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Religion / Re: Japa: Rev Esther Ajayi Advises Nigerian Couples Against Relocating Abroad by ekerintee: 7:38pm On Dec 03
Smart women will invite their husband to share the load with him.if they are alone ,they have to pay all the bills alone but when the man is around ,it's when you hear this wise African tell the man ,that the man is responsible for all the bills and they only pay a little part or nothing at all.when they are tired of the man ,they divorce and the man continues to pay them monthly after divorce.African women are very clever,only a strong woman can survive alone abroad without a man ,U need a man to help you at home and support.even single mothers have bf that help them

nawa o, I know 3 women that went there before their husbands, they worked and invited husbands over.
Travel / Re: Why I Dont Like Calling My Friends & Family In Nigeria - UK Based Lady (pic/vid) by ekerintee: 5:57pm On Dec 02
Most Nigerians don't understand this.Its only when you have paid all your monthly bills that you can think of helping anyone.infact ,some of the bills are programmed to be deducted from your bank account monthly and U have no choice .some pple find it easy and have good jobs tht pay well,some do 2 or 3 jobs to be able to save and some stand up to 10 hours working so hard ,some have to wake up as early as 4am to go to work.so when somebody who does not know what they do to survive ask them for money,they feel very angry.The best is to give if you have ,Uare not under any obligation to give anyone money and don't let anyone make U feel bad for not helping anyone.when you are broke abroad ,nobody to help,nobody will pay your bills for u


Nigerians back home will NEVER be convinced that things are difficult overseas.
So they are ALWAYS going to beg for money if you call them back home.
Don't waste your time trying to convince them otherwise.
If you just don't have money to give them, then stop calling them.
I'm in Nigeria here. I have a cousin in UK there. But we call each other and talk all the time without me begging him for money.
This is only possible because I too lived in the UK at a time and suffered everything he is suffering.
So I know 1000% that he doesn't have money. We can talk normally about any other topic except money, and his mind is at rest.
But for his own siblings that have not yet travelled and don't understand, he has to blocked their contact as they were not allowing him sleep.
Begging for money 24/7.

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Politics / Re: Clement Agba: State Governors Are Responsible For Rising Poverty in Nigeria by ekerintee: 7:36am On Dec 01
Who we go blame now ,state govt understand that the people want to see bridges and flyover ,roads etc and will even borrow money to do this.The governor do not focus on the immediate needs of people ,food ,shelter etc . Governor wud do everything in their power in their first tenure to build infrastructure and in second tenure relax and loot and the people keep suffering.our local govt have failed ,the local govt are closer to d people than the state ,the state is closer to the people than the federal.The Nigerian structure is not working as it shud.All tiers of govt have their own share of the blame.All Nigerian politicians are same .You don't change peoples life over night but consistently thru well laid down plan across all tiers of govtment .Magic dont happen overnight


Foreign Affairs / Re: Jeff Bezos Slam Professor Uju Anya For Wishing Elizabeth An ‘Excruciating’ Death by ekerintee: 9:09am On Sep 09
She is entitled to her view but I think she ought to respect the office of the queen.even thou the queen may have made wrong decisions,her office deserves high respect.her statement make her a target to white extremist,U cant insult an Emirate crown and go Scot free but we shud take freedom of speech for granted ,we need apply wisdom.There are people who have done worst things than the queen.we need to focus on the good things she did in her life time and live the other for God to decide .the dead deserve some respect ,even the prof might have done some things people don't like ,does not mean she is a bad person.Her statement protrays a negative image on Nigeria and tribe ,pple are now saying this is typical of ibos ,which may not be totally true ,foreigners will say it's typical of Nigerians to act that way.funiest things is she tweeted in English ,the queen's language and she probably lives in a British colony.

Billionaire Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos had slammed a Nigerian college professor Uju Anya who tweeted that she hoped Queen Elizabeth II's 'pain be excruciating' hours before she died aged 96.

Uju Anya is a 'anti racist' teacher and associate professor at the Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - and sparked outrage after her vicious tweet about the ailing monarch, calling her the head of a 'thieving, raping, genocidal empire.'


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Politics / Re: Jide Adediran: My Combination With Funke Akindele Spells "Doom" For APC by ekerintee: 6:58pm On Jul 15
I am still trying to understand what management skills she has to qualify for the post.To manage a state ,U must have managed a local govt successfully,to make a local govt ,U must have managed a ward successfully, to manage a ward ,U must have managed a company at least successfully,and managing your own home.having problems at home sometimes affect performance at work.

