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Politics / Re: What Was The Greatest Lesson For You In This Election ? by Totfulguy: 11:16am On Mar 01
Dear Nairalanders, What was the greatest lesson for you in this election ?

There was no election, just robbery executed by Inec and the APC political establishment. The jagabandwagon are now celebrating and jubilating. Everyone knows that the election was rigged in favour of the swamp. Nigeria will continue to decline and fail as long as truth and honesty is resented and derogated. However, one day, those who know the truth and prefer the lie, will one day be victims of their corruption.

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Politics / Re: INEC Declares Bola Ahmed Tinubu President Elect by Totfulguy: 5:10am On Mar 01
Name things that happen under the cover of darkness: Armed Robbery, Drug dealing, Kidnapping, Looting, Theft, Fraud, Stealing votes and declaring the loser as the winner of a Presidential Election. I feel sorry for Nigeria! You will now fly cocaine with the presidential jet. president-elect indeed.

Congratulations to Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the official president elect of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: I Asked Putin: Will You Kill Zelensky? He Said No & Gave Me His Word - Israel PM by Totfulguy: 7:00am On Feb 06

Putin tried to have him killed, he didn't just succeed, he even invited Chechen fighters and they made several unsuccessful assassination attempts

The order Putin gave his soldiers then was to either kill or capture president zelensky, but his evil plan was thwarted by Western intervention

Meanwhile Israel under Bennett refused to condemn the invasion despite millions of Jewish people living in Ukraine, Benny didn't send any single weapon to Ukraine despite several requests from Ukraine because he was afraid of putin

it is crystal clear that Israel doesn't want to provoke Russia and suffer the consequences in Syria

I still prefer a unipolar world led by USA, hate them all you want but USA is the only country that is strong enough and willing to fight for the liberty of every man and woman in every corner of the world.

US is the reason Ukraine is still fighting a superpower country for nearly a year now, US is the reason Putin will never expand his empire, US is the reason China won't dare make a move on Taiwan, US is the reason north Korea will never attack south Korea, what about Iran in the middle East.

Furthermore, US specifically warned Russia not to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine

I can go on and on, let's just give them the respect they deserve

Putin is a loser

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Politics / Re: Ruga Ultimatum: We Will Hold Northern Governors Responsible – Ohanaeze by Totfulguy: 11:21pm On Jul 04, 2019
If I want to be fair and go by the recommendations of those that antagonised my humble and honourable self when I was in support of RUGA,

I will clearly state that the Ultimatum is well deserved. Many quoted me on Nairaland saying "RUGA should be done up North ONLY". Fine! And now they are also telling you to go trade in your region. Anybody that needs your product would come and buy in your region.

I think its fair with all honesty. If a Fulani or Hausa man is limited to trade in certain parts of the country, then I think other tribes should be limited to trading in there own region too.

I feel does that came for head when I was supporting RUGA can now find a better resolution to the impending doom that stares at us at present.

The English people call it "Tit for Tat"
Warri people call it "Do me, I do you"
Men call it "An eye for an eye"

And the oil money generated from the South that the north is living off should be used to build the South-South ONLY! Can we suggest that too?

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Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program - Connect Here Part 8 by Totfulguy: 12:30pm On Jun 04, 2019
[quote author=chikcutie post=78487381][/quote]
Hi chikcutie, I have almost the same issue with you-DOB. I will appreciate if you can let me know how successful you've been so far. Unfortunately, error is both on my wife and mine-wife's age increased, mine reduced. Your feedback regarding what documents you attached when submitting will be very helpful. Thank you.
Jokes Etc / My Hilarious Chat With A Guy Who Wants To Sell His Kidney. by Totfulguy: 10:04am On Oct 12, 2018
My hilarious chat with a guy who want to sell his Kidney.

