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Events / Re: Incredible Wedding News:120-year-old Man Marries 60-year-old Woman by SALady(f): 12:32pm On Nov 02, 2011
Dont despair my single sisters, there's still hope
Romance / Re: Are There Still Girls Who Appreciates Flowers by SALady(f): 3:42pm On Nov 01, 2011
Yep! right here,
Romance / Re: Best Way To Handle Trust Issues In A Relationship: by SALady(f): 3:40pm On Nov 01, 2011
Give the other person all the trust for what its worth, and let it be all up to them what they do with it. They can either keep it or break it. Its usually up to them. Aint nothing you can do about it.
Romance / Re: My Romance Story In Pictures by SALady(f): 3:38pm On Nov 01, 2011
hhhmmmm!!! back @ nairaland neh!

@OP, and then, suit
Romance / Re: Why Do Bad Girls Get Married Easier Than Good Girls? by SALady(f): 3:15pm On Nov 01, 2011
Tired of making sense out of the senseless. Last time I checked "opposites use to attract" whatever happened to that?
Romance / Re: If Your Girlfriend Was 'Forced' To Sleep With Her Lecturer by SALady(f): 12:01pm On Aug 04, 2011

@SA Lady,are you advising someone in a secondary school?Change school or report!Just SMH

^^^ What are you on about though?
Romance / Re: My Ugly Friend Is Desperate For A Boyfriend by SALady(f): 11:57am On Aug 04, 2011
^^^ My thoughts exactly
Romance / Re: If Your Girlfriend Was 'Forced' To Sleep With Her Lecturer by SALady(f): 11:12am On Aug 02, 2011
@OP girfriend had a choice to have the lecture reported. Its possible he's done it with many girls before and many would be willing to come out and expose him. Again her second choice would be to change school.
Family / Re: I Urgently Need Ur Advice On My Husband And His Ex-girlfriend by SALady(f): 3:25pm On Jul 06, 2011
eerrmmm! @OP, please tell your husband's ex to F OFF and hire a marriage counsellor or divorce lawyer.

No one should call thier ex every flippin day for advice about their relationship issues. This is how we end up with stories like "married but still in love with my ex, and I feel guilty" nonssssseeeeence
Romance / Re: What Do You Like About Being A Woman? by SALady(f): 3:22pm On Jun 29, 2011

ladies face it, u all like being women because MEN like you. u like the way we admire and chase after u.

its like saying u like being a human because u like being liked by almigthy  GOD

^^^This is exactly why I am glad I was born a woman, because I really dont have to come up with lines like these.
Romance / Re: Ladies Can You Marry Serious, Honest, Intelligent But Jobless Guy? by SALady(f): 3:15pm On Jun 29, 2011
@OP, the standard has been set, women have made it clear what they want, and you are still asking the question  undecided undecided undecided
Romance / Re: Ladies Would U Allow Your Partner To Have A Second Wife If He Ask? by SALady(f): 3:12pm On Jun 29, 2011
^^^ and you are dead serious
Romance / Re: Ladies Would U Allow Your Partner To Have A Second Wife If He Ask? by SALady(f): 11:59am On Jun 29, 2011
Yes I would. as long as he understands that would make me leave. I mean it doesnt matter if I leave he still gets what he wants, a second wife.
Romance / Re: What Do You Like About Being A Woman? by SALady(f): 11:00am On Jun 29, 2011
Knowing that I can say

I am not my hair, I am not this skin and I am not your expectation, I am the soul that lives within, makes me feel damn great to be a woman.

See whats up there ^^^ is mine and no one nor any man should and can do anything about it let alone understand it. They can just leave it alone, how wonderful.
Romance / Re: With A Yr Old Daughter And My Woman Is 7 Yrs Older Than Myself by SALady(f): 11:55am On Jun 28, 2011
@OP, The answer of whether to marry this woman or not is in your definition of "people who are meant to marry"

You are the one who brought up the question and am assuming that's what this marriage will be based on as i read your lines.

So start thinking "What are people who are meant to marry realy like?"