These people seems to believe they are movie location. Funke that cannot manage her marriages wants to manage Lagos? Election in Lagos is for serious people.
Politics / Re: Sanwo-Olu Commissions Greater Lagos LBIC Estate (Pictures) by ekerintee: 4:25am On Jun 30
Be calming down Oga , comparing African and Europe is two diferent thing,If its in Europe,government has no business in building houses for people .Its is the work of private people,government duty is to regulate prices and rent.Banks provide mortgage for people to buy or build houses, so be calming down .Oneday we will get there in Nigeria.If you become president of Nigeria today, you cant solve Nigerias problem in a day.Learn to appreciate little things, even if its a block of flat, he did something


Like , how can you be commissioning a small estate of about six set of building like this. Terrible move made for the ignorant.

Nigeria (Africa is still far) if it's in Europe the Governor would not come close. Just imagine. spits... angry
Politics / Re: Peter Obi Returns From Egypt, Youths Take Selfie With Him At Abuja Airport by ekerintee: 8:41pm On Jun 18
Nigerian Election is complicated,in a sane country he can win.if i will analyse Nigerian politics,his chances are slim unless he has enough funds and money to spend.campaigning for election in europe , you dont need much money bt in a land where people are hungry and suffering.You need lots of money to campaign,you need people to fund your election.There are some places that you will go and they tell you that b4 they even listen to you, u have to pay marching ground or settle some people .If u are a politician and u are nt ready to spend,u cant win in Nigeria,the truth is no nigerian politician is a saint , they all give out money bt the other side of it is that one gives more than the other. I expect all those shouting obedient up and down shud start raising funds to push him up,Nigerian politics is nt on twitter or nairaland.I remember this young guy that contested for president in one of this south or eastern african country.He was the popular candidate bt he never won.Aside from internal factors, there are some powers that determine who becomes president,lets not decieve ourself, this people know who wil be the next president .Inadition , external interest also determine who becomes president, there are some world powers that also decide who they want as president .we are talking about Nigeria , one of the most populous country in the world .Who ever becomes Nigeria president has to be who the Cabals want.And come to think of it, cabals are very where , elections are not only rigged and manipulated in Nigeria, its done everywhere .The western world will never admit that.There is something i see in Nigeria , people attacking others who dont share same view or political view ,if we say we want democracy , why shud we threaten others or curse others who dont share your view.Promote your candidate in peace , promote your party and dont attack others , politics is not war

Peter obi can never win election in Nigeria here..

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: My Incompetence Just Cost Me A Job, I Feel Worthless by ekerintee: 1:41pm On Mar 15
You need to forget what you lost and prepare for a beginner job.even rich people make losses too.Programming is not as easy as people think it's and not what everyone can go into.it requires a high level of reasoning and you have got to be in a good frame of mind.if your mind is troubled,you can't write any meaningful line of code,U need to be consistent if U want to b a programmer,a code that worked last year may not work this year due to update and new versions.so when U leave coding for sometime,U may have to struggle to come back.You need other experienced programmers around you that you can contact when you run into problem and also encourage you.dont wait for jobs to come,work on personal project that you can showcase and also build your confidence.have project and write proposals to potential clients.coding is not as easy as what those one month bootcamp claim.it takes time and practice and consistency.age of 30 is still young ,some start at an older age.dont be too in a haste to get rich as you think programmers are.i think you should start with front end if you are into webdevelopment and then maybe backend .Programmers are not magicians ,it's lots of thinking ,research,Google work and positive attitude.dont stay alone , socialize too

quote author=Supremedrizzy post=111045037]Someone gave me a simple job of making an existing static site template responsive within 24 hours and I blew it. A simple task that should take few hours, it looked all good on my localhost only to test it on netlify and it turned out to be a disaster. I'm just so ashamed of myself.

I've been learning web dev since mid last year though its been a case of one month on three months off, I've been grossly inconsistent due circumstances beyond my control. I haven't even coded this year because I come back from my menial hustles with battered bones and weak muscles. You can imagine trying to code after offloading a trailer load of cement all day. I even had to use bet shops around for the gig amidst the pangs of hunger I felt while working coupled with the noisy and distracting environment I was working in which contributed to my legendary blunder.

At the age of 30 and unemployed I've always seen programming as my way out of poverty but it seems I'm not good enough. I'm painfully watching that little flicker of hope fizzle out before my tearful eyes. Which other skill can I dabble into product design?? I suck at designs reason why my frontend skills is below average... should I try backend?? I'm just confused, frustrated and down casted not knowing the next step to take while time is no longer on my side.