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Romance / Re: How Nigerian Men Were Sexually Abused By Their Mothers, Sisters & 'Aunties' by Totfulguy: 12:56pm On Sep 06, 2018
but all this niggaz saying they can't get over it.. like WTF... how? you were molested at the age of 4,5,6,7 or even 8 and right now you are 28, 29, 30+ and you saying you can't get over it, you hate women, your John Tommy does not erect, you have lost confidence, yen yen yen. That is total bullshit. Total crap. You guys are weak. You have erectile dysfunction. Quit excessive masturbation. Those situations you experienced as a child are not the cause of your sexual problems right now. I was seriously molested by our househelp for 4 years. Between 4 and 8 years. If I hear say I never get over am. So much weakness in the world mehn. Everyone's seeking sympathy.


Please for those misquoting me, I do not support such abominable act. Child molestation is totally wrong. Be it a male child or a female child. It's completely wrong. Offenders should be severely punished. But that you were wrongly touched at 4 and you cannot perform your sexual duty at 34, that is not the cause. You should seek treatment.

You are acutely ignorant of the far reaching impact of abuse. You need enlightenment and education.


Politics / Re: Tax: Nigeria’s New Oil? by Totfulguy: 5:51pm On Sep 18, 2017
Voluntary Asset and Income Declaration Scheme (VAIDS) is a scheme by the Federal Government to help increase tax awareness and compliance among Nigerians. This scheme grants all tax-paying citizens a limited opportunity to regularize their tax status without penalty or interest charges.

All citizens are advised to declare their assets as the Federal Government have put in place a team of international asset tracers and investigative specialists to help track assets held by Nigerians. The scheme would last from the 1st July 2017 to the31st March 2018 after which there will be no form of compassion for tax evaders who fail to utilize this scheme.

VAIDS offers a very flexible payment plan with provision for installment payments in the scheme. This scheme, like many other successfully implemented international tax schemes, will help to generate a substantial amount of revenue to complement the dwindling revenue generated from oil. The scheme is estimated to help generate about US$1billion worth of revenue. These funds would help to reduce Nigeria’s borrowing needs,spur development and allow investment in vital infrastructure.

To find out more about this scheme please visit: http://vaids.gov.ng/ or follow VAIDSNG on Twitter and Facebook. ideclareng on Instagram.

What is this country doing for us, that it is taxing us for? Is this not a case of the sheep feeding the Shepherd?
Politics / Re: Court Frees Ndume From Terrorism Charges by Totfulguy: 6:05pm On Jul 04, 2017


Is that the international criminal court of justice in the Hague. Ok KAI mobile court at Ojota. People fooling people.
Crime / Re: June 17th To 21th: The Incredible Story Of How I Survived Kidnapping by Totfulguy: 4:07pm On Jun 30, 2017
June 17th to 21th: The scariest story ever

This story is a real life story. It happened to me. (Names have been changed in this story for security reasons.

My name Is Rex. (Not my real name), I work as a sales person for an alternative energy company. Our office is located at a major industrialised location in Port Harcourt. The money I was earning wasn't much, so I wanted to start a business on the side to supplement my income. I have been making plans to start a side business. I started my present work just 4 months back and I haven't saved enough money to start the side business. But then, I had a joint account with my dad. I haven't been operating this account, but recently, due to my dad's health condition, I was the only one who could operate the account.
So, weeks earlier, I went to the bank to ask for the statement of account. I saw that the account had a little more than 2 million naira in balance. I had then called my eldest brother to ask if I could borrow money from I and my dad's joint account, since he was now the head of the family. He refused me, saying that I should try to build capital from my salary.

Fast forward to June 17th. I left my house for work by 8am or so. We usually worked Saturdays because our target customers are usually available during weekends. That afternoon, I and my colleague were supposed to handle an interview of new junior sales persons that would be in my colleague's branch when she was out marketing.

At about 12 noon that day, I recieved a WhatsApp message from our General Manager from Lagos. He sent me a name and a number to call. He said that the man (one Chief Amadi) needed street lighting done for him. I told him that I'll contact the man. I called the man and introduced myself. After introductions, he started giving me directions on how to meet him. He said he was located near Igurita, Rivers State. Igurita is a 35 to 40 minutes drive from Port Harcourt. I was a little scared, especially since I was going alone, but I have gone marketing alone to other areas besides, I wanted to make the sale so as to meet my monthly target.

So, with my office light on and my small rechargeable lamp plugged in the socket, I locked the office and went to see Cheif Amadi.

