strong as the institutions that enforce it. If your country doesn't enforce the right laws or care about safety of their people, you suffer.

The dumb gets fvcked is more like the fundamental rule. It's really that simple, and we are our own referees in this game. It's our job, not theirs, to ensure we have a society of educated people who can create wealth and make deals that won't get the nation bleeped.

If they come and plunder our waters for fish (a billion dollar industry), dump waste on our lands, transfer prisoners, buy precious metals for cheap etc, it's not their fault. It's ours!

The fact that you expect them to be of a higher moral standard than us is proof that you think they're superior. This is the mentality of most sub-saharan Africans. If we truly thought of them as equals, we'll be thinking of how to make favourable win-win deals (or zero-sum deals favouring us in the worst case) just as often as they do.

In this specific case, if our EPA wasn't weak, if we properly educated our chemists, adequately equipped our institutions, etc it would be a simple matter to detect the toxic materials right at the port and send them back regardless of whether there's some greedy fücker who would prefer to poison an entire village in exchange for a pittance.

In sum: instead of lamentating that white people are evil racists out to ruin us, we have to get smart enough to rise above our baser instincts and put less important things like our tribal/religious differences behind us, structure our society and make political and financial deals in a manner that serves our interests. If we can't do this, if we can't create win-win scenarios among our different tribes for cooperation, we're just sitting ducks waiting to be fücked by anyone!

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Education / Re: Science, Maths Teaching In Indigenous Languages To Begin Soon –FG by Exciton(m): 4:55pm On Mar 09, 2018
The scary thing is that this isn't coming from an illiterate like Buhari, but from the DG of National Centre for Tech Mgt, a goddamn professor, and from the minister of education!! Most of these Nigerian profs are frauds. How can anyone at that level think it's possible to teach STEM to people in local languages that are completely lacking in necessary vocabulary... utterly mad and incompetent people!!

I can't even think of up to 5 words for different colours in Yoruba. Not to speak of decsribing complex ideas e.g. quantum fields. The average Yoruba can't speak a sentence without an English word in it.

You can't expand a language's vocabulary by borrowing 1,000,000+ words from English or so in a very short time. It ceases to be a distinct language. It takes time, decades if not more, to build up a language's vocabulary. It can be done but it takes a very long time.

Example: Yoruba. First, Yoruba langiage professors will need to proliferate a standardized form of the language with grammar rules and all. This is then taught as a rigorous and comprehensive language course across all levels. They'd also have to come up with a dictionary that gets updated everytime. Next is media and press widely circulated in said language, including novels, plays, poetry etc.

Not after all these is accomplished, and everyone easily reads and understands the language in a standard manner, can it be possible for those in STEM fields to publish their work in Yoruba journals. Leaders in the respective fields can then agree on accepted Yoruba words for technical terms.

This will take a very long time!

The Chinese, Arabs, Indians etc can learn in their respective languages because they have a standard form and, over the course of history, have contributed to the development of science and philosophy. Your languages, in standard form, are very young compared to theirs!!

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Education / Re: Injustice For Engineering Graduates, Corpers by Exciton(m): 3:38pm On Mar 08, 2018
Doctors and engineers saying crap about each other when they ought to be on the same side to fight against the elite --- those in government and in business: mostly comprised of stark illiterates, greedy bankers and lawyers grin --- who ruin the country for their personal gain: a focus on short term profits and monopoly.

The greatest reason why we're poor and underdeveloped is as a result of our extremely weak educational system and manufacturing industry --- a paucity of knowledgable teachers, skilled engineers, scientists and craftsmen.

We should be focused on forcing our useless government to ensure education reforms, bringing in more manufacturing giants, encourage indigenous companies, healthy economic competition and creating a strong link between educational institutions, research institutes and the manufacturing industry.

If those with the potential to make stuff are given the proper education, we wouldn't be in our current situation where there's basically no equipment for our doctors to diagnose/treat the sick.


Programming / Re: Gov Ambode Has Plans For One Million Lucky Lagosians by Exciton(m): 9:18am On Feb 28, 2018
This is commendable but it surely won't make us a developed nation IMO.

This new programming craze among young Nigerians and support from "progressive" Naija leaders seem to stem from a prevalent but flawed idea that IT, without the ability to actually manufacture anything, will kickstart and have a huge impact on our development.