Life currently has no meaning and direction to me, I just seem to be flowing aimlessly with the flow. My situation is giving me sleepless nights and I now rely on drugs to sleep for even three hours a day.

I really need someone to talk to, I'm really tired of trying to work out things on my own. I'm 30, broke, lonely and depressed, single has been a constant in my life's equation cos I don't even like myself for who I am presently so I don't expect someone's daughter to like me in this my miserable state.

Someone should please show me the way, this dark tunnel is fast turning to a maze that I can't navigate on my own.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Chinese Embassy Responds To Claims Moscow Asked For Military Assistance by ekerintee: 4:59pm On Mar 14
The truth is that cost of labour is cheap in Africa too but this people don't want the progress of Africa and secondly Africa is not ready to invest on development and technology.What China simply did is to have the technology and then advertise what they can do to the whole world.if you need original ,they give you original ,if you need fake ,they give you fake according to what you ask them to produce for you.if Africa does same and persuade people to patronise them ,we can get there.But sorry to say ,these people don't want Africa to be self independent.They want us to always buy from them and not them depend on us

that's European white supremacy excuse. If it is cost of labour, why not India? India currently have almost same population as China with most of them being jobless. Cost of production will be cheaper in India. Europeans just don't want to admit the obvious
Foreign Affairs / Re: Chinese Embassy Responds To Claims Moscow Asked For Military Assistance by ekerintee: 12:28pm On Mar 14
China really need the whole world more .its not really that the USA or Europe cannot produce what China produces but cost of labour and production is far cheaper in china.most of the items in Europe are outsourced to China because it's far cheaper there,a company has an idea and thinks how do i produce this cheap,he sent a copy of what he wants to China and they give him,so it's a two way thing.without people ordering from China ,China won't survive alone.Countries need each other,even China need money from Africa to help their economy

To stay neutral is to support.
If there's any country in the world that can survive on its own without imports or exports is CHINA

If there's any country in the world, the world cannot do without is CHINA

Threatening china with sanctions is directly threatening yourself.

( I remember when Trump sanctioned china steel Industry, next morning china sanctioned US steal industry, the heat was felt on par)


Politics / Re: Racist Polish Border Guards Say No To 'Indians, Africans And Middle Easterners' by ekerintee: 1:51pm On Mar 09

Ideally,the right thing is for most of the foreigners to go back to their country.i don't think most of our people will want to go back home.some are student who paid heavily to study in Ukraine.Going back home means they are not sure if they will ever have chance to come back to Europe or Ukraine when the war ends.so the best they can do is to attempt any country willing to take them in Europe.i don't think Poland has enough jobs or money to take in large number of people.the best option is to go to a country where U are accepted and then possibly later migrate elsewhere or last option is to go home instead of sleeping outside in a severely cold climate

This is a simple issue.

All foreigners in Ukraine had the papers to stay in Ukraine. With Ukraine at war, Poland & Hungary agreed to take up some Refugees OF UKRAINE.

As an immigrant to Ukraine, since Ukraine is on Fire, You have to go back to your country & seek papers to Poland IF you want to live there.

The Big question should be why Nigeria has failed to Airlift its people from Ukraine.

I totally feel for Nigerians affected BUT of Poland wants to help it's at their discretion. I hope they do but the racism accusation lacks nuance.

God help us restore peace.
Travel / Re: My Plan To Relocate To Uk by ekerintee: 6:49pm On Feb 21
It depends on alot of factors,your age ,your strength,your sex.The younger you are ,the stronger you are to endure the hardship abroad.what kind of job do you want to do abroad in UK?.cleaner,factory job ,nurse ,i.t ,driver etc also determines what you earn.can U work 12 hours a day as some folks who claim they save 2k pounds abroad.can u wake up as early as 3am as some people do,can U stand for 8 or more hours working,can you endure racism.can you endure the harsh weather( cold ).can you go thru depression as some folks abroad go through daily .some folks just fail to understand that not everyone have the ability to survive under such conditions.if you can endure such ,you are good to go .Not everyone will tell you how they make their money abroad and what they do to survive.The live abroad is good,if I may advice U,don't jump because everyone is jumping,not everyone land in same place

Dear Great Nairalanders

I am in urgent need of your advice on a decision I am about to make that could shape my life and my young family in about few months from now.