I reached Igurita about an hour later and called the man. He said he was sending a driver to pick me up. I waited for another 25 to 30 minutes before the driver arrived. The driver called me and asked where I was. I told him I was standing inside a filing station at the Igurita market junction. I also told him what I was wearing. He insisted that I should cross the road and meet him where he was. I crossed the road, saw him and we entered his car.

As we were going, he picked up a woman, dropped her and later picked up an elderly man and also dropped him. He collected money from them as a taxi driver would. (Later however, I would get to understand that those were prearranged passengers.)

We have been driving for about 20 minutes now, and I started getting suspicious. I asked the driver how much further the place was. He said it was a few more minutes away. I was skeptical, so I called the "chief Amadi". He reassured me that we were on the right track that we were going to do rural electrification for them. On hearing that, my confidence returned. I felt like I have already met my target for the month. We drove for another 10 to 15 minutes and entered Igbo Eche, then drove another 5 minutes or so and entered a place the driver said was Achara. He entered a very long, lonely untared road with thick bushes on either side. We drove on this road for about 1 or 2 minutes, then the car slowed down and stopped.

Five or six men started coming out from the left side of the bush. I immediately sensed that this was a kidnapping and I opened the door and tried to escape, but one of them braced the door. I pushed and ran. I didn't get more than 2 meters before they grabbed me. The held me by my waist, covered and tied my eyes with a clothe, then they pushed and pulled me deep into the forest. As they were shoving me, they told me that someone has already paid for me to be killed. They took me along into the forest and we kept walking for about 2 minutes beating me all the while, then they stopped suddenly. Forced me to sit down and tore my shirt and singlet.

They told me that one Alahaji wanted kidney. That unless I provided 6 million naira between that time (about 2 pm) and 6pm that they would kill me and sell my kidney to the Alahaji. I begged and begged. All fell on deaf ears. They started talking about the Alahaji and another person (Odogwu) and deliberating who among the two would pay higher for the kidney. Before long, I heard them on the phone with Alahaji, I didn't hear what was been said, but I was certain that I was gone.

They asked me to call people I know who could save me. I called my siblings, called my employer and colleagues and told them that I was been held and that they would sell my kidney by 6pm if I didn't provide them with 6 million naira.

After a while, others left taking my ATM card and pin. Two men were left to guard me. They started asking me lots of questions to know who I was. I told them that I was a Jehovah's Witness. They asked me several questions, and I kept my cool in answering even smiling at times. I told them that I could provide them with 2 million naira. I told them that was what I was sure of. I also told them that it was a joint account with my dad. They said that can't collect 2 million when some people could pay as much as 11 million for kidney. I begged and begged for them to collect the 2 million as that was all I had.

They called my eldest brother and I told him about the account and that it had some money in it. He said that he couldn't access the account. That it was on I or my dad that could access the account. And my dad was bedridden. I begged him to get my sick dad to do it no matter how he did it.

I lay in the bush with my bare skin, only wearing my trouser till night came. I knew it was night because of the insect and bird sounds and the cool weather. They stood me up, untied my legs and took me to an uncompleted building. As I was entering, I heard the voice of a northerner. I frooze! So, this was it. I kept praying to Jehovah. I prayed that he save my life and also prayed to him that even if I was to die, let him please remember me in his kingdom.
I said this prayer throughout my Kidnapping, severally, maybe a hundred times or more.

They pushed me forward, and I entered the room. They laid me on the floor. I was afraid as never before. They were discussing in low tones and I didn't get what they were saying. (Their language is a distant variation of Igbo language. Thus I could make out a few words and sentences, but not always) After about an hour, they dragged me up and took me into the forest. I was sure they wanted to kill me now. I started singing our Kingdom Songs (worship songs) and praying. After about 10 minutes of walking, we came to a room. The room had rug on the floor. They lay me down. All of them, about 5 or 6, crowded the room and they slept near the door. That night, I tried untieing the ropes and espaping, but the ropes used to tie my hands and legs were stiff.