Doesn't matter how well we can write codes, without manufacturing -- the link between software and hardware -- we can't be market leaders in any industry. At best, IMO, our programmers will be freelancers for outsourced jobs from countries where the real development is happening, or hoping to strike gold in apps market or online payment solutions. It's good, but not enough to make a wealthy nation. It's also the reason you won't find an indigenous Nigerian actively into robotics or quantum computing.

The government needs to show as much interest in improving education in agriculture, manufacturing, and vocational craftsmanship. We need engineers that can actually make stuff, not just churning out future operators and managers. We also need welders, carpenters etc that can make high quality stuff.

All these areas, not just programming skills, have to be improved upon for real development.


Travel / Re: Nigerians - Leave The UK (United Kingdom) ALONE!!! by Exciton(m): 11:55am On Feb 24, 2018

Sorry to burst your bubble but if the "best of the best" were encouraged and employed in Nigeria and not punished for choosing education over music or sports, then no one would migrate.
The developed countries take the best in for their own development and the best get employed in these developed counties... It's a win win for everyone

Why would a capable person waste his talents in Nigeria, when he can go to the US or Europe and become an employed hard worker?

I see you only focused on the 3rd paragraph. My post isn't against migration, it's against mass migration and the burgeoning idea among young Africans that migration is a lasting solution.

Of course there's nothing wrong with moving to places where your talents are appreciated. As long as one takes effort to ensure that he/she passes on skills and knowledge to the next generation of Nigerians.

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Travel / Re: Nigerians - Leave The UK (United Kingdom) ALONE!!! by Exciton(m): 9:43am On Feb 24, 2018
Why the fvck are Nigerians always fixated on migration?!! Always taking the easy way out. I always see Naija Twitter "intellectuals" advice youths to leave while they can. Foreigners see this too, and no one is ever going to respect you if you think mass migration is a solution.

Why not focus on a lasting solution: saving the soul of your country by calling for constitutional changes, building strong institutions etc?

I don't get how people can feel comfortable developing another country at the expense of yours. Sub Saharan Africans just don't get global politics. The leaders in Western countries know exactly what they're doing: selectively taking in the above average and positive outliers --- those with usefull skills, the smartest or the socioeconomically advantaged and their looted wealth --- for their own development. This is harmful to smaller nations since they are left with a bit more shitty people and less wealth on average. Also, the numbers are well controlled because they understand the effect of culture on institutions. There're many reasons why sh!tholes are what they are, but culture is a big part of it!

It's okay to study and live outside Africa, but at least consider making positive contributions to your country for the sake of your future generations and the dignity of your people.

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Nairaland / General / Re: Dangote Truck Crushes A Man And 3 Students Dead In Ogun (Graphic Photos) by Exciton(m): 3:10pm On Feb 23, 2018
A country where it is considered acceptable to put up extremely gory and violent images but ladies showing the slightest patch of skin are severely shamed, standard biological words for body parts are censored online etc.

I'd rather live in a society where nudity is considered normal, violence is frowned upon and its online proliferation is censored.

We've created a fücking barbaric anomic society for ourselves.

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Romance / Re: 11-Year-Old Maid Caught Sleeping With Employer's 4-Year-Old Son - Twitter User by Exciton(m): 7:44pm On Feb 11, 2018
Lazy irresponsible Nigerian "adults" are mass producing damaged kids.

Many don't have the financial resources; hence, sending them out to become maids for the sake of having a better life -- so, why have them in the first place? why bring people into the world to suffer? Most, even if financially capable, haven't the intelligence and/or time for emotional care and bonding paving way for abuse.

Stop having kids because of social pressure or because it makes you feel good, they aren't toys. Get a pet instead.

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Car Talk / Re: Mercedes Rented & Dismantled Tesla Model X Ahead Of Its Own Electric SUV Launch by Exciton(m): 9:03am On Feb 11, 2018
This is exactly what we should be doing in Nigeria.

But we are ruled by greedy illiterates e.g. the cow rearing illiterate wasted about $400m to buy jets that aren't of major importance. Money that's probably more than enough to have standard primary and secondary schools available to most across the country.

We should be investing in knowledge: sacking all Naija teachers [across all levels grin], bringing in the best from around the world, and standardizing their training according to countries like South Korean and Finland.

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