I am currently running successful businesses which give me a steady minimum of N1.5M per month with a potential for expansion. I have been nursing the idea of going to UK on a study Visa by September this year with the hope that I can get a well paying job that could surpass my current earnings here in naijja. I also intend to keep my naija business running but we all know trusting people with kind of investment can be tricky and risky.

What assurance do I have about earning more and having a better life in UK? What happens to my businesses I already built up in Naija? What happens to my properties here in naija?

Your advice will be of great help at this critical decision making moment of my life. Thank you


Travel / Re: Experience My First Racism In U. K From Someone Who I Thought Was My Friend. by ekerintee: 12:57am On Feb 21
It's normal thing to be discriminated upon.do U know that even folks who marry white folks have quarrels and the white counterpart insults the whole black race.its in their blood ,the best you can do is when they insult or discriminate against you ,U absorb it or give them a hot one back to tell them you self can discriminate against them .anyway ,it's an offence here to say racial words against someone but the truth is that many people do it and nobody does anything about it.If you have time ,U can sue the person if you have proofs .you win some money if you win the case

When I moved to the U. K for my master. I stay in an flat which consist of many white English boys. So an England boy called Harry decided to show me the equipment in the apartment. So when we got to the kitchen he show me a dish washer which I did not care to look at and he responded that have I see a dish washer before? I was shock and told him of course have seen a dish washer and he reply that I did not want to sound rude but africa are poor and always hungry and I reply him do I look like someone that is poor and hungry and his respond was you are from the rich family in Africa and I told him clearly my parents are not rich that am just an average Nigerian boy and he his reply was it is impossible that you are either rich or poor in Africa and my response was that he should stop believing the propaganda been pass by CNN and BBC about Africa.

After that we bonded and we usually teese ourself and crack jokes. So during December period I was infected with covid 19 which all. Of them in the house have travel to their family home to spend Christmas and new year holiday. So during that mid January on Friday I was in the parlour with my white flatmates and we where just joking and catching fun then we started to talk about covid and I told them during the time they travel I contacted covid and Harry reply that he is going to kill me so I laugh and I thought it was one of the joke but he said he mean it and I started telling him that so do u expect me to call u in your family home and tell u I contacted covid and the others white where explaining to him and this guy started using abusing words against me telling me to return back to Africa and saying some nasty words about Africa and I told him if u have brief with me then challange me and stop picking on my continent and colour and he told me that he is going to insult my colour and continent that if I want to fight him then we should go to the garden to fight as man to man. I was just saying in my mind this man is looking for someone to kill him. I just ignore him and when I stop replying him he just calm down and left. What pain me most was when he left then all the white guys told me his crazy that I should not answer him and I was like when he was insulting me racially all of u where just watching him as if nothing happen. After some time he came back to the parlour and apologise to everyone except me for been a nusiance and after that he wanted to discuss with me and I shouted at him saying back off. After sometime he wanted talking to me and I just ignore him as if nobody is talking and after talking I just close my laptop and gave him a bad gesture and left the palour then he reply that I am looking at him as a vallian that he is not a bad guy.

The next day his girlfriend came visiting him and was smiling at me and i just reply her with a bone face and left. Then after sometime he came apologising to me that what he did to me was wrong that he did it under the influence of acholol which I know but I said to myself for him to say this to me when he was drunk meaning he has been harbouring such thoughts in his mind and the alcohol just gave him the courage to express his racist characters to me. I told him I forgive him but right now I don't trust any English people or white people because for such a guy to laugh and joke with u and still be a racist his something terrible. Abeg make una give bristish chance.
Travel / Re: Does It Make Sense To Remain In Nigeria by ekerintee: 6:21pm On Feb 11
700k per week doing what ? Before tax or after tax.how much do you spend on accomodation ,housing and utilities.As much as it is good to travel out ,don't just mislead people without proper information.it takes time to integrate into any country,people don't get job just immediately in any country and you forget to mention how hard you have to work to get that money or how you have to work 12 hours or more to survive in a strange country Nigerians should learn to be truthful and how some Nigerians do shady stuff to avoid taxes,do jobs that they will never do in Nigeria.