Good Luck with the answers.
Celebrities / Re: Actor George Clooney And Elisabetta Canalis Split by SALady(f): 7:05am On Jun 24, 2011
Just why cant these women leave this poor guy alone. I mean which part of I do not want to marry again dont they understand. Clooney never said he was not going to love anyone any more, he just doesnt want to marry, period.

next thing you know this girl is going to sttle for some loveless marriage just because guy gave her a signed paper and a stone.

This is where women fail me, period.

But then again she is entitled to what she wants too, and she shouldnt be judged either.
Culture / Re: Why Do Nigerian Guys Like To Gossip? by SALady(f): 6:41am On Jun 24, 2011
@OP, honey its not only Nigerian men. Men live for gossip in every part of the world, they are the biggest gossip mongers. Its their vice.
Romance / Re: What Do You Do When Your Friend Tells. You This by SALady(f): 8:35am On Jun 23, 2011

^^men AND women are part of the problem
MEN have been using money, gifts or favors to attract/entice/corrupt women, for as long as we can remember.
WOMEN have been selling themselves for money, gifts or favors for has long as we can remember.

So no reason then for guys to act all surprised when girls ask for money, gifts and staff. Its what they've been using to get what they can get from women and it would seem women dont have a problem with it (dont hate the playa but the game i guess). In fact BRAVO to the women that just go straight to the point about their expectations of money in exchange for a relationship with the ugly guy who wants a pretty chick and the old man who wants a young chick, and for some fast love.

This thing about men makes me think of yet another example. You know that child being raised by a single mom and dad who is never there. Somehow this dad is the hero to this child because he is the guy who showers the child with expensive toys and money too. All this makes the child fall in love with the father because he spoils the child. Guess what? the mother remains the witch that is always in your face telling you what to do all the time and never buys anything.

Isnt it amazing how these children quickly forget at the sight of money that actually, dad is never really there. So what do we say about these children and their fathers who know that they can use money to buy their affection? I am not insinuating that these children should be resentful of their absent fathers. Just highlighting my observation of men and their symbol of money.

I've got another example, men and the symbol of money hehe! I've got a friend whom her biyfriend was not well received by her dad. This guy wanted to marry the girl. The father vowed that guy will neeever marry his child as long as he is alive. Guess what? guy used money to gain favour of the father. After he bought a new car he gave the old one to the girls father, and today as we speak father in law and son in law get along like a house on fire. BTW, husband and wife in the story are very much in love with each other, I've never seen a happy couple.

So it turns out men can even use money on each other to get whatever they please from each other. I have no doubt that whoever came with the brilliant idea of dawry (is that how they write it) is a man.

Quite frankly men really bleeped up the world using the power of money to get their way, which is now backfiring. Today women are becoming more and more assertive and will not beat around the bush about their expactations of money from a man and then men come here in NL acting all ignorant about something they started.

Sorry guys the only thing you have now is to call us biatches and whorres, it will never make us bleed we want that money, yes your money biatches.

So @OP leave the girl alone to get what she can get, all she has to do is mention it. Yours is to get it, buy it or kill someone or bribe someone. WTH you can even f%&*k someone so she can have it, your forefathers have been doing it for as long as we can remember, so what's your problem? Let the beat go on. C'mon You know if you are not going to give it to her, you are going to give it to another girl in buckets at some point, all in the name of Love.

Moral of the story, the second you pop out money to get favour with anyone be it your child, your wife, your in-laws, your buddy's and business associates then you must know whatever that is making you do this was and is wrong from the beginning. Check yourself and not anyone else period. Will men ever get this??

They say it takes one man to change the world, really guys, really undecided undecided undecided undecided I dont know.
Romance / Re: What Do You Do When Your Friend Tells. You This by SALady(f): 11:19am On Jun 22, 2011
Okay now this money thing is getting serious. Guys are you just making up these stories up or what? Whith all the stories that I've read about relationships and money I am somewhat compelled to start thinking that perhaps men have brought this on themselves.

GUYS have you ever stopped and asked yourselves how you could have contributed to this situation? Why is this happening to you? Is there any chance that you could have created this.