Later that night, I heard the cry of a baby. I thought their neighbour must be a family man. I was wrong. The baby cry lasted for about 15 to 20 seconds then stopped. Later that night, I heard the man in that other room reciting incantations and humming ominous sounds. That was when I realised that I was near a ritual ground. My fear intensified.

In the morning (Sunday morning) they took me into the bush. I was still blind folded all this while. I sat on the floor, with my hands and feet tied. Under the rain and sun I sat in the bush throughout this Sunday. I sat there till night fall, then they spread a carton on the floor and I slept on it.

On Monday, they contacted my brother and told him to bring the money putting it inside 2 big loaves of bread. Meanwhile, as I was to learn later, my brother was already in Port Harcourt working with a brother in law and the police on getting me back. Somehow, that Monday, they finished late, and the kidnappers were told that the money was delayed by the bank because the money was a large sum. But the truth was that the police were trying to track the criminals. On that Monday, I received horrible beatings and was made to talk to my people, blaming them for my death. They used machete, tree branches and bear fists to hit me severally. Somehow, I survived Monday. They told me Tuesday was my last day. If nothing happened that by evening, they would kill me.

That Tuesday I made frantic calls as I have never made before. (They place the call and push the phone to my ear, and I was blindfolded all the time). And to make things worse, if I was told to say something on phone and I said something similar but not the exact same words, they'll slap me with machete and tree branches. I thank God the machete didn't tilt in their hands and cut my head.

My brother later called that he was at Ngor Okpala junction (where they had told him to come) with the money. They dispatched some men to go and collect the ransom. I waited for maybe 2 hours, then the men returned with news that they have collected the money. I was worried because I didn't see my brother or hear from him. I was certain that they had collected the money and killed him. Also, the way they were talking in low tones made me more certain of that. I asked them about my brother, their answers weren't corresponding. So I started crying that they've killed my brother.

After crying for about an hour or two, I was thirsty.( The first day, they gave me satchet water. The second day, bread and soft drink. The third day was rice with very little water - one - tenth of a cup.) So, after crying, I was very thirsty. I was certain that after collecting the money, they also wanted to kill me and my brother to sell our organs and maximise their gains. I was certain of this but I was too thirsty to care, so I asked for water. They gave me a drugged water. After taking it, I slept. When I woke up, I was high on I drug. My mind couldn't function properly. I was unable to coordinate. I was numb and unresponsive.

At night, they carried me through a forest onto a waiting bike. They gave orders to the bike man and another man climbed behind me to hold me. I was sure they were taking me to Alahaji finially. After driving for about 20 minutes, the bike man stopped. The man behind pushed me down and asked me to start walking. I started walking not knowing where I was going. They drove away. It was all like a dream. I walked for about 10 minutes in one direction and decided to return in the other direction. The scenery was the same. I was lost in a forest.

I was confused and the drug was very strong on me. In amidst the confusion and drugged feeling, I lay down in the darkness on the road and slept.

I woke up felling clear headed and realised that I was really in a forest and that it was no dream. When I woke up, it was still dark. So I imagined that I had slept that night, through the morning, afternoon and then woken up at night the next day. I started wondering "So, no one passed this road the entire day so as to wake me up? That means this is really a deserted forest." I became really frantic to find a house or any village settlement. I walked in one direction for several minutes and then I smelled something. It was the smell of weed. The same type smoked by my kidnappers. I immediately reversed and started running in the opposite direction. My legs were hurting me really bad, but I kept on.

While walking, I saw a torchlight beaming in the forest. I was told by my kidnappers not to mention that I was kidnapped to strangers, else, the person might kidnapp me again seeing that I'm vulnerable. So, I wanted to avoid seeing anybody in this lonely bush. The torchligh went off and was off for several minutes. When I didn't see the light again, I came out from hidding and started walking fast. I was still walking when a vigilante man shouted "Run and I shoot!". I stopped, raised my hands and walked towards him. He started calling out to other vigilante men. They all started coming out from the bush, about 5 or 6 of them. They started shouting that I was a theif and murderer and that they were going to kill me. They started flogging me with their machetes all over my head and body.