My guy travel o. I make 700k per week in UK

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Career / Re: Man With Two Degrees And Phd Now Working As Labourer At Dangote Refinery by ekerintee: 12:50pm On Feb 05

My dear ,in a saner climate ,he could still be unemployed.it depends on what he has to offer those who want to employ you.You don't expect them to employ a PhD person to do the work of a bachelor person.if U are overeducated,it's a problem.most company go for cheap labour,they are expected to pay more for highly educated.There are some courses which are not in high demand,going for a PhD may not help U get a job.in some countries,they value low skill workers who have handwork and will only employ one professional to manage the skilled workers to save cost .Nigeria shud pay more attention to skilled work,some courses are not marketable or in demand anywhere in the world.even if he relocate,it's same thing.people shud study what is in demand and not just acquiring degrees upon degrees

I hope he gets a better job
In saner climes, this man would have been gainfully enployed.
You will never see that Udom hypeman called Illaumoh aka hunchogee in this kind of thread.
If it is to hype politicians looting Akwa Ibom treasury, you will see him.
Career / Re: Man With Two Degrees And Phd Now Working As Labourer At Dangote Refinery by ekerintee: 12:43pm On Feb 05
Education is the key to success! now we have the keys but the door no gree open cry
Romance / Re: Don't ask What We Bring To The Table, Women Aren't Suppose To Bring Anything by ekerintee: 10:09pm On Feb 02
You have done well . unfortunately they won't see this part of the bible


God forbid i meet a woman with this your mindset.

The scriptures have made it clear that virtuous women are scarce.

Proverbs 31: 10-31

10 Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.

11 The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her, so that he shall have no need of spoil.

12 She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life.

13 She seeketh wool, and flax, and worketh willingly with her hands.

14 She is like the merchants' ships; she bringeth her food from afar.

15 She riseth also while it is yet night, and giveth meat to her household, and a portion to her maidens.

16 She considereth a field, and buyeth it: with the fruit of her hands she planteth a vineyard.

17 She girdeth her loins with strength, and strengtheneth her arms.

18 She perceiveth that her merchandise is good: her candle goeth not out by night.

19 She layeth her hands to the spindle, and her hands hold the distaff.

20 She stretcheth out her hand to the poor; yea, she reacheth forth her hands to the needy.

21 She is not afraid of the snow for her household: for all her household are clothed with scarlet.

22 She maketh herself coverings of tapestry; her clothing is silk and purple.

23 Her husband is known in the gates, when he sitteth among the elders of the land.

24 She maketh fine linen, and selleth it; and delivereth girdles unto the merchant.

25 Strength and honour are her clothing; and she shall rejoice in time to come.

26 She openeth her mouth with wisdom; and in her tongue is the law of kindness.

27 She looketh well to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness.

28 Her children arise up, and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her.

29 Many daughters have done virtuously, but thou excellest them all.

30 Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the Lord, she shall be praised.

31 Give her of the fruit of her hands; and let her own works praise her in the gates.

Romance / Re: Don't ask What We Bring To The Table, Women Aren't Suppose To Bring Anything by ekerintee: 10:02pm On Feb 02
You are entitled to your thought.in the nearest future,am afraid there may be nothing like marriage again because of thought like yours.No man wants a liability just as no company wants unproductive staff.its hight time Nigerian women wake up
,Our fathers handled all responsibility when Nigeria was good.With the present day Nigeria ,its wickedness when U see Ur man struggling to pay bills and U are saying he must carry all.if the man has the power to carry all the bills,no problem with that but I don't think it's a law anywhere ,men can help at home when they see the load is too much for the wife or they share house responsibility based on agreement,no law about that.some people see marriage as opportunity to get themselv off some responsibility,a means of getting rich.you must hav something to offer in marriage ,if you don't have anything to offer ,you are a liability,no man or woman wants a liability.this applies to both men and women.couples are meant to help one another and not one party claiming processor and reciever

Most times I see men asking the question of what ladies bring to the table.

Seriously, we aren't created to bring, we are to process, the man is the provider, he will bring everything for us to process.

If u give us bring sperm, we give u babies
If u give us groceries, we have to give u food
If u give a house, we give u a home
Give us frustration, and trust me, i will surely multiply it and give u hell.

In the bible, Adam had everything and had dominions over it, the woman only came to help him harvest his raw materials.

When it comes to finance, Oga it is 100% ur responsibility, I could only assist when my husband isn't making much and he had future plans or if I earn better than he does.
U can't share financial burden with me and still expect me to cater for the children, wash, cook, clean all alone and still gather enough strength for ur wahala at night.
Bringing money is the only thing a man does, why on earth will u share that very one with me? When I object, u will call me a feminist, Oga masculnist, I will not share.
Every other responsibility in a home belongs to me, while financial responsibilities must be shared abi.
Note: sharing financial burden and helping are two different things.