Again guys could it be possible that money is the only thing you are fast becoming good for in a womans life? and if yes, please explain to me how do you manage to put yourselves in that box. And if no, then what would be your opinion of where this thing is coming from and what it would take to put a stop to it?
Romance / Re: Temptation by SALady(f): 2:06pm On Jun 21, 2011
@OP, I guess you just follow the spirit. Tempatation has happened and still happens to the best of us. wink wink
Romance / Re: Would You Date/marry A Single Mother/father? by SALady(f): 1:57pm On Jun 21, 2011
@Topic, the answer is NO. Anyone who has a child isnt worthy of love, I guess that's where we are going with this topic hhhmmmm!!
Romance / Re: Broke Up With Boyfriend Want Him Back -help by SALady(f): 1:31pm On Jun 21, 2011
@dstiva99, are you kidding me right now

let me see. Are you saying that guy went missing and only to come back and tell you that he spent the night with his step grandma in hospital and you on the other side was taking this information in and processing it. kwakwakwakwakwakwa!!!  C'mon girl undecided undecided

Your boyfriend is the man. You must give me his number I'd like to be his friend.He is the Shiz Niz!! hahaha!!!
Romance / Re: Still In Love The Long-time Boyfriend Although Engaged! by SALady(f): 1:15pm On Jun 21, 2011
@OP, here's the sad truth about your story, is that, no one in here is ever going to tell you what to do. So I am afraid you just have to make up your own mind.

Just true talk!!
Romance / Re: When You See A Man Or Woman You Are Attracted To Wearing A Ring by SALady(f): 2:41pm On Jun 09, 2011
@Topic, you walk on by cool cool cool
Romance / Re: How Do I Tell Her Off? by SALady(f): 2:00pm On Jun 09, 2011
Stop responding to her calls that way she doesnt exist
Family / Re: Married, Having An Affair, Hubby Also Having An Affair: What To Do? by SALady(f): 11:18am On Jun 09, 2011
@OP, you have no choice but to tell your partner. Rather he hears that from you than any other person. It depends on how well you know him too. Now If you tell him two things can happen:

1. He'll have all the reasons to continue his relationship with the other women since he had just discovered that you not a saint nor a victim in this. It'll clear all his guilt.

2. If he is mature and honest about his ish, he'll see this as an opportunity for you guys to start opening up to each other and be brutally honest about the underlying issues in your marriage.  Which is a good thing, that way as a team you can work towards a common goal be it fixing the marriage or ending it.

Of the above two which one do you value the most and which one would you rather live through

Good Luck, Hey remeber the saying "only the truth shall set you free"  wink
Romance / Re: Pls Help, I Can't Start Relationship by SALady(f): 2:33pm On Jun 07, 2011
@OP, this will happen when you start relationships for the heck of it. Start articulating why you want a relationship, and what kind of a man/partner you want to be in it. As soon as that is clear then the rest will flow from that.
Romance / Re: What's Wrong With Marrying An Older Woman? by SALady(f): 8:53am On Jun 03, 2011
@OP the first thing to do here is to ask yourself why do you want to get married, and what kind of a marriage you want to have as well as what kind of a man do you want to be in that marriage.

That being said, please be mindfull of the fact that marriage is not a walk in the park. If you marry younger, same age or older whatever the age it'll have its challenges and good times.

So Whichever way you want it or look at it, it all comes down to what do you want and once you get it what are you going to do with it? Moral of the story: "Own your shyt and mean it"

This way, when things go pear shaped in the end you can at least say I'VE HAD A TIME OF MY LIFE. I HAVE LOVED AND BEEN LOVED and there are no regrets.

The future is something we can always prepare for but can never be certain of.
Romance / Re: TRUE LOVE IS HARD TO FIND, TRUE OR FALSE by SALady(f): 7:55am On Jun 02, 2011
If its that easy to find, then how do we explain this ever rising number of divorce cases world wide. Not to mention the new age of unconventional signle parent homes.
Romance / Re: Name Three Words That Will Humilate Any Man by SALady(f): 7:34am On Jun 02, 2011
Stop whining like a little girl wink wink
Romance / Re: If You Could Pick Only One What Would You Be: Attractive, Rich Or Famous? by SALady(f): 7:10am On May 31, 2011
I'll go with rich. Money can buy fame and looks, ask Oprah!

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