I was trying to calm them down and tell them that I am a salesman and that I was kidnapped. They wouldn't listen and continued beating me. They later asked me to provide a number for them to confirm. I called my elder brother's number. It rang twice, but he wasn't picking. They asked me to sit on the floor. I did. They now saw the deep cuts in my ankles as a result of being tied up for 3 days with wire. They then started to believe that I was kidnapped. They started asking me how it happened. I told them everything. They took me to their lodge, and gave me water to bath. They later told me that it was early in the morning (around 3 am) and not evening as had earlier presumed.

In the morning, they gave me food to eat and contacted my family who in turn called the Police. The Police, SARS and Anti-Kidnapping Unit came at about 9 or 10 am. After documenting and videoing me the way I was, and asking me some questions, they took me with them to their office in Port Harcourt for debriefing.

All Thanks To Almighty God, Jehovah.


May Jehovah's name be praised. Sorry about your experience.


Romance / Re: Ladies,this is how to tame Your Man And Make Him Do Your Bidding. by Totfulguy: 2:06am On Jun 30, 2017
I just laugh at you people! Well like they say, respect is reciprocal. If you want and thrive on respect, be ready to dish it out in the same quantity that you want it.

I wish you a very cool marriage... grin grin grin
Health / Re: How Many Press Ups Can You Do? by Totfulguy: 8:45am On May 29, 2017
35 Conveniently
Career / Re: My Junior Colleague Was Handed Over To By My Boss In Her Absence. What Do I Do? by Totfulguy: 12:10pm On May 15, 2017
This has got me thinking deep thought of tendering my resignation letter due to this act. (Wrong syntax. Again childish thought. This is not enough reason for you to think of resigning. That's not a managerial attitude) Our immediate boss is to go and attend to another branch and Our senior boss who is not operating from our branch said our immediate boss should hand over to a junior colleague of mine when am the most senior on ground in terms of number of years and cognate experience.

Many a time i look at recognition is not duly granted to those whom it is due, i don't know if i will call this office polities or something else. (Poor grammar. Weak, feeble and elementary sentence construction. "Polities", how will you communicate with clients? What is polities?) And why this has got me amazed is that this junior colleague of mine is not even close with our most senior boss who is not operating from our branch and they have not really talked one on one. (You see, you dont have the mind of a leader. You cannot think out of the box. How do you know they are not close? It's obvious you think so because you do not see them in close proximity. But there are no less than 5 ways to connect with someone. Calls, Text, Email, Through a go-between, Visit. You think, you are the only one who knows the man. Think again.) i have at many occasions talked with him, he knows me one on one. (So you think. And ONLY on your mind)

Something keeps going through my mind: Is it that my immediate boss has punctured my reputation (Now your reputation is like a balloon or a Nigerian made car tire) before him that i am not aware? Or was it an oversight? i wish of tendering my resignation considering all the number of years i have served the coy. no reasonable recognition. Please advice. (my advise is, grow up and look beyond your nose. Think less of yourself and develop your vocabulary.

Goodplace, I dont mean to insult you, but your boss has his reasons and, in a sense, it is obvious. I do not know where you are working, but if it is not a baba Ijebu hut, then your company needs someone who can can carry himself well and represent the company well. Your flow of thought, basic syntax and semantics does not give one (even me) the confidence that you can hold the task. He probably need much more than your experience. Here are few examples of what he may have seen...(See my comments in boldface)

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Romance / Re: I Mistakenly Impregnated A Woman by Totfulguy: 3:08pm On May 05, 2017
Hello fellow Nairanders,

Once upon a time in 2016, I fell in love with a beautiful damsel who happened to be a virgin. We became very intimate and had great sex.After sex, she always thanked me for making her feel so extraordinary.As at that time, I was madly in love with her.

We got engaged in December 2016 in a grant style due to the fact that am working as a graduate engineer in a multinational firm.

I sincerely had the intention of taking her to the altar until early February, my friend alerted me that he saw my girl in a club with four(4) young men...I got worried and quickly called, her phone rang, no response.I gave her 458 missed calls until later in the evening, she answered"Nkem, am so sorry, I was sleeping while your calls came through"

I wept and called my friend to confirm if his is very sure of what he told me...He insisted.I kept wondering, how could an engaged woman flirt around with guys? I was shocked because I got 95% of what women need-money, good sex,good looking, good job e.t.c

In a nutshell, I invited her to my place and interrogated her and she admitted that she went to club with those guys but nothing happened.No woman would truly agree that she "spreaded" her legs for another man.