Oya let the insults pour 123 go.
Family / Re: See The GUTS Of My Wife by ekerintee: 10:54am On Dec 28, 2021
I strongly agree with you ,even if you marry the right woman,she can still turn against U ,not every woman has the capacity to endure tough time and hardship.The generation of women we have now , majority only want men for comfort.if U go thru tough times,only the good one will stay .In future ,there may be less marriage ,men are going thru bad times in hand of women.The society has so much empowered them,I must say men have their own weak side too.


Story. Just pray for God’s presence in your home always. The right one can still misbehave
Travel / Re: Quiting My Job To Join My Wife Abroad by ekerintee: 4:18pm On Dec 21, 2021
It depends on your age ,your level in civil service ,your strength ( healthwise) .Are you ready to hussle under an unfavourable environment.forget about what people say they do abroad.Some naija folks abroad will not tell you what they do to survive .Some will not tell you they wake up so early to go to do menial jobs under the cold.i think that kind of life may not be good for someone of a particular age( 40 upwards).your qualifications and skills matter .it takes time to integrate into any environment,so I advice you don't resign immediately,go on visit ,then when you are sure of what you can do to survive there.make your move ,forget all those telling U to resign immediately,the environment abroad is harsh ,U may not be able to cope with the weather , lifestyle etc and don't forget you will pay bills monthly.agree with your wife ,I must say most naija women change when they get abroad,unless the one that is really deeply rooted in God

I'm a federal civil servant, wife just got a job in the UK as a nurse. This has been our plan, although she initiated the idea which I supported especially bcuz of our kids. As the time is getting closer I'm developing some cold feet, but eventually I'm sure I will move. Don't really know if leaving my civil service job and farming business is a good idea, I don't really have an Abroad game plan yet.

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Family / Re: I Think My Marriage Is In Trouble Please Help! by ekerintee: 9:29am On Dec 08, 2021
I must say your wife character is typical of Most Nigerian ladies abroad,the environment abroad gives them so much power.Some may call you a weak man but ,I know what men abroad go through in the hand of bad and wicked wives.You dare not shout on her or hit her else you are in trouble with the police.The only thing I can advice you is to endure and if it's affecting you psychologically then it's best you leave the house for her,she may come to beg you.Those bad wives know it's hard to find a good man,the only regret is that the children might suffer for the sins of their mother.Most of what this ladies do abroad,they know they can't try it in Nigeria.i am not saying all Nigerian ladies abroad are bad ,but the majority.So also we have bad men also abroad.its like there is this spirit that enters them when they step abroad.Your mother remains your mother, Nigerian women are gullible and easily decieved by prophets.Talk to your wife and let her know your position as a man,if she wants to be the head of the home,then you had better leave the home for her to control and find yourself another house.

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Properties / Re: Video Of Femi Osibona And His Daughters Dancing (Throwback) by ekerintee: 11:13pm On Nov 12, 2021
Rather sad If its Happens to be so.May God comfort the Family of all who died.

there is enough proof he cut corners, research please, it's soo unfortunate, I lost my friend in that collapse, God have mercy
Properties / Re: Video Of Femi Osibona And His Daughters Dancing (Throwback) by ekerintee: 4:56pm On Nov 12, 2021
What makes you think He cut corners,do you have Proof for that.Is the man to be blamed If its an engineering fault by His engineers .is He to be blamed If He is Not the one who procured the Materials.I think what is most important is for the government to investigate the root cause of the collapse and measures Put in place to prevent Future occurence.Accusing a dead man of what He might be innocent of may not solve Nigerias problem

The man is now unable to dance with his daughters again because in order to cut costs and save money he did not build his building according to standards, nor did he follow due process..

I hope his death would be a wake up call to Nigerians...don't cut corners. By not cutting corners, he would have had to spend more money, but by now his daughters would still be able to have fun and gist with their dad....plus a lot of daughters , sons and so forth would still be also able to have fun with and gist with their dads...and mums.

Nigerians should stop cutting corners.

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Family / Re: Fantasising In My Marriage. by ekerintee: 8:24pm On Nov 02, 2021
Inaddition,i think they shud try differnt time of the day,possibly early in the morning when the man is at his Peak strength.Sometime ,women expect a man who Had a stressful day to perform magic.i also discovered Most men shouting one hour Take one enhancer or the other.Some are Just gifted naturally,some learn it.so d man shud be able to learn how to be better and the Woman shud be able to Help and Not Just be a complainer.Most men May Not reveal how they do IT to Last longer.it could also be some health related issue,so the root of the Problem Must be found and then solved.its Dangerous when a man with Hidden Heart Problem Take enhancer.enough sleep also helps.just my Addition ,i am Not a doctor and May be wrong lol

Have him reduce his sugar intake.( Food and drinks )
Workout more and take fresh ginger and garlic everyday.
In less than a month u will see positive result. But tell him to stop masturbating if he does.