My feelings for her crashed to 0%..She pleaded for 30 days until she involved my pastor.My pastor told me to embrace forgiveness which I did...We started all over again and she promised to be faithful, loyal and honest at all times..

A month later she took in.The badnews came as a shock to me because I never cum inside her whenever we had sex...I quickly rushed to see my family doctor.He told me there is 100% chances of any woman to get pregnant with the method I adopted.

Due to the fact that my feelings for her is still at 0%, I begged her for an abortion and she replied"over my dead body"..Her family called me and I told them I am not ready and they threatened to arrest me...They sent her to my house last week with her protruded stomach without my consent...It was very late and I had no choice than to let her in.

Luck ran out of her this morning when she got a call from one Pastor Mike...I was curious to know if it is "hygienic" for a pastor to call a beautiful damsel in the early hours of the day...I questioned her and she told me the guy is a genuine pastor...
Me:pastor of which church?
She:Catholic Church
Do catholic church ordain pastors?

I called the so-called Pastor Mike and he said, he is not a pastor.

I have contacted my family and friends, but am not yet comfortable with their counsel.

One good thing about Nairanders is that from the bad, the good and the ugly comments, a wise OP should be able to get something out of nothing.

Long live Nairanders!!!
Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria!!!

Paternity Test!


Romance / Re: What Does My Neighbour's Wife Mean By This? by Totfulguy: 1:28pm On May 03, 2017
I didn't really feel like putting this out here cos this story is absurd but I saw a post yesterday about ladies hanging their pants outside that's why I was prompted to do this.
I live in the last flat in my compound and there is a small space in my house which I have converted to a study. Now this study has a window facing the backyard of my compound. Most days and especially on Saturdays when iam off duty, my neighbour normally does her laundry.the baffling thing is that when she hangs her clothes on the fence in the backyard, she manage to ensure that her bras and panties are always hanged on the portion of fence in front of my study Window. I sit down there a lot and each time I open raise the curtains, I am confronted with bras and panties starring back at me. Funnily, she hangs her children clothes on other portions of the fence. This has been happening for so long, and obviously, my wife has taken notice of it too cos she has started talking about it. I find it difficult to look out the window but I must look out. She is married but the man comes around once in a week or so cos he is with the senior wife.
I am just wondering how to end this. What does she mean by this. Or is it my mind playing tricks on me? Please I have no design for her o! Matured comments pls

Funny...yes your mind is not very clean. But this is simple, just look for old BYC you have or a towel you dont need anymore and permanently hang them (with clips) on that spot. If she removes them and hangs the infamous PANTS, then you know she has a plan. Meanwhile dont talk to her about it. You will only end up cheapening yourself.
Travel / Re: Dear Nigerians In Diaspora, Is This Wickedness Or Selfishness? by Totfulguy: 9:38pm On Apr 29, 2017

I know wats happening there,

Been there 17yrs.

Can you tell us more? Am sure someone may benefit from your experience.
Travel / Re: Dear Nigerians In Diaspora, Is This Wickedness Or Selfishness? by Totfulguy: 6:00am On Apr 29, 2017
This is getting annoying , how come each time a person is asking for directions on how to travel abroad most pple in diaspora will be discouraging the person.

If it's dat terrible why are u still there?

You enjoy the benefits of living in an organised society, knowing fully well that naija is a difficult place to live.

Are u scared of the competition the new immigrants will bring?

Nigerians in diaspora , what exactly are u afraid off??

You are the kind of people that fall in the hands of traffickers. You think when you hear abroad its a street paved with gold? Am sorry for you. Watch this brief "Nigerian movie" and see what is happening to our girls abroad https://www.facebook.com/nk.ibeh/videos/1340638816047138/

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Religion / Re: Do You Think It's Right Blaming Judas Iscariot For Jesus Death? by Totfulguy: 12:44am On Apr 15, 2017
Its funny when i heard people curse and blame Judas Iscariot, for betraying Jesus christ.