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Family / Re: My Uncle Has Decided To End His Marriage Of 30 Years by ekerintee: 7:41pm On Oct 17, 2021
Marriage in this age is turning to another Thing.Marriage was a Blessing to Our parents,but marriage in this age is a thorn in the flesh.When you marry the wrong Person ,its a life of regrets.Both Sex are guilty in this ,but i think Most Nigerian women mentality about mariage has Changed .Our men are refusing to understand that you cant practice marriage Like the Way that Our fathers handled marriage.You hardly find find women WHO will submit to any man .we See women WHO want the men to bow to them.We See men who want women WHO can be Slave to them.Marriage has Lost its purpose now.i noticed even those we called religious sister are even worse marriage Partners and also religious Brothers.The result of failed marriage IS telling on children and society at large

Marriage no be moimoi o. I have a brother who is already gripped in its shackles at the moment. Marriage seems scary to me.

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Family / Re: Should I Tell My Dad That My Step-brother Is Not His Son ? by ekerintee: 5:45pm On Oct 14, 2021
What exactly is at stake? .is IT Family properties .If there is a good relationship bw your father and him.why do you want to destroy the relationship?. If there is a father and child relationship bw your Brother and your father ,do you want to destroy it because they are Not related by blood .If your father loves him dear ,leave IT that way.sometimes,old people Know the truth and See Things before they die,this Things you think He does Not Know might have been revealed to him one Way or the other and He might have decided to leave IT AS He is because He has Other children WHO are His by blood .its more painful to a man If none of d Kids are His .If one is Not His ,He can ignore IT,If He loves the person.your Brother has a duty to Take Care of your father If your father sufferred to train him.so why deprive your father of reaping where He sowed.Your Brother is 42 or so,so does He Care much for your fathers property,is He a black sheep ? .If all of you suffered together with your dad then you all have a right to him.if He has supported and supported your dad AS a child .If you are thinking of d property,then simply Tell your Brother when your father dies that He has No right to any property


My step-bros is 46
Family / Re: Should I Tell My Dad That My Step-brother Is Not His Son ? by ekerintee: 5:20pm On Oct 14, 2021
Exactly ,i agree with you.if His father has invested in the Guy to such an age .To His Brother ,He is a father maybe Not biological father .A father is the one who was there for him from birth ,Not the one who is not there .If i Love someone ,even thou ,He May Not be my biological child ,He is still my child.If His father loves him and He has been a good child ,the Revelation cant Stop anything .If He has been a very Bad child ,maybe the old man May decide to reject him.i think the OP is wicked,assuming His step brother is sucessful and maybe a billionare or a governor ,will He reveal the Secret ,will He Care If He is His Brother or not.just thinking


We Africans need Change our paradigm of who children are to parents. Sperm and eggs contribution is the tiniest part of parent and child relationship. A child nurtured, admonished, educated, disciplined and cultured is who a son or daughter is. It takes work and relationship to achieve this. Your father loves your brother and has made sacrifices for him so does your brother also, they are both victims of a fraud from a woman, why make them suffer for something they are not responsible for? Why break your dad in his old age? My dear take that secret with you to the grave, if you destroy a good relationship because you have legitimate reasons, someone else too will destroy you too because they feel they have legitimate reasons. The pain and heart aches won't be worth it.
Family / Re: Should I Tell My Dad That My Step-brother Is Not His Son ? by ekerintee: 5:02pm On Oct 14, 2021
Of what Use do you want to Tell him.is IT for him to be excluded from the will ?.i think If your father loves him,biologically He May Not be His blood but by associate,He is His child.And what makes you think your father does Not Know .There are some Secrets men keep.it depends on the relationship between your father and your Brother ,If they so much Love each Other and your father loves him dear,i dont need you need to declare IT to him.if you are thinking of him to be excluded from your fathers will,that May seems selfish.If He has been with your father for Long as a child and has served your father loyally since birth.He is still counted as His child thou Not biological.just my thought,maybe am wrong


Am just afraid...
What if i tell him and got heart-break and die... He's 76 plus
Politics / Re: Pandora Papers: Why Avoiding Paying Taxes To A Country You Claim To Love? by ekerintee: 7:22am On Oct 12, 2021
Do you think there is No corruption abroad,the only difference IS that the Level is high in Nigeria.We Blame govt for everything,forgeting that corruption Starts from the average man on the street to the top govt officials who loot taxes.The White dont publicise the trial of corrupt govt officials.There are so many Things in place to Check looting.The Banks Play a Key Role in reporting any fraudulent Transaction.In Nigeria ,we have Bankers cooperating with govt officials to loot the country and we keep shouting govt .Our judiciary is corrupt ,the Police is corrupt and cant investigate without bribes .Nigerian Problem is complex,Not only Our politicians .corruption will continue until we Put some tough measures in place .