Though am not very good when it comes to scriptural reasoning.

But from what i heard and read from the bible, i believed it was the fulfilment of prophecy.

Remember the bible says, heaven and earth shall pass away , but no iota of my word shall pass way.

So whatever happen i believe, it was designed by God.

So my point now is , i don't think its right blaming Judas, its the fulfilment of prophecy!

What you need to understand is that God is Almighty, and He is the only Authority that has the capacity to tell the future (if He so intends). The capacity to foretell the future does not lay responsibility on God for the actions taken by the parties the event, just because he CAN foresee the future. Those two do not connect. Any more than you can say that a parent who warns his child of the consequences for his action, is responsible if it comes to pass as the parent foresaw. To illustrate, if a child DECIDES to climb a chair and a table and run on top of these, and an experienced parent warns the child of the consequences of such maneuvers. If the child continues he may see the consequences that the parent predicted. This does not put the blame on the parent. Unlike God, humans do no have the capacity see in details, what is to come. But God does. He can foretell (Not Predict) in full detail. God does however, influence the actions of the participants. They are responsible for their action. (Galatians 6:7).

The Destiny Argument:

To argue that God somehow predetermines the course of a person's is to say that, God is cruel, cold and evil. Or how else would you describe a God who had predetermined the cause of life of all of us and then turns round to punish us for playing out his script? In that case, Abubakar Shekau and is not responsible for the bloodshed, Nigerian politician were also destined to still among other prepaid (predetermined life courses). But far be it from God to be evil, cold or cruel. God has given us the capacity to choose and the freedom to do so. We are not robotic replicas off a mold created by God. We are therefore responsible for our actions and are accountable for the consequences thereoff. God would not have had any justification to punish Judas if he had predetermined his life-course. Judas IS RESPONSIBLE for his actions. HE BETRAYED Jesus out of his own selfish desire. The Bible puts it succinctly at James 1: 13-15. I hope this clarifies the seeming confusion as to Judas' culpability in connection with Jesus death.
Celebrities / Re: Davido Splashes N1.6M On Gucci Wears, Shows Off Receipt by Totfulguy: 11:01am On Apr 07, 2017
HKN Gang Boss and Omo Babaolowo crooner, Davido, used up 73,300 rand which is about N1.6Million for his wears in a Gucci store in South Africa.

The singer then took to Snapchat to show off the receipt from his shopping.

More photos after the cut;


I have rich friends. The poorest of them does not want to be known.
Politics / Re: $550m Abacha Loot: Fed Govt Set To Clear Hurdles by Totfulguy: 9:47am On Apr 04, 2017
But our northern saints said Abacha wasn't corrupt... So all these money was put in a fixed deposit account for the country bah

Abacha did not steal the money. He took it.
Religion / Re: Sleeping In A Room Where A Dead Body Was Buried. by Totfulguy: 5:38pm On Mar 21, 2017
My fellow nairalanders, I'm a Muslim corper from one of the states in the north central serving in a state in the east.

I'm have a conundrum right now, I was lucky to have the opportunity to change my ppa to a new one because of reasons. I have finally gotten a new ppa but the problem is the accommodation provided for me has a dead person buried in it and I do not feel comfortable at all with that(obviously).

The new ppa have claimed that there isn't any other accommodation left which I highly doubt, problem is they furnished the room and provided other miscellaneous just for me to make my stay very comfortable and I'd feel bad if I turn them down.

I decided to wait till when the next set of Corpers are passing out leaving vacancies abound but my cash situation is tight and I can't wait further.

Note: I could accept them and enjoy the place until I get a another new ppa which I'd have peace of mind but I have conscience and I can't do such.


I should reject the new ppa and manage my current ppa with its damning conditions, exercise patience and suffer for a while till I get a better place?

If you weren't told, you would never have known and it wouldn't have been an issue AT ALL. But you have been told and it is all of a sudden, a problem...so the dead man is probably alive IN YOUR HEAD.
Politics / Re: Maryam Abacha Celebrates Her 70th Birthday With Family In New York (Photos) by Totfulguy: 9:09am On Mar 06, 2017
Buhari doesn't see her to probe yeah?

Noooooooh. The Searchlight does not flash on the Abachas. When they flash the torch, it goes dim around the Abacha family.
Politics / Re: Who Can Solve Nigeria's Corruption? The People Or The Government? by Totfulguy: 8:16am On Feb 09, 2017
I don't think he is being pessimistic, he is only saying the truth, Hope actually is not a strategy, 90 percent of the problems in Nigeria are intensionally made and only deliberate and calculated effort in the right direction will get us out of this mess

He is not seeing the strategy in my remark. Poster is of the "My-year-of-explosive-prosperity", and "My-year-of exponential-economic-abundance-and-supernatural-catapult" group. Who are optimistic at the start of the year courtesy of the promises of flamboyant and superfluous "men of god" who jazz them up in January and give them HOPE. December comes and nothing has happened. And he goes thru the cycle year after year and is still "optimistic". Pessimists like myself know that if you do nothing promises and hopes will not give you results. We go to work and we are better for it. We DO SOMETHING and God blesses the effort. Nigeria is like a plane that has lost altitude and is in a free fall. If the pilot HOPES and is OPTIMISTIC that something will happen without DOING something, the plane will crash. Nigeria will crash if the people do not wake up from their slumber. We are a SLEEPING country. The problem with leadership is its sleeping population. "We the people" can make the government sit up IF WE DO SOMETHING. IF WE DONT sell our voice over vain promises. If WE say ENOUGH of the corruption it will stop. They (government) are not more than US. They are working against US. They divide us so they can RULE us. We have been so mentally deflated and dis-empowered that we dont even have the will or ability to speak for ourselves.

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Politics / Re: Who Can Solve Nigeria's Corruption? The People Or The Government? by Totfulguy: 3:52pm On Feb 07, 2017
both the leaders and the followers,the day people start seeing government appointment as a call to serve and not to enrich themselves,that is when Nigeria will start getting better,and also we the masses should stop using the problem of the country to enrich themselves,everything is already on the high side and when you ask they will tell u its dollar.

Nigerians have been hoping for that day for a long time. And that day will NEVER come because hope is not a strategy. It will only come if there's a strategy in place to make it happen and definite steps in the right direction. Merely looking forward to that day will NEVER cut it.
Politics / Who Can Solve Nigeria's Corruption? The People Or The Government? by Totfulguy: 12:43pm On Feb 07, 2017
I have seen countries where strong, honest leaders have risen and solved the challenges of their nations. In other instances the people have changed corrupt leadership and insisted on probity and transparency. Who can solve Nigeria's current political and moral depravity? I will like to have your honest contribution? Is leadership the problem or followership?

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Family / For Fathers: What Do Your Children Call You? What Did/do You Call Your Father? by Totfulguy: 12:52am On Feb 04, 2017
Well I had to bring this topic up because the thought just crossed my mind. I know a lot of folks are really bitten by the hard realities of living in Nigeria and may not find this topic worth deliberating on especially when faced with other really urgent things. But it is a fact that in our families of birth or families of parenting, we have called our parents by a title (Daddy, Sir or whatever our traditions detect.) In many instances, there appears to be a level of formality (like a boss and worker relationship) in the father-child relationship where children call their father "Sir". While children who call their parents "Daddy" seem to enjoy a level of closeness. So we will like you to tell us what you called your father and what your relationship with your father was. How would you want your children to address you as a father? Please let contribute and many intending fathers may learn.
Investment / Re: MMM Explains Why GH Was Removed by Totfulguy: 11:20am On Jan 18, 2017
If you still think MMM is coming to live, you are still dreaming so wake up from slumber....100% fact

kikikikikikikikikikiki! Please be patience! Have Patient!
Investment / Re: MMM Explains Why GH Was Removed by Totfulguy: 11:16am On Jan 18, 2017
just pay us the damn money and spare us this epistles. Bleep upgrading, just pay us.

kikikikikikikikikikiki! Please be patience! Have Patient!

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