Senseless post.The one you have paid, what have you done with it.

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Family / Re: Men Please Try And Reduce Your Stress And Live.. Real Life Lesson by ekerintee: 5:35pm On Oct 10, 2021
Thanks for your opinion,you are entitled to your opinion.i dont really bother myself with what people think or say about me.Thanks anyway,the Typo was caused because my Phone is a different language Other than english and my Phone tries to reformat typed words.i sometimes Wonder why some people cant Express themselves without being rude


Your write up is just horrible & irritating. You use capital letters inappropriately and start sentences with small letters. Reading this was quite stressful. Haba!


Family / Re: Men Please Try And Reduce Your Stress And Live.. Real Life Lesson by ekerintee: 5:05pm On Oct 10, 2021
We live in an age where Most of the Nigerian women are Not responsible .However my sincere apology to the good ones.Things are changing and marriage is No longer what IT used to be in the time of Our fathers.The load is getting heavier and Most men carry much load than they could.we have proud men WHO will rather carry the load than complain the load is too much ,we have women WHO cant Support their husband and will watch him struggle.we have women WHO will ASK the man to relinquish His authority in the Home If He wants her to Help or Support him.most men will Not Like to Lose their Respekt at Home and will rather die carrying load at Home .the Definition of marriage has Changed,the Feminist have Changed IT.To be balanced ,we also have irresponsible men WHO are Womanizer .The truth is that the modern day Woman will Tell you there IS No head in the home.we all have equal right ,so men Must dont deserve respect but Must earn IT by their Work and Money.i think in the nearest Future,people wont marry again.its already Happening ,people have children and Baby Mamas without marriage .i dont Support IT,but its reality

I'm trying to encourage our men here to take good care of their health, physically and mentally.

It's not like women don't have theirs but those of the men are very much noticeable in the sense that it takes a toll on their physical and mental health.

(1) I entered lagos two weeks ago and I needed to take uber, this uber driver as I can guess will be bw his 50s and 60s.He needed to send money to his wife (3k)but somehow he couldn't do transfer since he was driving me but I helped him with my bank app while he gave me cash. Do you know after transferring the money his wife was ungrateful and demanded he returns home immediately (that was around 8pm).Now,the man started complaining to me how whether he brings money or not how his wife keeps complaining and he said he's pitying Nigerian men who are getting married to strange women and giving birth without knowing what they're going into. He looked stressed out and trying to make ends meet but yet his wife added more burden, not just financially but mentally. So tell me how this kind of stressed man won't die out so sooner than later. He was lucky somehow that one of his children got a scholarship to study in India.

(2) I attended a friend's wedding and to my utmost shock both fathers of the celebrants are late. Only their moms are still alive while other relatives represented their fathers. So I was wondering how their moms are still alive while their fathers are late.
Some may say men marry younger women that's why they die out but from the mothers of those celebrants they're not up to 60 years, so how much age difference that will make the two men be late?

Im saying this because I have noticed lots of people esp men are passing through a lot of stress, please men don't allow your wives, siblings or anything infact to overstress you to the point of dying out in time. We men aren't super beings, try to take things easy.

Just my 2cents, bye.

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Family / Re: Am About To End My 15yrs Marriage by ekerintee: 4:01pm On Sep 27, 2021
I dont see any Problem .If doing House Chores is the Problem,u people should get a House Help .If your wife is working full time and No Time for you,then u can decide to pay her to Sit at home .almost all women are Same now,their eyes Don Open .They are No longer do AS i say Like Our mothers in those day,marrying another wife May Not solve the Problem.You people should negotiate and get a solution .


From 5yrs to 15yrs
Me am a contractor travelling Na my hubby sometimes I can stay at home for days
Wife is teacher in private school goes to work from 7 till 5 or 6
Saturday say she want to go to event in church most time
Sunday goes to church from 8 till 2 in d afternoon
So u see nothing to hide

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